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Can Dogs Eat Turkey Necks? Benefits & Safe Feeding Guide (2023)

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can dogs eat the turkey neckTurkey necks are the hidden gems of your dog’s diet. Like the glittering treasures found at a treasure hunt, these small yet powerful treats can offer a wealth of benefits to keep your pup happy and healthy.

But before you start feeding them to Fido, it is important to understand what turkey necks are and why they’re safe for dogs so that you can feel confident in giving them as part of their regular diet.

So let’s dive into this delicious topic – can dogs eat turkey neck? And if so, what kind of benefits will they reap from doing so?

Key Takeaways

  • Turkey necks are a safe and nutritious source of calcium, cartilage, and lean proteins for dogs.
  • Raw turkey necks act as natural toothbrushes, cleaning teeth and massaging gums.
  • Raw turkey necks can be added to a dog’s diet to provide valuable nutrients and promote better digestion.
  • Careful handling of raw turkey necks is important to prevent bacterial contamination and to avoid food sensitivities in dogs.

Safely Feeding Turkey Neck to Your Dog

can dogs eat the turkey neck 1
Putting safety first, you can give your beloved pet the nutrition they need with turkey neck while avoiding any risks associated with cooked bones. Turkey neck is a safe and nutritious source of calcium, cartilage, and lean proteins for dogs when stored correctly in the refrigerator or freezer.

It offers many benefits such as cleaning teeth and providing joint support, which helps keep them healthy over time. In addition to its dental benefits, it also provides a variety of vitamins and minerals that are essential for canine health—making it an excellent choice when looking to boost your dog’s diet with new sources of protein.

For those new to raw feeding or uncertain about how best to prepare turkey necks safely at home, there are some easy alternatives! Raw Paws Pet Food makes confident raw feeders out of all their customers by offering pre-made frozen packages perfect for any pup’s needs, including our own Dog Wally who loves his weekly dose of turkey necks! For owners just starting out on this journey too, these ready-made meals make transitioning onto a balanced raw diet much simpler than if preparing everything from scratch yourself every day.

Turkey Necks provide great nutritional value as well as being fun chew toys that help strengthen jaws – but do remember moderation should always be practiced here too! Too much organ meat may cause diarrhea in your furry friend, so try adding small amounts into their regular food instead along with other cuts like chicken wings & thighs, which offer different types of nutrients each week, keeping things fresh and interesting while ensuring good balance overall across multiple meals throughout the month long term.

With careful storage practices combined alongside responsible feeding habits, anyone can become an experienced and confident Raw Turkey Neck Feeder in no time!

How to Feed Turkey Giblets to Your Dog

How to Feed Turkey Giblets to Your Dog
Feeding your pup turkey giblets can add an exciting variety to their diet, providing them with essential vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle.

Organ meat nutrition should be included in every dog’s meal plan, but you need to be careful when handling raw meat. Turkey necks provide great dental hygiene benefits because they clean teeth while being chewed.

In addition, you can avoid dietary sensitivities by rotating different cuts of raw meaty bones instead of sticking with just one type of protein source each week.

For easy preparation that requires minimal effort on your part, try pre-made frozen packages from Raw Paws Pet Food! These meals make transitioning to a balanced raw diet much simpler and offer high-quality ingredients without any dyes or fillers like wheat, corn, or soy products.

You don’t need to worry about organ meats causing diarrhea since they come in small amounts already portioned out across multiple meals throughout the month long term.

Finally, consider adding some fun into your pup’s daily routine with healthy snacks like turkey necks. They act as nutritious treats and help keep boredom away during playtime. Plus, they’re safe for dogs with weak or missing teeth because ground options are available.

Bone broth made from these same sources is also beneficial overall for canine wellbeing.

Why Are Raw Turkey Necks Safe for Dogs?

Why Are Raw Turkey Necks Safe for Dogs?
Greeting pet parents! Are you considering adding raw turkey necks to your pup’s diet? If so, it’s important to know that turkey necks are considered raw meaty bones. They’re soft and pliable, making them safe for dogs to consume. In addition, they offer many health benefits including lean protein, calcium, and phosphorus for joint support.

Turkey Necks Are Raw Meaty Bones

Raw turkey necks are raw meaty bones, perfect for providing your pup with a lean protein source as well as calcium, phosphorus, and joint support. They act like natural toothbrushes, scraping away plaque and massaging gums while they chew, making them an ideal addition to any dog’s dental health routine.

Turkey necks can be served whole or ground up for easy consumption by dogs with missing teeth or weak chewing ability.

These tasty snacks come frozen already prepared, so all you need to do is thaw one out at mealtime – no fussing required! With careful handling of raw poultry products, including regular rotation between different cuts of beef bones throughout the month, your pooch will get all the nutrition he needs without experiencing dietary sensitivities over time.

Turkey Necks Are Soft and Pliable

You’ll love the pliability of turkey necks; they make for an easy-to-chew snack your pup will enjoy. Frozen necks provide a great source of calcium, cartilage, and lean muscle meat to help keep their teeth clean.

Bone broth made from these same sources is also full of essential vitamins and minerals that support joint health too. Not only are turkey necks safe to eat raw, but they’re even more delicious than cooked bones as Thanksgiving feast leftovers! For those dogs with weak or missing teeth, grinding up the frozen neck into smaller pieces makes it easier to chew as well.

Raw Paws Pet Food’s 5 lb bag of Turkey Necks is perfect for adding variety into your pupper’s diet while still providing all the nutrients he needs without risking dietary sensitivities over time!

Benefits of Turkey Necks for Dogs

Benefits of Turkey Necks for Dogs
Giving your pup turkey necks provides a wealth of benefits, like feeding them a delectable banquet that’s as nourishing as it is tasty. Not only are they rich in protein and calcium, but they also act like nature’s toothbrush to help keep teeth clean and healthy.

  • Giblets Nutrition: Turkey giblets, such as the liver, heart, and gizzard, add valuable nutrients to your dog’s diet, including essential vitamins A & B12, which can improve energy levels.
  • Organ Benefits: Eating organ meat helps promote better digestion due to its higher enzyme content than lean muscle meats alone. Plus, it encourages positive eating habits when served raw or seared quickly with a touch of olive oil.

In short, incorporating safe amounts of raw food into Fido’s meal plan is possible through adding delicious treats such as organic chicken necks & humanely sourced turkey’s neck.

How to Feed Your Dog Turkey Necks

How to Feed Your Dog Turkey Necks
Feeding your pup turkey necks is a great way to provide them with a nutritious and tasty meal. You can feed them whole, ground, or cut up into smaller pieces for easier chewing.

Additionally, you can use the necks to make bone broth that’s full of vitamins and minerals beneficial to your dog’s health.

Finally, adding raw turkey necks into their dental hygiene routine helps scrape away plaque from their teeth and massage gums – making it an all-around win!

With these tips in mind, let’s explore how you can introduce this delicious treat into Fido’s diet today!

Feed Them Whole

Feeding your pup whole turkey necks is a great way to provide them with lean protein, calcium, phosphorus, and joint support. These lightweight bones are easily digested and rich in essential minerals. They can be incorporated into Fido’s raw diet for a nutrient-balanced variety.

Plus, chewing on these treats helps clean teeth. It also prevents dietary-induced hyperthyroidism when rotated with other raw meaty bones, such as smoked or dehydrated grain-free keto food.

Feed Them Ground or Cut Up

For a more manageable alternative, you can opt to grind or cut up turkey necks into smaller pieces for your pup. Raw feeding allows pet parents to provide their furry friends with the natural dog behavior they crave and nutrients they need without added additives or fillers.

By rotating different cuts of raw meaty bones, like turkey necks, it helps maintain nutrient balance and variety when creating meals.

Feeding tips should be taken into consideration if your pooch has food sensitivities – some may not tolerate small chunks of neck as easily as tiny pieces, so keep this in mind! And don’t forget about those wonderful giblets – hearts, livers, and gizzards are all safe for dogs when served raw!

Raw turkey necks are an excellent source of lean protein that is safe for pups to enjoy while providing joint support too; just make sure you’re supervising them at mealtime.

Use Turkey Necks to Make Nutritious Bone Broth

You can turn turkey necks into a nutritious bone broth for your pup, providing them with added vitamins and minerals. Searing the organ meat quickly makes it more tempting for dogs to consume. Giblets can be mixed in with plant matter to create a balanced meal that also supports joint health.

Raw safety should always be taken into account when handling any type of raw meat or poultry products, as well as supervising your pup while consuming bones – cooked ones are off-limits!

There are many different ways you can incorporate turkey necks into your dog’s diet: whole, ground up pieces or even used to make bone broth recipes! Chewing on these bones helps clean and strengthen their teeth too.

Nutritious bone broth benefits any canine companion, so consider adding this delicious treat today!

Add Raw Turkey Necks to Your Dog’s Dental Health Routine

Adding raw turkey necks to your pup’s dental health routine is a great way to help scrape plaque and massage gums, just like nature’s toothbrush!

Raw diets are beneficial for dogs, providing lean protein and essential vitamins.

Turkey necks should also be included as part of a balanced raw diet rotation with different cuts of bones for nutrient balance.

Bone broth made from turkey neck is full of nutrients that benefit any canine companion – try it today!

Don’t forget about the lucky winner who will receive a 5lbs bag of free turkey necks courtesy of Raw Paws Pet Food – a perfect addition to your pet’s Keto Diet or daily meals!

When Not to Feed Your Dog Turkey Necks

When Not to Feed Your Dog Turkey Necks
It’s important to avoid feeding your pup turkey necks if they have food sensitivities, as this could lead to an adverse reaction. Additionally, dogs should never be given cooked bones since their bone structure is not designed for the same cooking safety as humans.

Furthermore, raw meat should always be handled carefully due to the potential for bacterial contamination. Surfaces that come into contact with raw meat must also be properly cleaned after use.

Raw diets can provide a healthy balance of nutrients, but too much organ meat like giblets can cause diarrhea due to its higher fat content and the acidic environment of a dog’s stomach or digestive tract.

Dogs may not handle these types of foods as well as cats, who do better on them.

Therefore, when giving your dog turkey neck, make sure to alternate different cuts for variety and nutrient balance. Also, ensure that only small pieces are fed at one time to prevent choking or overeating, which can lead to dietary-induced hyperthyroidism down the road.

  • Avoid bones; cook them before consumption by humans only
  • Be careful with raw meats; handle safely and clean all surfaces touched by them
  • Too much organ meat (giblets) can cause diarrhea in dogs
  • Include some variety and rotate different cuts for optimal nutrition
  • Smaller pieces help prevent choking/overeating leading to DIH

Can Dogs Eat Raw Turkey Giblets?

Can Dogs Eat Raw Turkey Giblets?
Yes, your pup can enjoy raw turkey giblets like hearts, livers, and gizzards as a nutritious and delicious treat. They are amazingly tasty enough to make their tails wag uncontrollably! Giblets offer valuable nutrition for dogs that is often wasted.

They provide an excellent source of heart-healthy organ protein along with bone content, which helps keep teeth clean.

For those looking for convenience, Raw Paws Pet Food offers quarterly giveaways where lucky participants have a chance to win 5lb bags of dried turkey necks – perfect for DIY homemade raw dog food recipes!

For safety reasons, it’s important not to give cooked bones, including turkey ones, since canine anatomy isn’t designed the same way humans are in terms of cooking risks. As always, when dealing with any type of raw meat or poultry products, careful handling is required.

Due diligence must be taken when cleaning all surfaces touched by these high-value food items after use too.

Too much organ meats, such as giblets, may cause diarrhea, so they should be fed only occasionally alongside other cuts in order to ensure optimal nutrient balance over time, reducing the chances of dietary-induced hyperthyroidism later on down life’s road.

When feeding your pup this type of natural snack, avoid giving them large chunks. Rather, break it into smaller pieces to help prevent choking while also allowing easier consumption. Some pooches might struggle with swallowing big morsels because of weaker or missing teeth.

Lastly, don’t forget you can incorporate giblets into bone broths, adding additional flavor and texture, further enhancing its nutritional value.

Raw Dog Food Game Changers

Raw Dog Food Game Changers
Experience the game-changing power of raw dog food with turkey necks – a nutritious and delicious treat for your pup!

For grain-free keto diets, Dr. Harvey’s Dehydrated Grain-Free Keto Dog Food is an ideal meal solution that helps support healthy hearts, stomachs, eyes, teeth, and weight. To ensure slow digestion and low carbs for optimal ketogenic dieting, it’s made without dyes or fillers like wheat, corn, soy, or preservatives.

If you’re having dinner parties at home, then the HUMBEE Chef Serrated Bread Knife is perfect. Its razor-sharp edges provide clean cuts, while its full tang grip offers maximum comfort.

Mighty Paw Slow Feeder Bowls are also essential for slowing down eating speed. Their BPA-free silicone and stainless steel construction come with raised ridges, plus a quick pull paw tab so you can easily remove it from mealtimes when done.

And if you have an adventurous pooch, then the Yeti Boomer Non-Slip Bowl provides excellent puncture resistance due to its stainless steel design, along with Bearfoot non-slip ring which keeps the bowl in place during meals.

Turkey necks offer lean proteins, calcium, phosphorus, and joint support, in addition to cleaning plaque and strengthening teeth when chewed on. But be sure not to rotate different types of raw meaty bones frequently as part of a balanced diet routine, since dietary-induced hyperthyroidism can occur otherwise.

Finally, why not make bone broth outta’ ’em? It’s just as nutritionally beneficial, especially since Raw Paws Pet Food sponsors quarterly giveaways where US mailing address participants get a chance to win 5 lb bags o’ dried turkey neck snacks! The perfect DIY homemade recipe ingredient around these parts methinks 😉

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much turkey neck should I feed my dog?

Start with an adage: A little goes a long way. When feeding your pup turkey neck, be mindful of their size and daily food intake. Give them just enough to clean their teeth and provide essential vitamins – no more than 20% of the total diet! Offer it raw or frozen for the best benefits in a balanced meal plan.

Are there any health risks associated with feeding my dog turkey neck?

Yes, there are potential health risks associated with feeding your dog turkey neck. Ensure to monitor them while they eat and avoid cooked bones as these can be dangerous. Feed in moderation and ensure the meat is fresh for optimal nutrition. Varied raw meaty bones should be rotated for a balanced diet to prevent dietary-induced hyperthyroidism.

Is it okay to give my dog cooked turkey necks?

No, it is not safe to give your dog cooked turkey necks. Raw turkey necks are much safer and provide nutritional benefits such as lean protein, calcium, and joint support for dogs. Be sure to supervise your pup while they eat to prevent choking or other health risks associated with raw food consumption.

What is the best way to store raw turkey necks?

Raw turkey necks should be stored in the refrigerator or freezer. To ensure food safety, store them in an airtight container and use within two days of thawing for the best quality. Never leave raw meat out at room temperature as bacteria can quickly multiply and cause illness.

Do I need to feed my dog other types of raw meaty bones in addition to turkey necks?

Yes, it’s important to feed your pup a variety of raw meaty bones. Turkey necks are great for dental health and lean protein, but other options such as beef knucklebones or chicken wings will provide different nutrients and keep your dog interested.


When it comes to feeding your pup, it’s important to get it right. Turkey necks are a great source of nutrition for dogs, providing them with lean protein, calcium, phosphorus, and joint support. But, like all raw meaty bones, they should be included as part of a balanced raw diet and rotated with other cuts of bone for variety and nutrient balance.

While they can help clean and strengthen dogs’ teeth, it’s important to remember that too much organ meat can cause diarrhea in dogs, and food sensitivities can also be an issue. So, if you want to give your pooch the nutritional benefits of turkey necks, make sure to do it safely and responsibly.

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