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Top 10 Dog Treat Subscription Boxes: Customization Options (2024)

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dog treat subscription boxesAre you a proud pup parent looking for the perfect treat subscription box? Over 2 million dogs in America have already made their mark on BarkBox, one of the best dog subscription boxes. With exclusive themes and customization options available, there’s no shortage of great choices when it comes to finding something special for your four-legged friend.

The cost of cleaning a dog’s teeth can range from $500-$3000 – so why not invest in quality treats that are tailored to your pup’s needs? In this article, we will explore 10 top-rated subscriptions that offer customizations and unique experiences – guaranteeing satisfaction even with picky eaters!

Key Takeaways

  • BarkBox is a popular dog subscription box with 2 million American dogs subscribed.
  • Cleaning a dog’s teeth can cost $500-$3000, making quality treats a good investment.
  • Top-rated dog treats and toys include the West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Chew Toy, Nandi Karoo Ostrich Dog Treats, Odor-Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats, and the FoufIT Unicorn Plush Dog Toy.
  • Factors to consider when choosing a pet subscription box include customization, cost, health benefits, and customer reviews.

Top 10 Dog Treat Subscription Boxes

Are you searching for the best dog treat subscription boxes? Treat your pup to some delicious, healthy snacks and toys with one of these top 10 monthly subscription services. From chewy treats to durable chew toys, there is something for every pup’s unique needs.

1. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Chew Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Hurley ToughView On Chewy
You and your pup will love the durable, long-lasting West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Dog Chew Toy – perfect for fetching, gnawing, or water play! Made of exclusive Zogoflex® material that is non-toxic and FDA compliant, this chew toy is designed to last.

It’s available in three sizes, so you can find one suitable for any size dog. Plus, it has an unstoppable bounce and easy on the mouth texture, perfect for dogs with sensitive teeth.

With its durability and fun design, you’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of this toy – a great choice if your pup loves chewing things up!

  • Durable & long-lasting
  • Suitable for power chewers
  • Available in different sizes
  • Great for outdoor & water activities
  • Easy visibility on grass/snow
  • Not challenging enough
  • May not be as heavy as other toys
  • Not indestructible

2. Nandi Karoo Ostrich Dog Treats

Nandi Karoo Ostrich Foot BoneView On Chewy
Indulge your pup with Nandi Karoo Ostrich Dog Treats, a delectable treat that’s sure to send tails wagging! These treats are made from South African ostrich foot bones and marinated and slow-dried for flavor and nutrients.

They’re all-natural, wood-smoked without any artificial fillers or preservatives.

Not only do they support dental health by reducing tartar, but they’re also suitable for small to large dogs as well as tough chewers since they don’t shatter easily or leave a greasy mess behind.

  • Suitable for small dogs like Chihuahuas & dachshunds
  • Loved by Morkies & mini schnauzers
  • Last long time & clean teeth
  • Keeps pets entertained
  • Good distraction tool
  • Some pups may chew through them quickly
  • Size may not be suitable for larger breeds
  • Expensive but worth it

3. Odor Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats

Best Bully Sticks Odor FreeView On Chewy
Satisfy your pup’s cravings with Odor Free Bully Sticks Dog Treats, made from 100% beef pizzle for a high-protein snack that promotes dental health. These treats are grain-free and highly digestible, making them an ideal snack for adult dogs of all sizes and breeds – especially small to medium-sized pups.

The odorless feature makes them convenient both for pet parents who want to keep their home smelling fresh as well as pooches who just can’t resist a tasty treat! Plus, they’re sourced from free-range grass-fed cattle, so you know your pup is getting the highest quality ingredients possible.

  • High in protein and low in fat
  • Natural source of essential minerals
  • Promotes dental health by reducing tartar
  • Grain-free and highly digestible
  • Made from free-range grass-fed cattle
  • Odorless convenience
  • Thin, not suitable for heavy chewing
  • Mislabeled/overpriced
  • Very small/thin, not considered a proper bully stick
  • Dry, consumed quickly by large dogs
  • Smelly

4. FoufIT Unicorn Plush Dog Toy

fouFIT Unicorn Squeaky Plush DogView On Chewy
Bring out your pup’s inner unicorn with the FoufIT Unicorn Plush Dog Toy. Like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, it offers an unstoppable bounce and squeaks for hours of fun.

Adorned in bright colors and metallic hooves, this toy is sure to bring joy to your beloved pet. It features a soft plush exterior that will keep dogs entertained for hours on end while providing comfort when cuddling up for naps.

Though users praised its appeal to dogs who don’t typically engage with toys, some had durability issues such as tearing and stuffing coming out after extended use – so take note if you have power chewers around!

With multiple colors available including white, pink, or purple, there’s something for every pooch looking to add some pizzazz into their life – just make sure they don’t tear it apart too quickly!

  • Popular among dogs for play and cuddling.
  • Recommended even if not used regularly due to unique design & soft material.
  • Available in various colors – perfect accessory option.
  • Not suitable against heavy chewing/power chewers may experience durability issues quickly.
  • Mixed reviews regarding suitability towards digestive sensitivities.

5. EarthRatedDogPoopBags

Earth Rated Dog Poop BagView On Chewy
Make walks cleaner and easier with Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags – a durable, leak-proof set of bags and a handy dispenser for convenient pet cleanups on the go. The patented hook on the back holds used bags, while double interior pins provide an easy bag dispensing mechanism.

It attaches to any leash with either a silicone strap or Velcro attachment, making it ideal for long walks when you don’t want to carry around used poop bags.

Users love these dog poop bags because they are strong and rarely tear during use. However, some have encountered issues with the Velcro attachment being frustrating. Others found that the clip holding used bags may break easily, especially if attached directly onto collars instead of leashes D-ring loops as intended by the manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Easy bag dispensing mechanism
  • Conveniently carryable during walks
  • Durable and rarely tears
  • Dispenser opening fits large fingers
  • Velcro attachments can be frustrating
  • Clip holding used bags may break easily
  • Too big/uncomfortable for small dogs

6. KONG Trekkers Dog Toy

KONG Trekkers Dog ToyView On Chewy
Surprise your pup with the KONG Trekkers Dog Toy, a durable and interactive plush toy that provides hours of fun with two squeakers, crinkle sound, and a hole for tug-of-war or fetch.

Plus, one customer’s Golden Retriever loves playing fetch with it! This colorful dog toy is perfect for chewing and snuggling. It has an irresistible bounce that dogs just can’t resist as they play catch in the backyard or lounge about indoors on lazy days.

The unique design keeps them entertained while providing great jaw exercise through gnawing away at its shapely edges.

  • Great for interactive play with two squeakers
  • Suitable for tug-of-war and fetch
  • Durable & well made by KONG
  • Dogs love the interactive features
  • Fur easily pulled out by a dog

7. Outward Hound Hide Squirrel Dog Toy

Outward Hound Hide A SquirrelView On Chewy
Unleash hours of fun with Outward Hound’s Hide Squirrel Dog Toy, featuring squeaky squirrels and a durable plush tree trunk for hide-and-seek play.

The soft and fluffy exterior makes it cuddly enough to become an instant companion while engaging shapes, sounds, and textures keep your furry friend entertained for hours. Dogs love pulling out the little squeaking critters one by one – although some have been known to chew through them easily – but be warned; this may not be suitable for aggressive chewers as mixed feedback has been reported on durability.

Meanwhile, smaller dogs seem particularly fond of the Junior size critters which come out of their log quite easily too!

  • Adorable design with four different sizes available.
  • Soft exterior great for cuddles plus engaging shapes, sounds & textures that make it lots of fun too!
  • Squeaky critters provide plenty of entertainment when playing hide & seek or tugging games
  • Critters might get chewed up quickly, posing a risk if swallowed
  • Not suitable for aggressive chewers due to mixed reports on durability
  • Some dogs might pull critters too easily from log

8. Fruitables Duck Jerky Dog Treats

Fruitables Whole Jerky Grilled DuckView On Chewy
Tempt your pooch with Fruitables Duck Jerky Dog Treats – an all-natural treat made in the USA with real duck and natural flavor to keep tummies and allergies at bay. These jerky treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and contain no fillers or artificial additives, making them a great choice for pups of all sizes.

The grilled duck flavor is sure to appeal even picky eaters! However, some dogs may not be too keen on the taste or texture of these treats. They can be rigid rather than chewy, which can make them difficult for smaller breeds to chew.

Additionally, there have been reports of inconsistent quality from some customers who found their dog’s treats overly brittle and dried out upon delivery.

  • All-natural ingredients – USA raised duck & natural flavors
  • Grain-free & Gluten-free – No fillers/artificial additives
  • Some dogs may not like the taste/texture
  • Inconsistent quality reported by customers
  • Unpleasant smell mentioned in reviews

9. American Journey Lamb Treats

American Journey Landmark Lamb RecipeView On Chewy
Reward your pup with American Journey Lamb Treats, packed full of protein and fatty acids to give them a healthy boost! These treats are perfect for dogs of all sizes, made from real lamb as the first ingredient.

They are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids from flaxseeds, which help support healthy skin and coat.

Dogs seem to love the taste too – reviews show that various breeds enjoy them equally. Furthermore, their smaller size makes it easier for small pups or dogs during training sessions. There’s also something special about American Journey Lamb Treats: they are suitable for sensitive stomachs, making them an ideal option if you’ve got a pup who suffers tummy troubles often.

With zero artificial additives or byproducts, you can be sure that what your pet is eating is natural goodness only!

  • Made with real lamb as the first ingredient
  • Contains 25% protein per treat
  • Rich in Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids
  • Grain Free
  • Suitable For Sensitive Stomachs
  • Smaller Size Ideal For Training Sessions
  • Some Dogs May Have Preferences Based On Size And Taste
  • Not As Durable As Other Dog Chews

10. Himalayan Pet Supply Bacon Dog Treats

Himalayan Pet Supply yakyCHURRO RealView On Chewy
Indulge your pup’s taste buds with Himalayan Pet Supply Bacon Dog Treats, made in the USA with real bacon and lactose-free cheese for a delicious snack that will have them begging for more. These chewy treats are grain-free, gluten-free, and low in fat but high in protein.

The yakyCHURRO flavor is sure to please your pup with its satisfyingly dense texture.

  • Made from real bacon and lactose-free cheeses
  • Suitable even if your dog has a sensitive stomach
  • High protein content & low fat
  • Chewy texture suitable for small or large breeds

What Do You Think of the Best Dog Subscription Boxes?

What Do You Think of the Best Dog Subscription Boxes
Discover the perfect surprise for your pup with a pet subscription box! With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to find something that fits their needs. From personalized boxes tailored to breed and allergies, to unique themes, or durable toys for power chewers, there’s something for everyone.

Not only do these boxes provide value in terms of variety of products and healthy treats, but customer reviews highlight positive experiences such as quality service and responsiveness when dealing with issues.

These dog treat subscription boxes are sure to bring joy into any household while providing all the essential items needed by pups everywhere.

Need More Subscription Box Options for Dog Food?

Need More Subscription Box Options for Dog Food
Are you looking for an easy way to give your pup something special? Look no further than the wide range of subscription boxes available that provide nutritious and delicious food options tailored specifically to your furry friend’s dietary needs.

Dog parents have many dog food alternatives, such as nutritional choices like homemade diets or specialty diets. There are also fresh food options, such as monthly delivery services with treats from dog treat subscription boxes.

Additionally, there are tasty treats available from popular dog subscription boxes.

With so many different types of subscriptions, there is sure to be one perfect fit for any pup’s palate as well as their budget.

Does Your Pup Have a Feline Sibling?

Does Your Pup Have a Feline Sibling
If your pup has a feline sibling, treat them both to unique monthly surprises with pet subscription boxes! Subscription box services for cats and dogs are perfect for multi-pet households. They offer an easy way to introduce new toys and treats into the home while providing hours of entertainment.

From doggie accessories to cat toys, these boxes offer something special each month whether they’re playing together or separately.

  • Pet Compatibility – Learn about pets that can safely coexist in mixed species families.
  • Introducing Pets – Get tips on introducing your dog or cat as siblings.
  • Multi Pet Homes – Discover activities you can share between cats and dogs.
  • Pet Sibling Dynamics – Understand how different animals interact in one household.

Pet subscription boxes make it easier than ever before for owners of multiple pets to keep up with their furry family members’ needs without having too much clutter in the house from buying individual items.

And don’t forget about those special occasions where you want something extra special like customizable birthday packages that include personalized cards just for them! With so many options available today, you’re sure to find a box suitable specifically tailored towards your pup’s and kitty’s lifestyle needs.

How to Select Your Dog Treat Subscription Box

How to Select Your Dog Treat Subscription Box
Are you looking for a way to give your pup the perfect treat? Dog treat subscription boxes offer customized options based on your pup’s size, breed, and dietary preferences. With an array of tasty treats and durable toys delivered right to your door each month, these boxes make it easy to spoil your furry friend.

Customization options available

You can tailor your dog treat subscription box to meet your pup’s preferences, from allergies to toy choice – adding a little bit of extra sparkle with a sprinkle of whimsy! With customization choices for dietary and toy preferences, allergy considerations, and subscription lengths available, you can find the perfect pet product variety.

From themed pet boxes to health-conscious treats, there are options for every pup.

Factors to consider

When selecting your pet treat subscription box, consider factors such as cost, health benefits, design, and customizability to get the best fit for your pup! Look into what subscription benefits are offered, like exclusive toys or treats tailored to allergies.

Read customer experiences from reviews and testimonials about their satisfaction with product quality. Make sure the food is made of high-quality ingredients that provide nutritional value for your dog’s diet.

Also, consider if you need additional pet supplies, such as poop bags or chew toys, included in the plan.

Customer reviews and testimonials

Discover what other pet parents have to say about their favorite subscription treats by reading customer reviews and testimonials.

From the Review Highlights of top boxes like The Dapper Dog Box, The Rescue Box, and others to Customer Testimonials for Pet Treater describing how furry friends love the toys and natural treats – there is a wealth of information available online.

Each box offers unique Subscription Benefits such as tailored boxes based on allergies or toy preferences plus exclusive toys, treats, themed fun activities each month.

Read up on these customer experiences before choosing your perfect box with themes ranging from BARK 2 SCHOOL to THE OFFICE!

Best Dog Boxes in 2023 come packed with features from fresh customized meals delivered right at home (Ollie) or KONG Toys & Treats (KongBox).

Make sure you select one that fits your pup’s needs perfectly!


It’s time to spoil your pup with the best dog treat subscription boxes! With so many options available, you can find the perfect package for your pup’s needs.

Some boxes come with customization options, allowing you to tailor the monthly box to your pup’s allergies or preferences. Whether you’re looking for durable toys for power chewers or all-natural treats, these top 10 dog treat subscription boxes have you covered.

So, let your pup rejoice in the joy of receiving a surprise box of treats every month and watch how their tail wags with delight!

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