10 Best Dog Harnesses To Stop Pulling That Really Works 2020

For those who like to walk their dogs, they may need more than just a simple collar and leash. The use of best dog harnesses to stop pulling, depending on the size of your dog.

English Bulldog on Walk in Suburbs best dog harnesses to stop pullingIf you are a dog owner, you know how much they want to sprint for you while you walk.

A strongly collar and leash can cause wounds, burns, fractures, and ligaments on the hands.

For the dog itself, this can cause throat injury or damage to the neck because their collar and lead suddenly stop them.

Dog harnesses come in different sizes and styles, which means that they can meet the needs of every dog. As such, it is good to look at the options that you have when it comes to the best dog harness to stop pulling that you are looking for your dog.

But you are choosing the harness that is most suitable for your dog is not always easy because, like anything else, there are many options on the market.

In this case, you want to take into account many factors, such as whether you want a chew-resistant dog harness, a large or small harness, whether you want the rear, front or headrest, etc.

To help you choose the best towbar for your dog, we have reviewed customer reviews and the dog harness to give you the best dog harnesses to stop pulling.

Top 5 Best Dog Harnesses To Stop Pulling (Quick Summary)

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull PetRabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet Harness Adjustable Outdoor Pet Vest 3M Reflective Oxford Material Vest
  • LARGE DOG - Measuring neck circumference: 18-26, chest circumference: 17-34. Let us know when you need help finding the right size for your sweet dog. Recommended breeds: medium to large dogs such as Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc. Make your puppy stand out with this classic black harness!
  • NO PULL, NO CHOKE - Our non-towing dog harness is specially designed with two metal belt rings for safer dog walks. Use the CHEST mounting clip to prevent your dog from pulling on steps, perfect for dog training or dogs that tend to pull. The BACK is excellent for casual walks, jogging, walking, etc.
  • EASY TO USE - This hassle-free headgear is comfortable to put on and take off with its 2 Fast-release buckles. SHIFT the harness over your dog's head, CLICK it up, CUSTOMIZE the straps, and here it goes! Take the upper handle for extra control. Lightweight and easy to clean
15,548 Customer Reviews
RUFFWEAR - Front Range DogRUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog Harness, Reflective and Padded Harness for Training and Everyday
  • MADE FOR EXTENDED WEARS: lightweight, durable and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for easy switching on and off
  • 2 CONNECTION POINTS FOR REMOVAL: reinforced webbing on the chest is resistant to pulling and provides extra control (also ideal for training); Aluminum V-ring centered on the back
  • FILLED FOR COMFORT: Foam-lined strips across the chest and abdomen ensure even load distribution and comfort when running, walking or resting
3,422 Customer Reviews
2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness and Leash, Adjustable Comfortable Control for Dog Walking,
  • Recommended by Whole Dog Journal, the VIN (Veterinary Information Network), and many dog trainers for ultimate flexibility, control, and training.
  • Stop pulling!: By attaching your leash to the martingale loop at the back, your dog can walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, but can also be daunting by pulling gently around the chest. You can control your dog by attaching your leash to the ring on the front of the chest. With the help of a double-sided belt, you can connect to the front and back of the harness at the same time for even more control.
  • Comfortable and durable: the Freedom no-pull harness has a soft velvet lining on the belt that goes behind the legs to prevent ulcers that sometimes occur with tackles. This well-made harness is resistant to daily use by even the most active dogs!
155 Customer Reviews
URPOWER Dog Leash Harness AdjustableURPOWER Dog Leash Harness Adjustable & Durable Leash Set & Heavy Duty Denim Dog Leash
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION - Made from two thick layers of jeans and red nylon for durability and durability, for easy control over your pet. The orange nylon stitching contributes to the strength of the design.
  • PERFECT SIZE - Harness comes with heavy hardware, the buckle that holds the strap to the harness is firmly attached, metal is very durable and rust-resistant, two adjustable straps can be adapted to dogs. But please measure your dog's chest circumference before you order.
  • REDUCES CHAFING - Soft texture without hard edges or buckles to irritate the skin or the back of the leg. It does not wrap itself in a sensitive armpit area where most abrasions occur. It also reduces pulling and pulling your pet's neck and ensures that your pet walks comfortably.
2,989 Customer Reviews
Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power CookwareTrixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware
  • A larger original shape, thanks to the slim design and the abdominal support, moved further back.
  • It prevents pressure in the neck and therefore does not curl.
  • The optimal adjustment of the chest strap distributes pressure evenly on the chest.
100 Customer Reviews
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Different Types Of Dog Harnesses

Cute French Bulldog up close best dog harnesses to stop pulling

When searching for best dog harnesses to stop pulling, you will find several options, including those that are at all suitable for reducing traction, functional training, and even most breeds.

There are different types of dog harness available, you can find an overview of dog harnesses here, but here is a summary.

Harness front or back

These are the most common types of dog harnesses that stop pulling. Often designed for shock absorption when your dog pulls, comforts, and pulls and pulls.

A harness at the front has two mounting points. The first on the back (top) is a standard cable attachment and used as a walking harness.

The second clip often located on the front. Requires a double-sided dog leash, such as a HALTI or Mekuti training line.

The belt divided into two ends, one attached to the top clip, the other to the front clip. Allows the walker to control the dog.

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Not only provides better control over the direction in which the dog will turn but also limits the dog’s ability to pull. Other non-pulling harnesses usually have a back clip (in the case of the Ruffwear Webmaster – two clips at the back).

There may also be handles, such as with a Julius-K9 for holding the dog when reserved.

Head Harness or Head Collar

Dog on porch watching best dog harnesses to stop pulling

Not to be confused with a dog collar, head harness or head collar is a small harness that is attached to and around the head of a dog, with a dog leash directly under their chin.

These are not harnesses, but can be used alone or with walking harnesses.

They go over your dog’s head and are used to control the direction of your dog and to stop pulling, jumping, or pulling while walking.

You can also find our article about the best dog harnesses to stop pulling handy if you are considering a halter.

You MUST give your dog time to get used to wearing the collar slowly, how it feels and works, before ever using it during a walk.

Some training and acclimatization are needed, and this can take a few days, although many dogs do this immediately.

10 Best Dog Harnesses To Stop Pulling 2020

To help you make the right buying decision for your four-legged friend, we have listed below some of best dog harnesses to stop pulling on the market, selected based on features such as comfort and durability, costs, customer feedback, and describing their benefits and disadvantages and why we recommend them.

1-Rabbitgoo Front Range – best dog harness to stop pulling

Rabbitgoo Front Range - best dog harness to stop pulling 1

The Rabbitgoo Front Range dog harness has a simple on/off design that is easy to wear and comes complete with two sturdy metal strap attachment points on the chest and back. The harness distributes the traction force evenly over the body to prevent pulling and suffocation.

The harness is made of a soft, breathable material that will keep your dog comfortable – with texture and padding, along with the associated air ventilation.

The sidebands adjust to the fit of your dog, but there are also four different sizes to choose from; a new step that the manufacturer has taken to guarantee maximum comfort and efficiency.

Ultimately, if your dog’s harness does not fit properly, the other comfort functions do not matter: it does not work properly anyway. (So take the measurements you need!)

KISSABLE Dog Toothpaste
376 Customer Reviews
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There are more than 6,000 customer reviews on Amazon for this harness, making the overall rating of 4.3 all the more reliable. Of the 6,000 reviews, 81% left a rating of 4 or 5 stars, and the vast majority (almost 4,500 people!) Gave this harness a perfect rating.

Key Features
  • LARGE DOG Measuring neck circumference: 18-26, chest circumference: 17-34. Let us know when you need help finding the right size for your sweet dog. Recommended breeds: medium to large dogs such as Golden Retriever, Huskie, Labrador, Alaska, German Shepherd, Akita, etc. Make your puppy stand out with this classic black harness!
  • NO PULL, NO CHOKE Our non-towing dog harness is specially designed with two metal belt rings for safer dog walks. Use the CHEST mounting clip to prevent your dog from pulling on steps, perfect for dog training or dogs that tend to pull. The BACK is excellent for casual walks, jogging, walking, etc.
  • EASY TO USE This hassle-free headgear is comfortable to put on and take off with its 2 Fast-release buckles. SHIFT the harness over your dogs head, CLICK it up, CUSTOMIZE the straps, and here it goes! Take the upper handle for extra control. Lightweight and easy to clean
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE This adjustable harness has four easily adjustable straps around the body. You can use the two neck straps and two chest straps to create a perfect fit for your dog with some room for growth. No worries about slipping or choking
  • SAFE AND COMFORTABLE Your dog will enjoy the daily walk in this comfortable dog harness! Made from durable nylon Oxford and padded with a soft cushion to protect your dogs skin. Breathable air mesh keeps your dog calm during outdoor activities. Super bright reflective strips ensure a safe walk both during the day and at night

Questions & Answers

I am concerned about my puppy squirming out of a harness while he it getting used to used to walking. Can he escape from this harness?

Do not tie the dog from above but tie it to the chest. I tied my dog from above and he pulled himself towards me and the armor slipped away like a T-shirt and my dog squeezed itself off its legs. Chased him for 90 minutes !!

Is the leash clip on the back? or the chest? It looks like both in the pictures.

The clip on the front is very useful for dogs that pull. If you cut at the front clip and pull them, they turn and reduce their desire to pull. The person at the top lets him / her run, jog, mountain climb activities like that. They are more versatile.

Is it washable?

I would think it can be washed by hand.

We bought one and it arrived in a bag without any documentation. Is there a recommendation for How loose/tight it should be for your dog?

I always fit my collars and harnesses tightly (where you can slide two fingers between the straps / collar and your dog. From that moment on, I pay attention to the mobility of my dogs and whether they start to develop irritation at some point or not. If that is, I would gradually disconnect the device, as applicable.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet

the eliminator

This is a fantastic harness once you've adjusted it to your dog. My dog was terrible to walk - he is over 70 pounds and would pull my shoulder out of the bowl if he saw a squirrel or anything else to be investigated / pursued. By cutting the leash at the front (on the dog's chest), when he pulled, he was turned towards me ... which frustrated him very quickly and stopped pulling !! It's great and I can now enjoy walking. For the record, I have tried other methods to make it run nicer first, but this one is the best, because it is very stubborn. The only downside (for the dog, not me) is that he hates it when I place this thing on him. Freezes literally and makes the saddest face you'll ever see - watch the video. I promise he was much happier the moment we came out and forgot everything about the harness, it's just the first time it hangs that he has to make him insecure haha I have used it properly in recent months and it's wet a few times times - much durable, and the clips for attaching a belt are made of metal, so they have to last a long time.

Avatar Reviews  Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet 1


Every time we try to take out our dog, he always wants to run and pulls constantly, even though he suffocates himself! I was very skeptical about a harness; I wasn't sure how the placement of the belt would do everything. We noticed a big difference in immediately walking our dog during the very first use. In the first half of the video, the strap is attached to the back, just like our normal harness, and you can see how his front legs are lifted off the ground as they try to run. In the second part, the belt is attached at the front, so as not to pull; this was only the second time we used the no-pull confirmation with him, so you can see he is still trying to pull something, but the difference is dramatic! (Also, my son should have walked to the left side of the dog, where the leash was, but we were just learning, and the dog likes to change sides while walking) I am convinced that with regular use he is used to it touch and stop pulling. (Of course the real test will be when a rabbit or squirrel crosses our path!) I am no longer skeptical and I love this armor!

Avatar Reviews  Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-Pull Pet 2


I recently had to buy a larger harness for my 7-month-old Husky. The large fit fits perfectly. It is almost at the tightest settings, but she is only one big hairball (as you can see in the photo). She has been able to wriggle out of earlier armor, which was only connected around the chest (which clicks together at the back of the neck). But this is a game changer. I found that their size chart perfectly matches the actual dimensions. The only concern I have is the rear connection point (photo 2). It is metal and has good adhesion. But I really wish it was built the way they were installed on the chest (photo 3). I used a key for perspective and not only is the front thicker, the nylon strap is also. I doubt it will ever give, but I'm going to keep an eye on it in case

15,548 Customer Reviews

2-Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness

The All-Day Adventure is an evolution of Ruffwear’s hugely popular Front Range Harness. Designed to be both comfortable and practical, this is a great harness to reduce your dog’s pulling behavior.

Ruffwear All Day Adventure Dog Harness 1The harness has two attachment points for the tube. The first is a strong aluminum V-ring at the top center (rear) of the harness. It is attached to each cable for normal use. The second is located on the chest (front) in the form of a webbing loop.

This is used with a double belt, such as a HALTI. Both ends of the leash can then be attached to the harness for better control over your dog and to help them train for proper running and less pulling behavior.

The adjustment straps around the belly and chest of the harness are padded for comfort and to prevent wear and crushing.

You put the harness over the head and then cut the straps under the chest. There is a reflective border around the outer layers of the Ruffwear for better visibility in dark conditions.

This is a perfect dog harness, highly recommended in the reviews, and where we have had fantastic results. It may take a while for your dog to respond as you want, but this is one of the most comfortable ways to do this.

Key Features
  • MADE FOR EXTENDED WEARS: lightweight, durable and made for all-day outdoor adventures; Designed for easy switching on and off
  • 2 CONNECTION POINTS FOR REMOVAL: reinforced webbing on the chest is resistant to pulling and provides extra control (also ideal for training); Aluminum V-ring centered on the back
  • FILLED FOR COMFORT: Foam-lined strips across the chest and abdomen ensure even load distribution and comfort when running, walking or resting
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIT: 4 convenient adjustment points for a full range of motion; Easy access ID bag for safe storage of your dogs tags
  • EASY TO SEE, DAY AND NIGHT: clear, easily visible fabric with reflective finish helps your dog stand up against any landscape day and night

Questions & Answers

Is this item crash tested?

Short answer: No. This Ruffwear Front Range Harness is not intended to protect your dog against the consequences of a car accident. It is not heavy enough to keep your dog safe during a car accident. Ruffwear has a special harness, a car seat belt for your dog, the RUFFWEAR LOAD UP HARNESS that has been tested for crash tests and is made of tested components that protect your dog in a car accident. My dog has an earlier version of the Ruffwear Load Up Harness that saved my dog's life when we had a very serious accident when someone at the end of our car ended up adding up my minibus. I have the Ruffwear Webmaster Pro harness (for everyday hiking and easy trail hikes) and also the Ruffwear Doublack harness (for challenging / difficult rough terrain and mountain hiking) for each of my large breed dogs (120 lbs and 50 lbs). I ordered this Front Range harness but sent it back because my dogs could wriggle out pretty quickly. Only the Ruffwear Web Master and the Double Back are flight-proof. Spend the extra money for the Load Up Harness. Your dog's life may depend on this. I also have the Ruffwear Float Coat (my dogs don't move enough water to swim well. Actually my dogs wear Ruffwear all year round, including the Ruffwear Swamp Cooler Vest during very warm weather. During the winter in Snow Country, dressed in Ruffwear Powder Hound jackets and other Ruffwear cooler weather jackets, I swear by this company's products. My other favorite manufacturer of safety harnesses and clothing for dogs is HURTTA. I too swear by Hurtta products. They are exceptionally durable, durable and very well made with quality materials and components. IMHO, Hurtta makes products of better quality than Ruffwear, but the two companies meet my high standards for the health of my dogs - and safety. Hurtta products are designed and made in Finland. Hurtta products are of high quality (which is reflected in the prices that are slightly higher than those of Ruffwear) and last a very long time. e. View their four-legged pajamas. Both dogs also carry them in the coldest weathe r. The Hurtta products are also available on Amazon.

My beagle is 37 lbs with a 26in girth. What size should I get him?

I'd say a Med. they are adjustable so that you can tailor it.

What is the difference in the "2017" version other than color?

There are new colors and they have improved the fit for the comfort of the dog.

I am reading this harness is nylon on the outside but is there any nylon on the inside that will be touching my pup?

The inside is woven differently, softer and lined. Do not know what fabric it is, but my puppy is very comfortable in it.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog


This harness works great for us! I really like it. I ordered a size for my Brittany, Ripley. Ripley is somewhat large for a Brittany, around 20 \\ long and 39 pounds with a 24 \\ chest. The harness fits her very close to the tightest settings. She has about an inch to an inch of strap available to put on at any of the four locations. That makes the harness quite customized, based on the size chart. You can see the fit on the supplied photos. I chose this harness because Ripley is a bit of a trigger, and we have had some problems rubbing under her armpits a few of the other harnesses we tried when she pulled. So far we have not had the same problems with this harness. It does not rub anywhere, so no ulcers. Moreover, this harness combined with a belt with two loops (the type with a short one at the front and a longer one at the end) has done wonders for its pulling. We didn't even have to use a front attachment point at all. The front attachment seems a bit weaker, but since we didn't need it, I can't say for sure if it's a potential failure point. The reviews for the armor when I first bought it were somewhat hesitant. I love ruffles (and I own a lot), but many of the photos for this product have a broken attachment point. It seems that this comes from the older version of the armor, the versions with gray straps (mine is solid pink). The newer version, with belts that have the same color with the harness, has an added plastic piece between the fabric loop and the metal attachment point at the back. This added piece of plastic seems to be doing pretty well in protecting the fabric strap against wear due to the metal loop. If something changes, I will update my review. Overall this is a very nice harness and I am impressed by the quality.

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog 1


My assistance dog loves this harness. I highly recommend the Ruffwear Front Range Harness! (2017 edition) This is why ... It is very clear that they have listened to their customers. When it arrived I was happy! With the 2017 edition of this harness ... they not only introduced some new colors, but also adapted the metal belt hook. In short, they added a black piece of plastic to the area of the metal belt hook. This provides a 'buffer' instead of only the metal itself coming into contact with the material that holds it. See pictures. I have had this armor for a while and have not had any problems with any part of this armor. My assistance dog and I were very happy to finally have the option purple! This is our color! The ID part at the first inspection seemed like a good idea with little real use. I was wrong in my assumptions. Once you have the harness, you will discover that although it is difficult to open the Velcro in this section, this is actually a good thing because it does a fantastic job with today's shot tags. Initially this area seemed so small that I would never get one tag in it. But in reality it is much bigger and longer than I thought. I honestly don't know if that is something that changes (or is different in format) based on the size of the armor you order (we needed the L / XL). However, I appreciate this feature because public access means that my dog must have everything that people tell him who he is, that he is aware of his recordings and the call service to ensure that he is home comes when (heaven forbids) we were divorced. What happens is that all this information ends up around the dog's neck. Having an everyday harness with this feature is incredibly progressive. It is now possible to only have a lightweight name and contact number on his collar. This was a brilliant idea to put on an everyday armor. Some have said that the location is not labeled or is sufficiently large, but it is clearly marked ID ... and if you take into account the area or size of the part of the harness on the dog's back, it seems to be the correct size and easily readable for me. This is also a harness built to have zero plastic or metal parts that will rub against the dog against wear. I can see that my assistance dog feels comfortable and safe in it. I say this because it is really made to be one with the dog ... and not just a piece of equipment that fits poorly and is bought more for the dog owner than the dog. This harness is primarily made with the dog in mind. I think that's why it fits so well and that if you look very closely ... every component is for the dog's greatest comfort. I read a review about a dog chewing through the leashes. I cannot see how this could be a problem if the harness is on your dog and when it is removed is where the dog cannot reach it. This is the responsibility of the dog owner, not the company that made the product. Chewing belts is a direct consequence of a lack of supervision, since dogs will be dogs. What I suggest is to have a consistent location (kept close to where you know you need it or where you use it most), but outside the site or reach of your dog. I really can't say enough good things about this rig. If I had to find something that wasn't that great, it would have to be to get the straps in the perfect fit both front and back. The real reason why this is not that simple is because it is made to be continuously comfortable for the dog, regardless of how it should be adjusted. This can take more than one time, just because you don't want your dog to get frustrated by the constant fit and because you need the time to see how it sits and moves when your dog is moving. Once this is done, you are ready to go. This is really the best armor I have ever used. I can recommend it because I tried it with my assistance dog. And we both love it!

Avatar Reviews  RUFFWEAR - Front Range Dog 2

Anne Masterson

I cannot say enough good things about this armor. I have two German shepherds, both large tractors. The \\ smaller \\ is 70 pounds and my big boy is 120. As a barely 5'2 \\ fifty-five year old woman, they persuaded me more than once when they had to do the start of the walk sprint. I have a beautiful, large, fenced back yard for them to play in, but they showed boredom behavior, such as digging, so I knew they needed more exercise. That's when I found these gear. They have almost finished pulling. The dogs are very nice. It is easy to pull them away from distractions such as having to browse where another dog has been. They are great to stop them when, God forbid, we come across a cat while we are outside. I also love that they are incredibly easy to put on and take off - just head over with two clicks. I have tried other harnesses that have multiple connections that are not only difficult to put on, but difficult to put on. My dogs would fight that, but I have no problem with that, my dogs know that when they come out it means time for walkies and let me easily pull them over their heads. If I had to find one fault, the front tends to come loose a little while walking, depending on the amount of pulling, but that is very easy to tighten and continue your way. If your dog is a tractor, buy this harness. You will be very satisfied! I cannot recommend it highly enough.

3,422 Customer Reviews

3-Freedom No Pull Dog Harness

The freedom no-pull harness is a multifunctional harness with many fantastic functions.

Freedom No Pull Dog Harness 1It has a martingale-like loop on the back so that you can attach a leash to the You can attach the end, and when your dog pulls, it exerts light pressure on their chest and discourages pulling. The other advantage of the back attachment is that you like to go jogging with your dog.

The most effective no-pull solution, however, is the attachment for a chest strap that gently guides your dog when it starts to pull.

You can attach a strap at the back, at the front, or even both to give yourself different levels of control and anti-pull aversion.

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The harness has a soft velvet lining to make it comfortable for your dog and to prevent friction ulcers – a complaint from some people after using other harnesses.

A harness is extremely durable, and the manufacturer can replace a maximum of 2 chewed leashes for free if your dog is damaged.

It is available in sizes XS to XXL and is available in a wide range of different colors and styles, so it is suitable for everyone and every dog.

Key Features
  • Recommended by Whole Dog Journal, the VIN (Veterinary Information Network), and many dog trainers for ultimate flexibility, control, and training.
  • Stop pulling!: By attaching your leash to the martingale loop at the back, your dog can walk in a straight line without twisting or straining, but can also be daunting by pulling gently around the chest. You can control your dog by attaching your leash to the ring on the front of the chest. With the help of a double-sided belt, you can connect to the front and back of the harness at the same time for even more control.
  • Comfortable and durable: the Freedom no-pull harness has a soft velvet lining on the belt that goes behind the legs to prevent ulcers that sometimes occur with tackles. This well-made harness is resistant to daily use by even the most active dogs!
  • Chewing guarantee: the manufacturer replaces a maximum of two chewed tires for shipping costs only. Contact us for instructions if your harness needs to be repaired. Keep in mind that it is best not to leave the harness on your dog while chewing can happen FAST!
  • Perfect for all dogs: Great control, four adjustable points, and maximum comfort and safety make the Freedom harness perfect for puppies as well as adult and older dogs of all breeds. It is also great for dogs with amputations, arthritis, or other injuries.

Questions & Answers

We have been successfully using a Gentle Leader, but don't like explaining that it's not a muzzle. Is this a good alternative?

They have their own brand of no-pull armor that I have had a lot of success with. I also did not like to explain that the leader was not a muzzle. A towbar is not the solution for every dog. I have tried this brand of harness on 6 dogs (I cherish) and it didn't work on any of them. 5 of them respond well to the Premier no-pull harness (the same brand as a soft leader). Every dog is different. I would suggest going to the place where you bought the soft leader and looking at alternatives. Good luck! Also keep in mind that this style of armor can rub on the armpits of some dogs. I do not recommend all our adopters to pull-belts and one adopter used it on the dog they got from me and it rubbed his armpits raw after one walk. Another friend made this happen. These were all dogs with very short coats (Boxer, Pointer). The armor of liberty has padding so must reduce this, but again, it didn't work to reduce pulling for me.

How to measure to get right size I see that seems to be the big thing. I want to do this right. Thanks for the help.?

We have a raccoon dog that takes a big one. The most important thing is around his chest, the harness is adjustable to a certain extent

I have a 50 lb lab/boxer mix with a 29" girth. What size should I buy?

I bought a large one for my 60 pound lab mix (28 '' circumference) and a medium for my 50 pound border collie and my large dog can wear both of them. I found that those were really adaptable to a wide range of sizes, but I would probably go with the large ones.

I have an enormous german shepherd with a 40" girth. where can i find an extra-large harness?

Hi! The Freedom 2XL (also referred to as XXL) fits up to a circumference of 44! Try searching B07BGJZVG1 on Amazon. If you cannot find the desired color on Amazon, we have more on our site. --Caren, customer service, expertise in pets

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Avatar Reviews  2 Hounds Design Freedom No-Pull


I only used this once (just arrived today), so I can't talk about durability, but I am LOVE with this armor. It is a total game changer. You have no idea how hell this process has been. The No-Pull armor just straight up blew me away. Brace yourself, FREEDOM COMES. I ordered this rig a few days ago after returning home from a horrible walk in tears. He just broke me. I thought I was finally going to use a tooth / throttle collar and the failure fell heavily in my chest. I have been working consistently with my dog for TWO YEARS in vain. I used every positive training trick I could to get him on a leash. I sought advice from my usual go-to gurus, following ZakGeorge tips, Kikopup tips, Reddit tips and more. I taught him a command to stand by my side, used super high value treats, changed direction and tried to apply clicker training. We practiced countless times in the living room, around the (fenced) back garden and up and down the driveway. Nothing worked. Now this is a dog that knows more than 23 words / commands and 11 associated hand signals. He is super smart and eager to please. However, when he is on the line and we are in the real world, it is as if he suddenly has the super-human PCP power of 50 men and the attention span of an ADHD child on sugar and crack. He wants all squirrels as his toys (ALL!) And God helps us when we see birds. Yet, somehow, astonishing, his memory is on point. It is as if his excitement is suddenly fed by the energy of 10,000 suns by being at the end of a belt (yes, I tried to wear it out physically before I walked out ... guess how it turned out). I don't get it, but I stray ... Do yourself a favor and consider this harness if you have a trigger. My palms are so raw and my back / shoulders so sore ... I can't believe I didn't buy this before. I will not use the soft leaders and my sister-in-law reported failure with her two non-pull type armor, so I thought I had no options. But this was like walking a different dog. He actually stopped when he reached the end of the belt. He didn't choke himself. He didn't knock me off my feet. HE FREAKS STOPPED. You have no idea how big that was !! He knew very well that the concept of just a loose belt will result in the forward movement of many other collars and harnesses, but this time he really applied it !!! Like, for real for real. Towards the end he was really walking as if he were the somewhat civilized canine he is different. AWESOME! Complete openness: to date, I have not been compensated in any way for my purchase or this assessment (because apparently that is one thing). I watched a YouTube video for instructions on how to use it before the armor arrived as a prep and I recommend that you do the same. Although the video method demonstrates one of the harness pamphlets, I have used method four (both clips on the rear D-ring) because I had no confidence in my control options. I also used as many techniques / tips as possible from the above sources (as I usually do). ONLY advance when the leash is limp and / or your dog is at your side. Make sure you have lots of valuable sweets on hand to reward good behavior. Your mileage may vary.

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To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, because in the past I tried unsuccessful other harnesses. I was blown away by this. Usually my dog drags me. I tie it to my waist because I push my son into the pram. It was a safety problem, because when he saw people and especially other dogs, he wanted to meet them. He just gets so excited he can't help himself. I have consistently trained him on the line for 2 years. Took him to 3 different dog trainers, none of them could even get him to sit down !!!! He is such a good dog and listens well at home, but his love for walks and all beings takes over. This thing has worked from the moment I set it up. I do not know how. I don't even feel a slight jerk on him, even when we see others. It just corrected the behavior and he walked by my side all the time. No more crosses for me or my son, nothing entangled in our leash. Just a quick walk with him next to me. The second day I used it, I noticed that it was even closer to me and there was enough lead on the short strap. I have read reviews that did not like to talk about the dog's head. I think the fact that the back part is overlooked is very simple because you don't turn it around to find out which way it is going, it is easy to see and arrive every time. The only bad thing that is why I gave it 4 stars is the size. My dog is a Plott Hound about 68 pounds and I got a big one. I have adjusted most straps and it fits well, except for the part that is essentially under him and goes under his armpits. It stands in the most loose place and seems to cut its pits when it walks. I don't know if it's supposed to be that way. The band there is velvet and he doesn't seem to mind (he can be VERY picky with things like this and try to get them off). We often take longer walks and I enjoy it now! It has improved his behavior at home now that he is getting more exercise. Certainly money well spent !!

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Alexandria Andrews

I bought this product for my mastiff mix (he is the big black dog in the middle) to help discourage pulling and working in leash ways. He could almost become a size bigger, and if he arrives more, he needs a bigger size. I do not use the belt that comes with the product because I often walk it with our other dogs, so a normal belt works better. I cut a normal strap on the front clip of this product. It works to reduce his traits, especially when he wants to meet new dogs or people. I like that there is a strap between his front legs that helps keep the harness in place. I have had problems with other brands (Easy-Walk, Halti) to hold the harness in place. That said, there are a number of similar products available at lower prices that do the same.

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As the owner of a very healthy happy independent and strong dog, this harness was life changing for me. I am a small person with not much strength in my wrists and walking my dog was difficult and sometimes painful. With this harness I can walk her with hardly any pull, and I can hold the belt through the bend of my elbow or even just one hand, and still have control. It works by pulling sideways, which denies the direction of its pull. We tried other armor, which she hated and tries to chew, because they were not in the right place on her chest. This was the fourth armor style I tried and I will never try another brand after seeing the improvement. The harness fits very well and has a velvet lower band that is softer. She doesn't seem to think about this armor at all. The strap has a sliding wrist strap which makes it easy to hold and operate. We are now on our second because she outgrown the first, she had the green set and now she has the pink set. They are well built. The colors are very beautiful, especially with the matching belt.

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4-URPOWER Dog Leash Harness

URPOWER Dog Leash Harness 1

The URPOWER dog leash harness is a perfect combination of harness and leash to ensure that your puppy doesn’t pull anymore.

It is an input belt that comes complete with a matching 4-foot strap for a perfect solution without pulling dogs out.

There are two adjustment points to get the perfect fit for every puppy, while you can safely hold your pet with two metal rings. This means that while he feels at ease, you will feel safer knowing that he will not break the harness and will escape.

The harness itself is made with a double layer, denim construction for extra strength, so if your dog is extra strong (or simply additional determined), the harness still doesn’t give.

This is especially useful for those snake-like puppies that can chew on the harness while wearing it.

There are around 3000 customer reviews on Amazon for this dog harness, and they have awarded it an excellent 4.2 stars. And while all of that is incredibly fun to read, the selling point for this harness is that you get both the harness and the belt for about $ 10 – a total purchase!

Key Features
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION Made from two thick layers of jeans and red nylon for durability and durability, for easy control over your pet. The orange nylon stitching contributes to the strength of the design.
  • PERFECT SIZE Harness comes with heavy hardware, the buckle that holds the strap to the harness is firmly attached, metal is very durable and rust-resistant, two adjustable straps can be adapted to dogs. But please measure your dogs chest circumference before you order.
  • REDUCES CHAFING Soft texture without hard edges or buckles to irritate the skin or the back of the leg. It does not wrap itself in a sensitive armpit area where most abrasions occur. It also reduces pulling and pulling your pets neck and ensures that your pet walks comfortably.
  • STYLISH AND SIMPLE VIEWS With orange contrast stitching on one side and vibrant blue on the other, the dog leash and harness have a clean, classic look that makes your dog look good in agility training in obedience behavior or dog park!
  • All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to remain in good condition for 180 days. If a quality problem occurs during the guaranteed period, our company remains free.

Questions & Answers

Will this harness work on dog's that have large heads,but smaller necks, like a Pug?

Yes, this harness fits neither the body nor the neck of the pet. The harness is also adjustable.

I have a 40lbs lab /pit mixed it measures 25inch around her chest should i get a large or medium?

You can adjust a large one if necessary.

Is there a medium size and if not - will the large work on medium sized dogs?

Yes. It is very adjustable. It has been adjusted small enough to fit my father yesterday. They could not find his collar for a vet. Buddy hated it, but he couldn't move outside.

Can someone provide exact instructions on how/where to take the suggested measurement?

Hello .... You have to measure around the widest part of the dog's belly. This helps you choose the right size.

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My male husky is quite a tractor. I trained him for dog sledding. However, when we go somewhere else and he has to walk on the line ... it is a disaster. He would pull on his collar and choke so hard ... it was pathetic. I was so worried that he would damage his larynx or throat. This belt harness is perfect for him. It is very wide and I had to extend it to its ultimate length. He still attracts me a bit, but he is much more manageable. We just visited the vets and he actually walked into the waiting room like a normal dog should. Thank you very much, this is a solution for a four-year problem.

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I have had this harness for two months now and it is a great harness for my growing golden retriever puppy. She is now 48 pounds and I have been able to adjust it easily as she grows. This harness is very safe and does not slip when the dog is wearing it. I have another armor from another company that extends when the dog is wearing it, which can cause it to slip out ... not good. It is also attractive to the dog and I love the matching leash. The leash is of good length to keep your dog relatively close while walking. I think it's a 4-5 foot lead that's perfect for my puppy. I have soaked the belt and the harness for at least 30 minutes in salt water, then washed in the washing machine and air dried for its first use as suggested online by the company that sells it. I highly recommend this. My puppy doesn't mind wearing this and I have peace of mind knowing that my dog is safe, safe and easy to manage in this strong, sturdy harness and belt set. UPDATE: January 21, 2017 - My golden retriever is now 60 pounds and this is the only harness that I use. We take long 2-3-mile walks every day in preserves and parks in our area. This harness has held up well and still looks great. Although she is not a trigger, she must sometimes be heavily withheld because we encounter various animals in the wild (alligators, turtles, birds, wild boar, etc.). It is strong, safe and comfortable for my puppy. The large size has grown with my puppy and she still has more room to grow. It is her favorite because it seems the most comfortable for her and my favorite because it is so safe. I do not believe that pulling reduces, but is by far the best armor I have bought. Of the 4 harnesses I bought, two went into the trash because the leashes slipped and my dog escaped, and the other is a towbar harness that we rarely use. It reduces pulling, but the front closure makes it a bit tricky for our long, 3-mile walks. I hope this helps!

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Heidi B

In general I love the product! Very durable and a soft grip. I brought it to the beach and it has been in the water. It is a well-made product. I can use the belt in 3 different ways. The two ways mentioned with the product and also the 3rd way is to place the front part of the strap around the neck and cut it through the body harness with the clip on the strap. This 3rd way prevents the belt from falling under the legs. When used over its full length, it easily becomes entangled under their legs. I am not so fond of moving the handle. I think there should be an option to have a fixed handle instead of the moving one. I think it's a great training line for puppies to learn how not to pull and to stay close to both me and the other dog. Very great product! It works as promised and does not excite the dogs.

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5-Julius-K9 162P2 K9 PowerHarness

You often see these very different no-pull harnesses for large dogs in parks. They are suitable for all dog sizes and are very strong.

The Julius-K9 has a metal ring on top for lead fixings. There is a large, adjustable handle at the top for more control and to keep your dog in place. In addition to grip, the handle can also be used to lift your dog or to help with mobility problems.

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There is a heavy plastic buckle on the abdomen, and the chest strap has an adjustable hook and loop attachment.

A sturdy, strong, and unique type of dog harness, loved by many.

Key Features
  • A larger original shape, thanks to the slim design and the abdominal support, moved further back.
  • It prevents pressure in the neck and therefore does not curl.
  • The optimal adjustment of the chest strap distributes pressure evenly on the chest.

Questions & Answers

Is there a comfort cover for the strap that is located on the bottom of their chest?

No. It's just a belt. Sorry. However, that didn't seem to bother my beagle at all. He didn't rub his chest and he quickly got used to it. Hope it helps you.

I have a 38lb shiba inu but he's short with a wide neck- more stout than most shibes. What size would be good for him?

I have used and measured the size chart for the neck. I have a 55 pound Aussie and used a size 2

What size would work for my 26 lb Shiba Inu?

I would say Size Mini would be good. My Shiba Inu is 20 pounds and she uses a Mini on the tightest setting around. So you Shiba should just be a bit looser.

If only a velcro chest strap, doesn't velcro stop gripping like all velcro does?

We have been using this harness for a year now and this harness for six months. Our dog walks and swims and wears him every day. We have not had any problems with the Velcro grip. It is definitely the strongest armor I have ever bought!

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Avatar Reviews  Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware

Isaac B.

If your dog can come out, you are probably not doing it correctly. I admit, the instructions are not very good (not present) and it is not super intuitive about how things should go well, but it is not rocket science either. I wish it was easier for the seller to advertise custom Velcro plasters through Amazon with the sale of a harness, it would be beneficial for them. That being said, I went with black and glow in the dark labels for both my puppies, and English Bulldog (size 2) and an EBD / Boxer mix (size 1.) I love the large O-ring on the back to cut in the belt, the handles are nice and the harness glides easily over the head. The days when I had to pick up my dogs by their forelegs are long gone and hope that they will stay quiet while I let armor loops slide through their legs, what a joke that was! I can get my dogs ready to go outside in less than 30 seconds, which may have been a 2-3 minute trial prior to this harness. I get compliments about them all the time and my boys look handsome and official. I used the handles to pick them up and pull them out of fights in the dog park. I will say, the big one (75 pounds) was able to keep omini out of his armor, but I have since made it tighter and it has not happened again. I believe I have left much more room for maneuver than I should have, but that already plays in the beginning of my review! I'd order a new one right away ... and I did.

Avatar Reviews  Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware 1

Rosie Nguyen

First of all, BEST HARNESS EVER. I have visited MANY websites and tried SO MANY harnesses. I wasted so much money! But I finally grew a brain and asked Instagram Instagram owners via Instagram which harness they use on their GSD of only one harness that they recommend to dogs and they all said Julius-K9. I ordered the size 2 and I was so scared it it wouldn't fit my 10 month, 78 pound German Shepherd but it does! It has the adjustment strap to make it looser or tighter and the velcro strap on the front of his chest. It also has a Velcro closure at the strap at the top of the harness. I found that pretty neat and handy. I have looovvvveeeee! And I replaced the Julius K9 Velcro label with a label that I ordered online!

Avatar Reviews  Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware 2


This armor met all my expectations, even after praising words from other dog owners. We have English bulldogs that can be difficult to fit, but we have ordered according to the specified sizes and with a small adjustment of the straps, it fits perfectly! It doesn't slip like other gear we've used, and it seems to be comfortable (our boy wore it all night and took a nap to wear it). I love the handle on the top to make it easier to get them in the car. And although I would prefer that there is not Julius K-9 in large letters on the side, I like that it is reflective in the dark (I know I can get a personalized strip to go to that place; I I prefer it to be a reflective strip instead of an inscription, and now people assume that my dogs are called Julius! LOL). It is easy to put on and off, which says a lot based on some of the earlier ones we had that looked like puzzles. With an excited dog that is a plus. We have given one order to test it and see if we like it, and we now order a second one for our other dog. It is great to attach to the clip on the rear seat to protect them in the car. All in all a great purchase.

Avatar Reviews  Trixie Julius-K9 162R K9-Power Cookware 3


This is an extremely beautiful harness. One of the best-made harnesses I bought for my Bulldog. It is perfect for any dog that has no breathing problems, such as the Bullie breeds. I was so fond of the IDC armor that I bought one for my brother's miniature dachshund. He also likes the armor. It works well to stay away from my Frenchie's neck, so it doesn't stop his breathing at all. I accidentally bought this harness and I needed the IDC Power harness and their customer service is one of the best I have ever dealt with. They were efficient and friendly. I couldn't believe how they had bent over to make my buying experience enjoyable. I can't say enough good things about them. I bought the MINI IDC harness for my French Bulldog.

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6-PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness

With this simple harness at the front of the chest, you can carefully steer your dog aside, stop pulling, and focus its attention on you when it stretches.

PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness 1The placement of the belt attachment ensures that this happens automatically every time they pull, and so it teaches them very quickly not to draw while walking.

With the rigging becomes stress when they pull over their shoulders and not over their neck or throat, so it is considered safer and less stressful than many other no-pull solutions on the market. The belts will not strain them, so you will not be stressed either.

Made of sturdy and durable nylon, with quick connectors, makes it very easy to put on and take off. You don’t have to fight to get their front legs out of this harness.

Available in 8 different sizes for different webbing and seven colors, there is a harness for all dog sizes and tastes of the owner.

For almost half the price of our recommended top, ‘Freedom no-pull solution’ seen above, this harness is a fantastic value.

Key Features
  • VETERINARIAN AND TRAINER RECOMMENDED: more than 15 years ago made by a veterinarian; the Easy Walk harness stops light to moderate traits
  • SAFE SOLUTION FOR PULLING: allows you to control light to moderate trails and rest on your dogs chest, instead of their throat, so there is no choking or coughing
  • FAST AND EASY: Adjust the harness on your dog in just a few minutes with the quick-snap shoulder and stomach straps, the front clip D-ring chest gives you extra control over your dog
  • 1 YEAR CHEW DAMAGE REPLACEMENT: If your dog decides to turn the harness into a chew toy, we will replace it for a minimal fee
  • COMFORTABLE FIT: Our patented Martingale loop on the chest piece ensures for relaxed control and prevents turning
  • PERFECT FITTING GUARANTEE: from small puppies to gigantic pooches, the Easy Walk harness is available in 8 sizes and fits almost every trolley
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE USA: Let our experts in the field of help pet products; we are available Monday through Saturday to answer your questions at 1-800-845-3274
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: The PetSafe brand has been a trusted global leader in pet behavior, containment and lifestyle innovations for nearly 30 years; we help pets, and their people live happily together

Questions & Answers

My dog measures 25" across the chest. Is it better to go with the medium or medium/large?

Will your dog continue to grow? These are adjustable and cover a range of inches. I recommend you to use the measuring directions and size chart that is about 1/3 down the page.

What size should I buy?

You can go to the Petsafe website and download a size chart so that you can measure your dog for the right size: http://store.petsafe.net/easy-walk-harness

What size for a 70 lb boxer?

I'm not sure what the size of what you're asking is, since AMAZON failed to show me a picture or give me a picture. I assume it is the Easy Walk Harness. One would think that a 70 pound boxer would require at least one size large or extra large. The harness can be adjusted both through the chest strap and over the shoulder strap. I have not seen your boxer, my recommendation is this, my pit bull is 40 pounds, but she is rather barrel shaped like most pitty's are. I had to make a size larger than a medium. Measure your boxer around the chest. These harnesses are tailor-made via chest circumference. If your boxer is barrel shaped, I would definitely go one size bigger. When I first ordered this article, I looked at the photo on the box, saw the type of dog in the photo, and finally ordered one size too small. So to prevent you from doing the same. If your dog has a wide chest, muscular shoulder or barrel with chest, order the next size up. I really hope this information helps you. I will tell you that this specific rig is the best on the market for a dog that pulls on a leash. My dog will NEVER leave the house for a walk without him on again !!!!!

Does this harness affect the way the dog walks? I want him to be able to run with it on, and don't want him to heel just because he's "forced" to.

Not really ... it doesn't hinder their movement, but it did annoy our woman where her front leg meets her body when I let her run into it.

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Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness,


Our dog is not only an idiot, but he is muscular and uncontrollable. I thought I was 9 years old, he couldn't walk until she is, well, my size, who is 5'4 and none of your business lbs (but less than 140). The use of a belt on a collar or some other type of armor left me with bruises and pulled nerves from the fall of the nitwit and the tendency to beat me in, but holy hell has changed this armor my life. While other armor is a jumble of straps and which way is friggin on? this thing glides easily over the imbecile's head to break under his arms; or, as my husband prefers, the dog can step in and the harness can click on its back together. The beauty of this armor is that it puts the pinhead in its tracks. Like right away. Even my 9 year old. can walk him now. I advise you to really measure, because I have the big one, which fits him well over the back and under his arms, but not so much around his chest. I think this harness is more for training, so your dog friend can learn to stay by your side while walking with him, and then graduate to a regular, ridiculously confusing harness. But that is probably the case for dogs with a brain larger than a walnut. Our peabrain will stay on this armor for life. For the record, I love my dog. He is like that weird uncle who nobody wants to invite to Thanksgiving, but he has to be family.

Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, 1


The Easy Walk dog harnesses were recommended to us by an animal behavioral therapist after we had trouble getting our two adult Bullmastiffs out of control during walks. The behavioral therapist explained that for the regular gear that we had used, the leash had to be attached over the dog's back, which actually encourages dogs to pull. And we already knew that our collars caused our dogs to pull. The Easy Walk harnesses were great and gave us complete control over our dogs while walking, which is extremely important if you are the owner of a large, scary looking dog! Owners of smaller breed dogs and nicer breeds such as labs and goldens expect Bullmastiff and other scary breed owners to have complete control over their dogs, even when their own adorable dogs get completely out of control! Last summer we had a new Bullmastiff puppy and it is superfluous to say that from the first day we brought her home when she was 9 weeks old, she wore an easy harness while walking! We knew that we could not start her training soon enough because for most people she will become a very large, very scary looking dog. In December, when she was six months old, I took her to the obedience course, which consisted of all the puppies her age, but they were all nicer breeds, labs, goldens, and toy breeds. In the course of the class, the trainer provided every puppy in the class, except Molly, with KEYCHAINS (such as this: Sporn Pet Head Dumbbell, Medium, Black) so that their owners could eventually take control of them while they were walking. When the other puppy parents wondered why they couldn't use EASY WALK HARNESS, such as Molly, the trainer explained that since Molly already responded extremely well to the harness, she could continue to use it and she didn't need a head halter! Needless to say I was really proud of both of us !! Before you buy your first harness, I recommend that you go to the manufacturer's website and check the measurements and measure your dog before choosing a size. I enjoyed ordering from Amazon because half sizes are easier to find here than at pet stores, but it can be hard to get the right size, especially for a growing puppy. Molly started with an sm / m and graduated quickly to a medium that didn't last long, then to medicine / large, which lasted her for a few months, and now she graduated to a large one at 8 months old. The prices at Amazon are REALLY good, much cheaper than the pet stores, so keep trying! They are definitely worth the money !!!!

Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, 2

L Church

We have now had this for a few weeks for our 85-pound laboratory. I'm going with four stars instead of five because the size is off. The front clip is the tightest it can go and it is still a bit loose. We ordered the large ones after taking measurements indicated in the graph. I was told that our dog's body type is more like an English-bred lab as opposed to American. Apparently they are usually shorter and thicker, whatever it is. Hopefully that helps someone. Yet I don't think it's possible that he could ever pull out of this armor. So far, we find it just as effective as the Halti, possibly more, and he seems to prefer the clip on the chest rather than under the chin. I am disabled and live in an area with many rude, stray dogs, and this definitely gives me the feeling that I have more control when a situation gets out of hand. We avoid taking it in the rain, but we keep it on a porch that can get pretty damp (SC). Good intentions - but we keep forgetting! Our is an older lab. He has the typical fat tumors that they get over time, right on the sternum, from thuds on hard floors. We move it out of the way and so far there is no barns and he doesn't seem to notice it. So far no barns under the front legs. I didn't fall in love completely, but maybe I'll get there. I will update this if we have problems cracking moisture as others have reported. It is quite possible that I will come back to update to a five. The size problems are not quite there yet, but it is getting pretty close ...

Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness, 3

Brian Aut

Walking in a yellow lab was a bit of a workout when she just pulled - even with a non-punitive collar. She started to respond, but was a stubborn laboratory ... well, you know the story. Fast forward to this Easy Walk harness. The story has changed considerably - after a week in armor she usually walks with a weak lead and responds faster to command. This armor works like a charm.

1,608 Customer Reviews

7-EXPAWLORER Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness

EXPAWLORER Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness 1

Soft and reflective for better visibility, the EXPAWLORER Big Dog Soft Reflective No Pull Harness features quick-drying, breathable fabric and soft neoprene lining, and features adjustable straps with easy-snap parachute clips. And that wide reflective belt keeps it safe even if it escapes you.

The harness contains a durable, welded D-ring to which you attach the leash, which means that you can trust that the harness will keep your dog in line. Or at least the power of harness will not give (however, we cannot testify to the power of you versus your dog).

A nylon handle on top offers more control over your dog while training, so even if he doesn’t stop pulling, you can still stop him until he learns.

Prices/Images/Reviews pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: 11/02/2020 14:40 PM

There are nearly 2,000 customer reviews on Amazon for this installation, and if that doesn’t tempt you, the overall 4.3-star rating will certainly do that. That many people can’t be wrong, and for everything you get, it’s worth the $ 20 price tag

Key Features
  • HASSLE-FREE: With our easy on and easy off large dog harness, you will be ready for your dog in no time. No more struggling with collars and straps over your pets head
  • DOUBLE SAFETY: With a large, strong buckle fastener and heavy metal D-rings for secure strap fastening, with this safety harness you can walk your pet with confidence
  • REFLECTIVE BELTS: Reflective straps ensure the safety of your dog while walking, soft, breathable material plus heavy padding ensures that your dog likes to wear it
  • PULL PREVENTION: Traction is evenly distributed over the WIDE and STRONG straps and then to the body for pulling prevention and suffocation
  • MEASUREMENT: measure your pet and consult our size chart to find the best fit before you order

Questions & Answers

60 lb athletic boxer...which size would work best?

I got the big one for my 60 pound old English, huge chest. Hope it helps.

Has anyone had the plastic clip break? My boxers are freakishly strong; one has pulled hard enough to break a carabiner.

I have a ยฃ 100 Shepard and she pulls a lot while walking. The plastic clip is located on the chest belt and not on the front belt that requires the most traction.

45 pound pitbull. He may get up to 60. What size ?

My Pit Bull is around 70 pounds and the large fits her great.

Will the XL fit a Newfoundlad?

I would not buy this for a Newfoundland. It does not fit and it is made cheaply.

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Avatar Reviews  EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft

Juan Sebastian

There are people here who think that because this item is not called a hunger, it means that your dog magically becomes a docile, fast paced zombie. Not the case, if your dog is not leashed properly, there is nothing human that you can buy to change that. This armor gives you control in emergency situations. I have already stopped several fights with the belt on the back. I have a German shepherd and two pit bulls, I bought one for each. If you have large dogs, THAT IS ONLY TRAINED, this harness is the best.

Avatar Reviews  EXPAWLORER Big Dog Harness Soft 1

Candy Zimmerman

My dog is 156 pounds. He is a mix of rottweiler and amazing pyrenees. This harness fits him perfectly and does not strain his neck / throat. The buckle goes on its side, but I understand why some people would have problems with it, if their dogs are not that big or not so deep in a chest cavity. It would slide under their armpit and probably not be very comfortable for them. If you do not have a dog with an exceptionally large chest and rib cage, I recommend looking for a harness that was not connected on the side. This harness is actually a saddle, but for your dog. Lol, it looks like a saddle. It fits like a saddle. It connects like a saddle (on the side) .. So, if you have a dog the size of a small horse, this is the harness for you! Seriously, since he got this armor, he's really great on the line ... He's improved so much! He always pulled so hard in normal armor. I don't know if he's getting older (he's 4, almost 5 now) or if he's just a bit more relaxed because of the move or what ... But this armor has been really great. I feel that I have a lot more control over him, especially with the handle. Whenever I have new people with me or a repairman or something, I put Alexander in armor and I can stop him if he gets too excited. It really offers more control. I am very happy with my purchase. I definitely recommend this armor to others. It is of excellent quality and I enjoy taking my dog to more places now. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to update with a photo soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Kerry L. Haas

I bought this for my 75 pound Boxer boy. He is a trigger and stubborn when everyone gets out. It's like trying to walk over a brick wall when it's time for walkies. I will definitely not use a prong collar on him and martingale-style collars don't scare him, so my best bet to save his neck was to find a harness that fits his girth. Boxers have a notoriously huge chest in front and their lower abdomen. I had also used a kong harness on him before, but the fit was always off. It would run on him while walking, so it was basically useless and he eventually outgrew it when he filled it. After a lot of research I took a chance on the Big Dog No Pull Harness and it was an immediate change in his behavior. He doesn't mind being tied in this harness, because it only has a neck hole and then the big belt over the lower abdomen circumference that secures it in it. He sticks out a bit now as we walk. It's cute. I'll take that over him and drag me through the park every day and sore arms. I think it gives him the feeling that he is walking with me without a belt, even though he is safe in his new harness. I love the handle. I love the handle! We have wild cats in our park, so when he sees one, I can easily grab the handle and redirect him and he responds to the diversion. I order a second one for my other boxer, who is slightly smaller, so that I don't have to adjust every time we walk them out. So if you have a large dog that is a tractor, do not hesitate to buy this harness. The price and quality cannot be beat.

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I write this review hoping that I can help someone who is in the same dilemma that I was in. I have a pit bull of 50 # and he is always a medium in everything. I measured his chest and he was 26.5 centimeters. Exactly at the tip of a medium and large armor. After reading reviews that the 60-80 # boxers and German shepherds fit great with the large armor, I thought my incredibly short-haired, 50 # pittie with a 26.5 inch chest couldn't fill a large one, so I ordered him a medium. I could grab it in the most loose place, but his poor skin protruded on both sides of the belt. That would not be comfortable for him. So I swapped for a big one, but still thought it would be way too big and he's probably just one of those dogs that falls right in the middle and this harness will never fit him. Well, the big one fits great! It is not even as small as it goes! I like that I can put on a sweater and put on the armor and it will not interfere with being on a leash. No, I'm not mean ... I live in northern MN, where sweaters and coats are common on dogs. So, it comes down to measuring the specified dimensions, they are accurate! And if you are on the cusp / intermediate sizes, please order one size up!

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8-TrueLove No-Pull Dog Harness

We were successful with this no-pull harness for a small dog that was already used to it. They are not unequal in style to the Ruffwear and fit snugly on most dogs. The harness has both a front and rear clip for both general walking and pulling aids.

There is a soft and breathable lining on the chest and abdomen for comfort and muscular tensile strength, double stitching, and buckles for carrying capacity for even the most reliable tractors.

This harness without a belt is available in seven different sizes and different colors. We love this harness, and it certainly helped our Cavalier. Worth to see more.

Key Features
  • 1. Two attachment points for additional checking. This harness attaches to the normal back/neck and also under the abdomen.
  • 2. Handle on the back: better control of the dogs movement and for fastening the seat belt.
  • 3. strong tensile strength, double stitching, and buckles for load capacity ensure that this harness holds back even big tractors.
  • 4. Softly lined in chest and abdomen for comfortable.
  • 5. Consult the size chart image for the correct item dimensions.

Questions & Answers

What size is the neck? is it adjustable? My dogs neck is 30" and chest is 43"

My dog has 16โ€ - 17โ€ chest what size do I buy

To use as non pull harness, in attaching to the front ring, is there a best way to position the leash for walking?

There are two hooks: one at the front, one at the back. You can choose between these two positions to walk your dog. If you want to use such a harness as a non-pull, it is best to use two straps and both rings together. The front one is only a corrective ring. People don't seem to realize that you are not supposed to let your dog walk with the front ring alone.

What size is the neck? is it adjustable? My dogs neck is 30" and chest is 43"

My dog has 16) - 17) chest which size do I buy

My dog is exactly at 27 inches. Should I get a medium or large?

sorry i'm not an expert but i can say i happen to have 2 harnesses and they are easy to adjust. My skinny Corgi carries a small one, and I have a large one at my son's black lab. (50 pounds) very large chest surface since this is a boxer mixed.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  TRUE LOVE Adjustable No-Pull Dog

Stacie or Holly

I absolutely love Truelove dog products; especially their armor. These are the newly designed specimens and are heavy, user-friendly, extremely comfortable with the dog in mind, intuitive (have a belt on the top that is heavy and also a reinforced chest connection for longers / tractors like my boy), there is also a well-filled handle on top. The breast is well padded, just like all the belts, so nothing falls into your wonder boy, but it is also breathable in places so that your fur baby is not in a kind of parka. What's important is because my life is in the Texas heat, where we sweat from our eyelashes. Both my assistance dogs rock these rigs. One is a trigger (and clips in front) and one is not (clips at the top). Both are completely adequate. As a disabled person, the strength in my hands is reduced and I experience extreme touch sensitivity and pain - I can easily put on these harnesses (as far as the harness itself goes, my dogs are really well trained to keep up for this process) and find the padding comfortable for my hand. The 3M reflective accents are great, not showy and are great at night (very reflective). The colors are beautifully bright or rich (depending on the person you are dealing with) and do not look sticky or cheap at all. I have orange, pink, purple and greenish teal (because my dogs have grown and okay, fine - I like to change their style). I LOVE THESE HARNESSES.

Avatar Reviews  TRUE LOVE Adjustable No-Pull Dog 1

Mike S.

Update 10/27 / 19Goes still good. Just ordered another harness for our newest dog in black. Also they now both have the matching collars and they can't be happier with the product line. The original harness is often used and often washed. Color is still clear and reflection is just as clear as the packaging. This is a high-quality armor for a great price. I bought this as an alternative to the soft leader and soft armor. It has the ability to connect at the front for pulling or at the back for normal walking. The handle is great for when that damn rabbit is in the garden and the no pull connection has changed our walking for the better. The large armor was perfect for my 60 lb Shar-Pei lab mix and she seems much happier without the last (no pull) armor that we had that 100% did nothing. The materials seem excellent, super reflective at night. I would buy again in a heartbeat.

479 Customer Reviews

9-Lifepul(TM) No Pull Dog Vest Harness

The Lifepul (TM) No Pull Dog vest harness is a vest-style harness for dogs that, thanks to its design, helps to maintain control of your dog. It is made from durable, breathable, and lightweight materials to keep your dog comfortable. The nylon handle on top offers more control over your dog, so it is especially useful in the early days of your belt training.

The harness has a quick release system that allows your excited dog to get out of the harness quickly. And if you’ve ever tried to get your dog’s gear off while he bounces excitedly to get it out, you know exactly how useful that quick release is.

With more than a thousand customer reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.2 stars, you have every reason to believe that this will help your pet learn to stop pulling and meet all your needs for your walk meets your puppy.

Key Features
  • EASY TO USE The entire harness of the dog vest for integral whole and having a handle on the upper back of the dog helps you keep control and prevent the dogs from pulling you down the street
  • FUNCTIONAL FUNCTIONS The harness of the dog vest belt connector D-ring on the back is not only perfect for attaching a safety belt to keep the dog safe while traveling but can also fasten a normal belt when you walk or drive easily
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY All dog vest harness made of the highest quality nylon outside, nickel-plated hardware, thick material with soft padding underneath, soft, breathable, make your pets comfortable and reduce weather influences
  • UNIQUE DESIGN With an adjustable lock without buckle locked switch and open can also put the harness of the dog vest on or off with your large size dog, even if you are a small woman
  • MUST BUY The mesh section of the dog vest offers total control, fashion style and comfort for every dog, letting you and your pets enjoy the happy time every day

Questions & Answers

We have a siberian husky (male) approx 75 pounds. lots of fur. do i go with a large or xl harness?

My guess would be an M or L. The fur should not make a big difference because the harness is lined. My dog is a 165 pound Rottweiler that requires an XL. There are measurements and a size chart on the item page that should remove doubt. I hope that answers your question.

Can I use this on my dog to pull me on my bike.?


What size should we get for an 80 pound golden retreiver?

I have a lab of 95 pounds, what would be the best size for her?

What size is large?

I bought the medium and it fits in with my mix of German Shepherd and the Great Pyrenees. It weighs around 70 pounds. I hope that helps with your retriever.

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Avatar Reviews  Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest

J. Alexander

I have 2 pit bulls that need MANY walks to keep their energy levels low. I bought a red M for the dog on the left (65 pounds) and a black XL for the dog on the right (85 pounds). They fit well and work well!

Avatar Reviews  Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest 1

Amazon Customer

If I could give this halter 10 stars, I would. My dog Annabelle is incredibly hyper, she pulls me out of the street and zigzagging. For some reason that I cannot explain, she does not pull or zigzag with this halter. She walks like a normal, calm and obedient dog. The halter fits perfectly and is different from all the others that I have bought and thrown away. It does not turn and the connection between the leash and the barbell is always in the middle of the dog's back. It is ridiculously easy to put the halter on your dog, unlike others, that you have to figure out which end is which. The halter is well padded and it seems to me that there is absolutely no discomfort on the dog's body. It is well designed with the wide leash around the chest and nothing touches your dog's neck or throat. It is also ridiculously cheap for the quality. If you love your dog and his well-being is important to you, this is the halter that you want to buy. Janet Adair

Avatar Reviews  Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest 2

gail butterfield

Using for a pit bull that does not run well on a leash, dog / people are aggressive and very strong. The harness is perfect! Very sturdy construction, padding and design is such that it does not cause pressure points or rough spots. Great handle on the back to grab your dog and keep it closed if you have to pull on the leash that is also very sturdy. I don't care if it looks a bit like an assistance dog jacket, it gives me and my dog a sense of security until we control our manners and behavior.

Avatar Reviews  Lifepul No Pull Dog Vest 3


I bought this for our 100 pound dog. I have had some bad luck with dimensions, but I promise that these dimensions are 100% correct. This harness also looks really sharp - just like it appears on the supplied photos. I did not buy this as a harness, I bought it because my boy is now 13 years old and has trouble getting up. The armor allows us to help him by gently grasping the armor and helping up and down. Very highly recommended! Update: our beloved friend has died since I wrote the review and without a doubt this armor was one of the best purchases we had ever made. The quality was excellent, he never tried to finish it, so it was probably comfortable and the colors never worked. I would highly recommend this armor for whatever your needs are. After he died, we got his niece. She is only 22 pounds and I am looking for a travel harness and will check if the Lifpul brand has what we need.

1,181 Customer Reviews

10-Halti Headcollar

This headband from ‘The Company of Animals‘ works on the idea that where the head of a dog goes, their body will follow, in much the same way that we send a horse.

Halti Headcollar 1So with the ability to gently guide your dog’s head, you can easily steer them wherever you want, by focusing their attention on you and preventing them from pulling forward.

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The Halti takes some getting used to, and there is a little concern that if a dog falls out loud, they can tighten their necks, but the risks are small, as evidenced by a large number of people who have used it and left positive feedback behind in reviews.

You must be patient:

You must take the time to let your dog get used to wearing this device because it is a new and strange thing to wear in the beginning. But most dogs take it very quickly and easily.

The Halti is a very suitable and efficient management tool for heavy tractors that we are happy to recommend.

Key Features
  • STOPPING DRAW: help your dog stop leashing with the world-famous Halti halter. The Halti Halter is the first hello halter in the world and is a favorite with both parents and pet trainers.
  • COMFORTABLE and SAFE: The Halti Halter is designed with a safety clip that is attached to your dogs collar for better security and safety. padded, reflective noseband to prevent the halter from slipping away while walking
  • BETTER TOGETHER: for better walking and training without tension, combined with the Halti Training Cable. This double clip strap attaches to your dogs halter and collar for improved control and control.
  • PANT and DRINK FREE: Dogs are full of energy, and panting helps them cool down. Halti Halters are uniquely designed to allow dogs to pant, drink, and play freely while wearing their halter to keep them happy and comfortable.
  • EFFECTIVELY NO DRAWING: for dogs that want to pull the leash quickly, the Halti Halter prevents them from pulling and training again to walk on a leash and steer their body forward usually.

Questions & Answers

I have a 11 lb chihuahua mix, 11.5" neck, 5" snout what size should I get?

We bought an extra small size for a 15 lb. chihuahua and it was just a bit too large. Hope this helps.

How do i know what size my dog is?

Halti sizes are based on the breed and size of the dog. The small dogs are size 1, medium size 2, and the larger dogs start with size 3. I have a large golden retriever with a slender muzzle that wears size 3 and a stocky golden / lab mix with a broad muzzle that wears a size 4. The strap that goes around their neck is adjustable. These haltis are wonderful aids in controlling dogs without staining their necks.

Love an answer regarding sizing - here it says s, m, l, etc but the Halti website uses numbers (1, 2 3). How do the two match up??

XS \\ u003d 0, S \\ u003d 1, M \\ u003d 2, L \\ u003d 3. Great product. It is the only thing that I use on all my dogs.

How do u know what size your dog needs????

The best way is to go somewhere where they sell the same or similar item and fit it. We knew how big our previous dogs were, so it was easy. You can go to a place like Petsmart and try a Halti, but I would buy it on Amazon because it is a lot less in price.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Halti Head Collar, Head Halter


I can't believe how well this works! I have a German shepherd of 75 pounds. She pulled so hard that she hurt my shoulder. I used the Halti for the first time today. The difference is remarkable. First I laid it on her in the house and gave her treats as I led her through the room. Then we went out for a walk. The first walk she tried to shake it off her head, but I continued to give her treats to encourage her to walk beside me. She is on the belt with a slight upward pull. It is awesome! People complimented me on what a well-trained dog I have - this is the same dog that got so out of hand that people crossed the street to avoid this morning. Ten stars !!!

Avatar Reviews  Halti Head Collar, Head Halter 1


This is by far my favorite method of walking a large dog that pulls. In the past, while using a standard flat collar or even a chain with choke, I injured both body and ego when my big Doberman decided to chase a squirrel on my front yard a second before I realized his intention! He was literally able to remove the ground under my feet and drag me over concrete. I found the Halti and that ended the reign of terror of my squirrel in the neighborhood. I was no longer at the mercy of the speed, agility and strength of my great best friend! The Halti works on the same principle as a head harness for a horse, so that a large animal can be easily operated by a smaller person. I couldn't believe how easily I could keep my big man in line! When he pulled, the o-ring would tighten the belt under his chin and hold his head in place by the heel. He soon found out that pulling was uncomfortable and he would stop immediately. When he stopped pulling, the O-ring released the belt and the cinch would come off. When he was good, the armor did not bother him at all. It works great! I also used it to let me cycle while my dog was running next to my bike. I tied the strap to the bar under my seat. I didn't use this on a small dog, but I think it's much better than having a dog choke.

Avatar Reviews  Halti Head Collar, Head Halter 2


I love this thing! I actually bought it twice, but only because I lost it when we were on vacation. My puppy can still open and lick his mouth. So it's not limited as some people might think. He becomes such a well-behaved boy when he insists. He is very young and loves to jump, this really keeps him in check. The only fall is that his snot itches. Lol It took him a while to get used to it, but it's a sort of saver on vacation!

1,697 Customer Reviews

FAQ About Dog Harnesses To Stop Pulling

Who should buy a dog harness to stop pulling?

Little Girl Walking British Bulldog best dog harness to stop pulling

The obvious answer to those who need a dog harness without pulling is owners who have a dog that pulls.

You get more frustration and physical struggle during a walk when your dog is dragging you through the entire journey. Absolutely, but there is more than that. Consider what pulling does and then go one step further.

If your dog has breathing problems or heart problems, a collar and leash can aggravate those problems by pulling on his collar too much. And, even without physical worries, a harness is more comfortable for a dog when you take it during your walks.

Pulling safely will cause damage sooner if he only has a collar. A harness, preferably a harness that has features to prevent pulling, will make your walks more enjoyable for both of you.

For example, handles are exclusive to harnesses and can help your dog learn that pulling is not necessary at all, especially in the beginning.

Are harnesses suitable for dogs?

For the most part, harnesses are a great accessory and tool for your dog. They are especially suitable for puppies and training. How good they are for your dog, however, depends a little on his breed.

For example, a pug needs a harness because of the possibility that their small eyes protrude too far out of their sockets if too much pressure is applied to their necks while they are on a lead. (Yes, thatโ€™s real.) They are also a necessity if your dog has health issues that can aggravate a bit of suffocation. The primary purpose of the harness is to protect your dog against itself; secondary is to give you more control.

What to look for in a No Pull harness?

Dog handler walks with her little dog on a road - two cute obedient Jack Russell Terrier doggy best dog harness to stop pulling

Before we look at the functions of different harnesses that stop pulling, it is worth discussing that not all dogs are the same. The type of breed can be an essential factor.

For example, the frame of a German dog differs significantly from a French bulldog, not only in size but in the length of the chest, the shape of the neck, and the size of the dogโ€™s head. Also, certain breeds may have breathing problems or mobility problems โ€“ so different harnesses may be better suited.

You want a harness that works well for your dog. For example, one of our dogs hates collars and is actively protesting if we ever try to confirm one.

The same can be the case for different types of harness, and you may have to go through a few until you find one that they like to wear.

Patience is also important. Merely putting on a harness does not solve the pulling behavior of your dog. A combination of training, exposure, and a lot of patience from the owner produce the best results.

Make sure the harness fits well and is well made. Poorly designed harnesses can not only fall apart but may lack the power for your breed. Check the assessments, feedback, and measurements.

Why do dogs pull on a leash?

It is a common myth that dogs pull because they want to be the pack leader, and they want to pull them out for you, their dominance is established. That is not the case, and you should not try to get him to follow yours.

The real answer to this question is much more straightforward. Have you heard the joke ask, why does a dog lick itself? Because he can. The same applies to why he pulls on the belt. He draws on the belt because he wants to go faster.

He wants to go where he is going, and we are not as fast as she is.

If you put on the belt, you may not be able to walk faster, but if they feel that resistance, they know they are going as soon as possible, and that is a victory for them.

They do as much as you allow them, they may even think that because you allow it, they do what you want โ€“ you have to train them to convince them otherwise.


We hope this guide has helped you find the best dog harnesses to stop pulling.

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Whether it is a puppy, adult, or older dog – pulling can be frustrating for both the dog and the person walking them.

Patience and proper training are essential, and accessories such as an anti-pull dog harness are useful to train them in a way that will not cause injury.

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