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Do Yorkies Need Lots of Attention and Love? How to Keep Your Yorkie Happy (2024)

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do yorkies need a lot of attentionAs a loving Yorkie owner, you need to provide lots of affection to keep your tiny terrier content.

Yorkies crave attention and affection daily from their devoted humans.

Satisfy your clingy canine with consistent training, play, cuddles, and walks.

If left alone for long stretches, Yorkies may act out, so consider daycare or walkers if you work long hours.

Shower your pint-sized pup with love and mental stimulation, and you’ll have a happy, well-adjusted Yorkie.

Key Takeaways

  • Provide daily affection and focused one-on-one time to meet your Yorkie’s needs for attention
  • Engage in mentally stimulating activities to prevent boredom and destructive behaviors
  • Incorporate physical exercise into your Yorkie’s routine through walks, play sessions, and training
  • Show your Yorkie love continuously through bonding activities to reinforce your relationship

Yorkies Crave Affection

Yorkies Crave Affection
Everyone knows Yorkies crave their human’s affection and touch.

You’ll want to shower your petite pal with belly rubs, ear scritches, and cuddles on the couch.

Make playtime full of affectionate activities like fetch, tug of war, and training tricks.

Use these bonding techniques during quality time together.

An affectionate training style with treats and praise strengthens your connection.

Schedule focused blocks for your Yorkie’s undivided attention tips.

Keep training sessions short for their temperament.

The Yorkie was bred to constantly seek owner interaction.

Satisfy their inborn attention needs with consistent love.

Meet their expectations for physical touch and they’ll reciprocate with unwavering loyalty.

Yorkies Need Mental Stimulation

Yorkies Need Mental Stimulation
You’ll need to provide plenty of mental stimulation for your Yorkie as well.

Interactive toys and games are a great way to engage their natural intelligence and problem-solving abilities.

Providing some daily training sessions will also help stimulate their minds and strengthen your bond.


By actively training your Yorkie through basic commands and tricks, you give them essential mental stimulation to prevent boredom and behavior issues from setting in.

Training techniques such as positive reinforcement can be used to teach your Yorkie new skills while providing mental engagement.

Incorporating exercise routines into their daily schedule will help keep them physically fit and mentally stimulated.

Bonding activities, like interactive play or puzzle toys, can also provide mental stimulation for your Yorkie.

For workday solutions, consider enrolling your pup in doggy daycare or hiring a dog walker to ensure they receive the attention and exercise they need even when you’re not available.

Toys & Games

You can keep your Yorkie mentally stimulated by providing interactive toys and engaging in playful games.

Rotate toys to keep things interesting.

Interactive puzzle toys that require effort to extract treats are great for providing mental challenges.

Try hiding kibble around the house and have them search for the treats.

Engage in activities like fetch or tug-of-war.

Providing an enriching environment with ample toys and games helps satisfy their desire for attention and love.

Yorkies Get Bored Easily

Yorkies Get Bored Easily
As Yorkies are energetic dogs, it’s essential to prevent boredom by providing mental stimulation.

If left unattended for long periods, Yorkies may resort to destructive behaviors like excessive barking or chewing.

You can enrich their environment with:

  • Puzzle toys containing treats
  • Snuffle mats that hide kibble
  • Interactive games like fetch or hide-and-seek

Rotate different toys to keep things exciting.

Stimulating exercises like:

  • Learning tricks
  • Navigating obstacle courses
  • Playing with other dogs

Also tire out their minds.

A bored Yorkie is an unhappy Yorkie, so engage them mentally and attend to their need for activity to maintain their naturally feisty spirit.

Give Your Yorkie Plenty of Exercise

Give Your Yorkie Plenty of Exercise
Getting your Yorkie moving with regular activity and exercise keeps it from boredom while providing necessary stimulation.

Take your Yorkie on at least two 15-20 minute walks per day to get its heart rate up and release pent-up energy.

Have short 5-10 minute indoor play sessions a few times a day using interactive toys like balls, ropes, and squeaky toys.

Sign up for obedience training or agility courses. The mental challenge combined with physical activity is ideal for a breed that craves a job to do.

Incorporating adequate outdoor playtime, indoor activities, interactive toys, and structured exercise like training or playdates gives your Yorkie the physical and mental stimulation it needs to stay energized and content.

A tired, well-exercised Yorkie that has had quality interaction with you is a happy Yorkie less likely to act out from boredom or excess energy.

Show Your Yorkie Lots of Love

Show Your Yorkie Lots of Love
Demonstrating affection continuously reinforces your bond with your Yorkie.

Engaging in bonding activities like:

  • Taking your Yorkie on daily walks
  • Playing fetch in the backyard
  • Doing tricks together

Establishing affectionate rituals through:

  • Brushing their coat
  • Giving belly rubs
  • Scheduling one-on-one play sessions

Most importantly, setting aside quality time every day focused solely on interacting with your Yorkie through:

  • Training
  • Games
  • Cuddling

Maintains that special relationship so key to their happiness.

The little efforts made consistently to show your Yorkie warmth and care greatly impact their wellbeing.

What if You Work Long Hours?

What if You Work Long Hours
If you work long hours and can’t give your Yorkie a lot of direct attention, consider:

  • Sending them to doggie daycare a few days a week.
  • Hiring a dog walker.

This will provide some companionship and activity for your pup while you’re away.

However, you’ll still want to spend quality time together when you’re home to maintain your bond.


You can enroll your Yorkie in a doggy daycare program if you work long hours.

Daycares provide opportunities for socialization and exercise to keep your Yorkie happy.

Consider a daycare with webcam access so you can check on your pet during the day.

However, some Yorkies prefer staying at home.

You could hire a dog walker or ask a friend or neighbor to visit if your Yorkie gets anxious when left alone for too long.


Hiring a dog walker for getting your Yorkie midday exercise keeps them active and prevents boredom while you’re working.

A good walker provides:

  1. Adequate outdoor time and movement for your Yorkie each day.
  2. Social interaction with other canines to prevent isolation.
  3. Mental stimulation through playtime activities.
  4. Overall companionship and affection during the hours you can’t provide it yourself.

Keep Your Yorkie Happy & Healthy

Keep Your Yorkie Happy & Healthy
By keeping to a schedule, you’ll be able to ensure your Yorkie stays happy and healthy.

Make sure to set aside designated times for:

  • Feeding
  • Grooming
  • Training
  • Exercise
  • Play

Try breaking up your Yorkie’s meals into smaller portions throughout the day to prevent boredom.

Engage their minds with:

  • Interactive toys
  • Training sessions

Take your Yorkie on at least two brisk 15-20 minute walks per day and set aside time for play sessions with toys that make them run and chase.

If you work long hours, consider:

  • Doggie daycare a few times a week
  • Hiring a dog walker to break up the time alone

Shower your Yorkie with affection whenever possible.

Following a routine helps prevent behavior issues and keeps your Yorkie mentally and physically fulfilled.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much attention do senior Yorkies need?

Yorkies of all ages benefit from regular affection and attention.

As senior dogs, their needs don’t diminish; make sure to spend quality time with older Yorkies daily.

Engage them through play, cuddles, talking, and walks to keep them feeling cared for.

Do Yorkies get along well with children?

Unfortunately, Yorkies often don’t get along well with small children.

Their small size makes them fragile, and they can be snappy when irritated.

With proper supervision and training, some Yorkies tolerate older, gentle kids.

But generally, they prefer calm environments with adults or older youth who understand their temperament.

Can I leave my Yorkie alone all day while I’m at work?

Unfortunately, leaving a Yorkie alone all day is not recommended.

Yorkies are very social dogs who need regular interaction and attention.

Consider hiring a dog walker, using doggy daycare, or asking a friend or family member to check in on your Yorkie during the day.

What kinds of games and toys do Yorkies enjoy?

Yorkies love interactive toys and games that engage their natural terrier traits.

Try puzzles with hidden treats, fetch, or tug-of-war to stimulate their minds and bodies.

But be gentle – they’re small dogs prone to injury if play gets too rough.

Best to keep it light and fun.

Is it better to have more than one Yorkie so they can keep each other company?

Having more than one Yorkie can be beneficial so they have a companion, but each dog still requires individual time, attention, and bonding with their owner.

Yorkies thrive on human interaction, so having just one allows you to focus care, while another dog prevents loneliness.


As the tiny terrier follows you everywhere,

Look deep into your Yorkie’s seeking eyes

And recognize the boundless loyalty in that puppy gaze.

Your devoted companion brings you endless joy;

Now ensure your Yorkie’s happiness with affection,

Stimulation, playtime, and togetherness.

When you commit to providing consistent care,

Your precious pooch will flourish,

Rewarding your efforts tenfold with an unbreakable friendship

Until your last days together come to pass.

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