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Best Dog Treats of Gastrointestinal Problems: Top 10 Picks of 2024

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best dog treats for gastrointestinal problemsJust like a puzzle, there are many pieces to the canine digestive system. When it comes to gastrointestinal problems in dogs, finding the right treats can be tricky. However, with careful research and understanding of your pup’s needs, you can find dog treats that help ease their sensitive stomachs while providing them with the nourishment they need for optimal health and well-being.

Key Takeaways

  • Crafted Humans Loved Dogs Pumpkin Treats and Purina Pro Plan Vet Diets Digestive Health Dog Treats are good options for dogs with gastrointestinal problems.
  • Avoid treats with artificial ingredients and opt for limited ingredient treats with digestible carbs and healthy fats.
  • Look for dog treats that contain probiotics and prebiotics to promote digestive health.
  • Breeds prone to sensitive stomachs, such as Labs and German Shepherds, may benefit from specialized dog treats for gastrointestinal health.

Top 10 Best Dog Treats for Gastrointestinal Problems

Gastrointestinal problems in dogs can be tricky to manage, but luckily there are some great treats available that can help. This is a list of the top 10 best dog treats for gastrointestinal problems: Crafted Humans Loved Dogs Treats Pumpkin, Covetrus Nutrisential Dog Treats, Purina Pro Plan Vet Diets Digestive Health Dog Treats, Get Naked Dental Chew Sticks, Wholesome Pride Calming Dog Treats, Great Poop Probiotics Dogs, Wellness Soft Puppy Treats, Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver, Zesty Paws Dog Probiotic, and Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats.

Crafted Humans Loved Dogs Treats Pumpkin

Crafted by Humans Loved byView On Amazon
Try Crafted Humans Loved Dogs Treats Pumpkin and give your pup a tasty, natural treat they’ll love – perfect for dogs with sensitivities. These unique treats are made with wholesome ingredients like pumpkin puree and garbanzo bean flour, free from GMOs, preservatives, artificial colorings, or anything artificial.

The treats come in a 5-ounce stick form that is crunchy yet has limited sweetness. Plus, the company donates 5% of net profits to animal shelters! With no salt or wheat included, these grain-free treats are also great for all life stages as well as picky eaters and those with sensitive stomachs or allergies.

  • Made from 100% natural ingredients
  • Gluten-free & wheat-free
  • Low calorie & high protein content
  • Perfect solution for training rewards
  • No added sugar, preservatives, or artificial colors
  • May cause loose stool in some cases
  • Price on the higher side
  • Tempting smell may attract humans too

  • Supports digestive health
  • Reduces occasional diarrhea, gas, bloating
  • Provides vitamins C&E to support the immune system
  • Promotes healthy heart, vision, digestion

Covetrus Nutrisential Dog Treats

Covetrus Nutrisential Lean Treats forView On Amazon
Reward your pup with Covetrus Nutrisential Dog Treats, tasty bite-sized soft chews made with real chicken liver for a flavor that even picky eaters can’t resist. These treats are low in fat and sodium, yet packed full of taurine and amino acids to promote heart health, vision health, and digestive health.

Veterinarians recommend them as an excellent training reward or for administering medication due to their soft texture, which older dogs find especially easy to chew.

Crafted in the USA with care, at 17 calories per treat, they are surprisingly affordable compared to buying from vet offices.

  • Low fat & sodium content
  • Made with real chicken liver
  • Taurine & amino acids promote heart/vision/digestive health
  • Soft texture suitable for all life stages
  • Strong aroma may be offputting
  • Reports of sensitive stomach issues
  • Pricey compared to other brands

Purina Pro Plan Vet Diets Digestive Health Dog Treats

Purina Pro Plan Veterinary DietsView On Amazon
Experience the benefits of Purina Pro Plan Vet Diets Digestive Health Bites Dog Treats for your pup’s sensitive stomach. These treats are designed specifically to meet the needs of adult dogs with digestive issues, featuring real chicken as its #1 ingredient and natural prebiotic fiber for promoting healthy digestion.

Not only do they come in a bigger bag than expected, but they also have chunkier treats compared to regular snacks, which helps them last longer, especially if you cut them into smaller pieces. Many picky eaters love this flavor, so it makes an ideal choice even when trying to lure puppies into crates or reward training sessions without worrying about any potential health risks due to allergies.

  • Designed specifically for adult dogs with digestive issues
  • Real chicken is the first ingredient plus natural prebiotic fiber
  • No artificial colors or flavors plus added vitamins C & E
  • Comes in a bigger bag than expected chunkier treats
  • Some pups may like other treats more despite eating these ones
  • Can leave puppy breath odor behind after consumption
  • Price might be on the pricey side

Get Naked Dental Chew Sticks

Get Naked Grain Free 1View On Amazon
Give your pup the natural dental care they deserve with Get Naked Dental Chew Sticks. This grain-free treat is made from natural ingredients and added vitamins, including probiotics for digestive health and prebiotics from chicory root to support overall wellness.

Plus, these treats are perfect for adult dogs of all sizes since they can be cut into smaller pieces if needed.

For those pups who suffer from gastrointestinal issues or food sensitivities, Get Naked Dental Chew Sticks are an ideal choice as there’s no wheat, corn, or soy in them – just healthy goodness that tastes great too! As an added bonus, these chews help reduce plaque and tartar buildup so their teeth stay clean while still getting the nutrition they need without any artificial colors or flavors.

  • Natural ingredients & vitamins
  • Low calorie & delicious taste
  • Grain-free & no wheat/corn/soy
  • Prebiotic fiber supports digestion
  • Not suitable for puppies under 9 weeks old
  • Some dogs may find it hard to chew
  • Can leave some puppy breath odor

Wholesome Pride Calming Dog Treats

Wholesome Pride Functional Calming SupportView On Amazon
Help your pup relax with Wholesome Pride Calming Dog Treats, made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients and containing L-Theanine, passion flower, and chamomile for a calming effect. These treats are free of salt, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, grain, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

With turkey as the #1 ingredient, these treats are perfect for all life stages. The dry treat form comes in an 8-ounce package measuring 9.

Dogs may not enjoy the taste, but they can help lure puppies into crates or be used as training rewards because of their soft, chewy texture.

  • Natural ingredients
  • No added salt, wheat, corn, etc.
  • Perfect for all life stages
  • Soft & chewy texture
  • Some dogs don’t like the taste
  • May need stronger ingredients for highly stressed dogs
  • Pieces come broken apart randomly – possible too large size pieces (can be cut)
  • Pricey compared to other brands

Great Poop Probiotics Dogs

Great Poop Probiotics for DogsView On Amazon
Great Poop Probiotics Dogs

Great Poop Probiotics Dogs provide a delicious chicken-flavored chew that’s like manna from heaven for sensitive stomachs, with natural ingredients and added vitamins to help your pup’s gut health. Carefully crafted in the USA, these probiotic chews come equipped with two billion CFU of probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes – all of which are designed to improve digestion issues such as diarrhea or constipation while helping reduce gas & bloating.

Their tasty treats have been highly rated by pet owners for their smell and taste; some even report improved bowel movements after giving them to their dogs. Plus, they’re easy on picky eaters! However, there are some drawbacks: users may find powder dusting on the chews upon opening the container; additionally, not all pups enjoy its flavor so it can be difficult getting them to take it willingly without coating in peanut butter or other food items.

  • Natural ingredients
  • Added Vitamins
  • Two Billion CFU Probiotic Blend
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Reviews Positive
  • Powder Dusting On Chew
  • Not All Pups Like Flavor
  • Can Be Difficult To Get Dog To Take Uncoated

Wellness Soft Puppy Treats

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites NaturalView On Amazon
Treat your pup to Wellness Soft Puppy Treats for a delicious, grain-free snack with added vitamins and natural DHA for brain development. Each mini chew is made with two kinds of fresh meat – lamb and salmon – as well as whole fruits and veggies like blueberries and sweet potatoes.

With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, these treats are perfect for both indoor or outdoor training sessions. They can be cut into smaller pieces so they last longer too! Plus, dogs love the taste of them so much that it helps lure puppies into crates quickly.

The only downside is that some puppy breath odor may linger after eating them, but overall these treats provide great value without leaving much unused space in the bag – even though they’re on the pricey side at times!

  • Grain-free recipe
  • Added vitamins & natural DHA
  • No artificial colors/flavors/preservatives
  • Perfect for training & rewarding puppies
  • Easy to chew bite-size pieces
  • I) Can cause translucent shards (bones/shells?) to fall out when cut – potential safety issue

ii) Leaves some puppy breath odor

iii) On the pricey side

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver

Cloud Star Tricky Trainers SoftView On Amazon
Try Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver, a delicious 100% natural treat with real chicken liver that your pup will love like a ray of sunshine! This low-calorie, high-protein treat is recommended by professional trainers and comes in the form of soft chews.

They’re free from artificial colors or flavors and contain no dairy, soy, or gluten – perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

The treats have been highly rated by pet owners for their smell, taste, and efficacy during training sessions on walks. However, some bags may contain mostly powder/dust instead of larger pieces as expected due to the delicate nature of this product.

  • Real chicken liver as the top ingredient
  • Low calorie
  • High protein content
  • No artificial colors/flavors
  • Soft texture
  • May be mostly powdery dust inside some packages
  • Not ideal for picky eaters

Zesty Paws Dog Probiotic

Zesty Paws Probiotics for DogsView On Amazon
Zesty Paws Dog Probiotic is a delicious soft chew supplement that contains pumpkin, papaya, and a six-strain probiotic blend to help support your pup’s digestive health. Each container holds 120 chews with natural ingredients and an irresistible chicken flavor for dogs of all ages.

It also has prebiotics and digestive enzymes to assist in digestion issues like diarrhea or constipation, as well as gas or bloating.

Reviews are positive; many users report improved bowel movements and relief from yeast infections due to the use of this product.

  • Contains natural ingredients like pumpkin & papaya
  • Includes a 6-strain probiotic blend, including DE111 Bacillus subtilis
  • Low in calories & high in protein with a soft texture dogs love
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, & preservatives
  • Helps reduce plaque/tartar build-up while freshening breath
  • May leave some puppy breath odor
  • On the pricey side compared to other brands
  • Can be hard if refrigerated, so better stored at room temperature

Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats

ORIJEN Freeze Dried Original DogView On Amazon
If you’re looking for a protein-rich treat that’s grain-free and contains wild-caught fish and free-run poultry, Orijen Freeze Dried Dog Treats are an excellent choice with 5 calories per treat.

Made in the USA with ingredients from around the world, these treats contain 99% animal ingredients along with whole prey items like organs to provide your pup with all of the nutrients they need.

Dogs love them due to their delicious flavor and texture, while veterinarians recommend them as ideal for dogs of all ages or breeds who have sensitivities or allergies.

Plus, they come in a resealable bag which helps keep freshness intact no matter how far away you may be traveling!

  • Protein-rich
  • Grain-free
  • Contains wild-caught fish & free-run poultry
  • Delicious flavor & texture
  • Vet recommended
  • Can be used as a meal topper
  • Expensive compared to other treats
  • Bags sometimes arrive crushed or mostly dust

Why Are Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs Important?

Why Are Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs Important
It’s essential to choose dog treats for sensitive stomachs that have limited ingredients, digestible carbs, and healthy fats in order to promote digestive health and reduce symptoms. For dogs with tummy troubles or food allergies, it is important to find treats that do not exacerbate their issues.

Chew toys are also helpful for reducing stress while aiding dental hygiene. Look out for rubber varieties without hard plastic or nylon components, which can cause choking hazards.

  • Limited ingredients free from artificial colors and flavors
  • Single animal protein source like chicken liver
  • Digestible carbohydrates such as sweet potato
  • Healthy fats like salmon oil

Gastrointestinal health should be taken seriously when considering your pup’s diet.

How Will I Know if My Dog Has Digestive Issues?

How Will I Know if My Dog Has Digestive Issues
You may notice your pup exhibiting symptoms like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite changes if they have digestive issues. To determine whether it’s a food allergy or something else causing the problem, you should visit the vet for an examination.

The following are signs that could indicate gastrointestinal problems in dogs:

  • Changes to their stool such as blood or mucus
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss
  • Abdominal pain and bloating

When looking for treats to help with stomach sensitivities, it is important to look for ones made from natural ingredients that are low in calories but still provide essential nutrients. Additionally, check labels carefully so you can avoid common allergens like wheat, corn, and soy, which can trigger allergic reactions.

Vet-recommended treats that contain probiotics may also be beneficial as they support gut health by helping balance out good bacteria levels within your pet’s intestines, as well as promoting immune response functions which aid digestion overall.

Good teeth hygiene is also important; look into dental chews specifically designed with special abrasive properties that help remove plaque build-up while providing additional vitamins.

Finally, make sure any treat foods used offer balanced nutrition tailored towards sensitive stomachs without sacrificing taste!

What Human Foods Are Safe for Sensitive Dog Tummies?

What Human Foods Are Safe for Sensitive Dog Tummies
Do you have a dog with sensitive stomach problems? Testing for food allergies and identifying the cause of your pup’s digestive issues is essential. Some breeds, such as Labradors, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers, are more prone to having sensitive tummies than others.

Knowing what human foods are safe for them is key to helping them maintain a healthy diet plan.

How Do I Test My Dog for Food Allergies?

Testing your pup for food allergies can be a daunting process, but it’s important to ensure they have the right diet and stay healthy! A common sign of digestive issues is frequent vomiting or diarrhea.

Other risk factors include breed predisposition, as some breeds are more prone to sensitive stomachs than others. An allergy test may involve temporarily eliminating certain foods from their diet and seeing if the symptoms improve over time.

It’s best to consult with your vet before making any drastic changes in what you feed them, as there could be underlying health issues causing these signs that need medical attention first.

Table below shows safe vs unsafe treats for sensitive tummies:

Safe Treats Unsafe Treats
Kong rubber toys Bones
(West Paw Qwizl & Toppl) (Cow hooves)
Enzymatic dental chews Antlers
Buffalo cheek chips Hard cheese blocks
String cheese Hard plastic/nylon chews
Pumpkin Pig ears
Peppermint Ice cubes

Are Some Breeds More Likely to Have Sensitive Stomachs?

Discover if your pup’s sensitive tummy could be due to their breed and what you can do about it. Breeds of all sizes, ages, and diet types may have sensitive stomachs – though smaller breeds tend to suffer more than larger ones.

Allergies or intolerance towards certain food ingredients are common in dogs with sensitivities, so pay attention to the quality of treats they consume as well as chew toys made from natural materials.

Primary Safety Factors When Evaluating Dog Chews

Primary Safety Factors When Evaluating Dog Chews
Considering a chew for your pup? It’s important to evaluate the safety of an edible chew or toy before giving it to your dog. To ensure you’re providing safe options, learn how to test chews and toys for safety as well as what factors make them safe.

How to Tell if an Edible Chew or Chew Toy is Safe for Your Dog

When evaluating edible chews and chew toys for your pup, be sure to consider factors such as the ingredients used, potential choking hazards, and allergen content. Consider bone safety: size appropriate for age/weight; texture conducive to dental health; limited ingredient or grain-free options.

Research food allergies before selecting freeze-dried treats or easily digestible dental chews. Chew toys should be durable yet soft enough not to damage teeth or cause splintering if ingested accidentally.

Monitor chewing activity closely – never leave a pet unattended with an edible chew toy! Ensure treats are age-appropriate and provide plenty of fresh water when indulging in these tasty goodies!

How to Test Your Dog’s Chew for Safety

To ensure the safety of your pup’s chews, investigate ingredients and look for certifications from trusted organizations. Allergen testing is important to identify potential sensitivities and risk factors that can increase with certain breeds.

Texture preference should be taken into consideration as some dogs may prefer soft treats while others desire crunchy ones.

When it comes to chew preferences, there are breed differences you should take note of before selecting a treat or toy for your dog. For example, customer reviews on size might help narrow down options if you have a small breed like Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier.

Finally, check out manufacturers’ websites which usually contain detailed information about their product lines’ safety standards and certifications so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for your pup!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Tell if My Dog’s Sensitive Stomach is Improving?

To determine if your dog’s sensitive stomach is improving, observe for changes in nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Keep an eye on appetite and salivation levels, as well as the consistency of the stool.

If these signs have diminished or disappeared with a modified diet/treatment plan, then it is possible that the stomach is healing.

What Are Some Tips for Feeding Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs?

Feeding your pup with a sensitive stomach? Aim for limited ingredients, digestible carbs like sweet potato, and healthy fats like salmon oil.

Are There Any Natural Remedies for Treating Sensitive Stomachs in Dogs?

Yes! Some natural remedies for treating sensitive stomachs in dogs may include probiotics, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and pumpkin or peppermint. Other options include limited ingredient treats with single animal proteins and fiber-rich foods like sweet potato.

Is it Safe to Give My Dog Supplements for Sensitive Stomachs?

It’s generally safe to give your dog supplements for sensitive stomachs, but it’s best to consult with a vet first. Different ingredients can help soothe symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea, while supporting digestive health.

Natural options like probiotics and prebiotics are often recommended by veterinarians.

Are There Any Home-Cooked Meals I Can Give My Dog to Help With Digestive Issues?

Yes! You can make nutritious, delicious home-cooked meals to ease your pup’s digestive challenges. Try recipes with single animal proteins, digestible carbs like sweet potato, and healthy fats like salmon oil to help soothe their sensitive stomachs.


In summary, there are a variety of best dog treats for gastrointestinal problems available on the market. From Crafted Humans Loved Dogs Treats Pumpkin to Zesty Paws Dog Probiotic, you can find a treat that meets the needs of your pup with sensitive stomachs.

It’s important to consider the ingredients, safety factor, and nutritional value when selecting treats for your pup, as well as to consult your vet for dietary advice.

Additionally, human foods are generally unsafe for pups, so it’s best to avoid giving your pup any human food without consulting your vet first.

By following these tips, you can help ensure your pup’s digestive health and keep them happy and healthy.

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