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15 Best Lap Dogs for a Cuddly Friend (2023)

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The best lap dogs consider your lap as a wonderful retreat where they can just melt and forget everything around them.

Best Lap DogsLap dogs can also be the perfect companions for seniors who often spend their days indoors.

I like the idea of a dog snuggling on my lap while reading or watching TV, especially on cold winter nights.

What is a lap dog? A companion small enough to bathe in a bathtub and not take up too much space in the chair.

A companion who likes to cuddle with you on the couch and watch a late-night TV show. A companion who prefers the warmth of your body over his dog bed or cold floor.

These best lap dogs will meet those requirements.

Are you looking for a cuddly friend? We made our choice for the best lap dogs! Find out which lap dogs are the best ones.

15 Best Lap Dogs

That feeling of peace, the relaxation that belongs to a small dog on my lap, is pure happiness. I don’t think I’m alone.

For those of us who love that extra warmth, a small, cozy dog is just the thing for you.

So which breeds are the best lap dogs?

1. Havanese

small lap dog HavaneseCuba’s national dog, the Havanese, is a devoted and cheerful companion. These canines have managed to hold onto many admirers’ hearts with their expressive eyes, cuddly size, and long, silky hair.

They have also nicknamed Velcro dogs because they like to stay close to their owners. This surprisingly energetic and trainable dog breed should be combed and brushed at least twice a week.

The Havanese measures 8 to 11 inches or 20 to 28 inches long, weighs 7 to 13 pounds or 3 to 6 kilograms. Their life expectancy is about 14 to 15 years. The litter size is 1 to 9 pups, with an average of 4 puppies. The standard colors of the Havanese are white, black, brown, grey, silver, and blue.

Havanese is social, receptive, loyal, intelligent, and cheerful. However, you can watch out for a little health risk from this breed, which is patellar luxation. The good news is that the Havanese has no significant health problems.

2. Bolognese

small lap dog BologneseNicknamed the Bolo, this small breed likes to be close to loved ones – meaning they are best in a home where they are not often left alone.

But why would you want to leave them behind? They are serene and sweet, and in addition to cuddly toys, they need to be brushed firmly every few days.

3. French Bulldog

small lap dog French BulldogWith huge bat ears and a cute flat face, the French Bulldog is a perfect contender for one of the best lap dogs, despite being a bit larger than most others listed below.

They are extra friendly, and it seems as if the French love everything and everyone: that’s why The Rock hired two.

Due to their facial structure, these dogs cannot withstand too hot or too cold weather. They usually have to keep hugging indoors with the family.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

small lap dog Cavalier King Charles SpanielOr, as I like to call this breed, the cutest dog in the world. This is the dog on my shortlist of a small breed of dogs when we do the little dog thing again.

This very gentle dog has a fearless personality and a very affectionate spirit. He loves his people, and he goes out of his way to be sweet and happy and loving, and he’s just a lover of children of all ages.

He is the perfect little lap dog in every sense of the word.

5. Maltese

small lap dog MalteseA small, delicate breed with a white coat and round, black eyes, the Maltese is playful, confident, and loving. A good watchdog for its tendency to bark at both strangers and other dogs, Maltese is not recommended for families with younger children.

Because of their size, Maltese do well in both the city and the country and need regular grooming to maintain their coats.

6. Chihuahua

small lap ChihuahuaI am in the toy dog group, where you would expect a lot of lapdogs. Since I weigh less than 6 pounds, I fit exceptionally well in your arms. But perhaps because of my royal heritage (my ancestors had remarkable spiritual powers!), I offer a significant sass along with sweet hugs.

We originated in Mexico as descendants of old Techichi dogs; I was very popular with the Aztecs. Montezuma II was apparently with hundreds of us. And now, I will respond to the claim that we have a (love-one-person-only) personality.

Yes, some of us prefer to sniff around someone special, not people in general. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me …

7. Shih Tzu

small lap Shih TzuShih Tzu is also one of the best lap dogs that are also perfect for seniors. This Chinese puppy often weighs less than 15 pounds with long and silky hair, as you can see in their cousin Tibet.

Many Shih Tzus owners describe this breed as very friendly, although you can expect them to bark at strangers. They are also famous as watchdogs.

Shih Tzus don’t drop that much, which means they are also great companions for allergy sufferers.

They need a good walk and regular training every day. They usually also welcome visitors and are much friendlier to children.

Some owners find it easy to get used to Shih Tzus’ underbite and face. If you want to get one, keep an eye out for ear infections, eye problems, and an awkward knee. The breed can be about 13 years old and is also one of the longest living dog breeds in the world.

8. Boston Terrier

small lap dog Boston TerrierThe funny Boston Terrier is known for bringing comic relief to any situation. They love people and like to walk with you, go to the park or play a friendly game.

Agile and intelligent, these puppies do great learning tricks and even take part in sports like the obstacle course. Best of all, they love to cuddle on your lap.

9. Pomeranian

small lap dog PomeranianSmall and mighty, Pomeranians pack a lot of personality in their frames under seven pounds.

Although they are intelligent and active, they don’t need a lot of exercises to wear them out, which means they’re always ready to cuddle in your lap. Poms need a lot of regular grooming, which is more bonding time for both of you.

Queen Victoria, Queen Charlotte’s granddaughter, fell in love with Pomerania. She owns smaller Pomeranian, and during the time she exhibited her dog, many breeders were interested in producing more miniature Pomeranian. During Queen Victoria’s lifetime, the Pomeranian size was reduced by fifty percent and later became a favorite lap dog. Many royalties also owned Pomeranian dogs in the past. Be sure to check out our list of professional trimming scissors and shears.

10. Toy Poodle

small lap dog Toy PoodleOriginally in the 18th century as a version of the standard poodle, Toy Poodles were bred primarily as companions but were also used as both mushroom hunters and performers.

A breed that likes to impress its owners and gets along well with both children and animals, Toy Poodles loves learning new tricks in addition to warming up the owner’s lap.

However, the breed can be skittish around new people and requires a lot of socialization from an early age.

11. Lhasa Apso

small lap dog Lhasa ApsoThe Lhasa Apso is one of the best lap dogs because they love to chill and spend time in the house. They are incredibly small and weigh no more than 15 pounds, but not too weak or too small like the Chihuahua or Italian Greyhound.

Lhasa Apsos likes to treat you as if you were a Tibetan monk. They are content to just lie on your feet or your lap while keeping you company.

But don’t be fooled as they are also excellent watchdogs as they often bark. Your Lhasa Apso can notify you when a visitor or stranger approaches the door.

If you’re smitten by their looks and want to add one to your family, a bonus is a fact that this breed doesn’t shed so much. While it is true that there is no such thing as a completely hypoallergenic dog, the Lhasa Apso is reasonably clean, making them an excellent option for allergy owners. As with other dog breeds, they need training.

If you don’t do this effectively and early, they can become aggressive towards grandchildren or visitors.

These puppies are often quite healthy, but they can suffer from eye or skin problems. Most of these great dogs are hassle-free within their average lifespan of 14 years. It makes them the longest living puppy breeds.

12. Italian Greyhound

small lap dog Italian GreyhoundAs one of the very active, fastest dog breeds out there, you might be surprised to see a sighthound on a list of best lap dogs, but these speedsters love to lie on people’s lap when not running around. As long as the Italian Greyhound gets a few intense play moments and a walk every day, it will be a happy companion to cuddle with.

Make sure they are always collard and leash as they can run 25 miles per hour. They can also jump very high, and a 4-foot fence won’t cut it.

13. Pug

small lap dog PugDoes it matter with such a face how different the dog is? The simple answer is probably no, but we know better than that. This sweet dog has a profile that some may say only a mom can love, but we want to be different.

This dog has the kind of face everyone can love because, well, it’s the cutest damn dog out there. We love this little man and the fact that he loves affection and people of all shapes and sizes.

14. Rat Terrier

small lap dog Rat TerrierCurious and tenacious, these four-legged family members are always in something. Rat Terriers are usually bossy, and while they do great with other dogs, they will be even the biggest boss.

Playful and friendly, the Rat Terrier loves anyone who shows some attention and will easily make one of the best lap dogs out there. They are still a true terrier with a severe prey drive and will chase and potentially kill most non-dog animals.

15. Yorkshire Terrier

small lap dog Yorkshire TerrierThis vocal and active little dog doesn’t shed much, but he still needs to be groomed regularly, just like the Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu. They are from England, as their name suggests. Breeders in the country chose a dog that would only lose its hair if it was broken or brushed. The Yorkie is the perfect option for allergy sufferers.

Yorkies are rated 27th, a good place for a small breed. They also do better in terms of obedience training compared to most small species. They were initially bred to hunt rats. However, they usually act as companions today. The breed has serious health problems.

So if you want what it looks like and you chose these dogs, you need to watch out for low blood sugar, puppies’ nose, retained puppy teeth, eyelash problems that cause damage to the cornea and excessive tearing, and more problems such as portosystemic shunt and tracheal collapse.

These dogs are also prone to periodontal disease such as small breeds, and regular brushing is never a bad idea. If your Yorkshire Terrier avoids serious health problems, it can live up to 17 years.

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