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English Bulldogs and Separation Anxiety: Understanding and Managing It (2024)

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do english bulldogs have separation anxiety

Yes, English bulldogs are highly prone to separation anxiety.

As a devoted companion breed, they form strong bonds and struggle with isolation.

If you notice excessive barking, destruction, or accidents when left alone, your bulldog may be experiencing separation distress.

Early intervention is essential to prevent this condition from worsening.

Don’t worry, there are effective strategies like gradual departures, calming aids, and desensitization training to help your furry friend cope.

With patience and the right approach, you can help ease your English bulldog’s separation anxiety and promote their well-being.

Key Takeaways

  • English bulldogs are highly prone to separation anxiety due to their strong bonds with humans.
  • Signs of separation anxiety in English bulldogs include excessive vocalization, destructive behavior, potty accidents, restlessness, and escape attempts.
  • Strategies for managing separation anxiety in English bulldogs include gradual departures and returns, desensitization, and the use of calming aids such as pheromone diffusers and anti-anxiety supplements.
  • English bulldogs are particularly susceptible to separation anxiety due to their breed predisposition and strong attachment to humans.

Do English Bulldogs Have Separation Anxiety?

Yes, English Bulldogs can experience separation anxiety. Their affectionate nature makes them crave companionship, and when left alone for extended periods, they may feel anxious and abandoned.

Understanding Separation Anxiety in English Bulldogs

Understanding Separation Anxiety in English Bulldogs
As an English bulldog owner, you’re likely all too familiar with the challenges of separation anxiety. This common issue can manifest through troubling behaviors like excessive vocalization, destructive tendencies, and restlessness. Understanding the underlying causes and implementing effective management strategies is key to helping your beloved bulldog feel secure and at ease when you’re not around.

Definition and Prevalence

Separation anxiety is a common issue among companion animals, and English bulldogs are particularly susceptible due to their strong attachment to humans. It is characterized by excessive vocalization, destructive behavior, and potty accidents when left alone.

The causes of separation anxiety can include breed predisposition, changes in routine, and environmental factors.

With proper management, including behavioral therapy and pet insurance, your English bulldog can overcome separation anxiety.

Signs and Symptoms

Separation anxiety in English Bulldogs is a common problem that can have a major impact on their well-being. If your English Bulldog shows signs of distress when left alone, such as excessive vocalization, destructive behavior, potty accidents, restlessness, or escape attempts, it could be a sign of separation anxiety.

Other symptoms may include excessive salivation, loss of appetite, and trembling. These behaviors can be distressing for both the dog and the owner.

It’s critical to recognize these signs early on and provide timely support to help your English Bulldog cope with separation anxiety.


Understanding why your English Bulldog might be feeling blue when you’re not around boils down to a few key reasons:

  1. Genetic predisposition to separation anxiety
  2. Past trauma or lack of socialization
  3. Overdependence on their human pals

Strategies for Management

Gradually introduce medication if necessary, but don’t forget home remedies like pheromone diffusers and anti-anxiety supplements. Behavior modification through desensitization and positive reinforcement is key, but don’t forget to consult your veterinarian for personalized treatment. Remember, English bulldogs are particularly susceptible due to their breed predisposition, so be patient and consistent.

Gradual Departures and Returns

Gradual Departures and Returns
When dealing with separation anxiety in your English Bulldog, it’s important to start small. Gradually increase the time you’re away and keep your pup entertained with engaging toys and activities to help ease their anxiety.

Start Small

Start small with your English Bulldog to help them overcome separation anxiety. Gradual departures and returns can be beneficial. Here are some tips:

  • Begin with short absences and gradually increase the duration.
  • Keep a routine and stick to it.
  • Provide mental enrichment through toys and puzzles.
  • Consider hemp oil for anxiety relief.

Keep Them Entertained

Keep your English Bulldog entertained while you’re away by providing chew toys or KONG toys. Engage in interactive play and use positive reinforcement. Create a safe space for them, like a cozy corner, and consider leaving on a radio for company.

Crate Training

Crate training can help ease anxiety for short periods. Choose the right crate size and placement. Introduce crate toys for bonding. Gradual departures and returns are vital.

Hemp Oil for Anxiety

Hemp Oil for Anxiety
If your English bulldog exhibits signs of separation anxiety, you might contemplate using hemp oil as a natural remedy. With over two-thirds of owners attesting to its efficacy in alleviating anxiety, hemp oil presents a potentially safe and effective means of mitigating your pup’s distress during periods of absence.


Hemp oil has been found to be effective in reducing anxiety in dogs, including English bulldogs susceptible to separation anxiety. The oil works by connecting to receptors in the body, which can help create a sense of calm and reduce stress. For best results, hemp oil should be administered to dogs around 20 to 30 minutes before a potentially stressful situation, such as when the owner is getting ready to leave for work or at bedtime.

Dog owners should always consult with their veterinarian before giving their pup hemp oil, as the dosage and frequency can vary based on their specific needs. It’s also important to use hemp oil specifically formulated for dogs and avoid giving them products intended for humans. With proper dosage and guidance from a veterinarian, hemp oil can be a safe and effective way to help your pup cope with their anxiety and improve their overall health.

Choosing a Safe Product

In selecting a dependable product for your English Bulldog, it’s paramount to weigh the product’s potency, compliance with safety measures, and quality control. Hemp oil extract is a favored choice for mitigating anxiety in dogs, but it’s vital to ascertain that the product is absent of contaminants and meets rigorous quality benchmarks.

Seek products derived from US-grown hemp, which is legally mandated to contain less than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This guarantees that the product is innocuous for your dog and won’t induce any adverse effects.

Moreover, reputable companies should conduct hemp plant testing, extraction testing, and independent quality, safety, and purity testing to verify the product’s potency, profile, and overall excellence. User testimonials can also offer significant insights into the product’s effectiveness and safety.

When selecting a hemp oil product, consider the concentration of key components such as L-Tryptophan, Vitamin B6, and other essential vitamins and minerals that support your dog’s neurological function and general well-being.

Remember to consult with your veterinarian prior to introducing any new supplements to your dog’s diet, as they can provide customized advice based on your dog’s specific requirements and health conditions.

Full Spectrum Hemp Treats

Full spectrum hemp treats can be an effective solution for managing your English Bulldog’s anxiety. These treats are derived from the entire hemp plant, including the flowers, leaves, and stalks, and contain a wide range of beneficial compounds, such as flavonoids, terpenes, and other cannabinoids. Unlike CBD oil, which is extracted from the flowers and leaves, hemp oil is made from pressed hemp seeds and doesn’t contain CBD.

When choosing full spectrum hemp treats for your English Bulldog, look for products that are lab-tested for potency and purity. This ensures that the treats contain the desired amount of CBD and are free from contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides. Be sure to follow the recommended dosage and consult with your veterinarian for personalized advice.

Full spectrum hemp treats can provide a holistic approach to managing your English Bulldog’s anxiety, offering calming and relaxation benefits without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. These treats can be a valuable addition to your dog’s daily routine, helping them to feel more comfortable and relaxed in various situations, such as during boarding, kenneling, separation anxiety, fear aggression, and other stressful events.


Gradual desensitization can be an effective technique to help your English Bulldog overcome separation anxiety. Start by exposing your pup to short periods of alone time, gradually increasing the duration to help them become more comfortable and less distressed when left alone.

Gradual Exposure

Gradual exposure is key to overcoming your English Bulldog’s separation anxiety. Start by leaving them alone for short periods, monitoring their progress. Reward their calmness with treats and praise – never punish anxious behavior. Create positive distractions like chew toys to ease the shift. With patience and consistency, you’ll see improvement.

Controlled Doses

In addressing separation anxiety, consider desensitization techniques as your key ingredient. By presenting controlled exposure to the anxiety triggers in a secure setting, you’re in effect teaching your English Bulldog that Hey, everything’s fine. This progressive adaptation is akin to behavioral modification wizardry, transforming those moments of panic into familiar territory handled with ease and a sprinkle of laughter.

Sound Anxiety Management

Sound Anxiety Management
Do you have an English Bulldog that panics when left alone? Try isolating them in a smaller room with loud music to help drown out anxiety-inducing sounds. You can also consider using a compression wrap like the Thundershirt to provide a calming pressure sensation.


When your English Bulldog is left alone, they may experience isolation anxiety, also known as solitary confinement. This can lead to stress, fear, and even destructive behaviors.

To help your dog cope with this, you can create a safe and comfortable environment for them. This might include providing a cozy space, such as a crate, with their favorite toys and blankets. Gradually increasing the time they spend alone can also be beneficial, starting with short periods and gradually increasing the duration.

If your dog is particularly susceptible to isolation anxiety, you may want to explore desensitization techniques, such as gradually exposing them to being alone in controlled doses. Remember, every dog is unique, so it’s crucial to collaborate with a professional to develop a customized treatment plan.

Compression Wraps

Compression wraps, like the Thundershirt, can provide relief for your English bulldog’s sound anxiety. They work by applying gentle, constant pressure, which can help reduce stress and anxiety.

However, it’s crucial to evaluate the benefits and risks, including durability and sizing, before opting for this method. If you’re unsure, there are alternatives to compression wraps that may better suit your dog’s needs.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can be a natural and effective way to help manage your English Bulldog’s separation anxiety. These supplements work by strengthening the nervous system, which in turn helps your pet develop calm responses and reduces their anxiety. Some popular herbs used for anxiety relief in dogs include chamomile, valerian, and passionflower. These herbs contain active flavonoids that support the ‘feel good’ brain chemicals, helping to reduce feelings of stress and noise anxiety in dogs.

When considering herbal supplements for your dog, it’s paramount to follow dosage recommendations and consult with your veterinarian. The dosage for humans may not be directly applicable to dogs, as they metabolize herbs faster. You may need to adjust the dosage based on your dog’s weight and age.

When choosing a herbal supplement, look for products that are safe, effective, and free from side effects. Some brands, like Nature’s Farmacy Calm Caps, have a reputation for quality and are endorsed by veterinarians.

Calming Supplements and Techniques

Calming Supplements and Techniques
When your English Bulldog’s anxiety seems overwhelming, consider using calming supplements and techniques. Pheromone diffusers, anti-anxiety supplements, and your own comforting scent and voice can provide soothing relief for your pup.

Pheromone Diffusers

Pheromone diffusers are a popular tool for managing separation anxiety in dogs, including English bulldogs. These diffusers release synthetic versions of dog-appeasing pheromones, which mimic the comforting messages that mother dogs emit to their offspring. These pheromones can help dogs feel safe and secure, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation.

To use a pheromone diffuser, simply plug it into an outlet and it will warm the odorless solution, allowing the pheromones to spread throughout the room. Some popular pheromone diffusers include the Adaptil Calm Home Pheromone Diffuser for Dogs, which covers an area of up to 700 square feet, and the bSerene Dog Calming Diffuser Kit, which is clinically proven to provide effective, drug-free stress relief for dogs.

Alternative diffusers and DIY diffusers are also available. For example, essential oil diffusers can be used to disperse calming scents like lavender, which can help soothe anxious dogs. However, it’s crucial to make sure that the essential oils are safe for dogs and to use them in appropriate concentrations.

When placing a pheromone diffuser, consider the areas where your dog spends the most time, such as their crate or sleeping area. This will guarantee that they receive the maximum benefit from the diffuser. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for usage and always consult with your veterinarian before introducing any new product into your dog’s environment.

Anti-Anxiety Supplements

With regards to alleviating your English Bulldog’s anxiety, fear not; there’s an array of strategies available:

  • Hemp oil’s efficacy is undeniable.
  • Full-spectrum treats for optimal results.
  • Pheromone diffusers: akin to an embrace bottled.
  • Anti-anxiety supplements: for those instances when additional support is required.
  • Bear in mind, the key is to discern what resonates with your canine companion.

Owner’s Scent and Sound

Imagine your beloved English Bulldog feeling lost and anxious when you leave. Use your scent to create a familiar surrounding and your voice to provide based reassurance. Calming environments are just a record or used clothing away.

The power of scent and sound can work wonders. But what if you could provide a sense of comforting presence even when you’re not there?

Overcoming Separation Anxiety With Training

Overcoming Separation Anxiety With Training
If your English bulldog is struggling with separation anxiety, don’t worry – training can help. You can overcome this challenge through gradual desensitization and, if necessary, medication prescribed by your veterinarian.

Training Methods

Overcoming separation anxiety with training involves a combination of positive reinforcement, clicker training, and behavior modification techniques.

Start with crate training to create a safe space for your English Bulldog. Gradually expose them to your absence using positive reinforcement when you return. Clicker training can help teach your dog to associate your absence with a reward upon your return.


If your English Bulldog is experiencing separation anxiety, medication may be an option to ease their distress temporarily as you work on behavioral interventions. Here are some key points to contemplate:

  • Medication: In severe cases, a veterinarian may suggest medication to assist in managing separation anxiety. Commonly used medications include fluoxetine, clomipramine, and buspirone. These medications can assist in elevating a dog’s tolerance for distress and lessening anxiety, but they should always be combined with behavioral interventions.

  • Dosage and Frequency: The dosage and frequency of medication will vary based on your dog’s specific requirements and the medication prescribed by your veterinarian. It’s imperative to adhere to the suggested dosage and frequency to ensure the medication’s effectiveness and minimize side effects.

  • Side Effects and Long-Term Effects: All medications carry potential side effects, and it’s vital to monitor your dog for any adverse reactions. Prolonged use of medication may be necessary for some cases, but it’s vital to gradually withdraw your dog from the medication once their anxiety improves.

Helping Your English Bulldog

Helping Your English Bulldog
As an English Bulldog owner, you may need personalized treatment to effectively manage your pup’s separation anxiety. Don’t hesitate to consult Bulldog Angels for additional care advice that specifically addresses your dog’s unique needs.

Personalized Treatment

Regarding assisting your English Bulldog in conquering separation anxiety, individualized care is paramount. This might necessitate pharmaceuticals, psychotherapy, conduct change, or behavioral instruction. It’s imperative to seek the advice of a veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Bear in mind that every bulldog is distinct, thus a customized strategy is critical for triumph. The following table will aid in your comprehension of the various treatment choices:

Treatment Option Description
Medications Prescribed by a vet to mitigate anxiety symptoms
Therapy Mental stimulation and stress-reducing techniques
Behavior Modification Modifying the dog’s behavior through positive reinforcement
Behavioral Training Instructing the dog to manage separation through drills
Veterinary Consultation An expert evaluation and treatment plan

Care Advice From Bulldog Angels

If you’re concerned about your English Bulldog’s separation anxiety, don’t hesitate to seek advice from Bulldog Angels. They can provide you with care advice customized to your dog’s specific needs. Monitor behavioral changes and consider veterinary consultation for personalized treatment. Remember, environmental impact, breed susceptibility, and socialization strategies play a pivotal role in addressing separation anxiety.

Specifics of English Bulldogs

Specifics of English Bulldogs
As English Bulldogs are bred to be highly affectionate and loyal companions, they can develop a strong bond and attachment to their owners. Changes in routine or lack of socialization can further contribute to separation anxiety in this breed, making it imperative to address these underlying factors.

Bonding and Attachment

Your English Bulldog’s heart may skip a beat when you leave, a classic case of fear of abandonment. Early socialization and bonding exercises can mitigate this breed predisposition, ensuring your furry friend feels secure, even during routine changes.

Changes in Routine

Alterations in routine can substantially affect your English Bulldog’s emotional health, particularly regarding separation anxiety. Consistency in training is also paramount, as obedience classes can offer mental stimulation and strengthen positive behaviors.

Exercise is essential for alleviating stress and anxiety in dogs, as it triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood enhancers. Regular physical exertion helps prevent the accumulation of anxiety while you’re absent.

Enrichment activities such as interactive toys, puzzles, and scent work can engage your dog mentally and divert them from feelings of distress. Bear in mind, patience and consistency are indispensable when assisting your Bulldog in overcoming separation anxiety.

Lack of Socialization

Lack of socialization can contribute to a dog’s fear and anxiety, including separation anxiety. English bulldogs, with their friendly nature, are generally amicable with children and other pets, making them excellent family dogs. However, they can still benefit from early and consistent socialization to prevent any biases or fears later on.

To socialize your English bulldog, start by introducing them to new experiences gradually. Begin with familiar environments and gradually increase the level of exposure to new people, places, and experiences. Reward their good behavior with treats, praise, or playtime to reinforce positive experiences. Expose them to diverse environments, such as city streets and countryside trails, and different types of surfaces like grass, tile, and carpet. Allow them to meet people of all ages, sizes, and ethnicities, and introduce them to different animals, ensuring all interactions are supervised and safe. Regularly handle their paws, ears, and mouth to make future grooming and veterinary exams less stressful. Take them on short car rides to get them accustomed to traveling. Organize puppy playdates with other vaccinated dogs to teach them appropriate play behavior. Enroll them in a puppy socialization class to learn basic commands and socialize with other puppies in a controlled environment.

Top 5 Products for English Bulldog Anxiety

Does your English Bulldog struggle with separation anxiety? You’re not alone. Check out these top 5 products that can help ease your pup’s worries and provide calming comfort when you’re not around.

1. Hemp Calming Mobility Chews for Dogs

iHeartDogs Hemp Calming & MobilityView On Amazon

If your English Bulldog is suffering from separation anxiety, consider trying Hemp Calming Mobility Chews for Dogs. These chews are designed to promote a sense of calm and support joint mobility, making them an excellent choice for dogs experiencing anxiety or stress. They’re made with a powerful blend of hemp seed, chamomile, and magnesium, which work together to help your pet cope with external stresses like vet visits, thunderstorms, and separation anxiety.

These chews are THC-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors, or preservatives, ensuring they’re safe and healthy for your dog. They’re also available in a bacon flavor that dogs love, making them an easy and tasty way to support your pet’s well-being.

Remember to consult with your veterinarian before starting any new supplement regimen, as individual results may vary, and dosing may need to be adjusted for your dog’s specific needs.

Best For: Dogs experiencing anxiety or stress, especially English Bulldogs suffering from separation anxiety.

  • Promotes a sense of calm and reduces stress
  • Supports joint mobility
  • Made with natural ingredients and free from artificial additives
  • Some dogs may be picky eaters
  • May take longer than expected to work
  • Dosing may need to be adjusted for individual dogs

2. Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment Gray Medium

Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Treatment -View On Amazon

The ThunderShirt® for Dogs is a highly recommended, natural calming solution for dogs experiencing anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues. This product, available in a variety of styles and colors, including the popular Heather Grey Medium, is designed to provide gentle, constant pressure to calm your dog during various stressful situations. It’s suitable for dogs of all sizes, from Chihuahuas to Great Danes, and has already helped millions of dogs with anxiety related to fireworks, thunderstorms, separation anxiety, travel, and vet visits.

The ThunderShirt® is easy to use, with a simple three-step process to put it on your dog. It’s lightweight, machine-washable, and breathable, ensuring your dog’s comfort. If you’re unsure about the size, the ThunderShirt® website offers a size chart and customer service is available to help you find the right fit for your pet.

ThunderShirt® has a high success rate, with many dog owners reporting positive results. For example, a customer mentioned that their dog, which is a Labradoodle with separation anxieties and motion sickness, has seen significant improvement after using the ThunderShirt®. Another owner shared that their dog, a westie terrier mix, has been calmer during thunder and lightning with the ThunderShirt®.

While the ThunderShirt® isn’t a cure-all, it can be an effective tool for managing your dog’s anxiety. It’s important to note that each dog is unique, and the results may vary. However, the ThunderShirt® can be a valuable addition to your dog’s anxiety management plan, especially when combined with other strategies such as positive reinforcement training and medication, if necessary.

Best For: Dogs experiencing anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues.

  • Calms all types of anxiety, fear, and over-excitement issues.
  • Over 80% success rate.
  • Machine washable and soft, breathable fabric.
  • May not completely eliminate symptoms.
  • Sizing charts may be inaccurate.
  • Requires a dog to be comfortable with being wrapped tightly.

3. Thunderease Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser

ThunderEase Dog Calming Pheromone DiffuserView On Amazon

If your English Bulldog is experiencing separation anxiety, you may want to contemplate using a Thunderease Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser. This device is designed to assist your furry companion in feeling more secure and tranquil in their surroundings. It emits a natural pheromone that simulates a mother dog’s calming scent, which can help minimize problem barking, destructive chewing, and other undesirable behaviors linked to anxiety.

To utilize the diffuser, simply connect it to an electrical outlet and allow it to work its magic. It’s simple to operate and can cover approximately 600-650 square feet, making it an excellent option for larger spaces. Additionally, it’s drug-free and has undergone scientific research and verification for over 20 years, making it a reliable choice among numerous veterinarians.

The Thunderease Dog Calming Pheromone Diffuser is merely one of the many resources available to assist your English Bulldog in overcoming separation anxiety. By employing a combination of tactics, such as gradual departures and returns, desensitization, and calming supplements, you can establish a nurturing environment that promotes a sense of security and assists your dog in feeling more comfortable when you’re absent.

Best For: English Bulldogs experiencing separation anxiety.

  • Emits a natural pheromone that simulates a mother dog’s calming scent
  • Reduces problem barking, destructive chewing, and other unwanted behaviors
  • Easy to use and covers approximately 600-650 sq. ft.
  • May take about 2 weeks to start working
  • Requires closed doors and windows for optimal effectiveness
  • Multiple diffusers may be needed for larger spaces

4. Calming Chews for Dog Anxiety Relief

iHeartDogs 9-in-1 Calming Chews forView On Amazon

When your English Bulldog’s tail droops at the sound of keys jingling, it’s a sign they’re dreading the looming solitude. Calming chews can be a game-changer, offering a tasty distraction that eases their mind.

These grain-free goodies are packed with organic hemp powder, melatonin, and a bouquet of calming herbs like chamomile and valerian root, which work together to soothe your pup’s nerves. They’re like a warm hug for their tummy and their spirit, helping to quell the storm of separation anxiety with each savory bite.

Plus, they’re made in the USA, ensuring premium quality for your furry friend’s well-being.

Best For: Dogs with separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and other anxiety-related issues.

  • Grain-free, gluten-free, and soy-free
  • Contains organic hemp powder, melatonin, chamomile, passion flower, valerian root, and probiotics
  • Fast-acting with no negative side effects
  • Some dogs may not gain any benefit
  • May not be suitable for dogs with limited/less teeth
  • Smell may be unappealing to some dogs

5. Heartbeat Puppy Comfort Cuddler Pillow

iHeartDogs Heartbeat Puppy Toy -View On Amazon

Imagine your English Bulldog snuggling up to a Heartbeat Puppy Comfort Cuddler Pillow, finding solace in its simulated maternal heartbeat. It’s like a warm hug for their soul, easing the pangs of separation anxiety.

This innovative toy taps into their pack animal instincts, offering a sense of security and companionship. It’s machine washable, making clean-up a breeze after those drool-filled cuddle sessions.

Just remember, it needs 2 AAA batteries, so stock up. This little gem could be the key to turning those anxious whimpers into contented sighs, making your departure less of a drama and more of a see you soon.

Best For: Puppies and dogs with anxiety seeking comfort and security.

  • Mimics maternal heartbeat, reducing whining and barking.
  • Appeals to pack animal instincts, providing companionship.
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning.
  • Battery screw is difficult to open.
  • Heartbeat cannot be turned off, wasting battery life.
  • Velcro on stomach may not hold up to aggressive chewers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the common signs of separation anxiety in English Bulldogs?

English Bulldogs often exhibit telltale signs of separation anxietypersistent barking, destructive chewing, potty accidents, and restless pacing when left alone. With patience and training, you can help your Bulldog overcome this common issue.

Best For: Puppies and dogs with anxiety or separation anxiety.


  • Mimics maternal intimacy with a realistic heartbeat.
  • Reduces negative behaviors like whining and barking.
  • Provides comfort and security.


  • Battery screw is small and difficult to open.
  • Heartbeat cannot be turned off, wasting battery life.
  • Heartbeat unit may be loud for some users.

How can I help my English Bulldog overcome separation anxiety?

Start small, pup – gradually build up their independence with enticing toys, comforting scents, and positive reinforcement. Patience and consistency are key to conquering separation woes, so your English Bulldog can feel safe and secure.

Best For: Puppies and dogs with anxiety


  • Mimics maternal intimacy with a realistic heartbeat
  • Reduces negative behaviors like whining and barking
  • Appeals to natural instincts of pack animals


  • Battery screw is small and difficult to open
  • Heartbeat cannot be turned off, wasting battery life
  • Heartbeat unit may be loud for some users

Are there any specific products that can help alleviate separation anxiety in English Bulldogs?

You can try hemp oil, calming supplements, and pheromone diffusers to ease your Bulldog’s separation anxiety. These gentle, natural remedies can help soothe their nerves when you’re away. Pair them with training for the best results.

Best For: Puppies and dogs with anxiety who may benefit from maternal intimacy.


  • Mimics maternal intimacy with a realistic heartbeat.
  • Reduces negative behaviors like whining and barking.
  • Provides comfort and security.


  • Battery screw is small and difficult to open.
  • Heartbeat cannot be turned off, wasting battery life.
  • Velcro on stomach may not hold up well to aggressive chewers.

What is the best approach to managing separation anxiety in English Bulldogs?

When life hands you an anxious bulldog, take it one step at a time. Gradually desensitize them, provide enrichment, and consider calming supplements to tackle separation anxiety head-on. With patience and care, you can help your pup feel secure.

Best For: Puppies and dogs with anxiety, especially those prone to separation anxiety and loneliness.


  • Appeals to natural instincts of pack animals
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Provides comfort and security


  • Battery screw is small and difficult to open
  • Heartbeat cannot be turned off, wasting battery life
  • Heartbeat unit may be loud for some users

How can I prevent separation anxiety in my English Bulldog?

Start socializing your Bulldog early, provide enrichment activities, and gradually desensitize them to departures. With patience and the right training, you can prevent separation anxiety and help your pup feel secure when alone.

Best For: Puppies and dogs with anxiety who need comfort and security


  • Mimics maternal intimacy with a realistic heartbeat
  • Reduces negative behaviors like whining and barking
  • Provides comfort and security


  • Battery screw is small and difficult to open
  • Heartbeat cannot be turned off, wasting battery life
  • Velcro on stomach may not hold up well to aggressive chewers


Imagine your English bulldog greeting you with a wagging tail and a content expression – a far cry from the distress of separation anxiety. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can assist your beloved companion in overcoming this challenge.

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