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Best Shampoos for Goldendoodles in 2023: Reviews & Top Picks (2024)

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Have you ever felt the need to give your beloved Goldendoodle a luxurious spa treatment? Well, we have just the thing for you. We have rounded up some of the finest shampoos available in 2023 specifically tailored towards Goldendoodles and their unique coat type.

Whether it’s tackling tangles or soothing dryness, these top-rated products will help keep your pup looking their best! From Nootie Japanese Cherry Shampoo to Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Shampoo to Cowboy Magic Rosewater shampoo – there is something here for everyone.

Key Takeaways

  • Bathe Goldendoodles every 3 months, adjusting for lifestyle.
  • Use warm, comfortable water for bathing.
  • Consider puppy shampoos suitable for all puppies, such as Burt’s Bees.
  • Address specific needs like dry or itchy skin with products like Vetnique Labs or Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe.

Nootie Japanese Cherry Shampoo

Nootie Japanese Cherry Blossom RejuvenatingView On Chewy
You’ll love the luxurious scent of Nootie Japanese Cherry Shampoo as it lathers up to clean and soften your pup’s fur while stimulating their senses with exotic cherry blossoms and rosemary. This all-natural shampoo is sulfate, soap, and paraben-free, so you can feel good about using it on your furry friend.

Rosemary helps promote a healthy coat by stimulating hair follicles for strong growth that leaves behind a shiny finish after rinsing.

This shampoo is gentle enough for sensitive skin but still powerful enough to combat pet odors between baths.

  • All-natural ingredients
  • Sulfate & Paraben Free
  • Works With Fleas & Ticks Topicals
  • Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Gentle On Sensitive Skin

Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Shampoo

Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Medicated ShampooView On Chewy
If you’re looking for a medicated shampoo to help with skin infections in your Goldendoodle, then Vetnique Labs Dermabliss is the perfect choice. This soap-free, antiseptic formula is cruelty-free and made in the USA. It contains active ingredients like chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole to treat bacterial, yeast, and fungal infections while alleviating itching, dryness, and hair loss.

Not only does it reduce scratching, but it also deodorizes without irritating the skin or washing off topical flea applications! Plus, it’s pH balanced for all dog breeds, which means no matter what type of coat your pup has, this shampoo will do wonders at leaving them feeling clean, soothed, and refreshed!

  • Treats skin infections
  • Alleviates itching & dryness
  • Deodorizes without irritating the skin or washing away flea treatments
  • PH Balanced for all dog breeds
  • More expensive than other shampoos
  • May not be sufficient enough if the pet has severe allergies

Buddy Wash Lavender Mint Dog Shampoo

View On Chewy
You can pamper your Goldendoodle with a luxurious blend of lavender and mint, thanks to Buddy Wash’s all-natural shampoo. This soap-free formula contains pure botanical extracts like sage, aloe vera, rosemary, green tea, and chamomile for gentle cleansing that won’t irritate sensitive skin.

Wheat protein deodorizes while coconut-based ingredients keep the coat soft and shiny without overdrying it out.

Buddy Wash Lavender Mint Dog Shampoo provides numerous benefits such as:

  • Builds a rich lather that rinses easily, leaving coats silky soft and shiny
  • Calms irritated skin and controls odor naturally
  • Fresh scent lasts for days
  • Not sufficient for dogs with dry skin
  • May not be strong enough if there are strong odors present

This product has been highly rated by pet owners who have used it; most report their pets smelling fresh longer than other shampoos they’ve tried before.

BioSilk Dog Shampoo

BioSilk Silk Therapy Detangling DogView On Chewy
Experience the luxurious feel and divine smell of BioSilk Dog Shampoo! This natural, soap-free shampoo is made with oatmeal and organic aloe vera to moisturize, heal, and soothe dry skin. It is paraben-free and phosphate-free while being pH balanced for all dog breeds.

The mild vanilla almond scent helps your pup smell fresh without irritating their skin or washing off any topical flea applications. Plus, it won’t strip away essential oils from the coat like other shampoos can do.

Not only does this shampoo reduce scratching and itching, but its detangling formula works out knots quickly, leaving your pup looking sleek no matter what kind of breed they are, be it small, medium, or large-sized dogs too!

  • Non-stripping formula
  • Detangles knots quickly
  • Cruelty-free
  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Not suitable for dogs with strong odors

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo

Cowboy Magic Rosewater Pet ShampooView On Chewy
Try Cowboy Magic Rosewater Shampoo to leave your pet’s coat soft and shiny with a light rose scent. This specially formulated shampoo contains panthenol and silk proteins to condition the skin and prevent dryness.

The added rosewater provides shine and removes dirt. It rinses quickly, so you don’t have to worry about long bath times for your pup or cat.

Customers report that it works better than other brands, leaving coats feeling like silk! Plus, its light rose scent will make sure their fur stays smelling fresh all day long too.

For those dealing with yellowed fur on their furry friends, this product is especially helpful. It can help whiten coats in addition to providing a deep cleanse, all without over-drying the skin underneath! A little of this product goes a long way, so you’ll get plenty of use out of each bottle, regardless if you’re bathing one pooch or multiple cats at once.

  • Contains panthenol & silk proteins
  • Light rose scent
  • Whitens yellowed fur
  • Specially formulated for dogs & cats
  • Rinses quickly
  • Not suitable for animals with sensitive skin

Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe Shampoo

Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe DogView On Chewy
Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe Shampoo is specially formulated to soothe and heal dry, itchy skin on your pup while providing a pleasant vanilla and almond scent. This natural, soap-free shampoo contains oatmeal and organic aloe vera to moisturize the coat while neutralizing odors.

It is pH balanced for cats as well as dogs over six weeks old and helps reduce scratching or itching from allergies.

The mild scent appeals more to humans than animals, keeping both happy during bath time! Furthermore, this paraben- and phosphate-free formula leaves fur silky soft without stripping away topical flea applications or irritating sensitive skin like similar Burt’s Bees products can do.

  • Soothes & heals dry, itchy skin
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Paraben & Phosphate Free Formula
  • Safe for pets with sensitivities/allergies
  • Mild, human-pleasing aroma not appealing for all pets
  • More expensive compared to other shampoos

Nature Miracle Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo

NatureView On Chewy
For a gentle, hypoallergenic clean that’ll leave your Goldendoodle’s coat feeling like silk, Nature Miracle Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo is the way to go! It’s made with aloe vera and pH balanced for all breeds of dogs.

This shampoo helps neutralize odors while freshening fur. It has been specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin and provide relief from allergy itchiness in adult dogs and puppies. Not only does it reduce scratching and itching, but it also deodorizes without irritating the skin or washing off topical flea applications.

After use, you’ll notice your pet’s coat is left soft, shiny, and smelling lovely – an effect that lasts throughout long days playing outdoors or snuggling up indoors.

  • Helps neutralize odors while freshening fur
  • Specially formulated to soothe sensitive skin
  • Reduces scratching & itching
  • More expensive than other shampoos
  • May not be sufficient for dogs with dry skin
  • May not be the best choice for pets with strong odors

Burt’s Bees Puppy Shampoo

BurtView On Chewy
Moving on from Nature Miracle Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo, Burt’s Bees Puppy Shampoo is an excellent choice for Goldendoodle owners who want to keep their pup’s coat clean and healthy. This 2-in-1 shampoo contains 97% natural ingredients like buttermilk to soothe skin and linseed oil to condition the fur.

It also has a pH balanced formula specifically designed for puppies that won’t strip away essential oils or irritate sensitive skin.

Not only does it effectively remove dirt, but it also leaves coats soft, shiny, and smelling fresh without any strong scents of its own. It can even be used safely on adult dogs with no problems! However, this shampoo may not be ideal for those dealing with dry, flaky skin or pups that have a lot of odor as other shampoos are better suited for these issues.

  • Contains 97% natural ingredients
  • Soothes & conditions fur
  • PH balanced formula specifically designed for puppies
  • Leaves coat soft & shiny after use
  • Not moisturizing enough if your dog has dry/flaky skin
  • Doesn’t help much with doggy smells in some breeds
  • Very runny consistency

Vets Best Allergy Itch Shampoo Dogs

VetView On Chewy
Vets Best Allergy Itch Shampoo for Dogs provides your Goldendoodle with the relief they need from intense skin irritation, thanks to its key ingredients like oatmeal, d-limonene, and tea tree oil. One customer noted that after using this product on their dog’s itchy coat for 15 days straight, the itching and scratching stopped completely—leaving them with a soft and healthy look.

This shampoo is specifically designed to soothe sensitive skin while washing away allergens that may be causing discomfort in dogs of all ages.

Unfortunately, this shampoo can be more expensive than other shampoos out there, but if you’re looking for something specifically designed to help reduce itchiness, then Vets Best Allergy Itch Shampoo for Dogs could definitely be worth a try!

  • Specifically formulated for allergy itch relief
  • Contains key ingredients such as oatmeal & tea tree oil
  • Washes away allergens & soothes sensitive skin
  • Will not affect topical flea or tick treatments
  • More expensive than some other shampoos
  • May cause allergic reaction in some dogs/humans – test first

John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo

John Paul Pet Sensitive SkinView On Chewy
For Goldendoodles, one of the best shampoos on the market is John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo. This salon-quality formula from Paul Mitchell is designed specifically for dogs, cats, and horses. It’s made in the USA with natural ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, and oat protein to soothe sensitive skin while effectively removing dirt without over-drying.

Reviews also indicate that it helps reduce dryness and itching due to allergies, as well as promoting shiny, healthy fur for extra small all the way up to giant breeds.

  • Soothes dry and flaky skin
  • Reduces itching due to allergies
  • Leaves coat soft & shiny
  • Suitable for all-sized dogs & horses
  • Some reviewers did not like the smell
  • Can be expensive compared to other shampoos
  • Needs to be well rinsed to stop prewashing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I bathe my Goldendoodle?

Bathing your Goldendoodle regularly can help keep them healthy and happy. Generally, it’s recommended to bathe them every three months with a mild shampoo suitable for their coat type. However, depending on their lifestyle and activities, you may need to adjust the frequency accordingly.

What temperature of water should I use when bathing my Goldendoodle?

Bathe your Goldendoodle in warm water, not too hot or too cold. Use a temperature that is comfortable for you – it’s usually best to err on the side of cooler rather than hotter. To ensure their coat and skin stay healthy, avoid using excessively hot water when bathing them.

Are these shampoos suitable for puppies?

Yes! All of these shampoos are suitable for puppies, like a security blanket that keeps them safe and clean.

Nootie Japanese Cherry will restore moisture and shine.

Vetnique Labs soothes skin infections.

Buddy Wash Lavender Mint deodorizes naturally.

BioSilk Dog is free of parabens & sulfates.

Cowboy Magic Rosewater contains silk proteins to prevent dryness & rosewater to provide shine.

Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe treats itchy, dry skin.

Nature Miracle Hypoallergenic shampoo is great for sensitive fur babies.

Burt’s Bees Puppy Shampoo conditions well with buttermilk.

Vets Best Allergy Itch relieves allergy itchiness in puppies.

John Paul Pet Oatmeal hydrates coats beautifully with almond oil scent.

How long will the scent of the shampoos last?

Investigating the truth of the theory, you’ll find that scents from Nootie Japanese Cherry, Vetnique Labs Dermabliss, and Buddy Wash Lavender Mint shampoos can last several days. BioSilk Dog Shampoo’s scent is milder, and Cowboy Magic Rosewater’s lasts for hours.

Earthbath Oatmeal Aloe gives a pleasant aroma, while Nature’s Miracle Hypoallergenic may not have any fragrance at all. Burt’s Bees Puppy leaves an almond smell, and Vet’s Best Allergy Itch has a tea tree oil scent that lingers on your pet’s coat.

What is the best way to apply the shampoo to my Goldendoodle?

Apply the shampoo to your Goldendoodle’s coat and massage it to create a lather. Ensure that you cover all areas, then rinse thoroughly for soft, shiny fur with a long-lasting scent!


It’s important to find the right shampoo for your Goldendoodle to keep their coat healthy and soft. After reviewing the top 10 shampoos for Goldendoodles in 2023, there are several great options to choose from.

From the luxurious scent of Nootie Japanese Cherry Shampoo to the soothing ingredients of Nature Miracle Hypoallergenic Dog Shampoo, there’s something for everyone. For those looking for a professional-grade solution, Vetnique Labs Dermabliss Shampoo is a great choice.

For puppies, Burt’s Bees Puppy Shampoo is gentle enough for their sensitive skin. For those dealing with skin infections, Vet’s Best Allergy Itch Shampoo for Dogs is specially formulated to provide relief.

With these top picks, you can find the best shampoo for Goldendoodles that suits your pup’s needs and keeps their coat looking its best.

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