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Lilac Merle French Bulldog: Rare Colors, Health, & Where to Buy (2024)

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lilac merle french bulldogDazzling and unique, lilac merle French bulldogs are a sight to behold. Like a starry night sky in doggy form, they sparkle with an array of colors that make them stand out from the crowd.

We’ll explore some adorable puppies up close as well as discuss how to find trustworthy breeders who have quality pups for sale near you.

So come along with us on our journey through the world of Lilac Merles – it’s sure be quite an adventure!

Key Takeaways

  • Lilac merle French Bulldogs have a unique and rare coloration that sets them apart from other French Bulldogs.
  • They are in high demand and come at an increased price due to their rarity.
  • Lilac merles have a friendly and sociable temperament, making them suitable for apartment living.
  • These dogs require regular grooming and care to stay healthy, and reputable breeders are essential to ensure healthy puppies.

Meet 6 Lilac French Bulldogs

Meet 6 Lilac French Bulldogs
Meet four unique lilac French Bulldogs: Clover, the Blue French Bulldog; Spiffy, the Lilac Long-Haired French Bulldog; Evo, the Lilac & Tan French Bulldog; and Whisper, the Lilac Frenchie. Each of these dogs has a distinct appearance due to their rare coloration that is highly sought after by many pet owners.

Clover the Blue French Bulldog

You’ll be mesmerized by the beauty of Clover, the blue French Bulldog with sparkling eyes and a unique mottled coat. This pup is known for his friendly personality and he loves to socialize! He’s also a low-maintenance pet, making him suitable for apartment living.

Unlike lilac merle French Bulldogs, which are extremely rare, blue Frenchies can be more easily obtained through responsible breeding programs.

Clover was adopted as a puppy, so you could say it was love at first sight!

Spiffy the Lilac Long-Haired French Bulldog

Spiffy is an eye-catching pup with his long-haired lilac coat and merle patches. His sparkling blue eyes are sure to draw attention, making him one of the most desirable French Bulldogs of all.

He has a gentle personality that makes him easy to train, although patience and consistency are key for success in training sessions.

For those who want a loyal companion but don’t have room for full-size dog breeds, adopting a Lilac Frenchie like Spiffy could be just what you need.

Evo the Lilac & Tan French Bulldog

Behold Evo – the dashing lilac and tan French Bulldog who’s sure to steal your heart! A unique variation of the Lilac Frenchie, this pup is renowned for his sweet nature and loving personality. He’s also a popular choice in both adoption stories and breeding considerations.

The combination of lilac coloring mixed with lighter tones makes him stand out from other dogs in his breed. As far as temperament goes, he tends to be more laid-back than many others within the Lilac Frenchie community; however, proper socialization should still be provided due to their size and energy level.

Healthwise, they are generally hardy pups but may have some common respiratory issues found in other breeds like Frenchies, so it’s important to purchase them from reputable breeders only! All things considered, you can expect lots of snuggles from this loyal companion if given love and attention each day – what more could you ask for?

Whisper the Lilac French Bulldog

Gaze upon Whisper, the radiant lilac French Bulldog with a captivating tan-colored coat and sparkling eyes. She’s an affectionate pup who loves to cuddle and be around her humans. Although she may seem like a lap dog, she also enjoys physical activities such as running and playing fetch.

Her popularity has been on the rise due to her unique coloration – lilac being one of the dominant genes in this breed.

Taking proper care of a Lilac Frenchie requires dedication. Regular grooming, exercise, and veterinary visits for checkups are all necessary steps for ensuring that your pooch will stay healthy for years to come.

Lilac French Bulldog Basic Info

Lilac French Bulldog Basic Info
Looking to add a unique and special pup to your family? Look no further than the adorable Lilac French Bulldog! These pint-sized pups are friendly, sociable, and low maintenance. They have an average size of 11-14 inches tall at the shoulder when fully grown and come in several color variations, including lilac merle.

Although they may be prone to some health issues, reputable breeders can ensure that these puppies stay healthy with proper care.


You’ll find that these unique pups have amazing personalities, making them great companions. Training tips should be taken into consideration when raising one of these rare Frenchies as they can be stubborn at times.

Socialization is key for any dog breed, including the Lilac Merle French Bulldog. Proper introduction to humans and other dogs is essential in creating a well-rounded pup.

Health maintenance should also not be overlooked. It’s important to ensure their vaccinations are up-to-date and regular vet visits take place in order to monitor any potential health issues common with Bulldogs, such as respiratory problems or joint issues due to their flattened faces.

Adopting vs buying has become increasingly popular when it comes to acquiring this type of Frenchie.


Experience the small but mighty size of these unique lilac-colored pups. French Bulldogs typically weigh between 16 to 28 pounds and stand 12 to 15 inches tall, making them ideal for those living in apartments.

They’re also easy to train, as long as they receive proper socialization from an early age.

Lilac Bulldog popularity has skyrocketed due to their compact size and playful personalities – not forgetting their stunning coats! Proper care should be taken when handling a Lilac Bulldog’s coat; regular brushing will ensure it stays healthy all year round.

The genetics behind French Bulldogs can produce some rare colors such as purple or blue merle, adding even more desirability to this breed! Regardless of your choice in color variation, you can rest assured that this companion pup is sure to bring joy into your life with its loving nature and miniature stature!


Be mindful of your lilac French Bulldog’s health, as respiratory issues are common in the breed. Research potential health problems and work with reputable, ethical breeders. It is key for responsible ownership.

Color diluting alopecia can occur when breeding these unique colors, so seek out a breeder with experience in managing this issue. Lilac merle French Bulldogs come at an increased price due to their rarity and should only be purchased from experienced, responsible breeders.

These breeders should have undertaken careful breeding programs focusing on producing quality dogs with good temperaments.

Where to Buy a Lilac French Bulldog Puppy

Finding a reputable breeder for your lilac pup can be daunting, but with careful research and an eye on health standards, you can find the perfect companion.

For example, after months of searching online and visiting breeders in person, one family was able to find their dream puppy at an ethical breeder specializing in rare colors.

Reputable breeders are essential for healthy puppies; they often provide adoption options too.

Prices range from $2,500–$8,990 depending on coloration – sparkling blue eyes add extra value!

Additionally, there are health considerations when looking into French Bulldogs such as airway issues, so always do extensive research before purchasing or adopting a Lilac Merle Frenchie near you!

Lilac Merle Frenchie Puppies for Sale

Lilac Merle Frenchie Puppies for Sale
If you are looking for a rare and unique breed of French Bulldog, then look no further than the lilac merle Frenchie. With their distinct coat with gray mottled patches, sparkling blue eyes, and sociable personalities, these puppies make an excellent companion dog – but finding one could be difficult due to their rarity.

Finding the Right Lilac Frenchie Puppies for Sale

When searching for the perfect pup, make sure you find a reputable breeder who can provide healthy lilac merle French Bulldogs with unique and desirable features.

Do your research before making any decisions. Consider price considerations, adoption options from breed-specific rescues, health precautions, and breeding responsibilities for these rare colors of Merles.

Ask questions about the parents’ medical history to ensure that the puppy will be healthy and happy! Make sure to ask plenty of questions so you feel confident in selecting your perfect pup.

It’s important to take all factors into account when looking for a lilac frenchie puppy!

Lilac Frenchie Puppies for Sale Near Me

If you’re searching for a rare and special pup, consider local lilac Frenchie puppies for sale near you. Quality breeders will have the most reliable genetics and health records, with prices ranging from $6k to 8k.

Adoption options are also available online via rescue resources or shelters at a cheaper price point of around $2 – 5K.

Lilac Frenchies come in various colors including chocolate merle, blue merle, and solid lilac; some even have sparkling blue eyes! With proper socialization, they make great companions who are low-maintenance yet still trainable.

Just be aware of potential respiratory issues common among all breeds of Bulldogs.

Pick your perfect pooch today!

Rare Frenchie Colors

Rare Frenchie Colors
Are you looking for a rare and unique French Bulldog? Then look no further! Lilac, black, and tri-colored French Bulldogs are some of the most sought-after colors in this breed. With their distinct coats that come in various shades, such as lilac merle, solid black, or tan markings, these dogs can make excellent companions with proper care.


Discover the unique beauty of a rare breed: the lilac-colored French Bulldog. Lilac Frenchie genetics are complex, but when combined with merle, they create an exquisite and sought-after color combination.

Adopting one is possible through shelters or specific rescues – just be sure to research their health history first! Breeding for lilac is delicate work, as double merles can have health issues; nonetheless, its popularity continues to grow due to its stunning appearance and gentle personality.


You may be surprised to learn that there are other rare variations of the French Bulldog, such as black. Black lilac merle is a unique combination of chocolate and blue genes, resulting in both the rich coloration and lighter mottled patches.

The genetics for this variation are still being studied, making it difficult to find reliable information on its coat patterns or health concerns. However, what we do know is that they tend to have thick fur with darker markings around their face than standard black French Bulldogs.

It’s also important to note that while similar in appearance, black merles differ from lilac merles due to differences in gene expression, thus producing different coat patterns between them.

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind pup with an exotic look, then consider seeking out a reputable breeder who specializes in these beautiful pups!


Behold the majestic beauty of a tri-colored French Bulldog, boasting captivating hues of mocha and silver. Genetics explain why this color combination is so rare: it’s created by three distinct genes – chocolate, blue, and tan/fawn – coming together in one dog.

Tri-color French Bulldogs are often mistaken for their more common lilac merle counterparts due to similar coat patterns, but they’re actually much rarer than them. Proper training is essential for these intelligent pups, as well as regular health checks.

Respiratory problems can be particularly prevalent within the breed, which should always be kept in mind when considering adoption or purchase from reputable breeders.

Uniquely patterned with bright blue eyes set against a chocolate brown coat, tri-colored Frenchies will make an impressive addition to any home!


An unbelievably gorgeous breed, the lilac merle French Bulldog has stolen the hearts of many with its rare and unique coat. With its sparkling blue eyes and attractive coloration, it’s no wonder they’re so highly sought after.

Not only do they have a beautiful appearance, but they’re also known to have an amazing personality, making them a great companion dog. With proper care and socialization, a lilac merle Frenchie can be a loyal and loving companion.

On top of that, they’re low-maintenance and suitable for apartment living. Although they come at a higher price than other colored Frenchies, a reputable breeder is essential to ensure you get a healthy pup.

With so many variations in colors, it can be difficult to choose. But for those who can appreciate its rarity and beauty, a lilac merle French Bulldog is definitely worth the price.

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