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Siberian Husky Price: How Much is a Husky? (Facts & Factors 2023)

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So you’ve decided to add a Husky to your family – congratulations! There is no doubt that a Siberian Husky is stunning in every way.

how much is a huskyThe Husky’s charming beauty, strong body, and extraordinary stamina are not only stunning, but these affectionate, mischievous pups make great family pets if you lead an active lifestyle.

With all the wonderful aspects of a Siberian, it’s hard to resist its charm. But have you wondered how much is a husky dog cost? What do you need to budget to purchase it?

A huskies price ranges between $ 400 and $ 1,200. These costs depend on the breeder, age, and location of the Husky. In some cases, purebred Siberian husky prices can cost up to $ 3,000.

The AKC ranks the Siberian Husky as the 14th most popular dog out of a host of 202 recognized breeds. If you consider owning a husky, you will want to know exactly how much does a husky cost?

Today we want to look at the husky dog price breakdown and future costs of owning a Husky!

Factors That Impact the Cost of a Siberian Husky

Factors That Impact the Cost of a Siberian HuskySiberian huskies have different physical characteristics. Some of these traits are more desirable than others and therefore affect the cost of the Siberian Husky.

So, whether you want a puppy or an adult Husky, particular coat color, or a show-quality puppy, let’s see how these preferences affect costs.


Whether you adopt or buy your Siberian Husky, their age will affect the price you pay.

Puppies between the ages of 8 and 12 weeks are the most expensive option.

If you decide to adopt an older dog (1+ years old), you will likely only pay the adoption fee ($ 350).

More is asked for younger dogs in some shelters because they are more in demand than for older dogs. The lower adoption fee for older dogs is to encourage people to adopt an older dog.

However, there are many advantages to adopting an older dog.

First, you should expect your Siberian to be house trained already.

Second, you can expect your older Husky to be milder than a puppy.

Coat Color

The rarer the coat color, the higher the price of the Siberian Husky. For example, pure white Huskies are very popular, so they often cost more than puppies with other coat colors.

A pure white Husky from a reputable breeder cost between $ 500 and $ 800.

Blue eyes are also a more desirable trait preferred by Husky owners. This means that a blue-eyed Husky puppy can cost you more than a light brown-eyed Husky puppy.

Certification and Warranties

A breeder’s certification can also affect the husky dog price.

AKC-certified breeders are more likely to offer their puppies at higher prices. The high prices are mainly because the breeder must register every puppy with the AKC, which is not a cheap procedure.

Keep in mind, however, that not all reputable breeders are AKC certified.

Many breeders are not certified but have consistently produced healthy and happy puppies.

Regardless of a breeder’s certification, make sure they can prove they will have their puppies examined by a canine eye doctor. The Siberian Husky is prone to juvenile cataracts, so you’ll want to check this out.


Lineage is another factor that can affect your Siberian’s price.

Show quality purebred dogs cost more than mixed breeds. Breeders registered by kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Association (AKC) are also generally more expensive than backyard breeders.


Since the Siberian Husky is a popular breed, it is quite likely that there is a breeder in your state.

However, if a specific breeder catches your attention, it may cost more to buy your puppy the further away you are. they are.

Flying puppies are very expensive, so drive to pick up your puppy whenever possible.

How Much is a Siberian Husky Cost

How Much is a Siberian Husky CostHow much does a husky cost you end up paying will depend on where you buy it and its special features? Colors such as the Agouti Husky or the unusually small Miniature Huskies are in high demand and cost a little more. Huskies with mismatched eyes or blue eyes and brown fur can also be expensive, based on high demand.

In this article, we refer to the Siberian Husky. If you are considering purchasing a different type of Husky, costs can vary.

The first decision you need to make is whether you want to get your puppy out of advertisements (usually Craigslist), a rescue, or a breeder.

How Much is a Husky Cost When Buying From Pet Stores?

How Much is a Husky Cost When Buying From Pet Stores?Not less than $ 800 and not more than $ 1300. That’s the price range of purebred Siberian Huskies in most pet stores. And these costs include registration, legal paperwork, etc.

But the thing about pet stores is they are just like commercial breeders. They don’t treat puppies, dogs, and other animals like living things. Rather as goods to be sold. This explains why not many pet lovers prefer to buy from pet stores that engage in such unethical practices.

The truth here, however, is that Huskies are not a widely available breed. So these types of pet stores are still running as they supply Siberian Husky puppies to meet the growing demand. No wonder the price tag is so high too. It’s because people are willing to pay.

How Much Do Huskies Cost When Buying From Breeders?

How Much Do Huskies Cost When Buying From Breeders?If you decide to partner with a breeder, you can expect to pay the highest price – about $ 1,200 on average.

While this may seem steep, it brings additional benefits. Breeders invest decades in building good lines of breeding dogs. They know the temperament and nature of the parents and have, of course, made sure that they do not have any health problems. Many breeder puppies have parents who are AKC champions or hold titles in other locations.

Are you planning to take your Husky to AKC dog shows or participate in events with him? Buying a Husky from a breeder at a higher cost is the best choice.

Breeders have detailed knowledge of the character of the parents. If you plan on adding a Husky to a family with children and/or other dogs, you may want to choose that option. The same goes for Huskies who should become ESAs (Emotional Support Animals).

Breeders usually allow puppies to go home after deworming and vaccination but without spaying or neutering.

A special breed of Husky breeders is racing sled dog kennels. They produce dogs for sled dog racing and sell puppies on the side. You should only get a puppy from such a breeder if you are willing to offer him plenty of exercise and activities – running is in his blood!

How Much is a Siberian Husky Cost When Buying From Dog Shelters or Rescue Homes?

How Much is a Siberian Husky CostIf you’re looking for ways to keep costs down, a great option is to adopt your Siberian Husky from a Husky Rescue or animal shelter.

There are multitudes of Siberian Huskies looking for new homes.

This breed is actually prevalent in the rescue world because so many people get these dogs without their research. Their owners surrender many Huskies because they require more exercise, training, and attention than their owners expect. Huskies are also notorious escape artists, so some are picked up as strays.

There are entire rescue organizations dedicated to finding new homes for Huskies in need.

For more information on these groups. , check out the Siberian Husky Club of America Trust website.

You can also find a wide variety of adoptable Siberian Huskies through websites such as,,, and Facebook.

Don’t forget to visit your local humane society or animal shelter to request a Siberian Husky.

If you adopt through a rescue organization or animal shelter, you will be charged an adoption fee. is usually between $ 75 and $ 300, depending on the organization. The adoption fee usually includes some basic veterinary services such as spay/neuter and vaccinations.

How Much is a Husky Puppy Cost When Buying From Classifieds?

The fastest and cheapest way to get a puppy is through your local classifieds. You can find them there for $ 200 – maybe even lower if someone really needs the puppies sold.

But watch out before you start: These puppies are most likely to have health problems.

Huskies are generally healthy dogs, but the parents of any future litter should be monitored for breed-specific conditions, such as cataracts. Young puppies also absolutely need veterinary care so they can be dewormed and vaccinated.

While you may be able to get your puppy for a bargain price on Craigslist, add the future vet costs to the sale price. . Taking your new puppy for exams, injections, deworming, and possible spay or neuter can easily set you back $ 100- $ 400.

If you are looking for a way to get a Husky puppy at a lower price and in good health, you should consider a rescue.

Long Term Ownership Siberian Huskies Costs

The true cost of owning a Siberian Husky goes well beyond the initial cost of adopting or buying a new dog.

You should also consider current expenses such as food and medical care throughout your pet’s life.

The Siberian Husky can live to be between 12 and 14 years old.

Feeding Cost

Feeding Siberian Husky CostFortunately, this medium to large breed does not require much food and will refuse food even when full. Due to their interesting history, Siberian Huskies have a super-efficient metabolism and don’t require much food for long-lasting energy.

However, huskies are also sensitive eaters and you may need to do some things first. Testing to see which brand of dog food works best for your husky.

The raw diet is also common; some say this is great for huskies, and some say no, that’s a discussion saved for another article. But one thing to know is that a raw diet can be costly.

Depending on the brand you choose, you can pay about $ 55 for a 25-pound bag of premium custom dog food for sensitive dogs—stomachs (such as huskies).

The average scoop is about 0.25 pounds, and huskies typically eat 2-3 scoops per day. This means that a 25-pound bag will last about 40 days, about 9 bags per year on average, and 9 x $ 55 is $ 495 USD per year worth of dog food.

The average per month is $ 40

It would help if you also gave your husky treats for training purposes and rewarded good behavior. I have an in-depth article on the best food for huskies.


A positive aspect of the Siberian Husky is that they are low maintenance in terms of grooming.

This means that you can do most of their grooming yourself for free.

They only need to be brushed weekly. Keep their coat healthy.

Because Siberians tend to run a lot, their nails should be trimmed to avoid joint pain. Expect to pay about $ 15 for a professional to trim their nails.

The Cost of Training a Siberian Husky

The Cost of Training a Siberian HuskyTraining is a very important part of being a responsible dog owner.

It may seem like an optional release, but it really isn’t.

It pays to invest the money in a well-socialized and well-trained pet.

Puppy Socialization Classes

If you are getting your husky as a puppy, sign up for a puppy socialization class right away.

This is the best way you Siberian Husky puppy learns important social skills from dogs.

These classes usually cost between $ 75 and $ 200 for 5 or 6 weeks of classes.

Group Obedience Class

A basic obedience class is a great way to start training your Siberian Husky.

Make sure to find a trainer who uses positive reinforcement training methods.

There are usually 5-10 dogs and handlers in group training, so you don’t get that much one-on-one attention.

Cost depends on the trainer, usuallyy between $ 100 and $ 200 for a 5 or 6-week workout.

Private Training

You can also hire a trainer for private training at your home.

This is the most expensive option.

Professional trainers usually charge $ 80 to $ 150 per 1-hour session.

However, this is the best way to get one-on-one attention. It is also the best way of working on specific behavioral problems, such as burglary, separation anxiety, or aggression.

Health Care and Veterinary Bills

Health Care and Veterinary BillsThey are generally a healthy breed.

However, they are still prone to certain genetic problems – cataracts are the most common. If your Siberian develops cataracts, the surgery required to fix this condition will cost about $ 4,000.

You can reduce the chances of this by purchasing from a reputable breeder with healthy breeding stock.

Most people decide to purchase insurance for their puppy. If you plan, you can get any vet bill reimbursed from now on. You can expect a wide variety of coverages depending on their age. Insurance for them can be between $ 30 and $ 50 each month.

Whatever bounty you buy, make sure to read the fine print so that your Siberian gets the best has policies for them.

Other Husky Expenses

In addition to the supplies listed above, there are a few more things your Husky needs.

Buy a collar and leash, a bed, a crate, bowls, and some toys that you think your Siberian will love.

Huskies are brilliant dogs that need a lot of mental stimulation. You will have to stock up on a variety of toys and food puzzles to keep them entertained.

The price of the items in this category depends on what you get. You can get all of these for less than $ 100 if you spend carefully. However, if you are on a big budget, you can easily spend 500+ on this equipment.

Why Are Huskies So Expensive?

Why Are Huskies So Expensive?Many people consider huskies to be expensive, which is, of course, subjective and everyone has different views on what is expensive.

Allow me to answer that question by comparing inexpensive puppies from inexpensive breeders to puppies cared for by reputable breeders. There are many factors to consider.

First of all, let me say that not all trusted breeders sell puppies and young dogs at ridiculously high prices. So it is not completely impossible to get a young purebred furry friend at an affordable price.

But there are also breeders who sell puppies at a lower price because the dogs do not meet the breed qualifications. Or they may have some health or temperament issues. The cost of a puppy also goes down when he/she is old. And still without a house.

Breeders are more likely to sell you an adult dog that is not suitable for breeding for a lower price. Such types of dogs may have produced some litters. But now they are ready to retire.

After they tell you all this, there is only one thing left to say here. If you don’t really care about getting a young puppy, it’s better to buy or adopt from animal shelters and local rescue organizations.

You will be surprised how many rescued Huskies are waiting to find a home. There are also many other mixed breeds of husky and old dogs. To fill your life with pure happiness and joy!

Where Can I Find a Husky Breeder?

We recommend rescuing a Husky (or any dog for that matter) before buying a puppy from a breeder. There are millions of homeless dogs across the country, many of which are purebred and need a home.

Adopting a husky can change your life – not only for the dog but also for the adopter.

If you are not convinced and are planning to buy a Husky from a breeder, it is safest to get a puppy from a reputable breeder.

If you are working with a breeder, make sure the breeder you are buying from has their animals genetically tested, and be sure to verify the puppy’s health information.

Also, make sure that the breeder takes back any pets he sells if the pet cannot stay in his home for any reason and that the breeder makes a commitment to finding a new home for those pets if necessary.

Please understand that you may have to drive hundreds of miles to find a reputable, safe, and reliable breeder to buy your Husky, and pay an average of $ 600 more. Imagine all the chew toys and dog sweaters you could get if you adopted a Husky instead!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Rarest Husky Color?

The rarest Husky color is pure white. Siberian huskies usually come in a variety of colors, but rarely in an all-white coat.

Whitecoat color is usually the result of a gene mutation that hinders the development of normal pigment cells. Because pure white Huskies are rare, they are also often more expensive than Huskies with other colors.

What is the cost of a husky puppy?

On average, a Siberian Husky puppy costs $ 650 in the US. Most puppies can be found between $ 400 and $ 1, The price depends on the breeder and location and the dog’s bloodline, color, and age.

What is a Red Husky?

A Red Husky is a Siberian Husky with a red-colored coat. Red huskies usually have striking blue eyes to match their red coat. Red Huskies are not a separate breed but rather one of the many Husky color variations available within the Siberian Husky breed.

How much food does a Siberian Husky eat and how much will it cost?

A Siberian Husky puppy eats about 150 pounds annually and an adult nearly 250 pounds of dry food (varies by dog and brand). Annual expenses should be between $ 130 and $ 330 for a puppy and $ 115 to $ 585 for an adult dog. Other foods and treats would add to costs.

Can a husky kill you?

Huskies are a small bubble of energy, and their beauty often draws people to choose them as pets. However, many studies have shown that huskies are among the dog breeds ‘ that can cause serious injury and death in humans.

Is a Husky a Wolf?

No, a Husky is not a wolf. Huskies are a breed of dog with a wolf ancestry. Huskies fall under the wolf-dog breed category, but they are not wolves. Due to their wolf ancestry, Huskies resemble wolves, although they are much smaller than wolves. Some Husky traits, such as strong prey instincts, are attributed to their wolf ancestors.


Siberian huskies are beautiful and trendy dogs.

The Siberian Husky may not be the cheapest strain, but it is a great strain. Money shouldn’t be the overriding factor in getting a dog, your love, time, and dedication are the most important things that come first.

Adoption is a great way to save some money and save a life.

Before getting a dog, especially a Siberian Husky, research the breed and make sure they are right for you and your lifestyle.

Whether you adopt your Husky from a rescue group or purchase your Husky from a reputable breeder, make sure you have enough budget to keep your Husky happy and healthy for years to come.

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