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EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test Review: Identifying Your Dog’s Triggers (2023)

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easydna dog allergy test reviewWith over 20% of dogs suffering from some type of allergy, your pup’s constant itching, licking, sneezing or digestive issues may point to an intolerance for certain foods or environmental allergens. Identifying which substances irritate your dog among the laundry list of potential triggers can feel overwhelming.

EasyDNA’s dog allergy test promises to pinpoint your dog’s allergens from home so you can take steps to relieve their discomfort. You’ll collect a saliva sample and mail it to EasyDNA’s lab for analysis. In about two weeks, you’ll receive a customized list of your dog’s top allergic offenders.

But does EasyDNA’s dog allergy test reliably identify Fido’s unique sensitivities? Let’s evaluate what users say about the test’s convenience and accuracy as we consider if it provides sufficient insights to ease your pup’s symptoms.

Key Takeaways

  • EasyDNA’s dog allergy test checks for over 120 potential allergen triggers like dust, grass, and food.
  • The test categorizes allergens by reaction level and delivers results in 2 to 3 weeks.
  • EasyDNA has mixed customer reviews on Trustpilot – 72% 5 stars, 5% 4 stars, 2% 2 stars, and 21% 1 star.
  • The test provides insights but is not a diagnosis. Use results as a discussion guide with your vet to inform treatment plans for improving your dog’s wellbeing.

Overview of EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test

Overview of EasyDNA Dog Allergy Test
Looking to pinpoint what’s causing your pup discomfort? EasyDNA’s at-home Dog Allergy Test kit can analyze your dog’s saliva for intolerances to over 120 potential allergens, with personalized results delivered in 2-3 weeks.

The test identifies your dog’s antibody levels to common irritants like dust, grass, mold, fleas, and foods. By pinpointing problem allergens, you can better manage environmental triggers or adjust their diet.

While convenient and affordable, understand the test may not catch every allergen and serves as a useful guide – not a definitive diagnosis. Consult your vet for proper treatment plans and medication if needed. With easy saliva collection and quick delivery of results identifying allergen reactions as mild, moderate or high, it provides helpful insight into your pet’s health.

Give your pup relief by using EasyDNA’s Dog Allergy Test to uncover problem allergens.

How the Dog Allergy Test Works

How the Dog Allergy Test Works
You’ll provide a saliva sample for analysis against over 120 potential allergens.

  1. Order the test kit online and register your dog’s details.
  2. Collect a saliva sample at home using the swabs and tubes provided.
  3. Ship the sample to the lab using the prepaid envelope.

Within 2-3 weeks, detailed results will be accessible through your online account. These categorize allergens based on reaction levels from strong intolerances to no reaction. With professional guidance, you can better understand result implications and ways to manage confirmed allergies.

This may involve avoiding triggers or using medications to control symptoms like itchy skin or ear infections. While test accuracy varies, the data provides useful insights to complement veterinary advice when addressing dog allergies.

Purchasing the Dog Allergy Test

Purchasing the Dog Allergy Test
Staying focused as you purchase the allergy testing kit helps ensure accurate results for identifying your dog’s intolerances.

Step Details
1. Visit Website Go to to begin the ordering process.
2. Provide Info Enter your dog’s name, breed, gender, age to create your dog’s profile.
3. Select Test Choose the Dog Allergy Test kit you want to purchase.
4. Add to Cart The test kit’s added to your shopping cart.
5. Checkout Proceed through checkout, choosing a payment method.
6. Track Order You’ll receive a confirmation email to track status.
7. Collect Sample Once delivered, collect a saliva sample from your dog’s mouth.
8. Send Back Ship the sample back to the lab using the provided packaging.
9. Wait for Results It takes 2-3 weeks to process the sample and email DNA results.
10. Understand Report Review the detailed allergen report and dietary guidelines.

Following each step carefully allows you to successfully purchase the test, collect the proper saliva sample, and receive insightful results revealing your dog’s intolerances.

Customer Reviews of the Test

Customer Reviews of the Test
Many customers have shared their experiences with EasyDNA’s Dog Allergy Test, both positive and negative. Positive reviews praise the test for helping to identify intolerances and allergies in dogs, while others note quick results and efficient service.

Positive Reviews

Many customers have shared their positive experiences with the Dog Allergy Test, describing it as a ‘lifesaver’ that’s helped identify allergens causing distress in their dogs.

Pet parents speak highly of the thorough results and guidance provided following sample analysis.

Stories abound of happier, healthier dogs with reduced symptoms and customized dietary plans after using the test.

Reviews praise the easy-to-use kit and knowledgeable customer support.

Testimonials frequently mention relief in pinpointing problematic allergens, allowing for adjustments to the dog’s environment and diet.

Happy customers recommend the test for providing insights and solutions when dealing with mysterious pet allergies and sensitivities.

Negative Reviews

With some customers noting accuracy concerns and service delays, easydna’s dog allergy test doesn’t seem to be the perfect solution for all.

Accuracy concerns stem from results that differ on retesting or don’t match other findings. Delays left some waiting weeks longer than expected for results. Considering risks, alternative solutions may be wise if inaccurate results could endanger your dog’s health.

While convenient and affordable, the at-home test has downsides. Research thoroughly and consult your vet, as your dog’s health and wellbeing should come first.

Key Details About the Test

Key Details About the Test
You’ll uncover the mechanisms behind your pup’s distress when examining antibodies in their saliva sample to pinpoint intolerances like a sleuth hot on the clue trail. The at-home Dog Allergy Test kit screens your dog’s saliva for over 120 potential allergen irritants.

Test precision’s achieved by evaluating antibody reactivity levels to classify substances into strong intolerance, mild intolerance, or no reaction.

Allergy management then becomes more targeted when armed with data-driven insights on allergen sources behind symptoms like itchy skin or upset stomachs. After easy saliva sampling, results are conveniently accessible in an online report detailing allergy triggers and severity levels.

With a detailed breakdown of allergen categories like proteins, pollens, or molds, you can better avoid exposure while using personalized dietary recommendations for symptom relief.

Invest in understanding the roots behind Fido’s allergies for proactive solutions.

Dog Allergy Symptoms and Triggers

Dog Allergy Symptoms and Triggers
Your pup can start sneezing, scratching, and rubbing their eyes if they’re having an allergic reaction to something in their environment or diet. To identify what’s causing the issue and manage it properly for your pet’s quality of life, a dog allergy test is recommended.

Common environmental triggers include fleas, dust mites, mold spores, and pollens, while food sensitivities can also affect dogs.

A canine allergy test, such as the EasyDNA UK Dog Allergy Test, provides detailed information on 120+ allergens that could be causing distress in dogs. These reactions can range from strong intolerance to mild intolerance or no reaction at all.

The test also offers extensive dietary and lifestyle guidelines, along with an optional Food Suggestion Report that provides personalized recommendations for meals more suitable for your pooch.

The symptoms of allergies vary from one pet to another but usually include itchiness around the muzzle area, excessive paw-licking and biting due to discomfort caused by skin irritation, watery eyes, coughing/wheezing, runny nose, and occasional diarrhea.

It’s important to keep track of changes in behavior, as these could indicate potential problems related to allergies or intolerances.

To help lessen any allergic reactions triggered by specific substances identified through testing, like those provided by the EasyDNA UK Dog Allergy Test, avoiding them altogether would be ideal. However, this may not always be possible. Therefore, proper management strategies should still be employed.

This includes reducing exposure levels (e.g., vacuuming regularly) and getting regular grooming sessions done.

EasyDNA’s Ratings and Reputation

Unfortunately those reviews highlight inconsistent experiences with EasyDNA’s tests. According to the consumer review site Trustpilot, EasyDNA UK has received both positive and negative feedback across various DNA testing services.

Rating Percentage of Reviews
5 stars 72%
4 stars 5%
2 stars 2%
1 star 21%

This assessment of user experiences reveals that while many customers have found EasyDNA’s tests trustworthy and helpful, others have been dissatisfied – especially with delays, accuracy concerns, or customer service issues.

The average customer’s opinion seems to depend on the DNA test they purchased and their individual result. Since EasyDNA offers diverse services, one should consider this range in feedback before choosing their dog allergy test.

Analyzing their reputation and trustworthiness helps inform expectations when using EasyDNA. Ultimately, customers need to evaluate if EasyDNA’s allergy test matches their preferences, budget and goals.

Evaluating the Dog Allergy Test

Evaluating the Dog Allergy Test
Evaluating EasyDNA’s Dog Allergy Test, consider the test’s accuracy and allergen coverage. The test analyzes antibodies in your dog’s saliva to identify intolerances to over 120 allergens. While customer experiences vary, many report the test helped identify problematic allergens affecting their dog’s health.

Remember that no at-home test offers definitive diagnoses. View EasyDNA’s test as a tool to uncover potential allergies and inform conversations with your vet.

They can help you interpret results and determine next steps, like allergen avoidance or medications. Throughout the testing process, you’ll provide key information about your dog’s symptoms and suspected triggers.

Expect results within 2-3 weeks. While individual experiences differ, many customers describe satisfaction with the test’s insights into their pet’s intolerances. Use the results as a starting point, with your vet’s expertise guiding you in improving your dog’s well-being.


The Canine Companion’s Guide to Relief

After reading this EasyDNA review, you now have the knowledge to make an informed decision about testing for your pup. This unique saliva-based analysis could provide that ‘aha’ moment and pave the path to your dog’s improved wellbeing.

It’s a paw-sitive step towards identifying triggers and reducing allergy symptoms. With over 120 potential culprits analyzed and extensive support materials provided, it empowers you with insights to better care for your canine companion.

Take comfort knowing this simple kit could uncover solutions to provide comfort and joy for your furry friend.

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