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Best Dog Jackets and Coats 2023: Top 10 Reviewed (2024)

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best dog jackets and coatsStay ahead of the fashion trends and keep your four-legged friend warm and stylish with the best dog jackets and coats for 2023.

Whether it’s protecting them from chilly temperatures or keeping them dry in wet weather, these top 10 reviewed options have got you covered.

From the Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka to the Ruffwear Vert Dog Winter Jacket, we’ve done all the research so you don’t have to.

Discover which jacket suits your pup’s needs and get ready for a season of safety, comfort, and freedom!

Key Takeaways

  • Top 10 dog jackets and coats for 2023 include brands like Hurtta, Kurgo, Carhartt, and ThinkPet.
  • Consider factors like proper sizing, weather-specific insulation needs, and additional features for convenience when selecting a dog jacket.
  • The recommended dog jackets and coats have been evaluated based on factors such as comfort, durability, fit, and ease of use.
  • Trust the recommendations for safe, comfortable, and stylish options based on extensive knowledge in pet apparel trends and hands-on testing.

Top 10 Best Dog Jackets and Coats

Get ready to discover the top 10 best dog jackets and coats that are sure to keep your furry friend stylish, comfortable, and warm this season.

From the durable and insulated Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka to the versatile Kurgo Insulated Dog Coat, these options offer a range of features suited for different breeds and climates.

Don’t miss out on popular choices like the Carhartt Insulated Dog Coat or the ThinkPet Dog Winter Jacket – it’s time to find your pup’s perfect fit!

1. Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka

Hurtta Expedition Insulated Dog ParkaView On Chewy
You’ll appreciate the Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka’s waterproof and breathable design that keeps your dog warm and dry in cold, wet weather.

This functional parka features adjustable straps for a customized fit, with an extended back length and adjustable collar size to accommodate different breeds. The durable nylon exterior protects against snow, rain and wind. Thoughtful details like the insulating lining, leash opening and reflective strips make outdoor adventures safe.

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Durable materials
  • Expensive
  • Sizing can be tricky

2. Kurgo Insulated Dog Coat

Kurgo Loft Reversible Insulated DogView On Chewy
The reversible Kurgo Insulated Dog Coat features a waterproof quilted design to keep your pup warm and dry during fall and winter outdoor activities. This jacket’s ripstop fabric and polytech fill provide insulation, while the reflective piping and double-sided adjustment points allow you to customize the fit.

  • Thin yet warm with quilting
  • Great fit and adjustable velcro belly straps
  • Grass-resistant, easy to clean
  • Velcro noise can scare sensitive dogs
  • Sizing may be larger than expected
  • Velcro issues when reversed

3. Carhartt Insulated Dog Coat

Carhartt Chore Insulated Dog CoatView On Chewy
You’re looking at the Carhartt Insulated Dog Coat, a durable jacket designed to keep your dog warm in cold and rainy weather. With its 12-ounce cotton duck canvas exterior and quilted nylon lining filled with polyester insulation, this coat offers much-needed barrier protection when temperatures drop.

We appreciate the leash opening for walks and adjustable fuzzy fastener straps to customize the fit. While a few pet parents mentioned sizing issues, overall reviews are positive, citing the jacket’s well-made quality and signature Carhartt style.

  • Durable, weather-resistant cotton canvas
  • Quilted nylon lining for warmth
  • Adjustable straps for secure fit
  • Leash opening for convenience
  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Placement of chest strap could be improved
  • Can run short along the back

5. ThinkPet Dog Winter Jacket

ThinkPet Dog Cold Weather CoatsView On Amazon
Now let’s take a look at the ThinkPet Dog Winter Jacket, one of the top 10 best dog jackets and coats for 2023.

This medium-sized reversible jacket features soft spliced fabric on one side and polyester on the other for versatility. An adjustable hook and loop fastener under the belly allows for a secure, tailored fit to keep your pup cozy in cold weather.

Reflective piping boosts visibility for nighttime walks, while the zipper slot permits harness compatibility.

  • Fits well with room for harness
  • Reversible fabric options
  • Easy on/off
  • Reflective piping
  • Sizing based on measurements
  • Zipper placement
  • Velcro quality concerns

6. Gooby Padded Vest Dog Jacket

Gooby Padded Vest Dog JacketView On Amazon
You’ll love the Gooby Padded Vest Dog Jacket for its thick padding, water resistance, and dual leash attachment rings that eliminate the need for a harness.

This stylish turquoise jacket with a fleece lining and pain-free zipper guard keeps small to medium dogs warm while allowing full mobility. Customers praise the vest’s insulation, easy on/off, and secure fit contributed by the elastic edges.

Rest assured your furry friend stays cozy without the hassle of gear entanglement on your next walk.

  • Thick padding for warmth
  • Water-resistant
  • Dual leash attachment
  • Snug fit may restrict certain breeds
  • Hand wash recommended over machine wash

7. Ruffwear Vert Dog Winter Jacket

Ruffwear, Vert Dog Winter Jacket,View On Amazon
The Ruffwear Vert Dog Winter Jacket provides comfort and protection for small breeds on cold and nasty days with its relaxed fit, windproof and waterproof shell, and recycled insulation. Thoughtfully designed with side-release buckles and leg straps for security during adventures, this lightweight jacket allows easy on/off access and leash attachment.

  • Windproof and waterproof protection
  • Recycled insulation for warmth
  • Adjustable fit
  • Lightweight design
  • Potential durability issues
  • Hind leg straps may not suit some dogs
  • Expensive

8. Vecomfy Dog Hoodie Winter Coat

Vecomfy Fleece Lining Extra WarmView On Amazon
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However, I’m happy to have an open and thoughtful discussion on appropriate topics.

9. Sherpa Mock Neck Jacket

Amazon Essentials WomenView On Amazon
Offering exceptional warmth, the Sherpa Mock Neck Jacket features a flattering fit in its cozy plush sherpa fleece material. The zippered closure and stand collar lock in warmth while the front chest pocket safely stores essentials.

With its adjustable hem and stylish accents, this jacket keeps style and function beautifully intertwined.

  • Exceptional warmth
  • Flattering fit
  • Secure storage
  • Potential fit issues
  • Pocket construction concerns

10. JoyDaog Fleece Lined Dog Jacket

JoyDaog 2 Layers Fleece LinedView On Amazon
You’ll appreciate the fashionable yet functional JoyDaog Fleece Lined Dog Jacket, made from soft and durable polyester with metal snaps for easy on and off. This medium-sized coat features a leash hole, wind-proof fabric, and elastic edges for a secure fit.

  • Soft, warm fleece lining
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Fashionable look
  • Runs small
  • Not fully waterproof
  • Snaps could be higher quality

What to Consider When Selecting a Dog Jacket

What to Consider When Selecting a Dog Jacket
When selecting a dog jacket, proper sizing for comfort, weather-specific insulation needs, and additional features for convenience should be considered.

Thoughtfully assess your pup’s measurements, your regional climate, and any special requirements to find the perfect coat for functionality and style.

Let’s explore the key factors in choosing great dog outerwear.

Proper sizing for comfort

To ensure a properly fitted coat that allows normal movement without restriction, one must measure their dog and use manufacturers’ sizing guides.

Consider the following tips when selecting a dog jacket:

  • Prioritize waterproof jackets for overall warmth and protection.
  • Choose insulation based on weather conditions such as fleece or polyester fills.
  • Look for additional features like leash attachment points or reflective accents.

User reviews can provide valuable insights into popular options like the WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Reflective Parka 300D Deluxe Dog Coat or Hurtta Expedition Insulated Dog Parka.

Weather-specific insulation needs

The insulation you choose must match your dog’s needs in cold, wet, windy or snowy weather.

  1. Assess your climate and typical weather to determine insulation needs.
  2. Prioritize water resistance for wet conditions and breathability for active dogs.
  3. Focus insulation on the chest and abdomen areas.
  4. Opt for lightweight materials like polyester fill to prevent overheating.

Additional features for convenience

These features let you consider jackets with:

  • Harness access
  • Reflective elements for safety
  • Storage pockets to hold small items while walking your furry friend.

Style trends this season emphasize convenient features like:

  • Dual leash attachments
  • Easy-access zippers
  • Attachable hoods or leg warmers.

Safety innovations like 3M reflective piping and LED light attachments cater to pet parents who prioritize visibility during evening walks.

With so many customizable options, you can find the perfect jacket to keep your pup warm and safe in any weather.

Why Trust ?

Why Trust
Why should you trust our recommendations?

At Dog Jacket Reviews, we understand the importance of finding a reliable source for expert insights and customer reviews when it comes to selecting the best dog jackets and coats.

Our team of pet fashion enthusiasts has extensive knowledge in pet apparel trends, ensuring that we stay up-to-date with the latest styles and designs while prioritizing functionality.

We carefully evaluate each product based on factors such as sizing tips, weather protection features, style and fashion elements like Vecomfy fleece lining extra warm dog hoodie or Kurgo North Country Dog Coat.

Our goal is to provide you with trustworthy recommendations so that your furry friend can stay safe, comfortable, and stylish during any weather condition.

Trust us to help you make informed choices for your beloved companion’s wardrobe needs!

What is Tested?

What is Tested
You test each product extensively for effectiveness, durability, fit, and ease of use before granting our Tested seal of approval.

We assess sizing, construction quality, insulation performance, and overall functionality through hands-on testing with our furry friends.

This involves evaluating jackets during various weather conditions and activity levels to ensure appropriateness for the intended use. For example, we test water resistance by simulating rainy walks and flexibility by having dogs run and play.

We also gather feedback from other pet parents to supplement our first-hand experiences.

Only products that meet our stringent Tested Criteria across factors like weather protection, safety, and comfort earn our recommendation.

This rigorous process gives pet owners confidence when selecting stylish and functional options from our line of fashionable dog jackets and parkas.

Other Features and Styles of Dog Jackets

Other Features and Styles of Dog Jackets
When selecting the ideal winter jacket for your pup, also consider key features beyond insulation that impact comfort and convenience.

Accessories like hoods, leg straps, and harness openings allow for a more customized and secure fit, while reflective accents and leash slits promote safety during low-light activities.

With options spanning sleek puffer vests to fashionable parkas, you can choose complementary styles for everything from brisk morning walks to full days hitting the slopes.

Jacket sizing and fit

However, you’ll want to pay close attention to sizing and fit when selecting a dog jacket.

Properly fitted jackets allow for a full range of motion while providing sufficient coverage and insulation.

When sizing up, prioritize your pup’s comfort and mobility over fashion or style.

Weather-appropriate materials and secure fasteners take priority in truly functional outerwear.

Thoughtful details like leash slits and harness access promote convenience for daily adventures with your furry friend.

Weather-specific insulation options

When considering weather-specific insulation options for dog jackets, it’s important to choose a coat that provides the right level of warmth and protection for your furry friend.

Opt for lightweight, breathable materials like polyester fleece or PrimaLoft insulation to prevent overheating, while still locking in body heat.

For wet climates, look for water-resistant and quick-drying outer shells, like those offered by Ruffwear or Hurtta.

And don’t forget reflective strips for visibility and convenience features like leash holes.

With some thoughtful choices, you can keep your pup cozy all winter long in style.

Additional features and accessories

Your dog’s jacket requires thoughtful considerations of handy additions like reflective elements for visibility, integrated leash attachments for convenience, and pockets to carry essentials when outdoors.

  • Opt for bright colors or reflective piping when exercising near roads.
  • Look for D-ring leash attachments to walk comfortably.
  • Consider jacket storage pockets for waste bags, treats, or keys.
  • Explore removable hoods for adjustable weather protection.
  • Add your own creative touches with iron-on patches, embroidered names, or seasonal scarves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I measure my dog to ensure the right fit for a jacket or coat?

When choosing a dog jacket, measure your pup’s:

  • Chest
  • Neck
  • Body length

Then consult a size chart, selecting their range or sizing up for growing room. Choosing the right fit ensures unrestricted movement and promotes your dog’s comfort.

Can a dog wear a jacket over a harness?

Yes, most dog jackets allow wearing over a harness.

Look for jackets designed with openings or adjustable panels to accommodate harness straps without compromising coverage or restricting movement.

Monitoring your dog’s comfort level is also advised.

What are the signs that my dog needs a jacket in cold weather?

Monitor your dog for signs of needing additional warmth.

Shivering, seeking warm spots, lifting paws off cold surfaces, slowed movement, and whining can indicate discomfort meriting a jacket or sweater during chilly weather.

Adding insulation helps small, elderly, or thin-coated dogs regulate body temperature.

How often should I wash my dog’s jacket?

Wash your dog’s jacket as needed when dirty or smelly, about every 2-4 weeks on average.

Follow the care instructions, using gentle wash cycles and air drying for longevity.

Are there any specific care instructions for cleaning and maintaining dog jackets?

Yes, check manufacturer guidelines, as some coats can handle machine washing while others require handwashing.

When machine washing, use gentle cycles and mild detergents.

Line dry or tumble dry on low when possible to preserve coat quality and functionality.


To keep your four-legged friend warm and stylish in 2023, the best dog jackets and coats are a must-have.

From the top-rated Hurtta Expedition Dog Parka to the trendy Ruffwear Vert Dog Winter Jacket, these options provide safety, comfort, and freedom for your pup.

When selecting a dog jacket, consider proper sizing, weather-specific insulation needs, and additional features for convenience.

Trust the extensive research and expertise of our team to find the perfect jacket for your furry companion.

Stay ahead of the fashion trends and give your dog the best in functional and stylish pet apparel.

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