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Best Mulch for Dogs (Top 10 Safe & Pest Repellent) 2023

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Mulch is an important element of landscape design, and its function is to help plants grow, even in difficult soils, to retain moisture.

best mulch for dogsIn addition to giving your garden a neat, aesthetic look, it also provides other benefits, such as controlling weeds and slowing soil erosion.

But the question remains, is mulch safe for dogs, can dogs eat mulch, and if so, what kind of mulch safe for dogs? Caution is always good, and shopping for the best mulch for dogs is no exception.

You must choose the perfect type of mulch to make sure it is non-toxic and pet-friendly.

In this review, we will explore why dogs eat mulch, the benefits of mulch and the types of safe mulch for dogs, and the types that are dangerous or toxic.

Next, we will review 10 products currently on the market and help you find the best mulch for dogs.

Is Mulch Bad for Dogs?

Cocoa bean mulch is made from cocoa shells and is a top-rated garden product. Like chocolate, this mulch contains theobromine. This poison is dangerous to dogs, and your furry companion will likely want to chew on the sweet-smelling cocoa bean mulch.

You can also mulchAvoid larger pieces if you have a puppy who chews everything or a dog who tends to chew things when bored. Larger kibble of many can cause gastrointestinal obstruction if swallowed.

Pine needle mulch is another dangerous option if you have a dog. Ingesting needles can damage your pet’s stomach lining.

Finally, watch out for possible allergic reactions if you’ve just added mulch to your yard. Best dog safe mulch can cause allergic reactions, such as wheezing or rashes. If this happens, remove the mulch and replace it with another product.

What Types of Mulch Safe for Dogs?

What Types of Mulch Safe for Dogs?If you have a dog, it can be difficult to plan how to adapt your yard to your furry friend, but a good option is to mulch the dog’s designated area. Mulch is gentle on the paws, it protects the soil underneath, it is surprisingly comfortable to lay and does not require much maintenance, but knowing what mulch to get is another question as not all mulch is suitable for dogs.

Below are some types of mulch that are recommended for dogs.


Cedar mulch is considered safe for dogs. It does not contain toxic chemicals but can still pose a risk if your dog swallows large chunks. As we mentioned above, cedar also has some insect repellant properties. This product has a pleasant aroma and an attractive natural red color that may appear in your garden.


Although it looks like wood, rubber mulch is made from old tires, so unlike wood mulch, it is more durable and lasts longer, requiring almost no maintenance.

Dogs are also not attracted to the smell or taste. Made of rubber, so it is very likely your dog will not be interested in it.


Another mulch that is non-toxic and safe for dogs is pine. Use caution if your landscaping material contains pine needles. They can irritate or puncture the stomach if your friend eats them.

Untreated Wood

Natural wood that hasn’t been painted or treated is also safe for dogs. Although dyes used today to color mulch are non-toxic, the chemicals can leach into the soil.

The Best Mulch for Dogs (Top 10 Brand Reviewed) of 2023

Not all materials are ideal for pets, and you should be sure to buy a completely pet-safe, non-toxic species.

So let’s take a look at some of the best dog safe mulches that will provide a safe and comfortable provide a resting place for their fur friend.

1. Ez-straw Seeding Mulch With Tack

EZ-Straw Seeding Mulch with TackView On AmazonStraw is a slightly uncommon option for mulch, but this is something to consider if you have a dog who tends to chew on other types of mulch.

Straw is safe for dogs. Your pet can use Strawdigestand is less likely to chew on it. It does not have a thick texture.

This mulch protects the soil and contains binders to create a firm coverage. Straw is traditionally used to grow grass seeds, but you can use it for garden beds and other areas.

Straw retains water and keeps weeds away. You should be able to cover 500 square feet with this 2.5 cubic foot cube.

  • It prevents dogs from getting muddy feet.
  • It provides plenty of ground cover.
  • The heel makes it easy to apply.
  • Some customers said there were seeds in the product.
  • Some customers said it was not sticky enough.

2. Kaytee Red Cedar Mulch for Dogs

Kaytee Red Cedar BeddingView On AmazonCompletely natural and biodegradable, with a clean scent you’ll love, Kaytee’s Red Cedar bedding is a shoo-in to our dog mulch review’s top pick. In a decent 6.6-pound bag, this type of mulch isn’t just good for your dog’s area, as well as pet cages if you also have mini pets.

The mulch is made from oriental red cedar blocks that have been filtered to make a good choice if your dog has allergies. The natural cedar oils not only smell fresh but also repel those unwanted fleas and ticks that it expands up to three times the volume and is 20 percent more absorbent than comparable products, making it an excellent value.

The chips are a bit on the larger size, so they may not be suitable for tiny puppies, but for adult dogs who like to be outside, this should not fit.

  • It has a fresh aroma and assists in protecting potty odors down.
  • You can use it for your canine run and gardening.
  • It prevents muddy dog feet.
  • It is not secure for some pocket pets.
  • There can be some difference inconsistency between bags.

3. Amish Aromatic Red Cedar Wood Shavings

Amish Aromatic Cedar Wood Shavings.View On AmazonMulch and dogs are a great combination as it is a material that keeps bad odors at bay while providing a comfortable resting place for your pup.

The Amish make this red cedar wood product: so produced in the United States, and it is 100% natural and environmentally friendly.

Amish Aromatic Red Cedar Wood Shavings contains no preservatives and no chemicals and is great for keeping bugs (such as moths and ants) away. Why invest in artificial materials when you can supply your furry friend with real quality wood chips?

  • The remedy is fresh and fragrant.
  • The chips are huge adequate to resist blowing in the wind.
  • It looks excellent around the yard.
  • It comes loose in the box – open cautiously!
  • There’s lots of dust.

4. Four Winds Trading Natural Cedar Shavings

Natural Cedar Shavings (8 Quart)View On AmazonWhile this mulch is great for use in the backyard or garden, it also has many indoor uses – that is, everything from a non-toxic air freshener to cat litter for dogs.

The curls also have a fresh earthy scent and act as a natural insect repellent. Just spread them around the doghouse for fleas and flies.

As a bonus, they come in a handy resealable bag for added convenience!

  • It assists deal with insects in the backyard.
  • It is straightforward to use
  • It smells outstanding
  • It is a tiny amount for the price.

5. Cedarcide Insect Repelling Cedar Mulch

Cedarcide Granules (1 Bag) InsectView On AmazonFree of toxic chemicals, GMOs, or artificial additives, this great-smelling cedar mulch from Cedarcide is an excellent choice for larger dogs thanks to the large bag.

Cedarcide also prides themselves on their products’ quality and safety, with this pet-safe cedar mulch that is also skin-safe and hypoallergenic. Unlike some other mulches, Cedarcide Red Cedar is grain rather than a chip, so it’s finer and softer to use.

It is also handmade from organic cedar trees. The cedar oil smells natural and works effectively to repel those pesky fleas and ticks from your pet for up to eight weeks. Next to your dog’s house or run and Cedarcide is also an effective mulch for your garden, bedding, and lawns, to keep those weeds at bay.

  • It operates nicely to lower down the bugs.
  • It smells great
  • It is not irritating to canines.
  • The shavings are small and can stick to puppy paws.

6. Playsafer Rubber Nuggets

Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets ProtectiveView On AmazonThis Playsafer ground cover is made from recycled rubber. 12-year color guarantee. The product is available in 6 color options. It is 99.9% certified wireless.

There are 1.55 cubic feet in a 40-pound bag. It dries quickly after rain and does not attract mold or pests.

  • It seems excellent and retains its color.
  • It will not rot or entice termites.
  • It is sturdy and will final much more than a yr.
  • You can locate tiny pieces of wire in the mulch.

7. International Mulch Company Ns8rw Redwood

International Mulch Company NS8RW RedwoodView On AmazonUsing mulch for dogs is an excellent way to keep them warm during the winter, cool in the summer, and generally comfortable and at ease. This pet-safe mulch is made from recycled rubber: toxin-free: and it & # 39; a way for any environmentally conscious dog owner to take care of the planet while giving their beloved pup the comfortable space of their puppy dreams.

NS8RW Redwood Rubber Mulch is a safe mulch that can be used for dogs of all sizes and may have some additional benefits for dogs with allergies; by minimizing dust build-up and mold growth moss.

  • You don’t have to fret about termites or other wood parasites.
  • It looks excellent
  • It won’t rot, so it lasts longer.
  • You might locate steel shavings in the item.

8. Pet’s Pick Cedar Bedding

PETSPICK Red Cedar Pet BeddingView On AmazonKennel Care Cedar Chip Mulch comes with an impressive level of odor control to keep your dog’s outdoor space pleasant. In addition to the natural cedar scent, which acts as an effective neutralizer and flea/tick repellent, these cedar chips also absorb moisture very well.

Shavings are oven-dried to remove any harmful bacteria from the wood and improve absorbency. Not only that, but the mulch is then (triple shielded to remove excess dust that can irritate your pet and their skin.) size so you can create an excellent dog bed that will keep your dog warm outside and the value of our best price. The yield will increase as this is also an excellent mulch for your garden and plants when you need to keep bugs and flea infestations at bay.

  • It smells great
  • It’s straightforward to use and refresh.
  • It aids in keeping pests away.
  • It has an excellent deal of tiny pieces that can blow away.

9. Kaytee Pine Bedding

Kaytee Pine Bedding, 4.0 CubicView On AmazonThis all-natural and biodegradable pine mulch is an excellent choice to add to your dog’s bed and # 39; cozy and fresh. Still, it is not as absorbent as cedar mulch.

As expected, it has a pleasant pine scent and can be useful in repelling certain insects such as mosquitoes.

Guaranteed 99% dust-free, it also keeps the mess in and ensures that you or your dog are not bothered by allergens in the air.

  • The fresh wood scent assists in keeping pet odor down.
  • It is a superb really worth for the funds.
  • It’s dusty
  • It is incredibly light-bodyweight and can fly away effortlessly.

10. 100% Natural Cedar Chips

100% Natural Cedar Chips |View On AmazonThis mulch is made from western red cedar trees and is useful for dog beds and landscaping. A bag contains about 5 liters of material. The natural aroma can freshen up your home or garden. Wood Smith USA made it.

  • It operates nicely as a bug repellant.
  • It has a wonderful aroma.
  • It looks excellent in potted plants and the backyard.
  • The chips are .tiny
  • It is a tiny bag

FAQs About Mulch for Dogs

Is Mulch Toxic to Dogs?

Mulch made from cocoa husks is known as cocoa bean mulch and is particularly toxic to dogs. Homeowners with dogs should stay away from this type of mulch and seek a less toxic alternative. While other types of mulch are not necessarily toxic, they can also be dangerous.

Why my dog eat mulch?

Most mulch is made from tree bark and has an appealing aroma to canines. Dogs are also natural chewers, and some like to gnaw on wood. While most mulches are not toxic to our furbabies, they still formally pose a choking risk or obstructions.

What can happen if my dog eats mulch?

While dogs love the feel of mulch, it’s important to train them not to eat it, and if they get into the habit of eating it, it can have negative effects.

Especially if your dog ingests that cocoa bean mulch can be toxic, so as we discussed above, this is not recommended; it just isn’t worth the risk.

However, keep in mind that any mulch is not good for your dog to take, even if it’s completely safe.

Larger cedar fibers can wreak havoc on the digestive tract, while pine needles can puncture your pet’s stomach lining.

Bid Your Dog Insteadfrom that, put on something else to chew (like a bully or stuffed animal to chew) and make sure he gets plenty of physical and mental exercise throughout the day.

Can I use dog safe mulch on an outdoor dog run without a roof cover?

Yes, these products can be used in an outdoor dog run. Rubber mulch may be more resistant to windy weather because it is heavier.

Is Cypress Mulch Safe To Use In Dog Runs?

Cypress mulch is a common type of mulch, and fortunately, cypress is not considered toxic to dogs. However, when eaten, mulch is not necessarily easily digestible, leading to intestinal obstruction. Intestinal blockage signs include vomiting almost immediately after eating or drinking, lethargy, no bowel movements, and a sore stomach.

Will safe mulch for dogs repel insects?

The natural chemicals in cedarwood act as an insect repellent and can help reduce the number of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and other pests. Rubber mulch has no inherent repellent properties, but the synthetic material does not attract insects.

Are cedar shavings safe to use in dog runs?

Cedar is non-toxic to dogs, and the scent of cedar even repels insects. It is safe to use cedar mulch in your dog’s run: but only if your dog does not have it. The type that chews the mulch when alone and/or bored; if so, avoid using mulch in the run.

My dog ​​likes to lie in mulch, is that okay?

Yes! In fact, many pet owners choose to use mulch as a lining in their dog’s bed or kennel.

Here’s why:

  • Mulch is highly absorbent: this means that it quickly traps and removes liquids, such as urine so that your dog can stay dry even after an accident. If you use cedar or pine), it also helps absorb odors from urine.
  • Mulch retains heat: Not only does it feel good for dogs to snuggle up in a bed of mulch, but its soft texture help also retain their body heat so that they stay warm all night.


Using mulch is a great way to prepare your garden for a furry friend as it keeps them safe and comfortable at the same time, whatever the weather.

Choosing the best mulch for dogs is essential, and you will find many good options when searching online. Allow your dog to roll around in softwood shavings or soft rubber mulch, knowing this will help him maintain an average body temperature all year round.

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