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Best Dog Food for Brussels Griffons: Top 9 Picks (2024)

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best dog food for brussels griffonsLively and affectionate, the Brussels Griffon is a small breed of dog that’s long been admired for its intelligence and charm. Originating in Brussels centuries ago, these dogs were originally bred to help farmers by keeping rodents out of their fields.

Today they’re popular among pet owners, who are often left wondering what type of food will give their beloved furry friend the best nutrition possible.

From Merrick Lil Plates Dog Food to Rachael Ray Puppy Food Chicken Brown Rice, we’ve rounded up nine top-rated options for you to consider when it comes time to pick out the best dog food for your Brussels Griffons!

Key Takeaways

  • Brussels Griffons require a diet high in protein, with at least 30% protein content in their food.
  • It is important to provide dental care for Brussels Griffons, including daily brushing and appropriate chew toys.
  • Fresh food diets can be beneficial for Brussels Griffons, as they provide improved digestion and weight management.
  • Customized diets can address specific health needs of Brussels Griffons, such as cognitive well-being and dental health.

9 Best Dog Foods for Brussels Griffons

When it comes to finding the best dog food for a Brussels Griffon, there are many options available.

  • Merrick Lil Plates Dog Food
  • Solid Gold Mighty Mini Lamb Formula Dry Dog Food
  • Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Small Breed Grain-Free Dry Dog Recipe with Venison and Garbanzo Beans
  • Orijen Original Dry Dog Food for All Life Stages With Fresh Free-Run Chicken and Turkey & WholePrey Inclusions
  • Stella Chewys Chicken Patties Freeze Dried Raw Dinner For Dogs 95% Meat Made in USA Only Natural Ingredients Rich in Probiotics Vitamins Minerals Omega Fatty Acids No Corn Wheat Soy Artificial Preservatives Colors Or Flavors
  • Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Adult dry dog food made with real chicken as an ingredient – 6.3 lb bag
  • Instinct Be Natural Puppy Real Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Puppy Food By Nature’s Variety 12 x 12.5 Oz Cans
  • Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Puppy Wet Dog Food – Size:12 Pouches
  • Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright puppy natural dry dog food made from real U.S farm raised chicken – 14 pound bag

Each of these foods offers unique benefits to ensure that your beloved furry friend has optimal nutrition throughout all life stages!

1. Merrick Lil Plates Dog Food

Merrick LilView On Amazon
For adult Brussels Griffons requiring protein and healthy fats, Merrick Lil’ Plates Dog Food provides an optimal blend of essential nutrients to support their active lifestyle. This grain-free real chicken and sweet potato recipe is made with deboned chicken as the first ingredient in a 20.

0 lb bag that is crafted in the USA from quality ingredients from around the world.

It contains probiotics for healthy digestion, glucosamine, and chondroitin for healthy hips and joints, and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy coat and skin. Plus, no byproducts or unnamed meats are used in this natural formula free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial colorings, and preservatives.

  • Made with deboned chicken as the first ingredient
  • Contains probiotics and Omega 3s
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin support hip and joint health
  • No artificial colors or preservatives
  • Grain-free formula suitable for all life stages
  • Crafted in the USA using high-quality ingredients
  • Not resealable package

2. Solid Gold Mighty Mini

Solid Gold Mighty Mini SmallView On Amazon
Solid Gold Mighty Mini Lamb is a premium dry dog food fit for royalty, containing 90 million probiotics per pound to give your Brussels Griffon’s digestive system the royal treatment. This grain and gluten-free recipe is high in protein and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids – perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Plus, it’s totally free of corn, wheat, soy, artificial colorings, or preservatives – meaning you can trust that you are feeding your pup only natural ingredients made in the USA from quality sources around the world.

The small kibble size makes it easy to chew, so even picky eaters can enjoy this delicious meal without worry about digestion issues or allergies!

  • High-quality ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers worldwide
  • Grain & gluten-free formula suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • Nutritionally balanced diet loaded with essential vitamins & minerals
  • Picky eaters may not prefer the taste of the Nutrient Boost version
  • Difficult to find locally but available on Amazon Marketplace
  • Higher priced than other brands

3. Taste Wild Appalachian Valley Dog Food

Taste of the Wild GrainView On Amazon
Treat your Brussels Griffon to Taste of the Wild Appalachian Valley Dog Food, a grain-free recipe packed with essential vitamins and minerals for strong bones, muscles, skin, and dental health. This adult dry dog food is formulated with venison as the main ingredient, plus fruits rich in antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system.

Plus, it’s suitable for small breed dogs, so you can be sure that even smaller mouths are getting all the goodness they need each day. This USA-made product has been receiving positive reviews from customers who have noticed improved coat quality without any digestive issues arising due to its easy digestion properties.

And best of all? With Amazon offering quick delivery options at an affordable price point, you won’t have trouble stocking up on this nutritious meal option when needed either!

  • Suitable for small breed dogs
  • Good ingredients & healthy formula
  • Affordable price & fast delivery through Amazon
  • Positive customer feedback & good taste
  • Improves coat quality & stool consistency
  • Not an ideal weight management solution

4. Orijen Original Dry Dog Food

View On Amazon
Experience the power of ORIJEN Original Dry Dog Food and give your pup a delicious and nutritious meal. This grain-free dry dog food is tailored to support immune function, digestion, and skin and coat health through all life stages with 85% animal protein from ORIJEN WholePrey ingredients.

The first five ingredients are free-run chicken, free-run turkey, flounder, whole mackerel, and chicken liver for added nutrition – no byproducts or unnamed meats here! It’s made in the USA with quality ingredients from around the world, so you can trust it’s safe for your furry family member.

Picky eaters have had success with Orijen, as well as dogs who need more energy due to its high meat protein profile – plus positive results have been seen in temperament and digestion too!

However, this natural formula does come at a higher price than other options on the market, but if you’re looking for premium quality, then look no further than Orijen!

  • High-quality dog food with top-notch ingredients
  • Grain-free formula provides a more natural diet
  • Supports good energy levels & shiny coats
  • Suitable for high-energy dogs
  • No byproducts or unnamed meats included
  • Contains muscle & organ meat
  • Pricey compared to other options
  • Some customers received defective packaging

5. Stella Chewys Chicken Patties

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze DriedView On Amazon
Stella Chewy’s Chicken Patties provide a nutritious, freeze-dried raw dinner for your pup with added vitamins and minerals–all without any artificial colors or preservatives. This 95% chicken, organs, and bone-based meal is grain-free and easy to digest. The Whole Prey Ingredients help support healthy digestion, teeth, skin, and coat vitality, while organic fruits and veggies offer antioxidants.

This product also doesn’t contain potatoes, peas, lentils, or by-product meals, so you can be sure you’re getting the highest quality food available with Stella Chewy’s Chicken Patties! Customers have reported positive feedback from their pups, as well as no digestive issues or allergies after feeding this food to their pets – making it perfect even for picky eaters! Plus, customers have noted how affordable this dog food option can be compared to other brands like Royal Canin & Hills/Science Diet, but at a much lower price point than either one of those options.

  • High-quality ingredients without artificial colors/flavors
  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Picky eaters love these patties
  • No digestive issues or allergies reported
  • Not suitable if the pet has specific allergy sensitivities
  • Pricing on Amazon may vary

6. Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food Chicken

Purina Beneful Healthy Weight DryView On Amazon
With Purina Beneful Healthy Weight Dog Food Chicken, your pup can enjoy all the benefits of a calorie-smart diet designed to help them maintain their ideal weight. This 6.3 lb. bag of dry dog food contains U.S. farm-raised chicken as its primary ingredient and is enriched with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for improved nutrition.

The formula has no artificial preservatives or flavors; only natural colors are used. This ensures that you know exactly what’s going into your pup’s meal plan. The high protein content of 25g per cup helps support lean muscles while keeping calories at bay.

  • Contains U.S. farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient
  • Added vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients improve nutrition
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors – just natural colors used
  • High protein content supports lean muscle mass
  • Affordable compared to other brands
  • Some customers have reported smaller than expected kibble sizes
  • Not suitable for puppies under 1 year old

7. Instinct Be Natural Puppy Dog Food

Instinct Be Natural Puppy RealView On Amazon
You won’t believe the top-notch nutrition packed into Instinct Be Natural Puppy Dog Food! This food is formulated with responsibly sourced animal proteins as the first two ingredients and contains whole grains, fruits & vegetables, and omegas for nutrient needs.

It’s also free of chicken or poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, brewer’s rice, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Plus, it has natural DHA for brain and eye development that your pup needs in their formative years. The kibble is coated in freeze-dried raw to provide both nutrition and taste too! Made with pure real ingredients from around the world, this food gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what your pup is consuming every day since there are no artificials added at all.

Recommended by breeders everywhere, customers report positive feedback about its impact on puppies’ health, including improved coat quality, stools digestion, immune system strength, bones joints, cognitive abilities, overall energy level – plus they don’t fight over it when feeding time comes round either!

  • Formulated with responsibly sourced animal proteins as the first two ingredients
  • Contains whole grains, fruits & vegetables, omegas for nutrient needs
  • Free of chicken/poultry by-product meal, corn, wheat, soy, brewer’s rice, artificial colors, preservatives
  • Some customers mention difficulties with the bag’s resealable feature
  • Mixed reviews about taste preference – some puppies eventually stopped eating after a few months
  • Product may be more suitable for large breed puppies due to the size of kibble

8. Blue Buffalo Puppy Food Chicken

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain FreeView On Amazon
Blue Buffalo’s Chicken Puppy Food is packed with protein and healthy fats to fuel your pup’s energy needs, plus DHA for cognitive development. This 12.5-oz can of wet food contains no wheat as a thickener, no chicken/poultry by-products, no corn, soy, or artificial flavors, so you can be sure that only natural ingredients are being used in this product.

It is also enhanced with vitamins and minerals to support the health of your puppy during its growth stage.

Customers have given positive feedback about this brand, which includes claims of improved coat quality after switching from their previous dog food brands. The fresh product has been reported as having no offensive smell, which makes it appealing even for picky eaters! Additionally, Blue Buffalo offers quick delivery at an affordable price compared to other premium brands like Royal Canin and Hills/Science Diet, making it great value for money overall.

  • Real chicken primary protein source
  • Contains DHA for cognitive development
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Natural colors only
  • Enhanced with vitamins & minerals
  • Quick delivery
  • Affordable price compared to similar brands
  • Not suitable if puppies need grains in their diet unless directed otherwise by a vet

9. Rachael Ray Puppy Food Chicken Brown Rice

Rachael Ray Nutrish Bright PuppyView On Amazon
Rachael Ray Nutrish Seafood Dry Dog Food is the perfect choice for your Brussels Griffon, providing a natural and high-quality food with added vitamins and minerals. What makes it stand out from other brands? This 14-pound bag of dry dog food is packed with fruits rich in antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system.

It contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives and no poultry by-product meal, wheat as a thickener, corn, soy, or brewer’s rice either.

This puppy food has been crafted in the USA using only premium ingredients, such as real chicken as one of its main protein sources, along with DHA for cognitive development. Additionally, this product does not contain any artificial preservatives, so you can be sure your pup will get all his essential nutrients without having to worry about poor digestibility issues associated with kibble diets.

  • Natural & High-Quality Ingredients
  • Loaded With Fruits Rich In Antioxidants For Immune System Support
  • No Artificial Flavors Or Colors/Preservatives
  • Easy On The Stomach And Provides Quality Nutrition
  • Wide Range Availability Online And Offline
  • Affordable Price Compared To Other Brands
  • Some bags became unsealed during shipment
  • Delivery may have issues (packaging & fully opened bag)

Key Features of Brussels Griffon Dog Food

Key Features of Brussels Griffon Dog Food
When it comes to feeding your Brussels Griffon, there are a few key features that you should consider. Protein requirements for the breed must be met in order to support strong bones and muscles; balanced gut flora is also important for digestive health, and regular dental care will help keep teeth clean and prevent periodontal disease.

With proper nutrition tailored specifically to meet the needs of this toy breed, your pup can stay healthy through all stages of life.

Protein Requirements for Brussels Griffons

Fuel your Brussels Griffon’s active lifestyle with a diet that contains 18% protein, 5% fat, and all the vitamins and minerals they need! For optimal health benefits, nutritional balance is key.

Puppy feeding should include at least 30% protein to ensure healthy growth. Adult dogs will benefit from 60-90 minutes of exercise daily, plus regular dental care. Senior dogs may require an age-specific food for joint support, while fresh foods can keep skin & coat in tip-top shape and provide cognitive health benefits.

The five must-haves are lean meat-based proteins (18%), low fats (5%), portion size adjusted by weight/age, fruits/veggies, and supplements like prebiotics & antioxidants for overall good health.

Importance of Balanced Gut Flora

Having a balanced gut flora is essential for your Brussels Griffon’s overall health and wellbeing, so make sure their diet supports this. The dietary microbiota of small breeds like the Brussels Griffon plays an important role in digestive health as well as the gut-brain connection.

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that help keep your pup’s digestive system functioning smoothly and provide other benefits, such as improved immune function. To ensure optimal benefits for your dog, choose high-quality protein sources with added prebiotic fiber to nourish probiotics already present in their gastrointestinal tract.

Feeding fresh food can also be beneficial because it avoids heat processing, which causes AGEs that could damage cells throughout the body – including those in the gut area – leading to inflammation and disease if left unchecked over time.

Your pup deserves nothing but premium nutrition tailored to its age group; take steps now for long-lasting health!

Dental Care for Brussels Griffons

It’s important to make sure your Brussels Griffon has good dental care, as poor oral health can lead to other serious medical issues. Here are some tips for keeping their teeth healthy: brush their teeth daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste formulated for dogs; schedule regular vet check-ups; feed them high-quality dog food that is tailored specifically for toy breeds like the Brussels Griffon; offer chew toys and treats designed to reduce plaque buildup on their teeth; limit sugary snacks or table scraps.

Feeding Brussels Griffon Puppies

Feeding Brussels Griffon Puppies
Provide your Brussels Griffon puppy with the nutrition they need to thrive by feeding them a diet rich in protein and healthy fats. Puppy food should have at least 30% protein content, and it’s recommended to feed puppies 3 times each day, avoiding free-feeding.

Monitor for hypoglycemia during the transition from puppy food to adult dog food when 80-90% of adult weight has been reached. Species-appropriate nutrition can help support dental health, cognitive functions, skin & coat care, as well as joint & bone health throughout life stages of this breed’s active lifestyle.

Food Type Protein % Fat %
Puppy Food 30+
Adult Food 5+

A balanced diet for senior dogs includes high-quality proteins suitable for their age. Monitor body condition closely while adjusting the diet accordingly if necessary.

Fresh foods offer optimal raw nutrients such as whole grains plus added benefits like prebiotics or probiotics that are beneficial in maintaining balanced gut flora and preventing Age’s caused by heat processing kibbles – all important factors influencing the overall well-being of this beloved breed!

Feeding Adult Brussels Griffons

Feeding Adult Brussels Griffons
Cruising through adulthood with your Brussels Griffon? Make sure to keep their 60-90 minutes of exercise daily and don’t forget about essential dental care, balanced gut flora, joint/bone health dieting, cognitive health nutrition – plus skin & coat and heart nourishment!

Adult Brussels Griffons require a nutritionally balanced diet that is tailored to meet their individual needs. The right adult formula will provide the required calories for energy without overloading them with unnecessary nutrients or fillers.

For optimal weight management in adults, it’s important to ensure they are getting enough protein from lean sources like chicken while avoiding soy and wheat-based ingredients, as well as artificial colors and preservatives.

Adding fresh fruits, vegetables, omega fatty acids along with probiotics can help improve overall digestive function while providing antioxidants for immune system support. Dental hygiene should also not be overlooked; regular brushing helps maintain oral wellness, which is crucial for any pet’s diet plan since poor dental hygiene can lead to long-term problems such as gum disease or tooth loss in dogs.

With proper nutrition combined with an appropriate exercise routine, you’ll have your furry companion feeling great into his later years!

Fresh Food Diet Benefits for Brussels Griffons

Fresh Food Diet Benefits for Brussels Griffons
A fresh food diet can provide Brussels Griffons with a number of nutritional benefits, including addressing specific health needs and transitioning to the new type of diet. With the right ingredients, this kind of meal plan ensures that your pup is getting all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants they need for optimal physical and mental well-being.

Nutritional Benefits of Fresh Food Diets

Experience the incredible health benefits of feeding your Brussels Griffon a fresh food diet. Nutritional benefits include improved digestion, immune system support, and better skin and coat condition – all essential for any pup’s well-being.

Transitioning to such a diet can be challenging, but with proper planning and meal preparation, it can be done. Fresh foods provide more complete nutrition than kibble diets while also helping maintain a senior dog’s eye health as they age.

Addressing Specific Health Needs

By customizing your Brussels Griffon’s diet, you can address their specific health needs and help them stay happy and healthy. To ensure balanced nutrition for life stages, consider adding dietary supplements like prebiotics or probiotics that support gut flora.

Dental care should also be factored in to prevent gum disease, while weight management is key to avoiding obesity-related issues such as heart problems or joint pain.

Finally, consult with veterinarians for the best dog food suited to your pup’s needs; they’re equipped with valuable nutritional information tailored just for Brussels Griffons!

  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Dental Health
  • Weight Management
  • Cognitive Well-being

Transitioning to a Fresh Food Diet

Switching to a fresh food diet for your Brussels Griffon can provide numerous benefits, including improved digestion and immune system health. A raw diet tailored to their unique canine anatomy helps with weight management and strengthens joints.

You’ll need to adhere strictly to dietary guidelines such as lean meat-based protein (18%) and healthy fats (5%), avoid byproducts/grains, supplement with prebiotics/probiotics, and incorporate fruits and veggies for antioxidants.

Puppies should be fed three times daily. Adults should get 60-90 minutes of exercise per day. Seniors should consider senior food at 8-10 years old and monitor body condition regularly, adjusting accordingly.

With the right plan in place, you’ll see results quickly – a healthier pup who looks forward to mealtime!


Finding the right dog food for your Brussels Griffon is essential for good health. With the right nutrition, your pup will have the energy to run around and explore, the strength to grow and develop, and the shininess of a healthy coat.

To achieve this, we’ve rounded up the best dog foods for Brussels Griffons. From Merrick Lil Plates Dog Food to Rachael Ray Puppy Food Chicken Brown Rice, each of these top picks is designed to meet the breed’s unique dietary needs.

With the right ingredients, portion sizes, and supplements, you can ensure your pup has the balanced diet they need for a long and happy life.

So, if you’re looking for the best dog food for your Brussels Griffon, look no further!

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