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Best Dog Foods for Allergies 2023: 10 Top Picks for Itchy Pups (2024)

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best dog food for allergiesAre you the owner of an itchy pup? Allergies can be a major source of distress for dogs. From food allergies to environmental triggers, there are many causes behind your dog’s discomfort. To help soothe their skin and improve barrier functions, we’ve rounded up 10 top picks for the best dog foods for allergies in 2023.

With our expert-vetted list and helpful advice on how to shop around, finding the right food option won’t be a problem anymore! Read on as we explore different types of hypoallergenic dog foods that’ll keep your pooch happy and healthy all year round.

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Key Takeaways

  • Limited ingredient dog foods use novel proteins to avoid immune reactions and identify allergens.
  • Grain-free formulas aid digestion and provide omegas, but monitor for DCM concerns.
  • Hydrolyzed protein formulas, like Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d and Purina Pro Plan HA, are scientifically proven to reduce allergic reactions, but require a prescription.
  • Avoid common allergens like chicken, beef, and dairy, and consider novel proteins like salmon, duck, and venison.

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Allergies

If you’re looking for the best dog food options to help alleviate allergies in your pup, consider these top 10:

Wellness Simple Turkey Potato Dog Food

CANIDAE Salmon Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food

Taste Wild PREY Angus Beef Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan HA Chicken

Merrick Limited Diet Turkey Brown Rice Dog Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet HP

Hill Prescription Diet Zd Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Food Salmon Brown Rice

Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin Stomach Salmon Rice Dry Dog Food

Zignature Turkey.

All of them have limited ingredients that can be easily identified as potential allergens and are fortified with omega fatty acids and probiotics to provide complete nutrition for dogs of all sizes.

Wellness Simple Turkey Potato Dog Food

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient DietView On Chewy
You’ll be glad to know that Wellness Simple Turkey Potato Dog Food is a limited ingredient, grain-free option made in the USA and designed for all sizes of adult dogs with allergies. It has a single-source protein (turkey) and easily digestible carbohydrates (potato), fortified with omega fatty acids, antioxidants, glucosamine, probiotics, and taurine.

Plus, there are no wheat or corn byproducts, as well as artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, which can further irritate sensitive stomachs.

The kibble size was recently reduced, but this hasn’t affected the quality – it’s still packed full of nutrition! Recent formula changes have increased the price by $10, though, so bear that in mind when budgeting for your pup’s food!

  • Limited ingredients make it easier to identify allergens
  • Single-source protein helps reduce immune reaction
  • Fortified with essential nutrients like omegas & probiotics
  • No wheat/corn/soy; gluten-free; no artificial additives
  • Some dogs don’t like the taste
  • May cause loose stools or diarrhea in sensitive stomachs
  • Price increase due to recent formula change
  • Trial sizes not available

CANIDAE Salmon Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food

CANIDAE Pure Goodness Real SalmonView On Chewy
Canidae’s Salmon Sweet Potato Adult Dog Food is a premium grain-free food packed with flavorful proteins and omegas to nourish pups prone to allergies. It has 8 main ingredients, with salmon as the first ingredient, and no fillers, artificial flavors, or colors.

Fortified with probiotics, antioxidants, omega-3, and omega-6 fatty acids, it helps improve coat quality, stool quality, and reduce allergic reactions compared to cheaper foods. Most dogs tolerate it well, but some may not adjust so easily due to its formula changes, which have upset some customers.

Its crunchy kibble is made in Canada & USA, providing complete nutrition for adult dogs of all breeds & sizes, plus extra benefits like helping digestive problems such as IBS & PLE, keeping your pup healthy & happy!

  • Limited ingredients identify allergens more easily
  • Novel protein sources – salmon sweet potato recipe
  • Higher protein content than cheaper brands
  • Supports muscle health, digestion, and the immune system
  • No soy/gluten/artificial colors/flavors – great for sensitive stomachs
  • Price increase on recent formula change
  • Some dogs don’t tolerate it well
  • Reports of illness after recent formula change

Taste Wild PREY Angus Beef Dog Food

Taste of the Wild PREYView On Chewy
Discover the delicious and nutritious benefits of Taste of the Wild PREY Angus Beef Dog Food for your pup’s allergies! This limited ingredient diet contains four key ingredients: pasture-raised Angus beef, lentils, tomato pomace, and chicken fat that provide complete and balanced nutrition with added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and Omega fatty acids.

It’s grain-free and gluten-free, so it won’t trigger an allergic reaction in most dogs.

Plus, its high protein content helps support muscle health, while the natural prebiotics aid digestion. With all these features packed into one food, you can trust this product to keep your pup healthy while providing them with a flavorful meal they’ll love every day.

  • High protein content supports muscle health
  • Grain-free & gluten-free formula reduces the risk of triggering allergic reactions
  • Contains natural prebiotics to aid digestion
  • May cause excessive drinking & urination in some dogs
  • Some don’t tolerate well (loose stools or regurgitation)
  • Potential link to dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM)

Purina Pro Plan HA Chicken

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary DietsView On Chewy
Experience optimal nutrition for your pup with Purina Pro Plan HA Chicken! This hydrolyzed protein dry dog food is specifically formulated to meet the needs of dogs with food allergies/intolerances. The 25.3 lb bag is made in the USA and suitable for all sizes and breeds of adult dogs, providing complete and balanced nutrition while promoting optimal nutrient absorption.

Coconut oil helps keep senior pups mentally sharp, while prebiotics and fiber aid digestive health.

  • Limited ingredient formula designed for pets with allergies/intolerances
  • Hydrolyzed proteins promote better digestion & nutrient absorption
  • Includes coconut oil & prebiotic fibers to support mental acuity & gut health
  • Pea-free formula reduces chances of an immune reaction
  • More expensive than regular dog foods
  • May cause increased hunger in some dogs
  • Smaller kibble size would be more suitable for small breed puppies

Merrick Limited Diet Turkey Brown Rice Dog Food

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet TurkeyView On Chewy
You’ll love Merrick’s Limited Diet Turkey Brown Rice Dog Food, an ideal choice for sensitive pups with its single source of protein and wholesome grains. This limited-ingredient wet food contains no peas, potatoes, corn, or soy, as well as artificial colors or preservatives, to ensure complete and balanced nutrition.

With real deboned turkey as the first ingredient, plus omega fatty acids, this food can help improve digestion while also providing a healthy skin barrier. And because it is made in the USA, you know your pup is getting safe quality ingredients without any fillers.

Just make sure to check for dented cans when purchasing this product since there have been some reports from customers about damaged packaging.

Lastly, note that taurine isn’t included in the ingredients list, which may limit some health benefits associated with feeding taurine-rich foods, such as improved heart health and better vision performance at nighttime walks.

  • Single source of protein & real deboned turkey first ingredient
  • No peas/potatoes/corn/soy no artificial flavors or colors
  • Omega fatty acids support digestive system & healthy skin barrier
  • Possible change in texture due to M&A activity
  • Dented cans noticed by customers
  • Taurine not included on the ingredient list

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet HP

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet AdultView On Chewy
Feel the protective benefits of Royal Canin Veterinary Diet HP, a hydrolyzed protein dry dog food designed to reduce immune responses in dogs with sensitivities. This 25.3 lb bag is made in the USA and suitable for all sizes and breeds of adult dogs.

It is limited ingredient, pea-free, and fortified with prebiotics and fiber for digestive health, as well as nutrients for skin health.

Many customers have reported success stories from feeding this food to their pup. Some examples of the benefits include improved digestion and stool quality, as well as reduced symptoms such as IBS or PLE.

However, it’s important to note that not all pups will adapt well, so be sure to check with your vet first.

  • Made specifically for dogs with allergies/sensitivities
  • Limited ingredients and grain-free diet help reduce immune response
  • Nutrients support good digestion and healthy skin barrier
  • May not be tolerated by some pups
  • Palatability issues reported
  • Shipping damage occasionally present

Hill Prescription Diet Zd Dog Food

HillView On Chewy
Hill’s Prescription Diet z/d is a veterinary diet specifically designed to nourish and protect your pup’s sensitive system. The hydrolyzed protein formula helps improve digestion, stool quality, and skin/coat while maintaining a healthy skin barrier.

It includes prebiotics and fiber for digestive health, as well as clinically proven antioxidants that provide nutritionally balanced nutrition for all breeds of adult dogs.

This pea-free food also has a single carbohydrate source (cornstarch), which makes it easier on the dog’s stomach during digestion compared to other foods with multiple sources of carbs.

  • Helps improve digestion & stool quality
  • Single carb source (cornstarch) easy on the stomach during digestion vs foods with multiple sources of carbs
  • Includes prebiotics & fiber for digestive health
  • Clinically proven antioxidants provide nutritionally balanced nutrition
  • Requires a vet prescription before purchase
  • Expensive compared to nonprescription brands
  • Smaller kibble size may not be suitable in some cases

Natural Balance Dog Food Salmon Brown Rice

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient SalmonView On Chewy
Natural Balance Salmon Brown Rice Dog Food is packed with limited ingredients that provide complete and balanced nutrition to help reduce allergy symptoms, plus 80 million CFU/lb of probiotics for improved digestive health.

It’s grain-inclusive, gluten-free, and contains no artificial colors or flavors.

The special diet includes deboned salmon as the first ingredient along with wholesome grains like brown rice for digestion support. Plus, it has added vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and probiotics your pup needs to stay healthy while avoiding common allergens such as chicken or soy.

This food helps keep dogs hydrated due to its high moisture content, which helps improve skin coat health too! Thanks to natural prebiotic fiber, this dog food can also aid in better digestion, making it a great choice for those doodles with sensitivities who are prone to upset stomachs after eating certain foods.

  • Supports muscle health & digestion
  • Limited ingredients good for allergies & sensitivities
  • Good option for rotational diets with no corn, wheat, or soy
  • Crunchy kibble made from real salmon & rice
  • More expensive than some alternatives
  • May cause vomiting during transition
  • Some dogs may not tolerate the smell/taste of fish

Purina Pro Plan Adult Sensitive Skin Stomach Salmon Rice Dry Dog Food

Purina Pro Plan Adult SensitiveView On Chewy
Purina Pro Plan’s Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Dry Dog Food combines omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, antioxidants, prebiotics, and real salmon as its #1 ingredient to provide complete nutrition for dogs with allergies.

This food has a combination of nutrients that help support healthy skin and coat while maintaining a strong immune system.

The grains are easily digestible, which makes it gentle on digestion, while the natural prebiotic fiber helps promote digestive health. It is also free from soy, gluten, artificial colors, or flavors, making it an excellent choice for pups with sensitivities or intolerances.

  • Contains Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids for Skin & Coat Health
  • Antioxidants For Immune Support
  • Easily Digestible Grains
  • Recent Formula Changes Have Upset Some Customers
  • Potential DCM Concerns With Grain-Free Diets
  • Reports Of Dogs Becoming Ill After Formula Change

Zignature Turkey Dog Food

Zignature Turkey Limited Ingredient FormulaView On Chewy
Zignature Turkey Dog Food is like a delectable feast for your pup, providing them with nutrition as rich and succulent as the flavor. This limited ingredient wet food contains no peas, potatoes, corn, soy, artificial colors, or preservatives, making it healthier than other alternatives.

With turkey being the first ingredient and wholesome grains aiding digestion, this complete and balanced diet also includes vitamins and minerals to support overall health.

An added bonus is that dogs seem to love it!

  • Limited ingredients are better for rotational diets
  • Vitamins & minerals support health
  • Dogs love it!
  • Smells bad after 1 day in the fridge
  • Too dry – can’t get all food out without rinsing
  • Last order found spoiled cans

What Types of Dog Food Are Best for Allergies?

What Types of Dog Food Are Best for Allergies
If you are looking for the best dog food to help with allergies, there are several options that can provide relief. Limited ingredient dog foods help identify allergens more easily, while novel proteins such as venison and kangaroo offer a unique solution.

Additionally, grain-free recipes with carbohydrates like sweet potato or chickpeas can be beneficial in controlling symptoms of allergies, as well as hydrolyzed protein foods from brands such as Hill’s z/d and Royal Canin Hydrolyzed, which contain added vitamins and minerals.

Limited Ingredient Dog Foods

Limited ingredient dog foods can be a great option for dogs with allergies, as they make it easier to identify potential allergens. Hydrolyzed diets and hypoallergenic formulas are designed to reduce food intolerances by providing novel proteins like venison or duck.

Plant-based diets without grains, such as wheat or corn, may also help ease symptoms of allergic reactions due to their lower carbohydrate content and higher protein levels.

Allergen testing can provide additional insight into which ingredients your pup should avoid. An elimination diet using hydrolyzed food over two to three months will help diagnose the issue clearly.

Novel Protein Sources

Make sure to switch up your pup’s diet from time to time with some novel proteins like venison, rabbit, kangaroo, or alligator – they’ll be thanking you for it! These proteins are great sources of nutrition and can help reduce allergy symptoms.

A rotational diet using hydrolyzed food is one way to keep the immune response in check while still providing the essential protein dogs need. Hypoallergenic dog foods made with veterinary-rated nutrition also provide a safe source of nutrients without triggering allergies or intolerances.

Adding these novel proteins into your pup’s meal plan could be just what their body needs to stay healthy and happy!

Grain-free Options

Grain-free options, such as Zignature Turkey Dog Food and Natural Balance Salmon Brown Rice, provide a healthier alternative for pups with sensitive tummies. These foods offer benefits such as omega supplements, digestive health, rotational diets, and skin barriers.

Price comparisons should also be considered when switching to grain-free dog food due to allergies. Moreover, many limited ingredient diets include novel proteins like venison or duck, which can help reduce immune reactions associated with common allergens in traditional dog food formulas.

Hydrolyzed Protein Foods

Hydrolyzed protein foods, such as Hill’s z/d and Royal Canin Hydrolyzed, are scientifically proven to reduce allergic reactions in up to 90% of dogs. These prescription formulas provide complete nutrition with hydrolyzed proteins that avoid triggering an immune reaction.

Benefits include improved skin health due to fatty acids and omegas; allergen avoidance through novel protein sources like venison; and better digestion for food sensitivities.

How to Shop for Food for Dogs With Allergies

How to Shop for Food for Dogs With Allergies
When shopping for food for dogs with allergies, it’s important to read ingredient labels carefully and look out for single-source proteins and easily digestible carbohydrates. Common allergens such as beef, chicken, dairy, eggs, corn, and wheat should be avoided; instead, consider hypoallergenic hydrolyzed protein prescription formulas which may help reduce reactions in your dog.

Read Ingredient Labels Carefully

Take the time to read through ingredient labels carefully for any signs of allergens, such as beef, chicken, dairy, and eggs.

Consider dietary changes that introduce easily digestible carbohydrates like sweet potato or chickpeas. Also, consider fatty-acid enriched diets with omega fatty acids. Additionally, consider essential amino acid sources like venison or kangaroo.

Be aware that some dogs may not tolerate these foods well, so consult your vet before making significant dietary changes in their diet.

Use quality ingredients without artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Opt for hydrolyzed protein prescription formulas from vets if necessary.

Look for Single Source Protein and Easily Digestible Carbohydrates

When shopping for food for your pup with allergies, look out for single-source proteins like turkey or salmon and easily digestible carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes or chickpeas. These help to avoid allergens, reduce immune response, and improve digestive health.

Vet prescriptions are available too but can be expensive, so consider rotational diets to give variety while controlling symptoms of allergies.

Avoid Common Food Allergens

Be sure to avoid common food allergens like beef, chicken, dairy, eggs, and wheat when shopping for a meal plan that’s right for your pup. Making the switch can be like unlocking a hidden garden of relief from their allergies! Consider limited ingredient dry dog foods or novel proteins such as venison and kangaroo.

Try grain-free wet dog foods with fatty acids and omegas or raw diets with hydrolyzed protein prescription formulas. Diagnose any food allergy through an elimination trial before introducing new sources gradually into your pup’s diet.

Consider Hypoallergenic and Hydrolyzed Protein Prescription Formulas

Hypoallergenic and hydrolyzed protein prescription formulas can help reduce reactions for pups with allergies. Vet prescribed, these foods contain omega fatty acids to aid skin allergies and inflammation, while avoiding common allergens like beef, chicken, dairy, or eggs that could trigger an immune response.

Hydrolyzed proteins are broken down into smaller particles that the body is less likely to recognize as a potential allergen. This helps avoid any unnecessary itchiness or ear infections due to an adverse reaction from the digestive system.

Veterinary dermatology has long recommended these diets for dogs who suffer from allergy-related issues such as itchy skin and hair loss on the neck or trunk regions caused by food intolerances.

What is the Difference Between a Food Intolerance and a Food Allergy in Dogs?

What is the Difference Between a Food Intolerance and a Food Allergy in Dogs
Greeting! Food intolerance in dogs refers to a difficulty digesting certain ingredients, while food allergies are an immune system reaction to specific proteins found in food. As such, the best dog foods for allergies should be limited ingredient diets that contain novel protein sources and have higher levels of omega fatty acids.

Food Intolerance Refers to Difficulty Digesting Certain Ingredients

Unlike an allergy, a food intolerance refers to difficulty digesting certain ingredients, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Allergen sources can include plant-based dog food or fresh and natural/organic dog foods.

To diagnose the issue, a vet may recommend rotating their diet or performing elimination trials on specific proteins plus fatty acids for skin health and digestive support.

Food Allergy is an Immune Reaction to Specific Food Proteins

A food allergy occurs when your pup’s immune system has a reaction to specific proteins in their diet. Common allergens like beef, chicken, dairy, or eggs should be avoided, and novel proteins like venison can often help prevent an immune response.

Fatty acids and probiotics are beneficial for skin allergies, while hydrolyzed protein foods provide complete nutrition with fewer risks of digestive issues.

What is the Best Food to Give Your Dog With Allergies?

What is the Best Food to Give Your Dog With Allergies
If your dog has allergies, you’ll want to provide them with a food that is limited in ingredients and novel proteins. Grain-free options with easily digestible carbohydrates can help reduce the severity of symptoms while providing complete nutrition.

Limited Ingredient and Novel Protein Dog Foods

Give your pup the nutrition they need with limited ingredient and novel protein dog foods that provide complete and balanced meals without triggering an allergic reaction. Try grain-free, hydrolyzed proteins for sensitive stomachs or picky eaters. Look for novel proteins such as venison, rabbit, kangaroo, or alligator to avoid immune reactions.

Omega fatty acids support skin allergies and inflammation, while higher protein levels reduce carb intake.

Grain-free Options With Easily Digestible Carbohydrates

Elevate your pup’s health with grain-free options packed with easily digestible carbohydrates, such as sweet potato and chickpeas. Hydrolyzed proteins can help reduce reactions to allergens in small dogs, while fatty acids aid in skin allergies and inflammation.

To avoid DCM concerns associated with grain-free diets, get a prescription hydrolyzed food from the vet first that supports skin health for allergies or sensitive stomachs.

Salmon recipes containing omegas provide complete nutrition for those pups looking to support their immune system against potential triggers of allergic responses. These recipes have higher protein content but lower carbs than most foods on the market today.

Can Plant-based Dog Food Help With Allergies?

Can Plant-based Dog Food Help With Allergies
Considering the potential benefits of plant-based dog food for allergies, it is important to consult with a veterinarian for the best dietary options. Plant-based products may be suitable in some cases, but professional advice should always be sought when choosing an appropriate diet for your canine companion.

Plant-based Dog Foods May Be Suitable for Some Dogs With Allergies

For some dogs with allergies, you may consider plant-based food options to help manage their symptoms. Plant-based nutrition can provide natural ingredients that are free of common allergens like beef, dairy, and wheat.

Vegan diets avoid animal proteins that might trigger food intolerances, while allergen avoidance helps reduce reactions.

Health benefits include healthy skin and coat, plus foods for diabetes, low-fat dog foods for weight management, or even special formulas such as those designed to address arthritis or cancer in older pets.

Consult With a Veterinarian for the Best Diet Options

It’s important to consult with a veterinarian for personalized dietary advice, as up to 10-20% of dogs may suffer from food allergies. Plant-based foods can be suitable for some allergy sufferers; however, skin barrier health and immune response must be monitored closely.

Rotational diets and grain-free options may help reduce DCM concerns, while IBS symptoms can benefit from probiotics or hydrolyzed protein formulas. For small breeds or pregnant pups, limited ingredients are key, in addition to fatty acids that aid inflammation caused by chronic ear infections or pancreatitis issues.

Food sensitivity requires the right combination of nutrition tailored specifically for your pup – so it’s best to speak with a vet first!

Why Trust Select?

Why Trust Select
When it comes to finding the best dog food for allergies, trust Select. We offer a variety of high-quality ingredients from trusted brands in the industry and boast positive customer reviews. Our selection of foods can help your pup manage skin or stomach issues while providing them with all their necessary nutritional needs.

High-quality Ingredients

When selecting food for your pup’s allergies, look for high-quality ingredients like salmon, turkey, whitefish, and sweet potatoes that offer complete nutrition with limited allergens. Make sure the company adheres to strict quality assurance testing criteria and production standards.

Ensure they source their ingredients from reputable suppliers who meet label requirements. Consider senior dog foods or grain-inclusive options if needed, as well as food tailored to picky eaters or large breed adults while maintaining a budget-friendly price point.

Positive Customer Reviews

With so many dog food brands available, it’s reassuring to read positive customer reviews for products designed specifically for allergies. Hypoallergenic and hydrolyzed protein prescription formulas reduce reactions as they contain limited ingredients that identify allergens more easily.

Novel proteins like venison, duck, and fish help avoid immune reactions, while fatty acids and omegas aid in skin allergies and inflammation. Allergies can also be diagnosed with an elimination diet featuring hydrolyzed food over two to three months or through allergen testing of the diet variations.

Ultimately, the best dog foods include those high in protein but low in carbs, as well as those free from grains with added vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

Trusted Brands in the Industry

When it comes to managing your pup’s allergies, trusted brands such as Wellness Simple Turkey Potato Dog Food and Royal Canin Veterinary Diet HP can help.

For example, Merrick Limited Diet Turkey Brown Rice Dog Food reduces stomach issues and itching.

Look for food sensitivities solutions like an elimination diet with hydrolyzed foods or novel protein sources such as venison, kangaroo, or alligator.

Consider grain-free options using sweet potato or chickpeas.

You can also try high protein/low carb recipes like salmon, whitefish, turkey with omegas.

Additionally, plant-based diets can be considered to avoid DCM concerns.

Trust select dog food brands for the best results in fighting allergies!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What other changes should I make to my dog’s diet to help with allergies?

To help with allergies, consider introducing limited-ingredient and novel proteins such as venison, duck, or fish to your dog’s diet. Additionally, look for grain-free foods that are higher in protein and lower in carbs.

Fatty acids and omegas can also aid in skin allergies, while probiotics may improve digestion.

What are the signs of food allergies in dogs?

Signs of food allergies in dogs include itchy skin and ears, vomiting and diarrhea, swelling, breathing issues, and hair loss on the neck or trunk.

Are there any natural remedies for food allergies in dogs?

When it comes to food allergies in dogs, natural remedies may offer some relief. Consider fatty acids and omegas for skin allergies and inflammation, while novel proteins such as venison or duck could help avoid an immune reaction.

Also, look into hypoallergenic hydrolyzed protein prescription formulas to reduce reactions.

Is it safe to feed my dog human food if they have allergies?

It’s not recommended to feed your dog human food if they have allergies as some ingredients may be difficult for them to digest. Stick with a limited ingredient diet with novel proteins like venison or duck, and avoid grains, artificial flavors, and colors.

How often should I feed my dog if they have allergies?

For your dog’s best health, feed them two to three times a day. Avoid overfeeding and give only the amount recommended by your vet for their size and activity level. If they have allergies, opt for limited ingredient foods with novel proteins like venison or duck to reduce immune reactions.


It’s no joke – allergies can be a real pain for your pup. Whether it’s itchy skin, ears, or paws, your dog needs the right food to help manage the symptoms.

From limited ingredient recipes to hydrolyzed protein formulas, the best dog food for allergies can be found with a little bit of research. To make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of 10 top picks to help soothe your pup’s itchy woes.

Each one has been carefully selected for its high-quality ingredients, positive reviews, trusted brands, and allergy-friendly recipes.

So, you can trust that your pup’s allergies will be managed with ease.

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