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The 10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers to Protect Your Car From Dirty Paws for 2024

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best dog car seat coversAs your faithful companion eagerly awaits your next road trip, protect your car from dirty paws with the best dog car seat covers.

Like a furry co-pilot navigating the open road, a quality cover shields from hair and drool so you can enjoy the journey.

Anchors, straps, and non-slip backing keep them secure, while waterproof and easily washed materials withstand any mess.

Bring your pet along for the ride and keep your seats pristine with the top-rated seat covers this year.

Things To Consider When Picking The Best Dog Seat Cover

viewpets bench car seat cover b07btpswc63Picking out dog car seat covers for dogs is like choosing a protective layer for your most precious piece of furniture, only the pieces are in your car this time. We know how hard it can be to pick the right one, especially when you see a dizzying array of options.

To help you out, we’ve highlighted some of the most important things to consider before choosing a particular product for your dog and car.

1. Type Of Dog Car Seat Cover

Standard types of car seat covers include a front seat, rear seat, hammock, and trunk cover. Your vehicle, the size of your dog, and the length of the distance to be traveled will help you decide which type is best for you. Large breeds may be more comfortable in the trunk, while others prefer to sit next to you in the front seat. Some models are adjustable, so they can be installed in two or three different ways.

2. Materials

There are plenty of options when it comes to the material used in the construction of the dog car seat cover. The most important thing to remember is that it should have the following properties:

  • Durable
  • Water-Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Comfortable

Finding the right balance between these properties is a real challenge. Because comfort is often equated with a softness, which in turn is considered less durable and firm. So if you can find a balance without sacrificing one over the other, that would be perfect.

Many of today’s dog seat covers are made from a blend of polyester and cotton. This combo offers exceptional comfort due to the smoother finish, but the downside is that because it’s slippery, your dog may not have a good grip on the surface. It is also not really good water-resistant material. If it is the desired waterproofing, neoprene materials offer better coverage, but they are more expensive. For the budget-conscious, regular clothing is the go-to.

3. Easy To Clean

Machine-washable dog seat covers are, of course, the easiest to clean. However, they are not always the most protective. Some covers have several layers of durable fabrics and materials that make them completely waterproof but also prevent them from being machine washed. This type of cover can be cleaned and vacuumed on site. If your dog is making a big mess, you can even spray dry some covers and leash.

10 Best Dog Car Seat Covers Of 2024

These are the best car seat covers for dogs on the market and are guaranteed to make traveling with your canine friends easy for you and for them.

1. 4Knines Rear Seat Cover for Cars, Trucks, SUV’s

View On AmazonThis 4Knines rear dog seat cover has an excellent, thoughtful design. It keeps dogs comfortable in the car, and it is particularly well designed to hold all dog hairs stored on seats and car surfaces. It comes in two sizes and three colors of black, gray, and brown. The material used is classified as GSM 190, which measures the density, quality, and weight of the material.

The popular 4Knines dog car seat covers are water-resistant with three layers of protective PU, and they don’t bleed (unlike some of the other options we’ve discussed), making it the first of the best dog car seat covers on this list. Sturdy and adjustable straps attach to the headrest to hold the seat in place, and they even feel sturdy and secure (some felt less thin). If the chair can be used as a hammock, front headrest straps are also added. There are also locking holes.

After testing this dog car hammock, we have also looked at the opinions of other pet owners, and many agree that it is one of the best dog car seat covers currently available. Not only is the design reliable and sturdy, but it also looks luxurious and fits well in most vehicles. Unlike some of the other dog car hammocks we’ve tried, 4Knines fits snugly, and the backseat fits on a tee. The nonslip back surface really does the job and is not (faux function). The heaviness of the material and the added pad between the surfaces also provide extra comfort and stability for the dog.

The only problem we had with this is that their largest XL size isn’t wide enough for large SUVs (although the side flaps more or less compensate for the necessary few inches). Apart from that, after a few weeks of testing, we couldn’t find much else to complain about. This dog car hammock stays perfectly in place, unlike some other products that occasionally shift while driving. As long as you choose the right size for your vehicle, it offers perfect coverage.

Key Features
  • Heavy enough to stay fully in place won’t slip while riding
  • Water-resistant sturdy luxurious
  • Can be used as a hammock if desired
  • Features openings for easy access to seat belts

2. Barksbar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

barksbar luxury pet car seat b013vpztaqView On AmazonThe BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover offers you two installation options. It can be used in a hammock style that wraps your entire backseat, or it can just cover the seat and back. Hammock-style car seat covers attach to the headrests of the front and back seats, creating a hammock for your dog to sit in. This style will help some anxious dogs feel safer because there is a more sociable, protected feeling. When used as a hammock, the BarksBar covers and protects more square meters of your car.

However, you may not always need that much coverage. In that case, the BarksBar can be mounted as a bench / rear seat, with only the seat and backrest. Installed this way, you can access seat belts through Velcro openings at the hem.

Two storage compartments provide ample space for storing some of your dog’s essentials, such as a leash, toy, or water bottle. Car seat covers can be exposed to extreme temperatures, but the fabric of the BarksBar is free of dyes that can bleed in hot summer weather. Finally, and we have to say that this is a real benefit, it is machine washable.

Key Features
  • Two sizes standard and x large
  • Cover for hammock or sofa
  • Two two storage compartments
  • Durable machine washable fabric

3. Plush Paws Ultra-Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover

plush paws products hammock car b00tf4dhggView On AmazonAvailable in three colors and two sizes, these car seat covers for dogs have a fully waterproof back thanks to the different material layers that securely hold liquids. The waterproof layer does not wear over time because the areas that have to be most tolerated are reinforced with some extra layers of sturdy material. The durable silicone material is also nonslip, very comfortable, and will not fade or bleed. The product is completely safe for your dog, as it contains no azo dyes or heavy metals.

They fit most standard cars, SUVs, and trucks and can be used as rear seats or as a hammock, and they have four belt slots. For further protection, there are 9-inch side flaps. They are very easy to assemble thanks to the reinforced headrest straps that do not break in sunlight. All you need to do is snap the buckles in and install the seat anchors for extra safety. You get two harnesses and two dog seat belts that can be safely washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Key Features
  • Made of sturdy waterproof silicone
  • Anti-slip very comfortable
  • Nine-inch side flaps
  • Seat anchors for extra safety

4. Urpower Waterproof Seat Cover For Dogs

urpower 100 waterproof pet seat b01jont9akView On AmazonThese car covers for dogs from URPOWER are similar to the previous model, but with a big, tiny difference when it comes to style and style: there are no side flaps meant for guarding your doors. The model retains the classically sophisticated quilted appear, nevertheless. Featuring an entirely waterproof and incredibly tough protective layer for your car upholstery, the cover protects from puppy hair, grime, debris, mud, grass, and a great deal more. It combines the wonderful characteristics of PP cotton, 600d oxford, and polyester and adds these to a slip-proof PVC netting at the back, which is technically the company’s model of non-slid backing.

Key Features
  • A mixture of oxford polypropylene and polyester elements
  • Non slid backing with adjustable straps
  • Straightforward to clean and set up
  • Waterproof filth resistant and scratch-proof

5. VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

viewpets bench car seat cover b07btpswc6View On AmazonNo matter what type of automobile you drive, the VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector will do the trick for sustaining your dog’s filth and fur up off your back seat. This automobile seat cover fits most normal sized bench seats that you would locate in automobiles, SUVs, and trucks.

The material covers every inch of your bench seat that wants guarding, featuring side and front flaps to protect from even residual put on and tear from a frisky pup. The complete coverage style implies you can really effortlessly transport two, three, or nonetheless numerous canines that will fit into your back seat without worrying about the extra furballs. For a quick switch into human passenger mode, you can just unzip the slits in the cover and slide a seatbelt by means of without possessing to get rid of the whole point.

If you have a canine who is nervous about obtaining in the car or just one with a weaker bladder, don’t worry. VIEWPETS’s canine automobile seat cover is waterproof, which implies no accident will leak by means of onto the pristine fabric beneath, no matter how big. The cover is also scratch-proof, so you can rest straightforward, realizing your fancy leather seats are secure from sharp puppy claws and teeth.

Key Features
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch evidence
  • Nonslip style
  • Machine washable

6. Epica Deluxe Pet Bench Car Seat Cover

epica luxury deluxe pet car b00k5s8leeView On AmazonEpica’s Luxury Deluxe pet seat cover for canines is another fantastic option out of the less expensive manufacturers. Epica itself is an effectively-recognized brand in the canine supplies business, and we have reviewed a ton of their goods right here on Greatest Puppy Ideas, always with satisfying outcomes. This can also be confirmed by the quantity of actually optimistic evaluations their puppy vehicle seat cover and numerous other canine things have from thousands of pet owners.

Following trying this for a couple of weeks, our favored part of Epica puppy vehicle seat cover is that it is obviously developed from a respectable high-quality material that feels and seems excellent in the vehicle, particularly considering that it’s an inexpensive puppy vehicle seat cover. Overall, it shares several wonderful attributes and traits as folks more than, and there is no need to repeat ourselves. Also, once put in, the search of this third a single of the very best automobile seat covers for canines may appear significantly much better than some other brands in this price assortment; nevertheless, we did find one main downside.

If you had the time to watch Samantha’s biggest car seat covers for dogs evaluation video linked above in which she discusses this Epica pet seat cover, you would see that she mentions how this seat cover, while large leading high quality, does not actually fit her wants especially due to the way it has to be positioned in the car. This is essential to consider because whilst this might be a single of the greatest puppy automobile seat covers for some, it might be entirely unusable for other people.

An extra issue we found with this pet seat cover is that it actually is a (standard) bench seat cover that does not safeguard your car’s floor or the car’s front seats from the dog’s hair, filth and scratches (while the above two other people accomplish that). If this part is incredibly essential to you, then you may want to feel about other products on this really best car seat covers for the canines checklist. On the vibrant side, nonetheless, Epica pet seat cover is truly easy and quick to set up, and it really is also inexpensive, and higher large-top quality that seems would last. You will just want to alter it a small practically each and every time your dog will get into a car, which could be inconvenient.

Key Features
  • Cost-effective
  • Huge quality supplies
  • Looks excellent in the automobile
  • Incredibly simple to set up
  • Huge density padding

7. Pet Magasin Luxury Dog Car Seat Cover

pet magasin luxury water resistant pet b01gsv4m4yView On AmazonThese covers are produced from premium components, so they are every waterproof and sturdy. They have been made making use of Oxford 600D tough supplies and hefty-duty material, which provides a multi-way safety. There is a top layer that soaks up any liquids and waterproof layers that quit any residual moisture from reaching your automobile upholstery. It is also tough sufficient to shield car seats from scratches. They will match most automobiles as long as there are headrests.

They match quickly and very very easily around the headrests and have four fast-release clips to get them off rapidly. They fold up and pack away when not in use. Thanks to the hammock characteristic, they will also safeguard the rear surface of the front seats.

Key Features
  • Created from Oxford 600D difficult components
  • Totally waterproof
  • Hammock fashion fitting
  • Four quick-release clips to get them off

8. Ibuddy Dog Car Seat Cover

ibuddy suv cargo liner for b07c73s3yxView On AmazonThe iBuddy Puppy Car Seat Cover covers your trunk or cargo area. If your back and middle seats fold down into the floor, the iBuddy can attach to the headrest of the front seats and lengthen to the finish of your vehicle. Nonetheless, you can modify it to fit your trunk or a smaller cargo location, as well. The 52 x 90-inch dimensions fit nearly any SUV but measure just before you get just to make optimistic.

Some vehicle covers can block off airflow to the back seat but not the iBuddy. It has a mesh window, so air can circulate through the back seat. That is important to preserve your canine amazing and cozy, especially in the summer.

Durability and waterproofing come from heavy-duty Oxford material layered with waterproof polyester. The adjustable headrest straps are quick to set up. The manufacturer recommends utilizing a puppy seat belt with the cover, which can be purchased individually.

Key Features
  • Mesh ventilation window
  • Layered fabric design for far much better durability
  • Speedy release straps

9. Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

dog back seat cover protector b078l2mwrnView On AmazonThis comfy but protective automobile hammock seat cover is a superb alternative for messy pooches. Its sleek black physical appearance permits it to complement practically any car interior, while soft quilting keeps your pup at ease all through the journey. As quickly as in location, the difficult, water-resistant material protects your seats towards grime, water, and scratches, so you and your canine companion can the two enjoy a cozy and be concerned-free of charge trip. Created for a universal fit, the cover is simple to place into a spot in as tiny as 60 seconds. Made producing use of Oxford material, it is extremely resistant to grime and stains, making for easy cleanup. When dirty, simply wipe the cover with a damp cloth. Lively Pets place a fantastic deal of faith in their items, so each car seat cover consists of a three-12 months fulfillment ensure.

Key Features
  • Oxford material hammock style seat cover
  • Protects car interior against grime and scratches
  • Simple to set up stays securely in spot
  • Waterproof
  • Contains seat belt holes
  • 3 12 months satisfaction assure integrated

10. Barksbar Pet Front Seat Cover

barksbar pet front seat cover b01gdggc6aView On AmazonThe BarksBar Pet Front Seat Cover is the ideal automobile seat cover choice for any puppy proprietor whose major automobile is a two or 3-seater truck. The cover fits snugly onto a bucket seat, designed with a rubber nonslip backing and seat anchors to preserve it weighted firmly in area. Clientele rave about how dependable this seat cover is and how it by no means budges with even the most rambunctious pups.

Big leading high quality is what you get when you acquire this vehicle seat cover. It is produced from sturdy polyester that will endure scratches from your canine without having getting leaving behind a single mark. The cover will safeguard your car seats with ease. The materials are triple-layered for assured waterproofing for rainy days or bladder leaks. The fashionable style helps make this cover a welcome addition to any automobile, even when furry companions are not concerned.

Key Features
  • Great for trucks with no backseat
  • Large finish high top quality materials
  • Waterproof
  • Colour Quickly materials prevent color bleeding

Different Types Of Car Seat Cover For Dogs

Buying seat covers for dogs is not as easy as you ever imagined. There are several types to choose from. These are the most important.

Bucket Seat covers

Bucket Seat covers are used for the front seats of cars, trucks, and SUVs or in the middle row of minivans. They should cover the entire chair and fit like a glove. Make sure they are durable with double-stitched seams. They do not fit over chairs with cup holders or armrests.

Bench seat covers

These are used to protect the rear seats from dirt, hair, and scratches. They come in a variety of sizes, but most can be fitted to most cars without any problem. You will find that most seat covers are about 55 inches wide. Look for backseat covers that are durable and will cover the entire seat. Back seat covers should be waterproof with strong seams and various attachment points, as well as seat belt openings: including child car seats.

Irregular car seat covers

Some car seats are very difficult to cover. This could be because you have a sofa, cup holders, or armrests. You may need to purchase or accept a special cover from the vehicle manufacturer that you can only cover part of the seat.

FAQs About Dog Car Seat Covers

How do car seat covers for dogs work?

Initially, car seat covers for dogs serve as a blanket or tarp to cover your car seats and protect them from dog hair, dirt, and other debris from your dog. Different styles attach differently to the car seat, but they all keep your car cleaner than if you don’t have a will.

How do I protect my car seats against dog hair?

A car seat cover for dogs is a good start. The covers have extra flaps and enough fabric to protect both the upholstery and the carpet in your car. You still need to vacuum regularly as the hair adheres to almost any surface. But with a seat cover, most cleaning work is already done for you.

Can I clean a dog chair cover?

Yes, most covers have materials that can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, water, or detergent.

What type of dog car seat cover should I buy?

Hammock covers are used on rear seats in smaller vehicles or in larger vehicles with an additional third-row seat. They are a more protective style of dog car seat cover and prevent your dog from jumping in the front seat while driving.

Seat covers work like a second skin on the back seat of your sofa and is designed to fit in place even if your dog moves a lot when traveling.

Seat covers are best if you often travel with your dog in the front passenger seat or if you have a larger vehicle with bucket seats in the rear.

Seat covers to protect the load space of your vehicle and make it a comfortable place for your dog to travel. These are recommended for extra-large dog breeds that do not fit comfortably on the normal rear seat.

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