10 Best Smelling Dog Shampoos That Safe & Lasts Longer 2021

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Looking for the best smelling dog shampoo can be very difficult; now that there are so many different options available on the market, it can be difficult to find the best dog shampoo that suits your best friend.

Puppy in Bathtub best smelling dog shampooThis inevitably leads us to the following question: What is the best dog shampoo for odor control? ? And where can you find the best smelling dog shampoo that lasts longer than a few hours? Fortunately, these questions have answers, and an odorless dog is within reach!

For the health and safety of your dog, choose a dogshampoo with pet-safe ingredients. We are particularly fond of formulas that emphasize natural ingredients and remove aggressive chemicals, additives, and colorants.

We have completed our list of the best smelling dog shampoos, including many with organic ingredients.

Top 5 Best Smelling Dog Shampoos (Quick Summary)

Paws & Pals 5-In-1 Oatmeal Oxgord Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • It offers a clean and refreshing scent
Rocco & Roxie Dog Shampoo Rocco Roxie Dog Soothie Oatmeal Shampoo
  • With oat extract, olive oil, and shea butter
  • No alcohol, dyes, or parabens
  • Cleanses calms and soothes
Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Pet Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo
  • Features completely natural ingredients
  • Totally eye and skin irritation-free
  • Great cleaning effect
Wahl Dry Skin & Itch Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo
  • Shed-free and no-tears shampoo
  • It moisturizes all types of skin
Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo & Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo Original Lavender Mint
  • Made in the USA and not tested on animals
  • Lavender and mint scent is light yet effective
  • Soap and alcohol-free
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Benefits of Using Smelling Dog Shampoo

asian chinese female pet groomer with apron grooming a brown color toy poodle dog washing with sampoo best smelling dog shampoo

We understand that there are certain circumstances under which your dog should use an unscented shampoo. They can have serious allergies or skin sensitivities.

However, if you can use a great smelling dog shampoo, this has several advantages:

  • Some Scents Offer Calming Properties: there is great smelling dog shampoo perfumed with natural botanical extracts and essential oils that smell good and relax Your dog. Lavender can be especially useful to calm your dog during a bath.
  • A Great Experience for Everyone: there is something about bathing your dog with a wonderfully scented shampoo. Foaming their fur with bubbles while absorbing the scent of a wonderful scent is much more fun than dealing with the scent of wet dogs!
  • Removes Ticks, Fleas, and Germs: Several terribly scented dog shampoos have been formulated to gently remove germs, ticks, and fleas from your dog’s fur and skin.
  • Perfumed Shampoos Often Act as an Insect Repellent: depending on the dog shampoo you buy, it may contain ingredients that naturally repel vermin. Rosemary and lemongrass allow your dog to smell nice and prevent mosquitoes from getting close to your puppy.
  • Healthier for Your Dog Than Other Options: human shampoos can endanger your dog’s skin and dog’s coat health, including baby shampoo. The use of dog shampoo is best for the overall health of your puppy. No matter how well your personal shampoo smells, it’s not a good idea to use it on your dog. Below we discuss why.

How to Choose the Best Dog Shampoo That Smells Good for a Long Time

Professional dog showering best smelling dog shampoo

While you want something that smells great, there are a few other factors to consider: Is the shampoo natural? Does it contain chemicals? Is the scent too strong for your pet?

You should not only look at what odors have been added to dog shampoo to improve the odor, but you should also check individual elements to prevent these chemicals include parabens, DEO or DEA cocamide, and sodium laurel sulfate.

These ingredients are known to cause permanent problems in dogs, and products that use alternatives to these ingredients are preferred instead.

Try to find a shampoo with natural moisturizers and fragrances. Natural moisturizers include aloe vera, oatmeal, honey, and vitamin E.

I know this can be daunting if you want to find a shampoo that smells really good, but it’s actually a better idea to go for something that doesn’t smell very strong because it’s less likely to contain artificial odors and smells chemicals.

10 Best Smelling Dog Shampoos of 2021

Finding the right shampoo product is crucial, and this guide will examine exactly how you can choose the perfect shampoo to control your dog’s scent.

Although it may seem like a simple task, finding the perfectly scented dog shampoo for your pet is something that needs careful consideration.

If you have not yet chosen the best smelling dog shampoo, here is a list of the 10 best dog shampoo for the odor that not only keeps your dog clean but also smells nice for weeks:

1. OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog ShampooView On Amazon

If you are looking for a 100% vegan dog shampoo, I recommend OxGord Natural. It’s all-natural thanks to the mix of aloe vera, jojoba, and coconut oil. Not only cleans the thick dog’s fur, but this shampoo also provides a long-lasting scent for the dirtiest dogs. If you don’t need the chemicals you often find in groomer shampoos, and this is a better and best deodorizing dog shampoo.

OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog Shampoo 1If you use vegan products, finding a similar product seems too ambitious for your dog. But not anymore! With this best smelling dog shampoo, you no longer have to settle for anything less.

It has the same nourishing properties as an expensive shampoo but without the chemicals. So your dog smells fresh, has a radiant and soft fur that will make you happy. With this, you can keep track of the playful nature of your dog. It contains non-sticky and smooth foam that is easy to rinse.

Even with some dog shampoo, the foam lingers for a long time. So you notice a slight difference in feeling during drying.

This happens due to the presence of chemicals in the shampoo; without chemicals, you shouldn’t have such a problem. Getting a fresh, natural scent is no longer overwhelming. And the all-natural scent lingers long after the first wash.

Finally, if your dog has several sensitive allergies, buying this shampoo will do him good. It has no persistent odors. It works hard to get rid of flaky and dandruff-driven skin. And the natural oils keep the skin well hydrated and fresh.

  • Suitable for all dog breeds
  • It offers a clean and refreshing scent
  • The bottle is damaged fairly quickly

Customer Reviews
4,181 Reviews

Avatar Penny Harvey

Penny Harvey

very gentle but good

got a dalmatian who tends to have reactions to 'stuff' (never really sure what); this is really good shampoo, very soft and gentle, lots of bubbles (I am in a hard-water area so be warned!!). Doesnt dry her skin out and would definitely buy again.

2. Rocco Roxie dog soothie oatmeal shampoo

Rocco Roxie dog soothie oatmeal shampooView On AmazonRocco Roxie dog soothie oatmeal shampoo 1

Roxie oatmeal shampoo wonderfully scented dog shampoo for itchy skin, repairs shine, washes away dirt, repairs hair follicles, and smooths the coat in one go. Choose between ‘Calm,’ ‘Shine,’ and ‘Soothe’ varieties and discover how deeply conditioning Moroccan Argon oil penetrates every hair into your dog’s body – softening and strengthening the coat while adding a healthy shine.

It is a dog shampoo that smells good for a long time and will give your puppy that professional, well-groomed appearance and scent that makes people think you have just returned from the dog salon.

The aloe vera helps prevent skin irritation, together with the oatmeal extract, making this dog scent shampoo suitable for fur friends with sensitive skin.

One of the best dog shampoo for odor products available! Let your dog smell fresh for days after a bath with this long-lasting dog shampoo.

  • With oat extract, olive oil, and shea butter
  • No alcohol, dyes, or parabens
  • Cleanses calms and soothes
  • A subtle scent that lasts for several days
  • Premium price

Customer Reviews
950 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

Perfect for Frenchie with Allergies

Perfect for our french bulldog that has somewhat severe environmental allergies. Our vet suggested trying to bathe her twice a week. We use this shampoo once a week and a hypoallergenic shampoo on her other “spa day”. I love this shampoo because I can tell it soothes her, the few hives that seem to constantly pop up disappear, her fur is so soft afterwards, and it smells great but doesn’t have a heavy perfume scent. I would definitely recommend this shampoo for any pup that has sensitive and allergy prone skin.

3. Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Earthbath All Natural Pet ShampooView On Amazon

If you want to keep your furry four-legged friend completely clean and yet free from allergies and skin problems, All Natural Shampoo from Earthbath is an excellent choice.

The ingredients contain a combination of irritation-free effects, which means that your dog will never experience discomfort during bathing sessions.

It is an excellent nice smelling dog shampoo if you want a care product that is gentle and very effective in incredibly useful cleansing.

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Earthbath’s All Natural Shampoo is effective to a certain degree of dirt on your dog’s fur and skin. Depending on the total length and hair density, you have problems getting it all clean, so keep that in mind before you buy it.

For a short dog’s coat and sensitive skin, it works great, and the best of all, smells great after every bath!

  • Features completely natural ingredients
  • Totally eye and skin irritation-free
  • Great cleaning effect
  • Lathers very well
  • 100 percent bio-degradable
  • Cruelty-free (no animal testing)
  • Leaves a great fur smell after bath
  • Available for other animals too
  • Not that great for heavy-duty dirt cleaning
  • The lovely scent does not last very long

Customer Reviews
4,192 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

Helped relieve my dogs itch.

The pictures are to show how bad she would scratch and bite herself.This shampoo was great!! Every time I would bathe my dog her skin would always get so irritated and she would always scratch and bite herself so much that she would irritate her skin so bad. I tried using the Espree spray to calm the itching but it didn't work. I bathed her with just oatmeal and water, but it still didn't work. After I bathed her with this shampoo the scratching stopped. It's been a week since I showered her and usually she would've stopped scratching 2 ...

4. Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo

Wahl Natural Pet ShampooView On Amazon

The Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo is a great dog shampoo that does not cause itching and has a pleasant odor. It has a creamy and soft foam, and you need very little to request a full wash. The rich mix of coconut, lime, aloe, and oatmeal makes the difference.

Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo 1That said, if I were to buy the best smelling dog shampoo for my dog, I would consider it. It stays tidy, smells great, and the completely natural mix ensures coziness.

The thoughtful ingredients remain one of the best choices for the coming years. I also loved the natural, plant-based ingredients in this shampoo. It reduces excessive shaking and keeps your dog’s coat shiny and soft.

Not to mention, the rich foam makes it easy to wash and rinse with minimal cleaning afterward.

You don’t have to worry about buying shampoo with too many chemicals. Because this best smelling dog shampoo has none, it is a no-tear, PED-80 free, and soap-free dog shampoo. It is perfect for dogs with itchy and dry skin.

The combination of lemon verbena and lime cleans the fur and skin most naturally. And the aloe vera and coconut moisturize the skin.

The Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo is the right dog shampoo for your dog. It is still the best value, despite being in the second position.

  • Shed-free and no-tears shampoo
  • It moisturizes all types of skin
  • Might cause flaky skin if used too much

Customer Reviews
12,989 Reviews

Avatar Alley Punk

Alley Punk

It really is the best...bar none!

The best dog shampoo by far!! I have 4 dogs, one Pit has very sensitive skin and she gets hives with the 4 other shampoos I tried, this worked, no more problems. One of my Chi-Weenies has stinky stink AND had bad skin fresh out the pound and this did the job! SMELLS AWESOME !!!!! And the smell last much longer than any other shampoo! Makes all others seem like SHAMPOOP !!!!!! HA!!!!!! But they raised the price on Amazon. Go to Target, it's only $5.99.

5. Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo Original Lavender Mint

Buddy Wash Dog Shampoo Original Lavender MintView On Amazon

dog parents love this lavender and mint dog shampoo because it will give your puppy a satisfying scent that will not overwhelm your senses. This soap-free mix of shampoo and conditioner will untangle your dog’s coat and ensure that you can easily care for it after bathing. Buddy Wash is formulated in the US with human-quality ingredients, including botanical extracts and essential oils.

Buddy Wash is an excellent smelling dog shampoo that is safe for dogs of all ages. It is made with sage, rosemary, aloe vera, green tea, and chamomile to soothe your dog’s skin and coat.

These ingredients also work as natural conditioners. Buddy Wash is alcohol-free and consists of a coconut-based liquid mixed with lavender and mint to give it a wonderful scent. Your spoiled dog will look and smell its best with Buddy Wash lavender and mint shampoo.

  • Made in the USA and not tested on animals
  • Lavender and mint scent is light yet effective
  • Soap and alcohol-free
  • Contains ingredients which soothe and moisturize the skin
  • 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner formula
  • This shampoo is only recommended for adult dogs.

Customer Reviews
976 Reviews

Avatar ChikPea


Fellow Buddy Wash fans, I was worried that our favorite wash was getting knocked off or diluted after seeing all the reviews and photos and contacted Cloud Star to get a clarification before purchasing. It looks like we are okay, the Cloud Star brand just branched out and Buddy Wash is separate but same.This is what they said:"Good afternoon,I received your message through our Cloud Star site and will help in any way I can. Buddy Biscuits branched out to become its own line and in that process, have their own website at buddybiscuits.com. There is a grooming tab that ...

6. SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Triple Strength

SynergyLabs Veterinary Formula Triple StrengthView On Amazon

With an unusual blend of effective cleaning ingredients, the Veterinary Formula Shampoo has a triple strength that can remove even the most sticky and fragrant stains on the fur and skin.

It does not mean that it contains harmful ingredients and chemicals, and on the contrary, it is a very hair and skin-friendly mix of ingredients.

Because you want to buy it because of the cleaning power, we recommend that you first pay attention to the specifications to be safe.

It performs great when you need a maximum cleansing effect for your filthy hairy pet. If your pet is not sensitive to allergies and has no sensitive skin, you can use this care product to remove all odors.

It will soon bring its fur back to a clean and shiny state.

  • Uses a mix of natural ingredients and chemicals
  • Excellent and efficient cleaning performance
  • Three times more cleaning ingredients than other products
  • Proprietary Dirt Repel formula
  • Provides a moisturizing effect for the fur and skin
  • Good lathering and soaping effect
  • Not for use on the sensitive skin type of dogs
  • Can cause rash and skin irritation
  • The scent lasts only for a short amount of time after the bath

Customer Reviews
1,247 Reviews

Avatar Chris W.

Chris W.

" I gave this shampoo a try because I like other shampoos and conditioners made by this company

While my dog is not typically a "dirty dog," I gave this shampoo a try because I like other shampoos and conditioners made by this company. I'm quite glad I did. Today at the dog park, my dog decided to roll in poop, so I whisked her home for an emergency bath -- using this shampoo. It smells very good, lathered better than other shampoos by this company, and, perhaps most importantly, got all of the poop out of her fur. You can't keep a dog from being a dog, but you can buy good products to counteract the impact. ...

7. Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Pure Lavender Essential Oils

Colloidal Oatmeal Dog Shampoo with Pure Lavender Essential OilsView On Amazon

Every loving dog owner hopes to find the best shampoo for smelly dogs because it makes those cute fur babies much cuddly. Lying nicely with a freshly groomed dog is one of the greatest joys in life, and with this great-smelling dog shampoo, you get that effect for days.

It is a hypoallergenic product that soothes dry and flaky skin; restore it to its former glory, and give your dog a good feeling about itself, while it also smells fantastic.

Lavender is a natural odor remover, and the combination of essential oils, jojoba, and colloidal oatmeal nourishes the coat from the roots and keeps it clean and fresh for longer.

  • Deeply cleansing formula
  • Natural odor control with lavender
  • Combats skin irritants
  • With jojoba and oatmeal

Customer Reviews
398 Reviews

Avatar Prime Shopper 62

Prime Shopper 62

I think my dog loves this shampoo and the smell....I know I do!

Birdy, my adopted (she is now 5 but I got her 4 yrs ago) Jack Chi, I think really likes this shampoo. She stood still while I lathered her up and scrubbed her down. The shampoo smells great and so does Birdy. I am including a picture here of a very happy little dog with no more scratching.

8. Fresh Clean Scented Dog Shampoo

Fresh Clean Scented Dog ShampooView On Amazon

If you need shampoo, you can use it on your dog forever; I recommend the Fresh Clean Scented Dog Shampoo. It is easy to use, smells fresh, and lasts a long time. When it comes to buying natural products for pets, buying cheaply is not always a bad thing. So if you think you can’t trust more expensive products, use them for God’s sake.

This is the best smelling dog shampoo with anti-static chemicals that won’t hurt you. The ingredients used in this shampoo are well certified.

In general, it is a great solution for dogs that get dirty very quickly. It has a rich foam that feels effortless to rinse. The refreshing scent remains days after a wash. And even if the scent dies, you don’t miss the natural scent of its blend afterward.

To be honest, the foam washes away rather quickly. It even works as a conditioner for extra hydration of the skin and coat. If you let your dog sleep in your bed with you, you need it.

The huge bottle size and the abundant last months last. If you buy a new shampoo bottle every month, it works for almost a whole year! Amazing, right?

That said, with this shampoo, it is more than enough to wash your dog once a week. The scent lasts so long, and after every wash, you notice that the coat becomes softer and shinier.

  • Long-lasting freshness
  • Easy to wash
  • Poor quality sealing

Customer Reviews
4,808 Reviews

Avatar jamielovesbob


Great smelling dog shampoo, works so well and scent lasts

This smells SO good. We have tried several different dog shampoos and this one is exactly what the other reviewers claim. It smells great and lasts for a long time. I put both of our golden retrievers in the laundry room occasion and when I open the door is smells like air freshener not dog!!! Great product will 100% buy again and will even risk other scents for the low price.

9. 4Legger Organic Hypoallergenic Lemongrass Dog Shampoo

4Legger Organic Hypoallergenic Lemongrass Dog ShampooView On Amazon

This shampoo from 4-Legger is by far the best smelling dog shampoo. If you are a fan of lemon or candy, you’ll love this lemongrass scent.

Although the shampoo can smell strongly from the bottle, the scent of your dog will be very light and not overwhelming at all. The scent of lemongrass is just enough to make your puppy smell clean and fresh.

We love dog shampoo with four shelves for many reasons. It is USDA certified organic, so you know you are washing your dog with a 100% natural shampoo.

The shampoo is non-toxic, hypoallergenic for dogs with sensitive skin, and sustainably produced. It is also biodegradable and made with non-GMO ingredients.

If you are looking for a safe shampoo made responsibly and smells incredible, then take 4-Legger lemongrass and aloe dog shampoo!

  • Light shampoo that is easy to lather and rinse
  • Has an incredible scent
  • Excellent for dogs with sensitive skin
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and cruelty-free
  • Cleans moisturizes and conditions skin without stripping it of natural oils.
  • It’s pricier than other options, but you are paying for quality!

Customer Reviews
2,957 Reviews

Avatar Amazon Shopper

Amazon Shopper

Love it!

I have a greyhound with extremely sensitive skin so I purchased this because of the ingredients and it's organic qualities. First, I love the scent. If you don't like lemongrass I wouldn't recommend it; however, they do offer unscented, aloe/lavender, and peppermint/cedar/eucalyptus if need be. The scent is very strong when washing but it doesn't overpower my dog's coat after rinsing him off. It lathers well on his back since there is more body to work with but when washing his legs, there isn't much lather. Due to the consistency of the shampoo that's expected ...

10. BarkLogic Natural Dog Shampoo

BarkLogic Natural Dog ShampooView On Amazon

If you want to remove the bad odor, look no further than BarkLogic’s Natural. Purposely designed to use natural ingredients for a powerful cleansing effect, it quickly removes all types of dirt and odors that usually go with it.

Even after hours after bathing, the scent is present, demonstrating the high effectiveness of ingredients in this formula.

MarkLogic certainly has a winning cleaning formula in their hands with their Natural Shampoo. It is beneficial for cleaning and excellent for removing odors from your pet’s fur and skin.

Although we want it to be delivered with a slightly lower price tag and better foam performance, we cannot think of any errors, given the incredible cleaning results.

  • Sulfate-Free Formula with Lavender Essential Oil
  • Uses natural ingredients formula
  • Phthalate, Paraben, PEG,
  • Using too much of it causes skin irritation.
  • Doesn’t lather that well

Customer Reviews
37 Reviews

Avatar Horsefeathers89


Finally, I have a happy dog!!!!!!!

I have tried every kind of dog shampoo for my itchy dog . (Diet has been addressed). This shampoo is the ONLY one that has worked. Well worth every penny!


Can I Use Human Shampoo?

Let's clean you up best smelling dog shampoo

In the past, that is exactly what most of us used. I bathed my first dog, Jake, in my own Herbal Essence, and it didn’t seem to hurt him.

Of course, keep in mind that people did many crazy things when it came to their dogs: use kerosene to kill ear mites, hit a little tar to stop bleeding, and take care of bones that can splinter the digestive tract of a dog really confuses you. So, using human shampoo on Jake may not have really hurt him, but it may not be the best idea yet.

The point is that the skin of humans is very different from that of dogs. Your dog’s skin is protected with an acidic top layer that keeps bacteria and viruses out and also keeps your dog’s skin well hydrated. Human shampoos can remove this protective layer.

Even dog shampoos somewhat compromise the protective layer, but they also contain moisturizing ingredients to protect the skin until the natural oils are restored.

Of course, you also want your dog to be fragrant, so if you can’t afford a Joy perfume, you can choose from some of the best smelling dog shampoos.

Is Baby Shampoo Ok for Dogs?

Baby shampoo is the only safe alternative for human shampoo unless you are using a shampoo formulated specifically for dogs.

For example,Johnson and Johnson Baby Shampoo is a great option to use on your dog. Baby shampoos are formulated and designed for sensitive skin and are made as a very mild shampoo.

What Do Dog Groomers Use to Make Them Smell Good?

Dog groomers always use a shampoo formulated specifically for dogs, including shampoo specifically formulated to remove odors from hair and skin … If you are concerned about your dog’s odor, ask a groomer for a deodorizing shampoo. Dog shampoos can also enhance the shine of your dog’s coat.

How Can I Make My Dog Smell Better?

Dog Bathing best smelling dog shampoo

The good thing about dealing with a smelly dog is that you can easily get rid of the smell. All you have to do are a few items, and you can clean your dog. Here are some things you need to make your dog smell better:


The most crucial thing you can ever need when cleaning your dog is water. Only this can help remove visible particles from your dog, making it smell dirty. You must use a hose to clean sensitive parts of your dog’s body.

Dog shampoo

After you have given your dog a quick rinse with water, the next thing you need is a specialized dog shampoo. You must check his skin for conditions that require attention. Otherwise, you can use a shampoo with natural ingredients to let your dog take a good bath.


In addition to using dog shampoo, you should also consider using conditioner on your dog. This product gives your dog a little nourishing treatment so that his hair will be soft and hydrated. Some of the best dog shampoos already contain conditioners. You can check the label to make sure you don’t buy a conditioner if the shampoo already contains one.


You can also invest in a dog perfume to keep your dog beautiful for longer. To smell. Before applying perfume, make sure your dog dries up from all hidden wet spots after his bath.

You can then spray a specially formulated perfume or cologne for dogs so that he can use it safely. Be careful not to use a human scent on your dog, which can be harmful to his health.

Disinfecting alcohol

Another product that you can use for your dog is to disinfect alcohol.

Professional dog equipment usually takes the time to clean the inside of your dog’s ears with rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball. This helps keep odors out of your ears for a longer period of time.

How to Washing Your Dog Using Dog Shampoo?

Before you get wet your dog, use the best dog brush to comb its fur. Detangling is crucial, especially for long-haired dogs.

That said, it would be best to clean your dog’s ears to make sure they are not infected. Ears are the most sensitive part of your dog’s body. They probably catch bacteria or parasites if they are not cleaned for a long time.

If you must, cutting your dog’s nails is the last step you must follow before you start washing. Warm water is perfect for removing dust particles and stubborn fleas from the body. Be careful not to wet your dog’s face, as the shampoo can irritate the eyes, nose, and ears.

After application, scrub and rinse the shampoo dry with a towel. You can always use a professional dog care hairdryer if needed.


In addition to these solutions, you should also regularly check your dog, including keeping his oral hygiene to a good standard and checking his paw for dirt or uninvited creepy caterpillars that may have landed in the tightest spots … yes, including the ears of your dog.

We all have different ideas about what smells good. You and your dog are no exception. When choosing the best smelling dog shampoo and other care products, keep in mind that your dog’s sense of smell is much better than yours.

If you intoxicate him with products with powerful odors, he probably won’t be pleased.

Try choosing lighter scents or rinsing shampoos until they no longer have a strong odor. Your dog will thank you.

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