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German Shepherd Corgi Mix: a Complete Guide to the Corman Shepherd Dog (2024)

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german shepherd corgi mixThe German Shepherd Corgi Mix is a mixed breed dog that is a cross between the Corgi and the German Shepherd Dog breeds. These pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents, making them loyal, courageous, and intelligent companions.

Key Takeaways

  • Corgi German Shepherd Mixes are intelligent, loyal, affectionate, playful, and protective.
  • They require at least 2 hours of exercise per day and are prone to bloating, cataracts, obesity, hip dysplasia, and elbow dysplasia.
  • Early training is essential for this breed and should be done with consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement.
  • Grooming requires weekly brushing, bathing 3-4 times a year, cleaning ears every 2 weeks, clipping nails monthly, and brushing teeth daily.

Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Corgi German Shepherd Mix
A Corgi German Shepherd Mix is a hybrid dog breed that combines the best of both worlds from its parent breeds.

They’re intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dogs with a moderate to high energy level.

They’re also easy to train and groom.

The average lifespan of a Corgi German Shepherd Mix is 10-15 years.



  1. History

There are a few different stories about how the Corman Shepherd came to be.

  • 1. Herding dogs. Some say that Corman Shepherds were first bred in the early 1900s by farmers who wanted a dog that combined the best qualities of both the Corgi and the German Shepherd.
  • 2. Popularity. Others say that Corman Shepherds became popular in the early 2000s when celebrities like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson began showing them off.
  • 3. First litter. The first litter of Corman Shepherds was born in 2003.
  • 4. Designer breed. Corman Shepherds are considered to be a designer breed, meaning that they were intentionally bred to create a new type of dog.

The temperament of the Corman Shepherd is a mix of both the Corgi and the German Shepherd.


The Corman Shepherd is a mixed breed dog that’s a cross between the Corgi and the German Shepherd.

They’re medium-sized dogs with a thick double coat that comes in a variety of colors, including black, brown, white, and tan.

They’re typically between 12 and 15 inches tall at the shoulder and weigh between 25 and 65 pounds.

They shed moderately and have erect ears and dark almond-shaped eyes.


With their intelligence and herding instincts, Corman Shepherds are a great choice for active families.

They’re affectionate, playful, loyal, and protective.

They’re also intelligent and have a high energy level.

If you’re looking for a dog that will be your best friend and companion, a Corman Shepherd may be the perfect breed for you.


As a Corman Shepherd owner, it’s important to be aware of the potential health risks associated with the breed.

Some of the most common health problems that Corman Shepherds can face include:

  • Bloating
  • Cataracts
  • Obesity
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Elbow dysplasia

By being aware of these risks, you can take steps to help keep your Corman Shepherd healthy and happy.


An active lifestyle is essential for your Corman Shepherd Mix.

They require at least two hours of exercise per day, and this can be divided into:

  • Walks
  • Runs
  • Playtime in the park

It’s also important to provide mental stimulation for your Corman Shepherd Mix, such as:

  • Playing fetch games
  • Hiding treats for them to find

With proper exercise and mental stimulation, your Corman Shepherd Mix will be a happy and healthy companion.


Training your Corman Shepherd Mix will require:

  • Early training
  • Consistency
  • Patience

Positive reinforcement is the best way to train your dog, and you should avoid using harsh methods.

Be sure to practice recall training regularly, as this is an important skill for your dog to have.


Grooming a Corman Shepherd mix requires:

  • Weekly brushing
  • Bathing 3-4 times a year
  • Cleaning their ears every 2 weeks
  • Clipping their nails monthly
  • Brushing their teeth daily

Consider variations in grooming frequency based on shedding tendencies.

Early and consistent training is essential for this breed, and utilizing positive reinforcement and food treats will help your dog learn quickly.

Corman Shepherds are affectionate, sweet, loyal, and protective family pets.


With grooming costs averaging around $60 per month for a professional groomer, you can expect to spend around $720 per year on grooming.

The initial cost of adopting or purchasing a Corman Shepherd Mix will vary depending on whether you adopt from a rescue organization or a breeder. The average price range for a Corman Shepherd Mix from a breeder is between $500 and $1,500.

However, you can find Corman Shepherd Mixes in shelters and rescues for much less.

The cost of vet care, food, and supplements will also vary depending on your individual dog’s needs. Overall, the total cost of owning a Corman Shepherd Mix can range from $1,000 to $2,000 per year.

Where to Find a Corgi German Shepherd Mix

Where to Find a Corgi German Shepherd Mix
With a price range of , you can find a Corman Shepherd Mix from a reputable breeder or rescue organization.

Adoption shelters may also have Corman Shepherd Mixes available, but the cost will vary depending on the organization.

When looking for a Corman Shepherd Mix, be sure to do your research and find a reputable breeder or rescue organization that will provide you with a healthy and well-socialized puppy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between a Corgi German Shepherd mix and a German Corgi?

A Corgi German Shepherd mix is a mixed breed dog that combines the best of both breeds.

They’re intelligent, loyal, and affectionate dogs that make great family pets.

Are Corman Shepherds good with other animals?

You are considering adding a Corman Shepherd to your family.

You want to know if they’re good with other animals.

The answer is yes, Corman Shepherds are generally good with other animals.

How much does a Corman Shepherd cost?

The price of a Corman Shepherd can vary depending on the breeder, the lineage, and the location.

Where can I find a Corman Shepherd mix for sale?

You can find Corman Shepherd mixes for sale at:

  • Reputable breeders
  • Rescue organizations
  • Online pet adoption websites

What are the pros and cons of owning a Corman Shepherd?

Before you decide if a Corman Shepherd is right for you, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

These dogs are intelligent, loyal, and affectionate, but they can also be:

  • Stubborn
  • Destructive
  • Bark excessively


If you’re looking for a loyal, courageous, and intelligent companion, the German Shepherd Corgi Mix may be the perfect dog for you.

These pups are a joy to be around and make great additions to any family.

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