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Best Dog for Single Men: Find Your Best Friend 2023

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Are you looking for the best dog for a single man to keep you company on those cold nights? Or maybe you are looking for security or someone to meet you when you walk through the door.

Whatever day you have at work or how your love life is, the only one waiting every day at home will be your sweet pet, her tail wiggling and looking up at me with that beautiful smile.

man hugging a young charming puppy. close-up - dog for single man stock pictures royalty-free photos & images bestYou know that you want that unconditional (as drooling) love in your life. Who wouldn’t do that? So this is for the single guys: let’s find a great dog for you (who knows, maybe your dog can even help you find a date)!

If you love dogs and wonder if some of them are the best dog for single men.

Let’s choose the best dog for your personality, circumstances, and living situation so that you can end up with a life companion. The saying (dog is men’s best friend) is not just a general opinion.

There are a no better friend and companion dogs than a loyal and loving pet. It’s all about the bond between the man and his dog.

This post about the ten best dogs for single guys outlines their temperament, basic needs, and other relevant information.

Few Things To Keep In Mind When You Think Of The Right Dog For You

To decide which dog is best for you, you must first identify its essential characteristics. When choosing a dog, it must have as many following attributes as possible.

  • Size: you need a dog that fits in your house without feeling too busy
  • Personality: make sure you have a lifestyle similar to your chosen pet. If you are of the athletic type, you will probably get frustrated by a dog who wants to go home after a 5-minute jog
  • Ease of care: unless you have the If you’re going to spend the night after work to take care of your pet, a low-maintenance dog is probably the best choice
  • Energy level: Men who enjoy outdoor activities usually want an energetic and action-oriented type of dog who likes to participate in football training, camping, and hiking.
  • Similar personality is very similar when looking for a lady; Your dog must have a character compatible with yours. If you are the kind of person who has no mess or mess, a Labrador dog that likes to roll around in the dirt may not be a great choice for you.
  • Adulthood: If you plan to take care of a dog, you may know that it requires a lot of love, work, sacrifice, and dedication. You will have to teach him basic obedience commands if you want him to greet your visitors. Most pet owners prefer an adult dog that has already been trained in the basics because they find this type of work tiring.

This rules out high-energy canines like border collies and types notorious for drooling, like mastiffs.

If you are ready to find a dog that is your lifelong companion, here is your guide, the ten best dogs for single men.

10 Best Dog Breeds for Single Men

Below we list the ten best dog breeds for single men. Of course, these are not the only dog breeds for a single person, but we think these are ten great dog breeds to start with!

1. Labrador Retriever

man with dog - labrador retriever stock pictures royalty-free photos & images best dog for single man LabradorLabrador Retrievers, one of the most popular dog breeds globally, are a pleasure to own. They want to satisfy their owners and are easy to train, and they are a great choice for guys looking for a pet that will play with them endlessly.

Originally bred to fetch fish, they like to play with their owner and will be the perfect companion dogs for a day at the beach, thanks to their love of water.

There are many other benefits, including that they are straightforward to care for and generally relatively healthy with slight known tendencies in medical problems.

These dog breeds have a water-resistant coat that is easy to maintain and flippers suitable for swimming. Labradors are perfect at playing catch, and they are big enough to grab the Frisbee during the flight. It seems that everyone loves Labrador, and Labradors love everyone.

Friendly, cute, and loyal, a Labrador retriever could be the ideal choice for you.

2. French Bulldogs

french bulldog sleeping on man using his smart phone - french bulldogs stock pictures royalty-free photos & imagesFew things are more fun than a French Bulldog, but that’s just one reason why they can be a great addition to your life.

Thanks to their friendly personalities, it is almost guaranteed that you will never be bored. And they can be great companion dogs for tools in the city.

Although, when it comes to training, they can be a little stubborn. Unlike walking, they don’t need many exercises, so you can sit at home and watch the football match together if you are a single man.

Long walks may not be best for them all year round because their flatter faces can cause breathing problems. But they can go with you on other adventures, she says, including eating out in cafes and taking a walk on sidewalks.

If you are looking for a puppy that will not only be a great company but may also attract your soulmate, then it’s the Frenchie. He will be happy to see you when you get home and give you a lot of attention during walks, which can lead to date (if that’s what you’re looking for).

3. Boxers

i love my dog - boxers dog stock pictures royalty-free photos & images Boxers dogFew dogs have the pit and ready-to-rock attitude that boxers have. Boxers are handsome, friendly, and playful, and boxers are male (broad shoulders and angular heads) and female-friendly (reasonably clean and tidy).

Boxers need a lot of exercises, so they are not ideal for bank potatoes, but they want to lie on the couch after a long day of playing.

Moreover, their short, carefree coats are a dream for an active single man who lacks time to tackle such things. Is who loves his family. They are easy to train and are very intelligent.

They are energetic, but they can adapt to apartment living with enough exercise.

However, boxers prefer more mild climates, so dog owners should be careful when taking them outside in cold or warm weather.

They also don’t like to be home alone for a long time but are great family pets.

4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

man kissing his furry best friend - staffordshire bull terrier stock pictures royalty-free photos & imagesAlthough (Staffies) may have a bad reputation because of their visual similarity to the often aggressive (dog breeds of bulls), Pit bull Terriers are mild and friendly and generally have a lovely temperament.

Pits are not the pop culture of the evil monsters you would want to believe; most are nothing more than bundles of love, licking, and loyalty. Of course, there are bad apples in every cluster, and wells sometimes attract the worst types of owners, but trainers often find the breed too friendly for the watchdog’s work.

With their muscular build and high energy levels, they are a great companion for any man who likes to train, and you have a jogging partner for life.

Even better, Staffies are not too big, so you will have no trouble putting one on your couch while you nestle in the evening with your furry friend to watch TV.

Staffies are one of the most masculine-looking pets there are, so if you want a dog that looks like a man’s best friend, then the pit bull Terrier might be ideal for you.

As a pet, you can expect your pet to bark at something unusual, follow you like a shadow, and ask for attention with everything with your hands.

5. German Shepherd

portrait of a german shephard - german shepherd stock pictures royalty-free photos & images German ShepherdSome singles may be looking for a loyal, intelligent dog for safety. The German Shepherd is the right choice if you want a trainable dog that gives you a safer feeling when home alone or goes for walks at night.

When it comes to guarding dogs and working dogs, the German Shepard is the only race for men. It is also known as the grandfather of all watchdog breeds.

They can be brilliant and hardworking, searching and saving counseling and therapy. Finding a job is a favorite for this breed.

In general, they are highly respected for their excellent performance. They are also very loyal and perfect friends.

6. English Bulldog

man and dog enjoying sunny day in nature - english bulldog stock pictures royalty-free photos & images EnglishThe English Bulldog is more significant than its French counterpart but has many qualities, including many personalities. And as a highly loyal dog, there is nothing more than a Bulldog loves more than their person, says Ellis. Bulldogs are a great companion for anyone looking for a lounge-around-the-house buddy.

The training requirements of many races are an obstacle that is often difficult to overcome, especially for those who prefer to patrol rather than play outside.

But everything is not lost for the activity disadvantageous; bulldogs are one of those lazy dog breeds that are even less interested in running than you!

But English bulldogs are not only loved for their couch potato manners, but they are also cute little buggers with hearts of gold. They are susceptible to various health problems, so they will never want to accompany you on a flight, but they make up for both their company and cartoon-like manners.

Thanks to their low energy level, they do not need much exercise, making them the right choice if you work day in and out.

7. Great Dane

black and white great dane staring at camera - great dane stock pictures royalty-free photos & images Great DaneIf you hope you can go outside with a dog and meet more people, this is undoubtedly true if you have a Great Dane.

These vast dogs always attract a lot of attention, and wherever you are, you will find that strangers often stop to comment on your giant pet! But despite their vast size, the Danes are very gentle, calm, and loving, and even better, if you don’t love yourself, they don’t need as much exercise as you might think.

If you are looking for a suitable male lap dog, a Great Dane is ideal for you: they are very people-oriented and will be happy to lie on your couch with you as long as you have enough space! You may think that this breed is out of the question for you if you live in an apartment, but you don’t have to worry because great Danes are just as at home there as in a house thanks to their low energy personality and gentle attitude.

8. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever for single manGolden Retrievers are often described as great family dogs, but that doesn’t mean they need large family dogs. As long as you give them much attention and love, golden retrievers are just as happy to be in a family of only two.

Personally, golden retrievers are as good as they can be. They want to hang out, play and get some love from their person. But although they greet most people with a wagging tail and curious nose, they still have a protective side and are always on the lookout for hazards such as car horns, geese, squirrels, and mail carriers.

Goldens and Golden mixes have a long coat, and their tendency to shed will wear off that old vacuum you’ve purchased at a garage sale, so make sure you switch on your carpet cleaning game when you go with a golden retriever.

Although they welcome everyone with their wagging tail and curious nose, you have to know that they also have a protective side. They are alert to any danger, such as geese, car horns, squirrels, or mail carriers. Their dog hair requires constant maintenance because they have long hair and shed. So if you take one, you need to vacuum your carpet every few days.

9. Pug dog

isnPugs are great at adapting to new environments and going with the flow, so they can fit well if you exercise a lot and still unwind in life.

They can be thrilled in apartments live and, like the Bulldogs above, are not always the most active. That does not mean they do not need walks or do not like to play because they want to do that. But energy levels are always a good thing to keep in mind, especially if you only care for a dog.

The pug is a great dog for someone who travels a lot: they quickly adapt to new environments and situations, so if you move or travel a lot, they’re cool with that (as long as they can come!).

10. Siberian Husky

siberian husky sitting 4 years old isolated on white - siberian husky stock pictures royalty-free photos & imagesLike boxers, huskies represent a great mix of male and female qualities. On the one hand, huskies are fierce, athletic dogs that have been bred to drag heavy stuff across fields of ice and snow: it’s more complicated than that. But on the other hand, huskies are beautiful, royal-looking dogs with piercing eyes and almost luxurious fur.

Huskies are usually friendly when they are a bit shy. But once they have warmed themselves up for someone, they have made a new lifelong friend.

The only challenges they offer are their need for good practice and their fur, which gradually becomes everything you own

As the dog breed most closely related to their ancestral wolf, the Siberian Husky is a force to be reckoned with.

Incredibly beautiful and very similar to the wolf, this dog breed is appreciated by those who care for a primordial relationship with the past. They are bred as working dogs, so don’t be surprised if this breed wants to discover more than others!

Conclusion: Best Dog for Single Men

spending day with dog in nature - dog for single man stock pictures royalty-free photos & images best dog for singleWhatever the others say, each of those races is perhaps the best for you. It depends on what you expect from this dog, hunting partner, company, protection, or just a best friend to play with.

They offer unconditional love and support to dog owners and, at the same time, provide fun and entertainment. With the right dog, you can quickly form an eternal bond.

Although most single men tend to adopt more giant or gigantic races, remember that size is not that important. There are many other functions to consider, such as a dog’s gender, health concerns, care, and maintenance level. There are some breed characteristics that you may not train with. Whatever your motivation, select the dog breed accordingly.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are hundreds of other dog breeds to choose from. So don’t give up if you can’t find the best dog for a single man you’re looking for.

No matter what breed of dog you choose, you need a certain amount of patience when training them and allowing them to get involved in their new home. It will be a big transition for both of you, so keep this in mind.

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