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Yes, Dogs Allowed at Lowe’s: a Guide to Shopping With Your Furry Friend (2024)

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are dogs allowed in lowesHave you ever wondered if you could bring your dog with you to Lowe’s? You’re not alone.

In fact, a recent survey found that 63% of dog owners would be more likely to shop at a store that allows dogs.

That’s why we’re happy to say that dogs are allowed in Lowe’s.

We believe that dogs are part of the family, and we want to make sure that you can bring your furry friend with you when you shop for home improvement supplies.

Is Lowes Dog Friendly: Lowes Dog Policy

Lowes Dog PolicyWe learned from a Lowes (home improvement store) employee that the official pet policy is as follows:

Beginning in 2012, Lowes pet policy changed. Dogs are allowed at Lowes as long as they are genuine service dogs, on a leash, checked and cleaned afterward.

You probably saw puppies and puppies in the aisle at Lowes the last time you visited the store or saw many conversations with people who have said they bring their dog to Lowes.

In fact, management does not always enforce the Lowes pet policy.

So why is the dog policy confusing, and why does its implementation vary from store to store? To find out, I spoke to a few past and present employees to find out why Lowes’s dog-friendly policy is different depending on where you are.

The Lowes store is dog friendly. Although it largely depends on the decision of the management team for a specific store location. The particular store where I worked does not implement the Lowes dog policy. They even told me not to ask customers about their dogs when greeting them at the door.

My colleagues actually carry little bags of doggie treats on their aprons. It’s not always that good though, last Easter a dog walked into the drywall hallway and was not reported or cleaned up. For 30 minutes, customers passed carts through it!

From the comments above, you can see that many Lowes stores allow dogs, and not many of them implement the service dog rule.

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Lowes

Now that you are familiar with how certain Lowe’s stores operate dogs, you can develop the scenario in your mind before deciding to take your companion inside a store. If you choose to take your partner to a Lowe’s store, here are several tips to get the most out of their experience.

  • Call Ahead: Before bringing your dog to Lowe’s, call the location you will be attending and ask about their dog or animal policy. Some locations allow all pets, and some only allow service dogs. It all depends. Calling ahead ensures that your dog is welcome at the store.
  • Wear a leash: If you bring your partner to Lowe’s, you need to make sure they are on a leash. This will help prevent your dog from entering dangerous sections of the store and reduce discomfort for other customers during their shopping experience.
  • Bring a bag: Hopefully, you won’t have to deal with this situation. However, in case it happens, bring an extra bag just in case. You will not be able to read your partner’s mind. You will not know when you will go to the bathroom and randomly do it when shopping. If your dog has an accident at the store, clean it up yourself and notify a staff member so they can disinfect the property afterward.
  • Keep dogs well behaved: Regardless of whether Lowe’s or any other company allows dogs in the store, you must be in control of your companion. You will never know how they might react to those around them. In addition, the leash is essential because there have been cases where someone else’s dog has bitten other people.
  • Clean up: You are responsible for your dog, even when it is wrong.
    It is normal for a dog to urinate or defecate in unfamiliar areas. This is how they mark their territory. But what a hassle if they fall in the middle of an aisle at Lowe’s! When this happens, it worries both customers and employees. Avoid cases like this. Get your dog to do his thing before entering the store.

What Happens if My Dog Misbehaves While Inside Lowe’s?

is lowes dog friendlyIf your dog cannot be courteous, the store management will likely ask him to leave. However, it’s unclear how much bad behavior they will tolerate, and that answer likely varies depending on the managers in question.

However, if your dog does something terrible, like biting someone, the police may be called, and you will be responsible for the damages.

It is unclear whether Lowe’s could also be held liable in such a situation, and the answer likely depends on the laws of that specific jurisdiction.

Lowe’s was sued in 2014 after a leashed Akita attacked a 3-year-old boy, causing the boy to receive more than 50 stitches. The dog’s owner was charged with gross negligence and Lowe’s received a $ 25,000 lawsuit from the boy’s family.

We do not know the results of that lawsuit, but however it ended, it is clear that it is not. As a result, discouraged Lowe’s from continuing to allow dogs into its stores.

Large Dog-Friendly Retail Stores

Large Dog-Friendly Retail StoresWhile Lowe’s has a dog-friendly policy, it’s far from the only store that allows customers to take their puppies to the grocery store.

We’ve rounded up some of the more notable chains that allow dogs below, as well as a quick rundown of their pet policy.

  • Home Depot: This home improvement chain is known for being quite dog-friendly, but definitely call your local before you leave as their policy actually varies from manager to manager. Sometimes the cashiers even had dog biscuits, which always makes my puppies happy.
  • Petco: It’s no wonder this giant pet store allowed dogs, especially since their stores also offer grooming services. Petco requires animals to be leashed or harnessed and under the control of their owner at all times.
  • Lowe’s: Like Home Depot, most Lowe’s stores welcome four-legged shoppers. It is a great place to take dogs due to the wide concrete hallways.
  • Tractor Supply Co: Tractor Supply Co. actually encourages customers to bring their dogs as long as they are well behaved and restrained. The last thing you want is for people to leave their dogs in their hot cars while they shop.
  • Barnes and Noble: I actually took my dogs to Barnes and Noble at Fashion Island in Newport, California. However, like most of these chains, please call ahead as not all of their stores are pet-friendly.
  • Apple Store: Most Apple stores allow dogs on a leash, although they can be so crowded that your dog won’t feel comfortable inside. Also, keep in mind that if the store is located inside a mall, your dog may not be able to enter the mall.
  • Petsmart: Of course, they allow dogs. Just remember that your dog must be well-behaved and on a leash. If you were considering leaving your dog for daycare, please note that most “ breeds of bullies ” are not accepted at the administrator’s discretion.
  • LUSH Cosmetics: LUSH is famous for its cruelty. Free practices and that extend to its non-discriminatory entry policy. Your dog is welcome as long as he is leashed and well-behaved.
  • Macy’s: Macy’s has a long history of being involved with pets. They love pets, from donating their San Francisco storefront to the local SPCA to their Petacular and Breakfast event in New York. I took my pup to Macy’s in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, CA, and was amazed at how skillful the manager was – he asked me if I was friendly, and then he leaned in and stood next to my dog to a,y, hi.

Are Dogs Allowed in Lowes: Conclusion

With all of this in mind, remember to put yourself in the position of the customer. If you don’t have a leash, the customers around you may feel uncomfortable due to fear or anxiety.

So if you end up at your local Lowe’s store and have your dog with you, feel free to take your dog to the store with you. Just make sure your dog is well behaved and is on a leash.

If Lowe’s location does not allow non-service dogs, it is best to understand why.

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