How Much Do Pomeranians Cost And Factors That Affect Price? Full Guide Of 2020

If you are considering buying Pomeranians, you wonder how much Pomeranians cost?

white puppy pomeranian dog cute pet happy smile in home with seat sofa furniture interior decor in living room how much do pomeranians costThe Pomeranian is a beautiful breed that has captured the hearts of thousands of people. Their downy body and fox face will certainly bring joy to everyone.

So you have decided that the dog of your dreams is a Pomeranian. Good choice! This playful breed is active, intelligent and social.

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There are many factors that have brought you to this point, such as personality, size, and natural appearance.

There are many things to keep in mind when finding your new furry friend.

  • How much do Pomeranians cost?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • What makes some puppies more expensive than others?
  • Which other investments must be taken into account in the planning?

All good questions.

We go through all stages of buying and taking care of your Pomeranian, and we will discuss some ways to save a little money in making your choice.

How Much Do Pomeranians Cost?

The price depends on many elements, but before we go into that, the average is between $ 400 – $ 1500. Top-quality animals reach a maximum of $ 4,000. What is in the price? The age of the animal is the leading factor in determining this.

Price Of Pomeranian Puppy

Cute smiling Pomeranian dog Pomeranian PuppyThe price of a Pomeranian puppy is mainly affected by its pedigree, dogs that have come from show quality parents will be the most expensive.

The average price for a Pomeranian is between $500 and $1,500.

For this, you will be getting a pup from a good breeder with American Kennel Club registration. You won’t be getting a show quality pup, but that doesn’t matter as most people aren’t interested in showing them.

If you are interested in showing your Pomeranian, then be prepared to pay much more. You will be looking at anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. This is for a puppy with an extremely good pedigree, show winning parents and a breeder who is incredibly experienced.

Pomeranian Dog Price

Closeup cute pomeranian dog in woman hand holding Pomeranian adultIf you are not interested in a puppy, there is always the option to purchase adult dogs.

Puppies are time-consuming and expensive. They require a lot of attention, as well as medical care and training. An adult dog is often very self-sufficient and should have already had basic training.

An adult Pomeranian is almost always cheaper than a puppy.

They are in hiding places for many reasons. Adoption costs are much cheaper than buying a dog (costs are usually between $ 50 and $ 250). The shelter will also invest in sterilization, vaccinations and health checks for the dog. They will be able to tell you honestly about their personality and whether the dog is suitable for your lifestyle.

The only exception to the rule that older dogs are cheaper is if you buy a show dog. An award-winning adult show dog becomes super expensive.

Pomeranian Service Dog Price

You may think that it is quite unusual for Poms to be used as service dogs, but there are some situations for which they are well suited. They are used as medical alert dogs for people with diabetes, asthma and heart conditions.

They have also been used as assistance dogs for deaf people. Their sharp, high bark can be heard by many people with hearing problems.

Training an assistance dog is no small task – you need professional assistance that is not cheap. You would expect them to cost more than $ 10,000.

Factors That Influence The Price Of A Pomeranian

Fashion couple Factors That Influence The Price Of A PomeranianA few different factors will influence the price of a certain Pomeranian. And although there is a lot of variation in the market because different breeders appreciate different things in their puppies, some of the most important factors that influence the price of a Pomeranian are:


Breeders must consider the cost of living and the average family income in their environment when praising puppies.

For example, breeders in Beverly Hills, where the cost of living and the average family income are both quite high, will cost more for their puppies than breeders in Topeka.

This also applies to veterinary costs and care – the more expensive the region, the more you are likely to pay!


We discussed the difference between buying a puppy and an adult above, but you can even see a difference depending on how many weeks a puppy is.

The most expensive time to buy a puppy to buy is when they are between 8 and 12 weeks old. This is when their price will be the highest.

As the puppies get older, the breeder starts to lower his price. Once they are a year old, you will see a significant reduction.

The (quality) Of The Pomeranian

I shudder to use the word (quality) when describing dogs; I like to think that all fangs are big and deserve love.

That said, some puppies win the genetic lottery and stand out with more beautiful fur, superior intelligence or a particularly pleasant build.

These traits are often subjective, so they influence the price differently, depending on the individual taste of the breeder.

Going with a bad breeder can have devastating consequences for you and your Pom in the long run.

Pomeranian Size

Smiling young woman holding her Pomeranian puppies Factors That Influence The Price Of A PomeranianYou have probably collected so far that the smaller the Pom, the higher the cost. Below are the five different sizes of Pomeranian:

  • The Toy Pom: 6 or more pounds
  • The Tiny Toy Pomeranian: 4.5 to 6.5 pounds
  • The Teacup Pom: 4 to 5 pounds
  • The Tiny Pomeranian Teacup: 3.5 to 4 pounds
  • The Micro Tiny Teacup Pom: 1 to 3 pounds
  • Pure or crossed

As American Pomeranian Club suggested, be careful when choosing a Pomeranian with mixed race. Purebred dogs often have the temperament of both breeds. So you have to know the characteristics of his parents to guess the personality of the puppy.

A purebred Pom has a classic appearance. The fewer deviations, the more expensive. In addition, rare shades of Pomeranians will push up the price.

Coat Color

dog pomeranian spitz smiling pomeranian Coat ColorAt Pomeranians, all their coat colors look fantastic.

It is incredible that this variety has such an extensive range of shades. The most famous fur shade is orange.

Rare hues are lavender and blue. Please note that the more unique the color combination of the jacket is, the more expensive.

But in some cases, dogs with a rare color are not the ones with the high price tag.

This situation can happen if the breeder only concentrates on certain shades and only produces such puppies.

In the show dog world, however, there is a preference for solid colors. This often means that dogs with solid coat colors are more expensive than dogs with multicolored coats or ‘stains’.

Certification And Guarantees

Once you have determined what you want to do with your Pomeranian, you know whether certification papers are worth the money. If you want to show your dog, it is always worth making sure that you go to a breeder with the correct certifications.

If dogs aren’t your thing, it’s not that important.

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Certification shows that the breeder has been kept to a certain standard, which is excellent in terms of the health and well-being of the dog. Many breeders without certification still offer excellent care to their puppies.

You just have to do your homework to make sure they are really a good breeder.

Long-Term Costs For Ownership

Pomeranian dogs and dog food on a white background. Long-Term Costs For OwnershipOwning a dog is not a one-off financial obligation.

There is a certain amount that you have to pay every month and every year as maintenance for your Pom, food, care, and veterinary checks.

There are also quite a few one-off purchases that must be made. These will probably train if they are a puppy.

Food And Treats

Fortunately, this is an area where they are certainly a budget variety. These are extremely small dogs that only weigh between 4-8 pounds. They only need one cup of dry food per day. A small dog of good quality is best for Pomeranians because it can help with dental problems.

A bag of dog food of 30 pounds takes almost 3 months and costs only $ 55.

Training and socializing

Dog stealing a piece of cake Long-Term Costs For OwnershipTraining is vital for having a well-behaved dog and to prevent behavioral problems from becoming a headache. If you adopt, the shelters sometimes get discounts on classes through their facilities.

If you buy elsewhere, you must search for classes or personal trainers within your budget.

Socializing is also very important if you want your Pom to get used to being close to other animals and responding positively in these situations.

Healthcare And Veterinary Bills

They are generally a pretty healthy little dog, as long as they follow a good diet and exercise well. Annual veterinary checks will be important to ensure that everything that goes wrong is picked up and managed early. These checks cost between $ 20 and $ 75.

Pomeranians are also prone to dental problems because of their small muzzle. This can also cause a collapsed windpipe.


Owning a pet is as much a responsibility as a rewarding experience. Investing in your Pomeranian will ensure that she leads a long and happy life and you can enjoy the company and the great times it will bring for many years to come.

Get up and relax, and you’ll certainly find the ideal Pomeranian in no time. Know that you cannot give a dog monetary value, but (costs) and (value) are two different things.

So make sure that when you buy a Pom, the costs are wise and you get it from a reliable breeder. If you are sure that you are prepared for a Pomeranian, you can start by going to the pet store!

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