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What Breed of Dog is Pluto? Famous Disney Character (2023)

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what kind of dog is plutoYou’ve always wondered what breed Pluto is. As Mickey Mouse’s loyal canine companion, he’s been charming audiences since 1930.

We’ll explore Pluto’s origins and characteristics to uncover his breed. You’ll learn how he was first designed as a Bloodhound during the early Mickey Mouse cartoons. We’ll describe the Bloodhound breed’s notable features, like their incredible sense of smell and tracking abilities.

You’ll also discover why Pluto became his own mixed breed instead of staying a purebred Bloodhound. Along the way, we’ll reveal fun facts about his history and popularity. By the end, you’ll be an expert on Disney’s famous cartoon dog.

So get ready to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Pluto the Pup!

Key Takeaways

  • Pluto was introduced as Minnie’s dog named Rover, but was later renamed Pluto and became Mickey’s dog.
  • Pluto is inspired by the Bloodhound breed, with traits such as droopy ears, saggy skin, and a good sense of smell.
  • Pluto is known for his playful and energetic temperament and is a loyal and affectionate companion.
  • Pluto is one of Disney’s Sensational Six characters and has remained a popular and enduring character over the years.

What Kind of Dog is Pluto?

What Kind of Dog is Pluto
As Walt Disney’s iconic canine companion, Pluto has delighted audiences for over 90 years. Originally introduced in 1930 as a Bloodhound named Rover, his playful personality allowed for expression without speech.

Starring alongside Mickey Mouse as a loyal, eager-to-please pet, Pluto remains a prominent character in Disney cartoons, films, merchandise, and marketing.

Pluto’s Origins and History

You’ll never forget seeing Pluto introduced as that wrinkled-faced Bloodhound, sniffing out clues for Mickey back in 1930. The loyal dog’s keen sense of smell and long, droopy ears made him a perfect Disney character.

Pluto used his Bloodhound traits like exceptional tracking skills to stay by Mickey’s side. Despite evolving into more than just a wrinkled mutt, Pluto kept his loyal spirit and keen snout.

Pluto’s Personality and Characteristics

That playful pooch is always wagging his tail and barking to show he’s loyal to Mickey. Pluto’s keen sense of smell and floppy ears showcase his remarkable Bloodhound breed. His playful nature, affectionate loyalty, and trademark yelps reveal a character that’s eager to please.

Despite his fame, Pluto stays true to his roots as a wrinkled mutt devoted to Mickey.

Pluto’s Popularity and Appearances

You’ve probably glimpsed Pluto’s paws in perplexing promotional paraphernalia or products persistently positioned prominently.

  • Cartoons and films
  • Toys and plushies
  • Apparel and accessories
  • Home goods and decor
  • Books and media

This classic cartoon canine remains a popular Disney character, widely featured in merchandise and marketing. His anthropomorphic form allows relatability, endearing him to generations of fans.

What Are Bloodhounds?

What Are Bloodhounds
You’ll recognize bloodhounds by their loose, wrinkled skin, droopy ears, and sad, expressive eyes. Their coats come in colors like black and tan, liver and tan, or solid red, and they have a large, long head with abundant neck and facial wrinkles that help trap scents.

An adult bloodhound reaches 23 to 27 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs up to 110 pounds.

Bloodhound Appearance

Bloodhounds’ wrinkled faces and droopy ears lovingly trap every scent for their best pal. The folds of skin around a bloodhound’s face, neck, and head form deep wrinkles and folds that help trap odors near their nose.

Their long, droopy ears also assist by channeling scents towards that impressive snout. Under all those wrinkles lies a powerful sense of smell stemming from over 230 million scent receptors and a highly developed olfactory system for tracking.

Bloodhound Coat Colors and Size

Your drooping ears and tan to black coat make you look regal yet focused while sniffing out clues for Pluto.

  1. Black and tan
  2. Liver and tan
  3. Red
  4. Tricolor

The loose skin folds help trap scents for their keen sniffers. These dogs range from 23-27 inches tall and 80-110 pounds.

The Only Dog in the Sensational Six

The Only Dog in the Sensational Six
Pluto is the only dog in Disney’s Sensational Six, which includes Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and Daisy Duck.

Character Species Notable Traits
Mickey Mouse Mouse Adventurous, mischievous, good-natured, caring, courageous
Donald Duck Duck Temperamental, impatient, jealous, loyal, determined
Goofy Dog (?) Clumsy, dim-witted, happy-go-lucky, accident-prone, eternal optimist
Minnie Mouse Mouse Sweet, polite, nurturing, fashionable, independent
Daisy Duck Duck Strong personality, cynical, self-centered, vain, loyal to friends
Pluto Dog (hound) Playful, loyal, energetic, has keen senses, especially smell, which aids tracking, inspired by bloodhound breed known for exceptional scent tracking

Goofy’s exact species has been left ambiguous, though he exhibits typical dog behaviors.

Pluto stands out with his authentic hound traits – keen nose, droopy ears, and wrinkles to trap scents. His powers of smell aid tracking, inspired by bloodhound skills. Adult male bloodhounds have 300 million scent receptors, crucial for tracking.

Their loose skin traps scent particles. Pluto’s exceptional nose makes him unique in the Sensational Six.

What Breed is Goofy?

What Breed is Goofy
You’re wonderin’ what breed Goofy is. Well, this floppy-eared, clumsy canine has stumped Disney fans for decades. Though his species remains officially unconfirmed, Goofy closely resembles an Afghan Hound.

His long snout, droopy ears, thick fur coat, and energetic yet gentle demeanor all point to this ancient breed.

Known for their sweet, fun-loving nature and loyal devotion, Afghans formed close bonds with their owners. Perhaps this deep friendship explains Goofy’s inseparable relationship with Mickey. And like Pluto, Goofy relies on his keen senses to track scents during their adventures.

So while Goofy’s pedigree papers seem lost to time, his familiar features strongly suggest this Afghan Hound heritage.

Up Next

Up Next
Wondering what breed this loyal mutt is?

  • Sniffing out clues with that nose
  • Disney’s classic canine pal
  • That happy hound with two big ears

Pluto’s a mixed mutt, but his keen sense of smell points to Bloodhound in his genes. This Disney character was originally introduced in 1930 as a Bloodhound named Rover. His exceptional scent receptors and tracking ability likely inspired his creation.

Though Pluto’s origins are fictional, his popularity endures thanks to that lovable, goofy personality. While his breed’s uncertain, Pluto remains a timeless Disney icon known for his loyalty, playfulness, and of course, that nose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was Pluto’s original name when he debuted?

Originally introduced as Minnie’s dog Rover in 1930, Pluto debuted in The Chain Gang before becoming Mickey’s loyal companion the following year. His name and breed were chosen to reflect the excitement surrounding the newly discovered planet Pluto.

How many siblings did Pluto have when he was briefly shown with a family?

You likely recall that Pluto debuted as a lone dog without a family. Surprisingly, in a couple of cartoons, he briefly had a brother and father. This fleeting depiction of a forgotten family showed Pluto with typical sibling dynamics.

What military rank did Pluto hold when he appeared as a mascot during WWII?

You didn’t know Pluto’s military rank during WWII. As Mickey’s loyal dog, he boosted morale on bases and in brochures without any official title.

Which of Pluto’s films won an Academy Award, and what was the category?

You’re absolutely right, the 1942 Pluto film Lend a Paw won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. This live-action and animation mix featured Pluto heroically saving a kitten, showcasing Pluto’s loyal and heroic nature in a humorous yet uplifting story that captivated audiences and impressed the Academy.

What merchandising achievements or popularity peaks has Pluto reached over the years?

You’ve seen Pluto everywhere, from toys to clothes. He has been a prominent character in Disney’s merchandise and marketing over the years, featuring on a wide range of products. His enduring popularity has led to a recurring presence across the Mickey Mouse universe.


As we’ve explored, Pluto stands out as the lone canine in Disney’s iconic cast. With his wrinkled mug and droopy ears, this animated mutt stays true to his Bloodhound roots. Though speechless, Pluto spoke volumes through boundless energy, loyal devotion, and dogged determination.

From black and white shorts to full-color blockbusters, Pluto remains a timeless symbol of man’s best friend. His story reminds us that character counts more than pedigree. Pluto proves that no matter your background, you can become top dog if you let your heart lead the way.

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