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Top 10 Best Mushroom Supplements for Dogs for 2024

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best mushroom supplement for dogsDiscovering the best mushroom supplement for your dog can be an overwhelming process. With so many brands and products on the market, it’s hard to know where to start. But finding a quality mushroom supplement that is safe and effective doesn’t have to be difficult if you do your research.

Here we will provide an overview of some of the top 10 best mushroom supplements for dogs in 2023, as well as discuss why giving mushrooms might benefit their health and how they should be administered safely.

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Key Takeaways

  • Canine Matrix Joint Supplement has organic mushrooms for joint flexibility and tissue repair.
  • NaturVet Mushroom Chews provide immune support with natural antioxidants.
  • Bark Whiskers Mushroom Supplement contains beta-glucans for immune and joint/respiratory health.
  • Pet Wellbeing Immune Supplement has turkey tail, milk thistle, and ginger formulated by vets.

Top 10 Best Mushroom Supplements for Dogs

If you’re looking for the best mushroom supplement for your dog, look no further! Canine Matrix Joint Supplement, NaturVet Mushroom Turkey Chews, Bark Whiskers Mushroom Supplement, Pet Naturals Breath Bites Chews, and Pet Wellbeing Immune Supplement Bacon are all popular choices amongst pet owners.

Additionally, Pure Turkey Tail Capsules from Aloha Medicinals and Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction Alcohol-Free offer excellent immune system support. Dr. Mercola Organic Mushroom Blend Pets is a great option to promote digestive health, while Turkey Tail Pet Supplements provide prebiotics, beta-glucans PSK, and PSP in each capsule.

Finally, IHeartDogs Bone Broth Powder provides liver support with its blend of shiitake mushrooms with chicken bone broth powder – perfect for maintaining overall wellness in dogs of all ages.

Canine Matrix Joint Supplement

Canine Matrix Joint Dog SupplementView On Chewy
You’ll be pleased to know that Canine Matrix Joint Supplement is a great choice for helping your pup stay active and healthy, with its 100% organic whole-food mushroom blend of glucosamine, anti-inflammatory agents, and antioxidants.

The powder supplement provides natural joint flexibility support along with repairing tissues in all breeds or sizes of dogs.

  • 100% organic whole food mushrooms
  • Glucosamine for joint flexibility
  • Anti-inflammatory agents & antioxidants to repair tissue & joints
  • Must use consistently over 2 months to see results
  • May require topping onto regular pet food if picky eater

NaturVet Mushroom Turkey Chews

NaturVet Mushroom Max with TurkeyView On Chewy
NaturVet’s Mushroom Turkey Chews are formulated to provide immune support for both cats and dogs with natural antioxidants, plus Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail mushrooms. These soft chews are NASC certified and easy to feed, making them a great choice for pet owners looking for an alternative form of nutrition.

Reviews have shown that they can help reduce coughing in some breeds while also providing energy benefits. The antifungal properties may be beneficial in treating warts on senior dogs as well as helping shrink tumors when used regularly by pets with cancer.

Pet owners should note that not all dogs like the taste or texture of these chews, so it is important to monitor your pet’s intake carefully if introducing this product into their daily routine.

  • Natural ingredients for immune support
  • Contains Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, & Turkey Tail mushrooms
  • Antioxidants boost overall health
  • Not suitable for picky eaters
  • May take time to see full effects

Bark Whiskers Mushroom Supplement

Bark & Whiskers Fermented MushroomView On Chewy
Bark Whiskers’ Mushroom Supplement can help your pup stay active and healthy with its blend of beneficial beta glucans, chelated minerals, antioxidants, and natural glucosamine. This all-natural supplement contains organic mushroom mycelium to support immune function as well as joint and respiratory health.

Owners report improved energy levels after giving Bark Whiskers’ Mushroom Supplement to their pets.

  • Contains beneficial beta glucans & chelated minerals
  • Supports joint & respiratory health
  • Aids in cell growth processes such as detoxification
  • Not suitable for picky eaters who may reject taste
  • May take a while before noticing full effects
  • Interactions with some medications possible

Pet Naturals Breath Bites Chews

Pet Naturals Breath Bites DogView On Chewy
Pet Naturals’ Breath Bites Chews are a chewable treat with natural ingredients like spirulina, parsley, champignon mushroom extract, and yucca schidigera to reduce odors and improve intestinal health in your pup.

This product is designed for all breeds, sizes, and ages of dogs. It has a chicken liver flavor that appeals to most pups, making it easy to feed them this supplement regularly.

Reviews on Pet Naturals’ Breath Bites Chews are mixed. Some pet owners report energy improvements, while others mention their dog didn’t like the taste or had indigestion after consuming it.

  • Contains natural ingredients such as spirulina and parsley, which help reduce odors and improve intestinal health.
  • Suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs.
  • Chicken liver flavor appeals to most pups.
  • May cause indigestion/vomiting in some cases.
  • Palatability issues reported by some pet owners.
  • Unclear if treats actually improved bad breath.

Pet Wellbeing Immune Supplement Bacon

Pet Wellbeing Mushroom Immune GOLDView On Chewy
Try Pet Wellbeing Immune Supplement Bacon for your pet’s immune system support and overall vitality, with delicious bacon flavor! Formulated by veterinarians, this liquid supplement contains turkey tail, milk thistle, and ginger root.

It is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes. According to some reviews, it may even help shrink tumors in pets with cancer. It is a natural product, so it should not produce any side effects. However, it is important to consult a vet before use if your pet is on other medications.

Even though it is more expensive than other supplements, each bottle can last up to 6 months, making it a great value.

  • Veterinarian formulated
  • Contains ingredients like turkey tail, milk thistle, and ginger root
  • Suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Some reviews indicate that the product helped shrink tumors in pets with cancer only
  • Expensive, but bottles last around 6 months
  • Check product seals carefully before use

Pure Turkey Tail Capsules

Aloha Medicinals Pure Turkey Tail,View On Amazon
Discover the immune-boosting power of Pure Turkey Tail capsules by Aloha Medicinals, with organic ingredients, to help keep your pup healthy and happy. These products contain turkey tail mushrooms grown and produced in America that are rich in protein/polysaccharides for enhanced immunity.

They also provide antioxidant properties to promote longevity, aiding digestion, as well as liver function and overall health.

Certified organic, non-GMO, gluten-free supplements come either as capsules or powder. Take 1-3 capsules twice daily or add powder to recipes for easy dosing options suitable for adults only (not children).

Naturopaths recommend these products long term due to their effectiveness but caution they may interact with some medications, so it is important to consult a doctor beforehand.

  • Organic ingredients
  • Supports immune system & digestion
  • Antioxidant properties promoting longevity
  • Not suitable for children
  • May interact with some medications

Keep your pet’s health up while avoiding any contraindications associated with other supplements; try Aloha Medicinal’s Pure Turkey Tail Capsules today!

Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction Alcohol Free

Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction (AlcoholView On Amazon
Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction Alcohol-Free is a pet supplement formulated to stimulate your furry companion’s immune system with beta-glucans and proteoglucan. This product contains maitake mushroom extract, traditionally prized in Japanese herbalism and identified by science as an active immune ingredient.

Each bottle comes with 820 drops per bottle of 1.1 mg proteoglucan each, making it easy to dose accurately for pets of all sizes.

The inactive ingredients in this supplement are vegetable glycerin and purified water. After use or when not needed anymore, store the supplement in a cool, dry place away from children’s reach.

  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Easy dosing
  • Inactive ingredients are vegetable glycerin and purified water
  • Requires accurate weighing equipment for precise doses
  • Not suitable for picky eaters

Dr Mercola Organic Mushroom Blend Pets

Dr. Mercola, Bark & Whiskers,View On Amazon
Experience the immune and digestive benefits of Dr. Mercola Organic Mushroom Blend Pets for your pet. This USDA organic, non-GMO supplement is free from fillers, additives, gluten, or unhealthy levels of heavy metals.

Mix it into food or water – but picky eaters may need a topper – and watch as your pet receives support for their immune system plus antioxidants to repair tissues and joints.

Reviews suggest that this product can help shrink tumors in pets with cancer while still being safe enough not to produce any side effects! It’s also backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you know you’re getting quality every time.

  • USDA organic & Non-GMO
  • Free from fillers, additives, gluten, and unhealthy heavy metals
  • Supports the immune system & repairs tissues & joints
  • Shrinks tumors in pets with cancer
  • Safe – no side effects
  • Backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Unpleasant taste
  • Gives some people headaches
  • Intended for pets but can be taken by humans

Turkey Tail Pet Supplement

Turkey Tail Pet Support -View On Amazon
Boost your pet’s immune system and overall health with Turkey Tail Pet Supplement, a hand-picked extract containing prebiotics, beta-glucans, PSK, and PSP. This supplement has been expertly crafted using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal results.

Its 360g of turkey tail makes 45g of extraction that is over 30% beta-glucans and under 5% starch per serving – scientifically verified active compounds via hot water extraction for greater potency.

With 40 years’ experience behind them, this product promises 90 days’ supply backed by a money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Contains prebiotics & Beta glucans to boost immunity
  • High levels of Beta glucan (immune booster)
  • Gluten & Grain Free; Non-GMO
  • Vet Approved
  • Can take time to see full effects
  • May interact with some medications

IHeartDogs Bone Broth Mushroom Supplement

iHeartDogs Bone Broth for DogsView On Amazon
IHeartDogs Bone Broth Mushroom Supplement helps your pup’s joint health, immunity, and digestion with its chicken bone broth and special mushroom blend. This powder contains glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid, as well as shiitake mushrooms, which can help detox the liver.

It also includes turkey tail mushrooms to support immune system function, while reishi mushrooms may reduce inflammation in joints.

The product comes from IHeartDogs, who are renowned for their quality dog supplements backed by a money-back guarantee. So you can buy confidently, knowing that this product will provide real results to your pet’s health.

  • Contains natural ingredients like glucosamine & chondroitin to promote joint health
  • Includes chicken bone broth & mushroom blend (shiitake; turkey tail; reishi) for detoxing the liver
  • Money-back guarantee from reputable brand – IHeart Dogs
  • No scoop included – dosage information needed
  • Some picky eaters may not enjoy the taste of the supplement
  • May take time before full effects show

Why Give Your Pet Mushrooms?

Why Give Your Pet Mushrooms
Mushrooms provide essential nutrition and medicinal benefits to pets. Not only are they rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, and polysaccharides that support heart health, but certain mushrooms like Reishi can reduce inflammation and pain, while Shiitake helps regulate urinary incontinence.

Maitake is known to activate immune cells as well as inhibit tumors, while Turkey Tail promotes the body’s natural detoxification process. Cordyceps has antitumor effects which protect liver function too. With careful selection of mushroom supplements tailored for your pet’s needs, you can give them a boost towards improved overall health.

Nutritional and Medicinal Value

You can give your pet the nutritional and medicinal benefits of mushrooms with a quality supplement, offering vital vitamins, minerals, and proteins to support overall health. Mushrooms contain beta-glucans for immune system strength as well as glucosamine for joint flexibility.

Pet supplements provide dietary needs without grain fillers or mycelium while helping dogs achieve optimum wellness through medicinal properties.

Specific Benefits of Different Mushrooms

Discover the range of benefits each mushroom type can bring to your canine companion’s health. Reishi supports the heart and liver, Shiitake stimulates white blood cells, Maitake activates immune cells, Turkey Tail boosts immunity and reduces cancer effects.

Cordyceps have antitumor effects and protect the heart and liver; Lion’s Mane helps brain function and digestion. Natural ingredients like beta-glucans and proteoglucan in supplements help support a pet’s overall well-being.

Support for Heart, Liver, and Immune Health

Experience magical health benefits for your pup with mushrooms that support heart, liver, and immune health! Reishi boosts blood pressure; Shiitake stimulates white cells; Maitake activates the immune system; Turkey Tail treats cancer.

Natural remedies support your pet’s overall well-being. Quality mushroom supplements regulate blood pressure, treat cancer, and boost immunity using vet-approved natural ingredients like medicinal mushrooms.

Reduction of Inflammation and Pain

Feel the anti-inflammatory benefits of medicinal mushrooms like Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, and Turkey Tail to reduce pain in your pet. Their compounds stimulate immune system activity while promoting digestive health and joint flexibility.

Extracts have been shown to inhibit tumor growth as well as support liver function.

Activation of Immune Cells and Inhibition of Tumors

By supplementing with mushrooms like Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail, you can help activate your pet’s immune cells while also inhibiting the growth of tumors. Look for products containing beta-glucans to promote liver support and overall pet health.

Choose reputable companies offering third-party testing for quality mushroom supplements that address specific health issues in dogs and cats. Trust integrative vets’ recommended brands for the best results in tumor reduction, as well as improved energy levels and immunity.

How to Feed Your Pet Mushrooms

How to Feed Your Pet Mushrooms
It is important to thoroughly cook mushrooms before feeding them to your dog, as raw mushrooms can be toxic. When supplementing with mushroom powders and capsules, make sure you follow the package instructions and adjust the dose according to your dog’s weight.

Supplementing with organic mushroom blends is also essential for providing nutrition while avoiding toxicity issues.

Importance of Thorough Cooking

It is important to cook mushrooms thoroughly before feeding them to your pet. Toxicity can occur if not done so, and package instructions should be obtained for powdered or capsule supplements. Organic blends are best; vets recommend trustworthy brands with high-quality extracts and third-party testing results.

To buy the best mushroom supplement for dogs, look for hot water extracted formulas that aid digestion with beneficial enzymes.

Avoiding Toxicity

Be careful not to overload your pup’s plate with too many mushroom-based supplements – like adding sprinkles on a sundae, more isn’t necessarily better. To avoid toxicity: Seek vet advice for pet allergies; Ensure supplement quality and consider long-term use; * Monitor diet and exercise results. Quality mushrooms can provide powerful health benefits without risking harm if used as directed by an experienced integrative vet.

Following Package Instructions for Mushroom Powders and Capsules

When giving your pup mushroom supplements, always follow the package instructions and adjust the dose according to their weight for maximum efficacy. Look for organic blends with at least 30% beta-glucans, hot water-extracted mushrooms, and vetted third-party testing.

Trust integrative vet-recommended brands that avoid mycelium and grain fillers to ensure quality supplements support joints.

Adjusting Dose Based on Dog’s Weight

Your pet’s individual weight determines how much mushroom supplement to give them. Follow your vet’s dosing regimen and choose a quality product, such as natural glucosamine for joint health. Be aware of potential allergies when introducing supplements and adjust accordingly.

Consider organic blends with high beta-glucan content, plus hot water-extracted mushrooms without grain fillers or mycelium additives.

Supplementing With Organic Mushroom Blends

Opt for organic mushroom blends to support your pup’s health, rather than feeding them raw mushrooms. Incorporate immune system, digestive health, and pet wellness benefits with mushroom extract containing beta-glucans.

Look for hot water-extracted mushrooms, avoid mycelium and grain fillers; quality supplements should have at least 30% beta-glucans.

Factors to Consider Before Buying Mushrooms for Dogs

Factors to Consider Before Buying Mushrooms for Dogs
When purchasing mushroom supplements for your dog, it is important to consider the types of mushrooms used in the product and its quality. Look for organic mushrooms with at least 30% beta-glucans and hot water extraction instead of mycelium or grain fillers.

Additionally, make sure to check if your pet has any allergies or sensitivities before use, as some dogs may not tolerate certain types of mushrooms well.

Type of Mushrooms Used in the Supplement

You’ll want to look for supplements made from organic mushrooms like Reishi, Maitake, Shiitake, and Turkey Tail that are rich in beta-glucans. Check for glucosamine levels; higher levels indicate a better quality supplement.

Look out for organic certification and third-party testing too. When shopping around, choose products with the highest concentrations of these beneficial mushroom types – they offer more immune support benefits than other varieties.

Quality of the Supplement

When choosing a mushroom supplement for your pup, quality matters: go with the tried-and-true adage, you get what you pay for! Look out for third-party testing, trustworthy brands, and label accuracy. Opting for organic sourcing is key; mycelium or grain fillers are best avoided. Quality supplements should come from reputable companies that provide hot water-extracted mushrooms with at least a 30% beta-glucans concentration.

Allergies and Sensitivities to Mushrooms

Be sure to check with your veterinarian if your dog has any allergies or sensitivities to mushrooms before introducing them into their diet. Allergen testing and monitoring pet diets can help identify mushroom intolerance, while supplement safety minimizes adverse reactions.

Consider allergen tests for an accurate diagnosis, then carefully choose the best dietary options and supplements that fit individual needs for optimal health.

Avoiding Mycelium and Grain Fillers

Check labels carefully for mushroom supplements, and make sure to avoid mycelium and grain fillers, which can dilute the beneficial effects. When shopping for mushrooms, look out for organic blends with at least 30% beta-glucans.

It’s best to select hot water extracted ones rather than relying on mycelium or grain substitutes.

If your pet has any allergies or sensitivities, talk to a vet before making selections. Tracking wellness over time is important! To be safe, always opt for integrative brands recommended by vets.

Monitoring Your Dog’s Diet and Exercise for Continued Health

Monitoring Your Dog
It is important to maintain a balanced diet and regular exercise for your dog’s health. Observe and assess their behavior, consulting with an integrative vet if necessary. Long-term use of mushroom supplements can offer wellness benefits, but be mindful of potential interactions with medications.

Monitor changes in mood or energy levels that could indicate problems such as malnutrition or lack of physical activity so you can adjust the diet accordingly for optimal long-term health benefits from mushroom supplementation.

Importance of Balanced Diet and Regular Exercise

To ensure your dog’s continued health, it is important to feed them a balanced diet and provide regular exercise. Additionally, consider supplementing with organic mushroom blends for added nutritional value.

A healthy diet can help maintain their immune system, while consistent physical activity helps keep joints and muscles in shape. Exercise also promotes mental well-being by releasing endorphins that boost happiness levels.

To achieve optimal health benefits for your pet, make sure to take into account all the factors mentioned above.

Observing and Assessing Your Dog’s Health and Behavior

Observe your pet’s behavior for changes in energy, sleep patterns, appetite, and disposition – all of which may indicate health. Monitor diet and exercise to ensure long-term use; consult integrative vets about potential interactions.

Assessing behavior can help identify underlying issues that need attention before they become serious concerns.

Consulting With an Integrative Vet for Recommendations

Consulting with an integrative vet can help you determine the best mushroom supplement for your dog. For instance, one pet owner found that Canine Matrix Joint Supplement was a great choice after receiving veterinary advice.

Consider sensitivity to mushrooms, supplement quality, and potential pet allergies before long-term use of any product.

Long-Term Use and Potential Interactions With Medications

Be sure to check with your vet about long-term use and potential interactions of mushroom supplements with other medications for your pup. Ensure allergen avoidance. Pay attention to mushroom safety. Consider nutritional value.

When using these supplements, monitor any reactions in order to ensure the best outcome for your pet’s health. Watch for changes in activity level, mood, or appetite over time, as well as signs of allergic reaction such as itching, hives, or skin redness.

Maintaining Overall Wellness and Monitoring for Changes

Regularly monitor your pet’s behavior and health to look for improvements with the natural benefits of organic mushroom supplements. Ensure dietary balance, an appropriate exercise routine, proper dosage, quality assurance, and allergy prevention.

Monitor changes in appetite, activity level, and sleep patterns that can indicate digestive issues or allergies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are mushroom supplements safe for cats?

Yes, mushroom supplements can be safe for cats. However, always look for organic blends and avoid raw mushrooms. Check the active ingredients and dosage carefully to ensure they are suitable for your cat’s weight.

Consider consulting a vet before giving any supplements to cats with existing health conditions or on medications.

How long does it take for mushroom supplements to take effect?

The effects of mushroom supplements vary from pet to pet, but generally, they should begin taking effect within two weeks. Monitor your dog’s health and energy for signs that the supplement is working, such as improved digestion or joint flexibility.

How do I properly store mushroom supplements?

Store mushroom supplements in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Keep the container closed when not in use to maintain potency and freshness. Follow package instructions for optimal results.

Is it better to give my dog a powdered or capsule supplement?

When choosing a mushroom supplement for your dog, consider powdered or capsule forms. Powders are easy to mix into food and drinks, while capsules may be more palatable for picky eaters. Inspect labels carefully and follow instructions on dosage based on weight. Quality supplements from reputable companies provide the best results.

What are the most common side effects of mushroom supplements?

Common side effects of mushroom supplements include digestive discomfort, nausea, and allergic reactions. Always monitor your pet for any changes in behavior or health after introducing a new supplement.


Like a beacon of hope, mushroom supplements can help protect your dog’s health and longevity. With a wide range of options available, it is important to do your research and find the best mushroom supplement for your pup.

From Canine Matrix Joint Supplement to Pure Turkey Tail Capsules, these top 10 best mushroom supplements for dogs in 2023 can help support heart, liver, and immune health, reduce inflammation and pain, and stimulate the immune system.

Be sure to consult with an integrative vet for recommendations and monitor your dog’s diet and exercise for continued health.

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