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How Much Will a Cockapoo Cost You for 2024? Lifetime Expenses Breakdown

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how much does a cockapoo costWill you welcome a Cockapoo into your family in 2024?

If so, you’ll want to learn about the costs associated with Cockapoo ownership.

The total lifetime cost of a Cockapoo can vary significantly, depending on factors like the breeder, coat color, and necessary medical care.

We’ll break down the initial purchase costs, regular maintenance expenses, and potential one-time costs to help you budget for a Cockapoo.

We’ll also discuss cost-saving tips and how to find a reputable breeder.

Key Takeaways

  • Prices range widely from $200 for a shelter adoption to $4,500 for a puppy from a top breeder
  • Factors like source, coat color, gender, parents, and lineage impact cost
  • Initial purchase price is just one expense – regular costs like food, grooming and medical care add up
  • Thoroughly researching breeders, asking questions, and budgeting for expenses leads to better long-term health outcomes

Cockapoo Price Range

Cockapoo Price Range
How much can you expect to pay for a Cockapoo puppy in 2024?

Cockapoo prices typically range from $800 to $4,500, depending on factors like the dog’s source, color, gender, parents, and lineage.

Coat color can impact price, with rare or popular colors commanding higher prices.

The reputation of the breeder also factors in, with well-established breeders charging more for their puppies.

On the lower end, adopting a Cockapoo from a shelter or rescue may cost between $200-650.

While health testing isn’t guaranteed with adopted dogs, the price makes it an attractive option worth consideration for the right home.

Whether purchasing or adopting, be sure to do thorough research to ensure you find both a healthy dog and budget-friendly price that works for your lifestyle.

Factors Affecting Cockapoo Cost

Factors Affecting Cockapoo Cost
The price of your Cockapoo depends largely on where you get it.

Expect to pay more for dogs from high-quality breeders with superior lineage.

Coat attributes like color and curliness also impact cost.

Adoption tends to be the cheapest option.

Source of Cockapoo

When looking into getting a cockapoo, you’ll find that the source you obtain the dog from is a major factor affecting the overall cost.

Adopting from a shelter typically costs $100-500, providing an affordable option while saving a life.

Classified ads from $800-2,000 offer convenience but uncertain breeder practices.

Ultimately, a reputable breeder from $2,000-4,000 offers health/temperament predictability with transparent breeding standards, despite the higher initial price tag.

Carefully weigh these cost considerations when selecting your cockapoo source.

Coat Color and Type

Depending on the coat color and curls of its hair, a cockapoo puppy could set you back anywhere from $800 to $2,500 in upfront costs from the breeder.

The cost is influenced by factors such as:

  • Rare colors
  • Fading gene presence or absence
  • Popular combinations among breeders’ choices for mating pairs

Grooming challenges may arise due to specific coat types and colors that require more maintenance.

Certain coat colors can also serve as health indicators for potential genetic conditions.

Initial Purchase Costs

Initial Purchase Costs
Your initial costs for purchasing a cockapoo will vary greatly depending on whether you adopt from a shelter, rescue, or breeder.

Adopting from a shelter often costs less, with fees typically ranging from $50-$400, but you may not know the puppy’s history or lineage.

Working with a rescue group typically costs $300-$600 but provides more background on available dogs.

For a cockapoo purchased from a breeder, plan on spending $900-$2,500 depending on factors like coat color, gender, lineage, and whether champion bloodlines are involved.

Thoroughly researching breeders is key – be sure to ask questions about parent dogs, genetic health testing, breeding practices, etc.

Designer dogs like the cockapoo require more upfront financial commitment but deliver years of companionship in return.

Regular Maintenance Expenses

Regular Maintenance Expenses
You’ll need to budget for your cockapoo’s regular expenses like food and grooming.

These ongoing costs can really add up, with food costing $40-$100 per month and professional grooming $30-$80 every 6-8 weeks.

Proper nutrition and coat care are essential for your dog’s health and comfort, so include these predictable expenses in your monthly pet budget.


You’ll spend around $40-60 a month on high-quality dog food for your cockapoo.

Choose food with high-quality proteins, carbs, fats, and fiber.

Balance the ratio of proteins, carbs, and fats.

Provide a variety of flavors and proteins to keep them engaged.

Regular checkups with the vet to ensure nutritional needs are met.


A cockapoo’s grooming necessitates regular brushing and professional trips to maintain their adorable look and optimal health.

As their coats are prone to matting and tangling, weekly brushing sessions using a slicker brush and metal comb help remove loose hairs and debris while distributing skin oils.

Scheduling professional grooming every 6-8 weeks for a full trim, bath, and styling will keep their coat healthy and neat.

Following regular at-home and salon grooming routines prevents painful mats and skin issues.

One-Time Costs

One-Time Costs
When bringing a new Cockapoo puppy home, you’ll need to budget for various one-time costs to get set up.

These expenses include essential supplies like a crate, collar, and leash, as well as initial medical procedures like microchipping, spaying/neutering, and vaccinations.

Altogether, you can expect to spend $500-$800 on these puppy necessities when you first adopt your Cockapoo.


These ongoing expenses aren’t the end of it—you’ll also need to budget for various one-time costs like supplies when bringing your Cockapoo home:

  • High-quality food and water bowls
  • Brushes for frequent grooming
  • Poop bags for daily walks
  • Pet carrier for travel
  • Cost-effective toys to keep them stimulated

Medical Procedures

After getting the essential supplies, you’ll need to budget for medical procedures like vaccinations, microchipping, spaying/neutering, and any necessary treatments for injuries or illnesses.

These one-time costs typically range from $250-500 in the first year:

Procedure Cost Details
Vaccinations $100-250 Core vaccines to prevent diseases
Microchipping $25-50 IDs your dog if lost
Spay/Neuter $100-200 Prevents breeding/health issues

Budgeting for these vet expenses upfront will lead to better health outcomes for your cockapoo long-term.

Regular check-ups and addressing issues early can help avoid more costly procedures down the road.

Total Lifetime Costs

Total Lifetime Costs
Overall, how much will owning a cockapoo set you back over its lifetime?

  • The average lifetime cost of owning a cockapoo is $18,000 to $20,000.
  • This factors in expenses like food, medical care, grooming, supplies, training, boarding, pet sitting, and more over the cockapoo’s 12-15 year lifespan.

Making a lifetime commitment to a pet requires serious financial planning and budgeting.

  • Getting pet insurance can offset unpredictable vet bills.

Without coverage, an owner should anticipate costs for potential health issues like luxating patella, progressive retinal atrophy, or glaucoma.

Becoming a responsible pet owner means understanding and preparing for the lifetime costs associated with a mixed breed like the cockapoo.

Health Issues to Budget For

Health Issues to Budget For
As you consider bringing home your cockapoo puppy, you must prepare for potential health issues that may arise.

Though generally healthy, cockapoos can develop progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), luxating patella, and glaucoma.

Schedule PRA testing with the breeder and budget for extra vet expenses.

Annual costs for checkups, medications, grooming essentials, quality food, and supplements fall between $700-1,200.

Ensure your puppy gets plenty of exercise to prevent obesity-related illnesses.

Purchase pet insurance or open a savings account for unexpected issues.

While health problems aren’t guaranteed, dedicated owners plan ahead to provide their cockapoos with lifelong care.

Budgeting properly allows you to focus on loving your new furry family member.

Pet Insurance Options

Pet Insurance Options
You can select pet insurance to mitigate unpredictable veterinary costs over your Cockapoo’s lifetime.

Pet insurance provides coverage options for a variety of situations, including accidents, illnesses, and routine care.

It offers peace of mind by helping you manage the financial burden of unexpected vet bills.

When considering pet insurance options for your Cockapoo, it’s important to compare premiums and policy add-ons from different providers.

Some companies offer breed-specific plans that cater specifically to the needs of Cockapoos or other mixed breeds.

Before purchasing a policy, be sure to understand the claim process and any exclusions or limitations that may apply.

By investing in pet insurance for your beloved companion, you can ensure their health and well-being while also protecting yourself from costly expenses down the line.

Cost Saving Tips

Cost Saving Tips
How can you save money when getting and caring for a Cockapoo?

Adopt from a rescue shelter instead of purchasing from a breeder.

Buy supplies in bulk and split costs with friends/family.

Use rewards programs at pet stores and veterinary clinics.

Invest in preventative care to avoid costly illnesses.

Opting to adopt from a shelter often costs a fraction of purchasing from a breeder. Buying food, toys, and other supplies in bulk can offer cost savings as well. Many pet retail chains offer reward programs that can add up over time.

Prioritizing preventative veterinary care helps deter potential health issues that require expensive treatments down the road.

Is a Cockapoo the Right Dog for You?

Is a Cockapoo the Right Dog for You
Considering a cockapoo’s lifetime costs and care requirements helps you determine if adopting one suits your lifestyle and budget.

Cockapoos have some great traits that make them wonderful companions, but they also have some key considerations to factor in before deciding if they’re the right fit:

  • Affectionate, lively, friendly
  • Low-shedding coat
  • Adaptable, eager to please
  • Long lifespan of 14-18 years
  • Generally healthy


  • Require daily exercise
  • Regular brushing and grooming
  • Can be mischievous
  • Prone to separation anxiety
  • Potential for inherited disorders

While cockapoos can be a joyful addition to active households prepared to invest time and money into their care, those unable to provide adequate exercise, training, grooming, and healthcare may wish to consider other breeds better suited for lower maintenance lifestyles.

Reviewing ownership responsibilities helps determine if a cockapoo is the right dog for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average lifespan of a cockapoo?

A cockapoo’s average lifespan ranges from 12-15 years.

With proper care from a responsible owner, they can live a long, healthy, and happy life.

Make sure to keep up with:

  • Vet visits
  • Grooming
  • Exercise
  • A nutritious diet

This will help ensure your cute cockapoo companion stays by your side for years to come.

How big do cockapoos grow?

Cockapoos typically grow to 13-15 inches tall and weigh 15-30 pounds as adults.

Their small size makes them well-suited to apartment living, though they still need daily walks and playtime.

Monitoring their growth rate and weight is important for health.

Are cockapoos good with children?

Yes, cockapoos tend to be very good with children.

Their affectionate, playful nature makes them ideal family pets.

However, supervision is still important, especially with very young kids who may accidentally hurt a small dog.

Proper socialization and training from puppyhood help cockapoos develop good manners around children.

Are cockapoos easy to train?

Yes, cockapoos are generally easy to train.

Their intelligence and eagerness to please make them receptive to positive reinforcement techniques.

Set clear expectations, reward good behavior, and keep sessions short and sweet.

With patience and persistence, you’ll have an obedient companion in no time.

Do cockapoos do well in small living spaces like apartments?

Yes, cockapoos typically do well in small living spaces like apartments.

Their moderate energy levels and size make them adaptable to being indoor pets.

Ensure they get adequate daily walks and playtime for exercise.

With proper attention and stimulation, cockapoos can thrive in apartments.


Some worry a Cockapoo costs too much upfront, but breaking expenses into categories shows their lifetime cost, while high, brings priceless joy and companionship.

Review your budget sincerely before committing; research medical conditions and insurance to prepare for surprise costs.

If ready for a decade-plus responsibility, the value a Cockapoo adds understanding your days, uplifting your moods, and sharing life’s memories outweighs any price tag.

Welcome one into your days; you won’t regret the costs incurred.

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