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Why Do Jack Russells Dig? Tips to Prevent Excessive Digging (2024)

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why do jack russells dig so muchIf you’re wondering why your Jack Russell loves to dig up your yard, we’ve got some insights for you.

These energetic and curious dogs have a natural instinct to hunt and explore, which often leads them to start digging.

In this article, we’ll share tips on how to keep your Jack Russell entertained and satisfied while minimizing their desire for destructive digging.

Key Takeaways

  • High energy levels and instinctual hunting drive Jack Russells’ digging behavior.
  • Training, designated digging areas, supervision, and mental stimulation can help prevent excessive digging.
  • Burrowing behavior in Jack Russells is driven by seeking comfort, protection, loyalty, and warmth.
  • Staying close, creating comfortable spaces, understanding natural behavior, and avoiding tempting areas can help prevent excessive burrowing.

Reasons Why Jack Russells Dig

Reasons Why Jack Russells Dig
There are several reasons why Jack Russells dig.

  • Their high energy levels – if they don’t get enough exercise, they may turn to digging as a way to release pent-up energy.
  • Their instinct to hunt vermin, which drives them to chase and dig up small animals.
  • Comfort or attention-seeking purposes.
  • Curiosity and a desire for adventure in exploring their surroundings.

High Energy Levels

If you’re wondering why your Jack Russell Terrier is constantly digging up your yard, it may be due to their high energy levels.

They need lots of exercise and have a high prey drive.

Instinct to Hunt Vermin

To understand why Jack Russells dig, it’s important to recognize their instinctive drive to hunt for vermin in the yard and beyond.

Reasons include:

  • Prey drive
  • Territorial instinct
  • Finding food

Seeking Comfort

When seeking comfort, Jack Russells may dig to create a cozy spot for themselves.

  • Cool dirt or soft ground under shade to stay cool
  • A nest to keep warm

Attention-Seeking Behavior

When your Jack Russell Terrier starts digging, it may be a sign that they’re seeking attention and engagement from you.

Reasons include:

  • Boredom and lack of exercise
  • Redirected digging with toys
  • Digging for attention (ignoring the behavior)
  • Digging for escape (digging deterrents)

Curiosity and Adventure

If you let your Jack Russell Terrier roam freely, their curiosity and adventurous nature may lead them to start digging in various areas of the yard.

They love exploring new places, finding new smells, chasing after animals, digging up treasure, and playing in the dirt.

Preventing Jack Russells From Digging

Preventing Jack Russells From Digging
To prevent your Jack Russell from digging, there are several effective methods you can try.

First, provide training and teach commands to redirect their behavior.

Next, designate a specific area in the yard where they’re allowed to dig or offer self-play toys to keep them occupied.

Additionally, make sure your Jack Russell gets plenty of exercise and supervise them when outside to prevent unwanted digging.

Finally, consider participating in activities like EarthDog or Barn Hunt that allow them to use their natural instincts without resorting to excessive digging behaviors.

Training and Commands

To prevent excessive digging in Jack Russells, incorporate training and commands into their routine.

Teach them to come when called, stay off furniture, redirect attention positively, and reward good behavior while avoiding punishment.

Designated Digging Area

To prevent Jack Russells from digging in unwanted areas, designate a specific area in your yard for them to dig.

Consider the size, shape, location, contents, and drainage of this designated digging area.

Supervision and Exercise

Ensure you supervise and exercise your Jack Russell Terrier to prevent excessive digging.

Provide enough exercise.

Supervise your dog.

Avoid leaving them unsupervised.

Redirect their attention.

Provide a designated digging area.

Providing Engaging Toys

Keep your Jack Russell Terrier entertained and discourage excessive digging by providing them with:

  • Durable, interactive, and challenging toys like chew-proof puzzle toys or quiet entertaining balls.

Participating in Hunting Activities

Engage your Jack Russell Terrier in hunting activities to prevent excessive digging – it provides them with an outlet for their natural instincts.

Hunting offers numerous benefits, including mental and physical stimulation.

Training for hunting involves teaching commands and finding a mentor.

It’s essential to choose the right dog breed suited for hunting activities.

Reasons Why Jack Russells Burrow

Reasons Why Jack Russells Burrow
There are several reasons why Jack Russells burrow.

  • They seek coziness and protection, as burrowing helps them create a safe and secure space for themselves.
  • Their strong bond and loyalty towards their favorite human being, as they may burrow to stay close to them.
  • To feel safe from potential predators or to maintain warmth in colder weather conditions.

Seeking Coziness and Protection

When seeking coziness and protection, Jack Russells often burrow under blankets or in small spaces to create a safe and secure environment.

They may also burrow with toys or bones as a game.

Bonding and Loyalty

To deepen their bond with their favorite human, Jack Russells may burrow to create a cozy and secure space for themselves.

Their love and companionship make them protective, loyal, affectionate, devoted playmates that are intelligent and trainable.

Feeling Safe and Secure

To create a cozy and secure space, Jack Russells burrow as a way to feel safe and protected.

They seek:

  • Comfort
  • Security
  • Protection from potential threats.

Protection From Predators

To protect themselves from potential predators, Jack Russells may burrow into the ground. This natural instinct helps them stay safe and avoid safety concerns while also serving as territorial marking and a way to cool down.

Maintaining Warmth

One reason why Jack Russells burrow is to ensure their warmth and comfort.

Burrowing behaviors help them create cozy canine spaces and implement warmth strategies for preventive training in supervised digs.

How to Prevent Jack Russells From Burrowing

How to Prevent Jack Russells From Burrowing
To prevent Jack Russells from burrowing, there are several effective strategies you can implement.

First and foremost, it’s important to stay close to your dog and provide them with a sense of security to minimize the need for burrowing.

Additionally, create comfortable and safe spaces in your home where they can rest without feeling the need to burrow.

Lastly, avoid leaving them unsupervised in areas where they may be tempted to engage in this behavior by ensuring their environment is secure and providing adequate training using positive reinforcement techniques.

Staying Close to Your Dog

Stay close to your Jack Russell Terrier to prevent excessive burrowing.

Use bonding techniques, provide playful distractions, engage in outdoor activities, and use positive reinforcement for alternative behaviors.

Providing Comfortable and Safe Spaces

Ensure your Jack Russell’s comfort and safety by creating designated areas where they can burrow.

Provide safe retreats, cozy corners, and supervised spaces as their comfort zones through burrow training.

Safe Retreats Cozy Corners Supervised Spaces
Burrow Training Comfort Zones

Avoiding Unsupervised Burrowing

To prevent unsupervised burrowing by your Jack Russell, create a secure environment where they can’t indulge in this behavior.

  • Secure fencing or enclosed area
  • Supervise outdoor activities
  • Provide mental and physical stimulation indoors
  • Engage in interactive playtime
  • Seek professional training guidance

Understanding Natural Behavior

To prevent excessive burrowing in Jack Russells, it’s important to understand their natural behavior and provide appropriate outlets for their instinctual digging instincts through interactive playtime and training techniques.

Training and Positive Reinforcement

To prevent your Jack Russell from burrowing, train them using positive reinforcement techniques.

Use interactive toys and engage in outdoor activities to provide behavioral rewards and canine enrichment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Jack Russell Terriers prone to digging more than other breeds?

Jack Russell Terriers are known for their tendency to dig. While individual behavior can vary, the breed’s history as hunting dogs and high energy levels contribute to their inclination towards digging compared to other breeds.

Can excessive digging by Jack Russells be a sign of a behavioral issue?

Excessive digging in Jack Russells can be a sign of behavioral issues. It could indicate:

  • Boredom
  • Anxiety
  • An instinctual need to hunt

Proper exercise, mental stimulation, and training can help address these behaviors and promote a balanced canine companion.

Are there any specific training techniques that can help stop a Jack Russell from digging?

To stop a Jack Russell from digging, provide training to redirect their behavior and designate a specific digging zone.

Ensure they receive plenty of exercise and offer self-play toys for mental stimulation.

Can providing more exercise alone prevent a Jack Russell from digging?

Providing more exercise alone may not prevent a Jack Russell from digging. While exercise is important, addressing other factors such as mental stimulation and providing an outlet for their natural instincts can also help curb digging behavior.

How do Jack Russell Terriers typically react to being discouraged or redirected from digging?

When discouraged or redirected from digging, Jack Russell Terriers may initially show resistance. However, with consistent training and positive reinforcement, they can learn to adapt their behavior and find alternative outlets for their energy and instincts.


To put it simply, Jack Russells dig a lot due to their high energy levels, hunting instincts, and curiosity.

By providing proper training, a designated digging area, supervision, exercise, engaging toys, and hunting activities, you can keep your Jack Russell entertained and satisfied while minimizing their desire to dig up your yard.

Additionally, understanding why Jack Russells burrow and implementing measures to prevent it, such as staying close to your dog, providing comfortable spaces, and positive reinforcement, can create a harmonious environment for both you and your furry friend.

So, say goodbye to those unsightly holes and enjoy a well-manicured backyard with your Jack Russell!

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