10 Best Organic Dog Food Brands ( of 2021 Review)

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“ Organic ” refers to how agricultural products are cultivated and processed, typically without certain pesticides and fertilizers and with healthier living conditions.

The best organic dog foods must contain at least 95% organic ingredients, comply with the strict guidelines established by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Unfortunately, choosing the right one for your Mutt can be especially challenging since some manufacturers have the skill to put “ organic ” and “ all-natural words ” on their labels.

To make it easier for you, we have listed our main options in this article. If you are interested in learning more about the best organic foods for dogs and trying for your pet, keep reading.

Top 5 Best Organic Foods for Dogs (Quick Summary)

Castor & Pollux Organix Dry Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Dry Dog Food
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic chicken flour
  • Sweet organic potatoes
The Honest Kitchen Human Grade The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog Food
  • Turkey dehydrated
  • Organic oatmeal
  • Dehydrated potatoes
Tender & True Organic Chicken Tender and True Organic Dog Food
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic chicken flour
  • Organic tapioca starch
PetGuard All Natural Wet Canned Petguard Organic Chicken & Vegetable Entree Canned Dog Food
  • Organic chicken
  • Sufficient water for processing
  • Organic comprehensive rice
Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Whole Earth Farms Pork, Beef & Lamb Recipe
  • Pork food
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
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How to Choose the Best Organic Food for Dogs?

best organic dog foodsBuying dog food can be a long process, especially if your dog has special needs. In general, most dog breeds will require the same nutrition. Depending on your weight and your level of activity, the amount will vary.

With ingredients at the forefront, there are other things to consider before choosing organic dog food brands.

Age and life stage of your dog

The first consideration is the age of your dog and the stage of life. It is essential to understand that regardless of the type of dog food, whether organic or not, your dog must obtain the correct type of diet specific to its age, stage of development, and breed.

Always choose the organic food marks for dogs specific for a certain breed or specific for a certain stage of life, such as puppies, adults, older adults, pregnant, and lactating dogs. Each of these will have different nutrient requirements. Just because a dog meal is organic does not mean that you should ignore the nutrient idiosyncrasies of individual dogs.

Protein Sources

When looking for protein sources in the diet, make sure they are clearly labeled “organic.”

If animals are protein sources, they should rise without chemical products, including antibiotics. This is true for protein sources such as pork, beef, lamb, and seafood.

Canned or Dry Organic Dog Foods

Dog food comes in two forms; Dry food and canned or wet organic dog foods. Both types of food have pros and cons, and you can find them in the organic version. The high-quality canned or wet feed has a higher water and humidity content, making it easier to eat and digest.

Dogs with missing or fragile teeth love this type of food, as it is easier to eat. However, finding the right canned food is also an important factor. Go through a complete canned dog food guide to find the correct one to know what to look for and what brands are the best.

However, wet foods are associated with more dental problems than dry food. The dry food has a hard texture that also cleans your dog’s teeth. The dental condition of your dog and health needs both play a role in the search for the correct type of dog food.

However, wet foods are associated with more dental problems than dry food. The dry food has a hard texture that also cleans your dog’s teeth. The dental condition of your dog and health needs both play a role in the search for the correct type of dog food.

Organic Vs. All Natural Dog Food on the Label

Make sure you understand the difference between ‘Organic’ and ‘Natural.’ Organic ingredients are those that occur without the addition of artificial chemicals, substances, or anything that can be considered as a result of modern science and technology. Natural ingredients, on the other hand, mean that these are not synthetic. As such, you can see ‘real chicken flour’ on the product label, which means that the manufacturer included the various sections of chicken meat in its formulation.

It does not contain any artificial chicken ingredients. Compare this to an ‘organic chicken’ means that the chicken used to formulate the dog’s food was cultivated naturally, on the left, and allowed to feed organic food. So you can have a natural but not organic ingredient. However, an organic product is always natural.

10 Best Organic Dog Foods of 2021

While high quality can be a shorthand for natural and organic foods for dogs, it can also be a shorthand for “ expensive. ” Do not worry!, it is possible to feed your high-quality PET, natural food, including organic puppy food, on a budget.

Here, our selections for the best natural dog foods available now:

1. Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Dry Dog Food

Castor & Pollux Organix Organic Dry Dog FoodView On Amazon

Unlike other brands that could offer some organic items in their alignment, all food from Castor & Pollux Organix Dog and Cat are organic USDA certificates. The products feature chicken or free-end organic turkey and are produced without chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, artificial preservatives, aggregate growth hormones, or antibiotics. There is also no corn, wheat, or soy.

Organix dog food options include six dry kibbles, six “ small snacks ” wet foods, and a dozen flavors of canned foods. Around two-thirds are free of grains. There are special recipes for puppies, seniors, and small breeds.

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Organic products are always GMO because genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are not allowed in organic products. Ten of Organix recipes are a project that is not GMO, which means that they passed through a third-party process to confirm that the products comply with non-GMO test standards.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic chicken flour
  • Sweet organic potatoes
  • Organic chickpeas
  • Organic peas

Customer Reviews
1,305 Reviews

Avatar Kris A.

Kris A.

yes i eat this stuff

I follow this rule, do not feed your dog anything that you do not want to eat. We both like this and I'm not sure if Buddy is getting tired of eating this, but I sure don't mind eating these things every day. I have already lost 50 pounds and am still shaving more fat. This dog food diet is really great and this organic grain chicken makes it even better! Hell yeah bro!

2. The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Whole Grain Dehydrated Dog FoodView On Amazon

This brand is not strictly organic, but they use a series of organic ingredients in their formulas. What really establishes the honest cuisine of the competition is the fact that they use human-grade ingredients in all their recipes.

The term human-grade means that the ingredients are considered suitable for human consumption by the USDA. However, to use the term human-grade in its packaging, a pet food manufacturer should use human-grade ingredients and manufacture its products in a human food center; honest cuisine complies with both requirements.

This brand offers a selection of lyophilized foods for dogs, both original and without grain recipes. Because these products are dried and are not cooked, raw ingredients retain more of their original nutritional value.

Honest cuisine affirms that its recipes help support improved energy levels, regular digestion, healthy skin and layer, reduced risk of allergies, and healthy body weight maintenance.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Turkey dehydrated
  • Organic oatmeal
  • Dehydrated potatoes
  • Organic linen
  • Dehydrated carrots

Customer Reviews
6,983 Reviews

Avatar Jumasojichi


Uno de los mejores alimento que he comprado, muy recomendado para razas pequeñas

Tengo un chihuahua de 12 años, él no quiso comer el alimento al principio (siempre le he dado croquetas), pero recientemente por su edad necesitaba un alimento más completo. Compré este alimento por que me lo recomendaron y debo decir que es el mejor que han comido mis perros, la digestión de mi chihuahua mejoro muchísimo y estaba muy preocupada por que iba pocas veces al baño y ahora va muchas veces. A mi cachorrita pomerania de 3 meses le encantó desde el principio y su veternario me comentó que este alimento tenía muchos nutrientes para su crecimiento. Altamente recomendado ...

3. Tender and True Organic Dog Food

Tender and True Organic Dog FoodView On Amazon

Tender and true chicken and liver derive most of his animal protein from chicken flour and fresh chicken. Our analysis of dry matter labels reveals that the recipe contains 29% protein, 18% fat, and carbohydrates estimated at 45% … producing a protein fat ratio of approximately 62%.

Tender and true is the USDA organic certificate … which makes each recipe rare to discover the owners of dogs.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic chicken flour
  • Organic tapioca starch
  • Organic dry pea
  • Organic chickpeas

Customer Reviews
97 Reviews

Avatar Kris


excellent dog food, even for the most finicky eaters

old man, stop eating dog food. She wasn't getting enough nutrition from just chicken and turkey. I went to an expensive grocery store and tried 5 or 6 different foods. She loved real, tender dried chicken and liver food. His skin color looked brighter and he had more energy with this meal. This dog had multiple illnesses to deal with and has since passed away. But even though he had many challenges, he still ate this dog food until his last day. I really recommend this food for all healthy and health-challenged dogs.

4. Petguard Organic Chicken & Vegetable Entree Canned Dog Food

Petguard Organic Chicken & Vegetable Entree Canned Dog FoodView On Amazon

Provide your dog with a 100% complete and balanced meal with this food for USDA-certified organic dogs by PetGuard. The recipe contains organic chicken, vegetables, and fruits and is a healthy meal full of chelated minerals and vitamins to support your dog’s healthy heart, kidney, and liver. A bonus to all this nutritional kindness is that most dogs find it delicious.

Organic chicken, hormone-free and cage-free, is the main ingredient in the mix, followed by several organic ingredients such as brown rice, tasty chicken broth, carrots, oatmeal, chicken liver, cranberries, Potatoes, and more. This recipe is, without doubt, one of the best options of organic wet foods that can serve your dog.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Organic chicken
  • Sufficient water for processing
  • Organic comprehensive rice
  • Organic oats
  • Organic carrots

Customer Reviews
63 Reviews

Avatar Crystal Edison

Crystal Edison

My doggie loves this stuff!

My dog loves this food, it took her a little time to adjust to the kibble, but now she swallows it and I love that it is an organic option for her. It can be a bit difficult to get it out of the can, but I only use a fork or spoon, and it's not really a problem. I really like the can's easy-open pop-up lid feature, so I don't need to use a can opener! I have been buying this for my dog for the last year, and he seems to have more energy and is 9 years ...

5. Whole Earth Farms Pork, Beef & Lamb Recipe

Whole Earth Farms Pork, Beef & Lamb RecipeView On Amazon

The entire ground farms, the recipe for meat and lamb without grain, is food for dried dogs specially formulated for adult dogs sensitive to poultry. This dry food without poultry is also free of grain, less likely to trigger allergies in sensitive pools. It is designed to be smooth in the stomach, also.

With pork food as the first ingredient, it can be ensured that your dog is getting a highly digestible concentrated protein source. This recipe is 26% protein. Real pork, beef, and lamb are included as additional sources of protein and flavor. Organic alfalfa flour also contributes to protein to this recipe without grain.

Pork sources, beaded carbohydrate meat, carbohydrate meatless meat and lamb recipe, potatoes and peas. It also has dry cranberries, which are a good source of antioxidants that help boost the immune system.

The entire ground farms, the recipe for beef and lamb without corn, soy, or any grain. As this free poultry recipe developed with sensitive dogs in mind, it does not have any common triggers for allergies and stomach discomfort. It is also free of artificial enhancers, such as colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Pork food
  • Potatoes
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Peas
  • Pork fat

Customer Reviews
3,999 Reviews

Avatar John G.

John G.

Dog Loves it. I tasted it and was pleasantly surprised.

Yeah, I tried a little bite. I was pleasantly surprised that the taste was quite good compared to the big name brands I have tried in the past. She used to eat in wedges (a little here, a little there), now she swallows a whole portion! This eIt's now my favorite brand and that of the dog and we are in our fourth bag. mixing Whole Earth Farms wet canning and the dog loves it. She gets 1/2 can mixed for breakfast and lunch. At dinner he just dries up and everyone should see the expression on his face. Lol ...

6. Gather Free Acres Organic Dry Dog Food

Gather Free Acres Organic Dry Dog FoodView On Amazon

Collect free acres gets the lion’s part of your fresh chicken meat protein and dehydrated chicken. Our analysis of dry matter labels reveals that the recipe contains 33% proteins, 17% fat, and 42% of estimated carbohydrates … creating a protein fat ratio of approximately 50%.

In addition to the certified organic ingredients, each recipe also contains a balanced blend of healthy omega 3 and omega 6—a superior choice.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Organic Chicken
  • Organic Dehydrated Chicken
  • Organic Peas
  • Lentils
  • Chicken Grease

Customer Reviews
6 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

The food is good but the price is outrageous

The food is good but the price is outrageous. I will look for less expensive food.

7. Newman’s Own Organic Dog Food

NewmanView On Amazon

Newman himself is proud to use only the most selected ingredients and cultivated organically for his products. The first quality canned formula is available on chicken, turkey and brown rice, chicken and wholemeal rice, and turkey and chicken to give you more options to its mascot.

Like the Evangers, Newman’s own cousin comes with a maximum of 78% humidity and a better raw fiber profile of only 1% maximum.

However, it is not 100% organic. However, it is already enriched with vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids for additional nutrition. And with many flavors to choose from, the insurance dogs will have an apogee.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Organic chicken
  • Organic chicken broth
  • Organic chicken liver
  • Tricalcium phosphate
  • Organic pea flour

Customer Reviews
633 Reviews

Avatar SheReads


Quality ingredients and dog LOVES it.

My dog had pancreatitis last year and was given a prescription low-fat canned food, but reading the ingredients on that can was disgusting. I did a search for a food with similar levels of fat and protein and better ingredients, and I've been feeding him this mixed with Annamaet Lean kibble. She gets really excited at meal times, and for medications all I have to do is put the pill in a little “ meatball ” made with Newman's Own. Expensive, but I have a small dog so one can will last for days. I feel good knowing that ...

8. Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Adult Dry Dog Food

Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Adult Dry Dog FoodView On Amazon

This healthy halo holistic recipe free cage chicken sources as a consecutive ingredient. The food does not contain antibiotics or growth hormones and is not compatible with factory agriculture. It provides more bioavailable nutrients than many other food options. In addition to the chicken, the recipe obtains its unique flavors of whole ingredients, organic, which include chicken liver, periodontal barley, and oatmeal.

The recipe for non-meat meat is made in the United States without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. The digestible formula offers maximum nutritional benefits and keeps your dog happy and healthy.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Chicken
  • Chicken liver
  • Dry egg product
  • Oatmeal
  • Pearl barley.

Customer Reviews
546 Reviews

Avatar Renee Holt

Renee Holt

Seems to help my dog's itching

I switched my dog to this food and chose fish ingredients for their anti-inflammatory properties. He gets allergy shots at the vet and I give him fish oil for dinner. All of this was to prevent him from scratching and licking his paws incessantly, which ultimately leads to the dreaded cone (!) And potentially antibiotics for infection. Yet even with the allergy shots and fish oil and fancy blah blah organic, grain-free and expensive food, it still stung a bit. Then I tried this food. He said it has no animal by-products and is easier to digest. The itching seems ...

9. Party Animal California Chicken & Oats Recipe

Party Animal California Chicken & Oats RecipeView On Amazon

The party features wet and dry foods that contain totally natural ingredients and meat as the first. The company does a great job of using additional organic ingredients and vitamins to really pack a nutritious blow in their canned foods.

This delicious and healthy recipe has a USDA-certified organic chicken as the first ingredient for a healthy source. Protein to help maintain the lean muscle mass of your puppy.

Organic fruits and vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds provide large sources of natural antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and folic acid to keep your best friend dancing for the day. Committed to the delivery of clean, premium quality nutrition, the foods of the animals never contain any corn, wheat, or artificial material.

They do not make jokes about their ingredients since the party has a top list of ingredients, especially for their wet foods. We found that dry kibble tends to get the best because it is easier to disguise bad ingredients in canned foods.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Organic Chicken
  • Chicken Flour
  • Organic Oats
  • Organic Barley
  • Organic Peas

Customer Reviews
8 Reviews

Avatar Sam Pompeo

Sam Pompeo

Best Dog Food Ever

Both my dogs love this food. They have been eating it for many years and still get excited about dinner time. It feels like home cooking in small batches. I love the party animal! I would give it 6 stars if I could. SAM

10. Primal Turkey & Sardine Formula Nuggets Grain-free Raw Freeze-dried Dog Food

Primal Turkey & Sardine Formula Nuggets Grain-free Raw Freeze-dried Dog FoodView On Amazon

Serve your dog a healthy diet of raw foods that offers all the nutritional benefits you need for your pooch. This unique blend of raw dog and lyophilized dog food is free of hormones, without antibiotics, and without steroids. Look at your little fluff ball; lick the bowl, clean since this complete diet conserved naturally will help increase your overall health. The recipe contains high-quality proteins, calcium supplementation, and fatty acids for optimal growth of your beloved puppy and great health.

A natural diet not only has a variety of ingredients of sustainable origin but is labeled as gluten. – And without a grain. In addition, it contains optimal amino acids, essential minerals, and a supply of vitamins that are the building blocks for all biological functions.

Top 5 Ingredients
  • Turkey
  • Collars from Turkey
  • Whole sardines
  • Turkey Hearts
  • Turkey Livers

Customer Reviews
611 Reviews

Avatar We Love Pat Altschul

We Love Pat Altschul

Yummy Yummy in Boo Boo’s Tummy Tummy - CHOP Protocol for Canine Lymphoma

Maybe I shouldn't write a review so soon after Boo Boo's first meal, but she LOVED it. I was skeptical about turkey and sardines as he's picky about omega-3s. I dehydrated two bricks and pierced an Omega-3 capsule and the little one ate. Now he's looking for scraps on his paws! Boo recently started chemotherapy for canine lymphoma, so diet has become especially critical. There were too many recipes and too much conflicting advice online on how to make mine. There are so many enzymes that a dog's digestive tract needs that they are not obtained simply by cooking meat ...

FAQs About Organic Dog Food

What is organic dog food?

The organic food of dogs is made of ingredients cultivated without pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms (GMO), or ionizing radiation.

The animals used to produce meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy products should not have dairy products. It has been fed with antibiotics or growth hormones.

Is organic dog food better for dogs?

It depends on what you consider important for your dog’s diet. Studies show that the differences in nutrients between an organic diet and regular dog foods are only minimal.

USDA data may suggest that organic dog foods contain fewer pesticide residues compared to conventionally grown products.

Should Dogs Eat Grain-Free?

Despite the benefits for some dogs, there are disadvantages to feeding a meal for dogs without grain. Many people assume grain-free organic dog food in low carbohydrates, but that is not the case. In fact, some foods for dogs without grains are higher in alternative sources of carbohydrates such as potatoes and peas. This could increase involuntary weight.

What are the types of organic dog food?

The Department of Agriculture (USDA) recognizes 3 categories of organic products:

  • 100% organic: Made with 100% organic ingredients.
  • Organic: Made with at least 95% organic ingredients.
  • Made with ingredients Organic: Done with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with strict restrictions at 30% remaining (including non-GMOs).

Dog food containing less than 70% organic ingredients can list these elements in the side panel. .. But they may not make organic claims at the front of the package.

How is organic different from regular food?

As mentioned above, so dog foods are labeled organic, they should be cultivated or produced naturally. There may be a lot of confusion since being natural does not always mean organic.

Therefore, it is important to have a clear understanding of the basic difference between natural and organic. According to AAFCO, natural dog foods do not contain ingredients other than those derived from animals, plants, or resources killed in an unprocessed state.

Is Rice In Dog Food Bad For Dogs?

Because dog food produced commercially contain carbohydrates, be careful not to overload your dog with additional high-carb foods as rice. While holding a healthy weight, add a little rice to your dog’s meals is perfectly fine.


Keep your dog healthy and fit with the best organic food for dogs available. If your dog has allergies, needs a special diet, or is in a demanding dining room, you may have to try different food brands to find the one that works for your pet.

We reviewed the organic dog food brands with your pet’s well-being in mind, so you can find healthy dog ​​food that works for your dog.

This list aims to give you the guidance you need to make sure your dog gets the best possible nutrition without unnecessary extras. Organic food is not only for humans but also for your dog.

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