How Much Do Great Danes Cost To Owning The Prominent Breed? Full Guide Of 2020

With a great dog comes great responsibility. If you are considering buying a Great Dane, you wonder how much great Danes cost?

Black and white Great Dane staring at camera how much do great danes costThe Great Dane is considered the gentle giant of the dog world. A friendly lap dog in heart and soul, the warm, calm, and loyal Great Dane is truly man’s best friend.

But how much do Great Danes cost, and are there any hidden costs to owning the most prominent breed in the dog kingdom?

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Getting a dog is never cheap, but if you get a breed that looks more like horses than dogs, you look at higher costs than something more significant.

Great Danes are not only known as friendly companions; it is also known that they have considerably higher healthcare costs than other varieties. Not only is their initial purchase price reasonably high, but the necessary veterinary bills and high-quality dog food can also give you a good return during their lifetime.

Before betting on the vast (no intended pun) bet on this breed, it is highly recommended that you evaluate the average cost of a Great Dane.

Let’s figure it out.

Buy A Great Dane Puppy, What You Would Expect To Pay?

Many people joke that great Danes look more like cattle than a pet, and the cost of buying a puppy from a breeder supports this idea. If you buy a puppy from a breeder, your prices will vary greatly – and for significant reasons.

Great Dane dog portrait Buy A Great Dane Puppy, What You Would Expect To Pay?First, you can expect to pay at least $ 500 for a Deen puppy, and that is on the shallow (and suspicious) side of the average. Likely, a puppy in good health and raised by a reputable, responsible breeder will run at least $ 1500 if not more. Show quality puppies cost a whopping $ 3000.

Why is there such a huge gap in prices? Well, you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, a cheap puppy often comes from unhealthy parents or something is wrong with the puppy.

Great Danes are genetically susceptible to many diseases and disorders, and a good breeder ensures that their dogs have no health problems.

Great Danes, for example, are susceptible to developing hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia is usually hereditary, so the formation of regulatory authorities with which responsible breeders can have their breeding dogs evaluated for this harmful joint disease.

It is not cheap to get a dog certified by something like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), so this will significantly increase the cost of puppies.

Although the idea of spending more than a thousand dollars on a dog can cause nausea, it is cheaper to get a healthy dog from the beginning versus a (dirty) puppy with expensive health problems at the end of the day. Day. Away.

How Large Is The Food Bill?

Another factor to consider when examining your budget is food. Great Danes need a lot of food to continue. Their appetite grows with them, but male adult Danes need between 7-10 cups of food per day and females between 6-9 cups. You have to budget around $ 60- $ 80 per month for food.

Black great Dane puppy eating How Large Is The Food Great Dane Bill?Danes need a low-protein, low-calcium and low-fat diet, even if they are puppies. It is essential to give dog food formulas for adults right from the start, NOT for puppies that are marketed. Typically puppy food gives them too much protein, calcium and fat, causing them to grow too fast and cause health problems.

It is essential to divide the daily diet of your Deen into two or even three meals a day to prevent bloating.

Bloat is a terrifying problem for Great Danes; it means that his stomach is twisted and the intestines are affected, and it is severe enough to kill. If your dog gets bloated, she needs medical attention immediately, which is likely to result in surgery that costs between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500.

Great Dane Veterinary Care Costs

Like all puppies, your German dog must be neutered or neutered. This must always be done between four and 18 months of age, and the decision must ultimately be made between you and your veterinarian.

The cost of castration or sterilization varies from clinic to clinic, and it depends on how large your dog is at the time of surgery and whether you choose to do blood. On average, you can expect to pay at least $ 300 for the surgical procedure.

Vaccines are also variable costs and depend entirely on your veterinarian. The nuclear vaccines (rabies, canine disease, parvo, hepatitis, parainfluenza) are around $ 75-150 by the time you pay for examinations.

There are also additional vaccines to consider in some areas of the country or that you will eventually board your Deen.

Great Dane Potential Health Issues

Woman Veterinary Doctor Nurse with Great Dane Dog on White Great Dane Potential Health IssuesSome of the significant and potentially expensive health issues that you may encounter with any Great Dane, regardless of how well-bred it is, include:

  • hip dysplasia
  • elbow dysplasia
  • bloat
  • arthritis
  • Wobbler syndrome
  • dilated cardiomyopathy
  • hypothyroidism
  • entropion
  • ectropion
  • cherry eye.

For this reason, medical expenses should always be considered before you purchase a Great Dane.

Of course, other medical costs are incurred, such as castration or sterilization. This is usually around $ 250.

Preventive care measures such as flea and tick treatments or heartworm medications are also necessary.

You will also want to consider your lifestyle.

Do you live in an apartment that charges an extra pet fee? Are you planning to board your Great Dane during your vacation or rent a dog walk while you work?

These are all different costs that many pet owners do not consider when they first adopt or buy their pet, and it is always useful to be prepared.

So you are financially ready for a Great Dane?

Choosing a Great Dane Breeder

Cute White Dog Great Dane Choosing a Great Dane BreederIt is tempting to choose a breeder based on the puppy you think you are, but this can be a problem on the road. Instead, look for a breeder before looking for specific puppies. Only buy a dog from a breeder with which you can visit their house/farm. If they don’t allow visitors, that’s a significant red flag.

When you visit the breeder, you can see the circumstances in which the animals live and meet the parents of the nest from which you pluck.

Assessing the health and personality of the parents is a good indicator of what the puppies will look like.

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Ask where the majority of their puppies are going. If they go to show or animal houses, that is generally a good sign. However, when their puppies end up in pet stores, it’s time to leave politely. An excellent breeder will never send his puppies to a pet store.

The breeder must also have a health guarantee. This should not be something you have to fight for; reputable breeders should have no problem supplying one.

Even if they have taken all precautions to eliminate hereditary diseases, there is never a guarantee. Make sure you get a written health guarantee that protects you when you buy a puppy with a severe illness such as the parvovirus or heart disease.

If possible, try to get references from people who have bought puppies from the breeder. Breeders who have been active for a long time must have a relatively extensive list of references prepared to support the health and quality of the dogs sold.

Are There Any Other Costs Of Great Danes?

In the same way, all items that belong to a Great Dane will cost more, from her bedding to her crate and belt.

The entry costs are often high, as are the costs for replacing items that hit your Deen or grab and chew them from the counter!

Danes are naturally loving dogs that are very intelligent and respond well on positive reinforcement.

They have great potential to be great dogs, but without proper training, a dog of this size runs the risk of knocking people over when he jumps up or travels through the city if he doesn’t learn how to walk on a leash.

For this reason, thorough training is essential, such as following obedience training, another item that you must include in your budget.

It is important to note that because of their sensitive temperament, whatever training you choose, you have to rely on positive reinforcement because Great Danes tend to react negatively to hard orders and physical corrections.

Final Words

Let’s face it; you can’t appreciate love.

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So in general, great Danes are expensive and usually only because they are significant.

They are excellent dogs, and if you are looking for the love of your life, this is a breed that can fulfill that role nicely.

Are you preparing for a Great Dane to enter your life? Let us know in the comments!

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