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French Bulldog Colors: Rare & Standard (With Photos 2024)

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french bulldog colorsReady to bring home a furry family member but not sure which one? French Bulldogs are an excellent choice for many reasons! Not only do they have superb temperaments, making them great playmates and companions, but they also come in a range of beautiful colors.

From the standard black and brindle to rarer hues like blue or merle, there’s something for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Standard colors for French Bulldogs include Fawn, Brindle, Cream, White, and Black.
  • Rare colors such as Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Merle, and Isabella are determined by recessive genes and can be more expensive.
  • Coat patterns like Brindle, Ticked, Piebald, Black Mask, and Solid are recognized in French Bulldogs.
  • It is important to consider the genetics and health risks associated with certain colors, such as alopecia risk in Blue/Lilac, deafness/eye issues risk in Merle, and higher deafness risk in Cream/White.

French Bulldog Colors

French Bulldog Colors
You’ve heard of the standard colors for French Bulldogs, but did you know there are rare and expensive varieties too? From classic fawn and brindle to unique blue, lilac, chocolate, and merle coats – plus white Frenchies with their own set of health risks – French Bulldog color genetics is complex.

Most standard colors like fawn or cream are created by a single gene inheritance. However, for more unusual shades like blue or chocolate, two genes need to be inherited.

When it comes to coat patterns in these delightful canine companions, AKC-recognized colors include brindle, which has streaks on a black/blue base, as well as piebalds with large irregular white patches.

Then there’s ticked, where small dots/flecks of color make up the pattern along with black masks darkening the muzzle & eyes. Merles have been linked to deafness & eye problems, while whites may increase the risk of deafness according to research studies conducted internationally over several decades now.

Fascinatingly, prices can vary significantly depending on breeders’ location & chosen coat type – from around $4,000 (fawn/brindle) up toward $6,500+ (blue/chocolate, etc).

So whether you decide upon one classic shade such as Fawn or Cream, or opt instead for something out-of-the-ordinary like Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, Merle…you’ll want to familiarize yourself both theoretically yet also practically when assessing all possible options currently available in terms of buying that perfect puppy companion today!

Ultimate Frenchie Color Chart

Ultimate Frenchie Color Chart
Discover the ultimate Frenchie color chart for all your favorite shades, from classic fawn to rare lilac and merle! Whether you’re a certified applied animal behaviorist (CAAB), veterinary behaviorist, or an American Kennel Club (AKC) Breeder of Merit, these beloved dogs come in a wide variety of colors.

Fawn and brindle are standard coats with tan patterns, but some Frenchies have white patches too. Rarer blues can be produced through inheritance of the blue gene, while chocolates require two recessive genes passed down from both parents.

Sometimes coat patterning is also taken into account when determining breed standards. Common ones include brindle with its streaks on a black/blue base, piebalds which feature large irregular white patches, as well as ticked where small dots/flecks make up the design along with black masks darkening the muzzle and eyes.

While certain colors like merles can increase deafness risk or even cause alopecia due to their unique genetics, others such as whites may be prone to higher deafness risks according to several decades worth of international research studies conducted worldwide now!

Prices will vary depending upon location and chosen type, while fluffy long-haired varieties tend toward high-end prices ranging between $10k-$100k range typically speaking. So do keep this in mind if considering any purchase at all times! Remember that knowledge about genetic heritage is key here when it comes time for buying that perfect puppy companion today, whatever shade you decide upon, whether it’s classic fawn or cream plus something more out-of-the-ordinary like blue, lilac, chocolate, and even merle itself too.

The Best French Bulldog Colors

The Best French Bulldog Colors
Are you a fan of Frenchies? With so many colors to choose from, it can be hard to decide. From black and red Frenchies to bright red fawns and beiges, there’s something for everyone! Brindle varieties like black brindles or blue brindles are also popular choices.

Black Frenchies

Black Frenchies feature a signature pure black coat, often with a small white patch – making them affectionately known as ‘batpigs’! They can have standard colors like cream and white, or more unique black patches.

Red fawn is the same solid black color but with shades of reddish-brown. Black masks are also recognized by the AKC in this breed for their distinguished look.

Red Frenchies

Red Fawn Frenchies

You’ll be amazed by the stunning Red Fawn Frenchies, with their light brown coat and reddish shade, black mask, and white patch. They have tan coloration, a red fawn hue, white patches, and red patches. There are health risks associated with them, but they’re truly unique! Their beauty will captivate you.

Beige Frenchies

Behold the beauty of Beige Frenchies, with their creamy light golden coat and white patches. Color AKC Recognized Isabella Dogs
Beige Yes No Rarely Accepted

Their soft fur is as delightful to touch as it is gorgeous to behold. They are one of the standard colors accepted by the American Kennel Club (AKC). However, they are rarely accepted in Isabella dogs due to their unique coloration.

Brindle Frenchies

Experience the beauty of Brindle Frenchies, with their classic black and brown coats that can range from light to dark. Variety abounds: Dilute gene for a bluish shine, brindle pattern full of character, various patterns like merle markings or piebald Frenchies.

Black Brindle Frenchies

Admire the striking beauty of Black Brindle Frenchies, whose sleek coats dazzle with an intensity that will leave you breathless. These beautiful pups are a mix of black-masked Frenchies, blue Frenchies, beige ones, and those with classic black markings.

A sight to behold! Their charm makes them AKC Breeder of Merit certified, and their personalities make them perfect companions for any home.

Blue Brindle Frenchies

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Blue Brindle Frenchies, boasting a stunning coat that is sure to make an impression. From their blue-tinted fawn fur and white chest to their captivating blue eyes and pied markings – these canine companions are truly unique! AKC Breeder of Merit certified for a good reason, they offer intelligence, lovable personalities, and will bring joy into any home.

Pied Frenchies

You’ll be awestruck by the beauty of Pied Frenchies, characterized by their striking white patches and flecks of color against a black or blue-tinted base coat. These AKC Breeders of Merit certified dogs are renowned for their intelligence and friendly personalities.

Their unique look is sure to draw admiration – from white French Bulldogs with red patches, to standard blue brindle and even rarer Blue Piedwhite! Get ready to fall in love with this captivating canine companion.

Black Pied Frenchies

Experience the striking beauty of Black Pied Frenchies, with their pure black coats and small white patches, nicknamed batpig.

  • Solid black coat
  • White patches
  • Black mask for eyes & muzzle
  • Blue pied white variation. Their intelligence and friendly personalities make them perfect companions to love and cherish.

Frenchie Colors Accepted by the AKC

Frenchie Colors Accepted by the AKC
The AKC recognizes four distinct Frenchie coat colors: brindle, fawn, cream, and white – each with its own unique symbolism to bring out the best in your pup. By selecting the right color for your dog’s breed type, you can make sure they look their absolute best.

Brindle is a classic French Bulldog choice with its distinctive black-and-fawn stripes creating an eye-catching pattern on their coats. Fawns are often described as having a light brown hue with reddish undertones, while creams tend to be paler off-white or ivory-colored coats that stand out from other breeds of pups.

Color Description Symbolic Meaning Popularity Price Health Issues
Brindle Distinctive black & fawn stripes Strength & Resilience Most Popular Color $4K Average None
Fawn Light brown w/ red tint Loyalty 2nd Most Popular Color $4K Average None
Cream Pale off white/ivory Courage 3rd most popular color $5K average Higher deafness risk
White Lacks pigment Noble & Pure 4th most popular color $$5k average Higher deafness risk

The rarer colors like blue, lilac, and chocolate are becoming more accepted in the Frenchie world too! These shades range from grey hues that shine blue through bright chocolates or even silvery lilacs – all beautiful options for anyone looking for something special and unusual in their new pet pooch’s coat coloring scheme.

Of course, if you’re feeling really adventurous, there are also patterns like Ticked (small dots) and Piebald (large patches) which give Frenchies even more charm than ever before! But regardless of what option you choose, it’s important to remember these dogs come in many different shapes, sizes, and personalities, so don’t forget about health issues when considering any rare varieties – some may be prone to alopecia or hearing loss due to genetic inheritance traits passed down by parents.

Whatever shade suits both your style and budget, always remember love comes first no matter what kind of canine companion you pick up for your home!

There’s More Than Meets the Eye…

There’s More Than Meets the Eye…
Are you looking to bring a French Bulldog into your home but don’t know what colors are available? It’s important to be aware that certain colors may come with their own set of health risks while others can cost more due to rarity.

Fawns and whites are the classics, but brindle & white combos as well as platinum whites can also make for an eye-catching pup! The AKC officially recognizes black mask, ticked, and piebald markings on Frenchies too – so there is plenty of variety when it comes to this breed.

Knowing all these details before buying will help ensure you get the perfect Frenchie for you!

Some Colors Have Health Issues

Be mindful of health implications when selecting a coat color – some rarer shades may come with issues. Genetic code determines different colors, and recessive genes can cause blue Frenchie alopecia or hearing loss.

Some Colors Are Rarer Than Others

You may be surprised to learn that some colors of French Bulldogs are rarer than others, such as blue and lilac. These unique-looking shades can fetch a price tag up to six times higher due to their scarcity! For breeding purposes, the exotic tan of isabella or the light brown of chocolate might be desired over the standard brindle or fawn.

French Bulldog Color Price Chart

Discover the price tag associated with each French Bulldog color – from standard to rare and everything in between! Fawn/brindle averages $4,000, while cream/white/patterned runs about $5,000. Blue/chocolate coats have seen a surge in recent years due to a lack of pigment cells; they can cost up to six times more than traditional frenchie patterns.

Merles are also on the pricier side due to their unique glowing red hue, which is caused by a dominant gene.

Fawn Frenchies

Fawn Frenchies are a classic choice, boasting an eye-catching combination of light brown with a hint of red and a black mask. They have fawn hairs and may be ticked in the lighter shades, giving them that reddish shade.

Fawn & White Frenchies

Pairing the classic fawn with a crisp white, Fawn and White Frenchies create a stunning combination. Tan markings, eye rims, and light-colored backgrounds accentuate their unique look. Red Fawn Frenchies are particularly popular due to their deep red hues, while Blue Pied Whites stand out for their bright blues contrasted against white coats.

Brindle & White Frenchies

You can’t help but be mesmerized by the majestic blend of Brindle and White Frenchies.

  • Fawn – light brown with a reddish shade & black mask
  • Blue – grey coat with a bluish shine
  • Black – pure black with a small white patch
  • Merle – irregular patches of color. With such stunning colors available, your pup will surely stand out from the crowd!

White/Platinum Frenchies

White and platinum Frenchies make a stunning statement! Their bright, eye-catching coats draw admiration – from red pied to blue pied, blue brindle, and more. These pooches are sure to turn heads with their unique style. White Frenchies include white markings recognized by the AKC, plus other rare markings like ticked or spotted fur.

French Bulldog Markings Officially Recognized by the AKC Are…

The American Kennel Club recognizes several French Bulldog markings, including black masks, white markings, and brindle.

Other French Bulldog Markings

Aside from the AKC-recognized markings, you can spot Frenchie pups sporting a coat of patches and spots – like a calico cat! These unique designs are determined by the combination of genes that are passed down through generations.

From light tan to darker browns, each pup’s exact shade is something to admire for years. Some Frenchies look almost black with white accents or even blue due to dilution genes.

Black Mask

You may recognize black masks in Frenchies, which darken their muzzles and eyes to create a distinct, eye-catching look. Standard black mask markings are found on pure solid black or brindle/fawn dogs with white patches – nicknamed ‘batpigs’.

  1. Checking for standard health issues before breeding.
  2. Proper genetics testing of the parent dogs prior to mating.
  3. Regular vet checkups post-birth for puppies with black masks!

Ticked Frenchies

Look out for Frenchies with ticked coats – small dots or flecks of color scattered across their fur. Red fawn, blue, and beige are the most common colors; however, some may have red patches on an otherwise blue pied coat.

Piebald Frenchies

Brimming with character, Piebald Frenchies are sure to make a lasting impression – featuring large irregular white patches on their coat.

What’s the Most Expensive French Bulldog Color?

What’s the Most Expensive French Bulldog Color
Unleash your inner aristocrat by choosing a luxurious Frenchie with an ultra-expensive coat! If you’re looking for the best French Bulldog colors, then you might want to look into some of the rare and expensive options out there.

While standard fawns, whites, brindles, and even creams are all recognized AKC colors that may cost in the thousands of dollars range depending on quality, it’s those unique eggshell shades or solid blacks that often command top dollar.

A popular color among breeders is known as ‘rare black’, which has a pure black coat with small white markings sometimes referred to as batpig. These pups can be pricey but also striking when paired with their signature dark muzzle and eyes from where they get their name.

Another sought-after shade is lilac – this requires inheritance of both blue dilute gene plus chocolate recessive genes resulting in a light purple hue not seen anywhere else!

Merle coats come at an extra high price tag due to health risks associated, so these should only be bought through trustworthy sources who have checked for any potential problems before sale.

Lastly, while fluffy/long-haired French Bulldogs are undeniably adorable, buyers beware – these require special care since brushing needs to be done daily along with regular vet check-ups if necessary – prices can soar up into five figures for one pup alone!

All things considered though – these rare hues make owning such a pooch downright regal, so if the budget allows, why not indulge?

What is a Platinum French Bulldog?

What is a Platinum French Bulldog
As you look for the best French Bulldog colors, it’s worth considering a rare and unique shade – Platinum. This luxurious color is produced by mixing cream and white genes to give off an eggshell hue that can’t be found with any other breed.

Black Frenchies are also popular among breeders due to their striking dark coat, black mask, and sometimes small white patch on their chest referred to as batpig.

You’ll find Blue Frenchies have a grey coat ranging from light-to-dark shades with a bluish shine, but they may be prone to hair loss, so it’s important you source them from trustworthy suppliers only.

As for Lilac Frenchie puppies – these require inheritance of both blue dilute gene plus chocolate recessive genes resulting in an absolutely beautiful purple shade! If your budget allows, then why not indulge?

Another interesting option is Merle coats, which come at an extra high price tag due to its potential health risks such as deafness or eye problems associated with this color pattern.

Last but not least, there’s Brindle pups, which feature fawn streaks against either black or blue base, making them instantly recognizable too.

All things considered, though, when looking into buying one, don’t forget about the most expensive variety out there – fluffy/long-haired fur babies who need special care daily along with regular vet check-ups if necessary.

So take your time browsing through some gorgeous hues like platinum before committing to ensure you get exactly what you’re after: a truly majestic four-legged companion whose beauty shines brighter than any precious gemstone around today.

What Color is My Frenchie?

What Color is My Frenchie
Discover the unique hues of your Frenchie’s coat and bask in its beauty that is unlike any other.

Black Frenchies are especially popular due to their striking dark coats, black mask, and sometimes a small white patch on their chest referred to as batpig. Blue Frenchies have grey coats ranging from light-to-dark shades with a bluish shine but may be prone to hair loss, so it’s important you source them from trustworthy suppliers only.

Merle coats also come at an extra high price tag due to potential health risks such as deafness or eye problems associated with this color pattern. However, they can make owning one of these pooches downright regal if done right! Brindle pups feature fawn streaks against either a black or blue base, making them instantly recognizable too.

Just remember, Piebald varieties have large irregular patches while Ticked ones appear spotted/dotted than others.

Finally, Cream-colored French Bulldogs lack pigment, whereas White has pale off-white/ivory tones which can lead to higher deafness risks. So it pays to be aware when selecting your pup’s hue accordingly before bringing home the perfect four-legged companion who will bring joy each day through its luxurious beauty alone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a standard and rare French Bulldog color?

Standard French Bulldog colors include Fawn, Cream, White, and Brindle. Rare colors such as Blue, Lilac, Chocolate, and Isabella are not officially recognized by the AKC but may have more expensive price tags due to their rarity.

Are there any health concerns associated with certain French Bulldog coat colors?

Yes, some colors can have associated health risks. For example, merle is linked to deafness and eye problems, while white coats may increase the risk of deafness.

How likely is it to get a rare French Bulldog color?

It’s possible, but rare. Colors like blue, lilac, chocolate, and merle are hard to come by. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these unique colors, it may cost more than the standard fawn or brindle coat.

How do color genetics affect a French Bulldog’s coat?

Color genetics can be the determining factor when it comes to your French Bulldog’s coat. From brindle to fawn, blue, and merle, each color is determined by recessive or dominant genes. For example, a lilac-colored pup requires the inheritance of both blue and chocolate genes! It’s important to consider health issues associated with certain colors as well.

What is the average price of a rare French Bulldog color?

Rare French Bulldog colors, such as blue, lilac, chocolate, and merle, can cost upwards of $6, Even more expensive are fluffy coats that can range from $10,000 to $100,000! Make sure to research the health concerns associated with certain coat colors before investing in a pup.


All in all, French bulldog colors are as varied and unique as the dogs themselves! From classic black and fawn to rarer colors like lilac and blue, these pups come in all shapes and sizes. No matter what color you choose, you’re sure to get a pup that looks great and is part of a long line of AKC-recognized breeds.

Just make sure to research any potential health issues related to particular colors, and be aware of the price range for rarer colors.

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