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Best Dog Food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks: Top Picks (2024)

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best dog food for rhodesian ridgebacksStepping into the wilderness with a loyal Rhodesian Ridgeback hunting companion by your side is an experience like no other. These courageous canines possess powerful, agile bodies and impressive tracking abilities that were once used to hunt lions.

To ensure their optimal health, you need to provide them with nutritious meals – which is why we’ve done extensive research on the best dog food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks so you don’t have to! We’ve reviewed six of our favorites and will share our top picks at the end of this article.

The first step in finding great dog food for your four-legged friend is understanding what ingredients are found within it – only then can you determine how healthy any given product may be.

Additionally, considering potential health issues associated with these breeds such as hip or elbow dysplasia means taking note of how much protein he needs throughout his life stages – from puppyhood through adulthood – in order to remain fit and active while staying happy and healthy all along the way!

Key Takeaways

  • Rhodesian Ridgebacks require high-quality protein sources like deboned chicken or beef.
  • Choose a balanced nutrition formula with at least 24% crude protein.
  • Consider age-specific dietary needs for puppies, adults, or seniors.
  • Pay attention to ingredient quality and avoid low-quality by-products.

10 Best Dog Foods for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Finding the right dog food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback can be a challenge. There are many high-quality options available on the market today, such as American Journey Large Breed Chicken Rice Vegetable Dog Food, Nulo Freestyle Turkey Sweet Potato Puppy Food, Grain-Free Beef Vegetable Dog Food, Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dog Food, Wellness CORE RawRev Wild Game Lamb Dog Food, Orijen Senior Dog Food, Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy Food, Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken Instinct Raw Boost Puppy Chicken Freeze-Dried, and Nutro Natural Choice Lamb Brown Rice Large Breed Dog Food.

1. American Journey Large Breed Chicken Rice Vegetable Dog Food

American Journey Protein & GrainsView On Chewy
For adult Rhodesian Ridgebacks, American Journey’s Large Breed Chicken Rice Vegetable Dog Food provides an optimal combination of high-quality protein, nutrient-rich vegetables, and omega fatty acids for a balanced diet.

This formula is made with real deboned chicken as the first ingredient and includes easily digestible fiber from grains to support immune health.

With added DHA for brain development and antioxidant-rich vegetables like sweet potatoes and carrots, this food helps keep your dog healthy inside out. It’s free of wheat, corn, soy, poultry byproduct meals, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, making it suitable even for sensitive stomachs.

Customers love how their dogs become energetic after switching to this food, with many reporting improvements in coat condition too! Plus, Chewy offers excellent customer service that makes shopping easy, despite price increases over time affecting purchase decisions sometimes.

  • Contains 24% high-quality protein from real deboned chicken as the first ingredient
  • Enriched with antioxidants & nutrient-rich veggies like sweet potatoes & carrots
  • Added DHA supports brain development
  • Free from wheat, corn, soy, poultry byproduct, etc.
  • No zip lock closure on 28 lb bag
  • Some customers report issues regarding pricing

2. Nulo Freestyle Turkey Sweet Potato Puppy Food

Nulo Freestyle Turkey & SweetView On Chewy
Your pup will be in puppy heaven with Nulo Freestyle Turkey Sweet Potato Puppy Food. It is made with 80% animal-based proteins and key ingredients like turkey, sweet potato, and DHA for brain and eye development.

This puppy food also contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for skin & coat health, as well as wholesome vegetables & fruits for immune support.

Suitable for small, medium, and large breed puppies of all ages, this 6-pound bag is sourced from US locations free of wheat, corn, soy, poultry by-product meals, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Feed your Rhodesian Ridgeback pup a nutritious diet that supports their growth while satisfying their taste buds! Customers have given positive reviews regarding the food’s acceptance by dogs, as well as its health benefits such as energy improvements.

Plus, Glucosamine helps promote healthy joint growth, essential Omega 3s fats provide anti-inflammatory properties aiding in the reduction of allergies, while probiotics are beneficial to overall gut health, promoting digestion, absorption, assimilation, immunity, nutrient utilization, etc.

Don’t forget, this grain-free, low glycemic, high protein formula is suitable even if your pooch has sensitivities to certain grains or meats, so they won’t have any problem chowing down on these yummy morsels!

  • High quality ingredients
  • Sourced from USA locations
  • Formulated specifically for puppies
  • High protein content
  • No wheat/corn/soy/poultry byproduct meals
  • Contains peas & legumes
  • Reports of allergic reactions

3. Grain-Free Beef Vegetable Dog Food

True Acre Foods Grain-Free BeefView On Chewy
Experience the benefits of Grain-Free Beef Vegetable Dog Food for your pup today! This complete and balanced meal is crafted from USA-raised beef, farm-grown fruits and veggies, natural fibers, and omegas.

It’s free of wheat, corn, artificial colors, or flavors to support your dog’s health in every way. Plus, its grain-free formula makes it suitable for all breeds and sizes without worrying about sensitivities.

Enriching diets with antioxidants helps keep immune systems strong, while fiber aids digestion gently but effectively.

Your puppy will love the taste too, with flavorful ingredients like peas & carrots, plus cranberries mixed in, which offer a variety of nutrients along with their great flavor profiles! With so much goodness packed into one bag, you can trust that your furry friend is getting everything they need out of life nutritionally speaking – even if they don’t know it yet!

  • Completely balanced nutrition
  • Suitable for all breeds & sizes
  • Contains omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin/coat condition
  • Antioxidants aid immune system strength
  • Natural fibers aid gentle digestive process
  • Flavorful ingredients such as peas, carrots, cranberries provide a variety of nutrient sources
  • Some dogs experienced digestive issues when consuming this food
  • One customer reported chicken fat used could potentially cause allergies
  • Dogs refused to eat the product, prompting vet recommendation change

4. Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dog Food

VICTOR Purpose Senior Healthy WeightView On Chewy
Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dog Food is a nutrient-rich option for senior pooches, packed with glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health – ironic, considering your Ridgeback’s lion-hunting legacy! Sourced and made in the USA, this food also contains L-carnitine for fat-to-energy conversion, as well as vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and protein.

A unique VPRO blend helps ensure superior digestibility while boosting your pet’s immune system function. Plus, its gluten-free grain content adds variety to their diet without having to worry about stomach upsets or allergies.

With positive reviews praising the taste of Victor Senior Healthy Weight Dog Food and acceptance by dogs, it is certainly worth considering if you have an older Rhodesian Ridgeback on your hands who needs weight control or less active lifestyle nutrition care!

  • Nutrient-dense recipe crafted specifically for senior dogs
  • Contains glucosamine & chondroitin supporting joint health
  • Unique VPRO Blend ensures superior digestibility & immunity boost
  • Some users reported soft stools/diarrhea after feeding this food
  • Shipping issues mentioned, but customer service resolved them

5. Wellness CORE RawRev Wild Game Lamb Dog Food

Wellness CORE RawRev Grain-Free WildView On Chewy
Wellness CORE RawRev Wild Game Lamb Dog Food is a grain-free, high-protein option that includes crunchy kibble and freeze-dried meaty pieces fortified with omega fatty acids for skin and coat health. It also contains antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, taurine, and other essential nutrients to promote whole body health.

The product was crafted specifically for lean body mass, muscle tone, as well as a healthy coat and skin, making it ideal for active dogs like Rhodesian Ridgebacks who need lots of energy throughout the day.

Customer feedback on Wellness CORE RawRev varies. Some dogs seem to enjoy the freeze-dried meats in this food, while others are more taken by just the kibble part of it. There have been positive reviews about solid stool production after switching to this formula, along with improved energy levels among pups.

However, there are concerns from some users regarding chicken meal being listed third on their ingredients list rather than any of the advertised meat varieties like lamb or game proteins they would expect from such a brand name product.

Additionally, there are recommendations to add water when feeding dry food due to smaller bags having fewer freeze-dried pieces compared to larger ones.

  • High protein content
  • Fortified with omega fatty acids
  • Contains antioxidants & minerals
  • Crafted specifically for active breeds
  • Mixed customer feedback
  • Concerns over ingredient order
  • Recommendations adding water during feeding

6. Orijen Senior Dog Food

ORIJEN Senior Grain-Free Dry DogView On Chewy
Orijen Senior Dog Food is a nutrient-rich, USA-sourced, and made formula tailored to meet the needs of your aging pup. It contains up to 85% animal ingredients, including ORIJEN WholePrey components that mimic ancestral diets for optimal health and longevity.

This grain-free recipe with no added soy, corn, tapioca, or wheat is suitable for all breeds as well as small, medium, and large sizes.

Reviews are somewhat mixed. Some dogs have experienced digestive issues after recent recipe changes by the company’s acquisition by Mars Petcare, while others enjoy its taste despite a strong fish odor coming from some of its freeze-dried meats included in the mix.

Additionally, there may be concerns about high mercury levels in some of their fish ingredients, which should be considered before feeding this food to your senior dog.

  • Contains up to 85% animal ingredients with ORIJEN WholePrey components mimicking ancestral diet
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin included for joint support
  • Grain Free & No Added Soy, Corn, Tapioca, Wheat
  • Mixed reviews – Some digestive issues reported after recent recipe change
  • Strong Fish Odor noted on Freeze Dried Meats Included
  • High Mercury Levels may be present in some Fish Ingredients

7. Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan Large BreedView On Chewy
Purina ProPlan Large Breed Puppy Food is packed with nutritious ingredients to help your pup thrive, so you can be sure they’re getting the best start in life. Formulated for large breed puppies, this high-protein formula contains real chicken as the #1 ingredient and DHA from omega-rich fish oil for brain and vision development.

Glucosamine helps support joint health while calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals strengthen bones and teeth.

  • High-quality protein from real chicken as the primary ingredient
  • Contains glucosamine for joint health
  • Omega-rich fish oil supports brain and vision development
  • Calcium & Phosphorus plus other minerals promote strong bones & teeth
  • Antioxidants boost developing immunity system
  • Not suitable for GSD puppy with digestive problems
  • Preference for another Purina product (Purina One)
  • Large breed puppy may not feel full after eating

8. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Large BreedView On Chewy
Discover the difference Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Chicken can make for your pup, with real chicken as the first ingredient and DHA to support brain and eye development. This protein-rich kibble is specially formulated for large breed puppies, with LifeSource Bits packed full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Plus, it’s grain-free, so you won’t have to worry about wheat or corn allergens – no artificial colors or preservatives either! The 24-pound bag contains all-natural ingredients sourced from various locations in the United States, which means that your puppy will be eating nutrient-dense food that tastes good too!

Customers report this product being a hit both in terms of smell (it smells great!) and value. However, some people did complain about mold on their delivered bags, so be sure when ordering to check carefully before feeding.

Dogs seem split between loving it or not wanting much at all, but reviews claiming improved skin condition in German Shepherds should give hope if your pup is sensitively prone.

Transitioning from raw food? This could work well for them depending on individual preferences – just watch out those freeze-dried pieces don’t put them off entirely!

  • Real chicken as the main ingredient
  • Contains DHA & ARA for cognitive & renal health
  • Natural ingredients sourced from the USA
  • Grain-free – no wheat/corn allergies
  • No artificial colors/preservatives
  • Positive feedback regarding smell & value
  • Some complaints of mold upon delivery
  • Mixed experiences with dogs’ acceptance
  • Freeze-dried pieces may put some pups off

9. Instinct Raw Boost Puppy Chicken Freeze-Dried

Instinct Raw Boost Large BreedView On Chewy
Providing a protein-packed punch, Instinct Raw Boost Puppy Chicken Freeze-Dried is a great choice for pup parents looking to give their large breed pooch the nutrition they need. It is made in the USA from globally sourced ingredients. This food features high animal protein kibble combined with freeze-dried raw pieces for a delicious and wholesome meal.

With cage-free chicken as the first ingredient, this food contains natural DHA from chicken eggs for brain and eye development. It also includes omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine to support overall health.

  • Contains cage-free chicken as the primary ingredient
  • Balanced mix of poultry, fish, and meat sources
  • Natural DHA from egg yolks for brain and eye development
  • Omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics
  • Free of grains, potato, corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, and preservatives
  • Some puppies experienced diarrhea on this high-protein food
  • Concerns about potential weight gain and GI upset
  • Reclosable seal doesn’t work effectively

10. Nutro Natural Choice Lamb Brown Rice Large Breed Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice Lamb &View On Chewy
Nutro’s Natural Choice Lamb Brown Rice Large Breed Dog Food is a nutritious, USA-made formula that can help your pup stay fit and trim. It also helps to control plaque buildup, promoting dental health. With real lamb as the primary ingredient, it provides great flavor.

The food contains high fiber content, essential vitamins, and minerals to support digestive health, as well as skin and coat health.

This product comes in a 40-pound bag, ensuring you always have enough on hand when you need it most. Some reviews have mentioned digestion issues after switching to this brand, but many customers are happy with their purchase.

  • Real lamb used as the main protein source
  • Supports dental and digestive health
  • High fiber content supports immunity
  • Free from GMO/molasses ingredients
  • Auto ship option at competitive prices
  • Recent batch has caused some dogs’ digestion problems
  • Dogs may gain weight quickly during the transition period
  • Price increases have prompted users to look elsewhere

Buyer’s Guide: Selecting Food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Choosing the right food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback can be challenging. With so many options on the market, it is important to consider factors like ingredients, nutritional content, taste preferences, and price before selecting a product that will meet your pup’s needs.

Protein sources for Ridgebacks

When selecting a food for your Ridgeback, opt for high-quality protein sources like deboned chicken or beef. Protein is essential to maintain muscle health and development in adults and puppies alike, so look out for ingredients such as real meat meal or fish meal.

The dietary protein balance should be around 24%, with fat content kept below 15%. Look out also for other nutritional needs including vitamins, minerals, glucosamine/chondroitin supplements, omega fatty acids; all of which help support digestive health and fulfill your dog’s specific dietary requirements.

Nutritional content recommendations

You’ll want to ensure your Ridgeback’s diet contains at least 24% crude protein for optimal health.

Beyond that, you should look for a balanced mix of vitamins and minerals, healthy fats like omega fatty acids, high-quality proteins from sources like deboned chicken or beef, and low-glycemic carbs.

Taste preferences are important too; consider trying smaller amounts of new food to see if your pup likes it.

Ultimately, the best dog foods will offer all these nutritional benefits while fitting into budgetary constraints.

Life stage dietary needs

No matter the stage of life, providing your Ridgeback with a nutritious diet tailored to their age and activity level is key. Puppies need large breed puppy food for their fast-growing bodies. Adult diets should focus on balanced nutrition and weight management.

Senior dogs require special senior formulas that are lower in fat and protein but high in joint support ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin.

Allergy management is also important when selecting dog food. Look for hypoallergenic options free from common allergens like wheat, corn, soy, or poultry by-product meals.

Other Factors to Consider in Rhodesian Ridgeback Food

Other Factors to Consider in Rhodesian Ridgeback Food
Choosing the right food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback can be a daunting task. With age-specific dietary needs, it is important to look into the various options available and ensure they meet all of your pup’s nutritional requirements.

Age-specific dietary needs.

It’s important to consider age-specific dietary needs when selecting food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback. Puppy nutrition should include calcium, phosphorus, and omega fats; adult Ridgebacks require a balanced diet with protein, carbs, fiber, and omegas; senior dogs should transition to lower fat/protein foods with joint health support.

Allergy management is also essential; look for hypoallergenic formulas or those designed to manage sensitive stomachs. Nutritional balance is key: vitamins & minerals plus glucosamine & chondroitin if needed.

Considerations for weight management.

Considering your Ridgeback’s weight is key when selecting the right dog food. An exercise regimen and portion sizes should be tailored to their activity level and individual dietary needs. To prevent obesity, opt for low-calorie options with balanced nutrients like protein, carbs, fiber, omega fatty acids, and vitamins/minerals.

Look out for high caloric density in certain grain-free products or those containing excessive fats/proteins; consider switching brands if necessary after consulting a vet.

Special dietary requirements

You may need to adjust your Rhodesian Ridgeback’s diet if they have any special dietary requirements. Pay close attention to nutritional guidelines and consider allergy management. If your Ridgeback is aging, you’ll also want to take into account their unique dietary needs.

Ensure that the food provides high-quality protein from sources like deboned chicken or beef as well as other nutrients such as glucosamine, chondroitin, omega fatty acids, and vitamins/minerals in balanced amounts.

When choosing a food for your dog, scrutinize ingredients carefully for potential allergens or filler ingredients like corn or wheat meal.

And remember: pick foods according to individual taste preferences and factor in price/caloric density too!

What is the Best Food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks?

What is the Best Food for Rhodesian Ridgebacks
With their unique nutritional needs in mind, finding the perfect food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback can be a daunting task.

When selecting the best dog food for your pup, nutritional considerations and health benefits are key. Look for ingredients like deboned chicken or beef as protein sources, vitamins and minerals to ensure balanced nutrition, omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health, and glucosamine and chondroitin if needed.

Taste preferences should also be taken into consideration – try a small amount of new foods before committing! If allergies management is required, it’s wise to find hypoallergenic options with limited ingredient lists.

Budget-friendly options are available too. Purina Pro Large Breed Puppy offers great value, while Nutro Natural Choice Large Breed Senior is low in fat and protein content, making it suitable even for sensitive seniors.

Always consult with your veterinarian about dietary recommendations tailored specifically to fit your individual pup’s needs!

Rhodesian Ridgeback-Specific Dog Food Qualities to Look For

Rhodesian Ridgeback-Specific Dog Food Qualities to Look For
When choosing a food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback, look for quality ingredients like deboned chicken or beef, key vitamins and minerals, and joint-supporting nutrients.

  • Nutritional Considerations: Make sure the diet is age-appropriate with adequate protein levels to support muscle mass in active dogs.
  • Ingredient Quality: Avoid low-quality byproducts as they can trigger allergies or cause digestive issues. Check labels carefully!
  • Allergy Management: If your pup has food sensitivities, look for hypoallergenic formulas that are free of wheat, corn, soy, and more.
  • Taste Preferences: Don’t forget about taste – some pups love wet food while others prefer dry kibble mixed with warm water! Ensure you provide balanced nutrition while taking into account their individual likes and dislikes to keep them healthy inside and out. This means maintaining skin and coat health, plus keeping an eye on any potential hip dysplasia or other joint issues if applicable.

With the right combination of high-quality ingredients tailored to their nutritional needs at each life stage, you can ensure your furry family member lives a long, happy life!

How to Switch Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Food

How to Switch Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Food
Carefully transitioning to a new dog food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback can be like walking on eggshells.

  • Switching Formulas – Gradually introduce a small amount of the new formula over time until it replaces their old food completely. This gradual change prevents digestion upset and allows them to adjust to the different taste and ingredients in their meals.
  • Transition Tips – Consider consulting with your veterinarian for personalized recommendations or advice before making any changes in diet. Additionally, read online reviews from other pet owners who have tried various formulas before picking one out for your furry friend!
  • Avoiding Upset – Introduce high-quality puppy food if switching from adult dog foods as they contain extra nutrients that puppies need while growing up healthy and strong! Also, look into special diets formulated by veterinarians if there are allergies or sensitivities present that require specific nutrition needs.

With patience and careful consideration when introducing a new formula, you can help ensure that your Rhodesian Ridgeback will enjoy tasty meals free of digestive issues going forward!


Finding the best dog food for your Rhodesian Ridgeback can be a challenge, but with the right information, you can make sure your pup is getting the nutrition they need. High-quality proteins like deboned chicken, beef, or turkey should be the first ingredient.

The food should have a balance of omega fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals, as well as glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health.

When choosing a food, it’s important to consider your pup’s age, activity level, and health. Premium options like Blue Buffalo Wilderness Chicken, American Journey Active Life Formula, and Nulo FreeStyle Grain-Free Puppy Food are great choices for Rhodesian Ridgebacks.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which food best fits your pup’s needs. With a bit of research, you can make sure your Ridgeback is getting the nutrients they need.

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