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Best Frisbees for Dogs: Top Picks for Safe, Durable, and Fun Fetching (2024)

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best frisbees for dogs

Maintaining your canine companion‘s activity and engagement is paramount.

Selecting the optimal frisbees for dogs can have a significant impact.

The Kong Classic Flyer, Chuckit Paraflight, and Hyperflite K-10 Jawz are highly recommended due to their robust construction and secure, rounded edges.

When choosing a frisbee, take into account your dog’s size, play style, and energy level.

Select lightweight, pliable discs for smaller breeds and heavier, stable options for larger dogs.

Non-toxic materials and periodic inspections ensure a safe playtime.

To delve further into the realm of dog-friendly frisbees, refer to the detailed guide.

Key Takeaways

  1. The best frisbees for dogs are those that are non-toxic, have rounded edges, and are suitable for the dog’s size and play style.
  2. It is important to inspect the frisbee regularly for damage and replace it when necessary.
  3. Proper storage in a dry, shaded area can help prolong the frisbee’s lifespan.
  4. Regular cleaning with soap and water can maintain the frisbee’s condition and prevent the spread of germs.

Top 10 Frisbees for Dogs

You want to make the most out of your fetching sessions with your furry friend?

Check out these top 10 frisbees for dogs:

The Kong Classic Flyer

Chuckit Paraflight

Flippy Flopper Flying Disc

Hyperflite K-10 Jawz Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc

Booda Soft Bite Tail Spin Flyer

Hartz Tuff Stuff Squeaky Dog Toy

Durable Outdoor Dog Toy Frisbee

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Disc

These top picks offer safe, durable, and fun options for dogs of all sizes and play styles.

1. Kong Classic Flyer Dog Toy

KONG Classic Flyer Dog ToyView On Chewy

The KONG Classic Flyer is a durable and soft rubber flying disc designed for fetching games with your dog.

It’s made from KONG Classic rubber, which allows for a forgiving catch and delivers a dynamic rebound if your dog misses the initial toss. The material is designed to be gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums, making it a safe choice for playtime.

The KONG Flyer is available in two sizes, S and L, and is suitable for dogs of all sizes, from puppies to large breeds.

The disc is made in the USA using globally sourced materials.

It is recommended for fetching and promoting healthy exercise for your dog.

Best For: Dogs of all sizes who love to fetch and play.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Soft on dog’s teeth and gums
  • Provides fun exercise
  • Not recommended for aggressive chewers
  • Supervise play to prevent damage
  • Replace when damaged

2. Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy

Chuckit! Paraflight Dog ToyView On Chewy

The Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy is a favored pick for dog owners seeking a yielding, light, and long-lasting choice for fetching games. This disc is fashioned with a yielding rubber edge that’s kind to your dog’s gums and teeth, while the sturdy multilayer nylon interior guarantees durability for playtime. The vibrant colors of the disc augment visibility and assist in preventing its loss. The aerodynamic shape of the Paraflight Flyer is ideal for far-flung games of fetch, making it a great choice for both yard and water play.

The Paraflight Flyer is available in sundry sizes, encompassing a petite version that measures 6.75 x 6.75 and is well-suited for wee to medium dog breeds. It’s engineered to float in water, rendering it perfect for pool, beach, or lake activities. The nylon construction of the disc isn’t devised as a chew toy, so it’s critical to supervise your pet during playtime.

Customers have extolled the Chuckit Paraflight Dog Toy for its light weight and easy-to-retrieve nature. One reviewer mentioned that their dog delights in playing with the disc in the water, as it floats and is effortless to spot. Another customer observed that the disc is yielding and pliable, rendering it easy to throw and catch, and that their dog adores playing with it.

Best For: Dog owners seeking a gentle, durable, and long-lasting dog toy for fetch games.

  • Soft rubber edge that’s gentle on gums and teeth
  • Sturdy multilayer nylon interior for durability
  • Aerodynamic shape for long-distance fetch
  • Not designed as a chew toy
  • Requires supervision during playtime
  • Nylon construction may not be suitable for all dogs

3. Flippy Flopper Flying Disc Dog Toy

Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper FlyingView On Chewy
The Flippy Flopper Flying Disc Dog Toy is an excellent option for your furry companion.

This disc is engineered to be malleable and light, making it ideal for smaller dogs or those new to disc play.

Its pliant, soft rubber and fabric construction ensures it’s gentle on your dog’s teeth and paws, while still delivering a joyous and captivating play experience.

The disc is also robust enough to endure the occasional boisterous play session.

It’s available in an assortment of sizes, so you can select the optimal one for your dog.

Additionally, its vibrant hues make it easily discernible in the grass or water.

Best For: Smaller dogs or those new to disc play

  • Malleable and light, making it perfect for smaller dogs or those new to disc play
  • Pliant, soft rubber and fabric construction ensures it’s gentle on your dog’s teeth and paws
  • Vibrant hues make it easily discernible in the grass or water
  • Not intended as a chew toy
  • May not be durable against aggressive chewing
  • No information on the durability of the disc against general wear and tear

4. Hyperflite K-10 Jawz Disc Dog Toy

Hyperflite K-10 Jawz Disc DogView On Chewy

Hyperflite’s K-10 Jawz disc is the toughest and best-flying puncture-resistant competition disc ever made.

It stands up to gnashing canine teeth better than any other canine disc.

This disc is an official competition flying disc of the Skyhoundz World Canine Disc Championship Series, the largest canine disc competition series in the world.

The K-10 Jawz disc has been the choice of champions for more than a decade and has set World Records and won World Championships many times over.

It features Hyperflite’s low-profile texture on the top surface and underside of each disc, allowing for secure gripping in all conditions.

Additionally, all K-10 Jawz discs feature Hyperflite’s X-Flash Anti-Glare Technology.

Although the K-10 Jawz disc is remarkably tough in normal canine play, it isn’t intended to be used as a chew toy.

K-10 Jawz discs don’t float in water.

Best For: Dogs of all lifestages and breed sizes who enjoy playing with flying discs.

  • Durable and puncture-resistant for heavy-duty tossing
  • X-Flash Anti-Glare Technology prevents eye strain during high sunshine
  • Available in various colors, including glow-in-the-dark
  • Not suitable for chewing
  • Should be taken away from the dog after catch
  • Not suitable for tug-o-war

5. Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc

Nite Ize Flashflight Discuit LEDView On Chewy

The Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc is a premier option for dog owners seeking an enjoyable and immersive way to interact with their canine companions.

This disc is meticulously crafted with low-weight, yet enduring materials that guarantee its buoyancy for countless future games. It seamlessly combines capability and aesthetics, featuring a precise weight of 185 grams** that facilitates extended, linear flight.

The disc boasts a proprietary LED technology that spans its entirety, offering brilliant illumination for nocturnal play. The Disc-O Select component empowers you to select from six distinct colors or opt for the color-cycling Disc-O mode for prolonged nocturnal entertainment.

The disc further exemplifies its versatility with its water-resistant and buoyant nature, adapting it to both daytime and nighttime endeavors. Equipped with a 20-hour battery life and expeditious recharging in 2 hours via a micro USB cable, the Flashflight LED Flying Disc is an indispensable asset for any dog owner striving to inject exhilaration into their playtime.

Best For: Dog owners seeking an enjoyable and immersive way to interact with their canine companions.

  • Low-weight and enduring materials for buoyancy and durability
  • Proprietary LED technology for brilliant illumination during nocturnal play
  • Water-resistant and buoyant for adaptability to various environments
  • First throw may result in the back cover coming off
  • Plate on the back may come off, causing parts to fall out
  • Dogs may eventually remove and lose the battery holder

6. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc FlyingView On Chewy

Consider the West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Flying Disc if you want a frisbee that’s as durable as your pet.

This disc is constructed from a robust and pliable material that can withstand even the most aggressive chewers.

It’s also lightweight and effortless to throw, making it an ideal option for a game of fetch.

Additionally, it’s available in a range of vibrant hues, ensuring easy visibility in grassy areas.

Most importantly, it’s dishwasher-safe, allowing you to maintain its cleanliness for the next game.

Best For: Pets who are tough on toys and enjoy a durable frisbee.

  • Extremely durable material withstands aggressive chewers
  • Lightweight and easy to throw
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • A little more expensive than other frisbees
  • A little heavier than other brands so doesn’t fly as well
  • May not be suitable for very gentle chewers

7. Booda Soft Bite Tail Spin Flyer

Booda Soft Bite Tail SpinView On Chewy

The Booda Tail Spin Flyer is a soft, durable flying disc designed for dogs to retrieve.

It’s made from heavy-duty canvas and has rubber tubing around the edge to help it fly well.

This disc is soft and gentle on your pet’s teeth and gums, making it a safe way to play and exercise with your furry friend.

It’s also water-resistant and floats, making it perfect for play in and around water.

The Booda Tail Spin Flyer is available in various sizes, including 7-inch and 10-inch versions.

Best For: Dogs of all lifestages, especially small breeds, who enjoy interactive fetch and play.

  • Flies, floats, and is flexible for easy retrieval
  • Soft and gentle on teeth and gums
  • Safe for exercise and play
  • Not suitable for chewing or pulling
  • May not be durable enough for aggressive chewers
  • Size may not be appropriate for large breeds

8. Hartz Tuff Stuff Squeaky Dog Toy

Hartz Tuff Stuff Flyer SqueakyView On Chewy
Seeking a frisbee that’s not just entertaining but also secure for your furry companion?

Explore the Hartz Tuff Stuff Squeaky Dog Toy.

This disc is crafted from resilient materials, ensuring it can endure your dog’s playful gnawing.

The soundmaker in its hub adds an enthralling facet to solitary play, keeping your dog engaged.

However, be mindful that the soundmaker may not be readily activated by some dogs, and it may not be appropriate for exceptionally aggressive chewers.

Furthermore, this disc is becoming increasingly challenging to locate, so acquire some while you still can.

Best For: Medium-breed dogs of all lifestages who enjoy interactive, tugging play.

  • Durable, flexible flyer that can travel long distances
  • Easy on dogs’ teeth
  • Great for tugging, with grips throughout the disc
  • Squeaker doesn’t work easily
  • May not be suitable for very aggressive chewers
  • Item is becoming increasingly hard to find

9. Durable Outdoor Dog Toy Frisbee

ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz - DurableView On Amazon

Concerning the pursuit of a frisbee capable of keeping pace with your furry companion’s outdoor escapades, the Durable Outdoor Dog Toy Frisbee is a groundbreaking choice.

Envision a frisbee that exhibits the same resilience as your dog’s playful spirit, yet possesses the lightness to glide through the air effortlessly.

This frisbee, constructed from mountain climbing rope and nylon, transcends the realm of mere toys; it’s a gateway to boundless amusement.

It has weathered the rigors of Staffordshire terriers and heelers, demonstrating its indomitable spirit by remaining unscathed through tug-of-war contests and high-speed fetch pursuits.

It’s akin to the superhero of dog frisbees – devoid of a cape, yet an unwavering savior during playtime.

Furthermore, its effortless cleaning process renders it an ideal companion for both sun-drenched park days and muddy expeditions.

Best For: Dogs of any age or size who love to play fetch and tug-of-war.

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lightweight and easy to throw and retrieve
  • Floats and flies straight even in heavy winds
  • Not designed for dogs who like to chew
  • Not recommended leaving it with your dog
  • Can be improved by replacing the factory material with used fire hose material

10. West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Disc

West Paw Zogoflex Zisc DogView On Amazon

The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc Dog Disc is a high-quality, durable, and pliable frisbee toy designed for dogs.

Made from Zogoflex material, it’s gentle on a dog’s mouth and owner’s hands, yet tough enough to withstand mild chewing, tugging, and hours of playtime.

The Zogoflex material is also BPA and phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant, ensuring safety for your pet.

This disc is lightweight and floatable, making it suitable for water and land activities.

It’s available in two sizes, Small (Approx. 17cm x 17cm x 2cm) and Large (Approx. 22cm x 22cm x 3cm).

The Zogoflex Zisc Dog Disc is guaranteed tough and comes with a one-time product guarantee.

Best For: Dogs who love to play fetch, swim, and chew on toys.

  • Durable and floatable
  • Gentle on a dog’s mouth and hands
  • Easy to throw
  • Not indestructible
  • May be difficult to throw long distances
  • Can cause fractured teeth if dogs chew on it

Choosing the Right Frisbee for Your Dog

Choosing the Right Frisbee for Your Dog
When choosing the right frisbee for your dog, consider their size, play style, and energy level. Smaller dogs tend to do better with lightweight, flexible discs, while more muscular, high-energy dogs can handle heavier-duty plastic discs.

Dog Size and Play Style

Choosing the right frisbee for your dog involves thinking about their preferences, training tips, and safety precautions.

Breed suitability, advanced techniques, and play style are all elements to consider.

Dog size plays a very important role in determining the best frisbee for your dog.

Small dogs might prefer soft, lightweight discs.

Medium-sized dogs may enjoy light discs.

Heavy discs are suitable for toy destroyers.

Large dogs might benefit from medium or heavy discs.

Always remember to inspect discs for damage after use and store them in a dry, shaded area.

Plastic Types and Durability

When selecting a dog frisbee, it’s essential to weigh the type of plastic and its toughness. Rubber frisbees are a popular choice because they’re tough and gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums. They’re less likely to break or crack than other materials, making them a good choice for dogs who chew a lot. However, rubber frisbees can be heavier than other materials, which might affect their flight and make them harder to throw.

Nylon frisbees are lightweight and tough, but they can be more prone to tearing or puncturing than other materials, which affects their toughness. Plastic frisbees are lightweight and easy to throw, but they can be hard on your dog’s teeth and gums, especially for dogs who chew a lot. They’re also more prone to cracking or breaking than other materials.

Fabric frisbees are a softer, gentler choice for dogs who are prone to mouth injuries. They’re typically made from soft, lightweight materials like fleece or canvas. However, fabric frisbees tend to be less tough than other materials and can easily tear or fray with heavy use.

Silicone frisbees are a newer choice on the market. They’re flexible, lightweight, and tough, making them a good choice for active dogs. However, silicone frisbees tend to be more expensive than other materials, which can make them less accessible for some dog owners.

When choosing a frisbee for your dog, consider their size, play style, and the type of activities you plan to engage in. Choose a material that suits your dog’s needs and preferences, such as rubber for dogs who chew a lot or nylon for lightweight and easy-to-clean options.

Wind Conditions and Throwing Style

When it comes to selecting the optimal frisbee for your canine companion, wind conditions and throwing technique are essential elements to take into account. Here are five recommendations to assist you in making an informed decision:

  1. Comprehend wind velocity and orientation: Wind can have a substantial impact on disc trajectory. Crosswinds primarily affect discs with a hyzer or anhyzer flight angle, while headwinds and tailwinds can accelerate or decelerate the disc’s velocity.
  2. Take into consideration throwing angle: The angle at which you launch the disc can also influence its flight. For instance, a disc thrown with a hyzer angle will be propelled and lifted by a crosswind, necessitating a wider starting point and strategic play.
  3. Modify throwing velocity: Wind can influence the effective velocity at which a disc traverses the air, necessitating adjustments to your throwing speed. A headwind can enhance effective velocity, while a tailwind can diminish it.
  4. Contemplate throwing altitude: Wind speeds typically increase with altitude above the disc, thus discs launched low, forcefully, and horizontally will experience minimal wind impact.
  5. Select discs based on stability: Overstable discs are particularly advantageous when throwing directly into a strong headwind, whereas understable discs are recommended for tailwinds.

Dog-Safe Frisbee Features

Dog-Safe Frisbee Features
When selecting a dog-safe frisbee, prioritize non-toxic materials and rounded rims to prevent injuries from sharp edges. Additionally, opt for a weight and size that aligns with your dog’s breed and strength to guarantee they can comfortably catch and carry the disc.

Non-toxic Materials

After determining the appropriate size and type of frisbee for your canine companion, it’s essential to safeguard their well-being. Non-toxic materials are paramount for safe chewing and overall canine health. Brands like Kong, Hyperflite, and Hero Disc give priority to material safety, while West Paw Zogoflex Zisc and Nite Ize Flashflight Discuit are renowned for their resistance to bites.

Brand Material Emotion
Kong Non-toxic Rubber Trust
Hyperlite Safe Plastic Confidence
Hero Disc Durable Polymer Pride

Rounded Rims for Safe Biting

When picking a dog-safe frisbee, it’s important to think about the rim shape for your dog’s safety and comfort. A softly curved lip on a reinforced rim is needed to make sure the disc doesn’t break or hurt your dog when it bites it. This design also gives better grip and jaw protection, making it more fun for your dog to catch and play with. Some popular dog-safe frisbees with rounded rims include:

  • Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper: This soft, lightweight frisbee is made for safe biting and is good for small dogs.
  • Kong Classic Flyer: This frisbee is made of soft rubber and flies well, making it a great choice for dogs of all sizes.
  • Booda Soft Bite Tail Spin Flyer: This frisbee is suggested for most dogs and is known for being strong and easy to use.

Weight and Size for Different Dogs

When it comes to picking the appropriate disc for your dog, size and weight are essential factors to bear in mind.

For small dogs, discs like the Hero Air and Hero Mini are appropriate.

Medium dogs can utilize Hero Freestyle or Hero Air.

Large dogs should prefer Hero Extreme or Hero Xtra.

Giant breeds may require the Hero Jumbo or Hero Xtra.

Keep in mind, individual dog vigor and play style also influence disc selection.

Always verify material toughness and breed compatibility before purchasing.

Unsafe and Unapproved Frisbees for Dogs

Unsafe and Unapproved Frisbees for Dogs
While many discs are marketed as dog toys, several types should be avoided for your pup’s safety. Ultimate Frisbee discs, golf-discs, Aerobie-type ring discs, and cheap, thin, hard-plastic toy discs can all pose risks of cracking, shattering, or cutting your dog’s mouth due to their sharp edges, heavyweight, or subpar construction materials.

Ultimate Frisbee Discs

Ultimate Frisbee is a popular sport played with a flying disc, but it’s not recommended for dogs for several reasons. To start with, Ultimate Frisbee discs are too large and heavy for dogs, which can lead to injuries. They’re also not designed for canine play, as they’re intended for human athletes. Additionally, Ultimate Frisbee discs are banned from competition, making them unsuitable for dog play.

Instead, opt for discs specifically designed for dogs, such as Chuckit! Paraflight Frisbee or Hyperflite Jawz Disc. These discs are made with dog safety in mind, featuring a rounded rim that’s safe for a dog’s mouth and a weight that’s appropriate for their size. Always choose discs that are non-toxic and made of materials that won’t crack or shatter, ensuring your dog’s safety and enjoyment.


Golf-discs aren’t suitable for dog play due to their weight and sharp plastic. They’re designed for human sports and can cause injury to your dog. Stick to competition-quality discs like those from Hyper Pet or Nite Ize, which are specifically made for canine frisbee and prioritize safety and durability.

Aerobie-type Ring Discs

Regarding dog frisbee safety, Aerobie-type ring discs aren’t the optimal selection for your canine companion. These discs, such as the Aerobie Dogobie Disc, are engineered to remain aloft and possess considerable durability, yet they mightn’t be the most suitable choice for a dog’s oral cavity. Additionally, they’re prone to rotating during flight, potentially complicating your dog’s ability to apprehend them.

In the pursuit of a safe and appropriate dog frisbee for your pet, contemplate alternatives such as the Hyperflite K-10 Jawz Disc Dog Toy, which is of competition-grade and crafted for precise, resilient, and expeditious play. Conversely, the Flippy Flopper Flying Disc Dog Toy is a supple, lightweight option that’s both economical and durable, rendering it ideal for smaller dogs.

Bear in mind to select a disc that’s commensurate with your dog’s size and manner of play, and take into account factors such as wind conditions and your own throwing style when making your choice. Invariably inspect your dog’s frisbee for any evidence of damage after use, and store it in a desiccated, shaded location when not in use.

Cheap, Thin, Hard-Plastic Toy Discs

Cheap, thin, hard-plastic toy discs may seem like a budget-friendly option.

However, they aren’t safe for your furry friend.

These discs are often not made of non-toxic materials.

They can crack or shatter, posing a risk to your dog’s health.

Instead, opt for discs made of light plastic that’s pliable and puncture-resistant.

This ensures a safer and more enjoyable playtime for both you and your dog.

Frisbee Maintenance and Care

Frisbee Maintenance and Care
Proper frisbee maintenance and care is important for ensuring your dog’s safety and the long-lasting use of the toy. You should buy several discs for different conditions, avoid fake discs from unreliable sources, regularly check discs for damage, keep them in a dry and shaded area, and clean them with soap and water when needed.

Purchasing Multiple Discs

Regarding the purchase of multiple discs for your dog, heed these suggestions:

  1. Storage considerations: Store your discs in a dry, shaded area to prevent damage from sunlight or moisture.
  2. Inspection frequency: Inspect your discs regularly for damage, such as holes or gashes, and replace them when necessary.
  3. Cleaning methods: Clean your discs with soap and water when needed to maintain their condition and prevent the spread of germs.
  4. Potential chewing hazards: Be aware of potential chewing hazards and avoid discs that are too hard or have sharp edges.
  5. Disc dog training: As your dog’s skills improve, consider purchasing discs that are more challenging and suitable for their level of play.

Avoiding Counterfeit Discs

After stocking up on discs, steer clear of counterfeit ones. These cheap knock-offs might save you a buck, but they’re no Fastback or Hyperflite. They compromise disc safety, putting your dog’s health at risk. Think of disc maintenance like choosing a puller dog fitness tool or a Chuckit!—quality matters. Don’t let your quest for a bargain backfire.

Inspecting Discs for Damage

To guarantee your dog’s well-being and the long-lasting nature of your disc, it’s imperative to inspect it regularly for damage. Look for indications of wear such as punctures, gashes, or cracks.

If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to replace the disc. A safe dog frisbee shouldn’t shatter under normal circumstances, and the rim should be thin and rounded, designed for a dog’s mouth.

When choosing a disc, consider factors like your dog’s size, play style, and the conditions under which you’ll be playing.

Storing Discs in a Dry, Shaded Area

Discs are an essential part of canine frisbee games, but their longevity and safety depend on proper storage.

To prevent damage and ensure the discs last, store them in a dry, shaded area. This means keeping them away from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and humidity.

Ideally, store discs in upright cases when not in use, and avoid stacking them on top of each other to prevent scratches.

Additionally, handle the discs gently, avoiding touching the shiny surface with bare hands.

Label them with a water-based permanent marker on the clear inner hub.

Cleaning Discs With Soap and Water

After discovering the ideal location for your disc’s storage, maintaining its cleanliness is your next priority.

Regular cleaning with soap and water guarantees that your rubber frisbee or ZippyPaws Rope Gliderz remains in excellent condition.

Regardless of whether it’s a Chuckit! Flying Squirrel or a Booda Tailspin Flyer, bear in mind that the frequency of cleaning and drying methods can substantially prolong their lifespan.

Therefore, scrub them thoroughly and allow them to air-dry for another day of enjoyment!


Like a cherished member of your pack, selecting the best frisbees for dogs demands unwavering attention to safety and durability.

Embrace a playful partnership by investing in non-toxic, rounded-edge discs suited to your pup’s size and vigor.

Maintain vigilance over wear and tear.

Revel in the boundless joy of fetching – a treasured ritual that strengthens the unbreakable bond between you and your canine companion.

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