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Trim Dog’s Hair Safely Around Eyes – Proper Tools and Step-by-Step Method Full Guide of 2024

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beautiful shih-tzu at the groomerAs a caring dog owner, you want to keep your pup comfortable.

Trimming the hair around your dog’s eyes prevents eye irritation while allowing their beautiful eyes to shine through.

We’ll review proper tools like grooming shears and comb types so you can carefully trim around the eyes without injury.

With some tips for cleaning eye gunk first and slowing down, you’ll properly shape around those eyes.

How To Clean The Gunk Of The Dog’s Eyes

hands cleaning dog eyes - clean  dog eyes s and pictures How To Clean The Gunk Of The Dog’s EyesBefore you start cutting the hair around the dog’s eyes, it is best to clean your dog’s eyes. This can be an important part to keep your dog safe and healthy.

determine the cause of the discharge, Gunk in the eyes of your dog can indicate a serious medical condition and justifies treatment by your veterinarian.

This Gunk does not necessarily indicate a problem with the eyes, but possibly caused by a bit of irritation or overactive tear tubes.

Once you’ve discovered what causes eye drainage, you can clean your dog’s eyes with a damp cloth or a special eye shower for dogs.

What Is Normal And When Should I Be Worried?

Just like human eyes, dog eyes need lubrication to function normally. So how do you know if your dog has eye problems?

Well, when was the last time you thought about smearing your own eye? The last time they were probably extremely wet, or extremely dry, or extremely gunky. And you probably blinked, peered, touched, and showed physical signs of infection or irritation.

The same applies to your dog. Eye secretion is normal until this is not the case. To ensure good eye health and quality of life for your dog, pay attention to resolve signs of eye problems:

  • Excessively watery eyes
  • Excessively dry eyes
  • A noticeable increase in eye secretion
  • Change in consistency or color of eye secretion
  • Rubbing or claws in the eyes
  • Excessive blinking
  • Bloody or too many bloodshot eyes
  • A visible foreign object in the eye

At the moment, you probably understand what to do if you notice these symptoms – contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Considerations When Cutting Dog Hair Around Eyes

  • Never aim the scissors directly at your dog’s eyes.
  • Always keep straight scissors parallel to your dog’s face. In the event that you slip or move your dog, the point of the scissors is not near the eye of your dog.
  • With a small comb, pull the hair up and away from your dog’s eyes.
  • Pay close attention to every fur that can be turned and turned and can go to your dog’s eye.
  • While pruning your fur around your dog’s eyes, you can also perform a quick eyelash check to ensure that no eyelashes grow in your dog.
  • Do this slowly the first few times, so that you are sure it will happen without injury.
  • Give yourself a few attempts before you expect your dog’s eyes to look exactly the way you want.
  • Ask your vet for ideas for quick things to look at while pruning your dog’s eyes, such as discharge or swollen eyelids.

How To Cut Dog Hair Around Eyes Step By Step

beautiful shih-tzu at the groomerIt is necessary to cut the hair of the dog that hangs over the eyes, not only to give the dog a better view but also to prevent it from falling against the eye and causing irritation.

The thickness of the hair on the dog’s nose can also become too long and block the dog’s view from the corners. If the dog’s hair rubs against the eye itself, it can cause irritation and produce extra tears that then accumulate in globules of Gunk and/or cause a red-colored stain from the corners of the eyes.

1. Collect tool

Be prepared with everything you need to cut the fur around your dog’s eyes. Once your dog is in place, relaxed and comfortable, you don’t want to disturb him to collect supplies that you need. You need a pair of scissors and a comb.

2. Lie down

Let your dog lie down and relax. Talk to him and assure him of his safety. You can also use this time to touch his eyes and face to get him used to this kind of touch during this grooming session.

3. Go behind

If your dog is lying on a table, stand behind him. If he is lying on the floor with a larger dog, sit down behind his head.

4. Comb

With a small comb, carefully comb the hair around the eyes and away from the eyes. This should smooth the coat and remove all tangles.

5. Scissors

Have your dog sniff your scissors before using them. Carefully cut around your dog’s eyes with these scissors. If your dog moves its head, gently hold it with a towel around its head. For larger dogs, you may need the help of a partner to prevent the head from moving. Trim until you are satisfied with the look.


When a dog tears, dirt builds up and accumulates under the eye. You must use a comb with fine teeth, such as a flea comb, on the eyes of long-haired dogs to remove dirt under the eyes.

Cutting the fur around your dog’s eyes requires some trust.

There are a number of products on the market that will help you manage this, such as eye wipes and solutions that help cut dog hair around the eyes make this a simple task with practice.

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