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Pug Yorkie Mix: Facts, Temperament, Pictures (2024)

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pug yorkie mixDo you want to know more about the Pug Yorkie mix? This hybrid breed combines two of the most popular toy breeds and has become a favorite among pet owners. With its unique appearance, playful nature, and loyal personality, it’s easy to understand why this pup is so beloved.

Key Takeaways

  • Pug Yorkie mix is a popular hybrid breed, combining Pug and Yorkshire Terrier.
  • They have a unique appearance with medium-length, silky coats and expressive eyes.
  • They are known for their loyalty, affectionate nature, and small size.
  • Proper grooming, socialization, and regular exercise are essential for their well-being.

Pugshire Pictures

Pugshire Pictures
Be mesmerized by the captivating beauty of a Pugshire, with its glossy coat and endearing personality; you’ll be sure to fall in love.

The Pugshire’s Appearance is one of pure cuteness that will make your heart melt! Their coats come in an array of variations from brown to black or red, while their coats are generally medium-length and silky smooth.

With expressive eyes framed by dark patches on either side, they have no trouble communicating their thoughts and emotions.

The Cuteness Factor can’t be denied when it comes to these pups; just take a look at any photo showcase featuring them for proof! These small dogs also carry the affectionate traits inherited from both parent breeds, making them excellent companions for families looking for unconditional love that won’t outgrow its welcome anytime soon.

Whether you’re ready now or still considering if this mix is right for you, there’s no denying the appeal behind this beloved hybrid breed: Yorkie Pug Mixes are always happy to meet new friends who appreciate all their unique attributes!

Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix Appearance

Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix Appearance
You’ll be captivated by their unique appearance, featuring a glossy coat in various colors and an unmistakable blend of Pug and Yorkshire Terrier features. They come in small size breeds ranging from 7 to 12 pounds with heights up to 12 inches tall.

Their coats are medium-length, shedding minimally throughout the year. They often come in browns, reds, or blacks but also display variations within these color patterns. The hybrid charms of this breed shine through its facial features – including short muzzles like Pugs’ yet alert eyes similar to Yorkies’.

With their hybrid charm comes a delightful personality that is just as attractive. They make excellent family companions who love being around people! These affectionate dogs have low grooming needs, making them budget-friendly when it comes to food and medical expenses.

Temperament and Behavior

Temperament and Behavior
The Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix is a playful pup that loves the company of other pets. With consistent training and interaction, they will grow to become devoted companions that bond with their owners. As an intelligent breed, it’s important to keep them engaged in order to provide them with mental stimulation for a happy and healthy life.

Playful Nature

Discover the playful nature of a Pugshire, which is sure to bring joy and laughter into your home. With its smart temperament, mixed breed features, and friendly demeanor, it’s no surprise this pup loves exercise routines! But with energy comes training tips – the importance of socialization can’t be overstated for this breed.

Grooming needs are low-to-moderate, but regular teeth brushing and bathing should still be kept up with to prevent any health problems from developing.

Interaction With Other Pets

As the saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child – and in this case, your Pugshire pup! Interacting with other pets is key for socializing them properly, ensuring they don’t become overly jealous or territorial.

  1. Introduce Pets Gradually: Don’t overwhelm your new pet. Allow time for adjustment before introducing another animal into the home.
  2. Manage Jealousy & Set Boundaries: Establish rules of playtime harmony and manage jealousy by setting boundaries early on between animals living together harmoniously as friends rather than rivals.
  3. Socialization Tips: Regularly take your pug-yorkie mix out in public to help them learn stranger-friendly behavior from an early age. Make sure they’re also comfortable around other animals of all shapes and sizes.
  4. Moderate Trainability & Multi Pet Dynamics: Playful yet intelligent enough to understand commands quickly, yorkie pugs can be trained easily.


To train your Pugshire successfully, you’ll need to be patient and consistent. Positive reinforcement is key for obedience commands, while socialization tips can help with behavioral challenges.

Parent breeds like Pugs and Yorkies have a higher barking capacity than other dogs, so training should focus on teaching them when it’s appropriate to bark or not. They have a moderate care level, so proper health management is necessary to avoid tracheal collapse or other issues that may arise during training sessions.

With the right approach and guidance from an experienced trainer, your Pugshire will become a well-adjusted dog ready for adventure!

Pug Yorkie Mix Exercise

Pug Yorkie Mix Exercise
Exercise is an important component of a Pug Yorkie’s daily routine, so make sure to provide enough playtime and walks every day. Outdoor activities, such as jogging or hiking, can be especially enjoyable for this breed and should be incorporated into their exercise routine.

Additionally, physical stimulation with toys like balls or ropes provides essential mental engagement. Just remember to balance playtime with rest periods! This mix also has moderately low exercise requirements due in part to its brachycephalic syndrome characteristics.

The Pug Yorkie generally does well in moderate climates but may overheat easily when temperatures get too high. So, adjust your outdoor activities accordingly during hot days. Exercise is key for maintaining the health of this designer pup.

Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix Grooming

Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix Grooming
Once your Pug Yorkie mix is part of your family, you’ll need to give them the grooming they deserve. This mixed breed has a long, soft, silky coat or a short, smooth coat that requires moderate grooming needs.

To keep their coats healthy and looking nice, regular brushing with either an undercoat rake or slicker brush will help reduce shedding and maintain the natural oils in their fur.

Occasional bathing with good quality shampoo is also recommended for keeping them clean and fresh-smelling. Their ears should also be checked regularly as these small dogs are prone to ear infections due to excess wax buildup or mites living inside their ears.

Grooming Techniques:

  • Brushing Regularly
  • Check Ears Monthly
  • Use Good Quality Shampoo
  • Bathing Occasionally
  • Clean Out Wax Buildup
  • Reduce Shedding

Overall, taking care of a Pug Yorkshire Terrier Mix requires some effort, but it will pay dividends when you have a happy, well-groomed pooch on your hands! Be sure to consult with pet professionals if ever unsure about something regarding hygiene – they’re always happy to help.

Pug Yorkie Mix Health

Pug Yorkie Mix Health
It’s important to be aware of the health concerns associated with a pug yorkie mix, such as patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, and minor eye problems. Regular ear cleaning is essential for this breed due to their flat head shape and small ears.

Dental care should also be monitored closely to keep teeth clean and prevent tooth decay, which can lead to gum disease or other serious conditions.

Genetic testing may help identify any preexisting joint issues prior to breeding, greatly reducing the risk of inheriting many joint disorders common among all breeds, including Pugshires. Eye exams performed by a veterinarian are recommended every year for early detection of any potential vision problems specific to this breed type.

This is due to its unique facial structure, featuring a short-muzzled face with wrinkles around the eyes, making them susceptible to certain eye conditions.

Finally, keeping your Pug Yorkie Mix healthy requires regular checkups at your vet clinic, coupled with a daily exercise routine tailored specifically for this unique dog hybrid created from two amazing companion breeds – Pugs & Yorkshire Terriers.

Breed History

Breed History
The Pug and Yorkshire Terrier mix, also known as the ‘Pugshire’, is a charming combination of two beloved breeds. The Yorkie parent has an energetic, courageous nature, while the Pug contributes its affectionate, snuggly characteristics to the designer breed.

Together, they make for an excellent family companion with minimal shedding and low grooming needs.

The Yorkshire Terrier

Discover the spunky and courageous traits of the Yorkshire Terrier parent that make up your beloved Pugshire! The Yorkshire Terrier’s history dates back to the 19th century in England, where it was bred for rodent control.

This breed is known for its distinctive V-shaped furry ears and long coat variations in shades of blue and tan or black and tan. They have a hardy nature, which makes them easy to train with patience. However, some Yorkshire Terriers may be stubborn if not taught properly at an early age.

Common health concerns for Yorkshire Terriers include patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, and dental problems due to their small size. It is important to socialize them from a young age so they can become excellent companions.

However, they may need supervision when interacting with other pets or children to prevent jealousy from arising over attention given by owners.

The Pugshire is a designer dog that offers a lot without too much fuss. Having a loyal pup like this around will surely bring you joy!

The Pug

You’ll find this pup’s signature smooshy face and curly tail come from its Pug parent! Originating in China, Pugs are believed to have descended from a small Mastiff-type dog. They have round heads, wrinkly faces, large brown eyes, and short muzzles, making them unmistakable.

Pugs typically reach 12-15 inches at the shoulder and weigh 7-12 pounds when fully grown.

Though somewhat kid-friendly, they can be wary of strangers. Proper socialization is recommended to help them become more comfortable with others outside of their own family unit. Their iconic breathing issues require owners to make sure not to overexert them during exercise.

Regular check-ups are also necessary to address any possible health problems that could arise due to their breed characteristics.

When it comes to training pugs, patience will go a long way since these dogs have a bit of a stubborn streak.

Pug Yorkie Mix Highlights

Pug Yorkie Mix Highlights
Experience the charm of a loyal and affectionate companion with a Pug Yorkie Mix! They are friendly, playful, and devoted to their owners. They love bonding behavior, such as snuggling for long periods of time. Social interaction is important for this breed.

Training tips involve consistently reinforcing positive behaviors, as these dogs can be stubborn at times. Health considerations should also be taken into account. Puppies’ litter size is usually small, and common health problems include patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, and low blood sugar levels in Yorkies.

Brachycephalic issues in Pugs need to be monitored closely through regular eyes and ears cleaning sessions, plus teeth brushing every month.

Lastly, animal-friendly grooming products must always be used on your pup’s coat due to its sensitive nature.

Pug Yorkie Mix Ownership and Care

Pug Yorkie Mix Ownership and Care
Owning a Pug Yorkie is rewarding, as their lifespan can range from 12-15 years and they require low to moderate grooming. Regular teeth brushing, monthly bathing, combing two or three times a week, and nail clipping are essential in keeping your pup looking its best.

Nutrition should be tailored according to the size of your pet, with high-quality food for optimal health. Training techniques must be positive reinforcement-based, while socialization tips, such as taking them out to animal-friendly places like dog parks, help create an outgoing personality that will benefit both you and your canine companion in the long run.

Common health issues include patellar luxation, tracheal collapse, and minor eye problems, so keep an eye open for any changes in behavior or appearance that could indicate medical attention is required if not addressed promptly enough.

Finally, when adopting puppies, it’s important to find responsible breeders since litter sizes can differ greatly depending on genetics passed down from parent breeds within each generation.


The Pug Yorkie mix is an adorable, loyal, and lovable pet that is sure to bring joy to any family. They are a great fit for first-time pet owners who are looking for a companion because of their playful nature, small size, and low maintenance requirements.

The Pug Yorkie is incredibly easy to train due to their intelligence and strong bond with their owners. They also have minimal barking and need for daily exercise, making them easy to live with. If you’re looking for a loving and affectionate pet that will bring lots of joy and laughter into your life, the Pug Yorkie mix is a great choice.

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