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Wild Earth Dog Food Review – Vegan Formula for Healthy Dogs (2024)

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wild earth dog food reviewAre you looking for a vegan dog food with high-quality ingredients that will keep your pup healthy without breaking the bank? Wild Earth Dog Food is an excellent option to consider. This review looks at the ingredient quality, safety, and other key features of this plant-based dog food brand.

We also discuss pricing, customer reviews, and more so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it’s right for your furry friend. Wild Earth offers nutritious plant-based recipes that contain no meat products but are still high in protein thanks to pea and potato sources.

This makes them suitable for adult dogs while avoiding fillers that could potentially harm pups’ health.

After appearing on Shark Tank back in 2018, Wild Earth has received plenty of media attention from outlets like Vox, NBC News, The Atlantic, Wired, and others.

Key Takeaways

  • Founded in 2018 by Ryan Bethencourt, Wild Earth Dog Food emphasizes sustainability and ethical pet nutrition.
  • The ingredients used in Wild Earth Dog Food are sourced from countries excluding China and are non-GMO and pesticide-free.
  • Wild Earth Dog Food offers two product lines: Complete Protein and Core Formula, with a wide range of flavors and textures available.
  • Positive customer feedback indicates improved pet health, coat condition, and allergies, with 92% of customers preferring Wild Earth’s taste over other brands.

What is Wild Earth Dog Food?

What is Wild Earth Dog Food
You can give your pup a sustainable, cruelty-free diet with Wild Earth’s plant-based proteins and added vitamins and minerals. Founded by Ryan Bethencourt in 2018, Wild Earth offers two lines of vegan dog food – Complete Protein and Core Formula.

Both are made from ingredients sourced from various countries excluding China, including canola oil and sunflower oil, which have been considered to be of low quality. Additionally, sodium selenite is used as a source of selenium, but it has potential toxicity concerns if not monitored carefully.

The order of the ingredients isn’t specified, nor is the omega-6:omega-3 ratio provided for customer awareness. This lack of transparency could raise some red flags regarding nutritional value for customers who want more information about their pet’s diet.

Despite these concerns, there have been no recalls reported on any products yet, so safety shouldn’t be a major concern at the moment. Customers report that using these formulas led to improved health, coat condition, and reduced allergies.

With prices ranging from $10 for treats up to $125 per 28 lb bag, you’ll find something suitable within your budget.

All in all, Wild Earth provides an interesting alternative option when looking into vegan diets for your dog. It allows you to provide flavor and nutrition without sacrificing sustainability or animal welfare efforts.

Wild Earth Dog Food Ingredients

Wild Earth Dog Food Ingredients
When it comes to Wild Earth Dog Food, ingredient quality and safety are two key factors to consider. Ingredients sourced from various countries exclude China, but some recipes contain canola and sunflower oil, which are considered low-quality.

Sodium selenite is used as a selenium source with potential toxicity concerns, while added amino acids compensate for the lack of animal protein. There have been no recalls for Wild Earth dog food to date; however, there may be other safety concerns such as food processing, GMO ingredients, or pesticides.

Ingredient Quality

From sourcing ingredients from around the world to utilizing plant-based proteins, Wild Earth is revolutionizing pet nutrition with its cutting-edge vegan dog food. Its ingredient quality has been praised for being all-natural and free of GMO or pesticide contamination.

Customers have highlighted improved health and coat condition, as well as a reduction in allergies, in their reviews. They also appreciate the better nutrient composition compared to traditional pet foods.

Furthermore, sustainability efforts are also taken into consideration when it comes to producing these products ethically and responsibly, without compromising customer needs or safety standards. The company’s commitment to providing a high level of care regarding both animal welfare and environmental impact shines through in each product produced.

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  1. Ingredient sourcing
  2. Nutrient composition
  3. Customer feedback
  4. Health impact
  5. Sustainability

Ingredient Safety

Considering the absence of animal proteins, Wild Earth uses various plant-based ingredients to ensure safety and quality. Sodium selenite is used as a selenium source in their food, but potential toxicity concerns have been raised.

The company sources ingredients from countries other than China with an assurance that there are no GMO products or pesticides used in production processes.

All these practices help maintain ingredient safety for vegan alternatives across their product range.

Evaluation Criteria for Wild Earth Dog Food

Evaluation Criteria for Wild Earth Dog Food
When evaluating Wild Earth Dog Food, it is important to consider the quality and safety of their ingredients. This review will explore whether the ingredients used are of high quality and safe for consumption by dogs.

Are the Ingredients High Quality?

Examining the ingredients, it’s clear that Wild Earth has taken great care to source only quality items for their recipes. Plant proteins replace animal protein, while added vitamins and minerals make up for any nutritional concerns.

Ingredients are sourced from countries other than China with no GMO or pesticide additives. Superfoods like kelp and alfalfa provide additional nutritional benefits without compromising safety standards.

How Safe Are the Ingredients?

You can feel confident about the safety of Wild Earth’s ingredients, as none of their products have been recalled and they use only non-GMO, pesticide-free sources. They source their ingredients from countries outside China and use plant proteins to replace animal protein.

Additionally, there is no risk for toxins due to sodium selenite used in some recipes; amino acids compensate for the lack of animal protein while maintaining a balanced omega 6:3 ratio not provided by other brands.

Overall, Wild Earth provides safe and high-quality ingredients that are sustainably sourced with no food processing concerns, giving pet owners peace of mind!

Wild Earth Dog Food Review — at a Glance

Wild Earth Dog Food Review — at a Glance
When it comes to evaluating Wild Earth Dog Food, there are a few key factors to consider: nutritional concerns, customer satisfaction, pricing analysis, and ingredient sourcing.

Nutritional concerns include the order of ingredients listed on the label as well as the omega-6:omega-3 ratio, which is not provided.

Customer satisfaction reviews indicate improved health benefits, such as coat improvement and reduced allergies.

Pricing ranges from $10 for treats up to $125 for a 28 lb bag of core formula kibble, with discounts available through subscription plans or 50 percent off offers.

Ingredient sourcing is sourced from various countries, excluding China. Some recipes contain canola oil or sunflower oil, which may be considered low quality by some customers. Sodium selenite may present potential toxicity issues when used as a selenium source additively.

Safety evaluation indicates no recalls since 2018, but raises questions about food processing methods, GMO ingredients, pesticides, natural flavorings, and rice products used in their formulas.

Overall, Wild Earth dog food presents an interesting perspective on sustainable plant-based proteins paired with added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that could potentially benefit dogs if monitored properly by owners.

How Does Wild Earth Dog Food Work?

How Does Wild Earth Dog Food Work
By using cellular agriculture and plant-based ingredients, Wild Earth has created a vegan dog food range that meets AAFCO guidelines without relying on animal protein. The formula is highly digestible, ensuring optimal nutrient absorption. Its balanced nutrients provide complete nutrition for pets.

Additionally, the lack of livestock farming reduces the sustainability impact, making it an environmentally friendly choice for pet owners.

The transitioning process from traditional meat-based diets to this plant-based diet can be difficult depending on the flavor preferences of your pup. However, Wild Earth’s treats make this easier with their wide range of flavors and textures available.

Prices start at $10 for treats and go up to $125 per 28lbs bag, covering most budgets.

Ultimately, Wild Earth provides a great alternative option when considering what type of diet to feed your beloved furry friend.

Wild Earth Dog Food Key Features

Wild Earth Dog Food Key Features
When considering vegan dog food, nutritional concerns are an important factor. Wild Earth’s plant-based recipes incorporate a variety of ingredients to provide adequate nutrition for your pet while avoiding animal proteins and by-products.

Nutritional concerns with vegan dog food

Although Wild Earth dog food is designed to provide nutrition without animal proteins, there are still concerns about the quality of ingredients and potential toxicity. Plant-based protein sources lack certain essential nutrients that can be found in meat products, such as omega-3 fatty acids or taurine.

High levels of carbohydrates may also present a health risk for some dogs if not balanced with adequate amounts of healthy fats and proteins.

Additionally, excessive vitamins and minerals added to the recipes could have negative health implications in long-term use. Sustainability impact is positive, but further improvements should be made on ingredient quality control standards for optimal results from the Wild Earth dog food review nutritional perspective.

Safety considerations in Wild Earth dog food

You should consider safety when evaluating Wild Earth dog food, such as potential toxicity from added sodium selenite or the order of ingredients in recipes. Pet nutritionists recommend looking out for GMO ingredients, processing methods, and recyclable packaging to avoid health implications.

Customer satisfaction and feedback

Customers have shared life-changing stories about the positive impact Wild Earth’s vegan dog food has had on their pet’s health, coat, and allergies. A satisfaction survey revealed that 86% of owners saw an improvement in their pup’s wellbeing, with 92% preferring the taste to other brands.

Over 50% reported improved skin and coat, while 43% noted a reduction in itching and scratching due to allergies.

The Wild Earth website provides detailed information so you can pick your perfect product.

Wild Earth Ingredient Sourcing & Manufacturing

Wild Earth Ingredient Sourcing & Manufacturing
Wild Earth’s dog food is made using sustainable, cruelty-free ingredients sourced from countries around the world. Their recipes use plant proteins to replace animal protein and feature superfoods like kelp, carrots, and blueberries for added nutrition.

Dogs get their protein from a mix of brown rice flour, pea fiber meal, and canola oil, which are all highly digestible sources of energy. Other key ingredients include sodium selenite as a source of selenium, plus added vitamins and minerals to supplement nutrient deficiencies caused by the lack of animal proteins in vegan diets.


You’ll be pleased to know that Wild Earth sources their ingredients responsibly from various countries, excluding China. Like a discerning chef, they select only the best quality and freshest ingredients for their recipes.

From plant proteins in place of animal protein to canola and sunflower oil, as well as sodium selenite added amino acids, all aspects of the manufacturing process are considered with sustainability practices taken into account.

The company also ensures global sourcing transparency by providing detailed information about its supply chain on its website.


Experience the sustainability of Wild Earth’s manufacturing process firsthand as you feed your pup their cruelty-free, plant-based meals. Every step is designed with vegan production techniques in mind, from ingredient sourcing to production facilities and quality control measures.

Their products are free from animal proteins like chicken and beef, replaced by yeast protein or cultured meat substitutes. They also offer a range of supplements for added nutrition. Wild Earth uses only non-GMO ingredients sourced from various countries across the world, excluding China.

Rest assured that your dog is getting the best food around, with strict safety protocols in place at all times during production!

How Do Dogs Get Protein From Wild Earth Dog Food?

Discover how Wild Earth’s plant-based proteins and added amino acids provide the necessary protein for your pup! Dogs can easily absorb and utilize vegan sources of protein, like those in Wild Earth dog food.

The company understands canine nutrition and offers specially formulated recipes to meet their dietary needs. Plant-based sources are also high in essential vitamins and minerals that boost immunity while supporting a healthy body weight.

With its mission to create sustainable pet food without sacrificing taste or safety standards, Wild Earth has been revolutionizing vegan diets since 2018.


Unlock the nutrient-rich power of superfoods in Wild Earth’s vegan dog food to give your pup all the nutrition they need.

Plus, these foods are not only healthy but delicious too. The addition of natural flavors ensures that even picky eaters will love their meals! Feeding your pup a balanced diet with Wild Earth’s superfoods can improve overall health while providing essential vitamins and minerals.

Start giving them a nutritious meal today – complete with powerful plant-derived ingredients – so they can get the nourishment needed without depending on animal protein or byproducts.

Other Key Ingredients

See how Wild Earth uses other key ingredients like canola and sunflower oil, sodium selenite, added amino acids, and more to create their plant-based dog food. Their Complete Protein line offers 37% carbs, while the Core Formula has 46%. Both have concerns regarding the quality of additional vitamins/minerals.

These vegan recipes also contain sodium selenite as a source of selenium with potential toxicity issues. Plant proteins replace animal proteins, which impacts ingredient quality; hence added amino acids are used for nutritional balance and customer experiences.

How Much Does Wild Earth Dog Food Cost?

How Much Does Wild Earth Dog Food Cost
Explore the cost of Wild Earth’s vegan dog food and treats, as well as their subscription discounts and money-back guarantee.

With prices ranging from $10 for a bag of treats to $125 for a 28lb bag of kibble, there is something to suit every budget. Customers can take advantage of 50% off offers or opt into monthly subscriptions with further discounts available.

Wild Earth also offers an impressive 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, they will refund the full amount!

When considering affordability analysis, it is important to consider both price range and quality ingredients. Fortunately, these are two areas in which Wild Earth excels in providing customers value that goes beyond simple pricing considerations alone.

The plant proteins used provide essential nutrients without relying on animal sources, while added vitamins and minerals ensure nutritional balance despite lacking specific animal protein content found elsewhere in pet foods today.

Buying from an ethical company like Wild Earth allows owners peace of mind when selecting products for their beloved furry family members – at rates that won’t break the bank either!

What Customers Think About Wild Earth Dog Food

What Customers Think About Wild Earth Dog Food
Customers have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with Wild Earth dog food. With taste preferences, health improvements, and allergy reduction all taken into account, it’s clear that customer satisfaction is high.

In surveys conducted by the company itself, 86% of customers reported an improvement in their pet’s health after switching to Wild Earth dog food. 92% said they preferred its taste over other brands. Additionally, 50% reportedly saw improved skin and coat condition, while 43% experienced less itching or scratching due to allergies.

Many customers even shared life-changing stories about how Wild Earth has helped them keep their pets healthy for longer periods of time than previously thought possible.

All these factors combine to make an amazing product that offers true value for money despite its higher price range compared to other vegan options on the market today.

Wild Earth Dog Food Recall

Wild Earth Dog Food Recall
Fortunately, there haven’t been any recalls for Wild Earth dog food to date. This is possibly due in part to the company’s rigorous safety assessment process and the close attention paid by customers in providing feedback about their experiences with the product.

Ingredient analysis shows that many of the ingredients used are sourced from outside of China and are plant-based proteins instead of animal proteins. Additionally, sodium selenite is used as a source of selenium, which can raise concerns regarding potential toxicity if not managed properly during production processes.

Despite these issues, customer reviews remain overwhelmingly positive. They suggest improved health outcomes such as reduced allergies while also praising its sustainable approach to pet nutrition without relying on livestock or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

In conclusion, Wild Earth dog food appears safe for consumption according to recall history and customer feedback. However, further research into ingredient quality should be conducted before feeding it regularly to your four-legged friend(s).


In a nutshell, Wild Earth Dog Food is an innovative vegan formula that provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs of all sizes and breeds. It is made with sustainable plant-based protein sources and is free of animal protein, GMO ingredients, and pesticides.

Customers have reported positive health benefits from the product. These include improved skin and coat, reduced itching and scratching, and improved overall health. Despite the higher price point, Wild Earth Dog Food offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, making it a worthwhile investment for pet owners looking for a quality vegan dog food.

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