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Best Dog Foods for Less Poop – Top 10 Picks for 2023

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best dog food for less poopSearching for the right food to feed your pup can be a difficult endeavor. If you’re dealing with an excessive amount of waste, it may be time to consider switching up their diet. The best dog foods for less poop provide essential nutrients without overloading on fillers or unhealthy fats.

We’ve put together a list of 10 dog foods that will help keep your lawn clean and improve digestion in 2023.

With our buyer’s guide, selecting the perfect pick is easier than ever so you can give your canine companion all they need while cutting down on messes left behind in the yard.

Key Takeaways

  • A diet high in fiber can help reduce excessive pooping.
  • Avoid low-quality dog foods with fillers and additives.
  • Consider supplements like probiotics, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Transition to a new food gradually to avoid digestive issues.

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Less Poop

Finding the right dog food to reduce excessive pooping can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are many great options available from premium brands like Stella Chewy’s Beef Patties Dog Food, Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food, Natural Balance Sweet Potato Bison Dog Food, and Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food.

For more budget-friendly solutions, you can try Royal Canin Indoor Small Breed Dog Food, Nulo Freestyle Salmon and Peas, or Honest Kitchen Turkey Dog Food.

If your cat has digestion issues, Ziwi Peak Lamb Cat Food or Nature’s Recipe Dry Chicken, Brown Rice, and Barley are good choices.

For dogs with sensitive stomachs, Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat is an excellent option.

Stella Chewys Beef Patties Dog Food

Stella & ChewyView On Chewy
Stella Chewy’s Beef Patties Dog Food is a great choice for pet owners looking to reduce excessive poop – it’s freeze-dried and packed with beneficial ingredients.

This product contains real grass-fed beef raised without hormones or antibiotics, 100% organic fruits and vegetables, probiotics to aid digestion, and no grains or gluten fillers.

Furthermore, this meal rehydrates four times its weight, making it super convenient when traveling or camping since the pouch is lightweight when freeze-dried.

  • Helps underweight dogs gain weight
  • Improves skin and coat health, reducing itchiness and shedding
  • Dogs love the taste and get excited to eat
  • Can cause bald spots in some dogs
  • Addictive quality makes weaning difficult
  • Need to monitor individual reactions like constipation

Taste Wild High Prairie Dog Food

Taste of the Wild HighView On Chewy
Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food is loaded with delicious bison and venison that will tantalize your pup’s taste buds while providing all the essential nutrients for a healthy body. This grain-free dry dog food contains 32% protein to promote strong muscles, bones, and joints in adult dogs of all sizes.

It also features vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and prebiotics for digestion.

Made in the USA by a family-owned brand, it is suitable for special diets like gluten-free or grain-free options. It is recommended by breeders and veterinarians alike! However, some customers have experienced issues with recent batches causing bad reactions such as diarrhea or eye discharge.

  • Bison & Venison provide high-quality proteins
  • Contains Vitamins & Minerals
  • Omega Fatty Acids & Antioxidants aid digestion
  • Bad reactions reported from some recent batches
  • Expensive compared to other brands

Natural Balance Sweet Potato Bison Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient ReserveView On Chewy
Natural Balance Sweet Potato Bison Dog Food is formulated with a single animal protein source and no grains, soy, gluten, artificial colors, or flavors – perfect for pups with food sensitivities. This limited ingredient diet contains bison and sweet potatoes as nutritious ingredients, providing complete and balanced nutrition to maintain a healthy immune system.

It also includes pea protein for lean muscle mass, fish oil for skin health, calcium & phosphorus for strong bones, plus prebiotics & fiber to support digestive health. Additionally, it has omega fatty acids that promote coat shine, while taurine helps support heart function.

This dog food offers quality nutrition in an easy-to-digest formula, which makes it a great choice even if your pup is a picky eater! Vet recommended, this product can help improve coat thickness and provide an appropriate diet to maintain the right weight of small dogs, while its natural superfood inclusions support mobility, vitality, and overall well-being.

Some of these superfood inclusions include cold-washed green tripe, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp, among others.

However, there have been reports of bad reactions, such as diarrhea, so it is important to transition gradually when switching foods.

  • Single animal protein source & grain-free
  • Prebiotics fiber aids digestion
  • Omega fatty acids promote skin/coat health
  • Taurine helps support heart function
  • Reports of bad reactions, such as diarrhea

Hills Science Diet Dog Food

HillView On Chewy
Hills Science Diet Dog Food is the perfect pick for your pup, bursting with natural ingredients to provide complete nutrition and keep their coat shiny – a real treat!

This 30-pound bag of dry kibble contains prebiotic fiber, vitamin E, and omega-6 fatty acids to support healthy skin and coat. It’s crafted from natural ingredients like added vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plus highly digestible proteins for optimal nutrient absorption.

Vets recommend this food as it aids digestion issues in adult dogs of all breeds & sizes, including small breeds too. The beneficial formula helps improve energy levels while providing a balanced diet that meets dietary needs without overfeeding or underfeeding your pet pooch.

  • Improved energy levels in dogs
  • Suitable for sensitive stomachs
  • Dogs enjoy the taste
  • Helps digestion & bowel movements
  • Good balanced food for healthy skin & tummies
  • Firming up elimination
  • Changes in formula led to weight loss/hair loss/itching
  • Caused liver issues/pancreatitis
  • Loss of trust in brand

Royal Canin Indoor Small Breed Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health NutritionView On Chewy
Royal Canin’s Indoor Small Breed Dog Food is perfect for low-activity indoor dogs. It provides them with an appropriate calorie level to maintain a healthy weight. It also promotes digestive health with highly digestible proteins. This food meets the needs of small breeds by offering exclusive kibble that encourages chewing.

Additionally, it contains optimal levels of EPA and DHA to support skin and coat health. The food includes added prebiotics plus fiber for improved digestion, making it great for finicky eaters or dogs with disturbed tummies.

Moreover, Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dog Food can be complemented with wet food or treats, making it suitable even when your furry friend has less energy due to limited exercise. The company also offers a positive customer service experience backed by helpful representatives who guide you through understanding pet health better.

This helps you make an informed decision regarding nutrition requirements according to your dog’s breed size.

  • Appropriate calorie level helps maintain a healthy weight
  • Highly digestible proteins promote digestive health
  • Exclusive kibble encourages chewing
  • Omega fatty acids support skin & coat
  • Prebiotics plus fiber improve digestion
  • Suitable even when pup has less energy due to limited exercise
  • Not grain-free, meaning it may not be suitable if your dog has a sensitive stomach that cannot tolerate grains
  • May contain artificial flavors/preservatives depending on the batch

Nulo Freestyle Salmon Peas

Nulo Freestyle Grain-Free Salmon &View On Chewy
Experience the amazing benefits of Nulo Freestyle Salmon Peas and watch your pup’s pooping habits dramatically reduce! This grain-free adult formula contains 80% animal-based proteins and low glycemic ingredients, providing complete nutrition for all breeds.

It’s packed with prebiotics plus fiber to support digestive health, as well as vitamins B6 and niacin for energy production. Amino acids promote lean muscle mass, while calcium and phosphorus help keep bones strong.

Plus, it includes wholesome vegetables and fruits that provide optimal immune health – so you can feel good about feeding your pet this premium quality food without any artificial preservatives or colors.

The air dried kibble is also easy to serve up a meal in no time at all!

  • Contains natural ingredients & added vitamins/minerals
  • Highly digestible proteins
  • Omega fatty acids promote skin/coat health
  • Prebiotic fiber supports digestion & immune system
  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Not suitable for puppies

Honest Kitchen Turkey Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Turkey RecipeView On Chewy
The Honest Kitchen Turkey Dog Food provides your pup with a complete and balanced meal, free of unhealthy by-products, fillers, or GMOs. It is made with human-grade ingredients sourced from cage-free turkey, spinach, and coconuts in the USA.

This food rehydrates to four times its weight for maximum flavor retention. It is perfect for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes. It’s easy to make by adding warm water. It is also suitable for large breed puppies and adult mothers alike.

  • Easy to make by adding warm water
  • Can be used as a homemade meal or topping
  • Suitable for large breed puppies & adult mothers
  • Some dogs may not like the taste/texture
  • May not look/smell like traditional meat-based food
  • Pricey but highly recommended

Ziwi Peak Lamb Cat Food

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Lamb RecipeView On Chewy
Ziwi Peak Lamb Cat Food packs a punch with its 96% meat content and whole-prey ratios of ethically sourced ingredients, making it an ideal choice for cats who demand only the best. This limited ingredient diet is air-dried and ready to serve as a complete meal or tasty topper, without added carbs or fillers.

It contains natural superfood inclusions like cold-washed green tripe, New Zealand green mussels, and organic kelp that promote mobility, vitality, and overall well-being – all while being grain-free! Plus, Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids support skin & coat health, whilst zinc & vitamin E help maintain your cat’s immune system.

With no hormones, antibiotics, or growth promotants included either – this high-quality food is safe, clean, easy to handle, plus comes at a price point that won’t break the bank!

  • Nutritious meal for cats
  • Grain Free
  • Limited Ingredient Diet
  • High Protein Content
  • Natural Superfood Inclusions
  • Some cats experienced vomiting/diarrhea after eating
  • Cats refused to eat this food occasionally

Nature’s Recipe Dry Dog Food Chicken Brown Rice Barley

NatureView On Chewy
Nourish your pup with Nature’s Recipe Dry Dog Food Chicken Brown Rice Barley for a delicious and nutritious meal that supports healthy digestion, skin & coat health, strong bones, and the immune system.

This grain-inclusive recipe features real chicken as the number-one ingredient. It also contains prebiotics plus fiber to support digestive and immune system health. Additionally, it includes omega fatty acids to promote skin and coat health, and zinc and vitamin E to support a healthy immune system.

Taurine is added to help keep their heart in tip-top shape too! The kibble is free of corn, wheat, soy, poultry by-products, or artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, making it perfect for those with sensitivities.

  • Real chicken as the number one ingredient
  • Prebiotics plus fiber from whole grains support digestive and immune systems
  • Contains omega fatty acids which promote skin and coat health
  • Zinc Vitamin E help maintain a healthy immunity
  • No corn/wheat/soy/poultry by-products nor artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors included
  • Some customers experienced negative reactions like vomiting and diarrhea
  • One customer found what looks like kitty food in the bag
  • Smaller than expected kibble size

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dog Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet AdultView On Chewy
Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dog Food is a vet-recommended formula designed to help manage digestive sensitivities and support healthy GI transit. This grain-inclusive meal contains highly digestible proteins, prebiotics, and low-fat content to keep your pup’s stomach happy.

It also includes omega fatty acids for maintaining skin health, as well as zinc and vitamin E for supporting a strong immune system.

  • Vet-recommended diet specifically formulated for managing digestive issues
  • Highly digestible proteins with prebiotics
  • Contains omega fatty acids that promote skin health
  • Includes zinc & Vitamin E that support the immune system
  • Taurine promotes heart health
  • Some users reported excessive thirst & urination in their dogs
  • Difficult to reach the correct calorie content without feeding large amounts of food

Is Too Much Pooping Bad for Dogs?

Is Too Much Pooping Bad for Dogs
Excessive pooping can be an indication of underlying health issues, so it’s important to monitor your pup and consult a vet if necessary.

A diet high in fiber intake with healthy fats may help reduce the occurrence of excessive pooping. Opting for raw diets or feeding fresh foods is also beneficial as they’re easier to digest than processed kibbles.

Low-quality dog food laden with fillers, preservatives, and additives should be avoided as these can disrupt the digestive system, leading to colitis or other infections that cause diarrhea and excessive poop output.

Supplements such as probiotics, vitamins, and minerals have been known to improve digestion while providing essential nutrients for overall health. However, consulting a veterinarian is recommended before administering any supplements at home.

Taking all these preventive measures into consideration will ensure your pet has fewer poop episodes caused by poor dietary habits!

Why Should You Give Your Dog a Low-Residue Diet?

Why Should You Give Your Dog a Low-Residue Diet
Giving your dog a low-residue diet is an important part of keeping them healthy. Look for foods packed with healthy fats, like omega fatty acids, and consider raw diets as an option to help reduce poop production in dogs.

Pack With Healthy Fats

To ensure your pup gets the nourishment they need, opt for dog foods that are rich in healthy fats like omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. Animal protein sources, such as chicken or fish, provide added benefits. Grain-free options are better for dogs with sensitivities to grains.

Fatty acids support coat health and skin integrity, while proteins help build muscle mass and strength. Prebiotics aid digestion by providing beneficial bacteria to the gut microbiome. Plus, dietary factors like low fiber can be helpful when dealing with sensitive stomachs or bouts of diarrhea too.

Choose a food specifically designed for your pet’s age group, breed size, and lifestyle activity level.

Consider Raw Diet

Consider transitioning your pup to a raw diet for an extra boost of nutrition with fewer digestive issues. High digestibility and low-residue foods provide the best nutritional value while reducing waste.

A grain-free, low-fat formula supplemented with omega fatty acids and probiotics helps maintain stool quality while providing energy sources. Raw diets are beneficial as they contain fewer preservatives and more natural ingredients that can help improve digestion over time without sacrificing taste or nutrition levels.

Plus, certain supplements may be added, such as liver enzyme systems, which can further aid digestion processes in dogs that struggle from indigestion problems due to poor gut health.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Dog Food for Less Poop

Buyer’s Guide: How to Select the Best Dog Food for Less Poop
Finding the best dog food for less poop can be a daunting task, and it’s important to consider factors like budget, ingredients, and health benefits. As you shop around for your pup’s ideal meal solution, make sure to evaluate how each product fits into your price range as well as what other nutrients it offers beyond reducing stool output.

What’s Your Budget?

When deciding on the right food for your pup, it’s important to consider what’s within your budget. There are plenty of cheap options available that still provide premium-quality nutrition with special diets like grain-free and low-residue.

Transitioning foods should be done slowly to check for any digestive issues or health problems related to filler ingredients. Vet consultation is recommended if excessive pooping persists despite diet changes, as some grain-free formulas may be linked to heart disease according to FDA guidelines.

What Else is the Food Good For?

Check the food’s nutrient profile to decide if it provides vital vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and lean proteins for a healthy coat and balanced nutrition. High-fat diets should be avoided as they can cause digestive issues like diarrhea.

Raw diets can also increase poop volume but contain more nutrients than processed foods.

When budgeting for dog food, remember that premium quality is often pricier yet worth the investment in terms of health benefits. Premium quality dog food can improve digestion and provide joint support from fiber content or additional supplements like glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate.

Should I Be Concerned With How Much My Dog is Pooping?

Should I Be Concerned With How Much My Dog is Pooping
Do you find yourself wondering why your pup is pooping more than usual? The answer may lie in the food they are eating. A poor diet can lead to an increase in bowel movements, as well as a number of other issues.

Fiber content also matters when it comes to selecting the best dog food for less poop.

Why Does Bad Food Lead to More Poop?

You might be wondering why bad food can lead to more poop in your pup. It’s important to avoid fillers, grains, and a high-fat content when selecting the best diet for your pooch. Additionally, dog breeds have different dietary needs that require specialized diets.

These diets should have adequate digestibility ratings and nutrient-rich ingredients like omega fatty acids for healthy digestion and an optimized immune system.

Lastly, it’s essential to ensure a smooth transition process from one diet to another. This can be done by gradually introducing the new food over time. It’s important to monitor any changes or complications that could arise from switching up their routine meals.

What About Fiber?

Fiber is an important part of any dog’s diet as it helps to regulate digestion and reduce excessive pooping. Different fiber sources, such as pumpkin, sweet potato, or green beans, can provide necessary dietary fiber for optimal health.

The right balance of insoluble and soluble fibers is essential for good stool production. However, too much can lead to vomiting or diarrhea. Thus, pet owners should feed appropriate portions considering a dog’s requirements based on age, breed type, and activity level.

In addition to natural sources like vegetables and fruits offering beneficial nutrients with minimum calories, psyllium husks provide bulk-forming fibers that help keep everything moving along smoothly in your pup’s digestive tract while adding some extra nutrition from the source itself!

Feeding according to the recommended daily intake will ensure balanced benefits without any unwanted dangers from overfeeding!

Choosing a Food That Results in Less Poop

Choosing a Food That Results in Less Poop
Choosing a food that results in less poop for your pup requires finding the right balance of ingredients. Low-residue foods with high digestibility and low fiber are ideal, as well as those containing a generous amount of high-quality protein and digestive supplements to support their overall health.

It’s important to understand your dog’s individual needs when deciding on what type of food is best for them.

Low-Residue Foods

Considering low-residue foods, like those featuring lean proteins and prebiotics, can help reduce the amount of poop your pup produces. A low-fat diet with high nutrient content is recommended for dogs with digestion issues or food sensitivities.

Transitioning to a new food should be done slowly, as abrupt changes can lead to constipation or other digestive problems. When switching, consider portion size too; feeding too much increases poop output! Low-residue diets are ideal for pups whose systems may not have fully matured yet and require more digestible ingredients than adult dogs need.

High Digestibility

When searching for a food that results in less poop, look for those with high digestibility ratings. Grain-free foods are easier to digest than those containing whole grains, and they also have lower fat content, which can help reduce the likelihood of diarrhea.

Lean proteins like chicken and fish improve health and decrease dog stool waste because they are better at absorbing nutrients compared to beef or pork. If digestive problems persist despite diet changes, it is always recommended to visit a vet.

Also, discuss appropriate fat percentage (under 15%) and other nutritional details.

Low Fiber

To minimize your pup’s poops, select a food with low fiber content. A diet that is rich in lean proteins, such as chicken, fish, and bison, can help reduce the number of poops significantly. Look for foods high in prebiotics, omega fatty acids, and digestive aids to support healthy digestion.

Raw or freeze-dried diets may also be beneficial if your dog is a picky eater or has a sensitive stomach. Avoid corn-based formulas as they are higher in fiber but lower quality than other protein sources like beef and lamb.

If vomiting occurs after eating new food due to stress, then try transitioning slowly over time while monitoring nutritional levels closely for any deficiencies caused by malnutrition before making changes permanent.

High Amount of Quality Protein

Fuel your pup’s energy and help limit their poop with high-quality proteins like chicken, fish, and bison! These meaningful ingredients provide multiple sources of protein that are nutritionally dense.

Transitioning to Whole Earth Farms grain-free can be budget-friendly too – just make sure you feed an appropriate amount based on breed, age, and activity level.

Key nutrients, such as prebiotics, omega fatty acids, and lean proteins, improve health while limiting fat percentage to under 15%. If excessive poop persists despite diet changes, consult a vet for any underlying issues or allergies.

Feed your pup the best food for less poop without breaking the bank today!

Digestive Supplements

Support your pup’s digestion with supplements like prebiotics, fiber, omega fatty acids, and more to help reduce excessive pooping. Probiotics aid in the breakdown of food and support a healthy digestive tract, while animal proteins are easier for dogs to absorb efficiently.

Omega fatty acids help keep the skin healthy, while dry kibble provides more nutrition than wet food.

Low-fiber diets can be beneficial for sensitive stomachs, so dietary changes may be necessary when transitioning foods or looking for a new recipe, such as Whole Earth Farms’ grain-free meal options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Often Should I Feed My Dog?

Feed your pup twice daily, adjusting the amount based on age and activity level. Monitor food intake to ensure they stay healthy and strong. Choose quality dog food with prebiotics for sensitive stomachs for optimal digestion.

Can I Switch Dog Foods Quickly?

You can switch dog foods quickly, but it may cause digestive issues. Introduce the new food gradually to monitor for negative reactions and consult your vet if excessive poop persists. Choose high-quality food with an 80% digestibility rating and the appropriate amount based on breed, age, and activity level.

What Are the Benefits of a High-Quality Dog Food?

High-quality dog food provides essential nutrients for your pup’s health, including lean proteins to build strong muscles and fatty acids for a healthy coat. Prebiotics aid digestion, while vitamins and minerals support the immune system.

What Is the Difference Between Grain-Free and Grain-Inclusive Diets?

Grain-free diets exclude grains like corn, wheat, and rice, while grain-inclusive diets include them. Grain-free foods are typically higher in protein and fat than those with grains. The former is ideal for dogs with sensitivities or allergies to certain ingredients, while the latter provides more variety of nutrients.

Is It Safe to Feed My Dog Human Food?

It is generally not recommended to feed your dog human food, as it can lack the essential nutrients needed for their health. Some foods are toxic and could make them sick. If you must give them human food, stick to lean proteins like cooked chicken or fish in small amounts and avoid fatty meats, dairy products, and sweets.


Are you concerned about your pup’s excessive pooping? If so, you’re not alone! There’s a wide variety of best dog foods for less poop to choose from that can help curb the problem. We’ve rounded up the top 10 choices for 2023, from Stella Chewy’s Beef Patties to Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dog Food.

Keep in mind that a low-residue diet with healthy fats, a high digestibility rating, and low fiber is best for reducing poop. Select a food that contains a high amount of quality protein and provides digestive supplements.

Consider a raw diet, too. With the right food and proper portions, you can help your pup feel better and reduce the amount of poop.

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