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Freeze Dried Dog Treats: Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites, Salmon Bites (2024)

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freeze dried dog treats by flavorAre you looking for a tasty snack that will help promote healthy digestion and absorption in your pup? Freeze-dried dog treats come in a variety of flavors, such as chicken hearts, rabbit bites, and salmon bites.

Not only do these snacks offer delicious flavor options for your canine companion, but they also provide numerous health benefits to keep them happy and healthy.

Key Takeaways

  • Freeze-dried dog treats come in three flavors: Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites, and Salmon Bites.
  • They offer delicious flavors and promote healthy digestion and nutrient absorption in dogs.
  • Chicken Hearts treats are made from a single ingredient, real chicken hearts, ideal for training.
  • Rabbit Bites provide Omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids for skin, coat, and muscle health.

Chicken Hearts Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Chicken Hearts Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Treat your pup to a delicious, single ingredient snack of real chicken hearts that’ll make them feel like royalty! Dr. Harvey’s freeze-dried dog treats offer the perfect healthy reward for good dogs. They’re made from high-quality protein and freeze-dried to retain flavor and nutrients.

The Chicken Hearts treat is ideal as a training reward or just for spoiling your pup with something special. Plus, it only contains one ingredient, so you know exactly what they’re eating! Not only are these snacks beneficial in terms of nutrition, but they also have numerous canine health benefits.

Popular brands provide directions on how to give these treats safely, without fear of choking hazards. No refrigeration is required either, making them convenient for travel or everyday use at home.

Rabbit Bites Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Rabbit Bites Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Reward your pup with Stewart’s Rabbit Bites, the real meat treat made from USA sourced protein and freeze-dried for maximum nutrition. Rabbit Bites provide many nutritional benefits that are essential to a dog’s diet, including Omega 3 fatty acids which promote healthy skin and coat.

They also contain high levels of amino acids which support muscle growth and development.

In addition to being nutritious treats, they can be used as a training aid due to their small size and flavor variety – Chicken Hearts, Salmon Bites, or Rabbit Bite options available! For added peace of mind when treating your pet, ingredient sourcing is transparently communicated on every package; all ingredients are single source proteins in the United States.

As these treats are bite-sized pieces that may cause choking if not chewed properly by dogs, please use caution when feeding them as rewards or snacks during training sessions! With Stewart’s Freeze Dried Dog Treats, you know you’re giving your furry friend something special – delicious flavors combined with great nutritional value every time!

Salmon Bites Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Salmon Bites Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Indulge your pup with the unforgettable taste of Salmon Bites, a high-quality single ingredient reward. Dr. Harvey’s Freeze-dried Salmon Bites are made from only USA sourced salmon and freeze dried for maximum nutrients and flavor.

Nutritional benefits include plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals that can help keep your pup in peak condition.

For those looking to try these treats before committing to a full bag, check out some popular brands such as PetSmart & Chewy who offer smaller sizes at lower prices too!

Enjoy watching your dog savor this delicious snack while you rest assured knowing it provides nutritional benefits without all the fillers found elsewhere.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Benefits of Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Are you looking for a healthy reward for your good dog? Freeze-dried dog treats are an excellent option as they offer improved digestion and absorption, allergy-friendly options, and a long shelf life.

Improved Digestion and Absorption

Feeding your dog Stewart’s Salmon Bites can help improve their digestion and absorption of nutrients. These treats contain natural digestive enzymes, aiding in the breakdown of food for better nutrient absorption.

This means that your pet can receive more nutritional benefits from each meal they eat! The freeze-dried process also preserves essential vitamins and minerals in these treats, providing additional dietary benefits to keep them healthy.

Allergy-Friendly Options

Treat your pup with allergy-friendly options like Dr. Harvey’s freeze-dried Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites, or Salmon Bites! These allergen-free choices make for delicious solutions for dogs with sensitivities to certain ingredients, dietary restrictions due to canine food allergies, or a preference for hypoallergenic treats.

The single ingredient sources are high-quality proteins from the USA. Freeze-drying them helps preserve their nutrients and flavor without any added fillers, making them ideal for pups with special needs.

These tasty morsels provide plenty of healthy rewards while being easy on digestion and absorption.

Long Shelf Life

Surprise your pup with the long-lasting flavor of Dr. Harvey’s freeze-dried treats! Freeze-drying preserves nutrients and keeps treats fresh, so you can trust that Dr. Harvey’s single ingredient, USA-sourced proteins are always delivered in their purest form.

With no refrigeration needed for storage, these 7 oz bags offer a shelf life of up to 30 days – much longer than most other brands on the market! Quality assurance is at the heart of everything we do here at Stewart: Home, ensuring premium nutrition and delicious taste every time you open a bag.

Treats don’t get better than this – order yours today!

Tips for Using Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Tips for Using Freeze Dried Dog Treats
Reward your pup with Dr. Harvey’s delicious freeze-dried treats, like savoring a piece of candy – they’ll be sure to love it! Use these tips for getting the most out of training and nutrition benefits when using freeze-dried dog treats:

  • Incorporate chewable rewards into positive reinforcement training techniques for best results.
  • Don’t overindulge by breaking up larger sized pieces into smaller portions as needed for portion control.
  • Keep things interesting in both flavor and texture by varying between different types or flavors to keep them engaged during learning activities.

Training rewards are an important part of teaching obedience, so make sure you’re giving your four-legged buddy something special that’s also nutritious at the same time with these high-quality protein snacks from Dr.

Harvey’s! Not only will they enjoy their reward, but you can rest assured knowing that their nutritional needs are being met too.


With more than 80 million pet dogs in the United States, it’s clear that Americans love their furry friends. To reward them, Dr. Harvey’s has developed freeze-dried dog treats in three delicious flavors: Chicken Hearts, Rabbit Bites, and Salmon Bites.

These treats provide numerous benefits, such as improved digestion and absorption, allergy-friendly options, and a long shelf life. When using freeze-dried dog treats, it’s important to give them as a treat or training reward and watch for choking.

With these tips in mind, you can provide your pup with a healthy reward for being a good dog.

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