10 Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs & Large Dogs 2020

What should you do if you cannot always stay home and threaten your dog not to bark all the time? Well, one of the best solutions there is is the best bark collar for small dogs and large dogs, which have become extremely popular for both professional dog trainers and dog owners.

cute puppy - bark collar for small dogs stock pictures royalty-free photos & images best bark collar for small dogsOne of the most annoying problems that a dog owner may face is that his dog is continuously barking. It is a headache-inducing nightmare that needs a solution, or the owner will eventually go crazy.

Non-stop barking is enough to drive you crazy and create a gap between you and your neighbors.

Your dog’s barking can come from fear, a territorial nature, or you can have a breed like a Beagle that barks more than others.

You love your dog, but because of common sense, you may need help to reduce noise. Neck protection collars for dogs are a simple solution. They can be worn with your dog’s regular collar and can rely on a spray, sound, vibration, and shock to correct barking.

In this article, you will find all the information you will ever need about these products, including those that we consider the best bark collar on the market. If you do indeed purchase an anti-bark tire, I am convinced that this will be one of the tires listed below.

Top 5 Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs (Quick Summary)

SportDOG Brand NoBark Collars -SportDOG Brand NoBark Collars - Waterproof Bark Control with Static- Anti Bark Device
  • Waterproof
  • Ten adjustable stimulation levels
  • Remains charged for 200 hours
396 Customer Reviews
PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar,PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar, Anti-Bark Training Device, Static Correction, Waterproof
  • Tweak these collars easily through 10 gradations of static correction
  • Fully waterproof collar ideal for all activities
  • Works well for small or medium dogs up to 55 pounds
855 Customer Reviews
DogRook Bark Collar - Humane,DogRook Bark Collar - Humane, No Shock Training Collar - Action Without Remote - Vibration
  • Seven adjustable vibration levels
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price
3,887 Customer Reviews
PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 AdjustablePetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable Sensitivity and Intensity Levels-Dual Anti-Barking Modes-Rechargeable/Rainproof/Reflective -No Barking Control Dog
  • Intelligent test mode makes sure that the collar always works effectively
  • Automatic protection built-in with collar stop correction if barking continues
  • Dual training options that offer both audible beeps and static shock with five intensity levels
4,047 Customer Reviews
POP VIEW Bark Collar [NewPOP VIEW Bark Collar [New Version] Humanely Stops Barking with Sound & Vibration. No Shock,
  • Affordable price
  • No bark collar
  • Adjustable collar
693 Customer Reviews
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Important Features To Consider When Buying A Bark Collar

The collar of a dog must fulfill its most basic function, namely, let a dog stop barking. But the functions can make a big difference in how that is done and whether it is effective or not. Here’s what to consider when choosing a barking collar for your dog.

Keep these simple instructions in mind and maximize your chances of getting the most suitable training collar for your requirements.

1-Collar Type

As seen in the previous sections, there are four different types of bark collars.

Now that you’ve read about how they work and their respective pros and cons, you have to decide which one fits the circumstances of your dog.

If your dog is on the small side, a spray or vibrating bark would be suitable for you. Similarly, a dog owner with a giant dog should look for a static shock or ultrasonic bark.

Frankly, the type you choose depends on what you feel comfortable with.

For example, some dog owners will not choose the static shock bark collar under any circumstances due to the abrasive training method it uses.

In other words, don’t feel the need to choose a collar that you feel uncomfortable with because it seems more useful. As you can see in the product reviews section, there are enough options for each type of barking belt. You do not have to buy anything that you will regret.

2-Comfort And Weight

Try to limit the weight of the collar to 5oz for small dogs. More significant than this, and your little pooch probably feels overloaded.

With medium-sized dogs, you can increase the weight to around 15oz before your furball starts to feel that the collar is a burden.

Check that the material and the fit of the collar do not generate bad press from users regarding comfort. Even if your dog is only wearing the collar for a limited period, it is essential that he does not feel irritated.

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In addition to the weight of the collar, check whether the models on your shortlist are suitable for dogs with the same roads as yours. Also, consider whether you have a puppy or a smaller dog that is likely to grow, and this counts in the comparison.

3-Automatic Safety Or Disconnection

Collar with automatic safety or disable stop all correction after a certain period. In this way, if your dog panics or gets upset, the collar will not continue to correct him and increase his suffering.


To guarantee the effectiveness of your barking belt, you must purchase a suitable barking belt. You do not want to buy one and then notice that it is larger or smaller than necessary.

Most companies design their bark collars for dogs with a different size and provide size charts to ensure you don’t make mistakes. They do this for your convenience, and it is something that you should use to your advantage.

Moreover, there is a reason why companies give you a manual. Therefore, read the manual to be sure that you are using the barking tape correctly. Too often, these companies get bad reviews because people don’t think it’s necessary to read instructions.

Finally, make sure you always start with the lowest possible setting. You do not want to increase the discomfort of your dog unless necessary. And don’t forget, don’t hold the bark collar too long.

10 Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs & Large Dogs 2020

We have researched dozens of barking collars to find the best the market has to offer. We looked at various control methods and models with automatic and progressive correction settings.

Bark control collars can be supplied with advanced technology that allows you to adjust the bark sensitivity to the size and breed of your dog.

After we had recorded everything and considered the options, we reduced it to the ten best bark collar for small dogs & large dogs that control the barking of your dog.

1-SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Collars

The rechargeable dog collar of the SportDog brand is one of the best static bark collars due to its unique way of filtering out false corrections. See, this collar uses their Silent Partner technology to determine your dog’s distinctive barking style.

Removes any copy of the collar that responds to a non-barking sound. I find this extremely essential because I live in a densely populated dog area and do not want my barking to punish my dog for barking another dog.

SportDOG Brand NoBark Rechargeable Collars 1Moreover, this barking band gives me many choices with its three training modes and the ten levels of static stimulation. By doing this, I get a comfortable amount of control over the training experience.

As a control freak, this sense of control is necessary for every bark that I intend to purchase. Another aspect that I find reassuring is that the bark collar is waterproof; that is why I know that this will go through a rain shower without any intervention.

More importantly, the ability of this bark collar to charge 200 hours is something beneficial to me. Look, I am the forgetful type and would need a static shock bark with a long-lasting load.

However, the price is very steep and is not in the range that I could afford. This product will be the most expensive on the list. And I am not interested in paying the highest dollar for a product that I will use for a few months at most.

Moreover, I still feel uncomfortable with the shocking aspect of these collars. It just isn’t something that makes me feel comfortable. But if you like the shock aspect, this collar is a high-quality choice.

  • Waterproof
  • Ten adjustable stimulation levels
  • Remains charged for 200 hours
  • Three training modes
  • Filters out false corrections
  • The most expensive collar on this list
  • Uses a shock

Questions & Answers

Good collar. The issue, now neither collars' "adjuster" works one dropped to 1 the other to 4 and then wont move (levels too weak) anyone got this?

Hello there, thanks for your question! We are sorry to hear that you are having problems with your collars, and we are happy to help you solve problems to get you started! Contact us for more help.

Does this brand have a bark collar that also comes with a remote? I only see either/or?

Thank you for your question! Although we produce external trainers and bark control collars, we do not have a product that combines these two functions in a single collar. This is due to the very different technologies and activation methods that the two types of collars use.

Can the collar be reset and learn a different dog's bark? In other words, can I use it for our second dog once the first is trained?

You can definitely use this collar for multiple dogs! The collar will make adjustments if necessary because it teaches the barking habits of each individual dog. For more help, contact SportDOG customer service directly.

I have an akita, so he has a double coat, will this be able to get thru all his fur to even work?

Yes that will work. Apply Vaseline to dog fur and use the long set of teeth or (contact points) and that should be enough to penetrate the thicker coats in dogs.

Top Customer Reviews

396 Customer Reviews

2-PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar

This variant of the collar is labeled Little Dog and is designed for puppies from just 8 pounds to medium-sized dogs of 55 pounds.

This gives you a lot of leeways if you have a smaller dog that is likely to grow, and you don’t want to invest in a second collar after two years.
Progressive static correction gives your dog sharper shocks: all at a completely safe level: if he does not respond and barks excessively. If this is not enough, the collar will turn off after 80 seconds, allowing you to intervene manually and calm your beloved pet.

Don’t worry, no complicated programming is required; the static steps are executed automatically. There is also no danger that the collar will be activated by barking other dogs.

Submersible up to 5 meters, it is fine to take your dog for his beach walk without being afraid that he will make a sudden dive and ruin your new investment.

Almost the perfect bark for small dogs, you can expect quick results and better behavior within a few days, so why not treat yourself and your neighbors and that annoying barking to an absolute minimum?

  • Tweak these collars easily through 10 gradations of static correction
  • Fully waterproof collar ideal for all activities
  • Works well for small or medium dogs up to 55 pounds
  • Does not fit so well with dogs with longer hair

Questions & Answers

Has anyone tried this on a cat? Would it work?

No! These are not meant to be put on a cat! Take your cat to the vet for a thorough check, he may not feel well. Or get it a playmate, maybe it's lonely.

How do I TEST SHOCK myself. Need to know how it feels before placing on my 5 lb ChiPin. Thanks!?

This should not be used on a 5-pound dog.

I have used the PetSafe No-Bark Collar, PBC-102 on my Weim and it doesn't seem to work, is this better for dogs with a bark that isn't very deep?

I don't think it's a good option for you. I used it on my border collie who does a lot of low barking. It makes the dog bark once or twice before correcting them, and as a result, my dog has actually learned nothing from the device. I actually intend to try the dogtra or sport dog bark. I have seen them used and they are much more accurate in their corrections and can learn from the dog and choose the correct correction. This collar is quite low-tech in that department. Good luck and remember, you have 30 days to send it back if you are not satisfied!

Could this fit a 5 lb Yorkshire Terrier? Specs say "8-55 lbs".

yes, it fits our Maltese, but the sport dog is the one who really works sport dog 10R. We have this and it doesn't work well at all, a waste of a lot of money, never goes off when the dog barks. I have Maltese, many of which are between 5-8 lbs and are constant barkers and the sport dog, although a bit big for the smaller dogs is the most effective collar for constant barking, we bought this on a tail and it is really a no go. They can easily wear the 10R collar, even if it is a bit big for them. It doesn't seem to bother them. This is small and cute, but in my opinion not effective.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar,


As the title says, I have 6 dogs at home and a main class a hole for a neighbor, my city starts sending letters to me when the police start getting phone calls from this neighbor. I had to call the police when this neighbor started throwing stones at my dogs, I learned this once I stroked one of my dogs outside and she barked and the neighbor threw a stone at me. Guess what the number one call to the US police is? Yup, you guessed it, dogs barking. I have 5 of these bark bands and a large bark band (rechargeable pet safe model). As other reviews state, the static correction is changeable, it also seems to depend on the temperament and tolerance of the dog. My Shih Tsu does not bark at all when wearing this, so I have the collar in the off position. Others, such as Pomeranian and Cairan Terrier, didn't seem to be phased through the collar until I shave the fur at the base of their neck for better contact. My poodle shakes her head until the collar is on the side, so I have discovered that placing a scarf-like bandana prevents her shenanigans from working. My Chihuahua gets it, when the collar is over, he goes from a small dog to a silent mouse. My Scottish Terrier is picking up a bit - the automatic static correction is increasing until she understands the point. A few things that can help you: As mentioned above, you may need to shave your dog's neck to get optimum contact, especially for dogs with thick coats or double-layer coats. 12 hours is the maximum that these collars should be - pin necrosis (the pins that burst into the skin) can occur and the collar should be omitted until the skin is completely healed. battery in the off position shortens the battery life. Use a match to claw the cut end of the collar to prevent fraying once you have tailor-made the collar for your dog. (Make sure the dog has a normal collar with an ID on it, in case it gets lost) The side buckle on the collar (as stated in the manual that comes with the collar) breaks with time, causing the collar to slip / comes loose and unable to keep the correct size (happened with two of the collars) Replacement collars are hard to find, and originally these collars had colored rubber skins that you could buy (helps identify the other ones. Replacement batteries RFA-188 are ridiculously expensive (you can look at your tube for videos on how to remove the battery from the plastic case and use replacement batteries for a fraction of the cost) Don't set it up and go - stay with your dog, some understand immediately, others will increase barking and the collar follows the example: Although the collar has a safety shut-off, it is disturbing to see and can be prevented by na spend a while with the dog to make sure they don't suffer. I have had two DOAs to the right of the box - never turned on, and the other, even though the light has changed, could not perceive it and / or make a correction (keep the receipt and look at the dog to see if they respond) There is no real way to test it to make sure it works - except as stated in the above-mentioned necklace. The collar came off - this has happened twice in the last 8 years, I assume the dogs were playing and one happened to bite the collar exactly where it clicks together and the collar came off, what did the dogs do to them? I chewed them of course! I replace the battery in each collar every month when I use them, usually in spring and fall - the neighbor leaves his windows open; Summer and winter the windows are closed and he is in his house, he does not notice the barking. These collars are great in the dog park forr two of my dogs that like to bark, everyone thinks how well behaved / quiet they are. are pretty decent, minus the pros and cons I mentioned, they beat the alternative - the neighbor calling the police, or worse, he tries to hurt my dogs. helpful ...

Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar, 1


Great product if used correctly. My puppy who had never had trouble barking at strangers before he suddenly started barking at everyone we saw or saw. It became very uncomfortable to take her out and walk because she would bark and lunge at everyone, although she is not an aggressive dog and small, it was still unpleasant to bark her at everyone and get the attention that way. to pull. We tried other ways to get her out, but it just went on and we didn't want the behavior to continue. So I did research and got this collar. It has made a huge difference. Yes, every now and then she will try to bark someone, but it is only once, and the collar corrects her and that is it. I don't leave it with her all day. I only do it to her when we bring her out. I think the people who had problems with this collar left it too long. If your dog has a bark problem where he just barks at everything and is non-stop, then this may not be for your dog ... but if it's not that serious, this collar can really make a difference. I don't expect that I will need it soon. I am happy with the results. I have my puppy back.

Avatar Reviews  PetSafe Elite Bark Control Collar, 2

Carl K.

I have a small dog (9 pounds of maltese poodle) that is quite nervous and barky. She had a traumatic puppy time, including a few months of wandering before we adopted her. 4 years of attempts to control it with treats and positive reinforcement did nothing. A professional dog trainer said we did everything well. After moving to an apartment we found her barking too much (and it also makes me pretty angry at the dog). The collar immediately made a big difference. She found it very embarrassing: shout a loud cry for the shock and ran to me for comfort - she was very confused. It was difficult, but I left it to her. The instructions are very clear about the need to be consistent with this for the first 2 weeks. Some dogs test the limits a lot and try to win the collar. After wearing it ~ 3 hours a day for 3 days, barking is greatly reduced at all times, not just when the collar is worn. She still responds to sounds by freshening up and sometimes grumbling quietly, but she doesn't show pervasive barks. Well, very rarely when it is just outside our door. We put the collar on a few times when she was a bit exaggerated and it seemed to correct her. I wish I had tried it on her years ago.

855 Customer Reviews

3-DogRook Dog Bark Collar- Humane Anti Barking Training Collar

The Dog Bark Collar Upgrade 2020 is the first vibration bark band in this article. With seven adjustable vibration levels, this collar does not respond to barking dogs.

This feature is essential for me because almost every neighbor I have has a dog. Most of my dog’s barks respond to the other barking dogs. Moreover, my dog doesn’t hurt without shock.

Otherwise, this collar has the standard function that you would find in the two static shock bark collars above: waterproof, adjustable straps, extra batteries, etc. It is a fairly standard product that comes at an affordable price.

DogRook Dog Bark Collar- Humane Anti Barking Training Collar 1And the manufacturer is willing to stand behind their collar, clearly in offering a 1-year warranty to their customers. This kind of offer is always a good sign that the product is of high quality. Otherwise, they would lose a lot of money with this offer.

But there are some drawbacks. The vibration sound is a very high buzzer that can be very annoying for a person. If you have sensitive ears, this might not be the product for you.

It is also known that some dogs enjoy the sound more and bark more because of this collar, ideally not what you are looking for in a bark tape. Given the type of bark band that this product is, this did not surprise me. The vibration bark collars are usually hit and miss.

  • Seven adjustable vibration levels
  • Waterproof
  • Affordable price
  • 1-year warranty
  • To be used on any dog that weighs between 11 and 110 pounds
  • Your dog wont hurt
  • The very high squeaky annoying buzz
  • Some dogs love the sound

Questions & Answers

Is this anti bark collar good for correcting other behaviors besides barking?

Thanks for the question, Oliver! In addition to barking, the collar is also suitable for controlling whining or crying. Greetings, TinaDogRook

Will the bark control collar vibrate if another dog barks ?

Yes, if a dog is close and barking, this can activate the collar, but this has not been a major problem with a household with four small dogs. Especially because our most important barker has the collar.

Can my dog sleep in this collar?

Thanks for the good question, Anastasiia! Yes, there is no problem making the dog sleep with the collar on. But don't leave the collar on your downy friend for more than 8-12 hours. With kind regards, TinaDogRook

Does it include the batteries?

Thanks for the good question! Yes, we have supplied 2 batteries for your convenience. Kind regards, DogRook

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  DogRook Bark Collar - Humane,

Kindle Customer Sunset

Love this collar !!! My Deer Head Chihuahua was a barking aggressive nightmare for this collar. She was scared and suspicious of everything and everyone. When my sister came to visit, I put on her collar, she barked twice and calmed down. Yes!! So I took it from her and told her she was a very good girl. After 2 days off and on with the collar and praise she sat on my sister's lap and love her. I advise you not to leave it if they stop barking. Praise them and only do it again if they misbehave. That way it works great as a training tool. Love this collar !!!!!

Avatar Reviews  DogRook Bark Collar - Humane, 1

Rhonda A Henning

Do not run to buy this product! I have a raccoon dog. If you don't know what their barking sounds like, google it. I only recently got married and apparently the change has caused extreme fear. We tried everything, including Prozac. Nothing helps. She just barks and barks and barks from the moment we get home. We timed her once - 2 hours and 45 minutes of constant barking! Again, google it if you don't know what it sounds like and imagine a solid copy of almost 3 hours! It can cause people to consider terrible things! We tried more walks, crate time, fear drops, everything we could imagine. My new husband was not impressed (and I missed my dog !!) In despair and because of the reviews we bought this product. Opened the package while she was baying very hard. Put it right on her last night and 3 more barks and she was ready! It was a quiet night in our house for the first time in 68 days !! Will it continue to work? Who knows - she's a stubborn breed, but we enjoyed the silence last night! I look forward to a stress-free and enjoyable weekend!

Avatar Reviews  DogRook Bark Collar - Humane, 2

katelyn pyle

our dog would constantly bark outside. I would clean up the house and put him on the runner so that he could enjoy the weather versus being stuck inside and he would just bark and bark. he barked maybe 5 times before he stopped together. he looked around the first few times, what was that?! LOL. SO satisfied with this purchase

Avatar Reviews  DogRook Bark Collar - Humane, 3


This is the first and only safe, not a shock collar, that has worked on our miniature poodle. He does not scream or feel any pain, there is no citron spray, but the smallest vibration that he finds unpleasant. But no pain or discomfort displayed. If he is on, he will not be bothered by barking attacks like he did in the past. Makes life a lot better for all of us. He seems to be completely fine with it. I would recommend and buy again. We also ordered another for our standard poodle. He is actually the instigator and looks innocent. lol With five dogs it can be unbearable if they all start barking at the same time, for example when our postman insists on slamming the letterbox. We now have three of this brand collar. The others may be nicer with the pink covers for girls, but they don't work so well. Note: this collar is not a shock collar. It gives three reminder sounds. The 3rd sound is longer. If the dog continues to bark, the collar buzzes briefly and then vibrates. Nothing anymore. Just like you took your fingers and quickly tapped the dog to say no. We say no when we hear the 3 bear, then buzz. Nothing about this collar is: shocking, painful or harmful.

3,887 Customer Reviews

4-PetYeah Dog Bark Collar

This restarted version of the PetYeah anti-bark tire gives you a lot of flexibility in a striking and lightweight unit.
You can choose from the collar that gives an audible buzz when your dogs bark excessively if you want them to behave without static shock. If you need the added correction, you can adjust things through 5 different levels, so start at the low end and increase jobs if your dog continues to raise Cain.
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This collar works on an integrated USB rechargeable battery. You only need a few hours to be fully charged, and then you can expect full use of 10 days.

This training device works well for most sizes and breeds, from dogs to small dogs weighing 8 kg at the bottom to meaty dogs up to 120 pounds. In terms of neck size, the collar fits dogs from 8 inches to 24 inches around the neck.

With a flexible correction system and all the safety functions you need in combination with a robust and durable collar, the PetYeah is a powerful ally in the search to prevent your dog from barking excessively.

  • Intelligent test mode makes sure that the collar always works effectively
  • Automatic protection built-in with collar stop correction if barking continues
  • Dual training options that offer both audible beeps and static shock with five intensity levels
  • Customer service can be improved

Questions & Answers

Can your dog where this for 24 hours.? And while eating.?

Do not leave the collar on the dog for more than 12 hours a day. If it is impossible, place the collar around the pet's neck every 1-2 hours. There are a pair of conductive silicone sleeves in the box that you can place on the metal contacts to keep your pet safe and comfortable.

How do you charge this product? It suggests to charge it with charger 5V output voltage and I didnt see the transformer.

The cord that it comes with is USB on one side and its own connection on the other. Not all mobile phone chargers deliver 5V. I play it safely and use the USB output on my laptop.

How do we use the tpu collar. is is for use with the regular webbed collar or for some other time? the instructions werent clear.

I use the TPU collar. It is waterproof and does not have to dry.

Can this work on an older dog like 9~10 year old?

No, this collar is so smart that it knows the exact age of your dog and stops working when the dog is around 7-8 years old.

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable

Robyn Roberts

I have 2 laboratories that both bark at everything that goes by and go crazy when my husband or I pull to tear the shutters and jump on doors like crazy wild animals. Once we are in the house, we can behave well and behave like the well-behaved and mannered dogs they are. We bought these collars and on day 1 they stopped our barking.! I love how the collar has automatic intelligence and increases the levels when they bark automatically. I have tried others such as Petsafe bark check collars, and bark deterrents. They never worked. After the pet collar was safely turned off, it was on again. We have now had them for about 2 1/2 weeks. Both dogs will not bark, even without turning it off, because we have forgotten to put it back on in the morning before we left. We have had one time in which one of them decided to bark for no reason while we were at home, so we put the collar back on and let him sit for 48 hours. And we had control again. Our dogs wear them from the morning when we leave until we get home from work. We take them out before they eat and go to bed. Strongly recommend

Avatar Reviews  PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable 1


I know that not everything works for every dog, and you just have to try things and hope they work. I have an 8-year-old chihuahua who suffers from extreme separation anxiety and constantly barks for hours when left alone. I've tried so many things ... in a crate, off a crate, turned on music or television, sonar devices, soothing treats, Benadryl, CBD oil ... nothing worked, not even a little. After receiving complaints and even threats from my neighbors, I had to do something with immediate results, and this collar worked on the first attempt. The instructions are simple, all you have to do is charge the device, select the sensitivity level and turn it on. I had to cut off a significant portion of the collar because my dog's neck is so small, but you can use a lighter to melt the end and prevent fraying. The device itself is large on such a small dog, but it doesn't seem too heavy or uncomfortable for him. I put it on him, put it in the room, I save it when I go out, and I pretended to leave. I immediately heard moans, which is typical. After a few minutes, his characteristic fearful barking began. He barked once, the device squeaked and vibrated, then gave the static shock. It didn't hurt him, but it was annoying enough that he didn't bark again, not in that case or any other, as far as I can see. My neighbors were pretty angry with his barking, so I'm sure they would have said something if it went on. I now use this collar every time I have to leave it alone. He doesn't like me putting it on because he knows I will leave, but it does his job. As a side note, I also took him to the vet and got him at Prozac, which helps anxiety itself. As I said, I realize that not everything will work the same for every dog, but like someone at the end of his rope, this was the answer for my problem barker.

Avatar Reviews  PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable 2

Q. Guo

I had reservations about this product, partly because I thought it could be cruel, and partly because I thought it would have no effect on the barking of our Jack Russell. I was wrong on both counts. It only makes a loud squeaking noise that the dog does not like when he barks, and that gets longer with each successive bark. It stopped our dog from barking within 24 hours, and we only had to leave it on for a few days so that he could fully understand the point and discourage him. Really works.

Avatar Reviews  PetYeah Dog Bark Collar-5 Adjustable 3

aka Nancy

It's working! Our 10 pound yorkiepoo is a yapper and we have tried different methods, but no lasting results. I found this device and after reading reviews after reviews about this product and other similar products, I decided to order it. We are very happy with it. He is still barking, but with hesitation and it is more like a woof (weft weft). And when he forgets and starts barking, he is quickly reminded and reluctantly stops. It is a wonderful device to correct the annoying behavior and it is done without us being there to interfere and / or shout. It certainly became old ...

4,047 Customer Reviews

5-POP VIEW Bark Collar Humanely Stops Barking

The named bark collar new version is another vibration bark collar. And it has what you expect from one: adjustable collar, waterproof, 30-day warranty, etc.

In other words, it’s all you can expect from a vibratory bark collar. It is a reliable, standard product that meets your expectations. In a market full of low-quality items, this collar is a welcome change.

POP VIEW Bark Collar  Humanely Stops Barking 1Furthermore, it is refreshing to see that a company gets its product back with a guarantee, even 30 days. And product reviews seem to convey customer service was very handy.

Even with all the great features, it is a bit unpleasant that there is only one level of vibration. But it seems that the collar can do its job effectively without all the unique, customizable levels that you see on other models.

However, I would still put this aside because of the difficulty in believing that what works in the environment of a dog works for everyone. And my assumptions were correct because this collar has the habit of being activated by the barking of other dogs.

If I lived in a more remote area, I would place this bark collar at the top of my list. Because it has everything I’m looking for, but I’m afraid it’s not feasible with the number of barking dogs at my house.

  • Affordable price
  • No bark collar
  • Adjustable collar
  • 30 days back guarantee
  • Waterproof
  • Only one vibration level
  • Vibration caused by other barking dogs

Questions & Answers

Will this work on an adult human to control yelling? Or does it need a sharp loud sound like a bark to activate?

Are you with someone who has Tourette's syndrome? Or just a person that got out of hand. If the first, consult a doctor; if the second, take them to a psychologist.

Does it come with batteries?

This collar is not supplied with batteries, but is extremely effective; my mother, who lives in an assisted life, has a 15-year-old dachshund that started to bark and if she didn't stop, she would have been removed from the facility that would break my mother's heart. Fortunately the collar works and Abby can stay.

What batteries does it take?

The batteries only worked for us for a few weeks 🙁

Full of fake reviews, anyone bought this collar before?

Yes, we bought it for our Papillon, a dedicated yapper, and had to give it back, because when one of our other dogs barked, the tone went off. We set the level to the lowest, and even if the other dog was on the other side of the room, it would still go off, which really confused the Papillon and made him very nervous. If you only have one dog, I think it might work well, but otherwise I don't recommend it.

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The favorite activity of my dog Roscoe besides playing the ball is BARKING! Love him till death, but it drove me crazy, especially when it is 2 am! I really didn't think this would work, but I had to try something. I did it to him, and surprisingly, he used it the right way. We are now on day 2 and do not peep from him. Even if he sees a squirrel, or all the other dogs in the area bark ... nothing. I almost feel a bit bad that he can't participate in the fun. I decided that I would only use it at night, or when it is really annoying. This thing is amazing! I'm so glad I bought it

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Clarice Rogers

The collar worked the first time we wore it on our vocal little yorkie! He barked a few times. The collar buzzed and squeaked. And he didn't bark anymore. It was really awesome!

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J Price

We have large dogs, one of which tends to bark at something. We had used a shocking collar for years, so when the belt finally fell apart, we started looking. We've only had this for two weeks now, but it works much better than the old shocking type and we feel much better at using it. When the dog barks, the mild tone warns her and usually stops. Occasionally she has continued to bark, but when she receives the vibration alert, it is the end of the barking. Update after 1 month - Our dog apparently somewhat defeated the system, because the sound does not stop her barking. The vibration helps to a certain extent, but she still barks when she feels forced. I am reducing to 3 stars.

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H. Stiles

Really impressed with how well this worked on our Great Pyrenean. This breed barks MUCH. We like to relax in our pool at night and let the dog run around in the fenced area, but she constantly barked at things and we didn't want the neighbors to be upset. This collar worked like a charm. While wearing, she never barks more than once or twice - the sound interrupts her barking and she stops. Then she is practically silent for the rest of the night. She still barks a bit in the house when she is not wearing the collar, but that is fine, we only needed a solution for nights in the pool ... Highly recommended.

693 Customer Reviews

6-PetSafe Remote Spray Trainer

Static shock anti-bark tires are not to everyone’s taste, so if you are looking for a human alternative but are not fully convinced of spray collars, PetSafe has you covered.
You benefit from a spray option with both citronella and unscented cartridges available. If this does not work, you can supplement your workout with vibrations or an audible signal so that you can choose from a maximum of one device.

The correction is controlled from a handy remote control with a range of up to 300 YARD. This makes the collar tailored, whether your dog wanders in the park, on the beach, or in a large backyard.

The collar is suitable for dogs from just 8 pounds to larger breeds with necks as large as 27 inches around, giving you enough space.

With rechargeable batteries for an average of 40 hours of use and cartridges that deliver up to 35 meters of sprays, this is an effective and user-friendly method to train your dog not to bark.

  • The great humane range of correction options with spray, audible tone and vibration
  • Both scented and unscented spray cartridges come straight out of the box
  • Remote control with background lighting ideal for use at night
  • May not work well for more intentional and disobedient dogs

Questions & Answers

Is this just the collar and remote or does it include spray and batteries?

It contains 3 oz. Citronella refill and two 6 V batteries. IMPORTANT: Note in the product description indicates that the product uses 2032 batteries. The product I received actually uses a battery that I have never seen before. Battery is an L1325F 6V battery. One fits in controller, one in collar. Don't make the mistake I made and order a 20-pack of 2032 watch batteries.

Is it possible to replace remote... my was damaged by rain?

I contacted Innotek when my remote control stopped working and they said it was not possible to replace my remote control (although I knew the ID number), but they were extremely helpful and could provide me with a completely new collar and remote control and limes the malfunction remotely to a warranty problem.

Is this an auto anti-bark? Or do you have to use the remote to manually correct the dog?

This is not an automatic anti-bark, but petsafe makes it one. I don't like the automatic because it is too sensitive and will spray citronella if my dog growls or moans.

Will this help with aggression to other dogs?

Yes, it helps with aggression. It traces my Old English Sheepdog in its tracks. When I got him, he couldn't have eye contact with another dog, he would keep an eye on them and literally attack. I was pulled down a few times (unnecessary to say terrified). He was so aggressive and I couldn't handle him, so I sent him a very expensive behavioral change of 2 weeks live in the boot camp. This collar is one of the tools that they use. I was trained how and when to use it and it was an outcome. Now my dog responds well to just the beeper and he can go anywhere, today I took him to Pets Smart (with his collar on) and he didn't look at other dogs in the store. I am very proud of him. I highly recommend this collar.

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If you are desperate to look after your dog, this is a life saver! 8 months ago my dog would growl, fall and go crazy every time she saw another dog. It was unbearable and I constantly apologized and had to avoid other dogs while we were walking. She would wait and growl / bark in the window of our apartment and any dog that was unlucky enough to walk by (which, given all our neighbors' dogs, was quite frequent). I never wanted to use a shock collar, it just felt so cruel, and even this seemed a bit mean in the beginning. So when it first came, I knew for sure that I would spray myself in the face a few times to be sure (smells awful, but otherwise harmless). Then the training started! On our very first walk I used the beeper (1st button) as soon as she started to growl to another puppy. The surprise alone was enough that we could walk past without further histrionics. When we got to the second dog, she started to growl again, I squeaked again but this time she wasn't listening, so I used the second button for a short spray. Then she soon realized that the beep was a warning and if she continued to misbehave, a spray would certainly follow. In less than a week after that first walk, she was able to walk alongside other dogs without panting as much. She would no longer be barking at the window at other dogs, and we could finally use the more popular walking trails in the area. Now, 8 months later, she has not had an incident in 6 months. She still wears the collar when we go for a walk, but it now serves a new purpose. We are training her to chase squirrels. That's right, we are now loose in well-populated parks! And she likes to meet and play with other dogs! Although I cannot guarantee the same results for you and your puppy, I can honestly say that this device has been a miracle worker for Roxy and I. Notes: - We have no problems getting wet and malfunctioning even in heavy rain, but I would not recommend swimming with it. - I use the beeper as a warning instead of a reward (I'd rather give her verbal rewards so she always associates me with good things - Be careful of putting the remote control in your pocket (my husband put this in the car and shot accidentally our poor girl out) -Use only the collar during walks or when you actively train in the house (it is weird and can be uncomfortable if it is on for hours) -I have had one set of batteries in the last 9 months, but then it started device to work a bit poorly and not to receive signals at greater distances.Once we changed the batteries the weather was fine.

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Amazon Customer

This is our second citronella spray collar for our Great Dane. She has a dominant personality and this is the best way we have found to correct her bad behavior. When we saved her she was an adult without house manners. She started jumping on me after a friend laid her feet on his shoulders to see how tall she was. Because of her height, jumping is a dangerous habit, so I tried everything I could think of to stop the behavior. It does not respond to physical corrections at all. Finally one day I sprayed her with a water bottle while she jumped on me and bit my ponytail. It scared her enough to make her jump down. When I found this gem on Amazon, I just had to try it. It works like a charm. I highly recommend following the guidelines, specifically correcting one behavior at a time and not showing your dog that you are using the remote control to activate the spray. Our first collar lasted about a year. She didn't always wear it, and we stopped attracting her when jumping, surfing, and pulling the belt stopped. After a while some behaviors returned, but the old collar didn't work. Ordered this and we are back on the right track. Note: I paid for this with my own money and have no reason to write this review, but to help people have better relationships with their dogs.

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Amazon Customer

We have two Maltese dogs that we have rescued from the animal shelter. We love them, but they have a very bad habit that when they see another dog or a stranger, they start barking crazy and try to catch them. We even had to remove them from a training class because they would not behave with other dogs. It was embarrassing to take them everywhere. We decided the Spay Commander after talking to someone who had a small dog with the same problem. They had bought a spray collar and it worked for their small dog. We didn't want to get a collar that shocked the dog and we didn't want to get a collar that sprayed when the dog barked, because if we talked to one dog and the other dog barked, the wrong one would be sprayed. When we found the Spray Commander and it could be operated with a remote control and also emitted a warning sound, this seemed to be the solution for our problem. The first time we used it, the results were amazing. The dog was quite surprised and stopped immediately. After a few seconds he became aggressive again and I gave it another chance. The dog quickly got the point and withdrew. The collar has two spay settings, half and full spray. I only used half the spray. We have a friend who has a medium-sized dog who came to visit. We were afraid that we would have to put our two dogs in a cage while he was visiting. We met him in front of our house with the dogs on a leash. Immediately our dogs wanted to attack. We introduced them one by one with the collar on and when they became aggressive, I hit half the spray and they stopped immediately and withdrew. It only took a few times for each dog and within an hour they got along and shortly thereafter they played together. I think it's a great collar and it really works. It is great at reducing stress and is definitely worth the investment. I would recommend it to others.

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7-Petown Newest Version Flashing Lights Bark Collar

The latest version of Petown Flashing Lights Bark Collar has a unique feature that caught my attention, flashing LED lights. I love walking my dog at night because it is much cooler.

But it can be pretty dangerous because of the cloudy roads around my house. These flashing lights would make this a much more manageable event for my dog and me. Of course, this would only be for a short period, but it is still cool.

Petown Newest Version Flashing Lights Bark Collar 1In addition to the flashing lights, this collar has three training modes (beep, vibration, and shock) that you can use. With these training modes, you can prevent using a shock. It is only an option on this model instead of the method.

As you can guess, I love this ability to prevent shocks. Also, the four adjustable levels ensure that the shock or vibration is adjusted to the degree that you consider suitable.

The most important thing is that it is watertight. Okay, this is not the most critical feature, but it allows my dog to explore his favorite place, the swimming pool.

Frankly, the only drawback of this collar is the fact that it has a shock function. It encourages the use of negative shock amplification, but with this price and functions, I can look further.

  • Three training modes
  • Four adjustable levels
  • For dogs from 9 to 120 pounds
  • Has flashing LED lights for safe night trips
  • Waterproof
  • No shock required
  • Has a shock function

Questions & Answers

How long do the batteries of this bark collar last?

About 10-15 days for normal standby.

Does the unit have an on/off switch? I would want to take the collar off when he sleeps and when I'm away from home. Can I turn ot off?

Yes, it has an on / off switch

What is the largest circumference neck it will fit?

The collar fits a dog with a neck circumference of up to 25 inches.

In regards to the sensitivity... which level means it will most easily be triggered, the low or the high sensitivity setting?


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Avatar Reviews  PETOWN New 2018 Version Flashing


I have a male Dalmatian who really started crying and barking to get attention. I previously had a collar that would spray in the air near his nose, but had to replace the battery and top up the fluid. This product is one of the best I have seen on the market. It has worked very well so far and has great versatility with the ability to activate 3 different functions (beeps, vibrations and shocks) all independently and all at separate sensitivity levels. I started by only squeaking and vibrating at the lowest sensitivity and then gradually increasing the sensitivity from low to high. I only had to activate the shock function once when he did not respond to the other settings and he seemed to have learned something from it, so I turned it off again and now used the sound and the vibration only as a soft reminder. The only negative is that when he shakes his head and ears it will cause it. I wish there was a way to adjust it to prevent it from going off for that reason.

Avatar Reviews  PETOWN New 2018 Version Flashing 1

Veronica L. Betancourtcantu

Yes!! Finally a collar that works AND does not cost me an arm and leg in batteries !! I have previously ordered another brand from Amazon, but I have noticed that the batteries may last for a few days and then I have to replace them. They are also not easy to find and stores, so I have to buy them here and wait until they arrive. I intend to buy a second home for my other dog soon, VERY highly recommended !!!

Avatar Reviews  PETOWN New 2018 Version Flashing 2


I love how great a product is. It was almost immediately how fast the collar worked. Bella barked every time the door opened. Not anymore. Thank you for the great product

Avatar Reviews  PETOWN New 2018 Version Flashing 3

Carlita D

I have been looking for a bark collar for my huskymix for over 2 years. He barks excessively, especially when left alone. I have tried several collars, from cheaper to very expensive. They all had problems and would not always work well. This is the only collar that seems to have a big effect on my dog. Once it is applied, it is calmer and quieter. It responds well to the sound and vibration alerts. After only being shocked 2-3 times, he quickly learned to control barking. Now that we are outside, I have no doubt that he is quiet, which is a great relief because we have people who live downstairs and suffer from barking. This collar solved a major problem for us. Thank you!!!

29 Customer Reviews

8-Modus Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic Dog Bark Deterrent

Not everyone wants a static shock collar for training purposes, so what alternatives do you have with small dogs?
Well, this human ultrasonic anti-bark band should make your furball much less noisy, so how does it work?

Unlike a collar, this freestanding device can also be worn around your wrist to prevent loss outside. When activated, the device emits an ultra-high-frequency sound. You will not be able to hear it, but your dog’s super-sensitive ears will irritate it intensely without being painful.

Range up to a little less than 20 feet, so this device is best used at home or on walks when your dog is around.

As with all training devices, you must use positive gain in addition to this type of correction. At the same time, these therapies can prevent your dog from raising Cain and keeping the neighbors awake all night.

Awarded a strong limited 2-year warranty, this can be the smartest investment you make this year.

  • Combine training and bark control in one compact device
  • Human ultrasonic correction without static shock
  • Exceptional 2-year warranty removes the sting from purchase
  • May not work so well with particularly stubborn dogs

Questions & Answers

Does it actually work to deter barking?

Yes it does. I combine it with verbal praise and sometimes offer something delicious. I call it the egg. Now I can just say: do you want the egg? This works in the house. Not 100% but it really helped. Will use it for outdoor walks soon. That is another set of challenges.

Will this send a skunk on it's way?

Possible if you use the following procedure: 1) Visually check whether the varmint is indeed a skunk. 2) Assess the distance between yourself and the critter. a) It is necessary to carefully reduce the distance between you and the skunk to no more than 4.5 meters. 3) Switch on the varmint at the specified distance by activating the device. At this point one or a combination of three results will occur. a) The skunk will offer you a hasty refuge. b) The skunk will just ignore you. c) The skunk is unbearable and you spray. 4) Repeat if necessary. IMPORTANT: If the skunk is dealing with a fearless (Banzai) indictment, you are probably dealing with a rabid and pissed polecat that will ruin your day. Perform now! Run like hell. Run like the wind. Keep on running. Don't bother climbing a tree. The little madman will follow you. If you get a little bit, take your stupid ** to a doctor, because you don't want to end up like one of those zombie people on Walking Dead. Oh, please tell us how you do it.

Does the modus bark control device continue to emit a ulta sound signal when you are turning the device off?

When our ultrasonic bark control button is pressed, the green light comes on and the ultrasonic bark control emits ultrasonic waves that the dog can hear. You must hold down the button to make the green light on and the ultrasonic bark control work. If you remove your finger from the switch, the green light goes out and the ultrasonic bark control is switched off. And our ultrasonic bark control is designed for a maximum of 10 seconds of use at a time. After pressing the button for 10 seconds, the green light goes out and the ultrasonic bark control is switched off.

Can this be used to stop puppies from chewing furnitures and potty mats?

I personally know nothing about puppies, but I bet it would catch their attention. When they do something wrong, press the button briefly until you get their attention, every time they start chewing again, do it again until they realize that the sound comes from doing something wrong. It's cheap enough to try without a big investment. Do not try to use it continuously, just enough to attract their attention.

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Avatar Reviews  MODUS Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic


I have a 60 pound lap that plays too much! She will grab you at the door and lick you until you have water. Frankly, that's great for me, but not for when my mother or a stranger comes to visit, hence the need for this trainer. After searching reviews for a good device, I decided to use the Mode and so far I am impressed. After using it twice and making sure I said NO every time, my dog stopped immediately and you saw her wheels spin. If I say NO at different times, even without the trainer, she already responds better. I am sure I will have to use it periodically, but the results so far are very encouraging. Now fair warning: this is like blowing an air horn for a dog. It will scare them but it will NOT hurt them. However, do NOT use it too much. The first or two times they will probably shiver and hide the tail like you would if someone would blow an air horn at you that you didn't expect. This is when you show ENCOURAGEMENT to calm down and then calm down while you restore the behavior. This is NOT a panic button. It is a trainer - for you AND your pet!

Avatar Reviews  MODUS Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic 1


Hans, our Miniature Schnauzer, who lives for barking and barks for everything, responded positively to the trainer from the start. Initially he stopped barking, but kept trying to make muffled barking noises. Every time he did that, I hit him with the trainer and he stopped immediately. I think using the trainer for a few days when barking is inappropriate will be enough. FINALLY a gadget that works !!

Avatar Reviews  MODUS Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic 2

Deanne B.

This device has changed our lives. I have a miniature dachshund that is very protective of his house, would bark at people when they arrive, bark at people when the leave and bark at people / dogs / cars if they would pass by our house. Our dog is now the perfect dog and we keep saying he is the dog we have always wanted. Even people who come to our house now love him instead of thinking what a terrible barking dog he is. Thank you very much for this great dog trainer !!

Avatar Reviews  MODUS Anti Barking Device, Ultrasonic 3


I received the device today and had the opportunity to use it within ten minutes. My boxer and min-pin blow nuts every time someone walks in front of our house with their dog. Of course a man walked by with his dog and they started barking. I pushed the button and they both stopped immediately - I looked all around me (what was that?!) I said (Hush) when I pressed the button and when they immediately stopped, I praised both. A few minutes later another person walked by with a dog and they looked up, gave a very low (Grrr) and NO bark! I have greatly praised them. I'm really surprised. Hopefully this will continue to work, but I am sure that the training must be consistent - use a word such as (silence) and abundant praise when they stop or don't bark. I will update my review if anything can change in my first response.

4,938 Customer Reviews
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9-Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar with Waterproof Vibrating Anti Bark Training Device

The Barklo Collar for Small Dogs is another strict vibration device that uses a stimulation for progression correction to help prevent your dog’s barking. By doing this, it ensures that your dog does not hurt when you use this collar.

Of course, this harmless aspect of this collar is something that I love. I also like that the company focuses on smaller dogs with this collar. Small breed owners are often concerned about the effect of bark collars on their dogs.

By focusing their attention on a specific community of dog owners, Barklo has made it a lot easier for these owners to use bark as an acceptable option. It promotes a feeling of comfort.

Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar with Waterproof Vibrating Anti Bark Training Device 1In the same line, Barklo did not use this to their advantage and increased the price. Frankly, they could have done this quickly and made a substantial profit. By not doing this, it shows their dedication to this group of dog owners.

Regarding the product, Barklo made sure that all bases were covered; it is a waterproof, rechargeable, adjustable collar, etc. It is precisely what you would expect from a vibration collar, only suitable for smaller breeds.

Operating smaller breeds is the error that many vibration collars have, but their effectiveness has not been removed. Some dogs do not respond to the vibrations because they have an insufficient impact.

In these cases, the vibration is more an annoyance than a punishment. Some dogs remove the wave or even love the feeling and start barking more.

It is also known that this collar records other sounds while barking. Even if my dog weren’t too big for this collar, this would give me a no-buy.

  • No shock barking belt
  • The best barking belt for small dogs
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Great price
  • Harmless
  • Is not effective for some dogs
  • Tends to pick up other sounds when barking

Questions & Answers

Is there a way to order the USB cable that charges it separately?

Hello, Thank you for the order and for contacting us! If you want to purchase another USB cable, you can do this via the source below. It is a simple USB to 2.5 mm Barrel Jack cable. - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BFB1J33{-teit Have a great day! Greetings, Aurelien goodboy

I understand how to change the levels but how do i know which level i am on? i press until beeping stops but am i on level 1 or 7?

Hey! The sensitivity level is reset to 4 each time the collar is turned off. You can set it 3 levels higher or 3 levels lower. If you turn the collar and press + until the beeping stops, you are at level 7. The higher the level, the better the collar detects barking. As for the other commentator, they actually use level 5 every time they put on the collar and raise the level by one. Best wishes, Kenneth Barklo

Is there a setting for vibrate only?

It gives a warning tone and then a vibration; it doesn't shock or something! However, the beep cannot be turned off.

Does anyone know how long this collar actually is? Says its 19 inches but that seems way to big for my 6lbs chi weenie.

Hey! The collar is easily adjustable and the device itself moves on the collar. I tightened it to the maximum and the resulting circumference was 5 inches. Best wishes, Kenneth Barklo

Top Customer Reviews

Avatar Reviews  Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar

A Listener

So I took a small, 3-month-old miniature poodle mix from an asylum. She is trained in crates and happily spends time there all day. In general she is so quiet that I have to go hunting for her. I think I should add here that my puppy is generally not a shrinking violet. She is curious and fairly fearless. Whether this contributed to our experience with this collar or not, I don't know. A recent resignation, holiday season, record cold weather and lack of foresight usually kept me at home. My puppy and I attached. We are really committed. Kiddo reasonably concluded that we were a pack. Everything was copacetic until I dared to leave. Then my silent puppy became a barking, howling threat. Although she seemed to nestle comfortably in her crate, she was fed, practiced and emptied, although she had the most compelling toys and a full, delicious Kong, although I followed the trainer's advice that no salutation came or went, "accept quietly out the door. Miss Kiddo didn't have it. I live in the city, in an apartment building, on the 3rd floor. After being snuck away for 15-30 minutes, I entered the building and heard her as soon as I entered the hall. No matter how understanding my neighbors are, I could not expect them to remain kind and listen to a troubled puppy. Even worse, after even such a short time, Kiddo was sitting in her crate looking overloaded and miserable. My vet suggested a citronella collar, but after watching dozens of videos, I am convinced that they are well intended, but probably somewhat cruel; spraying that intense scent on the extremely sensitive nose of a dog didn't seem right. I looked around on Amazon, found and ordered this necklace. It arrived quickly, but once it was here, I was a little bit plagued by the fault of inflicting the device on my puppy. I consulted a dog behaviorist who explicitly told me not to use any barking tape. The dog will be traumatized by it, she said. She will associate that trauma with her crate or, worse, with your departure, and the problem will expand and worsen. She gave suggestions on how to deal with the divorce: the same techniques that I had already tried. Back to the training videos on YouTube. One in particular spoke to me. You are not there to correct the dog, the trainer said. The only solution is a collar without barking. I took the collar out of the box, put it on, put it down my throat and did my best imitation of a bark. Before the first impact left my throat, the device sounded its tone. A serious, medium tone, not particularly loud. I kept barking; the tones gradually became longer and after three times the device vibrated, just like the vibrations of a smartphone, but probably less intense. None of this seemed too shocking, just more insistent. As I barked and squeaked, Kiddo came to watch. She tapped her head and began to howl at the collar. Strangely enough, she seemed to want it, because when I offered to put it on her, she sat very still and wagged her tail. She happily wore it, ran through the apartment, played with her Lambchop, growling at her tug toy; it didn't go off. Eventually I put her in the coffin and I went to take a shower. When I came out, I heard a whine and then a tone. Her whining stopped. Later I went on trial for 20 minutes and came back to ... silence. Not only that, but my puppy lay in her bench and looked as if I had woken her up. She came out of her crate happy and calm. Since that first time I have been in the room on the rare occasion that Kiddo has left a yip to activate the device. I watched her stop and tilt her head to the tone. It seems like a moment to her. Not frightening, just attract attention. She continues with her play, but not with the barking. My conclusion: this thing worked. Not only that, but I believe that Kiddo's barking really increased her fear. With this collar that told her not to bark, she seemed better able to calm herself. I actually believe this device is much less cruel for my puppy than letting her bark. I'm sure my neighbors are happier. If only every problem had such an easy solution.

Avatar Reviews  Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar 1

Tracy M

People often think that they are cruel or offensive, but I disagree. At least when it comes to the products I have used. I love my dogs as children and treat them as such. I would never use or approve a product that in any way harmed animals. I got this collar because my cute, cute little dog liked to torment his neighbor by barking all day long. The poor neighbor went crazy. Nice guy but was made crazy by this little dog fighter who screamed. This collar offered a series of progressive connections and beeps that were meant to distract and over the dog when he barked too much. It's a safe, humane way to make him understand that life is better for everyone when he just closes his little cake hole. Now this dog is no longer a constant barker. It only took a few days for him to fully understand. When people knock on my door, he barks for a few seconds until he hears the warning buzz. Then he is silent. Regarding barking when you are outside, there is absolutely NO. No barking, even when people walk past the house. It is awesome.

Avatar Reviews  Barklo Small Dog Bark Collar 2


Works well! Not scary serious like some other options, very small, battery lasts about a week before being charged. Quite effective - dog still barks occasionally, but rarely more than a warning bark. 4 stars as I wish I could point to use vibrations only instead of progressive beeps that add to the sound. That said, the beep is not as irritating to me as other versions that I have tried and it does respond to it. Also wants an audio signal when the battery is empty; I think the light turns red, but I don't notice it until it barks more than it should and I don't hear the correction.

339 Customer Reviews

10-Dogtra No-Bark Collar

To complete our search for the best no bark collar for small dogs, we have thrown another option for breeds near medium-sized dogs to ensure that we cover all bases.
This collar is substantial, so if you have a small lap dog, it’s better to redirect it. However, this anti-barking band fits well for medium-sized dogs.

One of the main selling points is a precursive vibration that gives your dog the chance to restore his behavior and stop barking before the shock starts. You get six intensity levels for static shocks, so you can easily adjust the collar to your furry friend’s temperament.

If you don’t mind spending a little to get a robust, durable collar, and if you need a little more direct training than sound/vibration collars, we cannot recommend the Dogtra highly enough.

  • Early vibration alert before shock to allow your dog to learn without being exposed to a harder treatment if he meets
  • Works with dogs as small as 10 pounds and fits neck sizes from 9 inches to 20 inches {- } The sensor is sensitive enough to distinguish between barking and ambient noise
  • Better suited for dogs at the top of the medium-sized dog collar

Questions & Answers

What weight does it go up to for the medium size dog? My dog is about 50 pounds

Hello Mindy, at 50 pounds your dog can use the YS-300 barking belt if it is mildly mannered and easy to go to training, or you can go to the YS-600 if your dog is more energetic, stubborn or a little encouraged to be trained. Thanks, EZDogFences

Will other dogs barking set the collar off ?

I believe it would be possible. I would contact Dogtra directly, the customer service is great.

Is this correct one for a 35 pound dog?

Would be perfect.

Will this work on my poodle that is hard of hearing ?

Yes, vibrations and stimulation are used. Should work on any dog with a neck of 6 inches or so.

Top Customer Reviews

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Bob Marley Rules

We tried a number of things for this because we tried not to shock a Jack Russell / Terrier mix (called Monkey). This dog, and I am not exaggerating, barks at EVERYTHING. People, bicycles, cars, other animals. He is not an aggressive dog, so it was all barking and not biting. He couldn't be tall with other dogs either, because I think he has a small dog syndrome. Anyway ... the shock setting of this device goes up to 10, but we had it at 3 to start. The first time he was shocked, it didn't hurt him, but he learned quickly. After about a week he stopped barking and we could even leave him outside without barking at everything that was moving. It only took a few weeks and we were able to take the collar off him and he wouldn't bark without it. He was really conditioned to it, which is really the whole point. I would also say that it really brought him to rest. In the past, when people would come by, he would be crazy, but now he can just relax. We only use it every now and then and he has learned what kind of bark is allowed and what is not. If he wants to be in the house, he now only gives a small shout, so that we know that he is ready to come in, but he does not zap him. We use it from time to time to strengthen learning, but not that often. All in all, this is a great product and it works really well. The neighbors no longer hate the dog because of his barking, which is always a good thing.

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I hate the idea that I should use this completely, but I live in an apartment building and my dog will not stop barking while I am away (a new thing because my husband died and now she is over-worried). This definitely helps to reduce the problem. I only need it when she's home alone, not when I'm out in public with her where I really have no problem barking!

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Alana S

We have a dog that has been a kennel baster for years. Whatever we have tried, he barks for HOURS in his kennel (when we go to work, etc.), Day ONE of using this collar and that problem has been solved. This was recommended to us by a local trainer and I wish I had bought it years ago. Did not even have to use any settings beyond 2. Awesome!

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Debra S.

I am very satisfied with how this collar works for my dog. He can be quite a barker and I live in an urban neighborhood with a lot of 50 and a lot of walkers. Dolce likes to defend his property that he seems to think is everything he can see from our garden. The collar has reduced barking by about 95%, which is great because it likes to be outside when the weather is nice, sometimes even all night. When I get home, I don't put it on because I can bring it in if it starts to bark too much. I am happy that he can be outside as much as he wants and not want to worry about disturbing the neighbors. A friend of mine is a dog trainer and recommended this collar. I am very happy with it and would certainly recommend it to others.

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Who Should Buy A Bark Collar For Dogs

Some breeds such as dogs and beagles are known for their excessive barking. Certain personality traits may also be more prone to barking. If your dog’s barking disrupts your daily life or the life of your neighbors, a bark collar for dogs is a good solution. Understand why your dog barks in the first place. Barking is natural for dogs.

It is a form of communication, and they can communicate many different messages and signals through their bark. Alarm, aggression, boredom, and frustration are some of the most common reasons. You may want to try several alternative bark correction methods before you jump to a collar. If your dog is scared, a fear vest can help dogs, or you may consider calming a dog.

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Pros and Cons of Bark Collars

Each type of bark collar has its advantages and disadvantages. It is your job to find out which fits the needs of your specific dog. In the following section, we provide an overview of the pros and cons of each type to facilitate this decision.

1-Static Shock Bark Collars

  • Extremely effective because of the fear it creates in your dog.
  • A wide range of stimulation levels to choose from
  • Proven to be effective in dogs of all sizes
  • Punish your dog to the point where he becomes afraid to show natural behavior
  • More expensive than the other types
  • Must be charged or batteries must be replaced regularly

2-Static Shock Bark Collars

  • More humane option than a collar with static bark
  • Sometimes as effective as the collar with static bark
  • It doesnt cause any pain for your dog.
  • The collar can be activated during other natural behaviors such as sneezing or scratching
  • Some dogs do not respond to the spray
  • Requires refills and battery maintenance.
  • Sometimes does not respond to barking with a higher pitch.

3-Vibration Bark Collars

  • A most humane option under bark tires
  • Great for medium / small dogs
  • Dont scare your dog
  • Sometimes very expensive
  • Great for medium / small dogs, but the volume/weight can be too much for the smallest breeds.
  • Sometimes not enough stimulation to get results

4-Ultrasonic Bark Collars

  • It has more training options than the alternative types of bark tires.
  • It seems more human than the other options.
  • You cannot hear the sound that only your dog can; therefore, the training can continue without you having to feel bad.
  • It seems humane, but since we can’t hear the sound itself, we don’t know for sure. How do we know that the sound doesn’t make our dog insane?
  • It can be activated by sounds around it that effectively punish your dog more than it should.
  • over-correct other natural behaviors because it goes off in response to other sounds besides barking your dog.

FAQ About Best Bark Collar For Small Dogs & Large Dogs

Below we answer some questions people have about bark collars. Hopefully, this section will help you feel better informed about your decision to buy one or not.

What Is A Bark Control Collar For Dogs And How Does It Work?

A bark collar for dogs has a microphone or other sound or vibration detection device that activates a correction method – noise, vibration, shock, or spraying – when a dog barks. The correction method distracts or frightens the dog and stops barking. It is recommended that you use the lowest level of noise, vibration, shock, or spray to prevent your dog from barking before increasing the intensity. These collars work best when used with reward courses. Once the collar has shocked the dog and stops barking, the owner gives the dog a treat so that he associates a gift with calm, calm behavior. Over time, the collar can only prevent the dog from barking, but only after a long period of controlled correction.

How To Test Bark Collar?

It depends on the model you purchase. Anyway, they are instructions in the manual on how you can test it before using the model.

For example, the SportDog bark collar has the steps that are fully recorded on their website. In this article, you will find similar web pages for every page with every bark.

Frankly, no reputable company will allow their collars into the world without informing their customers about how to use/test them.

Will A Bark Collar Hurt My Dog?

They may not be used as long as they are used correctly. We have said it more than once in this article, but it is worth repeating: start with correction at the lowest possible setting.

You can slowly increase the intensity until you find one that works. Bark control collars work best as part of a training method rather than as a set-it-and-forget-it solution. The barking stops faster when the dog learns to associate a lack of barking with a reward.

Dog bark control collar with a shock mode that is used at the highest setting and without prior training can lead to pain and trauma for the dog.

At What Age Can A Dog Wear A Bark Collar?

There is no hard rule about age, but the puppy must be old enough to understand the relationship between their behavior and the correction. That age may differ for different dogs.

However, you can usually see when you notice that your puppy avoids certain items or situations with which he has had a negative experience. When you decide to purchase a collar, make sure it is designed for puppies or small dogs.

These models usually have lower settings and more control over the settings so that the dog does not receive unnecessary or traumatic correction.


We hope that you are now fully equipped with all the facts you need to get the best bark collar for small dogs & large dogs.

If you decide that you want a barking belt, you have received all the information necessary to ensure that you purchase the best barking belt for your circumstances.

You must also have a good overview of which type of collar suits you best and what you should wear. Pay attention when you buy one.

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