10 Best Dog Training Treats For Get Fast Results 2020

Searching for the best dog training treats can be a very long process. How do you know what’s good for your dog?

best dog training treatsTreats are an indispensable tool for reward-based training. Healthy treats can also be a useful addition to your growing puppy’s diet. We’ve combed online reviews and considered our personal experiences to find the best dog training treats.

Welcome to the world of treats for dogs and puppies! Very tasty pieces that are easy to hold, easy to store, and loved by all dogs around the world.

Some treats are made for long-term chewing and are good for things like crate training. Others treat clean dogs’ teeth or chew and lick them.

There are so many available that you should choose the best training treats for your dog or puppy.

To make your decision easier, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Top 5 Best Dog Training Treats (Quick Summary)

Zuke's Natural Training Dog Treats;Zuke's Natural Training Dog Treats; Mini Naturals Recipe; Made in USA Facilities
  • Avoids most fillers, such as wheat, corn, and soy
  • Uses natural protein as the first ingredient for healthy muscle development
  • Low calories so you can give your dog multiple healthy treats during a training day
Pet Botanics Training RewardPet Botanics Training Reward
  • Pork liver is a strong, protein-rich staple
  • No fillers like soy and corn
  • Small 3 calorie healthy treats make it easy to consistently reward your dog
Blue Buffalo BLUE Bits NaturalBlue Buffalo BLUE Bits Natural Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats
  • Little, soft treats are perfect for training
  • Salmon and Omega 3 help wholesome, shiny coats
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
Wellness Natural Grain Free PuppyWellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats
  • Healthful protein and omega (wholesome) fat
  • Packed with greens and fruit
  • Small dimension for several rewards, which is outstanding for long instruction intervals
Bil-Jac Little Jacs Liver Treats,10ozBil-Jac Little Jacs Liver Treats,10oz Pack
  • Lots of muscle growing protein
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Excellent size for all dogs
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Things To Keep In Mind When Picking Dog Training Treat

Treats don’t replace the time, effort, and consistency you need to train your dog, but they will help.

The key features to look out for in the best dog treats for training are:

  • Size: The treats should be as small as possible so your dog can eat them super fast and not get distracted from their training, so they don’t eat too many calories.
  • Convenience: The treat should fit easily in your pocket or bait pocket and definitely shouldn’t be greasy or crumbly. A ‘clean’ treat that keeps its shape well is best.
  • Healthy: It’s a truth often forgotten that dog treats should be healthy and can even supplement your dog’s normal diet with additional health benefits.
  • Delicious: This is clearly more subjective, but your treats need to excite your dog, or they won’t work as a training tool. Whether you opt for a treat with crunch, sweetness, or a meaty texture, it’s up to you: make your dog love it!

10 Best Dog Training Treats Of 2020

Through all of our searches, we’ve found what we think are the top 10 best dog treats for training. While training, you may want to invest in a handy training book for your dog.

1- Zukes Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training Treats

 Zukes Mini Naturals Healthy Moist Training TreatsView On AmazonZuke’s Mini Naturals are a great all-round training treat that your pup is sure to love. They are healthy, large in size, and won’t break the bank with just a few dollars a bag.

These are the best-selling workout candies in Amazon and have over 2000 five-star reviews!

Made with real chicken with no added wheat, corn, or soy fillers like many treats on the market, Zuke’s are sure to excite your dog with their meaty, healthy flavor.

Salmon and peanut butter flavors are also available if you think they can pique your dog’s interest. They are definitely worth experimenting with.

These treats are also nutritionally good, so you don’t have to worry about your dog taking on the pounds if you reward them little and often (although it’s always a good idea to keep track of how much they eat !). Made from natural whole food ingredients that come from here in the US and even supplemented with added antioxidants, these little treats contain just 3.5 calories each.

In terms of suitability for use during training, their pea shape and readily digestible texture and flavor mean they are a quick reward that will not distract your dog from his reactions.

The treats promise to keep their shape well in your pocket or bait bag, so you don’t get any awful grease or residue on your fingers or stuff. They also come in a zippered resealable bag to ensure their lasting freshness.

Key Features
  • Avoids most fillers, such as wheat, corn, and soy
  • Uses natural protein as the first ingredient for healthy muscle development
  • Low calories so you can give your dog multiple healthy treats during a training day
  • Tasteful, healthy ingredients for a strong, healthy recovery

Questions & Answers

Do you feel these are worth it for BIG dogs? i have a large rhodesian ridgeback but these things seem so small, do u give these treats to ur big dogs?

During training, the dog does not care how big the reward is, only the fact that he / she has been rewarded for a behavior. No matter how big the dog is, I cut these Mini Naturals in half so they last longer, cost less, and contribute fewer calories to the dog's diet. Luckily dogs live in the moment and can't think Wow, the last time I performed this behavior I got a big 1 ounce piece of meat for it! - LOL. I like these because even cut in half, they still have a moderately strong scent that the dogs like although the salmon is TOO strong to keep in my pocket.

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Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

I was about out of the original treats I was using for clicker training, and went in search a couple other brands/flavors to mix things up. Bought a small bag of duck and rabbit, and they were both hits with our 7 year old AmStaff and 5 month old AmBully, with a preference for duck it seems. In fact, our older one loves them so much that when we started more complex training with teaching her the names of objects to grab, hold, and carry on command, she started to grab anything I put in front of her before I'd even said anything! Now that makes it easy to teach her names of things, that's for sure!For those that are interested, I went and figured out how many of these were in the bag since I like to know that information. Kept track of all the treats I used until the bag was almost empty, and counted what was left. Between the two, there's an average of 260 treats/ 170g bag at an average weight of about .62g/treat (They're place on dimes in the picture). The bag itself weighed about 10g. So, for a 1lb bag, that would average to about 700treats/bag after taking into account that the bag itself would be bigger.

2- Pet Botanics Training Reward

 Pet Botanics Training RewardView On AmazonWhen it comes to training your dog with treats, Pet Botanics Training Reward dog treats are some of the best. They are very small, making them a perfect workout. Why would you ask that? Because when you train your dog, you want to give them enough mini rewards. Too many big treats can upset their stomach and cause unhealthy weight gain.

The ingredients in this world training rewards for training are great, but let’s start with what’s not in it. There are no fillers like corn and soy that many other brands sell. Fillers are bad for two reasons. 1) They are tasteless to your dog, and 2) they lead to unwanted weight gain. Fillers are also an inexpensive way for companies to charge you more money.

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Pet Botanics Training Reward treats start with pork liver as the main ingredient. Dogs need protein for healthy muscle growth, making this training treats an excellent choice. These healthy treats for dogs also have dried eggs, sweet potato, bacon, and a load of vegetables to keep your dog healthy and attentive.

Dog liver treatment is filled with vegetables to improve your dog’s energy level and cognitive function. They also avoid all common fillers.

Key Features
  • Pork liver is a strong, protein-rich staple
  • No fillers like soy and corn
  • Small 3 calorie healthy treats make it easy to consistently reward your dog
  • Packed with healthy vegetables to keep your dog energized and healthy

Questions & Answers

Are these treats made in the USA, or in China ???

Yes, the Training Rewards are made in the United States.

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Avatar #askmisspatience


As a disabled vet I was given a new mission. Help train my service dog.Prior to getting the dog I did LOTS of research. From type of food to give a German Shepherd to where to train and what to train with. The puppy trainer mentioned Pet Botanics during our interview. This is the brand she uses. What I didn't ask is what size to buy. Ignorance chose the large. With treats size matters. More 'bout this in a moment.I'm typically an all organic person for myself. This is the quality I'd like to offer the dog. When I read the ingredients I was very pleased. I know it's not organic, but the quality of effort put into making the ingredients come together encouraged me to say yes to trying them.From the moment we met it was love. Or, was it the fact I had this smudged on my fingers from making tinier pieces. :)At eight weeks, and the second smallest of seven boys, required a tinier nibble. I would NOT recommend the regular size for puppies or small dogs. Due to choking potential. He's 40 lbs now and still has a tough time during training to not get at least one mini size caught in his throat in between activities. I don't notice unless he starts gagging at some point during sessions.ZanderBlue Ahron Van Helsing LOVES these treats. From our first day together, he would walk beside me, sit when I stopped, heeled, slept without a single complaint. The list of how these treats encourage adaptable behaviors for him are remarkable.I did a lot of study prior, and our trainers have been immensely helpful with tweaking technique in how to offer guidance as he learns to work with me as a team. Or, as I like to say, he'll do anything I ask if I know how to ask. Well, with these treats it's always a YES from him. He even won Simon Says on Graduation Day at puppy training school during the showdown round. These treats are a total hit with him.Since the first purchase and use on July 11th (It's now September 7th), I've bought this product multiple times. This particular bag was our second order. I have since bought three flavors in mini bite sizes: Bacon, Beef, Chicken. The larger regular size pieces interfere with the flow of training because he had to spend time chewing, and also sometimes larger pieces got stuck in his throat as mentioned.For the folks thinking, "Why not keep breaking the large apart?" A few reasons: 1- Why would I buy a product I have to work at using when we go through at least a bag a week of the mini's, 2- safety for him from choking hazard, 3- price point is similar between large and small 4- if you are training daily you probably wouldn't be asking this question. Beginners, take my word for it and that of ZanderBlue go Mini's for beginners, and intermediate training. Larger dogs larger pieces is a win win.I believe the larger size work best for larger dogs based on training experiene. I'd recommend these in 'Mini' size for small and medium dogs to complete successful regular use with training.

3- Blue Bits Training Dog Treats

 Blue Bits Training Dog TreatsView On AmazonPuppies can not chew really challenging treats, and the globe-well-known BLUE brand understood it. With these soft puppy coaching treats, youthful pups can effortlessly get pleasure in them without having possessing to chew for lengthy.

The goodness of these soft treats for puppy instruction does not just quit at the texture — they are fortified with the two omegala six and omega-three fatty acids for much more healthy skin and shinier coat! Docosahexaenoic acid (usually referred to as DHA) is important in the advancement of the puppy’s brain and cognitive functions (and there are lots sufficient in these tiny pup instruction bites!)

The initial ingredient is beef, and there are entirely no chicken by-goods or poultry meal, as well as no corn, wheat, and soy. A single deal has three.5kcal, which is most definitely incredible if you are offering out plenty each and every and each and every day.

Key Features
  • Little, soft treats are perfect for training
  • Salmon and Omega 3 help wholesome, shiny coats
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

Questions & Answers

Are these soft? My senior dog doesn't have much teeth left.

The treats are soft my senior puppy really likes them.

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Avatar SindyLee


I purchased two of these. They were add-on items, meaning they were at a discounted price when you have items in your cart totalling $25 to make the shipping worth it. My pup absolutely loves these. She gets these when she’s been good or when she’s bored and I fill up her little Kong toy with them. It’s a great way to give her a toy for a half hour as she figures out how to get them out. They smell like a dog form of beef jerky so my dog is always interested in eating them. They are all natural from a great brand. This is the only brand I feed my dog and she is super healthy, very energetic, has a great fur coat and is a happy girl all around. I would recommend these. Target (and other stores) normally sell them for around $4.99 and amazon constantly has sales on these with prime shipping. This purchase as add ons made them a little over $2 each.

4- Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training Treats

 Wellness Natural Grain Free Puppy Training TreatsView On AmazonCoaching a puppy can be 1 of the most rewarding and bonding experiences. It’s vital to give your canine a deal with when they do something great. Wellness puppy bites are an ideal meals alternative for smaller sized canines and youthful puppies for many leads to.

The size and shape of the Wellness puppy bites are very crucial. Provided that they have smaller sized mouths and throats, healthy treats can not also be bulky or dense. These all-natural puppy treats for instruction are amazingly tiny squares, producing them a superb alternative for smaller sized dogs. Feeding them multiples of these Wellness All-organic Grain Free of charge Puppy Instruction Treats is a substitute as effectively because they are low calorie.

The organic elements in these Wellness puppy bites and coaching treats for canines are what tends to make them a top contender on the checklist. They are created of salmon, lamb, chicken, apples, and numerous a good deal much more healthful components. You can pick from a number of various options for dogs, to select exactly what your canine is consuming.

Wholesome components are incredibly essential, particularly in an expanding puppy. They want a high amount of protein and wholesome fats for strong muscle and bone growth. An additional fantastic part about the Wellness All-organic puppy instruction treats is the reality that they use no fillers. Just pure, healthful, all-natural elements.

Omega fats are necessary for brain advancement and for right heart functioning. Feeding your puppy, these puppy bites is a fantastic way to introduce omega fats into their diet program plan.

Key Features
  • Healthful protein and omega (wholesome) fat
  • Packed with greens and fruit
  • Small dimension for several rewards, which is outstanding for long instruction intervals
  • Many tastes and ingredient alternatives for canines, to choose precisely what’s in your dog’s diet plan strategy

Questions & Answers

Is this considered grain free?

It says made with wholesome grains, so no, not grain free of charge.

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Avatar PattyT


My Yorkie is no longer a puppy at 4 years old but she likes very small chewy treats. She has been gaining weight because the treats I give her are larger and I thought these Wellness Soft Puppy Bites may be a good treat for her IF she liked them. She is oh so picky. This bag of treats is small but there are quite a few little square softish treats in there. They are a bit bigger than a dime (see photo) and soft. It doesn't take much to chew these. Obviously for little puppies that is ideal.The ingredients are quite good with lamb and salmon being the first two. These are quite healthy and small enough that they won't pack on the pounds even if I give my dog a few a day. the price is steeper than mega bags of treats but with questionable ingredients so I am OK with it. I especially would be careful if my dog were still a puppy as their digestive systems are still developing.I have not had any issues with my dog having watery stools or gas as I have read in some reviews. It may be because she is older or it just may be how some dogs and puppies react to certain ingredients. My dog loves these treats and is happy with two or three a day. I wish I could buy them in a bigger quantity but I suppose that would defeat the purpose of keeping my dog's treat level down so she doesn't get fat. I am pleased with these for the ingredients and my dog loves them for the texture and taste. I would feed a puppy these treats and feel good about it. Naturally, if the puppy had any digestive side effects, I would stop using them. But if not, I would treat my puppy without guilt because these are healthy snacks.

5- Bil Jac Little Jacs Small Dog Treats

 Bil Jac Little Jacs Small Dog TreatsView On AmazonComparable to puppies, tiny and toy breeds of dogs tend to struggle with typical-sized training treats or biscuits. Instruction treats for tiny canines must be soft, chewy, and little. This is the only way for them to be capable of considering pleasure in them swiftly so the coaching can carry on without having as well significantly of a break for them to break down their reward.

Bil-Jac has made possible the absolute very best small canine training treats with these Small-Jacs. They are packed with above 25% of proteins, a balanced 10% of extra excess fat, and no a lot more than two% of fiber material. There is no gluten meals or additional rendered excess fat.

Top-quality is vital right here given that the three extremely initial components are chicken liver (very great!), chicken (great!), and chicken meal (excellent.) This is not a gourmet puppy treat, but it is certainly recommended for everyday use, and it is properly shaped for little mouths and digestive tracts.

Key Features
  • Lots of muscle growing protein
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Excellent size for all dogs
  • Scrumptious taste to reward your puppy

Questions & Answers

Is this product made in the USA?

in accordance to their website: Produced by Kelly Food items Corp., Berlin, MD. 21811. Solution of USA. Obtainable only via Bil-Jac® pet specialists. (Not accessible in grocery stores).

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Avatar Eugene C

Eugene C

I was skeptical of the quality of an online purchased dog treat, primarily a freshness/staleness concern, but these were still very fresh and high quality soft-chew treats that our miniature poodle loves. Our dog has learned the word "treat" and will salivate whenever he earns one and hears us say "treat!"

6- Crazy Dog Train Me Training Reward Mini Dog Treats

 Crazy Dog Train Me Training Reward Mini Dog TreatsView On AmazonIf your canine demands considerably longer instruction sessions, a.k.a. needs many more treats, then examine out the Crazy Puppy Train-Me mini treats. They have only 1.5 calories per deal, which is some of the lowest we’ve found on the marketplace. Your canine will not get full on these, which aids make them excellent for retaining them fired up for a great deal much more.

These instruction treats for canines are packed with large-protein ingredients and include zero fillers. Provided that they are so small, incorporating any additional fillers would completely alter the taste. Provided that the company appears proper following your pet in each way, they did not add any corn or other regular fillers.

With these instruction treats, you can select amid bacon, chicken, beef, and salmon as the major ingredient. All of these components are excellent for expanding puppies and retaining their concentrate with the tasty taste.

Children adore canines, but it can be truly intimidating to begin interacting with 1. These little pet treats are outstanding for youngsters to feed to a puppy to assist them to see that dogs genuinely are man’s very very best pal. Crazy puppy even has it printed on their label that their treats are an excellent way to introduce your child to a puppy in a pleasant atmosphere.

These treats are incredibly decreased in calorie count, which implies you can feed them a bunch of them during a coaching session. As well as large of a deal with can lead to undesirable bodyweight acquire.

Key Features
  • Several tasty flavors to choose from
  • No fillers or artificial components
  • Only a single.5 calories, which will not fill your dog’s abdomen
  • Ideal to help introduce a youngster to your canine in an entertaining way

Questions & Answers

Do the treats need to be refrigerated?

I in no way refrigerate them and they do fine

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Avatar Stephany Renae

Stephany Renae

My dog will do literally anything for these. She is so obsessed she will hold her pee until someone is paying attention just to be sure she doesn't miss out on a treat. These started off as potty training treats for us but now we also use them to get her to learn commands and tricks. Her breed is notoriously stubborn but if these treats are involved, she picks things up amazingly fast. She was potty pad trained in less than 2 days, lays on her back to be wiped up on command, sits, stays, drops it, shakes, finds it and follows several other voice commands at 4 months old. The only negative thing I can say is that when we stopped giving her these treats after awhile, she stopped doing what she was supposed to until treats were reinstated.

7- Wellness Wellbites Soft Natural Dog Treats

 Wellness Wellbites Soft Natural Dog TreatsView On AmazonJust like Zuke’s, the Wellness websites are an excellent all-round coaching deal with wholesome, fairly priced, and irresistibly tasty.

The taste and taste of these wholesome treats are positive to catch your dog’s eye: Each of the solution lines is developed with grains, fruits, greens, and two varieties of fresh American meat.

Flavors obtainable have beef and turkey chicken and lamb chicken and venison turkey and duck and lamb and salmon.

Boasting credentials of a hundred % wheat completely free with no extra corn, soy or artificial colors and flavors, these treats would be perfect for canines struggling from allergic reactions.

The Wellness WellBites would definitely be a simple addition to your training arsenal as they are soft and chewy. Although they are not as properly sized as Zuke’s over, they are effortlessly divided into the smaller sized portions essential for productive instruction.

Key Features
  • Grain totally totally free
  • Include two types of fresh meat
  • Premium, all-natural components
  • No corn, soy, artificial colors, or flavors
  • Made in the USA.

Questions & Answers

How long does the product last?

Hello,My puppy loves it so much it does not last for long. But I feel in accordance to its label it would expire in a month after opening it. Regards

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Avatar Ellen Ross

Ellen Ross

I have a Dachshund who will turn 20 (God willing) in June. He has no teeth left - he spent 8 years in a puppy mill receiving no medical attention. However, he continues to thrive now that his needs are being met. These are the only treats I will give him. Sure I can get cheap soft treats in the supermarket with all their artificial colors and ingredients but at this stage of his exceptionally long life, he deserves the very best. Hey, maybe these treats are keeping him going? Who knows? He loves them, gums down without difficulty and is overall a happy camper.

8- Smokehouse 100% Natural Beef Munchies

 Smokehouse 100% Natural Beef MunchiesView On AmazonMost instruction treats are relatively little and do not truly suit huge or giant puppy breeds: they just do not genuinely feel them and can barely feel their taste. Not that desirable for what’s meant to be an enticing reward!

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As an alternative, larger canines ought to be rewarded making use of biscuit-sized instruction treats. However, most common-sized treats are complete of wheat, grains, and lowered-high quality carbohydrates.

These Smokehouse Beef Munchies For Canines are nearly ideal for big canines: they are produced from beef and only feed, nothing else. It is a hundred% beef lungs which are actually tasty for our canines (thank the Lord cows do not smoke cigarettes, ha!) And this is the only ingredient on the checklist.

The beef jerkies have been slowly roasted and air-dried in purchase to reach the optimum texture and consistency. They can be stored for a long time just because of their extremely reduced water content material and their palatability is that of beef, so rather hard to beat.

For instruction functions, I would propose you to lower them in smaller sized bits on the reception of the package deal. That way you are not providing away also significantly to your canine and can make a single bag last longer. These are produced in the United States so do not be concerned about manufacturing and hygiene requirements!

Key Features
  • One hundred% natural
  • No additives, preservatives, or colors
  • Large protein treats
  • Made in the USA.

Questions & Answers

Where are these made? Where are they from?


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Avatar Sheila Nolan

Sheila Nolan

I've been giving this style of lung treat for a long time, but I have recently had some problems with the companies I order them from either being out, having a brand I don't trust, or not having this particular size ( which happens to be perfect for my needs) I was THRILLED to find them on amazon, by the right maker and priced at such an incredible price that I thought I must be dreaming. I ordered as many as I was allowed and will be buying more today of they are still available. My dogs love them, they are low in calories, easy to break down into smaller treats for pups and puppy kits, they are not bad smelling ( compared to many natural treats) and the cruchy texture helps to get tartar off teeth. If it were possible to give 10 stars that's what I would give.

9- Dingo Soft And Chewy Beef And Chicken Training Treats

 Dingo Soft And Chewy Beef And Chicken Training TreatsView On AmazonThe Dingo Soft and Chewy instruction treats are virtually certainly the smallest ones on the listing. They are smaller sized than a capsule pill, and they are fantastic for repetitive mini rewards. These treats also have a tasty all-all-natural smoke flavor that your canine can smell from a mile away. With this type of a robust taste and aroma, your dog is bound to want to discover out.

These puppy instruction treats are created with actual beef and chicken. In contrast to a lot of other brands that mimic these flavors with artificial flavoring, these ones proceed to be all-organic. There is also garlic oil, for a more powerful aroma and taste. Once again, these taste-packed treats will maintain your puppy coming back for much a lot more. Nothing at all keeps a puppy motivated like delicious treats.

Back in the ’90s, a dog named Dingo loved to chew on anything at all in his way. His owner, Les, made the choice that the best way to stop him from performing this was to feed him chewy treats as nicely as supplying him with an indestructible puppy toy to chew in the meantime. Canines and puppies adore chewing, which is why they chew our footwear and wallets. Les figured that the really greatest way to deal with this difficulty was to give Dingo, particularly what he required: puppy chews!

Key Features
  • Produced with real beef and chicken
  • Robust flavors and aromas to preserve your puppy coming back
  • Amazingly tiny dimension for repetitive coaching rewards
  • Chewy texture to give your canine exactly what they truly like

Questions & Answers

Are these soft enough to hide medicine tablets in?

No, these are not intended for hiding medication in and almost certainly are not soft sufficient for that objective. For a lot more help make contact with Dingo at PetSupport@spectrumbrands.com.

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Avatar JW


Both of my dogs love these, so that pretty much says everything that needs to be said. One of them also happens to be a finicky eater... usually not where treats are concerned, but he has been known to turn up his nose to treats on occasion. Not these, though.The other dog is anything but finicky. He's at the other end of the spectrum and has a weight problem. Hence, I don't give my boys anything with more than a 6% crude fat rating in the Guaranteed Analysis, and these treats come right in at 6%, so they're just fine for the "big boned" canine.These treats are tiny sized. Perfect for training without filling up your furry friend, though I have a hard time imagining a large dog caring about something as tiny as these treats; but if it works, great! And you can always give more than one to reward good behavior if necessary. Bottom line, the dogs love 'em, so they should be an excellent motivator for training sessions.

10- Purebites Beef Liver Dog Treats

 Purebites Beef Liver Dog TreatsView On AmazonPurebites have nailed it with these all all-organic liver puppy treats. As always with their items, leading top quality, taste and taste is paramount, consequently the slightly greater price tag.

These are (higher-quality’ rewards, created with a single ingredient: a hundred% organic, USDA inspected beef liver. Turning out to be this type of high quality and so tasty, you should use these sparingly during instruction as a large value reward.

Made in the USA from a single ingredient, these are assured to be gluten and grain totally free of charge with no fillers. Relatively just wholesome and delicious.

These are only 10 calories per deal with, but if you want to deal with substantially less each time they are super easy to break into smaller sized, a lot more rapidly ate chunks which will not distract your pup for also lengthy in the course of instruction.

As you can anticipate with this kind of large-top high-quality treats as these, they are delivered to you freeze-dried in an airtight bag to assure their freshness and flavor. Your puppy will really like them!

Key Features
  • Produced using a delicate freeze-drying process
  • Fresh, raw beef liver
  • Larger in protein
  • Just 5 calories per deal with
  • A hundred% the pure USA sourced
  • Resealable bag keeps treats fresh

Questions & Answers

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Avatar Shannon


I am a huge fan of using freeze-dried liver for training treats. I have bought another brand and they are difficult to break into smaller pieces to make them bite sized for smaller pups and also quicker to eat for faster training. NOT THIS PRODUCT!!! The purebites are thinly sliced and easy to break up into smaller pieces! These treats are great because they rarely cause stomach upset and are made up of 1 ingredient only. They are also great because they are not high calorie so you can give copious amounts during training. Other training treats get dry and crumbly, whereas these treats maintain their integrity. Just avoid moisture or high humid environments if you are not sealing the bag adequately. As a dog trainer, I highly recommend this product.

FAQs About Dog Training Treats

Here are a few frequently asked questions about dog training treats and their answers.

Why should you use treats for dog training?

Treats make training fun and easy. While it’s perfectly possible to train dogs without treats, it can be much more difficult.

Treats are an easy way to tell your dog: (YES! That’s what I want you to do! Do it again!)

As soon as your dog finds out he needs to be alone to sit when you say (sit), and he delivers liver, then you are golden brown.

Treats and hand-fed dogs are also helpful for bonding. Your dog will start to trust you and will happily work with you if you are a constant source of good things.

How many dog training treats per day maximum?

There is no maximum but you must ensure that you factor in the number of treats given to your dog in your dog’s meals for the day. If you do a lot of training on weekends, reduce the overall meal portions so it remains balanced.

If you are training your dog a lot every day, you do want to invest in protein-rich puppy training treats rather than carb-filled ones. This is to mimic and improve your dog’s overall diet. Liver dog treats are great for intensely trained dogs.

What kind of treats to use for dog training?

Dog treats are unique from other types of treats. Ordinary milk bones and other great treats are not, as they can cause all kinds of weight gain and health problems. So what can you use for dog training treats?

As for size, you need smaller dog treats for training sessions. If you teach your dog a new trick or lesson, reward him several times so he knows he is doing a good job. Smaller, low-calorie treats are your best option. All of the dog options on the list are relatively small and great for these extensive training sessions.

You also want to make sure the treats are high in protein. Fortunately, most of the treats on the list have protein as their first ingredient. Sources such as salmon, chicken, and beef are excellent options for dogs.

How to use puppy training treats at a young age?

Puppies should undergo several hours of training every day during their first months of age. They will consequently receive a larger amount of treats so the quality of the treats matters a lot more than for adults. Proportionally, puppy training treats will represent a bigger percentage of your pup’s daily calorie intake.

Prefer single-animal sources and higher levels of proteins over cheap carb-based training treats for puppies. They may be slightly pricier but by not much, especially when bought in bulk.


It is known that dogs always like to be rewarded. They live to make you happy and love to give them healthy, natural treats.

It is important to feed your dog healthy food, especially if it is a puppy.

Training treats are the best way to reward your dog and teach him new tricks or behaviors. They are specially made to be eaten in large quantities so they don’t gain weight. Reward your dog for learning with some delicious all-natural dog training treats.

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