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Long Haired Chihuahuas: Your Complete Guide (2024)

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long hair chihuahuaDiscover everything you need to know about long hair Chihuahuas in this complete guide. From their history and appearance to their temperament and grooming needs, you’ll gain a deep understanding of this delightful breed.

These small dogs may have fluffy coats, but don’t let that fool you – they’re full of personality and energy. Whether you’re considering adding a long-haired Chihuahua to your family or simply want to expand your knowledge, this guide is here to empower you with all the information you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Originated in Mexico, bred by the Aztecs
  • Recognized by the AKC in 1904
  • Popularity skyrocketed in the 1940s and 50s
  • Similarities with short-haired Chihuahuas


Did you know when the Long Haired Chihuahua originated and who bred them?

The Long Haired Chihuahua originated in Mexico and was bred by the Aztecs. This adorable dog breed has a rich history that dates back centuries.

While they may have been around for a long time, it wasn’t until 1904 that they were officially recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Despite their long hair, Long Haired Chihuahuas share many similarities with their short-haired counterparts.

So if you’re looking to add a little bundle of joy to your life, consider bringing home a charming Long Haired Chihuahua with an intriguing history!


Long Haired Chihuahuas have a distinctive appearance, with their toy-sized body, flat or slightly wavy coat that’s long and silky.

One of the notable features of a Long Haired Chihuahua is its ears, which should be dripping with fringe. They also have a substantial ruff that encircles the neck and well-feathered legs.

This breed’s appearance adds to its charm and appeal as they’re adorable little dogs with elegant coats. However, it’s important to note that grooming plays an essential role in maintaining their long hair and preventing tangles or mats from forming.

So if you’re considering getting a Long Haired Chihuahua for their beautiful looks, be prepared for regular grooming sessions!


When owning a Long Haired Chihuahua, you’ll find that they’re small in size and make the perfect companion for those with limited space.

  • Small dog: Long Haired Chihuahuas typically stand between 6 and 9 inches tall, making them a compact and portable pet.
  • Minimum drool: Unlike some larger breeds, these little dogs have minimal drooling tendencies, which can be a relief for those who prefer cleanliness.
  • Grooming every other day: Their long hair requires regular grooming to prevent tangles or mats. Brushing them every other day is recommended to maintain their coat’s health and appearance.
  • Chatty and vocal: Despite their small stature, Long Haired Chihuahuas have big personalities when it comes to communication. They tend to be chatty and vocal, expressing themselves through barks or alerts.

Overall, these protective pups may be small in size but pack plenty of personality into their petite frames.


Now let’s talk about their temperament.

Long Haired Chihuahuas are known for being chatty and vocal, making them excellent watchdogs who’ll bark and alert you to any potential danger or visitors.

They’re loyal and protective of their owners, making them a great choice for those looking for a small dog with a big personality.

Despite their small size, they’ve an alert nature and can be quite intelligent.

However, it’s important to be aware of potential health problems that may arise in this breed.

While they can be good with kids when properly socialized from an early age, additional supervision may be required due to the Chihuahua’s fragile frame.

Overall, Long Haired Chihuahuas make loving companions who thrive on attention from their owners while also fulfilling the role of watchdog in your home.


To keep your Long Haired Chihuahua looking their best, regular grooming is essential.

Their long fur requires brushing to prevent tangles and mats from forming. Brushing them once or twice a week will help maintain the condition of their coat and minimize shedding.

In addition to brushing, bathing is also necessary to keep their fur clean and healthy.

Regular grooming sessions not only promote hygiene but also provide an opportunity for you to bond with your furry friend.

If you’re unsure about how to groom your Long Haired Chihuahua properly, consider seeking professional help from a groomer who’s experience working with this breed’s specific needs.


Taking care of the health of your long-haired Chihuahua is essential to ensure their well-being and happiness.

  1. Prone to heart conditions:
    • Long-haired Chihuahuas are at a higher risk for developing heart conditions like mitral valve disease and patent ductus arteriosus.
    • Regular check-ups with your vet can help catch any issues early on.
  2. Need regular check-ups:
    • It’s important to schedule regular veterinary check-ups for your long-haired Chihuahua, as they may be prone to various health problems that need monitoring.
  3. Prone to patellar luxation:
    • These dogs have a higher risk of developing patellar luxation, which involves the kneecap slipping out of place.
    • Keeping an eye on their mobility and taking them in for regular exams can help detect this condition early.

4.Shedding and require brushing:

  • Both long hair and short hair chihuahuas shed, but it’s particularly important for long-haired chihuahuas because they require more grooming maintenance due to


When considering the cost of owning a Long Haired Chihuahua, it’s important to factor in more than just the initial purchase price.

The average cost for a Long Haired Chihuahua puppy can range from $500 to $1200, depending on the breeder.

Food bills and vet fees will be ongoing costs throughout your dog’s life. Regular check-ups with your vet are essential for maintaining their health and preventing any potential issues that may arise due to their breed predispositions such as heart conditions or patellar luxation.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option while still providing a loving home, rescue dogs are another great option to consider. They may require some extra care and attention but can bring immense joy into your life while saving them from uncertain circumstances.

Where to Buy

Where to Buy
If you’re considering adding a Long Haired Chihuahua to your family, there are several options available for finding one.

One option is to search for reputable breeders who specialize in Long Haired Chihuahuas. These breeders have extensive knowledge and experience with the breed and can provide healthy puppies with proper documentation.

Another option is to check local rescue groups or animal shelters. Many times, these organizations have Long Haired Chihuahuas available for adoption at a lower cost than buying from a breeder. Adopting from a rescue group not only gives you the opportunity to provide a loving home for an abandoned dog but also helps support their mission of saving animals.

It’s important to be cautious when purchasing or adopting any dog, as there are puppy mills that prioritize quantity over quality breeding practices. Always do thorough research on the breeder or organization before making any decisions.

The price range of Long Haired Chihuahuas can vary depending on factors such as pedigree, lineage, and location.

In conclusion , if you’re looking specifically for where to buy a long haired chichuaha then checking out reputable breaders should be your first step however rescuing would be something worth researching into due it being cheaper.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons
Now let’s explore the pros and cons of owning a long haired Chihuahua.


  • Loyal Companion: A long haired Chihuahua can be a small, loyal companion who’ll always be by your side. They’re known for their unwavering devotion to their owners and will provide you with constant love and affection.
  • Protective Nature: Long haired Chihuahuas have a protective instinct that makes them excellent watchdogs. They may be vocal in alerting you to any potential threats or strangers approaching your home, which can give you an added sense of security.
  • Independent Spirit: While they’re loyal, long haired Chihuahuas also have an independent streak that allows them to thrive on their own when necessary. This independence means they can entertain themselves for short periods of time without becoming overly anxious or dependent on constant attention from their owners.


  • Small Size: Long haired Chihuahuas are a small breed, which can make them more susceptible to injury. They’re also more likely to be stepped on or accidentally kicked by someone who doesn’t see them.
  • High-Maintenance Coat: Long haired Chihuahuas require a lot of grooming to keep their coats looking their best. This includes regular brushing, bathing, and trimming.
  • Expensive: Long haired Chihuahuas can be expensive to purchase and maintain. They’re a popular breed, which can drive up the price of puppies. Additionally, they require a high-quality diet and regular veterinary care, which can add up over time.

Overall, owning a long haired Chihuahua comes with the benefits of having a small yet fiercely loyal companion who’s protective and independent in nature while still providing ample love and companionship.

However, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider, such as their small size, high-maintenance coat, and expensive cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I socialize my long-haired Chihuahua?

To ensure your long-haired Chihuahua develops good social skills, it’s recommended to expose them to:

  • Various people, animals, and environments from a young age.
  • Regularly engaging in positive interactions.

This will help make them well-rounded companions.

Are long-haired Chihuahuas more prone to certain health issues compared to short-haired Chihuahuas?

Long-haired Chihuahuas aren’t necessarily more prone to health issues compared to their short-haired counterparts.

While size does play a role in potential health concerns, regular check-ups with a vet can help keep your long-haired Chihuahua healthy and happy.

Can long-haired Chihuahuas live comfortably in small apartments?

Long-haired Chihuahuas can live comfortably in small apartments.

Their small size, minimal exercise requirements, and simpler grooming needs make them well-suited for apartment living.

They’re adaptable and can thrive in urban environments with the right care.

Are long-haired Chihuahuas good with children?

Long-haired Chihuahuas can be good with children, but additional supervision and training may be necessary.

It’s important to introduce them properly and teach both the dog and child how to interact safely.

What are some common misconceptions about long-haired Chihuahuas?

Common misconceptions about long-haired Chihuahuas include:

  • They are fragile
  • They are not good with children

However, with proper training and socialization, they can be great companions for kids.

It’s important to understand their needs and provide a safe environment for everyone involved.


To wrap up, long-haired Chihuahuas are a fascinating breed with a rich history and captivating appearance. Their small size and lively temperament make them perfect companions for individuals and families alike.

While their long coats require regular grooming, the effort is well worth it for the stunning results.

Like any breed, they’ve their own set of health concerns, but with proper care and attention, long-haired Chihuahuas can lead happy and healthy lives.

Consider adding one of these adorable dogs to your family and enjoy their boundless energy and charming personalities.

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