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Top 7 Dog Foods for Anatolian Shepherds Full Guide of 2024

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best dog food for anatolian shepherd dogsAre you looking for the best dog food for your Anatolian Shepherd? It can be difficult to find a diet that meets all of their nutritional needs. After all, these large dogs have specific dietary requirements and are considered one of the oldest breeds in existence.

Fortunately, we’ve done the research so you don’t have to! Here’s our list of top 7 dog foods for Anatolian Shepherds — each offering balanced nutrition tailored specifically to this breed’s size and activity level.

From Royal Canin Large Puppy Dog Food right through Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dog Food Beef Brown Rice, get ready to discover what makes each product unique!

Key Takeaways

  • Proper nutrition is vital for Anatolian Shepherds’ long and healthy life.
  • Look for dog foods with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for joint health.
  • Omega fatty acids from fish oil support skin and coat health in Anatolian Shepherds.
  • Probiotics aid digestion and nutrient absorption in Anatolian Shepherds.

7 Best Dog Foods for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

When it comes to choosing the best dog food for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, Royal Canin Large Puppy Dog Food, Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dog Food, Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food, Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Chicken Rice, and Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food are all excellent options.

NUTRO Natural Choice large breed adult dog food and Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Beef Brown Rice offer additional nutritional benefits that can help keep your pup healthy.

1. Royal Canin Large Puppy Dog Food

Royal Canin Size Health NutritionView On Amazon
You’ll be pleased with the results as your pup enjoys Royal Canin’s delicious formula that provides them with all the nutrients needed for optimal growth and development. This large breed puppy food is designed to support bone and joint health, promote vitality, heart health, and healthy digestion.

It contains glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, EPA & DHA, along with an exclusive antioxidant complex, which will help keep your pup in top condition.

The easy-to-digest proteins combined with a fiber blend make this nutritious diet great for digestive care, while its high-quality protein helps build strong muscles during their growing years.

Customers are generally satisfied after feeding their puppies this product, noting improved coat and energy levels, in addition to good stool consistency when transitioned properly from other diets or brands of dog food.

  • Supports bone & joint health
  • Promotes vitality & heart health
  • Facilitates healthy digestion
  • Negative feedback on zipper closure quality
  • High cost compared to other products
  • Issues reported in one case regarding hunger/loose stools

2. Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed DryView On Amazon
Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dog Food specifically supports muscle growth and bone health for puppies up to 15 months old with an expected adult weight over 55 lbs. This dry kibble contains clinically proven levels of DHA to support healthy brain development.

It has high-quality chicken as the first ingredient and concentrated energy for growing puppies.

Customers have given positive feedback about the product, citing good coat and eye quality, growth rate, and stools in various breeds. It is recommended by veterinarians due to its quality ingredients that are free from artificial colors or preservatives such as corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-products.

The 30 lb bag offers great value with subscribe-and-save discounts. However, it was a 33 lb bag two years ago at $39, making it slightly more expensive than other similar options on the market today. Despite this, many customers feel this extra cost is worth it due to their dog’s increased vitality after switching brands.

  • Supports muscle growth & bone health
  • Contains clinically proven levels of DHA for healthy brain development
  • High-quality chicken is the first ingredient
  • Concentrated energy for growing pups
  • Recommended by vets
  • Slightly more expensive than other similar options
  • Delivery time can be slow

3. Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food

Wellness Complete Health Large BreedView On Amazon
If you’re looking for a nutrient-rich food to help your puppy reach their full potential, Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food is an all-natural option packed with antioxidants and omega fatty acids. This dry dog food, created by nutritionists, veterinarians, and animal lovers, contains chicken and salmon as the first ingredients for whole body health.

It has no added corn, wheat, soy, or poultry byproducts. Instead, it provides glucosamine and EPA for joint health, plus DHA from Salmon Oil to support brain development.

Plus, balanced nutrients provide optimal energy, while omega fatty acids promote healthy skin and coat.

This 30 lb bag of kibble is eligible only for domestic shipping within the US or APO/FPO addresses. However, customers have reported positive feedback, such as improved coats in puppies of various breeds, including large breed dogs over 100 lbs.

Additionally, firmer stools, which are easier to pick up due to its fiber blend content, and easy digestion facilitated by easily digestible proteins found in this product.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Supports joint mobility
  • Easy digestion
  • Brain development supported
  • Optimal energy provided
  • Healthy skin and coat
  • Portions may be small
  • Some puppies experience runny stools/gas

4. Purina ProPlan Large Breed Chicken Rice

Purina Pro Plan High Protein,View On Amazon
Purina ProPlan Large Breed Chicken Rice is designed to give your adult dog the nutrition they need for joint health, muscle care, and a shiny coat. This complete and balanced diet contains glucosamine and EPA for joint health. It has high-quality chicken as its first ingredient and provides concentrated energy for an active lifestyle.

Customers trust Purina Pro Plan’s quality ingredients that provide their dogs with good nutrition at a competitive price. Veterinarians recommend this food to maintain weight management in large breeds while supporting healthy digestion with easy-to-digest proteins.

With regular veterinary consultations recommended to monitor your pup’s progress on this food, customers have reported positive changes in their canine companions’ skin allergies after switching from grain-free products or other brands of kibble diets found at pet stores nationwide.

Dogs also enjoy the taste of Purina Pro Plan!

  • High-Quality Dog Food
  • Good Nutrition For Dogs
  • Recommended By Veterinarians
  • Suitable For Dogs With Sensitive Stomachs
  • Positive Changes Reported In Skin Allergies
  • Dogs Enjoy The Taste Of Purina Pro Plan
  • Some Customers Find Dog Food Prices Expensive
  • Some Customers Find The Smell Of The Dog Food Unpleasant
  • One Customer Is Unsure If They Chose The Right Food For Their Dog With A Sensitive Stomach

5. Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed DryView On Amazon
This premium kibble from Eukanuba is tailored to meet the specific needs of large-breed dogs, with a special blend of protein and fiber for an active lifestyle – like a shiny beacon in the night! Eukanuba Chicken Adult Pellet Dog Food offers complete nutrition for big pups over 15 months old and 55 lbs.

It supports muscle and joint health with glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, promotes brain function with DHA & Vitamin E, and provides optimal fat & carbs that keep them going.

High-quality chicken is the first ingredient, while lamb content takes a hit after processing. However, customers report that their furry friend loves it nonetheless, so don’t let this deter you! It is vet recommended too, so you can rest assured your pet’s nutritional needs are being met.

At $76 per pound (30 lb bag), it may be costlier than some other options, but subscribe-and-save discounts make this option worth considering if on a budget, including those shopping internationally as domestic delivery only applies here.

  • Supports muscle & joint health (glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate)
  • Promotes brain function (DHA/Vitamin E)
  • Optimal fat/carbs for an active lifestyle
  • High-quality chicken as the first ingredient
  • Lamb content reduced significantly post-processing
  • Pricey compared to other brands
  • Domestic shipping only

6. NUTRO Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Dog Food

Nutro Natural Choice Large BreedView On Amazon
Experience the benefits of NUTRO Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Dog Food with added antioxidants for healthy immunity and a nutrient-rich formula tailored for adult dogs. This dry dog food is designed to keep large breed dogs healthy, trim, and fit. It is made with natural ingredients that are free from chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat, or soy.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sources support joint health while promoting a shiny coat and easy-to-pick up stools. The food is recommended by vets as part of an allergy management program due to its natural ingredients without artificial colors or preservatives.

Dogs seem to enjoy the taste when transitioning from other brands, and even picky eaters have been known to love this flavor.

You can get quality nutrition at a good value in one bag, and there are no delays during auto shipping either!

  • Added antioxidants for healthy immunity
  • Nutrient-rich formula tailored specifically towards adult dogs
  • Natural glucosamine & chondroitin sources help promote joint health
  • No artificial flavors/colors/preservatives
  • Recommended by vets as part of an allergy management program
  • Dogs seem to enjoy the taste when transitioning from other brands
  • Not eligible for international shipping
  • Trace amounts of corn, wheat, or soy may be present

7. Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dog Food Beef Brown Rice

Merrick Classic Healthy Grains DryView On Amazon
Merrick’s Classic Healthy Grains Dog Food Beef Brown Rice is packed with real deboned beef as the first ingredient and enriched with ancient grains like quinoa for added health benefits. It has received positive reviews from customers who have observed improved coat condition in their dogs after making the switch.

Many reported that even picky eaters enjoyed this flavor of food, while those struggling to find a good fit due to allergies found success here too. Dogs also experienced shinier coats and better-formed stools as well as reduced waste output following the transition.

  • Real deboned beef is the first ingredient
  • Enriched with ancient grains like quinoa
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint health
  • One report of severe diarrhea in a transitioning dog
  • Incident reported about bags breaking open when secure

How Big Do Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Get?

How Big Do Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Get
You may be wondering how large Anatolian Shepherds can grow, with their iconic and impressive frames. Anatolian Shepherds are a large breed of dog that usually reach full size between 18 to 24 months.

  • Puppy (2-12 months): At this stage, they will gain up to 4 pounds per week as they continue to mature into an adult dog.
  • Adolescent (12-18 months): During this period, the bones develop further, adding strength and height.
  • Adult Size (18-24 Months): The final weight depends on gender, but males typically weigh around 140 lbs while females average 120 lbs.
  • Growth Milestones: As puppies age from 2 weeks old through adolescence, there are certain milestones veterinarians use for tracking development such as coat changes or teeth formation which occurs at 3 weeks old.

Anatolian Shepherd Dogs should not exceed these guidelines in order for them to stay healthy throughout their lifespan. Otherwise, health problems may arise due to excess strain on joints or organs caused by being overweight.

A reputable breeder will provide diet information based on your pup’s current weight, activity level, and age, as well as what type of food is best suited for your pet’s needs like kibble versus raw diets.

Additionally, joining a national breed club gives you access to resources about dietary needs, exercise requirements, grooming tips, etc. With proper care, Anatolian Shepherd dogs make loyal companions well into adulthood, so it is important to understand all aspects involved in caring for one of these majestic animals, from dietary habits and physical activities to even mental stimulation.

What Do Anatolian Shepherds Look Like?

What Do Anatolian Shepherds Look Like
Seeing an Anatolian Shepherd, you’ll be able to pick out their unique features in a crowd – they have a thick coat with distinctive coloring that stands out from the pack. The AKC recognizes this large breed as one of the tallest dog breeds, typically measuring between 28 and 32 inches tall at the shoulder when fully mature.

Their coats are either short or long-haired but always dense enough to protect them from extreme temperatures while herding livestock on rugged terrain.

Anatolian Shepherds have muscular builds with broad chests and strong necks perfect for pulling heavy loads if needed.

Though these dogs are quite large, it’s important not to forget that beneath all that impressive size is still a gentle giant who loves spending time with its family just like any other pup would do!

Understanding the Personality of an Anatolian Shepherd

Understanding the Personality of an Anatolian Shepherd
Gaining an understanding of the personality of an Anatolian Shepherd is essential to developing a strong bond with your beloved pup. These majestic dogs are known for their independent nature and loyalty, but they can be challenging to train as well.

It’s important to start socializing them early on by introducing them gradually into different environments and exposing them to new people, animals, places, and experiences. This will help build trust between you both, which is key in taming any negative behaviors or tendencies that may arise later down the line due to its genetic history as a working breed from Asia Minor.

Training should also emphasize positive reinforcement rather than punishment since this encourages desired behavior more effectively than aversive techniques do.

To ensure optimal physical health throughout its lifespan, it’s best practice to provide high-quality dog food tailored specifically for large breeds such as Royal Canin Large Puppy Dog Food or Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dog Food.

These options provide adequate nutrition tailored towards puppies up to 15 months old with an expected adult weight over 55 lbs.

Additionally, Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food offers natural components ideal for the nutritional needs of adult Anatolian Shepherds through proper protein-rich meals and a balanced diet. This includes vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats, while avoiding excessive carbohydrates found in kibble grain-free options.

Intense heat processing affects nutrients and can lead to the formation of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that harm health.

Supplements may be necessary to complete a nutritious meal plan and serve the purpose of maintaining the overall well-being of your canine companion in the long run.

A pleasant pet experience, both for the owner and the animal, is something to look forward to every day spent together!

Grooming Needs of an Anatolian Shepherd

Grooming Needs of an Anatolian Shepherd
For a beautiful coat and healthy skin, your Anatolian Shepherd requires regular grooming. It’s important to use the right grooming tools, such as a slicker brush, comb, deshedding tool, or rake for their thick double coat.

Their long fur should be brushed weekly at least, and bathing should occur every 3-4 weeks with good quality dog shampoo. Trimming their nails is also essential for adept movement while preventing damage to furniture or flooring surfaces.

Frequent ear cleaning may also be necessary, depending on the individual needs of the breed’s ears.

It’s recommended that an adult Anatolian Shepherd Dog undergo professional grooming at least once every four months. This helps keep their hair from matting up too much and allows for trimming around sensitive areas like the eyes and feet.

However, the frequency of grooming appointments may vary depending on one’s lifestyle. More frequent appointments will require more attention paid towards brushing in between visits at home, so the hair does not get tangled easily again.

Grooming your pet regularly helps you bond with them better and ensures they stay clean and free of parasites like fleas and ticks.

Exercise and Activity Level for Anatolian Shepherds

Exercise and Activity Level for Anatolian Shepherds
Your Anatolian Shepherd needs an appropriate level of exercise and activity based on their age, energy levels, and lifestyle.

  1. Providing them with regular outdoor playtime is essential to keep up their physical health and help burn off excess energy.
  2. Giving your dog mental stimulation through interactive games or activities, such as obedience training, will keep them sharp mentally while also providing necessary socialization opportunities with both people and other dogs in the area.
  3. Incorporating a daily walk into your routine will provide adequate exercise for most adult Anatolian Shepherds. However, some may require more vigorous activity like running or agility courses, depending on how much they enjoy it.
  4. Make sure to adjust the type of exercise accordingly based on life stage. Puppies should not be overexerted but still need plenty of physical movement throughout each day so they can grow strong bones.
  5. Lastly, monitor any signs that could indicate over-exercise, such as reluctance to move around or excessive panting after short bursts of energy expenditure.

By taking these precautions, you can rest assured knowing that your furry friend is getting all the needed fitness requirements for optimal health, living together happily ever after!

Choosing the Right Dog Food for Anatolian Shepherds

Choosing the Right Dog Food for Anatolian Shepherds
When choosing the right dog food for your Anatolian Shepherd, it is important to consider the benefits of raw food, the essentials of a balanced diet, and concerns about kibble. Raw foods supply natural components that promote optimal health for this ancient working breed from Asia Minor, including proteins suited to their digestive system, which prevents common health issues.

Kibble can stress a canine’s digestive system due to high starchy carbs in grain-free options, as well as intense heat processing affecting nutrients. Therefore, it is essential to balance your pup’s diet with quality protein sources and healthy fats while avoiding excessive carbohydrates found in kibble.

Raw food benefits

Fueling your Anatolian Shepherd with a raw diet can provide long-term health benefits and keep them feeling their best. A raw diet mimics their ancestral diet, is suitable for their digestive system, promotes overall health, and helps prevent common issues like allergies or obesity.

It also supports coat care with essential fatty acids for glossy fur, exercise with healthy muscle support, grooming tips from the natural ingredients in the food, and addresses any potential health concerns through vitamins, minerals, and supplements provided by fresh ingredients.

Balanced diet essentials

When providing nutrition for your Anatolian Shepherd, it’s essential to match their diet to their life stage and energy requirements. An optimal balanced diet should include high-quality protein sources, such as meat or fish, along with healthy fats like olive oil.

Vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables are also important, as well as fiber from whole grains that are low in carbohydrates. Kibble form is available but should be avoided due to processing issues. Raw diets provide natural components that mimic ancestral canine anatomy and consider digestive needs.

When selecting food types, it’s important to consider the AAFCO compliance of ingredients used. This will help you determine what is best suited for puppies compared to adults. Allergies must also be considered, as well as the caloric content per portion size, which can be controlled by consulting a veterinarian for weight management.

Kibble concerns

Kibble can be an unhealthy option for your Anatolian Shepherd, with high starchy carbs and intense heat processing potentially harming them.

  1. Digestive impact from grains
  2. Nutrient loss due to the extreme temperatures in processing
  3. AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) that can damage health
  4. Unbalanced nutrition not suitable for their needs
  5. Lack of raw food advantages like natural components that mimic ancestral diets.

Raw food offers a better alternative, considering canine anatomy and digestive system while providing superior nutrition.

How Long Does the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Usually Live?

How Long Does the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Usually Live
The life expectancy of an Anatolian Shepherd can vary, but typically they live for around 12 years under proper care and nutrition. To ensure a long and healthy life, there are certain steps owners should take to provide their pet with the best possible quality of life.

  1. Provide Proper Nutrition – Anatolian Shepherds need diets high in protein, including lean meats like chicken or fish. A balanced diet is also essential as it will help keep your dog’s weight within an ideal range while providing them with all the nutrients they require for growth and development.
  2. Adequate Exercise – Regular exercise sessions each day will not only help your dog stay fit, but it promotes bonding between you both too! Take your canine companion on regular walks or set up playtime activities that stimulate their minds, such as agility courses or fetching games which target specific areas of physical activity such as running stamina and speed control.

Overall, keeping a close eye on how much food is consumed combined with adequate exercise routines, along with researching vital information about origin history versus similar breeds (e.g., Kangal Dogs), is key when maintaining good health among adult Anatolian Shepherds.

Common Health Problems in Anatolian Shepherds and Supplements

Common Health Problems in Anatolian Shepherds and Supplements
Anatolian Shepherds are hardy, loyal dogs with a long lifespan. With proper care and nutrition, they can easily live to 13-15 years of age. While they are relatively healthy animals, there are some health issues that owners should be aware of in order to keep their Anatolians fit and thriving for the duration of their lives.

To support your pup’s well-being throughout all stages from puppyhood into adulthood, it is important to ensure you have the right diet as well as any necessary supplements or wellness solutions on hand.

Since large breed dogs such as Anatolians tend towards joint problems like hip dysplasia later in life, dietary considerations should include foods rich in chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine. These both help protect joints during growth spurts by providing cushioning between bones instead of bone rubbing against bone inside the joint capsule.

This provides structural stability too when older bones become more brittle due to wear and tear over time.

Additionally, omega fatty acids found in fish oil can also provide nutritional support for skin and coat health since these pups have thick double coats that require regular grooming.

When selecting food products, look out for ingredients like flaxseed meal, which contains lignan compounds (helpful plant hormone precursors), along with zinc chelates (which help maintain hair follicles).

Also, consider adding probiotics either through natural sources such as yogurt or via powder/capsule supplement forms. These friendly bacteria promote digestion efficiency while helping avoid digestive upsets common among puppies, especially if transitioning onto different diets quickly.

Finally, don’t forget about other lifestyle-related needs, including exercise requirements needed to meet daily activity goals set forth each morning before work begins.


In a nutshell, the best dog food for Anatolian Shepherd Dogs is a balanced diet that meets their unique physical and nutritional needs. Some excellent options include Royal Canin Large Puppy Dog Food, Eukanuba Puppy Large Breed Dog Food, Wellness Complete Health Puppy Food, Purina ProPlan Large Breed Chicken Rice, Eukanuba Large Breed Adult Dog Food, NUTRO Natural Choice Large Breed Adult Dog Food, and Merrick Classic Healthy Grains Dog Food Beef Brown Rice.

When selecting the right food for your Anatolian Shepherd, it is important to consider factors such as age, weight, health, activity level, and budget. By providing the right diet, plenty of exercise, and regular vet visits, you can ensure that your pup will have a long and healthy life.

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