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Renascence Bulldogge: a Healthy Bulldog Again (2024)

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renascence bulldogge finally a healthy bulldog againIf you’ve ever gazed upon a Bulldog and wondered what kind of creature it could have been in its prime, then the Renascence Bulldogge is your answer. This crossbreed is an attempt to recreate the healthy working-class bulldogs from centuries ago – think less shambling frog-like forms and more agile, leaner builds with fewer respiratory issues.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, this breed can finally bring us back to that original form while maintaining its signature features. The Renascence Bulldogge was created with these very standards in mind: physical appearance should be athletic yet dignified; temperament should be confident but friendly; health testing must meet strict criteria for soundness if registered as purebreds by either The International Olde English Breed Registry (IOEBR) or The Olde Victorian Farm Dog Society (OVFDS).

To find yourself one of these puppies make sure to look out for reputable breeders who can provide information on their health tests and certifications so you know exactly what type of puppy you’re getting!

Key Takeaways

  • Renascence Bulldogge is a crossbreed created in the 1990s by Chadde JoliCoeur.
  • It is a blend of five distinct dog types, including the English Bulldog, Hermes OEB, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, and Bandog.
  • Renascence Bulldogs have an athletic and leaner build, with fewer respiratory issues compared to traditional bulldogs.
  • Regular exercise is necessary to keep them healthy.

Renascence Bulldogge: a Healthy Bulldog Breed

Renascence Bulldogge: a Healthy Bulldog Breed
The Renascence Bulldogge is a crossbreed of the English Bulldog, Hermes OEB, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, and Bandog. Developed by Chadde JoliCoeur in the 1990s to combat respiratory issues and create an athletic frame with increased responsiveness to training, this breed has a symmetrical body structure that stands between 17-22 inches at the withers, with short coats coming in colors such as black and tan or chocolate brindles.

With its friendly temperament towards familiar people, it’s no wonder why this new breed was created – finally giving us a healthier version of our beloved bulldogs.

Purpose of the Crossbreed

You were looking for a leaner, more responsive dog with fewer respiratory issues, and the Renascence Bulldogge was created to provide all that and more. This unique breed is a crossbreed of English Bulldog, Hermes OEB, American Bulldog types (Johnson & Scott), Bullmastiff & Bandog (Mastiff-Pitbull mix).

It offers advantages in training responsiveness due to its athletic frame. To reduce respiratory issues common among Bulldogs, the stocky build of the Johnson type is blended with the lighter Scott type.

Little pedigree history exists, but clear standards are needed. Males and females should weigh 60-90 pounds and have a height of 17” – 22” at withers. They should also have a symmetrical body shape and a short smooth coat in colors like black & tan or rare solid white/black.

It is important to find reputable breeders through research since puppy scams are rampant.

Characteristics of the Renascence Bulldogge

The Renascence Bulldogge is an athletically-built breed with a powerful body and symmetrical features, boasting a broad muscular shoulder structure fit for any working dog. It has the intelligence of English Bulldogs and American Pit Bulls, plus the strength of Bullmastiffs.

In terms of temperament, these dogs are friendly towards familiar people but may be wary around strangers. They require plenty of exercise to stay healthy and their coats come in colors such as black & tan, chocolate brindle, or solid white/black.

High health standards should also be considered when owning this type: hip x-ray tests, eye examinations, and heart testing to rule out respiratory illnesses which can affect bulldog breeds in general.

Development of the Breed

Developed in the 1990s, this athletic and friendly breed blends five distinct dog types to create a healthier Bulldog. Breeding methods included careful selection of dogs for genetic diversity as well as rigorous health testing.

Pedigree research was paramount to ensure that only those with reliable records were used. The result is an impressive blend of English Bulldog, Hermes OEB, American Bulldog, Bullmastiff, and Bandog—specifically Mastiffs and Pitbulls—that produces a leaner frame with fewer respiratory issues than its predecessors.

The Renascence Bulldogge Breed Standard

The Renascence Bulldogge Breed Standard
The Renascence Bulldogge is a healthier version of the traditional bulldog, created to restore its athletic frame and reduce respiratory issues. These dogs have an impressive physical appearance; they should be symmetrical in body shape with broad shoulders and rounded ribs, topped off by a large square head with a short muzzle.

Temperament-wise, these dogs are friendly towards familiar people while remaining alert to strangers.

Physical Appearance

You’ll be amazed by the broad shoulders, square head, and muscular frame of this athletic breed. The Renascence Bulldogge has a symmetrical body with a short back and a smooth coat. It comes in colors like black and tan or brindle and has a height range from 17 to 22 inches at the withers.

Weighing between 60-90 pounds, it also features a large head with a moderately wrinkled face. The muzzle is short but wide to help with breathing issues common among Bulldogs.

Mixed breeds of the Renascence Bulldogge include English Bulldog, Hermes OEB, American Bulldog types Johnson/Scott type, Bullmastiff, and Bandog (Molosser mixes or Mastiff Pitbull).


Expect your Renascence Bulldogge to be friendly, highly trainable, and loyal – the perfect companion for any active lifestyle. It is important to socialize them from an early age with proper training techniques in order to ensure a balanced temperament.

Temperament assessment is also beneficial for understanding behavioral characteristics and can help prevent potential issues relating to respiratory problems.

Finding a Renascence Bulldogge Puppy

Finding a Renascence Bulldogge Puppy
When it comes to finding a Renascence Bulldogge puppy, the most important things to consider are reputable breeders, health testing, and documentation. It is essential that you purchase your new pup from a responsible breeder who can provide proof of their dog’s ancestry as well as up-to-date medical records.

Before making your decision, make sure you research the parent breeds and ask for all relevant health information on both sire and dam.

Reputable Breeders

Finding a reputable breeder is essential for ensuring the health and well-being of your Renascence Bulldogge. It is important to choose responsibly by researching breeders, asking questions about their certification, and only adopting from those who provide health guarantees.

Ethical breeders should keep detailed records of ancestry. They should also have all puppies tested for hip dysplasia or any other potential genetic issues before adoption.

The puppy adoption process should include a home visit to ensure that the environment is suitable and safe for raising a dog like this one with its unique physical characteristics.

With these considerations in mind, you can be sure that you are getting an ethically raised dog that will bring joy to your family while remaining healthy throughout its life!

Health Testing and Documentation

When searching for a Renascence Bulldogge, it’s essential to research the breeder and ensure they provide health testing records and proof of ancestry. Responsible breeding practices are necessary for ensuring healthy dogs with an accurate breed standard.

Health tests, such as hip x-rays, eye exams, and heart evaluations, should be conducted on all parent dogs before producing litters of puppies. It is important to have documentation standards that include a medical history confirming that any respiratory issues have been addressed in the parents or their ancestors, as this is a common problem among Bulldogs.

Knowing the breed’s health history can help buyers make an informed decision when selecting their pup from reputable sources only!

The History of Bulldog Mascots

The History of Bulldog Mascots
Bulldogs have long been associated with sports teams, and some of the most famous mascots have been bulldogs. From Yale’s Handsome Dan to Uga VII from the University of Georgia, these furry friends are beloved by fans around the world.

Let’s explore their inspiring stories and discover how the Renaissance Bulldogge is finally a healthy bulldog breed again.

Bulldogs as Sports Team Mascots

You may have seen bulldogs representing sports teams in the past, such as Uga VII from the University of Georgia. Bulldog mascots are ingrained in college and professional sport traditions. From Yale’s Handsome Dan to Mississippi State’s Bully XXI, famous mascot moments include Uga VII napping during games or Sonny Seiler, his owner with a barrel-chested bravura.

Bulldog fan culture also includes celebrating wins by hoisting their pup high up for all to see! Bulldogs athletics is key. They inspire team spirit and strength while displaying unique physical characteristics like a droopy face or wide slumping shoulders.

Renascence Bulldogge is finally a healthy bulldog again – an athletic frame and friendly temperament that make them ideal mascots!

Famous Bulldog Mascots

Famous bulldog mascots, such as Uga VII from the University of Georgia, have become iconic figures around the country. The most famous is probably Uga VII, a red and white American Bulldog descended from an old family red-nosed sorrel pitbull line.

Bully XXI at Mississippi State and Smokey X at Tennessee are two other well-known ones. Reveille X is Texas A&M’s current canine companion; she’s an English Mastiff mix with unknown origins due to puppy scammers claiming Bandogs were her ancestors.

These special dogs embody strength and loyalty while educating their fans about Bulldogs’ history and health issues to ensure they can be saved for years to come!

The Future of the Bulldog Breed

The Future of the Bulldog Breed
The Bulldog breed has been known for its wrinkly, smooshed face and used as a mascot for various sports teams. Despite this recognition, bulldogs have suffered from potential health issues due to their unique physical characteristics.

Although there are challenges in restoring the original healthy form of the Bulldog, recent developments such as Renascence Bulldogs may be able to bring back an athletic frame with fewer respiratory issues.

Health Concerns and Challenges

Despite their popular use as mascots, bulldogs suffer from serious health issues due to their unique physical characteristics. Breed standards are not yet well-defined for the Renascence Bulldogge and pedigree history is limited, making it difficult to determine how much of a contribution each breed has made.

Health testing is essential when purchasing one of these pups. This includes hip x-rays, eye exams, heart evaluations, and clean medical records regarding respiratory issues. Unfortunately, puppy scams are common, so buyers must be cautious with who they purchase from and look for proof of ancestors as well as health test results before buying a Renascence Bulldogge pup.

Without proper research, risks can increase in regards to any potential health or temperamental problems that may arise later on down the line.

Potential Solutions and Improvements

With the development of the Renascence Bulldogge, a unique blend of English Mastiff and American Pitbull Terrier breeds, hope is given for a healthier bulldog with fewer respiratory issues. Potential breeding strategies prioritize genetic diversity to minimize health risks.

Improved breathing can be achieved through careful selection and implementation of adequate socialization methods that will help develop confident personalities.

Long-term monitoring offers insight into how successful these measures are in improving the breed’s overall wellbeing. Through responsible ownership and commitment to educating owners on proper training techniques, this new generation of Bulldogs has great potential to become a strong representation for their species once again.


From the muscular and athletic frame of the Renascence Bulldogge to the friendly temperament of an old companion, this breed is a symbol of hope for a healthier future for the Bulldog breed. Breeders have carefully selected for specific physical characteristics and temperaments, creating a dog that is both functional and healthy.

The breed standard continues to be refined and documented, ensuring that the Renascence Bulldogge remains an example of a well-bred and responsible Bulldog. With proper care and health testing, these dogs will be able to remain a healthy and strong breed for years to come.

The Renascence Bulldogge represents a brighter future, not just for Bulldogs, but for all breeds.

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