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Best Dog Food for Whippets: Top 9 Options (2024)

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best dog food for whippetsStepping into the unknown, let’s explore which of the best dog food for Whippets is right for your pup! This guide will help you navigate through nine top options.

From Real Beef to Open Farm Wagyu, there are a variety of foods that can keep your whippet healthy and active.

We’ll also discuss why you should trust us as well as qualities to look out for when choosing dog food specifically designed for this breed type.

Finally, we’ll provide advice on how to switch up their diet if needed–from kibble and raw food all the way down to freeze-dried meals!

With an eye towards finding liberation in understanding what makes our pets happy and energized, let’s get started on our mission together.

Key Takeaways

  • Look for high-quality proteins in the ingredients.
  • Ensure balanced omega fatty acids for coat and skin health.
  • Choose options with minimal or no fillers.
  • Gradually transition to a new dog food over a few weeks to prevent digestive issues.

9 Best Dog Food Options for Whippets

When it comes to finding the best dog food for Whippets, there are many options to consider. Real Beef Dog Food, Royal Canin HP Hydrolyzed Protein, Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Hills Science Diet Dog Food, and Open Farm Wagyu Dog Food provide high-quality proteins and essential nutrients that support overall health.

Nutro Ultra Adult Dry Dog Food is formulated with a trio of proteins, while ACANA Lamb Pumpkin Dry Dog Food has a freeze-dried coating for flavor enhancement. Portland Pet Food Human Grade Wet Dog Food is all-natural and grain-free, while Natural Balance Fat Dogs is a reduced-calorie formula designed for overweight dogs.

1. Real Beef Dog Food

Instinct Frozen Raw Bites Grain-FreeView On Chewy
If you’re looking for a raw, natural meal that’s sure to make your pup’s taste buds happy and provide plenty of nutritional benefits, Real Beef Dog Food could be the perfect choice! This dog food is made with premium ingredients like natural beef, non-GMO vegetables, fruits, vitamins, and minerals.

The cold-pressured processing helps retain the nutritional content in each bite while promoting lean muscles, dental health, and overall energy levels.

The reviews are mostly positive, with dogs loving the frozen beef bits. It’s ideal even for fussy eaters or those preferring frozen meals due to its good ingredients being their favorite brand.

However, some dogs have experienced digestive issues initially when transitioning from other foods. So caution should be taken before switching completely over to this one immediately if your pup does suffer from sensitive stomachs or skin issues in particular.

  • Raw & Natural bites with minimal processing
  • High protein content & no grains/fillers
  • Suitable for all breeds & life stages
  • Cold pressurized processing retains nutrition
  • Promotes lean muscles dental health
  • Some digestion issues reported initially
  • Not suitable for pups w/sensitive stomachs

2. Royal Canin HP Hydrolyzed Protein

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet HydrolyzedView On Chewy
You can trust Royal Canin HP Hydrolyzed Protein to provide your Whippet’s sensitive stomach and skin with the nourishment it needs, offering a delicious taste they’ll love. This veterinary diet dry dog food is specially formulated for adult dogs with food sensitivities, containing hydrolyzed soy protein to reduce the risk of triggering immune reactions.

It is enriched with B vitamins and amino acids to reinforce the skin barrier, while omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA are included to promote healthy skin and coat. An exclusive fiber blend supports healthy digestion, especially for those prone to digestive upsets.

Feeding this formula long-term may be beneficial for dogs suffering from allergies or sensitive stomachs. Customers have reported improvements in their pets’ condition, such as reduced itching, improved coats, and better energy levels overall, due to its balanced nutrition content without artificial preservatives or flavors added into it.

Buyers also appreciate the convenience of ordering this product online at an affordable price point compared to other similar brands out there on the market today. However, some were disappointed by shipping box quality issues leading to damaged items upon delivery.

So make sure to inspect the package before accepting shipment to ensure the contents remain intact, which might inconvenience an otherwise smooth process of purchasing pet goods these days.

  • Supports gastrointestinal & dermatological health
  • Maintains natural protective barrier
  • Enriched with EPA & DHA fatty acids
  • Promotes healthier digestion
  • Some dogs experienced worsened allergies & digestive issues
  • High carb/low protein content
  • Pricey

3. Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection FormulaView On Chewy
Treat your Whippet to Blue Buffalo Dog Food for complete and balanced nutrition with real chicken as the first ingredient! This essential, high-quality protein helps promote healthy muscle development while carbs fuel an active life.

Calcium, phosphorus, and vital vitamins support strong bones and teeth while glucosamine strengthens joints for mobility. Vitamins, chelated minerals, plus antioxidants boost immune system health without any corn or wheat by-products meals – perfect for all breeds of every age.

  • Dogs enjoy it, with many experiencing healthy outcomes such as reduced smelly poop and improved coats from added nutrition provided in each bite.
  • High energy levels reported along with good overall health have been noted after switching to Blue Buffalo dog food diet plan.
  • Unpleasant odor has been reported that some dogs may find off-putting, requiring additives like canned food or milk on top of the kibble itself just so they can eat it without having aversions towards it.
  • Diarrhea, loss of appetite, quality control concerns within certain batches, and change in formula resulting in disinterest from their canine buddies that could be associated when trying out this particular brand compared to other ones available on the market today.

4. Hills Science Diet Dog Food

HillView On Chewy
Take your pup’s nutrition to the next level with Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food. Specially crafted for adult dogs, this food features real chicken as its first ingredient and includes prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion.

Vitamins E and omega-6 fatty acids work together to promote a healthy skin and coat, while glucosamine supports joint mobility. With natural ingredients enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this diet is recommended by veterinarians.

No corn or wheat is present in this formula, which makes it suitable even for dogs with allergies or sensitivities. Plus, those who have experienced digestive issues associated with other dog foods may find relief from switching to Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food.

  • Specifically designed for adult dogs
  • Contains prebiotic fiber
  • Rich in vitamin E & omega-6 fatty acids
  • Recent changes causing skin irritation & constipation
  • Variations on kibble size & color
  • Reports of weight loss after using certain batches

5. Open Farm Wagyu Dog Food

Open Farm Grass-Fed Beef Grain-FreeView On Amazon
Open Farm Wagyu Dog Food is the ideal choice for pet parents desiring to give their canine companion a healthy, balanced diet. Made with humanely raised American Wagyu beef from family farms, this grain-, corn-, and soy-free kibble contains protein, probiotic fiber, vitamins, and minerals to nourish your pup’s wellbeing.

Non-GMO pumpkin, carrot, and coconut oil are added to provide optimal health benefits too.

Open Farm places an emphasis on transparency when it comes to sourcing ingredients. You can easily trace them back so you know exactly what goes into each meal! Customers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews of this food.

They love that their pup loves it just as much! Not only does feeding Open Farm promote overall health, but it also supports small family farmers in accordance with their mission statement: “We strive for sustainability while simultaneously caring about our farmer partners’ livelihoods.

  • Contains premium ingredients like natural beef
  • Enriched with B vitamins & amino acids
  • Supports digestive system & skin barrier function
  • Offers long term nutritional benefit
  • Committed towards sustainable farming practices
  • Pricier than some brands
  • Some dogs may not take well initially

6. Nutro Ultra Adult Dog Food

NUTRO ULTRA Adult High ProteinView On Amazon
Fuel your four-legged friend with Nutro Ultra Adult Dog Food, an irresistible 30 lb. bag of adult dog food packed with a trio of proteins – chicken, lamb, and salmon – plus vitamins for strong bones and teeth.

This specially formulated meal for adults contains no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors while being free from ingredients like chicken by-product meal, corn wheat, or soy protein (with trace amounts possible due to cross contact).

Carefully sourced high-quality ingredients are used in the manufacturing process, which is rigorously tested under stringent quality control protocols at trusted facilities.

Nutro Ultra provides complete nutrition without compromising on taste or safety to keep your canine healthy and active all day long!

Reviews have been mostly positive; owners report that their dogs enjoy it as well as experiencing improved digestion and energy levels from this diet change. However, there have also been reports of digestive issues initially when transitioning over, so patience may be required here depending on individual cases.

  • Trio proteins: Chicken, Lamb & Salmon
  • No artificial preservatives/flavors/colors
  • High-quality ingredients & rigorous testing
  • Digestive issues during the transition period
  • Could not find information about international shipping

7. ACANA Lamb Pumpkin Dry Dog Food

ACANA Wholesome Grains Dry DogView On Amazon
Discover ACANA Lamb Pumpkin Dry Dog Food, a high-quality grain-free food made with premium ingredients to provide your pup with the nutrition they need! This kibble is specially formulated for adult dogs and contains 60% animal ingredients such as fresh lamb, plus 40% wholesome grains, fruits, vegetables, and nutrients.

It also includes a freeze-dried coating for flavor enhancement, so even picky eaters can enjoy this delicious meal. Its prebiotics work to improve digestion, while omega fatty acids help maintain skin health.

Additionally, it provides essential vitamins and minerals that keep your pup’s immune system strong.

  • Contains 60% animal proteins from fresh lamb
  • Includes 40% wholesome grains & veggies
  • Features freeze-dried coating for flavor enhancement
  • Transition period might be required for some dogs
  • Possible formulation changes in recent batches leading to reluctance in some dogs

8. Portland Pet Food Human Grade Wet Dog Food

Portland Pet Food Company Human-GradeView On Amazon
Treat your pup to Portland Pet Food’s Human Grade Wet Dog Food, made with 11 or fewer all-natural ingredients and no animal by-products. Each generous 9-ounce pouch is ready to eat, so there’s no need for thawing or adding water.

This human grade food is suitable for all life stages from puppies to seniors and it can be used as a standalone meal, mixed with dry dog food, or served as a tasty treat topping over kibble.

It comes in an assortment of flavors including turkey, pork, salmon, and beef – something sure to please every pup! Plus, 5% of the net profits are donated back into local non-profit animal shelters, making this not only nutritious but also philanthropic too!

  • Dogs generally enjoy the taste
  • Pouches make serving convenient
  • Positive effects on dogs’ coats, energy levels, and weight management
  • Affordable price point
  • Some may be selective about what parts they’ll eat
  • Cost may become prohibitive when feeding multiple pups
  • A few cases have reported digestive issues after trying certain flavors

9. Natural Balance Fat Dogs

Natural Balance Fat Dogs LowView On Amazon
Try Natural Balance Fat Dogs low-calorie formula to help your pup slim down and get back in shape. This dry dog food is designed for overweight dogs, but can be enjoyed by all types of canines. It contains chicken meal as the first ingredient, providing essential protein, plus peas, oat groats, and barley for fiber and digestion support.

With 25% fewer calories than the Original Ultra Whole Body Health Chicken & Salmon Formula, it has been tested under Natural Balance’s ‘Feed with Confidence’ program to ensure safety and quality assurance.

  • Suitable for all dogs – not just overweight ones
  • Contains prebiotic fiber for healthy digestion
  • Made from high-quality ingredients without artificial preservatives or colors
  • Transitioning may cause digestive issues initially
  • Some small breeds find kibble size too large
  • Strong odor could lead to overeating

Why You Should Trust Us

Why You Should Trust Us
You can trust us to provide reliable information on finding the perfect diet for your beloved Whippet. Our team of experts has extensive experience in researching and recommending dog food tailored to each individual pup’s needs, while also considering breed-specific dietary requirements.

We are dedicated to providing objective reviews based on customer feedback, as well as our own research and analysis. This ensures that you can make an informed decision when selecting a food for your pet.

Transparency is at the heart of what we do, so you’ll never need to worry about whether or not you’re getting accurate information from us.

Additionally, every recommendation is backed up by credible sources who share our values and commitment to providing nutritious meals with balanced nutrition. No fillers are allowed here! And most importantly, you can always rely on us because all of our recommendations come highly recommended by customers just like yourself who have experienced positive results after trying out one or more of these trusted brands.

Qualities to Look for in Whippet-Specific Dog Food

Qualities to Look for in Whippet-Specific Dog Food
When choosing the perfect diet for your pup, look for dog food that addresses Whippets’ special needs with wholesome ingredients and beneficial supplements.

Nutritional considerations are key in finding the best option. Look for high-quality proteins from real meats like beef, chicken, or salmon to provide essential nutrients.

Additionally, a balance of omega fatty acids is important to maintain healthy skin and coat as well as promote heart health.

Ingredient quality should also be considered when selecting dog food specifically designed for Whippets.

Finally, check feeding guidelines on each product’s packaging and make sure it meets your pet’s dietary requirements based on age and activity level. Also, ensure it provides beneficial health benefits like improved energy levels or joint support if needed.

How to Switch Whippet Dog Food

How to Switch Whippet Dog Food
To ensure your Whippet is getting the nourishment they need, transitioning to a new dog food should be done gradually over a few weeks.

  1. Introduce small amounts of the new food into their current diet with each meal, slowly increasing it each day until only the new formula has been given after two weeks or so.
  2. Avoid feeding them large meals at once and give smaller portions throughout the day if possible to reduce digestive issues like stomach upset or vomiting in Whippets with sensitive stomachs due to switching foods too quickly.
  3. Take note of any changes in energy levels and coat condition as these can indicate whether their body is responding favorably to any dietary modifications you may have made such as adding probiotics for gut health support or introducing high-fat foods for weight gain/loss purposes based on individual needs and preferences.

Ultimately, finding an optimal diet that fits your Whippet’s lifestyle will help keep them healthy and happy!

Kibble Vs. Raw Food, Chilled Food, or Freeze-dried Food

Kibble Vs. Raw Food, Chilled Food, or Freeze-dried Food
Comparing kibble, raw food, chilled food, and freeze-dried options helps you pick the perfect diet for your pup. Kibble is convenient and typically less expensive than fresh or frozen meals. It also provides a balanced nutritional profile with specific ingredients tailored to meet the needs of each life stage.

Raw diets are close to what dogs would eat in nature but require more time and understanding when it comes to portioning out nutritious meals.

Chilled foods offer pre-portioned convenience without sacrificing quality ingredients. On the other hand, freeze-dried recipes provide maximum nutrition that can be rehydrated quickly before serving.

Consider all these factors, along with your pup’s taste preferences, when deciding which type of dog food is best for them.


No longer do you have to waste time and energy researching the best dog food for Whippets.

From Real Beef Dog Food to Natural Balance Fat Dogs, each one is tailored to meet the specific needs of this breed. Whether you want to switch to a grain-free kibble, add a wet food topper, or try a raw food diet, there’s something for every Whippet.

Plus, with each food, you can trust that your pup is getting the highest quality ingredients and optimal nutrition. So, take the stress out of feeding your pup and choose one of these top-rated dog foods today.

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