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KONG Dog Toys Review: Are They Worth the Cost for Every Dog? (2023)

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kong dog toys reviewKong dog toys have been a top choice for dog owners for decades. In fact, if I could only buy one dog toy for the rest of my pup’s life, I’d go with the Kong Classic without thinking twice. This beloved rubber chew toy has unmatched durability to withstand daily chomping, plus it can be st■ with treats or peanut butter for added mental stimulation.

I always keep a couple Kongs on hand for when company comes over or we go to the park.

Let’s dive into why thousands of dog parents swear by Kong dog toys and how to pick the right styles for your furry best friend.

Key Takeaways

  • Kong toys are made of durable natural rubber that withstands aggressive chewers.
  • Stuffing Kongs with treats or kibble keeps dogs mentally stimulated and engaged during playtime.
  • Varying the Kong stuffings prevents boredom and satisfies dogs’ chewing instincts.
  • Kong toys provide dogs with interactive playtime and help relieve anxiety and destructive behaviors.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

Kong Classic Dog Toy
You want a toy that can withstand your pup’s powerful jaws and keep them busy for hours. The durable, made-in-the-USA Kong Classic dog toy provides mental stimulation and anxiety relief for dogs of all breeds and ages through its unpredictable bouncing and ability to be filled with treats.

Durable and Long-Lasting

You’d be amazed to learn that over 90% of trainers and shelters recommend the KONG Classic for its reputation of withstanding years of play, even for the most aggressive chewers.

  1. Made of durable natural rubber
  2. Withstands average chewing for six months or more
  3. Stands up to rough play and abuse
  4. Perfect for the most aggressive chewers

The KONG Classic keeps dogs mentally stimulated and reduces anxiety when owners are away, providing healthy chewing and exercise. This iconic toy promotes canine mental health by curbing destructive howling and providing cleanup-free human interaction.

Mental Stimulation

Mental Stimulation

As an owner, keeping your best friend mentally sharp requires creating unpredictability. These interactive dog toys provide fun distraction through multiple textures, interactive playtime, and stuffing alternatives that engage sniffing and treat dispensing.

Toy Type Benefit Example Toys
Treat Dispensing Problem solving, sniffing KONG Classic, KONG Wobbler
Chew Toys Stress relief, dental health KONG Extreme, KONG ChewStix
Soft Toys Fetch, comfort KONG Cozie, KONG Plush Duck
Balls Exercise, chasing KONG Extreme Ball, KONG SqueakAir Ball
Rope Toys Tug, chewing KONG Wild Knots Rope, KONG Tug

These interactive dog toys provide mental stimulation, reducing anxiety through fun distraction and interactive playtime.

Anxiety Relief

Wash your woes away, for the Kong brings pure bliss to your sad puppy. Twisting disruptions of separation and anxiety meet their match with this enlightening, treat-dispensing chew toy. Its unique shape kindles interacting constructs of play and learning, offering your puppy hastening help through taming thrill.

Like all goodie bones, it’s a separation solution that brings enlightening leaps.

Various Sizes

Going for the right size keeps pups of all breeds chewing happily. Kong’s natural rubber toys come in sizes ideal for all dog breeds and ages, from petite to powerful chewers. Their quality control and safety standards ensure durability across materials. Comparing each Kong’s bouncing and chewing properties helps match your energetic pup.

Whether for fetching, treat dispensing or teething, pick a Kong tough enough to challenge your dog yet safe for endless enjoyment.

Stuffing Kong Toys

Stuffing Kong Toys
Stuffing your Kong toy provides endless opportunities for enrichment. You can fill the hollow center with your dog’s favorite treats, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, or yogurt before freezing the Kong to keep your dog occupied even longer.

Varying the Kong stuffing keeps your dog engaged and provides mental stimulation. Consider using kibble, cottage cheese, canned fish, baked sweet potatoes, applesauce, carrot sticks, or green beans. Mixing textures and flavors prevents boredom. Adjust the difficulty by loosely packing smooth fillings or tightly packing chunks.

Freezing extends playtime as your dog works to access the filling. The Kong classic rubber toy’s irregular shape makes it roll and bounce unpredictably for interactive games.


You’ll want to try different fills to find your pup’s favorites. Mix up peanut butter, kibble, baby food, or frozen yogurt in the classic Kong for mental stimulation. Check labels for safety concerns. For higher activity levels, try a Kong Squeakair ball.

For teething puppies, use a Kong Chewstix bone to minimize mess. Finding the right fill keeps dogs mentally and physically enriched.

Peanut Butter

Smear the succulent smooth peanut butter inside the hollow center, as pups find the paste pleasantly palatable. Universally approved by canines, peanut butter’s popularity persists. Trials across multiple dogs confirm the treat’s unbridled appeal.

Withstanding shelf life tests, peanut butter stuffing’s benefits endure. Carefully concoct homemade peanut butter recipes to maximize taste. Thoughtfully prepare and creatively customize Kong stuffing for fulfilling enrichment.

Fruits and Veggies

Try stuffing mashed bananas, pumpkin, or sliced apples in the Kong for a healthy, nutritious snack your dog will love.

  1. Frozen carrots
  2. Baked apples
  3. Steamed broccoli
  4. Mashed bananas
  5. Diced mango

Most dogs go bananas for fruits and veggies st■ in their Kong toys. The natural sugars and flavors intrigue their senses for a tasty, low-calorie snack.


Nothing keeps Fido cooler longer than frozen KONGs stocked with frozen delights. Mix peanut butter with pumpkin or Greek yogurt, then spoon into a Kong and freeze overnight. Try stuffing KONGs with homemade treats like frozen fruit purees, frozen bone broth popsicles, or frozen banana bark made from peanut butter, oats, and mashed bananas.

Freezing transforms everyday KONG stuffers into long-lasting occupation for your dog.

Kong Toy Variations

Kong Toy Variations
Let’s focus on a few of the most popular Kong toy variations. Kong makes specialized puppy Kongs with softer rubber and smaller openings perfect for teething puppies. The Kong Extreme and Kong SqueakAir toys are made of durable materials ideal for aggressive chewers, while the Wobbler dispenses treats when rolled around, providing mental enrichment.

The Kong Flyer is a soft flexible flying disc great for games of fetch. For fetch in the water, the Kong Aqua toy floats and comes in bright colors for visibility. Kong also offers a range of dog toys made with minimal stuffing to satisfy dogs’ instinct to rip and tear while minimizing mess.

Classic Kong toys can be st■ with peanut butter, treats or Kong’s own paste to keep dogs engaged and entertained.

Puppy Kongs

You should check out the KONG Puppy model for teething pups. It has a soothing teething gel and is made of a softer rubber ideal for puppies beginning to teethe. Following safety guidelines, the Puppy KONG promotes beneficial chewing during early developmental phases when young pups are teething.

Extreme Kongs

I feel your pain when those extreme chewers destroy their Kongs so fast. Luckily, Kong created the Kong Extreme line specifically for chronic heavy chewers.

  • Super thick rubber walls
  • Models for all ages and sizes
  • Ideal for powerful chewers

The Kong Extreme is comparable to the classic red Kong in functionality, just more robust. Check Kong’s fit charts to find the right size and model for your heavy chewer. With the Extreme, their Kongs should last much longer between replacements.


You’d love how the wobbler toy dispenses kibble as your pup nudges and rolls it while playing. This mentally challenging puzzle toy provides portion control for long-lasting treats.

Feature Wobbler
Material Durable plastic
Size Options Small, large
Treat Dispensing Gradual from holes
Play Style Nudging, rolling
Cleaning Dishwasher-safe

The wobbler toy keeps your dog stimulated and entertained through food puzzles. It satisfies their natural foraging instincts while controlling portions.


You’ll love playing fetch with this squeaky air KONG. This KONG SqueakAir tennis ball features a recessed squeaker and unique tennis ball texture for perfect bouncing. It’s great for playful interactive fetch as this ball helps satisfy natural hunting instincts with its irresistible squeak sound.

Step by step, its durable felt fabric offers dog-approved chewing and carrying pleasure without shredding apart.

Choosing the Right Kong

Choosing the Right Kong
Whether your dog is a gentle chewer or an intense power-chewer, selecting the right Kong toy that matches their style, size, and personality is key to providing enjoyable stimulation. Take into account the strength of your dog’s bite and how they typically interact with toys – a chew-driven dog may require an Extreme Black Kong while a light chewer would be satisfied with a standard red Classic Kong – before deciding on the perfect long-lasting option for healthy play.

Chewing Style

Beer-bellied bazooka-jawed bullmastiffs brutally annihilate indestructible yet indelicate toys momentarily, so thoughtfully select sagacious savage-proof stimulating rubber contraptions. When scrutinizing chewing habits and priorities, wisely appraise your lovable loyal companion‘s chewing patience, intensity, and favored location before sagely selecting the perfect persistently pleasurable rubber contraption proven to pacify your pup’s persistent penchant for gnawing.

Carefully consider the proper toy tailored tenaciously to tantalize your tireless nipper’s tempered tendencies.

Dog Size

When choosing the right Kong for your beloved furball, don’t skimp on size – upsizing ensures endless joy and prevents choking hazards. Pick a Kong that matches your dog’s dimensions and weight to optimize fetching speed, treat dispense time, chew time, and bounce height.

Undersized Kongs get stuck in large jaws. Oversized Kongs don’t allow a dog to properly carry the toy. Teeth cleaning only occurs with the right fit. Measure your pup and consult Kong’s size chart for the best diameter and material to maximize playtime.

Play Preferences

Their unbridled zeal awakens as toy meets paw, effortlessly matching vigorous play preferences. Consider your dog’s personality and predilections before gifting toys. Does your energetic pup prefer chasing and fetching during play sessions? Select longer toys that inspire satisfying pursuit.

Perhaps your laidback canine simply wants relaxing time with a chew toy. Gift a toy that supports their chewing needs without tiring demands. You know their play style best. Offer engaging toys while avoiding overly aggressive options unsuited for gentle mouths.

With diverse toys, match vigorous play preferences and chewing needs, nurturing your bond.

Cleaning Kong Toys

Cleaning Kong Toys
Instead of leaving your Kong toys messy and germ-ridden, regularly clean them by running most styles through your dishwasher or scrubbing by hand. How often you sanitize depends on how frequently they’re used and what you stuff inside – cleaning daily can prevent mold if you fill them with wet foods.

To keep your Kongs fresh, sanitize them regularly based on usage frequency and filling ingredients. Wet fillings may require daily cleaning to prevent mold growth. Run most Kongs through the dishwasher or scrub by hand.

Dishwasher Safe

You’ll find Kongs so easy to clean – most are dishwasher safe.

  • Rinse after each use in warm water.
  • Allow to air dry completely before the next use.
  • Inspect it regularly for cracks or tears.

To keep your dog’s Kong looking like new, be sure to wash it frequently. Avoid heat sources that could warp the rubber.


The Kong’s grooves and crevices need a good scrubbing by hand to fully eliminate leftover gunk. After filling your Kong with peanut butter or treats, be sure to rinse and clean it thoroughly to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

Use a bottle brush or toothbrush to scrub all crevices, nooks, and crannies. Allow it to air dry completely before stuffing and freezing it again for your dog. Thorough handwashing takes a little extra time but it’s crucial for your dog’s health and to avoid waste management issues that lead to messes.

Like maternity leave and workplace safety, mental health for dogs starts with keeping their toys clean for healthy enrichment.

Cleaning Frequency

Regularly cleaning Kong toys keeps your pup happy and healthy. Kongs get pretty messy fast once pups start licking and chewing, so it’s best to wash them every couple days if they’re getting daily use.

Check out some online video demonstrations on the easiest cleaning methods for different Kong styles – soaking and scrubbing works great for most. Some folks even throw Kongs in the dishwasher or laundry! Always supervise and use a safety collar when giving pup their clean Kong to prevent choking.


As you take these durable companions on the journey of your dog’s life, know that KONG toys aren’t just playthings. They’re solutions that provide comfort, mental stimulation, and most importantly – unconditional joy.

Like a loyal friend fetching a slobbery, peanut butter-filled ball, KONG brings out your dog’s inner puppy while giving them an outlet for their natural instincts to chew and play.

While budgets and preferences vary, when it comes to man’s best friend, some things never change – like the classic KONG that’s still making dogs smile after all these years.

Give your furry friend the gift of timeless fun and let the tail wags begin.

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