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10 Best Dog Colognes & Deodorants for Odor Control (2024)

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Best Dog Colognes & Perfumes & DeodorantsYou’re looking to keep your pup smelling fresh between baths?

A quick spritz of the right doggie cologne can work wonders.

We’ve sniffed out the finest fragrances to keep your furry friend clean and cuddle-ready.

These top picks use gentle, natural ingredients and leave behind a light, pleasant scent.

Simple to use and safe for frequent use, a quality cologne lets you extend bath time without your home getting stinky.

Give your pup a quick spritz when needed for a clean scent that lasts.

Things To Consider When Buying Dog Fragrances

When you buy dog ​​colognes, deodorants and perfumes, you know what you’re looking for – you want something that will help your dog get rid of bad odors! However, there are other benefits you can get from the best dog deodorant or fragrances.

1. Smell

This is the first factor to consider when buying dog perfume products. It would help if you bought a scent that has a decent scent.

Keep in mind that some cheap scents can make the smell worse because they can mix with sweat.

Also, make sure the scent is not overpowering; people tend to dislike overpowering scents, which is why you should go for a perfume that has a sweet scent and won’t let people avoid your dog.

2. Natural Ingredients

When choosing the best dog perfume for your dogs, always choose the scents with natural oils. Some chemical colognes can be harmful to your dog’s skin. These chemically created scents can cause allergies and even possible skin infections.

It should not contain alcohol, parabens, and other chemicals. You can see if it has completely organic and natural ingredients.

3.Long Lasting Scent

You need to make sure your dog’s perfume scent lasts for a long time. Some scents are sweet but dissipate in a short time. Others may take a few days to dissipate.

You should go for long-lasting perfumes such as Your dog. Not regularly, they prevent unpleasant odors until the next bath. Plus, durable fragrances save you money by not having to reapply them more often. You don’t have to buy a new fragrance every time.

4. Functionality

Besides giving a fresh and clean scent, you can see if it has any other benefits. It must have good moisturizing properties and prevent matting. You need the one that leaves a fresh and soft coat and helps prevent allergies and bugs.

Some scents can attract insects such as flies, bees, and fleas to your dog. These insects can sting your dog or cause nasty diseases, so you should opt for neutral scents, especially if you live in areas with many flying insects. That can repel insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, and flies. An insect repellent scent allows your dog to play outside without attracting insects.

10 Best Dog Colognes & Deodorants Brands of 2020

Let’s take a look at our top 10 best dog colognes, dog perfumes, and best deodorants for stinky dogs! Obviously, all pets can use these products, and many dog ​​owners use them as a preventative measure to prevent the sudden or progressive appearance of a bad odor in their pets.

1. Fresh Floral Scent Grooming Cologne

lambert kay fresh floral scent b0002aqrmiView On Amazon

Here is an inexpensive pet care cologne and deodorant from Lambert Kay that has been on the market for over a decade. It helps eliminate body odor in pets and keeps them smelling fresh and clean for much longer between washes. Are 5 different fragrance varieties to choose from, all available in 6 and 12-ounce sizes.

The lambert kay floral scent cologne, a mild baby-like fragrance, acts as a pet deodorant that removes body odor over time. This cologne supports good hygiene in pets.

Lambert fresh floral scent cologne (Clean Cologne Spray is an indispensable tool for all dog owners, many pets and professional groomers say. They claim this best dog cologne spray works much better than most other brands: both as a deodorant)such as cologne.

Lambert kay grooming dog cologne nourishes the skin and coat by controlling body odor, leading to unpleasant odors. Buyers loved that their dogs smelled great for a long time and were cleaner between baths.

However, not all buyers like the smell of the product were too strong for their dog, and they had to throw it away immediately. Most users maintain that the fresh floral scent is the best natural dog cologne for their dog. Dog because it can eliminate body odor in dogs, not just to cover them, they say it keeps their dogs a fresher and pleasant scent until the next bath.

  • 5 fragrances available
  • Nourishes dog’s skin and coat
  • Many reviews say it worked better than any other similar product they have tried.
  • Unique fragrance that not everyone will enjoy

2. Wahl 100% Natural Doggie Deodorant

wahl deodorizing refreshing pet b00gzqykwwView On AmazonWAHL has a whole range of dog grooming products, and this product is perfect for when you can’t get to the shampoos and soaps. Packaged in an easy-to-use ergonomic bottle, this deodorant will refresh your dog on the fly. Made from eucalyptus and spearmint, your dog will smell fresher than fresh when sprayed with this product.

Your dog will even shine! Wahl has developed a dog deodorant that is good between baths and promotes good skin and hair health. There will be a noticeable shine when you apply this product and then brush your dog and coat well. Your dog will also feel fresher!

Natural doggie deodorant is made entirely of vegetable material and is completely free of chemicals. You will not find any nasty parabens, there will be no alcohol burn (as there is no alcohol), and the product is pH balanced. Even for dogs with sensitive skin, this is a great product.

The deodorant bottle can be a bit brittle, but that is an unusual complaint from users. That’s why we call this product the best dog deodorant, cologne, and perfume for the money.

  • A hundred% all-all-natural
  • Great for the sensitive skin
  • Canine will shine
  • Bottle breaks

3. Bodhi Dog’s Natural Pet Cologne

natural pet cologne cat b01m295taaView On AmazonWith the Bodhi line of dog perfumes, you will be constantly surprised by the creativity of the scents they offer. Our personal favorite is sugar cookie perfume. Not only are there many options to choose from, but this stuff is powerful too! If you don’t really have the time to bathe them, give them a splash of cologne, and your dog will smell better right away. Of course, you should probably still give your dog that bath if you have the time.

Bodhi has created a product with the most important thing in mind: your pet’s health and safety. bodhi dog’s natural pet cologne is a professional quality, made from products that won’t damage your dog’s skin or dog’s coat, No sticky mess or residue is left behind. After applying this to your friend, give him a good brush, and he’ll smell as fresh as daisies … or sugar cookies.

Bodhi dog’s natural pet cologne not only ensures the safety of your pet and but is also good for them! A coat of Bodhi cologne will help your dog’s coat and keep it nice and smooth, and silky.

Bodhi is committed to dealing ethically with dog odor. All of its products are ethically produced with sustainable ingredients that are 100% free from animal cruelty. The packaging itself is made from 100% recycled material, so buying this makes you feel like a good steward of the land.

BTW, if you don’t like your Bodhi dog scent, you can return it for any reason without charging 100% of your money. And the only reason you might consider sending it back is that the fragrance doesn’t last that long. That said, we like it, and it’s clear why we consider this product to be the best deodorizing spray for dogs.

  • An assortment of scents, including sugar cookie
  • Not overpowering
  • It leaves your dog’s fur fantastic and silky.
  • The scent does not make final that long.

4. Earthbath All Natural Deodorizing Spritz

earthbath all natural deodorizing spritz b0009x0r0qView On AmazonWho doesn’t want a dog that smells like vanilla and almonds? Earthbath created this delicious Vanilla Almond Dog Spray to make your dog smell like heaven, even when he stinks like hell. The spray not only provides odor relief but also conditions the coat and makes it shiny. Some people call perfume a (French shower) because it is what the French use when they don’t have time for a bath.

This product is a (dog shower) because it is perfect if you don’t have time to bathe your pet and want them to smell better at this point. Other wonderful ingredients soothe the skin, such as colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera, vitamin E, and natural oils. It & # 39; It’s also perfectly PH-balanced and soap-free, so you can be sure it’s not an irritant.

The packaging is 100% biodegradable, making the product good for the environment and your precious dog.

  • All-natural odor relief
  • Situations the skin and detangles
  • Luscious almond vanilla scent
  • Wonderful for in among-baths
  • It contains soothing oatmeal, aloe vera, and vitamin E
  • The smell of this cologne can be at times overpowering and make some canines sneeze.

5. Gerrard Larriett Pet Care Dog Cologne

lavender chamomile aromatherapy freshening b00j3xgfzoView On AmazonThis product is not only intended to make your dog smell better, but it is also intended to relax him. How so? The fine folks at Gerrard Larriett have created a doggy scent from essential oils, and they have done this without adding any heavy perfume scent or harsh chemicals.

Vet approved, this product can have a calming effect on your pet. Users have reported milder behavior in their animals after using this product. Application is simple and just like any other dog fragrance. You spray the product on your dog and then give it a nice soft brush, but make sure to apply the product to the skin.

Made with doggy-safe ingredients, you can take this product home in travel size or a container. While it is not a substitute for a bath, it is a great resource to have after a long day at the kennel. Every bottle of Gerrard Larriett’s s dog fragrance contains lanolin, vitamin E, oats, and chamomile. This product is perfect for dogs with eczema.

While there aren’t many complaints about this product, we have heard users report that their experience with customer service personnel is not great.

  • Fantastic for dogs with eczema
  • It comes in multiple sizes.
  • Can calm pets down
  • Created with essential oils
  • Negative client help workers

6. Crazy Dog Baby Powder Grooming Spray

crazy dog baby powder grooming b0002aq8x6View On AmazonCrazy Dog Baby, Powder Care Spray, is a wonderful smelling spray that improves your pet’s coat and; it is perfect for puppies who may need a little more grooming in between baths as they get used to being brushed and handled.

Dog owners who want to get the most out of the grooming spray they use will love the Crazy Dog Spray. The high-quality formula cleans the coat, conditions it, detangles it with panthenol, and removes static electricity with its negative charge. You need to comb and brush your dog’s dry coat with the spray to make it soft and manageable. The spray can also be used to detangle the coat after you bathe your pet.

If you like the same fresh scent your pet gets from the groomers, you will love the Crazy Dog scent. It’s not too floral or overpowering, and most importantly, it stays put so that you don’t get that stinky doggy smell back an hour after spraying.

  • Pretty smell that lasts
  • Detangles, situations, and removes static from the dog’s coat
  • Perfect for all ages, particularly puppies
  • Can be employed on moist or dry hair
  • Fragrance may well be too potent for some clients.
  • A spray bottle might not apply an item successfully following a specific sum of use.

7. Coature No.62 Evening Primrose Oil Mist

isle of dogs coature no b002las6wqView On AmazonDry and irritable skin conditions usually require specialized treatment, but this oil-enriched conditioning mist from the Isle of Dogs allows pet owners to do away with such expensive procedures. This conditioner offers a rich blend of evening primrose oil and natural herbal extracts that help relieve dryness and reduce skin flakiness by hydrating the cells responsible for pets’ oil stability.

Regular use of this product helps rejuvenate the dog’s skin, removes unpleasant odors, and leaves a soft sheen on the dog’s coat and # 39. The Maldives Villa fragrance is loved for its subtle and elegant fragrance.

Customers found Isle of Dogs Coature # 62 Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Mist to be a great way to comb through tangles while deodorizing their dogs. It worked wonders even on matted hair, and that means the world for a busy pet owner. The heavenly scent also made a lasting impression on new users.

Despite the product’s impressive properties, one customer thought it was far too strong for his dog with overly sensitive skin, adding that the coat was double. Coated varieties become messier and harder to brush. Nevertheless, most users found this to be the best dog fragrance and conditioner for their pet. The grooming aid they need to keep their dogs smelling fresh and shiny, not to mention the added benefit of dissolving tangles and chips.

  • Enhanced with oils to assist with skin situations
  • The wealthy mix of evening primrose oil and all-natural herbal extracts hydrate the cells responsible for oil stability.
  • Situations coat for less tough brushing and grooming
  • Could not perform well on some double-coated breeds, creating their coat a lot more tough to brush

8. Tropiclean Deodorizing Spray for Pets

tropiclean deodorizing sprays for pets b07vprdnz8View On AmazonMany pet sprays focus on a baby powder-style fragrance that is fresh and clean. If you are looking for something different that gives your pet an exotic touch, TropiClean is a great option. It smells like spicy lime and warming sunshine coconut, and if that’s not enough, it has plenty of other benefits for your puppy’s coat

When you use the TropiClean spray, you not only spray your dog with a wonderful tropical scent, but you also improve the condition of the coat. The spray not only works to break down odors but also softens and conditions their coat to feel super soft.

Customers who want to give their pets only the very best will love that the product is made from natural ingredients. Those ingredients are either naturally occurring raw materials, or they come from naturally occurring mineral or plant materials. In fact, it is suitable for both cats and dogs over 12 weeks of age so that the entire fur baby family can smell the tropical island fresh.

  • Beautiful tropical scent
  • Appropriate for canines and cats
  • Circumstances the coat
  • No nasties
  • Smell dissipates swiftly
  • It might not be suitable for pets with sensitivities.

9. Doctor4paws Premium Dog Cologne

doctor4paws premium natural female dog b07jjc5nnkView On AmazonThis product from Doctor4Paws is usually a deodorant, although it is an effective one. It & # 39; is great to use right after a good dose of playing outside in the mud or through the sprinklers on a hot summer day. This deodorant removes the wet dog odor well.

Made from 100% cruelty-free ingredients, this product is both safe and healthy for your pet. With an emphasis on hydration and conditioning, it is made from coconut oil and palm oil. This product does not contain alcohol, parabens, phosphates, or sulfates.

This product is recommended by a groomer and has a lighter scent. Doctor4Paws created it this way because heavy scents tend to linger, and the company wanted to create an eau de cologne that would freshen things up without weighing down the house.

The only problem we have with this product is that so little is known about it. If you decide to try it out, leave a comment and tell us what you think! We would like to hear it!

  • Light, not hefty
  • Moisturizing and conditioning
  • No alcohol, parabens, phosphates, or sulfates
  • Not a great deal identified about this item

10. Arm & Hammer for Pets Super Deodorizing Spray for Dogs

arm hammer for pets b07ckn9dlcView On AmazonThis deodorizing shampoo and spray for dogs from Arm and Hammer for Pets is what you need to keep your furry friends fresh and clean all day long. It can eliminate unwanted odors instantly, not to mention that itis quite easy to use; spray it on your pet and then rinse with a gentle pat of a washcloth.

Dog go, you can always be sure that you can keep its pleasant scent all day long. With this product, you no longer have to worry about your dog smelling stinky all over!

The best part is that it is made with only the finest ingredients making it an effective yet gentle product for your pets. The baking soda formula comes with the ultimate odor-absorbing ability to give you the peace of mind that your dog will always smell clean and fresh.

Key Features
  • It can be used between baths to keep your pets smelling clean and fresh
  • This is safe and effective as the pH balance is formulated for pets with allergies and sensitive skin
  • The long-lasting scent ensures that your dog’s smell good all day long
  • Professional veterinarians recommend it

Colognes vs. Perfumes vs. Deodorants

Colognes vs. Perfumes vs. DeodorantsDog odors and dog deodorants get rid of the bacteria that cause the bad odor.

The truth is that most manufacturers use these terms to describe the same items and usually prefer one or the other for marketing reasons. Less harsh than perfume, which often indicates that alcohol is on the ingredient list. The term (deodorant) sounds vaguer.

Again, they usually all mean the same thing: something that neutralizes or masks bad smells.

Now the true meaning of these three words should be explained below:

  • Dog cologne and dog perfume – a fragrance product used to mask bad odors
  • Dog deodorant – a product used to break bad odor neutralizing and neutralizing.

There should be a real difference between deodorizing products for dogs and colognes or perfumes, but that is usually not the case. Read the description and note the wording used.

FAQs About Dog Deodorants and Colognes

Is it ok to put cologne on a dog?

The occasional spray of human perfume behind the ears or over the head of the tail is completely safe for dogs; instead of using human scents, you might prefer to try the best dog perfume designed for dog scents.

How do I apply dog fragrances?

Applying a dog perfume is essentially similar to spraying perfume or cologne on yourself. The nozzle should be at least 6 inches from your dog’s coat.

Be careful not to get any perfume or odor in the eyes, nose, and ears of your dog. Spray a few times on your dog’s back and chest.

If your pet has a thick or dense coat with a long coat, you may want to go the extra mile., You can use the perfume to spray pets on your hands before getting your run your hands gently over your pet’s coat.

For some pet parents, this is a lot more effective as they can easily control the perfume’s amount and the exact placement of the scent on the pet’s body.

What scents are toxic to dogs?

Oils of scents harmful to dogs include but are not limited to:

  • Cinnamon
  • Citrus (d-limonene)
  • Pennyroyal
  • Peppermint
  • Pine
  • Sweet birch
  • Tea tree (melaleuca)
  • Evergreen
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Anise
  • Clove
  • Thyme
  • Juniper
  • yarrow
  • Garlic

Can I use dog fragrances for myself?

Best dog perfumes, colognes, and deodorants for dogs are specially formulated for your canine friend. While you are more than welcome to try it, it is better not to. That it will be harsh on your skin, but we don’t want you to smell like the pet you carry in your arms.

What do dog groomers put on dogs to make them smell good?

Once his coat is dry and pristine, your groomer will likely spray him a few squirts of cologne or perfume. Often you can request a specific scent such as baby powder, lavender, or even a fake designer scent. These perfumes are specially designed for use on dogs, and they are not human scents.

How often can I use dog cologne?

You can use it as often as possible. You can use it between baths or every day. Make sure you follow proper spraying techniques to ensure that your dog has the whole week smells good.


There are different types of dog perfumes on the market. We have tried to stock as many different dog perfumes as possible, and they also come in different forms. The buying guide is there for a better understanding of the products. All products are natural and will not affect your dog.

Whatever you choose, we hope we can narrow down some of the best dog colognes and best dog deodorants for your dog.

You should also never substitute a wet bath for the ascent. Scents should only be used to remove bad smells. Bathe your dog after two days.

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