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Vet-Approved Homemade Raw Dog Food Recipes Full Guide of 2024

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homemade raw dog food recipes vet approvedAs the sun sets, you can hear your pup’s eager barking from a distance. You know exactly what they crave – a delicious homemade raw dog food recipe that will keep them healthy and satisfied. While there are many recipes available online, few of them are vet-approved and tailored to meet your pup’s needs specifically.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some of the best homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved so you can whip up something special for your furry friend! From Rodney Habib’s zucchini chicken burgers to Rachel Fusaro’s beef bomb dish, these meals provide balanced nutrition.

They include a wide variety of ingredients, such as meat selections like ground beef or boneless turkey, as well as fruits and vegetables like carrots and spinach.

Key Takeaways

  • Lean red meats like beef and lamb are preferred over chicken for raw dog food recipes.
  • Basmati rice is a suitable alternative to grains and has a lower glycemic index.
  • Fillers can be added to balance high-meat diets and provide fiber.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables can improve coat, skin, and energy levels in dogs.

Should Dogs Eat Wolf Diets?

Should Dogs Eat Wolf Diets
Are homemade diets appropriate for puppies and cancer diets? You may have heard of the BARF diet, which stands for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This raw food diet mimics what wolves eat in the wild, but is it really suitable to feed to our four-legged friends at home? Let’s examine this question more closely by looking into pre-existing knowledge about homemade raw dog food and vet-approved recipes.

Homemade Diets for Puppies?

When it comes to puppies, you should be extra cautious when considering homemade diets. Their nutritional needs differ from those of adult dogs, so caution is advised when feeding them a diet that mimics wolf diets.

Work with a vet nutritionist to create meal plans incorporating puppy-specific supplements for optimal health.

Transitioning puppies slowly onto raw meat or BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diets is recommended, as sudden changes can cause digestive issues.

With proper guidance from an expert on canine nutrition, your puppy will thrive on their custom homemade diet!

Cancer Diets?

It’s important to note that homemade raw diets are usually not suitable for dogs with cancer, as they may require a specialized diet.

  • Look into dog-safe fruits and vegetables like blueberries, spinach, carrots, and apples.
  • Avoid ingredient contamination by sourcing from reputable stores or freezing the food before feeding it to your pet.
  • Consider vegan options like cream cheese and sweet potatoes as an alternative source of nutrition instead of meat products.
  • Research calcium sources such as bone meal supplements or raw bones to ensure adequate daily intake in their diet plan is met without compromising on safety concerns related to choking hazards posed by larger pieces of raw bones consumed whole or even broken down into smaller sizes during chewing sessions.

Vegan kibble can be used alongside other proteins found in commercial dog foods available at pet stores while transitioning dogs away from processed foods towards higher quality ingredients found within home-cooked meals made with fresh produce as well as original recipes formulated using personal preferences based on research done beforehand concerning the nutritional value provided versus potential risks associated with ill health due to improper usage out of ignorance, which could lead to serious complications later on down the line if left unchecked!

Raw Diet Ingredients

Raw Diet Ingredients
When it comes to feeding your pup a homemade raw diet, it’s important to understand the key ingredients that should be included. Meat selection is an especially important factor. Leaner cuts of red meats like lamb and beef are preferable over chicken due to risk factors.

Grains aren’t necessary, except for Basmati rice which offers a lower glycemic index than other types of rice. Fillers can help balance out high meat diets. Pumpkin is fibrous and less starchy compared to other options.

Raw fruit and veg provide essential vitamins and minerals. Calcium from bone-in foods or supplements also helps ensure complete nutrition in the diet for your pet.

Meat Selection for Dogs

Choose your pup’s meals wisely with red meats like lamb and beef for optimal nutrition. Commercial foods may be convenient, but raw diets can provide superior nutritional balance. Consulting veterinarians is essential to ensure safe ingredients are used in homemade recipes, especially when introducing a puppy diet.

Raw vs commercial should also be considered to get the most out of every mealtime – just make sure you follow guidelines for daily portions and supplementing calcium whenever necessary!

Homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved can offer great variety while ensuring puppies thrive on the right nutrients with minimal risk involved – so consult an expert today if considering a BARF or other raw diet for your canine family member!

Grains in Dog Food

Grains are not essential in a dog’s diet, but adding rice can be beneficial for its lower glycemic index. Basmati rice, for instance, has been known to help regulate blood sugar levels and is considered the healthiest choice of all grains available for your pup.

Other benefits of adding grains to your dog’s diet include nutritional balance, dietary diversification, and easier digestion compared to raw or commercial foods.

However, some experts argue that grains should be avoided entirely due to potential risks such as allergies or poor absorption of nutrients by dogs with certain digestive issues.

Ultimately, it is important to consider both sides when deciding which type of food best suits your pet’s needs. It is also important to consider the risks associated with feeding raw diets safely and appropriately, especially when considering homemade recipes.

Fillers in Dog Food

When it comes to a balanced diet, fillers are an important part of the equation. Fillers can be added in homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved to provide extra fiber and help meet nutritional requirements.

Grains such as rice or oats offer carbohydrates, while fruits and vegetables like pumpkin add more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Dairy products like yogurt can also act as a filler for certain diets that require additional calcium intake.

It is essential for pet owners to research the best ingredients when creating their own meals so they know which fillers will benefit their pets most nutritionally without causing any digestive issues or allergies!

Raw Fruit & Veg

Incorporate fresh fruits and veggies in your pup’s diet for added nutrition, such as apples, carrots, and spinach. Raw diets offer multiple benefits, including shinier coats, improved skin health, and more energy.

Vegetable varieties such as kale, sweet potatoes, or zucchini are also great sources of nutrients. Calcium can be found in green leafy vegetables, such as broccoli or collard greens; alternatively, use raw bones to provide the necessary calcium balance.


Make sure to include calcium in your pup’s diet for strong bones and teeth! Calcium-rich foods, such as salmon, sardines, dairy products, nuts, and seeds, can help keep your pet healthy. Calcium supplementation is also an option if you’re looking for a more convenient way of providing additional vitamins and minerals.

For balanced homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved, make sure to achieve the right calcium balance between phosphorus levels.

Talk with a veterinarian about the best sources of dietary calcium specific to your pup’s needs or consider consulting a nutritionist before preparing meals at home.

Homemade Dog Food Recipe by Rodney Habib

Homemade Dog Food Recipe by Rodney Habib
Looking for a vet-approved homemade raw dog food recipe? Look no further than Rodney Habib’s balanced homemade dog food recipe! This recipe combines lean ground beef, hempseed oil, sardines, ginger, kelp powder, and eggs with vegetables like carrots and apples to create a tasty dish.


Choose ingredients that are lean, human-grade meats like beef and lamb for your pup’s meals, while avoiding raw chicken due to potential risks. Grains may not be necessary except for Basmati rice with a lower glycemic index.

High meat diets need fillers too; pumpkin is fibrous and less starchy than other options. Raw fruits and vegetables are essential in homemade dog food, as well as calcium sources such as raw bones or supplements.


Follow the directions to easily assemble Rodney Habib’s balanced homemade dog food recipe, combining lean ground beef with hempseed oil, sardines, ginger, and more.

The nutritional balance of protein sources, such as beef or lamb, should be complemented with vegetables like carrots and apples, along with fillers such as pumpkin for fiber content.

Use caution when transitioning your pet to a raw diet. Ensure proper contamination prevention during preparation stages and monitor their weight regularly throughout the process.

With these tips in mind, you can make this delicious meal safely!

Zucchini Chicken Burgers by Rodney Habib

Zucchini Chicken Burgers by Rodney Habib
Indulge your pup’s taste buds with Rodney Habib’s Zucchini Chicken Burgers for a delicious and nutritious meal! This homemade raw dog food recipe is approved by vets to ensure optimal canine health benefits.

It consists of ground chicken wings, beef liver, chicken hearts, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, and oysters combined with zucchini. The nutritional benefits of this dish include omega-3 fatty acids from the salmon that help reduce inflammation in joints and organs.

The vegetables provide dietary fiber to aid digestion, while blueberries strengthen bones with their calcium content. Eggs contribute vitamins B6 & E for healthy skin & coat, and pumpkin seeds provide iron & zinc for immune system support.

When cooking these burgers, you can add ingredient variations such as kale or spinach instead of lettuce or apple cider vinegar instead of olive oil. For serving suggestions, top off each burger patty with berry compote sauce or extra grated zucchini slices.

If transitioning your dog to a raw diet, slowly increase the amount over several weeks until they’re eating exclusively this type of meal plan.

Easy Raw Dog Food by Topdogtips

Easy Raw Dog Food by Topdogtips
Try Topdogtips’ Easy Raw Dog Food and make sure your pup is getting all the nutrients they need for optimal health. This recipe includes boneless chicken, red cabbage, apple, spinach, eggs with shells, and cod liver oil.

It’s a balanced mix of proteins and carbohydrates that promotes healthy development.

When transitioning to raw dog food, it’s important to do so gradually. This allows your pet’s digestive system time to adjust. You should also consider adding dietary supplements such as vitamins or minerals if needed.

To reduce risks associated with homemade raw dog food, make sure to source ingredients from reputable stores. Wash them before use and freeze them when storing. Serve appropriate portion sizes based on your dog’s weight and activity level.

Avoid toxic foods like onions and grapes. Additionally, make sure the bones you use are not too small or sharp, as they can pose choking hazards.

Homemade treats can also help keep things interesting while providing additional nutrition. Start feeding your furry friend top-notch meals today with Easy Raw Dog Food by Topdogtips.

Homemade Raw Dog Food by Running to the Kitchen

Homemade Raw Dog Food by Running to the Kitchen
Experience the joy of creating a delicious, healthy meal for your furry friend with Running to the Kitchen’s homemade raw dog food recipe! This nutrient-packed dish consists of ground beef, chicken wings, beef heart, beef liver, pork kidney, sardines, and oysters.

Added health benefits are provided by spinach, kale, egg, fish oil, flaxseed oil, vitamin E oil, and kelp powder. With this combination, you can ensure your pup receives all essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal nutrition while avoiding processed ingredients found in conventional kibble diets that can cause allergies or health problems.

Preparing this nutritious meal is made easy when following proper safety guidelines such as washing hands before handling any raw meats or eggs, sourcing from reputable stores, freezing leftovers immediately after use, using only human-grade quality ingredients fit for consumption, and measuring portions accurately according to dietary needs – plus more preparation tips available online!

In addition to providing nutritional balance, it also offers dietary variations opportunities by incorporating fruits, vegetables, yogurt, olive oil, hemp seed butter, cod liver, etc., ensuring maximum variety in their meals so they don’t become bored with eating the same thing day in and day out.

So why not try Running to the Kitchen’s homemade raw dog food today?

Raw Rabbit, Chicken & Beef Dog Food by Dogs Naturally

Raw Rabbit, Chicken & Beef Dog Food by Dogs Naturally
Discover Dogs Naturally’s Raw Rabbit, Chicken & Beef Dog Food for a delicious mix of proteins and essential nutrients that your pup will love. This ancestral diet provides numerous health benefits, such as an improved coat and skin condition, more energy, and increased lifespan potential.

However, it also contains controversial aspects due to the potential risk of choking or contamination in homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved when not prepared correctly. To ensure nutritional balance while transitioning to this diet is key, but it can be achieved gradually over time with professional guidance from vets being recommended before preparing any meals at home.

Alongside meat selection like beef or lamb, it recommends incorporating raw fruits and vegetables along with calcium sources like bone feeding for optimal results.

Beef Bomb by Perfectly Pawsome

Beef Bomb by Perfectly Pawsome
Take your pup’s nutrition to the next level with Beef Bomb by Perfectly Pawsome! This nutritionally packed homemade raw dog food recipe is vet approved and designed to provide a delicious energy boost.

Ground beef forms the base of this meal, while butter, almonds, coconut water, and nutritional yeast add flavor. Chia seeds provide omega 3 fatty acids for healthy coat growth, while psyllium husk powder helps maintain digestive health.

For optimum dietary balance, it is important to ensure all ingredients are sourced safely and prepared correctly – follow preparation instructions carefully.

Keep your pup energized with Beef Bomb from Perfectly Pawsome today – their tummies will thank you later!

Homemade Dog Food by Rachel Fusaro

Homemade Dog Food by Rachel Fusaro
Dive into Rachel Fusaro’s homemade dog food feast, packed with protein and nutrition for your pup! Her recipe combines ground beef, chicken wings, beef heart, beef liver, pork kidney, and sardines. Eggs are also added, along with fish oil, to ensure omega 3 fatty acids. Flaxseed oil is included as a source of essential fatty acids, while kelp powder provides natural iodine for thyroid support.

To make sure the meal is balanced nutritionally, Vitamin E Oil provides antioxidants, while spinach adds valuable minerals like manganese and zinc.

Fish and Meat Combo by Wamiz

Fish and Meat Combo by Wamiz
Try Wamiz’s Fish and Meat Combo for an omega 3 boost! This raw diet recipe mimics ancestral dog diets, with wild salmon, beef muscle meat, omasum, beef liver, and lettuce.

Parsnip is added as a source of fiber, while apple provides vitamins and minerals. It also contains rapeseed oil for essential fatty acids, along with bone meal to provide calcium in the right balance to phosphorus.

A BARF diet helps keep your pup healthy by avoiding processed ingredients like those found in conventional kibble, which can lead to allergies or health problems due to acrylamide content increasing cancer risk.

In addition, it offers benefits such as a shinier coat, improved skin health, and more energy that may even increase lifespan compared to other pet foods.

With careful consideration given towards food safety through washing sourcing from reputable stores freezing this homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved will help ensure your pooch has all they need nutritionally while being safe – giving you peace of mind!

Mixed Veggies by Wamiz

Mixed Veggies by Wamiz
If you’re looking for vet-approved homemade raw dog food recipes, Wamiz has a variety of options. From CBD-infused treats to ground beef and chicken liver patties, to raw boneless turkey and egg dishes, to organ patty mixes with veggies – these all make delicious meals for your pup! With the right ingredients, you can provide your pet with nutritious meals that will keep them healthy and happy.

CBD-Infused Dog Treat

Experience the natural benefits of CBD-infused dog treats and give your pup an extra boost! These treats come in a variety of flavor preferences to suit any canine palate.

It’s important to follow proper dosage guidelines for maximum health benefit while avoiding potential risks or side effects. The potential benefits may include better sleep quality, improved appetite and digestion, as well as relief from anxiety or pain.

Safety considerations are key when making homemade raw dog food recipes vet approved with CBD-infused ingredients due to the lack of FDA regulations on these products. Keep in mind that adding too much could nutritionally unbalance your dog’s diet resulting in adverse reactions such as vomiting or diarrhea if not monitored properly; use caution when balancing dog food recipes with additional supplements like CBD oil.

Ground Beef, Chicken Liver, Veggies Mix

Enjoy a hearty and nutritious meal for your pup with this Ground Beef, Chicken Liver, Veggies Mix! Vary the ground beef to include different cuts of meat for added flavor.

Make sure you get the nutritional balance right by including an adequate amount of protein sources like chicken liver. Use cooking techniques that will preserve their nutrition while making them enjoyable meals like steaming or slow-cooking veggies in broth.

To ensure raw food safety when preparing homemade raw dog food recipes, vet-approved ingredients should be used at all times, as well as proper hygienic practices followed during preparation and storage processes.

Raw Boneless Turkey & Egg Dog

Treat your pup to a savory meal with Raw Boneless Turkey & Egg Dog. It features boneless turkey, eggs, and other nutritious ingredients. You’ll benefit from the turkey’s high-quality protein content and essential vitamins like B6 and niacin while providing dietary safety.

The eggs provide important nutrients such as biotin, choline, selenium, and riboflavin for healthy growth. Homemade variations can be tailored to suit different pups’ needs too! With raw feeding tips in mind, like ensuring bones are properly prepared, you can make sure meals are balanced nutritionally without sacrificing taste or variety.

Enjoy all these benefits today by making a delicious homemade dog food recipe suitable for even the pickiest of eaters!

Organ Patties

Nourish your pup with organ patties, a protein-packed blend of ground beef and organs like chicken livers and pork kidneys. These nutrient-dense treats offer numerous health benefits as they contain essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, and more.

You can prepare them yourself following raw dog food nutritional guidelines to ensure proper balance for your pet’s diet.

For ingredient variations, you can add in additional proteins or switch up the vegetables included for variety. However, be aware that certain dietary considerations may apply depending on age or medical condition.

Cooking techniques such as grilling or baking at low temperatures can help preserve most nutrients while reducing contamination risks.

With personalized recipes from vet-approved homemade raw dog food recipes, there are many balanced options out there!

Chicken & Greens

Fuel your pup with Chicken & Greens, a tasty combination of chicken and nutritious greens like lettuce, parsnip, and spinach.

For example, one happy customer’s pooch loves the Wamiz recipe for Chicken & Greens mixed in her kibble!

This meal is perfect for any breed of dog looking to get their daily nutritional balance.

  • Choose premium quality chicken cuts or ground meat.
  • Select mild cooking methods such as steaming or poaching.
  • Add dietary supplements such as omega 3 fatty acids to enhance flavor.
  • Follow a recommended feeding schedule based on age and size.
  • Incorporate vegetables that are beneficial to digestion.

This easy yet delicious raw food recipe will give your pup an energy boost without compromising nutrition.

With the right ingredients sourced from reputable stores combined with proper preparation techniques, you can make sure Fido gets all he needs in his dinner bowl every night.


It’s a no-brainer that a raw diet is beneficial to your pup’s health, but it can be daunting to create a balanced, vet-approved raw diet. This article provides helpful guidance on selecting the right ingredients, understanding the BARF diet, and various recipes for homemade raw dog food.

For those looking to make the switch, it’s best to start slowly and gradually transition your pup to their new diet. Monitor their weight and health during this process. With a bit of knowledge and care, you can create delicious and nutritious meals that will keep your pup in tip-top shape.

From beef bombs to fish and meat combos, there’s something for everyone in these vet-approved homemade raw dog food recipes.

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