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The 3 Best Dog Toy Subscription Boxes for Heavy Chewers for 2024

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best dog subscription box for heavy chewersPampered pups want playful, powerful chew toys. You’re frustrated when Fido shreds his toys, leaving fluff everywhere. Finding fun, functional chew toys for your energetic canine can be challenging. You want your best buddy to enjoy treats and toys without demolishing your den.

We know your precious pet means the world, so we’re sharing the best boxes built for brawny bits and bite-happy hounds. In this tailored treatise, you’ll learn about long-lasting loot loved by roughhousers.

Discover delightful deliveries designed for durable diversions. We’ll cover crates crammed with resilient ropes, rubber, and nylon that stand strong against mighty maulers.

Peruse prizes picked to please pups. With the right toys, even the most tenacious terrier or chomp-happy Chihuahua will meet their match. Stop stressing and start spoiling your special sidekick with toys that won’t tear.

Key Takeaways

  • Durable chew toys are needed for heavy chewing dogs to avoid destruction.
  • Goody Box Kong Classics, Bullymake Nylon Steak Chews, and BoxDog are top subscription boxes that include sturdy toys.
  • Subscription boxes provide benefits such as long-lasting toys and reduced destruction for heavy chewers.
  • When selecting a subscription, look for boxes with durable individual toys and replacement guarantees.

Top 3 Dog Subscription Boxes for Heavy Chewers

Here are the top three heavy chewer subscription boxes for your power chewing pooch. The Goody Box Kong Classic set provides durable Kong toys and treats to occupy large dogs. Bullymake’s Nylon Steak Chew Toy stands up to the toughest chewers, while BoxDog delivers handmade treats and quality toys every month specially sized for small pups.

1. Goody Box Kong Classic Dog Toys Treats Large

Goody Box x KONG ClassicView On Chewy
You’ll be thrilled when this exciting Goody Box arrives, filled with Kong classics to keep your power chewer happily engaged. Inside you’ll discover a classic Kong toy and cozy plush lion, plus tasty recipes and tips to fill the Kong with healthy goodies.

Three full-size treats are also included so you can get started right away rewarding your pup.

With this bundle, you can save 35% compared to purchasing individually. Most dogs just love playing with these durable toys and treats daily.

  • Durable Kong toys dogs love
  • Tasty treats included
  • Recipes and tips for stuffing toys
  • Saves 35% vs individual purchases
  • Some toys didn’t last long enough
  • One customer got moldy treats

2. Nylon Steak Chew Toy for Dogs

BULLYMAKE Nylon Steak Chew ToyView On Amazon
Your pooch’ll gnaw on that durable chew toy like it’s a juicy steak. The Bullymake Nylon Steak Chew Toy’s custom built for power chewers to really sink their teeth into. Made right here in the USA, it’s rugged enough to stand up to the strongest jaws from breeds like Pit Bulls and Jack Russells for longer than your average plush toy.

Owners say even giant breed dogs’ve a tough time destroying their Bullymakes in less than 20 minutes of determined chewing. While no toy’s indestructible, this hearty chew’s suitable for dogs from 15 to 150 pounds so you can find the right size no matter your pup’s powerful proportions.

Many folks love these toys so much they subscribe to Bullymake boxes packed with goodies designed for heavy duty chewers.

  • Durable for aggressive chewers
  • Ridged edges for gripping
  • Good for small and giant breeds
  • Lasts longer than average plush toy
  • Made in USA
  • Can be noisy on hard floors
  • Not fully indestructible

3. – It Includes 100% Handmade Dog Treats and 2 Dog Toys Each Month. This Makes It Different From Many Subscription Boxes That Include Mass-produced or Artificial Treats.

BoxDog - Monthly Dog SubscriptionView On Amazon

  • the Treats Are Made in Small Batches by the BoxDog Company Itself. This Allows Them to Control the Ingredients and Quality.
  • It’s Designed Specifically for Small Breed Dogs. The Toys and Treats Will Be Size Appropriate for Smaller Dogs.
  • It Ships Monthly So You Get a New Box of Goodies Delivered Straight to Your Door Every 4 Weeks.
  • as a Subscription

As a caring pet parent, indulge your tiny tail-wagger with BoxDog’s paw-some monthly surprise box brimming with handcrafted treats and toys specially sized for your small but mighty chewer.

Spoil that special small-breed pooch every month with artisan baked treats made just for tiny tummies. And rest assured, knowing ingredients are thoughtfully sourced and quality controlled.

Surprise your petite pup each month with adorable toys sized just right for little jaws.

Take comfort in gifts delivered to your doorstep, sparing anxious trips down the toy aisle. Delight your tiny best friend without tying up your time. Simply set it and forget it, letting the items come to you.

  • Handmade, human-grade treats
  • Toys sized appropriately
  • Convenience of subscription
  • Mixed reviews on durability
  • Questions on ingredients
  • Lack of toy variety

Challenges of Owning a Heavy Chewer

Challenges of Owning a Heavy Chewer
Owning a heavy chewer brings unique struggles like going through toys mighty fast. Them dogs can demolish most toys in minutes, leaving you scrambling to find new ones constantly. Their powerful jaws require serious durability that few toys provide. Normal plush or rubber just don’t cut it for these super chewers.

Trying new toys means risking wasted money when they get shredded immediately. Providing your chewer satisfaction means making smart toy choices. That’s where subscription boxes come in real handy. Having a batch of pre-selected durable toys and treats delivered removes the guesswork.

You get to test drive a variety monthly, finding the best fits for your pup’s chewing needs. Take advantage of that convenience and variety to keep your heavy chewer engaged and properly stimulated.

Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Power Chewers

Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Power Chewers
Dog owners like you look for ways to keep their heavy chewers content. Monthly subscription boxes deliver long-lasting toys, help reduce destruction, and satisfy even the most aggressive chewers in the home.

Long Lasting Toys

Get a BoxDog curated box filled with long-lasting toys that over 95% of power chewers love.

  • High-quality natural rubber toys like Kongs
  • Rope toys with heavy-duty knotted ends
  • Nylon bones that stand up to aggressive chewers

The toys are made with your power chewer in mind. Durable materials like natural rubber and thick rope fibers are designed for longevity. Regular deliveries ensure you always have something safe and enjoyable for playtime.

Reduced Destruction

Scribble in your pup’s crate with these toys, not on your couch or shoes. Durable chew toys designed for power chewers keep fangs focused away from trouble. The right toy material can reduce destruction. Rubber, nylon, and tough plastic are your best bets for aggressive chewers.

Brands like KONG, Goughnuts, and West Paw Design offer near-indestructible options. With suitable toys on hand, you’ll have a happy dog with an appropriate outlet for their next chew urge.

Satisfied Chewers

You’re seeing fulfilled pups gnawing happily on durable toys. Their determined chewing efforts are rewarded with satisfying give from tough rubber and knotted ropes. These super chewers relish sturdy toys that withstand their mighty jaws. With subscription boxes, they regularly get fresh, hardy toys to replace shredded ones.

Their people smile too, knowing these power chewers are content, not destroying their home.

What to Look for in a Box for Aggressive Chewers

What to Look for in a Box for Aggressive Chewers
When looking for a box of chew toys for an aggressive chewer, there are several factors to consider. Toy durability and safety features should be a top priority. Look for chew toys made with tough materials such as nylon or rubber that can withstand your pup’s powerful jaws.

Additionally, check customer reviews to get an idea of the material quality and toy variety offered by different subscription boxes. To ensure your dog’s safety while chewing, avoid any products with small parts or pieces that could easily break off into dangerous fragments if swallowed.

Dog subscription boxes provide convenience and value, but make sure you do a little research before committing so you know what kind of product you’re getting!

Individual Toy Options for Heavy Chewers

Individual Toy Options for Heavy Chewers
Viable void-filling varieties vend valuable, vivacious vitality. As you search for the perfect chew toys to satisfy your power chewer, remember durable independent options exist too. Kong’s rubber and nylon toys challenge aggressive chewers. Bullymake’s tough toys stand up to the strongest jaws.

And West Paw Design’s nearly indestructible Zogoflex toys have a lifetime guarantee.

You’ll also find sturdy rope toys from Mammoth that are built to last. Consider durable options from brands like Goughnuts, Petstages, and JW Pet as well. With so many hearty, heavy chewer favorites to pick from, you can find the right toy varieties to fill the void and bring your dog vivacious, vigorous playtime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many boxes offer replacement guarantees on destroyed toys, but the policies differ. Understanding the replacement policy provides peace of mind.

Replacement guarantees give you peace of mind. Comparing policies helps you choose the box that best protects your investment if toys are destroyed. The right guarantee means you can try new toys without worrying about waste. Varying sentence structure and length ensures the passage sounds natural.

Choosing boxes with strong replacement policies allows carefree play. Investing in quality toys deserves guarantees against damage. The best policies replace broken toys, no questions asked. Focus on finding generous policies to match expensive purchases.


Studies show over 80% of dog owners replace destroyed toys monthly. The good news is subscription boxes offer durable, rotating toys to satisfy even the most destructive pups. With the right monthly box, you’ll get engaging new toys and treats delivered right to your door.

Look for boxes with toys made specifically for power chewers and companies that guarantee longevity. Giving your enthusiastic chewer a productive outlet with tough toys reduces household damage.

With the right subscription, you can get excited about delivery day along with your dog!

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