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How Much Do Yorkies Sleep? (2023)

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how much sleep does a yorkie puppy need explainedYorkies are known for their adorable size and big personalities. But have you ever wondered how much they sleep? Well, the answer might surprise you. Yorkshire Terriers actually need quite a bit of sleep to stay happy and healthy.

In fact, their sleeping patterns change as they age, with puppies needing more sleep than adult Yorkies. So if you’re a proud owner of a Yorkie or thinking about getting one, it’s important to understand just how much shut-eye your furry friend needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Yorkie puppies need between 16-22 hours of sleep per day.
  • Sleep needs decrease with age; seniors sleep less than puppies.
  • Consistent bedtime routines and comfortable sleeping environments are crucial for Yorkie puppies.
  • Illness, stress, and age can impact a Yorkie puppy’s sleeping patterns.

How Much Sleep Does a Yorkie Puppy Need Explained

As a Yorkie owner, it’s important to understand how much sleep your puppy needs and why.

The amount of sleep a Yorkie puppy requires can vary based on their age, energy level, and overall health.

Providing them with a comfortable sleeping environment and establishing a consistent bedtime routine can help ensure they get the rest they need to grow and thrive.

Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog CrateView On Chewy
If you’re wondering how much sleep your Yorkie puppy needs, the Diggs Revol Collapsible Dog Crate can provide a comfortable and secure space for them to rest.

This crate is designed with rounded edges to prevent injuries and diamond-shaped mesh to protect their paws and jaws. It’s made of durable materials like aluminum, coated steel, and reinforced plastic.

The crate also comes with a puppy divider, making it suitable for crate training. However, keep in mind that this dog crate may be expensive and heavy compared to other options on the market.

  • Sturdy design
  • Secure space for your Yorkie
  • Puppy divider included
  • Expensive
  • Heavy compared to other crates

FurHaven Memory Top Pet Bed Removable Cover

FurHaven Faux Sheepskin Snuggery MemoryView On Chewy
Your Yorkie puppy will need a comfortable bed like the FurHaven Memory Top Pet Bed Removable Cover to get the sleep they require.

The cooling foam and cozy exterior provides comfort for puppies who require lots of naps.

This foam bed contours to your puppy’s body for full support while the flexible hood lets them burrow or snuggle.

  • Cooling memory foam for comfort
  • Easily removable, machine washable cover
  • Flexible hood for burrowing or snuggling
  • Expensive compared to basic beds
  • Foam may flatten over time
  • Not ideal for puppies who chew or dig

Merry Dog Crate

Merry Products 3-Door Furniture StyleView On Chewy
The Merry Dog Crate you’ll find comes with a weight of 41.23 lbs and dimensions of 30.63 x 20.39 x 23.23 inches, making it suitable for extra small breeds. It features a removable pan and three doors for convenient access, providing a secure and durable enclosure for your pup.

However, some gaps in the floor tray don’t fully cover the bottom, and assembly can be challenging for some owners according to reviews.

  • Removable pan for easy cleaning
  • Three doors for accessibility
  • Durable wood, steel and metal construction
  • Gaps in the floor tray
  • Challenging assembly
  • Teething puppies may chew bars

Sheri Cozy Cuddler Covered Bed

Best Friends by Sheri CozyView On Chewy
You’ll find your Yorkie puppy loves curling up in the soft, plush Sheri Cozy Cuddler bed.

The 24 x 24 x 7 inch bed envelops small pups in its high walls filled with supportive fiberfill material. The Sherpa and nylon cover resists dirt while machine washing easily. Customers praise this USA-made bed for comforting arthritic dogs and easing joint pain.

Yorkies enjoy burrowing into the cuddler on cold nights or sleeping atop it on warm days. Bolstered cushion sides prevent falls and support the head, neck, and back. Easy to clean and quick to dry, the cuddler bed suits puppies and adult dogs under twenty pounds.

  • Soft, supportive walls
  • Machine washable
  • Good for arthritis and joint pain
  • May be too small for some dogs
  • Walls ripped for heavy chewers
  • Doesn’t fully enclose dogs

Furhaven Memory Foam Dog Bed

Furhaven 18 Round Memory FoamView On Amazon
If you’re wondering how much sleep a Yorkie puppy needs, the Furhaven Memory Foam Dog Bed is designed to provide optimal comfort and support for your furry friend. This bed features a memory foam top that contours to your pet’s figure, cushioning pressure points and relieving joint pain.

It also improves body alignment, ensuring that your Yorkie gets a restful night’s sleep.

  • Provides optimal comfort and support with memory foam technology
  • Relieves joint pain and cushions pressure points
  • Removable cover is machine washable
  • Some reviewers received only the cover without the foam
  • May be too small for larger Yorkies
  • Not chew resistant

Barn Door Dog Crate Table

Furniture Style PET Dog CrateView On Amazon
To ensure your Yorkie puppy gets the sleep they need, consider providing them with a cozy and comfortable sleeping space like the Barn Door Dog Crate Table. This stylish and practical piece of furniture serves as both a crate for containment and a table for your living area.

It offers privacy and security to help create an ideal sleeping environment for your furry friend.

  • The Barn Door Dog Crate Table provides a designated space specifically designed for your Yorkie’s sleep needs.
  • Its enclosed design helps block out noise and distractions, promoting better rest.
  • The dual functionality of this piece allows it to blend seamlessly into your home decor while serving as a functional crate.
  • Some may find assembly challenging due to pre-cut holes not aligning properly.
  • The sliding door may have issues staying on track, requiring adjustments or repairs.
  • There have been reports of durability concerns, with some customers finding it cheaply made or prone to falling apart easily.

Calmeroos Puppy Heartbeat Toy

Calmeroos Puppy Heartbeat Toy SleepView On Amazon
The Calmeroos Puppy Heartbeat Toy is a helpful tool for Yorkie puppy owners looking to ensure their furry friend gets the sleep they need. This toy is designed to simulate the warmth and heartbeat of their mother and littermates, providing comfort and security for your Yorkie.

It can help them sleep through the night without whining or barking, leading to a more peaceful rest for both you and your pup.

  • Simulates the warmth and heartbeat of mother
  • Provides comfort and security
  • Helps puppies sleep through the night
  • Some reviewers reported that the heartbeat isn’t very realistic
  • Some reviewers reported that heat pack isn’t very warm

How Much Do Yorkies Sleep?

How Much Do Yorkies Sleep
Yorkies, both puppies and adults, require a significant amount of sleep to support their growth and energy levels.

As puppies, they can sleep for 16-22 hours per day while adults typically need 12-14 hours of sleep.

This is because Yorkies are small dogs with high energy levels that need adequate rest to stay healthy and active.

How Long Do Yorkie Puppies Sleep?

When it comes to how long Yorkie puppies sleep, they typically snooze for an average of 16 to 22 hours a day. This is because puppies require a lot of sleep in order to grow and develop properly.

Yorkie puppies usually take frequent naps throughout the day and sleep for one long stretch at night.

Establishing a regular nap and bedtime schedule will help get your puppy into a healthy sleep routine. Make sure to provide a cozy sleeping area and avoid stimulating your puppy before bedtime.

Some common issues like nighttime whining and waking up frequently can be addressed by tireing them out mentally and physically during the day.

With patience and consistency, you can get your Yorkie puppy sleeping through the night.

How Long Do Adult Yorkies Sleep?

You’ll find adult Yorkies sleeping for an average of 13-18 hours per day.

Adult Yorkies may still take one to two naps per day:

  • In the morning after breakfast
  • In the afternoon after a play session
  • In the evening before bedtime

Adult Yorkies need sleep to recover from daily activity. However, their sleep requirements decrease from puppyhood.

Establish a regular sleep routine for your adult Yorkie. Give your dog designated nap times and locations. Make the last potty break right before bedtime. Adult Yorkies can sleep through the night without bathroom trips.

Yorkie Sleep Habits

Yorkie Sleep Habits
Now that you know how much Yorkies sleep, let’s dive into their sleep habits. Understanding your Yorkie’s sleeping patterns can help you ensure they’re getting the rest they need for optimal health and well-being.

Yorkies have a natural inclination to nap throughout the day and typically experience one long block of uninterrupted sleep at night. They may choose to sleep in various locations such as their owner’s bed, a crate, or a dog bed.

However, there are instances when a Yorkie’s sleeping habits may change or become problematic. These can include issues like yorkie sleep regression, separation anxiety-induced crying during puppy training sessions ,and even yorkie insomnia due to stress or illness.

It’s important as an owner to recognize these signs and address them accordingly.

To establish healthy sleeping routines for your furry friend,you should consider implementing proper yorkshire terrier puppy care strategies.yorkshire terrier puppies require more hours of quality slumber than adult ones do.

It is also crucial that senior dogs get adequate rest.However,a sudden change in pattern might be indicative of underlying problems such as discomfort caused by orthopedic conditions.If necessary,you should consult with professionals who specialize in veterinary medicine regarding potential solutions.

Meanwhile,it would be beneficial if you could provide cozy bedding options tailored specifically towards this breed.

Reasons Yorkie Sleeping Habits May Change

Reasons Yorkie Sleeping Habits May Change
There are several reasons why a Yorkie’s sleeping habits may change.

  • As they age, their sleep needs decrease and they may sleep less.
  • Illness can also affect their sleeping patterns, causing them to sleep more or have trouble falling asleep.
  • Additionally, stress and anxiety can disrupt a Yorkie’s sleep, making it difficult for them to relax and get adequate rest.

Sleep changes with age

As your Yorkie ages, their sleeping habits may begin to change due to various factors.

These changes in sleep schedule are influenced by several key factors such as age, energy levels, and the presence of any underlying health conditions.

Senior Yorkies generally require less sleep than younger ones and may experience shifts in their sleep needs as they get older.

Additionally, certain medical conditions or anxiety issues can also affect a Yorkie’s sleep patterns.

Illness and sleep patterns

If your Yorkie is experiencing illness, their sleep patterns may be affected.

Illness can cause sleep disturbances, such as sleep apnea or sleep deprivation.

Your Yorkie’s comfort issues and overall health can also impact their quality of sleep.

It’s important to address any health issues promptly and provide a comfortable sleeping environment for your furry friend.

Establishing a bedtime routine and meeting their specific age-related needs will help promote better sleep for your Yorkie.

Stress and sleep disturbances

When experiencing stress, your Yorkie may have trouble sleeping and their usual sleep habits can be disturbed.

Stress and anxiety, separation anxiety, noise and light disturbances, changes in routine, medical conditions – all of these factors can contribute to sleep disruptions for your furry friend.

It’s important to create a comforting bedtime environment that promotes relaxation for your Yorkie.

Regular exercise and crate training can also help alleviate stress-related sleep issues.

Sleep Habits of the Adult Yorkshire Terrier

Sleep Habits of the Adult Yorkshire Terrier
Adult Yorkshire Terriers have specific sleep habits that differ from their puppy counterparts.

As adult Yorkies reach 1-2 years old, they require less total sleep than puppies, averaging 13-18 hours of sleep per day.

Adult Yorkies take 1-2 naps during the day lasting 10 minutes to a few hours. These daytime naps allow adult Yorkies to recharge their energy levels.

At night, adult Yorkies sleep for one long, uninterrupted period. Adult Yorkies may still wake 1-2 times at night to relieve themselves.

Crate training can help establish a sleep routine and teach adult Yorkies to sleep through the night.

Unlike puppies, adult Yorkies don’t require as much total sleep. However, adequate nighttime sleep remains important to avoid sleep deprivation, which can cause lethargy and behavior issues.

Overall, adult Yorkies have established napping habits and sleep schedules that meet their decreased sleep requirements compared to puppies.

What if My Yorkie is Not Sleeping Through the Night?

What if My Yorkie is Not Sleeping Through the Night
If your Yorkie is having trouble sleeping through the night, there are some things you can try:

  • Tire the puppy out before bedtime.
  • Limit food and water late at night.
  • Play calming music.
  • Keep them near you in a crate or bed.

Getting your Yorkie on a consistent bedtime routine can also help them learn when it’s time to sleep.

Tire the Puppy Out

To help your Yorkie sleep through the night, tire them out during the day by engaging in plenty of physical activity.

  • Play fetch
  • Walk them
  • Give them a bath
  • Brush their teeth
  • Train them

Limit Water and Food

You’ll also want to limit your Yorkie puppy’s access to water and food in the hours leading up to bedtime.

Give your puppy dinner a few hours before bed and take up the water dish about an hour before putting them to bed to encourage sleeping through the night.

Calming Music

But you can also play calming music before bedtime to help soothe your Yorkie into sleeping through the night.

Calming music helps sleep by:

  • Relaxing and reducing stress
  • Relieving anxiety
  • Providing a soothing environment for your furry friend.

Keep Them Near You

If your Yorkie isn’t sleeping through the night, keeping them near you can help encourage a sense of security and comfort.

Here are five discussion ideas to address separation anxiety:

  • Crate training
  • Positive reinforcement
  • Barking, whining, and destructive behavior

Get on a Consistent Routine

To help your Yorkie sleep through the night, establish a consistent bedtime routine.

  • Have a set time for the last meal, final bathroom break, and bed.
  • Keep lights dim, play calming music, and give a stďż­ Kong before crating.
  • Check comfort of bedding, avoid rough play before bed, and tire your pup earlier with exercise.
  • Reward good crate behavior.

What if My Yorkie is Sleeping Too Much?

What if My Yorkie is Sleeping Too Much
Having discussed what to do if your Yorkie’s not sleeping through the night, you’re wondering if your pup’s sleeping too much.

If your Yorkie seems to be napping more than usual during the day, sleeping for prolonged stretches, and having difficulty waking up, they may be getting too much sleep. Look out for signs of lethargy, lack of interest in play or walks, and changes in appetite.

First, rule out any medical issues. Check with your vet to make sure there’s no underlying health problem causing excessive sleep. Barring illness, your Yorkie may need more stimulation and activity during the day.

Try providing puzzle toys, extending or adding walks, and engaging in more playtime.

Getting your Yorkie on a consistent daily schedule can also help regulate sleep. Make sure your Yorkie still gets adequate rest at night, but limit daytime napping to no more than a couple hours total.

How Much Sleep Does My Adult Yorkie Need?

How Much Sleep Does My Adult Yorkie Need
If you’re wondering how much sleep your adult Yorkie needs, you’ve come to the right place. Adult Yorkies typically require about 13 to 18 hours of sleep per day, which includes naps during the day as well.

Their sleeping habits may change as they age or due to various factors like illness, stress, anxiety, or lack of exercise.

To ensure that your adult Yorkie gets enough quality sleep and maintains good overall health:

  • Create a comfortable sleep environment with a cozy bed in a quiet area.
  • Establish a regular bedtime routine that promotes relaxation.
  • Avoid stimulating activities before bedtime.
  • Provide regular exercise during the day to help tire them out.

If your furry friend is waking up frequently at night or experiencing behavioral changes related to their sleep patterns:

  1. Check for any underlying health issues and consult with your veterinarian if necessary.
  2. Ensure their sleeping environment is neither too hot nor too cold for optimal comfort.
  3. Assess the condition of their crate or bed and make sure it’s providing adequate support and comfort.
  4. Continue avoiding stimulating activities before bedtime.

By implementing these tips and addressing any potential concerns affecting your Yorkie’s restful slumber, you can help promote better quality sleep for them throughout their adulthood.

Does My Yorkie Need a Lot of Sleep?

Does My Yorkie Need a Lot of Sleep
Your Yorkie will need a significant amount of sleep to recharge their energy levels and ensure proper growth and development. Sleep is crucial for all dogs, including Yorkies, as it allows their bodies to rest and rejuvenate.

To provide your furry friend with the best sleep environment, consider their bedding options. Soft beds, ceramic beds that stay cool in warm weather, memory foam beds that offer maximum comfort, or orthopedic beds designed to support joint health are excellent choices for your sleeping companion.

Establishing a consistent nighttime routine can also help improve your Yorkie’s sleep quality. This may include activities such as brushing teeth before bed or reading them a bedtime story—creating an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness.

It’s important to note that senior Yorkies require less sleep than younger ones due to decreased activity levels; however, they still need adequate rest throughout the day. Monitoring changes in sleeping habits can be beneficial in identifying any potential issues related to age-related conditions or discomfort.

Ensuring an ideal sleep environment with suitable bedding options coupled with establishing a comforting nighttime routine will contribute towards providing your beloved Yorkshire Terrier with optimal sleep quality necessary for overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a Yorkie puppy sleep too much?

Yes, a Yorkie puppy can sleep too much.

While puppies need more sleep than adult dogs, excessive sleeping could be a sign of illness or discomfort.

If you’re concerned about your puppy’s sleep habits, it’s best to consult with a veterinarian for guidance.

What should I do if my Yorkie puppy is not sleeping through the night?

If your Yorkie puppy isn’t sleeping through the night, try:

  • Establishing a regular bedtime routine.
  • Creating a comfortable sleep environment.
  • Avoiding stimulating activities before bed.

Consistency and patience are key in helping them develop good sleep habits.

How can I help my Yorkie puppy establish a sleep routine?

To help your Yorkie puppy establish a sleep routine, create consistent bedtime and wake-up times.

Implement a relaxing bedtime routine with activities like brushing their teeth or reading them a story.

Ensure their crate or bed is comfortable and in a quiet area of the house.

Avoid stimulating them before bed.

How long should a Yorkie puppy nap during the day?

During the day, a Yorkie puppy should take 1-2 naps to rest and recharge.

Each nap can last for varying lengths of time, but it’s important to ensure they’ve enough sleep without disrupting their nighttime routine.

What factors can disrupt a Yorkie puppy’s sleep schedule?

Disruptions to a Yorkie puppy’s sleep schedule can stem from various sources, such as teething or excessive toy hoarding. These adorable creatures have their quirks and preferences, which may affect their slumber.


To sum up, Yorkie puppies require more sleep than adult Yorkies.

Their sleeping patterns change as they age, with puppies needing longer periods of sleep to support their growth and development.

Adult Yorkies still need a sufficient amount of sleep to maintain their overall health and well-being.

However, it’s important to be mindful of any changes in their sleeping habits, as it could be a sign of underlying issues such as illness or stress.

By understanding and meeting their sleep needs, you can ensure that your Yorkie remains happy and healthy.

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