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Best Dog Food for Saint Bernards: Top 10 Picks (2024)

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best dog food for saint bernardsSearching for the perfect dog food can feel like a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know which one is right for your Saint Bernard. To make matters even more difficult, you have to take into account size and breed-specific nutritional needs when selecting the best type of food.

Key Takeaways

  • Saint Bernards have specific nutritional needs due to their large size and growth rate.
  • Balanced protein, fats, and carbohydrates are crucial for their overall health and well-being.
  • Calorie intake should be adjusted based on activity level to avoid obesity.
  • Special considerations for Saint Bernards include joint health, bone health, grooming, and exercise.

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Saint Bernards

Choosing the best dog food for your Saint Bernard can be a daunting task. Here are 10 top picks, including Merrick Grain Free Puppy Beef Sweet Potato, Blue Buffalo Puppy Chicken Dinner, Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food, Stella Chewy’s Perfect Puppy Beef Salmon Dog Food, and more.

Each of these formulas offers high-quality ingredients to meet your pup’s nutritional needs while keeping them healthy and happy.

1. Merrick Grain Free Puppy Beef Sweet Potato

Merrick Grain-Free Dry Puppy FoodView On Chewy
If you’re looking for a high-quality, grain-free option to nourish your Saint Bernard pup’s growing body and mind, then Merrick Grain Free Puppy Beef Sweet Potato is the ideal choice. This recipe contains real deboned beef as the first ingredient, along with 55% protein and healthy fats from animal sources.

It also includes produce for fiber and essential vitamins & minerals that are often missing in puppy foods.

The kibble size is small enough to fit comfortably in their mouths without choking hazards or digestion problems.

This food could be beneficial if your pup needs extra calories during growth spurts or more energy when playing outdoors frequently. However, some puppies may not like the taste of this particular formula, so transitioning off can be more difficult than with other brands.

Additionally, there have been reports of bad gas and diarrhea after consumption due to potential quality control issues, such as burnt kibble found in certain bags.

  • High Quality Protein & Fat Content
  • Natural Produce Included
  • Smaller Kibble Size Suitable For Pup’s Mouths
  • No Artificial Colors/Flavors/Preservatives
  • Taste May Not Be Appealing To Some Dogs
  • Reports Of Bad Gas And Diarrhea After Consumption
  • Potential Quality Control Issues With Burnt Kibble

2. Blue Buffalo Puppy Chicken Dinner

Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe PuppyView On Chewy
Experience the joy of feeding your pup something nutrient-rich with Blue Buffalo Puppy Chicken Dinner. This 12-pack of 12.5 ounce cans is formulated with DHA to support brain, eye, and cognitive development in puppies of all sizes and breeds, without any byproduct meals, corn, wheat, or soy included.

The pate texture makes it easy for small mouths to handle as well as being convenient when mixing with dry food or used as a full meal on its own – perfect for picky eaters too!

This product also helps support healthy muscle growth, which is essential during the puppy stage. However, some customers have reported gastrointestinal issues after feeding this food to their pup, so portion size must be monitored carefully based on your puppy’s size in order to avoid loose stool.

Despite that, many customers report that their puppies absolutely love the taste while getting great health benefits from eating this good quality product at a reasonable price – making it an ideal choice for most pet parents looking for nutritious dog food options suitable for all breed sizes.

  • Formulated with DHA
  • No byproduct meals/corn/wheat/soy
  • Supports healthy muscle growth
  • Good quality & affordable
  • Picky eater approved
  • Potential GI upset
  • Portion control important

3. Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food

ORIJEN Amazing Grains Puppy DryView On Chewy
Packed with up to 90% animal ingredients, Orijen Puppy Dry Dog Food offers your Saint Bernard the high-protein nutrition they need for healthy muscle growth. The grain-inclusive recipe includes poultry organs as well as non-GMO crops and a freeze-dried raw coating designed to help support digestion, immunity, skin, and coat health in puppies of all sizes.

While some users experienced positive results with this food, such as improved digestion and eager eating habits from their pup, others have reported negative reactions like diarrhea or refusal to eat it.

This product is more expensive than some other puppy foods but provides similar ingredient quality, which can be found in other premium brands, making it worth the price tag if you are looking for superior nutrition for your furry friend.

  • High protein content (up to 90%)
  • Non-GMO & gluten-free formula
  • Supports immune system & joint health
  • Suitable for small, medium & large breeds
  • Expensive compared to other puppy foods
  • Some puppies refused to eat or had GI issues after transition

4. Stella Chewys Perfect Puppy Beef Salmon Dog Food

Stella & ChewyView On Chewy
You’ll love Stella Chewy’s Perfect Puppy Beef Salmon Dog Food, a grain-free and minimally processed meal that’s packed with natural ingredients like cage-free poultry and organs, plus probiotics for digestion.

It also contains DHA to support brain development, as well as antioxidants to boost immunity.

Plus, it’s easy to mix with kibble or add broth/water if your pup prefers wet food! Dogs seem to really enjoy the taste of this food – some may even get excited when they see you preparing their dinner! And since it has zero added hormones, antibiotics, or fillers in its formula, you can be sure your furry friend is getting only the best nutrition possible.

This product allows for quick reorders and recurring orders too, which makes restocking on pet supplies easier than ever before.

  • Contains 95% cage-free poultry & organs plus safely grounded bone
  • Probiotics help support digestion & DHA helps promote healthy brain development
  • Grain-free & pea-free; no added hormones, antibiotics, grains, or fillers
  • Easy to mix with kibble; dogs seem to love the taste
  • Some puppies vomit after eating this food
  • A few dogs refused to eat after initially liking it
  • Fishy smell may put off pickier pups

5. Wellness Complete Health Puppy Dry Dog Food

Wellness Complete Health Puppy DebonedView On Chewy
Discover Wellness Complete Health Puppy Dry Dog Food, the nutrient-dense formula that packs a punch of premium proteins and wholesome grains to fuel your pup’s development. This food is formulated without GMOs, meat by-products, fillers, or artificial preservatives – all key ingredients in ensuring your pup receives the best nutrition for its growth.

It contains omega fatty acids like DHA, which support cognitive development, as well as glucosamine and probiotics to aid digestion and immunity health. Made with globally sourced ingredients in the USA, this dry dog food comes in a 30-pound bag designed for puppies of all sizes from small breeds up to large breeds 15 months or older weighing over 55lb.

For some users, their puppies experience positive results from transitioning to this food, including improved coat condition and appetite issues. However, others experienced negative reactions such as diarrhea or even vomiting due to sensitivity towards certain ingredient(s).

Some also found the kibble size too big, which could be an issue, particularly for small breed pups who may have difficulty chewing it down properly, leading them to feel less satisfied after meals than they should be.

Despite these possible drawbacks, Wellness puppy dry dog food remains an excellent choice if you are looking for a nutritionally balanced meal plan tailored specifically toward growing pups.

  • Formulated without GMOs, meat by-products & artificial preservatives
  • Contains omega fatty acids (DHA) & other vitamins/minerals essential for growth
  • Glucosamine & probiotics help boost digestion & immunity health
  • Some users reported negative reactions e.g., diarrhea/vomiting due to sensitivity towards certain ingredient(s)
  • Kibble size can be too big – especially so with smaller breed dogs

6. Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dog Food

Eukanuba Adult Large Breed DryView On Chewy
Eukanuba Adult Large Breed Dog Food contains high-quality chicken as the first ingredient, plus chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for joint health—all backed by a 3D DentaDefense system to support dental hygiene.

It also has optimal levels of fats and carbohydrates for an active lifestyle, plus a natural fiber and prebiotic blend to aid digestion.

Many customers have reported positive experiences with this food, such as improved digestion issues in their older dogs, eager eating from picky eaters, clean teeth with no bad breath or odor, and shiny coats after just a few days’ use of Eukanuba dog food.

Additionally, it is suitable for transitioning puppies into adult dog foods due to its smaller kibble size, which makes it easier on their digestive systems without compromising nutrition quality.

Furthermore, many organizations that train service dogs recommend this product due to its high protein content that helps sustain energy levels in working breeds or those requiring extra physical demands during growth periods like large breed puppies do.

This ensures that these pups get all the nutrients they need while being able to perform at optimum capacity when required.

  • High Quality Chicken As The First Ingredient
  • Chondroitin Sulfate & Glucosamine For Joint Health
  • Optimal Levels Of Fats And Carbohydrates For An Active Lifestyle
  • Natural Fiber & Prebiotic Blend To Aid Digestion
  • Comes In Smaller Kibble Size Suitable For Transitioning Puppies Into Adult Dog Foods
  • Complaint About Smaller Bag Size And Increased Price

7. Iams ProActive Smart Puppy Large Breed

Iams ProActive Health Smart PuppyView On Chewy
Loaded with premium proteins and 22 key nutrients, Iams ProActive Smart Puppy Large Breed is the perfect solution for large-breed puppies looking to optimize their growth and development. This food is formulated with real farm-raised chicken as its first ingredient, providing an excellent source of protein to help build strong muscles.

It also contains Omega 3 DHA for improved cognition, which can provide your pup with the building blocks they need for a healthy life. The kibble size makes it easy to chew and digest without causing GI upset or discomfort in larger breeds.

  • Contains 22 key nutrients similar to mother’s milk
  • Premium sourced protein helps build strong muscles
  • Omega 3 DHA supports cognitive development
  • Free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • Kibble size ideal for large breed puppies
  • Some customers have reported negative reactions such as diarrhea and refusal to eat it
  • More expensive than some other puppy foods

8. Taste Wild High Prairie Dog Food

Taste of the Wild HighView On Chewy
Taste of the Wild High Prairie Dog Food offers your pup a high-protein, grain-free diet crafted with real roasted bison and venison to nourish them for active days ahead.

It also contains K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics for digestive health along with chelated minerals, which are easily absorbed by dogs.

This food provides plenty of benefits:

  • Real meat as the #1 ingredient (roasted bison & venison)
  • High protein content (32%)
  • Vitamins & minerals from real fruits/superfoods
  • Omega fatty acids promote skin/coat health
  • Contains K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics
  • Antioxidants + prebiotic blend aids digestion

However, there have been some reports that transitioning from previous flavors may not be well received by picky eaters or those pups who have sensitive stomachs due to the new formulation.


  • Transitioning can be difficult if switching formulas
  • Some dogs experienced diarrhea/eye problems
  • Supply chain issues reported when ordering certain flavors

9. Victor Classic HiPro Dog Food

VICTOR Classic Hi-Pro Plus FormulaView On Chewy
If you’re looking for a nutrient-dense formula to fuel your active pup, Victor Classic HiPro Dog Food could be the perfect choice – and it’s made with premium-quality meat meals! This high-protein, gluten-free formula contains 88% meat protein from beef, chicken, and pork meals.

It is suitable for all life stages of puppies as well as pregnant/lactating females. The unique VPRO blend helps promote superior digestibility and immune system function while providing sustained energy levels for active dogs or those with higher physical demands.

Additionally, this product is lower in calories per cup than some other brands yet still provides essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids needed by growing pups or adult dogs alike.

  • High Protein content from real meats
  • Unique VPRO blend promotes better digestion
  • Lower calorie count compared to other brands
  • Suitable for all life stages of puppies
  • Fortified with essential nutrients
  • Some customers report recent changes in quality
  • Dogs may refuse to eat the food
  • Digestive issues reported by some users ○ Shipping delays have been experienced ○ Issues reported ordering through Chewy

10. Hills Science Diet Large Breed Dog Food

HillView On Chewy
Round out your pup’s diet with Hill’s Science Diet Large Breed Dog Food – a natural recipe made in the USA with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Formulated for adult large and giant breed dogs 15 months and older weighing over 55 pounds, this nutrient-dense food provides your pup with 88% meat protein from beef, chicken, and pork meals along with essential vitamins and minerals.

It contains K9 Strain Proprietary Probiotics to support digestion, as well as glucosamine & chondroitin for joint health, plus omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin & coat condition while helping sustain energy levels of active pups.

Many customers have reported positive results after feeding their puppy Hill’s Science Diet, including improved coat condition and energized activity levels once transitioned onto the formula.

However, it is important to note that some users experienced bloating and gas, as well as refusal to eat by their puppies, so keep an eye on portion sizes during transition periods if you decide to switch foods.

Lastly, there are reports of increased prices since 2021, so keep an eye on that before making any purchases!

  • Real chicken first ingredient
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin for joint health
  • Omega fatty acids promoting healthy coats
  • Price increase since 2021
  • Reports of bloating/gas in some puppies
  • Refusal from picky eaters

Factors to Consider When Choosing Puppy Dog Food for Saint Bernards

Factors to Consider When Choosing Puppy Dog Food for Saint Bernards
When it comes to selecting the best dog food for Saint Bernards, understanding their nutritional needs and activity level is essential. Puppies have specific dietary requirements that must be met in order to ensure healthy development, and an active lifestyle can also significantly impact calorie intake.

With this information in hand, owners can make an informed decision when choosing a diet plan tailored specifically for their pup’s needs.

Nutritional needs for puppies

When choosing puppy dog food for Saint Bernards, you’ll want to ensure the nutrition is tailored specifically to their needs. During this growth phase, they need a higher protein content than adult dogs, with plenty of calcium and phosphorus for strong bones and muscles.

Look for quality ingredients like real meat or fish as the first ingredient, along with omega fatty acids and DHA for brain development. Aim to feed your pup three times per day, making sure portions are appropriate based on age, weight, activity level, and breed size.

Large breeds should be transitioned into an adult diet at 12 months old instead of 18-24 months like smaller breeds.

Puppy food options come in wet or dry varieties, so check labels carefully before selecting one that meets all nutritional milestones during this important stage in your pup’s life. The best dog food for Saint Bernards will have the right balance of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics, antioxidants, etc.

With careful consideration given towards their individual needs, you can ensure they get a balanced diet designed just right!

Impact of activity level

Considering your Saint Bernard’s activity level is essential when deciding on the right puppy food for them. Active pups require more calories and higher quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates than a sedentary dog to meet their energy needs.

Exercise also helps improve digestive health in dogs by aiding digestion through increased production of stomach acids and enzymes needed to break down nutrients from foods.

Additionally, physical activity promotes muscle development which can help support joint health in larger breeds like Saint Bernards. The correlation between exercise and diet should be taken into consideration when selecting the best dog food for your pup.

This ensures they receive proper nutrition while remaining active or allowing time for restful recovery after periods of high intensity activities or growth spurts during adolescence.

Avoiding obesity risks

To avoid obesity risks in your Saint Bernard, you should ensure their diet is well-balanced and tailored to their activity level.

Consider the following tips:

  • Feed them foods specifically designed for giant breeds
  • Measure out proper portion sizes at each mealtime
  • Offer fresh, high-quality proteins like beef or chicken as main ingredients
  • Utilize low glycemic carbs such as sweet potatoes instead of grains
  • Supplement with omega fatty acids if needed to support healthy joints

Providing your pup a balanced diet tailored to meet their individual needs can help prevent obesity-related health issues down the road.

Special Considerations for St. Bernards

Special Considerations for St. Bernards
When it comes to choosing the best food for your Saint Bernard, there are many factors you should consider. These include nutritional needs, age-specific diet requirements, the impact of activity level on calorie intake, and avoiding common health issues.

Keeping all of these factors in mind can help ensure that your beloved pup gets the nutrition they need while also staying healthy and happy.

Nutritional needs for St. Bernards

It’s important to understand the unique nutritional needs of St. Bernards to ensure they receive a diet that meets their individual requirements. Puppy feeding should be based on breed-specific nutrition, with large-breed puppies needing more calories and less fat than smaller breeds.

Adult food should have balanced protein sources, quality fats for energy and healthy coat condition, carbohydrates for fiber content, as well as added supplements like glucosamine/chondroitin for joint health.

Senior dogs may need lower calorie diets due to decreased activity levels or changes in metabolism from age-related illnesses; dietary changes can help manage these conditions while maintaining overall wellbeing.

Proper understanding of a Saint Bernard’s nutritional needs helps promote long life and good health – making sure you provide them with the best dog food is key!

Choosing the right dog food

Finding the food that’s right for your pup takes some research and trial-and-error, but it’s worth it to ensure their health and happiness.

When choosing a dog food for Saint Bernards, look out for nutritional essentials such as high-quality proteins, healthy fat sources, and carbohydrates with fiber.

Ingredient analysis is also important. Avoid meat meals or by-products while taking into account your pup’s preferences too.

A tailored diet plan based on age group can help support proper growth in St Bernard puppies while providing dietary benefits like joint protection in adults/seniors alike.

Brand selection should take into consideration factors like AAFCO approval, USA made, etc.

Health considerations for St. Bernards

When caring for a St. Bernard, it’s essential to consider their special dietary needs and health concerns in order to keep them healthy and happy. Grooming should be done regularly. Exercise requirements are moderate but important.

The lifespan of a St. Bernard can reach 10-12 years with proper care. Common health issues include hip and elbow dysplasia, as well as bloat (gastric torsion). Dietary adjustments may vary depending on age or specific conditions such as joint support.

Quality protein sources, fats from healthy sources, carbohydrates, and fiber all play an important role in keeping your pup at a healthy weight while avoiding obesity. Proper nutrition is key. Look for USA-made foods that meet AAFCO standards without meat meals or by-products, and include tailored ingredients based on breed size and activity level preferences.

Why You Should Trust Us

Why You Should Trust Us
You can trust us to provide reliable and trusted advice on the best dog food for St. Bernards – but why should you? We’re experts in evaluating nutritional guidelines, providing detailed reviews of top brands and ingredients, and considering your dog’s preferences.

Our team has decades of experience with various breeds and understands the importance of choosing the right food for a Saint Bernard’s diet.

Not only do we consider calorie requirements based on weight, but we also take into account factors such as protein sources and quality, fats and healthy fat sources, and carbohydrates and fiber content.

All of these play an essential role in ensuring good health throughout their life cycle.

With our help, you can be sure that your pup will have access to quality nutrition from trusted brands, giving them all the benefits associated with expertly recommended diets!

What is the Best Food for Saint Bernards?

What is the Best Food for Saint Bernards
Choosing the right diet for your beloved Saint Bernard is crucial to keeping them healthy and happy. A well-rounded, nutrient-rich diet should include protein from animal sources such as beef, chicken, or fish.

Complex carbohydrates like brown rice and oatmeal are also important. Fruits and vegetables provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Omega fatty acids from salmon oil or flaxseed oil promote a healthy coat. Probiotics aid digestion of food more efficiently.

It’s important to ensure that your Saint Bernard gets enough calories daily, depending on their age group (puppy/adult) and activity level. Take into account any health conditions they may have in order to maintain proper weight.

To prevent gastric dilation volvulus, feed small meals throughout the day instead of one large meal at once, which will help reduce the risk of bloat.

When choosing dog food specifically formulated for Saint Bernards, look for ingredients such as high-quality proteins paired with essential nutrients. Added supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are great joint boosters.

By considering all these factors, you can find an option that works best for your pup, providing them with optimal nutrition while avoiding common health issues associated with this breed. This will ensure that your Saint Bernard stays fit and active long into adulthood.

Saint Bernard-Specific Dog Food Qualities to Look For

Saint Bernard-Specific Dog Food Qualities to Look For
When picking a food for your Saint Bernard, look out for recipes with high-quality proteins and fats from animal sources, complex carbohydrates, and fiber, vitamins and minerals derived from real fruits and vegetables, as well as supplements to support joint health.

Quality ingredients, such as lean meat, are essential in providing the breed-specific nutrition that Saint Bernards require.

Additionally, consider dietary requirements like age or activity level when selecting dog food since these can affect calorie needs. Health considerations, such as bloat or hip dysplasia, should also be taken into account when finding the best option for your pup’s diet.

Here are some specific qualities to look for in Saint Bernard-specific dog food:

  • High-Quality Protein
  • Lean Meat Sources
  • Complex Carbohydrates & Fiber
  • Vitamins & Minerals From Fruits & Vegetables
  • Supplements For Joint Health

It is important to understand the nutritional guidelines of this large breed so you can provide them with optimal health throughout their life stages.


A Saint Bernard is a loyal and loving companion, and finding the best dog food for it is essential to ensure its health and longevity.

Fortunately, the top 10 dog foods for Saint Bernards offer a variety of choices. From grain-free kibble to wet food with added vitamins and minerals, each option contains a high-quality protein source.

Whether you’re looking for a budget buy or a premium diet, these dog food options for Saint Bernards are sure to keep your pup healthy and happy.

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