10 Best Frisbees For Dogs: Time To Game Catch 2020

If you are looking for something active with your dog, then Frisbee might be the way to make the best frisbees for dogs with your next purchase!

A boy and his dog play in the park together best frisbees for dogsMany dogs like to play Frisbee games with their owner, and the activity usually provides the necessary exercise for your puppy and laughs for you! It is both fun and encourages both of you to be active and focused.

There may be nothing more productive than a dog catching a frisbee. Although we usually only imagine that larger dogs catch Frisbee, the truth is that almost any type of dog can learn to catch a Frisbee with a little practice.

That said, the familiar plastic frisbee can get old (or shredded) That is why we looked for the offer to find the best frisbees for dogs.

These discs are great to pick up, and there are different shapes and materials for different dogs.

But to play disc-oriented games with your puppy, you must have a pair of high-quality Frisbees and a puppy that is ready to go.

But with so many Frisbees to choose from, how do you choose one that stands the test of time (and teeth) but keeps your dog’s attention?

That’s where we come in by guiding you through the ins and outs of what to look out for in a great dog frisbee!

Top 5 Best Frisbees For Dogs (Quick Summary)

Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog DiscHyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc 8.75 Inch, Worlds Toughest, Best Flying, Puncture Resistant, Dog Frisbee,
  • Durable and more sustainable.
  • Easier to throw.
  • Covers a greater distance.
1,241 Customer Reviews
RUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane FloatingRUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane Floating Disc
  • Brightly colored easy to find.
  • Doesnt bounce.
  • Made from abrasion-resistant fabric.
99 Customer Reviews
KONG - FlyerKONG - Flyer
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Special rubber formula for teething puppies.
  • Non-toxic.
5,258 Customer Reviews
Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper DogHyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee Interactive Dog Toys (Flying Disc Dog Fetch Toy,Floats in
  • Less tempting for dogs that chew.
  • Gentle on teeth and gums.
  • The most float which makes them great for beach use.
1,059 Customer Reviews
West Paw Zogoflex Air DashWest Paw Zogoflex Air Dash Durable Dog Frisbee Nearly Indestructible Flying Disc Dog Toy, 100%
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Floats on water.
  • Recyclable.
208 Customer Reviews
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What You Should Look Out For In A Great Dog Frisbee?

Some of the most important considerations you want to pay attention to are:

What You Should Look Out For In A Great Dog Frisbee?Fits Your Pet’s Size:

although it can be as cute as a button to see a small dog dragging around a giant frisbee, having a too-large frisbee is likely to discourage your dog from playing, making it Buying the Frisbee completely is useless!

Safe Materials:

did you know that some dog toys can be made of harmful material? Most frisbees designed for human use do not meet the same safety standards as those designed for your dog’s mouth. It is therefore vital that you only buy a dog frisbee.

Easy To Find:

playing in the dog park is all fun and playing until Fido loses his frisbee in the bushes and decides to leave him there! That’s why it’s a good reason to buy a brightly colored or glowing Frisbee to make sure you don’t lose it.

Chew-resistant / Sustainable:

one of the biggest challenges when buying a Frisbee – is to find one that you don’t have to replace every other week. Rubber and fabric frisbees can be great options for dogs who like to chew on their toys.

Soft For Teeth:

it is not only the frisbee that you want to keep in top condition but also buying your dog and a not too heavy frisbee is better for the health of your dog’s teeth and gums.

Happy boy running wit her dog on the beach. What You Should Look Out For In A Great Dog Frisbee?Floats On Water:

if you ever play Frisbee on the beach or at the lake, it is a good idea to buy a dog disc that floats on the water. That way, if your dog doesn’t catch it on time, it won’t sink to the bottom, be lost forever – with all the other heavy frisbees!


not that this matters much to your dog, but who likes it? Do you not want to buy your dog accessories to coordinate with the design of your house? Exactly! More aesthetic options for children are light up and glow in the dark frisbees – ideal for playing in the dark.

Safe For Puppies:

Some badly made Frisbee can shatter when chewed and these separated pieces can be especially dangerous for puppies exploring the world with their mouths.

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Easy To Clean:

Keeping your dog’s toys clean is important because bacteria and parasites (or their eggs) are usually collected from contaminated soil – which can then be easily removed from the Frisbee and removed from your dog. Save yourself a lot of hassle and an expensive vet bill by cleaning your dog’s toys regularly.

Good Flying:

there are a number of factors that you want to take into account when it comes to flight quality; these are – the distance the frisbee travels and the speed of descent. Usually, you want to choose an option that offers both for a larger, more energetic breed, but you can get away with less for a smaller and slower dog!

Hard And Soft Frisbee For Dogs: What Is Better?

What is better, a hard or soft frisbee? The best flying discs for dogs come in a variety of structures and materials, from fabric to rubber to hard plastic. Which is suitable for your dog? Both are acceptable choices, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. You just have to prioritize your concerns.

Hard Flying Disk Advantages And Disadvantages

small dog playing with disk Hard frisbees for dogs Advantages And Disadvantages

Hard Frisbees are exactly how you casually throw them over the beach with your friends. They are essentially a concave piece of plastic with a curled lip. Although not fully inflexible, they always retain their basic shape.

Hard disks are the primary type used by serious Frisbee enthusiasts – whether they throw them at a dog or another person. They fly over long distances and – given sufficient skill on the part of the pitcher – can be thrown very accurately, allowing for a more complex level of training and gameplay.

The biggest problem with hard frisbees is that they can pack a lot, and it’s not hard to imagine scenarios in which your dog takes a disc or loses a tooth while trying to grab it from the air. This can be especially problematic for small dogs. Hard flying discs can also be more difficult for your dog if he is lying flat on the floor.

  • Durable and more sustainable.
  • Easier to throw.
  • Covers a greater distance.
  • Easy to keep clean.
  • May injure your dog if it hits him.
  • Tends to be heavier.

Doberman dog in autumn in the forest Softfrisbees for dogs Advantages And DisadvantagesSoft Flying Disk Advantages And Disadvantages

Soft Frisbees, on the other hand, bend when you bend them. They can be made from different materials and fabrics, including semi-rigid rubbers, plastics or nylon. Most have a foldable hoop or frame and a softer center to make the toy even more flexible.

Soft flying discs are not weighted enough to cover a large distance, and you will not get the same kind of beautiful disc bow as with hard counterparts.

Soft disks, however, have virtually no chance of hurting your dog because they are so light. They are also usually more compact because some can fold themselves for easy transportation. With this, you can always keep one in your car in case of a last-minute pick-up game.

  • Less tempting for dogs that chew.
  • Gentle on teeth and gums.
  • The most float which makes them great for beach use.
  • Lightweight and easy to travel with.
  • Don’t tend to fly as far.
  • Can be less durable.

10 Best Frisbees For Dogs 0f 2020

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of adequate exercise for our dogs. More dogs are obese than ever before, resulting in all kinds of health problems and reduced quality and lifespan.

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The best Frisbee for dogs can provide an outlet for energy and a great opportunity to exercise.

We reviewed dozens of best frisbees for dogs to identify the best of the best. For each product, we have taken into account flexibility, durability, color choices, thickness, size options, safety, and comfort.

1- Hyperflite Jawz Competition-Grade Standards Dog Hard Frisbee

Does your dog like her standard Frisbee, but don’t like to replace the Frisbee after every couple of game sessions when it leaks and gets distorted while playing? This professional dog frisbee is made to the highest standards of the competition, so you know it can withstand even the softest mouths. This is one of the best Frisbees for dog training that you are likely to find.

 Hyperflite Jawz Competition-Grade Standards Dog Hard Frisbee 1This Frisbee has a patented double grip that makes it easier for you to throw and for your dog to catch. It was designed by world champions to fly as far as possible and be durable enough to withstand more than a few games. This disc can set records with the distance it travels, so if you want to carry your dog as thoroughly as possible with as little effort as possible, this leak-proof, far-flying disc may be suitable for you.

Of all frisbees we reviewed, the Hyperflite Jawz was the best to throw. With a little practice, I could throw it accurately short and fast or in a nice, long arc. It doesn’t matter where my dog was, I could set it up so that it could easily grab it from the air – consistently throw it all day.

When I threw the Hyperflite Jawz at my local dog park, I had two dog owners come forward and ask which Frisbee I used and where they could buy one. It made me self-aware to realize that my dog and I had apparently set up a show.

Since this is a competition quality disc and is used in disc dog games, this accuracy was expected.

  • Puncture-resistant
  • Designed by world champions
  • Capable of record-setting throws
  • Dual grip for better catches and throws
  • Resistant to puncture
  • Doesn’t float
  • Goes so far it outruns some dogs
  • Doesn’t glow or reflect in the dark

Questions & Answers

I have a german shepherd that has very strong mouth and can even pop a basketball do you think she would be able to tear this product apart?

Yes and no. If you just use it to throw and catch, it will take. If you let your dog chew it, it will quickly leak and crack. If dogs are left alone with it, they will quickly chew it and it will be full of dental prints, but if your dog is playing with it alone, it should be fine.

What is the material this product is made of (plastic, nyon, etc.) ?

A combination of plastic and rubber is my guess. It looks injection molded. Doubt they will give you their composition.

Does it float in water?

No, the Jawz discs do not float in water.

Are these soft to dog's teeth on impact? And does it float in water?

I would not call this disc \\ super \\ soft, but I have not seen any additional damage to my dog's teeth. Once I bought a really cheap flying disc in the Big-Box store and after 15 minutes he had teeth and bleeds broken off. I was broken. He seems to be doing well with this. Not sure if it floats.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc


I buy 4-5 products per week on Amazon, but I rarely leave a review (partly due to the fact that I'm busy and / or lazy ... idk, choose one) but I decided to leave a review for this frisbee because I am so impressed. I have a German shepherd of 120 pounds who is an absolute maniac for toys. But the problem is that he destroys all the toys you give him within a day or two. I suppose that would be a problem if you had teeth the size of him. Anyway, every time he brings toys back to you while you pick them up, he lets you wrestle him away, resulting in a large number of broken toys and sometimes a broken ego due to losing to a dog. The only toy I've found so far that this Godzilla-like toy destroyer can withstand is this Frisbee. He played with this thing for at least 2-3 hours a day for two weeks every day, and you literally couldn't see it apart from the painted logo scratched by his teeth. Other than that, this frisbee is in as new condition. Seriously impressed. I'm going to buy more in case it ever gets lost on the beach or something (because it definitely won't be damned of him destroying it).

Avatar Reviews  Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc 1


I did quite a bit of research to find a frisbee that would stand up to the hardships of a Belgian Malinois. There is a reason why they are called maligators, and my Belgian has destroyed every plastic frisbee I threw in one bite. After reading some of the reviews I decided to try this out. I am certainly not disappointed. The key to the Jawz disk is that it is a cross between a hard, plastic disk and a floppy, rubber-like disk. The composition from which it is made gives it just enough flex and gives it a hard bite when it is caught or flung, does not shatter the disc. My husband has managed to get a few tooth marks, but so far he has played several weeks a day and it still works very well. The only real disadvantage of the disc is that it is heavier than a standard plastic disc, so a little more water is needed to get into the air, and it won't float lazily like a lighter plastic disc. However, it flies much more like a standard disk than many of the super-heavy, rubber disks. In general I think this is the perfect balance between the hard plastic and soft rubber discs. I am able to get a solid, straight flight (despite my general inability to throw a Frisbee properly), and my puppy doesn't have to do any significant damage to it. From my point of view, this makes this disc definitely worthwhile for anyone who has a dog with a heavier bite.

Avatar Reviews  Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc 2


This is now the 6th Jawz Hyperflite Frisbee that I bought for my 90 lb. Pitbull. I and my dog can't be happier with these discs. This is without a doubt the only Frisbee that has survived a considerable amount of time before it needs to be replaced. It never exploded in her mouth or cut into her tongue and gums. Now is it indestructible? Absolutely not, toys are consumables and must be replaced depending on the frequency with which your pet plays with them. If you own a dog with a big mouth like me, you can expect tooth marks and dents from the first time you use it. From there it is then a slow progression of more markings and it will eventually be deformed. I don't let my dog use this disc as a chew toy, but I assure you she's pretty chompy. For every throw there is about one minute gnawing on the disc before it is returned to me for a new throw. We still have to see that one of the dics is cracked or missing pieces that are absolutely necessary for the safety of their mouths. I like to replace the disks because they are more deformed, the smaller the distance they fly. In general, a disc that is used 3-5 times a week takes about 2-3 months at 1 hour intervals. A very small investment when I consider how much stronger these are compared to the competitors' drives. The discs fly well and I can easily throw them 50-75 meters with little effort. However, it will take time to become proficient in your throws. They don't float.

Avatar Reviews  Hyperflite Jawz Competition Dog Disc 3


This disc is awesome! My jack russell mix LOVES to play frisbee so I have tried out lots and lots of different brands. The Jaws Hyperflite has definitely lasted the longest. I love that the plastic is soft like rubber so that it doesn't shatter or bash her in the teeth and gums when she catches it in the air, but is also dense enough that she can't easily get her teeth in it and chew it up. I have tried other foam and soft rubber discs that would probably last a long time, but they don't fly well at all so she is completely uninterested in them. I attached pics of the brands I use most often. I used to buy "Petsport" aka "Tuffdisc" at Pet Depot because they fly well and are fairly cheap, but they tear up easy. They shatter and crack which can cause damage to gums and teeth. I really like Hyperflite's Competition Standard disc. It is softer than regular discs so it doesn't shatter and flys great with very like effort, but my dog can get her teeth in it pretty easy so after a couple weeks it's chewed on to the point that it doesn't fly straight anymore. The pics are of the two mentioned brands after 2 weeks of play (I don't let her chew them when we aren't playing catch, but she gets some gnawing in anyway) and then the Jaws disc after 3 weeks of play. You can see that the Jaws disc is in much better condition than the others and actually still looks new. I thought this disc was a little pricey, but if it's going to last a really long time it's totally worth it. We love this disc!!

1,241 Customer Reviews

2- Ruffwear Hydro Floating Soft Disc for Dogs

This weatherproof dog disc is a great choice during the season, whether you want to play in the park in the spring or throw in the snow in the winter.

 Ruffwear Hydro Floating Soft Disc for Dogs 1Made from a sturdy fabric that not only withstands the toughest teeth but also discourages chewing and gnawing – that’s the problem many owners encounter with that tempting chewable rubber frisbee.

Safe for use in water, this floating Frisbee is not only designed with a high edge, but the inside is also filled with a floating foam; this smart combination ensures that it floats high on the water for clear visibility and collection.

Strong and durable, don’t just play a game of Frisbee with the Hydro Plane – you can also pull! Ruffwear recommends that you do not leave your dog unattended with this disc because it is not designed to play upright.

Easy to throw and aerodynamic, the disc travels a medium distance – so it can work well for those medium or medium-sized dogs. Because it is quite large, it would not work for toys or small breeds.

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Cleaning can be done by hand washing with a mild detergent – this is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher or washing machine – and you can air dry it.

  • Brightly colored easy to find.
  • Doesnt bounce.
  • Made from abrasion-resistant fabric.
  • Filled with buoyant foam for use in water.
  • Soft on mouths.
  • A little on the heavy side.
  • Doesn’t fly as far as some other options.

Questions & Answers

What is the diameter of this frisbee?

Almost 12 inches.

Will this Frisbee wear down my dogs teeth?

No, it is a sturdy material but it isn't hard at all.

What is the center hole diameter ?

6 inches

How well does this actually "fly"? Seen so many that are too heavy and just don't float well in the air.

It is cloth and fairly lightweight. Great for throwing indoors. Dog loves it because it is easy to catch, soft in their mouth. It is not made to fly like a normal frisbee. It probably goes 20-25 ft outdoors. It floats so great for lake or pool.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane Floating


My dog takes his frisbee seriously and we have been going through about one per month or less. He doesn't chew on them - he just wears them out. The fabric & foam variety just starts coming apart at the seams. And that is the only kind we like because it is easy on his mouth and he loves them.I tried on of these Roughwears a couple of months ago, and it is holding up great. Not a sign of damage.This definitely isn't for small dogs or dogs that are just learning, because it is rather large, compared to others. It has to be caught with a bit of confidence because of its size and weight.And, I will say that it is not as fun for me to throw. It has a strong tendency to curve to the right, when thrown righthanded (and vice versa). It takes some getting used to to get it to go where you want. I am pretty skilled with a frisbee, and I still have a hard time with it, particularly if I am going for any distance.Still, for a short-range game or one in an open field, it is fine.

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane Floating 1


This is the first toy that has held up to my aussie mix. Most toys, let alone cloth and rope toys, don't last a day and we've tried all the 'for tough chewer' toys. We usually can only but him hard rubber/plastic, bone or animal parts he can chew but we're going on day 3 and there isn't even a tear in this. We gave this to him for Christmas and he's played tug a war, chewed it, violently shakes it and runs around all over with it and I haven't had to take it away once. With most toys, I have to monitor his time and only allow him to play with them for 5 mins at a time. This toy has held up to everything he's thrown at it so far. Meanwhile, the tennis ball he received on Christmas was split after after 5-10 mins. I'm so impressed by Ruffwear! We'll def be looking into more toys from them.

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane Floating 2


Oh my gosh, so happy this frisbee is still selling!!! My little Charlie had a really old Ruffwear frisbee when I adopted him last March. It’s his favorite toy!! Because his old one is pretty tattered I just had to find him another one.Now Charlie is a 12lb rat terrier. This frisbee is almost bigger than him lol. But oh how he loves it! He catches it when we throw it and runs with it in his little mouth to bring it back. If we’re not throwing it he will throw it in the air himself and let it fall over his head and around his neck. Then he looks like a little lion, haha!This is a great product for large and small dogs who like to play. And true to its name, it is tough and very durable.

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Hydro Plane Floating 3


We had the problem with regular frisbees of our young girl grabbing the frisbee by the center and ripping out a chunk of lawn while retrieving. If she were better at catching them in the air of course this wouldn't have been a problem. The Hydro Plane floating disc was the answer for us! It is large, easy to grab, and she loves catching air going after the disc. She is much better now at catching but the times she doesn't she can no longer pick up half the yard! Problem solved!! Thank you Ruffwear!

99 Customer Reviews

3- KONG Puppy Flyer

Everyone has heard of the famous Kong toy for dog toys. You probably know that they make incredibly durable balls and chew toys, but did you know that they also make a dog frisbee? The Kong Flyer is made from many other Kong products, with a high-quality rubber that is central. This rubber construction makes it extremely durable.

 KONG Puppy Flyer 1If your dog has succeeded in making a plastic or canvas frisbee, then this is a great option to try the following. It is also a particularly good choice for dog breeds that have a particularly strong bite. Moreover, the rubber also helps to clean your dog’s teeth while playing.

Many dogs have problems with accumulated dental plaque and tartar. This toy helps to clean their teeth while playing. The rubber is also soft and safer to use than many other Frisbee materials. You don’t have to worry about it creaking and accidentally injuring your dog.

This dog frisbee only comes in two colors: red and black. Although neither color is particularly bright, the red is likely to be easier to find in most situations. The black color can work in many cases, but in wooded or dark environments it can be lost quickly. However, this dog frisbee comes in three different sizes. If you want to play Frisbee with a smaller dog, these size options make it much easier to choose one that your dog can play with.

  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Special rubber formula for teething puppies.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Flexible.
  • Not suitable for heavy chewers.
  • Floppiness of the disc makes it more difficult to throw.

Questions & Answers

Does it float in the air?

The people complaining either got a defective model somehow, or did something to it. If you know how to throw a Frisbee, it flies great. Obviously, you aren't going to get the same air as a disc golf driver, but for playing with your dog? Yeah. It's great.

Many dogs (like mine) don't catch a disc but pick it up when it lands. Is this one easy for a medium size dog to pick up off the ground?

Yes, we use to have a border collie and even though she could catch it, she didn't always do so. It is flexible for a dog to pick up easily.

Will this disc return to being flat after being repeatedly folded in half....like a taco?

Mine does. Usually when our dog (cattle dog) catches it, it folds. Then he runs around with it. Tries to tear it up. It always goes back to regular shape and has not torn yet. We have had it over a month and it has lasted longer than any other toy.

How durable is this? our dog is 65 pounds and has agressive bite

The outer ring is incredibly durable. I have a 40 pound Border Collie-Terrier mix who tears through and destroys toys the day he gets them. The inner part of the disc where it says Kong will rip or tear over time (in my experience) and you will be left with a ring of rubber the dog may use as a tug-of-war toy. I bought my first months ago and the ring is still in tact and he plays with it heavily every day. I would absolutely reccommend buying this.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  KONG - Flyer

Joshua C.

If don't understand the hate on this. I have a 95lb Shepard and have been using this HARD for two months now. My first day i got it i tested the throw and just said "wow! I have to restrict myself or ill toss it not just out of my 270 foot deep wooded back yard but maybe over the neighbors too. It's heavy and flexible so all it takes is a lot of spin and the g forces can really really make it fly. I also am a fitness freak so i usr my dogs favorite tys like this as a workout tug, with him hanging on i lift him half off the ground to do shoulder shrugs, one arm at a time to do bicep curls, laying flat him pulling i can do resistance curls. All this time not a single tear or hole. (In the past we've used deflated basketballs and literally torn them to shreds). The key i think is my dog will not play with his toys on his own as lame chew toys, he always has a fresh goliath bone if he wants to chew so i think that's where people's problems are. I already ordered two more for gifts to someone with a 110lb Rottweiler and a 65lb lab, both love it too but I'm confused why a pack of 2 is more expensive then 2 singles. Anyways my "pup" has always loved frisbee but his problem is flipping it over/picking up standard frisbee and would dig at them and tear them up with his nails. This one flexes so he picks it up easy. Fantastic product!

Avatar Reviews  KONG - Flyer 1


Should have purchased long ago. For the past 4 years I've been buying the "Floppy Disc "USA", Soft Flying Disc Toy for Dogs." I play frisbee with my dog twice a day (he's got me trained to go out in the morning and at 4pm.) The fabric type differs dramatically from this Kong disc. They are made of canvas-like fabric with a rubber tube in the outer rim of the disc. I knew they wouldn't last forever, even though I don't allow my dog to chew on them. I had to buy two new ones every six months or so. That's because the material skids on the ground, or because the dog chomps on them when he grabs out of the air or off the ground. Because they are lighter, they are also less stable and don't fly as far; they tend to dip to the left toward the end of the flight. They get wet and nearly solid when it's freezing (as it is for months here in MI). In contrast, the Kong is better in all regards. It's nearly indestructible, even if you let your dog chew on it, but I'm sure there are some dogs could chew it apart. I like the Kong much better because it lasts far longer than the fabric one's I've been using. I'll update this, but I think it'll last years. (We have another Kong product, a pull toy, that's sill like new after 4 years. The Kong disc is soft enough, though not quite as soft as fabric. But that difference is negligible. Regular plastic discs are way to hard and they last about 5-minutes, especially in the cold. ,Worst of all, the regular discs are hard and hurt dogs' mouths when the catch them. Some have reported chipped teeth. My dog got a bloody lip. That's when I started buying the fabric discs. But the Kong also flies much better than the fabric dics. I don't have to throw as hard to go the same distance. It's a great deal for the money. Which I had purchased this from the start. Would have saved $40-50.They and lighter, an

5,258 Customer Reviews

4- Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee

This is one of the most sustainable dog fritters. It is soft but strong enough to keep going through many games. It is affordable enough not to replace it when it is ruined or lost. This disc is available in bright orange, red, yellow, pink or green, so you can play in style and also have less chance of losing your Frisbee.

 Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee 1It is also incredibly soft and flexible. Some other frisbees can injure your pet’s mouth or are pretty uncomfortable to throw. The soft material this Frisbee is made of, however, prevents this. The flexibility also means that it can easily be slid into a bag or slid into your back pocket. Frisbees can be difficult to transport and carry due to their size and round shape. But you don’t have to worry about this.

Plus, it even comes in different bright colors. Unlike some other competitors, this color makes it easier to find the Frisbee after a missed catch, especially if you’re lying in the snow or in a wooded area. The bright colors stand out easily in the natural landscape.

This nice little desk floats in the water, so it’s a perfect tool for playing in the pool or on the beach. Durable, multi-layer nylon construction even offers aggressive catches.

Eukanuba Senior Dry Dog Food
240 Customer Reviews
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  • Bright color so you are less likely to lose it
  • Very affordable
  • Floats in water
  • Durable, multi-layer nylon construction
  • Won’t hold up to deliberate chewing or tearing
  • Can’t choose which color you get when you order online
  • Won’t fly as far as hard Frisbees

Questions & Answers

Do these fly strait? Or drift to the sides? I ask because in the picture they look like the outer ring isn't even.

they easily get bent out of shape and then fly lop sided.

Where are these manufactured?

That information was not provided. (We might guess....)

Any way to order a specific color?

At this time, we do not offer specific color selection.

Are these the 7" or 9" size? I can't seem to find the 7" size anymore. Any suggestions where I could find it?

9 \\ 's the 7's are too small, except for a chihuahua

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog

Dog Lover

Lots of complaints about durability. I have a 2 year old 80# male Belgian Malinois and 6 of these disks, and all 6 are still in perfect working order. Why? Because when we play with them, I get them out of my dog gear bag, we play for an hour, I don't let him take them off away from the game, I don't play tug with them, and when we're done, they go back into the gear bag and he doesn't even see them again until we play disk again! Same with balls, tugs, bite pillows and all the rest of our dog gear. Toy management! ANY toy you let most dogs have control of will be destroyed, and they also become bored with those toys. The key to maintaining your gear in good shape and having the dog enjoy playing with it forever is YOU keeping control of the toys. And use the correct toys for the correct games. Tugs for tug games, discs for disc games, balls for ball games. Another advantage is that your play area stays clean. I don't leave anything out for my dog to play with unattended, and there isn't a single scrap of shredded up toy or a punctured ball anywhere in our play space. And lastly, it's very dangerous to leave ANY toys out for dogs to play with unattended. The ONLY thing I leave out for my dog to have control of is a single, uncooked beef femur bone or joint knuckle, and I monitor those and the second it starts chipping or splitting, it goes in the trash. I also leave a properly sized, stuffed and frozen KONG in the crate with him when he's left home alone. But when I get back home, the KONG goes back in the gear bag. TOY MANAGEMENT will change your life with your dog, and it'll save you tons of money, frustration and time spent cleaning up destroyed toys. So if you manage this particular toy correctly, it'll perform perfectly for years! One of my top 3 favorite pieces of dog gear!!!!!!

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My grand-people bought this for my backyard hijinks. I'm a very handsome and well-built blue heeler/Australian shepherd mix, very strong, quick and agile, and I love catching these things. They are very forgiving if you're as bad at throwing frisbees as my grand-people (who hardly ever throw them into the neighbor's yard anymore because these are easier to control). They also float much better than the original, which allows me to display my fantastic agility and leaping ability. I love to do that and my grand-people appreciate watching me and are truly astounded at my feats of skill. I am really that good. Though I sorely miss that satisfying crackle & crunch that chewing on the plastic ones provide, my grand-people say these Flippy Floppers are kinder to my mouth. I'm impervious to pain, so what do I care? Though my people say, "Foley, stop!" when I bark too much at nothing at all (and it's such a high-pitched siren of a bark, truly impressive) and I can't be trusted to behave (they say), you're probably really sorry you don't get to live in my house! Well, not everyone can be so lucky. Now, where are my people and why aren't they throwing that Flippy Flopper thing for me?

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We’ve tried many different flying discs for our dog, Ben. He’s a 76 lb active Doberman and loves to run and jump and catch a disc in midair. It’s his favorite game to play with us! I rely on reviews to help me make decisions; so I hope my review is helpful to you.First of all, I bought hard rubber frisbees; but they are not easy for me to throw and Ben doesn’t like to catch them. So it was important to me to find a disc that is comfortable for him to catch ... but strong enough to withstand a bit of shaking and biting as he returns the toy to me. This “Flippy Flopper” most closely fits my criteria.With that being said... if we left Ben alone with this toy for more than a minute, he would surely shred it to pieces. 9When Ben was a puppy, I coaxed him to return a toy to me by “trading” it for a treat. Before long, he learned that it’s more fun to “fetch” the toy rather than to “keep” it!)This Hyper Pet brand has a strong cloth-covered rubber rim that’s a bit sturdier than the other discs we’ve bought. Also the nylon material seems to be stronger. My husband claims that he can throw the Hyper Pet Fetch Toy further and with more control. As for me, I have an easier time getting the Paraflight to fly longer distances. However I feel that this Hyper Pet brand is sturdier and lasts longer ... and is a better buy!

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Kindle Customer

I have been buying these frisbees for my dog since she was just big enough to make it down the stairs without toppling over. We started with the extra small size, and now we use these. My dog doesn't ask for anything, so when she drops her frisbee at my feet and stares up at me so hopeful, how could I say no? They are well worth the price, and I will continue to order these for many years to come.

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5- West Paw Zogoflex Durable Dog Frisbee

This vibrantly colored flying disc from West Paw Design was made in the USA – to be precise in the great air country (Montana) – by a pet product company that has existed for decades and was even ranked as one of the best small businesses by the United States in America Forbes back in 2016.

 West Paw Zogoflex Durable Dog Frisbee 1The Dash Frisbee is not your regular Frisbee; it can be used in various ways, which means it works especially well for dogs that get bored quickly. Don’t just throw the Frisbee through the air; you can also roll this through the garden or even play a game of tug of war.

Made from strong and durable materials – this heavy frisbee can work well for medium-sized chewers – although, like any toy, you have a heavy chewer that really wants to destroy it – over time it will.

The unique design, with a central hole, allows you and your dog to pick up the Frisbee in a number of ways, and the medium-soft materials that are used are gentle on the mouth of your dog.

Play by the lake or on the beach without worrying about losing the Dash, as it happens to float! And if you worry about the effects of the saltwater or the mud of the lake, don’t worry, because this naughty boy is also dishwasher safe.

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Floats on water.
  • Recyclable.
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Heavy for a frisbee.
  • Doesn’t fly as well as expected.

Questions & Answers

My Lab likes to play fetch at the lake. Does this float?

Yes, the dash toy floats. The Zogoflex Air Dash is better as a roller, than a flyer, as it is a heavy toy. If you want a good flyer purchase the Large Zisc (which we also sell). The Zisc also floats. We use ours at the beach and lake. Thank you, Jessica

Does anyone elses disc or ball have a scent to it?

No odor on ours

Can this toy be washed in washing machine or dishwasher?

I would say yes .. I put it in sink and scrub it so I think in the washer would be fine!

How much does it weigh?

This frisbee weighs about 12 ounces. Kristin, Backcountry K-9

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Quiet Dissidence

The 4 star rating is because the item does not function as advertised. All other aspects are great.I purchased a West Paw Design Air Dash and a West Paw Design Zisc hoping one would fit our needs ( a durable flying disc). The Zisc flies well considering it's made of rubber however it wasn't durable enough for my moderate chewer. I believe the thin center enables it to fly well but in turn doesn't hold up after a few short play sessions.The Air Dash on the other hand is very durable for a moderate chewer, it is easy for dogs to pick up (even a large breed with a large muzzle), and it does float. The downside is it is not a good flyer...its more like chucking a small tire. By chance we discovered it rolls on its side exceptionally well. The edges are wavy, so it has a dynamic wobbly path that my dog (who has a high prey drive) loves to chase and pounce on.~Air Dash isn't the great flying toy we had hoped for, but has other attributes that still make it a great toy.~The Zisc probably is the better flyer (*but does not top the flight pattern of a plastic frisbee) that is gentle on the mouth but will only hold up if your dog is gentle with their toys~West Paw Design has an excellent customer service/satisfaction guarantee. I was refunded for my Zisc *they also give you the option to exchange for a different toy from their line up.Great company with great products. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again. They also have a recycle program for when the toy needs to be retired.

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K. Spencer

These Frisbees are amazing. I have two VERY chew-happy dogs, who both have some Labrador and pit in them (50lbs and 60lbs), and I've been very impressed that these toys have held up so well. I try not to let the dogs use them as chew toys unsupervised, but even when I accidentally do, they aren't able to easily start ripping them up. Eventually, the dogs will get a chunk out, and the Frisbees will start slowly deteriorating. It still takes about six months from the time I bought them until they're completely destroyed, which is amazing when it comes to my dogs. I had one of these which was just a sad, gnawed-on half, and it still flew really well. It accidentally flew over the neighbor's fence, in fact. That was the end of that Frisbee, but not because it was poor quality.The dogs love these, and I must have two, so the they won't whine at each other for a chance to play with them. I've tried a lot of other Frisbees, as my dogs are 9 and 11, respectively. Even Kong Frisbees don't hold up this well, and they can be way more expensive. Very happy I stumbled upon these. I doubt I will ever get anything else.

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If my Malinois police bite trainer dog can’t destroy playing and tugging then I don’t believe the other reviews. Sure if I let him go all day alone with it then it might look like some other pics. I’ve never found a frisbee that lasted more than a few throws until this. This one throws nice due to being heavier. I’ve had their bone tug and ball for two years and they are perfect. I’m sorry I put off buying this due to crazy people and went through tons of crappy frisbees. Even if he destroys it eventually I don’t have to worry about the type of plastic being toxic or cutting his gums.

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Andy in Washington

I have a Boxer puppy that loves to chase frisbees. Unfortunately, she also likes to chew frisbees, so the search is always on for more durable toys. I figured we'd give this one a try.=== The Good Stuff ===* It is durable. It has survived a few weeks with her, already a record, even for "durable" toys. It attracts her attention, so it is not as if it survived because it is not played with...I often see her carrying it around and chewing on it.* The yellow color is pretty bright, and it is easy to spot in the green grass. It is more of a challenge when the grass is brown.* There are no awful odors coming from the material. No idea what it is made out of, but at least it doesn't smell toxic.=== The Not-So-Good Stuff ===* While it is durable, it is a horrible frisbee. It arrived sort of warped and ovoid, and it hasn't gotten any better since. After a few weeks, it sort of looks more like a potato chip than a frisbee.* Throwing it is a challenge. It is very heavy- I didn't weigh it, but it weighs at least twice as much as the heaviest frisbee I have ever seen. Coupled with the oddball shape and size, it is difficult to throw more than 20-30 feet....and I can throw a normal frisbee a long way. That sort of defeats the purpose of the toy in my mind, which is to get my pup to run as much as possible so she tires herself out. It doesn't fly straight, and forget about catching it.=== Summary ===This is a pretty good "durable dog toy", and it seems to be holding up just fine to the abuse that my dog can dish out. However it is a horrible frisbee that it tough to throw and doesn't fly straight or far.

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6- Discraft Super Color Ultra-Star Disc

The Discraft Ultra-Star Disc is not specifically designed for use with dogs, however, it deserves attention from serious disc-dogs and their people.

Besides being one of the best-performing discs available, the Ultra-Star has been the official disc of the USA Ultimate Championship Series since 1991.

  • 175-gram, 10 ¾-inch-wide disc provides enough heft to fly for long distances
  • Available in a variety of colors and designs
  • Designed for optimal flight performance
  • If you are comfortable with a rigid Frisbee and interested in pushing the boundaries of your throwing skills, this is the disc for you and your pup.
  • The Ultra-Star is a heavy flying disc, which means that it will carry more force when your dog catches it, increasing the chances that your dog will suffer an injury while using the toy. Think carefully about the inherent risks associated with this disc before deciding.

Questions & Answers

Where was it made?

It's say's it was made in U.S.A, It's written on the disc.

Do the ones called glow and nite glo actually glow in the dark?

yes although the actual light-up discs are much better for night frisbee, the glow isn't super bright

Is the disk soft or hard plastic?

this is a hard plastic regular frisbee throwing disc. This is not a disc to be used on a disc golf course. It looks great but it's not what I thought it would be

My brother got one the white star and i ordered the chameleon are they the same but look different?

According to the Details, they are all the same-Difference in colors & patterns only.

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Avatar Reviews  Discraft 175 Gram Super Color

Chad D Nicoletti

After reading countless reviews I decided to purchase this which is said to be the ultimate frisbee go-to disc. My friends and I are heavily disappointed with this as it doesn't even fly 50 yards straight. This could be an error in manufacturing and I will be contacting Discraft directly.Update: after contacting Discraft they advised to fill the disc with very hot water and let it set for an hour. I did this and it fixed any imperfection the disc had. Flies awesome now! I am very pleased.Thank you

Avatar Reviews  Discraft 175 Gram Super Color 1


Just a quick heads up for folks like me shopping for disc golf discs. While it is a really nice Frisbee, it is NOT a disc golf disc. It states that it falls under "Disc Golf" which it does not. Again, cool Frisbee, but not a putter for disc golf, which it claims to be.Side note* - Discraft makes golf discs, good ones at that, I wish they would have called out that this is not for golf somewhere in the description.

Avatar Reviews  Discraft 175 Gram Super Color 2


I bought one Discraft and one Wham-O frisbee both 175 grams. The Discraft flew farther was better balanced and the Wham-O. I was actually surprised how much better the Discraft was. I've been throwing and catching frisbees for 40-plus years and I'll never go back to Wham-O

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7- Chuckit! Flying Squirrel

If you know your dog is crazy about disc toys, why not trade it a little and try this playful flying squirrel toy? This spinning toy has an aerodynamic shape that is great for short games. This is a large, light toy that will float in water, so it is a great water toy that is unlikely to be lost.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 31/01/2020 23:20 PM

 Chuckit! Flying Squirrel 1If you have a large puppy who loves to run and jump, you can easily fly a Frisbee through the air. The Chuckit! Flying Squirrel is designed with your runner in mind, built to fly through the sky garden after garden. This toy is made of durable nylon and rubber and distinguishes itself from all other flying discs. It has the shape of a flying squirrel and is available in three sizes. The large size is 11 and perfect for large and extra-large varieties. It floats in water and is easy to clean after a long day in the park.

The high visibility colors make it even easier to see this toy, even when it is in water or tall grass. For nighttime play, it has glow-in-the-dark legs so you can see it in the dark. This disc has soft, raised sides, making it easy for people and pets to pick up. This makes it a great choice for dogs with short noses that otherwise have difficulty picking up toys. The multi-layer design is robust enough to offer hours and hours of entertainment.

Reviewers say the Flying Squirrel takes some getting used to, but if you just throw it down, it really flies through the air, which leads to hours and hours of fun.

  • The aerodynamic shape is great for short-range games of fetch
  • High visibility colors and glow-in-the-dark paws
  • Floats and is easy to pick up from the water
  • Rugged, multi-layer design
  • Takes some practice to learn how to throw and will never fly as far as a regular frisbee
  • Can be destroyed quickly with dedicated chewing
  • The shape will change with games of tug so it won’t throw as well.

Questions & Answers

Does it have any squeakers in it?

No it doesn't

What kind of warranty is offered?

Manufacture doesn't offer any warranty.

Is the large one glow in the dark?

Yes, it is. Doesn't take long to charge it under a lamp, then it's "good to glow" 🙂

What kind of material is it made out of?

I would equate it a heavy duck canvas.

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Avatar Reviews  Chuckit! Dog Toy


I did not like this toy at first. It would roll sideways midflight and slam into the ground, traveling at most 20 feet. My dog is only interested if she can run at least 50 yards. Pulled it out today for the first time in months and gave it another try. I discovered the secret to throwing this thing. If you hold the tab on the side rather than one of the weighted corners, it will fly true every time. My dog loves it. I actually came to order a couple more and thought maybe somebody else might have the same problem I had. Hope this helps.

Avatar Reviews  Chuckit! Dog Toy 1


Here's the Rub - The dog LOVES his buddy "Chuckie" - but it took Me about 4 days to not look like that one weird kid with no motor skills in third-grade gym class while throwing it (not the throw itself, of course THAT was masculine, controlled, and downright amazing, but the flight path looked a lot like the 70-yr-old alcoholic divorcee neighbors footprints in the snow when she wanders into our yard mid-winter at 4AM ...). Bottom line, this thing is built VERY well, and once You get the hang of throwing it (hint: You're NOT in the outfield trying to nail a guy out at third, "controlled and level" will get this little neon squirrel soaring a LOT better than You would have thought) it flies well and makes the dog CRAZY happy for more time than I usually want to spend throwing it (and believe ME, I love spending time with my dog). Probably one of the better investments in "Dog Toys" I've made in quite awhile, had it for a couple of months now and the sun and rain haven't faded it, it's still "Good 'Ol Chuckie" and the dog loves it.

Avatar Reviews  Chuckit! Dog Toy 2

Precise Disarray

My two young labs absolutely love this toy. They are rough on toys, so we have to work with them on not trying to destroy a toy the moment it is given to them. This "flying squirrel" immediately became and continues to be a high value toy, so it is put up and out of the way when not being played with (under supervision). Lightweight and flexible, but even so, the toy is strong.The labs chase after it when thrown, and often they retrieve it together all the while pulling and twisting it. The toy is several months old with daily outdoor use with no major damage as of yet. It flies well, it draws their attention, and is easy for me to see at dusk given the bright orange down the center and feet. Additionally, if the feet are exposed to sunshine or a light source, they will glow in the dark. This has been a nice detail that my dogs and I have enjoyed.I bought the medium size because the price was significantly lower than the large, yet was only 1" difference in diameter. It is not too small by an means, and is perfect for their play style. Seriously one of the best and most used toys in their toy box. It's loved so much that it is a member of the household. ha

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Kindle Customer

I've gone through 5 of these so far - all sizes - with two dogs. I would have rated 5 stars if they were more durable. My dog looooves the Chuckit Squirrels - he's got a sizable "toy box" of tugs, balls, Frisbees, bite sleeves, and ropes to choose from, but 95% of the time he'll pull the squirrel out of the pile to play. I think he likes showing off how athletic he is to all the chicks in the neighborhood ;)For those who say "these don't fly": While you won't get the range that you can achieve with a Frisbee, they do fly, and fly pretty well. Like any "flying" toy, they take some practice to learn how to throw them and get the most out of them - and depending on technique - they are pretty controllable. They also tend to fly poorly when they're new, dry, and stiff, but much better when they're loose and slimy and a bit more broken in. It's a good idea when you first pick them up to flex and twist them around to loosen them up - and wash them off with a hose when you're done. I find they work better if you let them dry lying on their "back" on a flat surface.You can expect 3-6 months of twice a day play before needing to replace them depending on where you're playing (concrete and asphalt will chew through the edges) and expect a shorter replacement interval if your dog is a tugger or chewer.IMPORTANT NOTE: It's a great toy - just don't let your dog have it unattended for more than a few moments. My Malinois can saw through one of these in about 30 seconds. Just this morning, we were playing and a neighbor stopped by to chat - I turned my back on my dog for about a minute and when I turned back, there were two Chuckit Squirrel halves. That'll teach ME to talk to people while in the middle of playing. This is the second one he's burned through - so this one was *my* fault - SO - just keep in mind that these are NOT chew toys ... unless you enjoy sending regular payments to the Chuckit company 😉

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8- Nite Ize Flashflight, LED Light-Up Dog Disc

This brightly lit LED Frisbee for dogs can be an ideal choice for owners who work in shifts, allowing dogs to play in the dark. The color-changing lights shine like a rainbow through the sky, with red, green, blue, yellow, turquoise, purple and white lights.

 Nite Ize Flashflight, LED Light-Up Dog Disc 1This flying disc is made of durable but soft plastic and is designed for a superior flight while being deformable enough to prevent your dog from being hurt when it catches it. This is another great option for owners who want to participate in Frisbee Dog competitions.

Powered by long-life batteries (included with the Frisbee), the battery is placed in an area where your dog does not bite when it picks up the disc and is covered by a battery cover for extra safety and rest from spirit. Control the lights with a simple on/off button on the bottom of the frisbee.

Nite Ize indicates that their dog’s disc is waterproof, so although there are toys in the toy, washing can be done with warm water and non-toxic soap.

  • Color changing.
  • Canine-safe battery pack.
  • Perfect for nighttime use.
  • Superior flight.
  • Incredibly lightweight.
  • Not suitable for dogs that chew.
  • The shape makes it harder for your dog to pick up from the floor.

Questions & Answers

Are these too small to be used when playing Frisbee with people instead of dogs?

A little on the smaller size.....but you can use with people and have fun!

How do you change the batteries?

I've had mine for over 6 mos and use it for 15 - 20 min. a day and haven't had to change the batteries. I always turn it off after we play. My Aussie loves it but last week was able to bite through it and cause the first rip.

Will the light only flash or stay on continually?

Hello,These discs have a single mode.The light will stay on continuously once turning it on.Simply press the center button and this will turn on or off.Let us know if there is anything else you need.Thank you!Disc Store

Is it softer plastic so it doesnt hurt their teeth?

don't know-she eventually chewed through every frisbee we bought her-even the ones that say for dogs. The bigger issue is that jumping for a frisbee appears to be really bad for a german shepherd, so we are now not doing frisbees and have gone back to special balls that are for dogs, from Elite K9. If you have a dog with strong prey drive, I would stick to balls-frisbees can cause hip dysplasia along with a wearing down of joint cartilage.

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Avatar Reviews  Nite Ize Flashflight, Dog Discuit


So, the description and packaging are both very clear. This is not a chew toy. Well, they're not kidding. We attempted to keep an ultra close eye on pooch as we played with this light-up wonder. It looks amazing and Fido loved it. Unfortunately, after about 10 minutes of play we let our guard down, just for a second. Apparently a second is all it takes for pretty much any dog to disassemble this doggy discus. I'm a big fan of Nite Ize products, this one didn't soar. If you're going to make an item that ends up in the mouth of a K9, put just a little more effort into the durability. Nobody is saying it needs to be indestructible, but a little less destructible would be nice. 3 stars for the 10 minutes of awesomeness we were able to experience. It flies great and the lights are very cool. It'll still work just fine as a standard frisbee for some time I believe.

Avatar Reviews  Nite Ize Flashflight, Dog Discuit 1

Alyeska NC

We have a frisbee-crazed dog that's high energy and requires a good deal of exercise. We try to exercise him twice a day - early morning and again in the evening. In the summertime here (NC) its too hot late afternoon/early evening for him to run too much and in the winter, it gets dark early so we needed something that was easy to see in the dark; this product has been a Godsend for exercising him in the evening.This is not a toy for your dog to play with by himself. The disc is not very flexible and most dogs would chew it up in minutes, and especially because of the batteries and LED component, that's dangerous. But for interactive play between you and your friend, its great.As mentioned in earlier posts, the battery compartment and cover can come off fairly easily with a determined dog. We're considering just buying a bunch of the discs and gluing the compartments closed - when the batteries die, we'll just break out a new one. We're on our second one at this point; the first we bought, because of the design of the battery compartment, when we tried cleaning it water got in there and fried the LED component, even though we took everything out and dried it.The disc flies well and the light show it puts on is awesome. It's cool watching this bouncing light come back to you in the dark; makes us chuckle every time. The dog loves it, which is the most important thing. But you do need to exercise care and make sure your furry companion doesn't chew it up.The manufacturer would do well to improve the battery closure - making it less obvious to a dog (ours zeroed in on the compartment within a few minutes of first playing with it; distraction is the key here!), and more secure. We've worked with him to minimize his intent, but when he fails to catch it midair and it falls on the ground upside-down, his first instinct is to try to pick it up by the battery compartment, which seems to be relatively easy for him.

Avatar Reviews  Nite Ize Flashflight, Dog Discuit 2


My pitbull wants to destroy frisbee's instead of catch and return them, but there's a lot of snow here right now and we needed a toy that won't easily get buried. We go to the park after during dusk and this is perfect. So far it's last 5 times to the park, but I need to take it away from him as soon as he catches it or he will just continue to gnaw at it. He has figured out how to pop the back off which is annoying, but fixable. It probably won't last much longer, but not due to the frisbee or the design. It appears pretty well made. I imagine that dogs that don't destroy frisbee's will really enjoy this. I'm thinking of getting one for us humans to play with during the summer.

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9- West Paw Zogoflex Zisc

If your pooch is particularly hard on frisbees, then you need one that is designed to be extra durable. The West Paw Zogoflex Zisc is made with hard, durable plastic. This prevents the frisbee from tearing like many others and ensures that it can withstand even the most difficult dogs.

No matter how often you play Frisbee or how strong your dog’s bite is, this Frisbee can withstand it. It even comes with a 100% guarantee against dog damage from the manufacturer. If your dog can damage this frisbee, you can get your money back.

Despite its extreme durability, this dog frisbee is completely safe for your pet to use and is not made with potentially toxic materials. It is BPA and phthalate-free, contains no toxic chemicals and complies with FDA regulations. The rubber design is soft on the mouth of your pet and ensures that they can grab the frisbee without tearing it apart.

The rubber is soft and comfortable for both you and your pet. Moreover, it is even dishwasher safe and recyclable. Even if your dog gets absolutely dirty, you can throw it in the dishwasher and it’s ready for your next game.

  • Although some owners have reported that their dog eventually damaged the disc, most were enthusiastic about its durability. In addition, most owners discovered that the disk flew almost as well as a traditional, hard Frisbee.
  • With a weight of approximately 225 grams, the Zisc is heavy; some owners reported that their dog was unpleasant.

Questions & Answers

Is this a soft material? I don't want a hard plastic that can damage teeth, somthing soft like kong-but more durable.

Yes, this is a very soft and flexible material. Very easy on the teeth and gums - tough. Play life for this toy with my husband takes about 3 months. I'll take it away when we're done playing, but he won't destroy it.

How many inches wide is the Mini??

The one I have is 8 in diameter. However, I am not sure if I would call it a \\ mini \\. My border collie is 38 lbs. I also have a bichon that can handle pretty well.

How well does the frisbee float?

9 out of ten times it will float if it goes sideways or upside down it will be semi submerged

Can i play tug of war with my crocodile jaw pit bull with this Frisbee. he don't just give it back!!?

I might say a bit, but it is not a tug toy, it is a throw toy to pick up. It is chewed if it stays with most dogs or probably cracks with excessive pulling.

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Luv My Boys

7 months ago I was desperately looking for a frisbee for our 2 year old lab / shepherd mix rescue dog. He was obsessed with getting a ball and then we tried a frisbee and he could! He just became obsessed, which was better than barking and going crazy with random things, and he became MUCH less anxious and crazy. We bought a new hard one every 2 days at our local toy and hardware stores and a strong bite in one of them would break them in two or he would end up with a bloody mouth of him biting his own tongue when he caught him . It was horrible. I bought a nice one in a sports store. Lasted 20 seconds. The last straw was when he actually bit a slice in a frisbee and when his tongue got stuck in the slice. He screamed and I had to become an ER nurse in the middle of our front yard. Don't think about it too long or you'll be woozy. I had no idea that a Frisbee like this soft Zogoflex even existed until I googled in despair \\ best dog frisbee. There were a few options out there, but this is the one that I went with because a review said it was soft on the dog's mouth. 7 months later after almost daily use, the thing still looks like new. I don't know how it goes through his teeth. How soft it is to fly like a bullet, but not cut its mouth or tongue when it takes it out of the air, I don't know. It has stood the winter. It doesn't freeze, it doesn't crack. It is easy to recognize when we catch in the snow because it is bright orange! This has recorded over 500 hours of collection and digging in the 7 months that we have had it. When we don't pick up, he literally drags it to a garbage pile and digs to it, throws dirt and rocks 20 feet in total while you cheerfully growl at it, turning it over and over again. And it still looks flawless. I just took a photo of it during yesterday's fetching session - sorry it has fresh dirt and drool, but there are no scratches, no tears, no discoloration. (And we sometimes left it for weeks!). We have learned that he is much less anxious if he can bring it in. He doesn't get mad and crazy, he uses it as a pillow or a hug. Quite strange, but he no longer eats the furniture, so money well spent. If you know the person who invented this thing, give him a hug and a high five. Thank you.

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I tested the large (8.5 \\ diameter) West Paw Zisc model with my 33 lb. Cattle dog for 2 months compared to the Kuorle Dog Frisbee, Rubber Flyer Dog Flying Disc dog toy, 9 inch large orange and green (2-pack) Both discs are soft rubber and easy on the teeth of a dog, but the West Paw is much more durable . After an estimated 350 throws on each brand, there is no damage to the West Paw, while the Kuorle is cracked and warped along the edge. I do not allow my dog to use her Frisbees as a chew toy, but she tends to try and kill it if she gets a break in her routine. So her Frisbees get a pretty good workout. The weight of the West Paw Zisk is comparable to the hard plastic Hyperflite Jawz dog discs, which are suitable for competition. It is extremely stable during the flight and retains a straight trajectory for even novice pitchers. It seems that this stability gives it a little more resistance. does not fly that far, but because I do not use it in competition, this is not a big disadvantage Out of seven or eight soft dog discs that I have tried, including rings and floppy models, this is my overwhelming favorite.

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Kim Aaron Green

After reading a few more conventional flying discs with our dog, we were excited to see this toy. We have had good experiences with other toys of this material that endure under heavy dog play. Compared to regular discs, it is heavier and does not fly that far, but once we are used to the new weight and flight characteristics, this is not a problem. The Zogoflex lasted perfectly for the first few weeks (only playing under supervision), but because our dog liked to pick it up by grabbing it in the middle and folding it to carry it, it leaked and as soon as it started it took not long (another week or so) to tear out most of the inner circle (see my customer photo of the product). The good news is that the outer ring of the disc is heavier and the rest works pretty well as a flying ring. I think this works better for our dog because she likes to catch it and, while holding the ring in her mouth, folds the ring up so she can run while she looks through it. If the ring itself cracks, we use the product warranty, but it works great as it currently is.

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As you can see, this frisbee is well used and loved by my dog. First, let me say that if I had left her alone with this toy or toy made of soft rubber, it would soon look like that of the other reviewers. So we only get it when we go for a walk. Until yesterday the Frisbee still flew nicely, although a large part of the center was missing. All that was needed were my dog and her best four-legged friend who played tug of war and it finally broke up ... but this is after they have played with this thing for the past 8 months. They guarantee these toys, but I think they should talk a little more about this, because nothing is indestructible, especially since it is only with a dog, a chewer, a destroyer of toys ... I know I have the pleasure of have one and learned early on that you should never leave your dog alone with something that you want to go with. We can probably send this because they have a one-time replacement policy, but we've got more than our money worth from this toy. This frisbee is by far my favorite toy, she will choose it from all the others first and I am grateful that the new one arrives today and she can finally chew the old one as much as she wants. WE LOVE THIS TOY and I love the fact that in America it is made from recycled, what a great company I look forward to doing business with now and for the foreseeable future! Guaranteed tough dog toy * Floating dog toy * Soft, flexible material for easy picking up * Flying far * Two sizes - Large and mini * Made in the USA

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10- IMK9 Soft Natural Rubber Dog Frisbee

The company that makes this flying disc takes a different attitude to the tendency of dogs to chew their toys. If your dog chews something that she picks up, including the so-called indestructible Frisbee, you will appreciate the guarantee from this company to replace a Frisbee that has been destroyed by your dog.

Have fun with your dog and send him destroyed just play for your free refund or new frisbee. This policy makes this one of the best dog fritters for chewers. Because the disc is made of naturally soft rubber, it will not shave or injure your dog.

These toys are cheap in the beginning, but with this guarantee, it quickly becomes the best buy you’ve ever found. This disc is also easy to throw. The aerodynamic groove design ensures that this Frisbee will continue to fly for a very long time with just a simple movement of your risk.

  • The blue color is highly visible to your dog
  • Doubles as a water bowl
  • Aerodynamic design that flies easily
  • Soft, natural rubber
  • Company will return money or replace a damaged disc
  • Doesn’t fly very well or far compared to professional dog frisbee
  • Too heavy for airborne catches
  • Tends to roll after flying so may get lost in shrubbery

Questions & Answers

Whats the diameter?

8 1/2 inches

Would this frisbee be good for a 80 lb german shepherd?

Yes our Rottie loves his!

Does it float?

Only if you throw it in the water! Yes it does

How do I get my guarantee replacement?

Email them.

Top Customer Reviews

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T. K.

Ive got a 70 lb Pit Bull who loves food and frisbees and tug ropes more than anything. Standard hard plastic discs... 5 minutes and they’re cracked. Red Kong flyers... I might get 2 weeks if I’m lucky and make sure he isn’t chewing on it. This one... a solid week of playing every day, 2-3 times a day, and barely a tooth mark on it. He picks up these soft discs sometimes by bending them in half like a taco shell. That made the center circle of the Kong brand split from the outside ring. Once it split he’d start picking at the opening until he ripped it. I’ve gone through 3 Kong flyers in just a couple months. This blue disc does not have that so no splitting!! Its also thinner and lighter weight so it flies so much better than the other one. I think he can see it better in the air as he’s been much more accurate in catching it mid flight. With their guarantee, this is a great purchase and I’ll be buying another to keep as a back up because I know he’ll destroy this eventually. When we play I use a tug rope toy along with the disc. He retrieves the disc and then has to drop it by me and we play tug for a few seconds as his reward for dropping the disc. Then I throw again and we start over. This is great way to keep your dog from chewing on the disc. By the way, always let your dog win the tug game. Always. Enjoy your pooches! And get this disc!!

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I own a Pit/Mix, and she loves Frisbee, I have yet to find a Frisbee, that she can't destroy! Even the Indestructible ones.....So I tried this one just due to the Price and thinking if she destroys this one I'm not out a bunch of Money....so far so good almost 2 weeks after Christmas and not so much as even a chunk missing!! Very happy with this Purchase.

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S. Kaitukoff

Training our border collie to be a frisbee dog... these are perfect. Light, fly well, SOFT for his mouth. Got two to keep the action going. We never leave the toys with our dogs after play time... these are single purpose toys, and we put them away after use. These are a soft material that the dogs could easily destroy if used as an everyday chew toy. I dislike people reviewing a product poorly when it's destroyed by their dogs when used appropriately by the HUMANS. This is a great toy for the purpose. After use, put it away. If you leave it in the yard that's on you, not the toy.

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FAQ About Frisbees For Dogs

Is A Frisbee The Right Toy For Your Dog?

Illustration of a boy running with his pet dog vector art illustration Is A Frisbee The Right Toy For Your Dog?

Frisbees are best suited for medium to large dogs – these dogs have no problem hunting and grabbing a Frisbee.

Some breeds love Frisbees more than others, especially those who are energetic, lean, weigh less than 50 pounds and have a passion for collecting.

The truth is that dogs of all shapes and sizes have fun with Frisbees.

Admittedly, smaller breeds such as chihuahuas and dachshunds are less likely to jump and catch a frisbee. Unless you do soft, short throws, the disc will land long before your little pooch catches up.

But that doesn’t make a Frisbee any less suitable – some dogs only play with a Frisbee. We spoke to two owners who said that although their dogs refused to play balls with balls, they wanted to get a Frisbee.

Do Hard Or Soft Frisbees Fly Better?

Frisbees made of heavier, harder materials will fly better than those of a softer material. However, this does not mean that you have to select the hardest and heaviest frisbee you can find. Hard frisbees are also inherently more dangerous than soft ones.

They can cause unintended injury, break your dog’s teeth and even seriously injure them, especially if they begin to learn the game. Unless you intend to participate in disc competitions, we recommend that you do not select a hard frisbee for the flight distance alone. Even then, all dogs must first be trained with a soft Frisbee to prevent injury.

How Do You Teach A Dog To Catch A Frisbee?

If your dog already knows how to get it, it is usually fairly easy to learn how to catch a frisbee. Start with baby steps. Throw the Frisbee a few feet away and encourage your dog to bring it back. Many dogs understand the concept fairly quickly, but others may need extra encouragement.

If your dog shows no interest in the frisbee or doesn’t know how to play fetch, your next step is to get them interested in the frisbee. Run them for a few weeks. Bring it in and put it in their bed. Let them chew on it. As soon as they learn that good things come from the Frisbee, most dogs start catching it naturally.

But don’t forget, practice makes perfect. It usually takes a few weeks of consistent exercise before a dog becomes good at catching a frisbee.

Playing Frisbee With Your Dog: Tips And Tricks

Although some dogs seem supernatural to catch a flying disc and learn the game faster than their owners, most dogs need help learning to play Frisbee.

Like every other time you try to teach your dog a new skill, you must abort the activity and learn step by step
  • Start by introducing your dog to the disc during your normal playing time. You want to see your dogs prey bubbling up, so wave it around a little and give him the chance to sniff and inspect.
  • Remove the toy after a few minutes and give your dog much affection and praise. Give it a treat if it is part of your normal training schedule.
  • Return the disc during your next playback session. Hopefully, he will remember the toy and immediately show interest. If he does not, try to seduce him again as you did in the previous session.
  • After a few minutes of playing with the toy, you introduce the concept of the assignment (release). If your dog doesnt know this command yet, have him hold the toy in his mouth, say your chosen command (give, leggo, whatever) and add a hand signal if you want and take the Frisbee. Give him praise or treats, foam, rinse and repeat.
  • Once your dog has mastered the release command, its time to throw it at a very short distance to the disc. You dont even have to do this outside just stay 3 to 6 feet away from your sitting dog and throw the toy away. Praise him for catching.
  • Gradually increase the distance between the two of you. As your dog becomes more skilled (and you learn to throw the Frisbee more effectively).



Congratulations! You now know which Frisbee is ideal for your dog.

Whether you are a dog obsessed with a frisbee, a dog that tends to destroy the collection toy, or a dog that is not interested in collecting frisbees, you can find best frisbees for dogs.

From the toughest dog frisbee that can tolerate much abuse, to small dog frisbees that arouse interest in small dogs that can’t play with large frisbees, to professional dog frisbees for competition, there are all sorts of hard and soft frisbees to choose from.

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