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Dachshunds: How High Can They Leap? Safety, Dangers, and Surprising Abilities (2024)

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how high can dachshunds jumpYou’ve likely questioned how high your spunky, little Dachshund can leap.

You’ve heard the warnings: jumping could paralyze your pup.

You’re torn between believing it and enjoying your Doxie’s gravity-defying feats.

We’re here to answer your questions about Dachshund jumping.

We’ll explain why it can be dangerous, how to keep your dog safe, and what you can do to encourage safe jumping.

We’ll also reveal some surprising facts about your Dachshund’s jumping abilities.

So, let’s dive in and discover the truth about how high Dachshunds can jump.

Key Takeaways


Dachshund Jumping Dangers

Dachshund Jumping Dangers
You’re likely aware of the dangers of Dachshund jumping, particularly as it relates to their susceptibility to back problems.

IVDD, a genetic condition that causes spinal disk deterioration, is the primary culprit behind these issues.

While jumping doesn’t directly cause IVDD, it can exacerbate an already compromised disk, potentially leading to a rupture.

The severity of the jump determines the extent of the damage, with minor jumps causing minor ruptures and major jumps causing severe ruptures that may require surgery.

Moreover, the consequences of jumping aren’t limited to the spine.

Dachshunds can also injure their small joints, such as the CCL, through jumping.

Additionally, overweight or short-legged Dachshunds are more prone to IVDD-related injuries from jumping.

Dachshund Jumping Safety

Dachshund Jumping Safety
When it comes to Dachshund jumping safety, assessing your dog’s health and circumstances is essential.

If your Dachshund is healthy and has no underlying back issues, occasional low-height jumping can actually strengthen their core muscles and support their spine.

However, it’s crucial to keep jumping heights within safe limits. Generally, it’s best to keep your Dachshund’s paws within 2 feet off the ground.

Training your Dachshund to jump safely is also essential.

Use positive reinforcement techniques to teach them to jump only when you give the command. This will help prevent them from jumping on people or furniture without permission.

Additionally, providing your Dachshund with stairs or ramps to climb up and down from furniture can help reduce the risk of jumping-related injuries.

Dachshund Jumping Restrictions

Dachshund Jumping Restrictions
Because dachshunds can jump surprisingly high, you’ll need to be vigilant about preventing jumps that could lead to injury.

For starters, limit jump frequency. Dachshunds prone to back issues, like intervertebral disk disease, are especially vulnerable to injury from jumping.

Training challenges are another hurdle. Dachshunds can be stubborn and independent, making training difficult. Excessive exercise can also be harmful, so it’s important to find a balance that keeps your dachshund active without overdoing it.

Crate training and pet ramps can help prevent jumping. Crate training can keep your dachshund safe when you’re not home, and pet ramps can allow them to climb up and down from furniture without jumping.

If your dachshund has back issues, consult your veterinarian about additional precautions you can take to keep them safe. Their longer bodies make them more prone to back problems, so it’s essential to take steps to protect their spines.

Balcony Safety for Dachshunds

Balcony Safety for Dachshunds
Dachshunds may be short and stout, but their jumping ability can surprise you.

From kitchen counters to dining tables, no surface is out of reach for these determined dogs.

And while their agility is impressive, it also poses a safety concern, especially when it comes to balconies.

To keep your dachshund safe, there are a few things you can do to prevent balcony falls.

First, make sure your balcony has a fence that’s at least 35.4 inches tall. This will help prevent your dachshund from jumping over the edge.

You can also use Plexiglass or acrylic sheets to create a see-through fence so your dachshund can still enjoy the view.

Additionally, make sure the fence is smooth to prevent your dachshund from climbing over it.

Dachshund Climbing Ability

Dachshund Climbing Ability
Dachshunds’ climbing skills can make fences seem like mere suggestions. They may use their strong core muscles to hoist themselves over, or they might find gaps or weak spots to exploit.

Their determination and agility are impressive, resembling canine parkour athletes. However, this athleticism can lead to risky situations, so precautions are necessary.

While their agility is entertaining, it’s crucial to remember that their safety is paramount.

Dachshund Motivation and Safety

Dachshund Motivation and Safety
Dachshunds are clever and determined, so their motivation can sometimes lead them into risky situations. They might leap over a fence in pursuit of a squirrel or jump to reach a tempting object. This intelligence can be both a blessing and a challenge, so understanding their motivations is crucial for their safety.

Train your dachshund to resist jumping on people. This prevents excitement-related injuries and makes interactions with guests more pleasant. Use gates, ramps, or rearrange furniture to block access to high surfaces. Teach your dachshund to wait before jumping up or down from surfaces using the wait command.

Consider allowing jumping up but not down to minimize the risk of falling and spinal twisting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I determine my dachshund’s jumping ability accurately?

To gauge your dachshund’s jumping prowess, observe their natural leaps and bounds during playtime or walks.

Their agility and enthusiasm will reveal their jumping capabilities.

Can I train my dachshund to jump only when it’s safe?

Certainly! With patience and positive reinforcement, you can teach your dachshund to discern safe jumping opportunities.

Consistency and clear boundaries will help them understand when and where jumping is acceptable, fostering a safer environment for your beloved companion.

What are some creative ways to keep my dachshund entertained without jumping?

Engage your dachshund’s mind with:

  • Interactive games
  • Snuffle mats
  • Puzzle toys

These activities stimulate their senses and keep them occupied without jumping.

Are there any specific breeds of dachshunds that are more prone to jumping?

No, there aren’t specific dachshund breeds more prone to jumping.

All dachshunds, regardless of breed, can jump high due to their athleticism and determination.

How can I prevent my dachshund from jumping on guests or other animals?

Train your dachshund to sit and stay when guests arrive.

Reward calm behavior with treats and praise.

Use a firm no and gentle leash correction to discourage jumping on other animals.


You’ve been put on notice: a Dachshund’s jumping prowess can be a double-edged sword.

While their aerial escapades are impressive, they can also lead to Ouch! moments.

To keep your trusty sidekick safe, provide soft landing spots, restrict access to dangerous heights, and train them to obey your commands.

With proper precautions and training, you and your Dachshund can enjoy a lifetime of safe and controlled jumping adventures.

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