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Sport Dog Food: Nutrient and Ingredient Analysis | Recall History (2024)

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sports dog foodAre you searching for an advanced nutritional dog food to fuel your four-legged friend’s active lifestyle? Look no further than Sport Dog Food Active Series. This premium blend offers a nutrient and ingredient analysis that is second to none, along with a recall history that speaks for itself.

With high protein content, rich B-vitamins and fiber, as well as complex carbohydrates – this sporty dog food gives your pup all the energy they need to join in on any activity!

Let’s dive deeper into Sport Dog Food Active Series’ nutrient and ingredients breakdowns so you can make an informed decision when it comes time to choose the best sports nutrition option for your furry companion.

Key Takeaways

  • Sport Dog Food offers two product lines: Active Series and Elite Series.
  • Active Series provides a premium high-protein blend for active dogs, while Elite Series contains different ingredients but also provides 33% protein.
  • The Active Series includes key nutrients such as buffalo meal, coconut oil, pork meal, and oatmeal, which promote muscle health, energy, skin and coat, cognitive function, and digestion.
  • Sport Dog Food is a safe and nutritious option with no recalls and high-quality ingredients, making it a recommended choice for healthy, active dogs.

Nutrient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Active Series

Nutrient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Active Series
Sport Dog Food Active Series provides the perfect balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates for active canines. With a 33% protein content from buffalo meal and pork meal, a 17% fat content from coconut oil and salmon oil, as well as a 43% carbohydrate content from oatmeal and sweet potatoes – this recipe is designed to meet the needs of your pup’s active lifestyle.

Protein Content

You’ll find that Sport Dog Food Active Series packs a protein punch, boasting an impressive 33% content of this vital nutrient. Its benefits include aiding muscle health, providing dietary sources for energy and nutrition, maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails, and supporting the immune system.

The recipe features buffalo meal as its primary source of protein along with pork meal and catfish meal to provide additional sources.

Fat Content

The fat content of Sport Dog Food’s Active Series is 17%, providing a healthy balance of energy and fuel for active canines. Fat sources include buffalo meal, coconut oil, pork meal, and salmon oil; each offering dietary benefits such as Omega 3 fatty acids, which support heart health.

In addition to the nutritional value fat brings to diets, it also aids in skin and coat health as well as cognitive function. The Sport Dog Elite Series also includes cassava root carbohydrates along with chelated minerals, aiding further mineral absorption for optimal dog nutrition.

Carbohydrate Content

You can expect a whopping 43% of carbohydrates from Sport Dog Food Active Series, providing your pup with complex carbs for energy and the perfect balance of nutrients. The digestible carbs are sourced from oatmeal (rich in B-vitamins and fiber), sweet potatoes, cassava root, and chicory root (soluble fiber).

Low carb diets may be beneficial to some breeds, but overall it is important for dogs to have a balanced diet that includes moderate amounts of carbohydrates.

Ingredient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Active Series

Ingredient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Active Series
Are you looking for a quality dog food with optimal nutrition? Sport Dog Food Active Series offers an impressive blend of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. Top-notch ingredients include buffalo meal, oatmeal, sweet potato, coconut oil, pork meal, and catfish meal – all combined with cassava root to create an irresistible canine feast.

Buffalo Meal

Discover how the inclusion of buffalo meal in Sport Dog Food Active Series provides your pup with a high-protein source to support an active lifestyle. Buffalo meal is packed with amino acids, minerals, and vitamins for strong muscle growth and healthy development.

It’s also low in saturated fat and carbohydrates, making it great for dogs prone to weight gain.

Recipes containing buffalo meal provide nutrient profiles that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of active canines while delivering delicious flavor they love! Pro Plan Sport Performance Nutrition also features recipes formulated from real meat sources like chicken or turkey combined with rice for balanced nutrition perfect for any breed size or activity level.

With its combination of ingredients plus natural flavors, you know your dog will be getting all he needs when eating food powered by buffalos!


Oatmeal is rich in B-vitamins and fiber, making it a great addition to Sport Dog Food Active Series for promoting overall canine health. Its benefits include fueling strength and stamina, aiding digestion, and providing essential nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes provide complex carbohydrates for canine athletes. A 5-star recipe, they offer benefits like: 1) Protein; 2) B-vitamins and fiber; 3) Medium-chain fatty acids; 4) Omega-3s and soluble fibers; 5) Chelated minerals.

Sweet Potato Recipes are great for active dogs and contain no flaxseed or grains.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil provides your pup with medium-chain fatty acids to help them stay energetic. Its advanced nutrition improves skin and coat health, digestion, and cognitive function. Pet food manufacturers often include it in their recipes for its maximum benefits.

It contains lauric acid, which is easily absorbed into the bloodstream to be used as an energy source or stored as fat reserves in the body of a dog. Green tea extract further boosts coconut oil’s nutritional value by providing antioxidants that support immune system functioning against damage from free radicals caused by environmental toxins like pollution or UV ray exposure.

AAFCO nutrient profile approved.

Pork Meal

Pork meal is an additional source of protein, supplying essential fatty acids and amino acids to keep your pup’s energy up. It can boost the nutritional value of dog food recipes, providing high-quality proteins with B vitamins.

Pork meal is a great choice for active dogs as it helps to build muscle and maintain healthy joints while still being easy on their digestion. With its rich flavor profile, it can help make meals more palatable for picky eaters.

When using pork meal in sporting dog diets, look out for added fillers or byproducts that could reduce nutritional quality.

Catfish Meal

Catfish meal adds extra protein to Sport Dog Food Active Series, fueling pups for a life of adventure. Its benefits include essential fatty acids like omega-3s, which are beneficial for cognitive health.

Catfish recipes vary from herding dog to sled dog formulas, as well as special puppy development versions.

Cassava Root

Cassava root adds a nutritious boost to Sport Dog Food Active Series, providing energy for active and healthy pups. Benefits include potassium chloride for nerve health, zinc amino acid complex that aids digestion, iron amino acid complex that boosts red blood cells, and vitamin E that supports antioxidant protection.

The recipes focus on nutrient-dense ingredients like cassava root to maximize canine health potential.

Sport Dog Food Active Series Recall History

Sport Dog Food Active Series Recall History
No recalls have been reported for the Sport Dog Food Active Series, meaning it’s a safe bet to hit the ground running with your pup. The series contains nutrient-rich ingredients like buffalo meal, oatmeal, and sweet potatoes that provide an optimal balance of protein and carbohydrates.

These are complemented by additional sources of protein such as pork meal and catfish meal, as well as beneficial fats from coconut oil, which contain medium-chain fatty acids.

Salmon oil also supplies omega 3s, while chicory root adds soluble fiber to aid digestion. Selenium yeast is used instead of inorganic forms for safer selenium levels, while chelated minerals ensure better absorption into your dog’s system.

All this combined makes Sport Dog Food Active Series a great choice for keeping active pups healthy during their most vigorous activities!

Sport Dog Food Active Series: Benefits and Features

Sport Dog Food Active Series: Benefits and Features
The Sport Dog Food Active Series is a top-rated dry dog food recipe, providing your pet with an optimal balance of nutrients. Containing 33% protein, this formula offers essential amino acids plus B-vitamins and fiber from oatmeal, while complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes help sustain energy levels.

High Protein Content

You’ll get a powerful protein boost from the Sport Dog Food Active Series, featuring 33% protein and no grains. Protein sources include buffalo meal, pork meal, catfish meal; yeast culture aids digestion.

Salmon oil provides omega-3s; chicory root adds fiber. Chelated minerals for better absorption and selenium yeast for safer selenium intake.

Rich in B-Vitamins and Fiber

You reap B-vitamin and fiber benefits from Sport Dog Food’s oatmeal. Nutrients like manganese, amino acid complex, d-calcium pantothenate, Vitamin A and D3, as well as folic acid, help maintain your pup’s health.

Fiber-rich foods promote digestive regularity while providing essential nutrients for active dogs.

Complex Carbohydrates

Complex carbs: Sweet potatoes provide energy and dietary fiber. List of benefits: Carbohydrate sources, glycemic index, digestive health, energy levels.

Medium-Chain Fatty Acids

Soak up the benefits of medium-chain fatty acids with Sport Dog Food Active Series, featuring coconut oil for that extra boost! MCTs are easily digested and provide energy quickly. They also support healthy skin and coat, help reduce inflammation, promote a healthy immune system, and more.

Rosemary extract preserves freshness while calcium propionate works to inhibit microbial growth; yucca schidigera extracts help manage odors in stool.

Additional Protein Sources

Protein sources add variety. Pork and catfish meals provide 33% protein. Lactobacillus acidophilus and casei fermentations offer health benefits.

  • Pork meal provides 33% protein content.
  • Catfish meal contains high levels of essential fatty acids.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus fermentation aids digestion and nutrient absorption.
  • Lactobacillus casei fermentation supports immune health.
  • Enterococcus faecium and Bifido Bacterium fermentations promote digestive function.

Digestion Aid

Yeast culture aids digestion, allowing pups to enjoy the benefits of Sport Dog Food Active Series. Gut support from enzymes and probiotics helps keep the digestive system healthy.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Sport Dog Food Active Series provides necessary omega-3 fatty acids: salmon oil for healthy pups. Benefits include improved immunity, joint function, and mental acuity. Sourced from diet or supplements; recommended intake varies by age/weight.

Soluble Fiber

Chicory root’s soluble fiber adds bulk to your pup’s food, aiding digestion. Eating more dietary fiber helps regulate gut health and prevents illnesses.

Safer Selenium

You’ll be delighted to know that Sport Dog Food Active Series includes selenium yeast for a safer form of the nutrient. Selenium benefits include improved immunity and antioxidant protection, as well as preventing cognitive decline.

Better Mineral Absorption

Chelated minerals boost nutrient absorption in Sport Dog Food Active Series, powerfully supporting pup’s health! It enhances mineral intake, boosts nutrient uptake, supports the immune system, increases energy levels, and protects vital organs.

Chelated minerals, or chelates, form a complex bond with essential nutrients like iron and zinc, making them more readily available for the body’s cells to absorb. Selenium yeast provides an organic source of selenium, which is important for thyroid function while also being safer than other forms of selenium supplementation.

Mineral supplements are added during the manufacturing process to further enhance mineral intake and help support your pup’s healthy growth and vitality throughout their life stage.

Nutrient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Elite Series

Nutrient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Elite Series
The Sport Dog Food Elite Series provides a healthy balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates — with an impressive 33% protein content — that can help your pup stay full longer. Its ingredients include buffalo meal for high-protein nutrition, oatmeal rich in B-vitamins and fiber, as well as sweet potato for complex carbs.

Coconut oil is added to the recipe, providing medium chain fatty acids, while pork meal and catfish meal supply additional sources of protein. Yeast culture aids digestion, while salmon oil adds omega 3 fatty acids. Chicory root offers soluble fiber, while selenium yeast ensures more safety when it comes to this mineral’s intake.

Reviews are positive on this grain-free formula, which focuses primarily on meaty ingredients, earning it 5 stars across multiple platforms without any recalls through September 2023 or incentives offered by retailers.

Compare the Elite Series recipes against others like Pro Plan Sport Performance Nutrition Dog Food to determine what best suits your pet’s active lifestyle needs!

Ingredient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Elite Series

Ingredient Analysis of Sport Dog Food Elite Series
Discover the range of high-quality ingredients in Sport Dog Food Elite Series, including buffalo meal for protein, coconut oil for fatty acids, and chicory root for fiber.

  • Buffalo Meal: High in protein content, it provides essential amino acids needed by dogs.
  • Coconut Oil: Potentially beneficial to cognitive function with its MCTs (medium chain triglycerides).
  • Cassava Root: A carbohydrate source rich in B vitamins and dietary fibers.
  • Salmon Oil: Contains EPA & DHA omega 3 fatty acids which help support joint health.

Sport Dog Food Elite Series also includes pork meal as a supplementary source of proteins, plus yeast culture to aid digestion. It also contains selenium yeast as a safer form of selenium supplementation compared to other forms available on the market today, such as sodium selenite or organic forms from fish meals like tuna or salmon meals.

These can be very expensive when added at recommended levels due to their costliness per pound/kg weight used. Chelated minerals provide better absorption rates compared to the previously mentioned types, providing more bang for your buck.

Sport Dog Food Elite Series Recall History

Sport Dog Food Elite Series Recall History
You’ll be relieved to know that Sport Dog Food Elite Series has had no recalls since September 2023 – a truly remarkable record!

The product line includes Sled Dog, Herding Dog, Working Dog, and Sporting variants. Each variant contains specific ingredients with different benefits for active canines. For example, the Buffalo meal in the Herding Dogs formula is high in protein, while coconut oil is potentially beneficial for cognitive function.

Customers have been overwhelmingly positive about these products, with reviews noting increased energy levels and improved overall well-being in senior dogs after making the switch from other brands of dog food.

Comparing nutrient content between Sport’s Active Series 30/15 Dock Dogs recipe and Pro Plan Performance Nutrition 30/20 reveals some interesting differences:

Sport Active Pro Plan 30/20
Protein Content (%) 33 30
Fat Content (%) 17 20
Carbs (%) 43 50

Despite being meat-focused recipes, both provide adequate nutrition but vary slightly when it comes to fat content. Pro Plans have 0.3% more saturated fats than Sport’s offering – this could be important depending on your pet’s individual needs or activity level requirements.

Ultimately, though, customer reviews suggest that both premium quality products have been found effective across various breeds, including German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, and Boston Terriers.


Overall, Sport Dog Food Active and Elite Series offer a range of options for active canines that emphasize high-quality, single-protein formulas and organic, American-sourced ingredients. With its nutrient-rich choices and recall history, Sport Dog Food provides a powerful punch that helps keep dogs healthy and energized.

Like a breath of fresh air, these dog foods provide essential nutrients that support a glossy coat, reduce paw chewing, and enhance cognitive function. With Sport Dog Food’s commitment to pet health, your companion is sure to lead an active and healthy life.

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