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10 Best Toothbrushes for Dogs That Keep Healthier Teeth 2023

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Bad breathing in dogs is the result of built-up bacteria, just like in human teeth, the best toothbrushes for dogs are essential for the removal of stubborn plaque and tartar and ensure healthier teeth and gums for the dog.

best toothbrushes for dogsIt is a well-known fact that excellent oral health in dogs can contribute to optimal general well-being and vice versa.

If you’ve never brushed your dog’s teeth before, you might think it’s pretty simple. Not so. Even if you use the best dog toothbrush (pure) is probably not the word you will use to describe the experience.

It is sporadic for a dog to have his owner brush his teeth without fighting, but the right toothbrush for dogs will undoubtedly make the job easier.

Using the right tools is the only way to get the job done. You need one of the best dog toothpaste specially developed for dogs and the best dog toothbrush for your pet’s individual needs.

The right toothbrush for dogs makes your job much more comfortable, safer and brushing will also be more effective

In this article, we will discuss some of the best toothbrushes for dogs on the market. But first, let’s figure out what factors you should consider before you buy one.

Factors You Should Consider Before You Buying Toothbrushes For Dogs

Factors You Should Consider Before You Buying Toothbrushes For DogsJust like other grooming supplies for dogs, such as nail clippers for dogs and shampoos for dogs, there are many important things to consider when looking for the best toothbrush for dogs on the market. They are as follows:

1. Types Of Toothbrush For Dogs

One of the things that you should take into account in your pet’s oral health is the type of toothbrush for dogs that you should use. There are three basic types of dog toothbrushes on the market today.

Ordinary toothbrush for dogs

These are essentially the same as the toothbrush you use to clean your teeth. The only difference is that these have much softer bristles to brush your dog’s teeth more safely without damaging the gums. The brush head also has a sharper angle than human toothbrushes for more efficient cleaning between the teeth and for the different shapes of the teeth. The neck of the dog toothbrush also comes at an angle to facilitate the cleaning of the back of the teeth.

Dog brushes with double head

These are just like regular toothbrushes for dogs, except that they have two types of brush heads. At opposite ends of the toothbrush. A brush head is usually wider and longer, which is perfect for cleaning larger teeth. The other smaller brush head comes with fewer bristles, primarily intended for smaller teeth.

Finger toothbrushes

Finger toothbrushesThese dog toothbrushes are designed as thimbles that can be worn over your finger, hence the name. These are perfect for larger dog breeds because you can easily put your hand into their wide-open mouths without necessarily causing discomfort. Finger toothbrushes are excellent for removing plaque and food particles and dirt that can stick in the spaces between teeth.

Because this type of dog toothbrush looks more like a glove for your finger, you have more control over its movements, so you can really get into the deepest recesses of your pet’s oral cavity. These toothbrushes are usually made of rubber, complete with soft, small nodules that serve as the bristles. The other side of the toothbrush can also be used to massage your dog’s gums and improve blood circulation.

2. Proper size and length

The size of the toothbrush you want to buy must be in proportion to the size of your dog. If you have a large dog, you want to buy him a large toothbrush that is suitable for his brushing needs. Meanwhile, if you have a small dog, choosing a small toothbrush is just ideal.

In addition to size, you must also consider the correct length of the dog toothbrush that you want to buy. This way, you can easily reach places that are difficult to reach for more effective cleaning. If you don’t want to put your hand in your dog’s mouth, a toothbrush for dogs with a long handle is also a good idea.

3. The softness of the bristles

This is one of the most important aspects when buying a toothbrush for dogs. It is also what distinguishes dog toothbrushes for dogs from those of humans. You can take note of the softness of the toothbrush hairs for milk teeth so that you get an idea of the softness of the toothbrush for dogs that you are going to get. Ideally, it should be softer than milk toothbrushes. You don’t want hard hair because it can damage your pet’s gums.

10 Best Toothbrushes For Dogs Of 2023

It is a very good idea to adopt the habit of brushing your dog’s teeth at least once a week, in addition to cleaning once a year. That bacterium can lead to clear dental problems, but also to the less obvious organ failure if it lingers and enters the bloodstream.

After much research into the best toothbrush for dogs, brushing my own dog’s teeth, and reading through information from animal care professionals, I have compiled a list of, in my opinion, the ten best dog toothbrushes. It took a few weeks to complete all the research, and it certainly wasn’t easy, but I was able to find out which ones were the best.

1. Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush

Pet Republique Dog ToothbrushView On AmazonPet Republique’s tooth and cat brush have the same double brush head design as Duke’s. The only difference is that the double toothbrush with a long handle from Pet Republique is more expensive than Duke’s without discounts.

The great thing is that Pet Republique offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee for its products. You can at least try the toothbrush on your dog before you decide whether it is good to clean your dog’s teeth or not.

Pet Republique Dog Toothbrush 1With one of the longest handles on the market (8.8 inches) and a wide brush head, this is a toothbrush of the right size for a medium to large dog. The bristles are soft, and the head is bent, making it suitable to clean the gums without causing discomfort.

The hair is soft, and the head is bent, making it suitable to clean the gums without causing discomfort.

You may also find the use of Pet Republique approved by the FDA, food-safe, and pet-safe materials in the construction of hair hairs. Compared to Duke’s, the bristles are a little harder, giving better performance when it comes to removing debris that may have got stuck between the teeth. Pet Republique actually offers a set with double toothbrushes and fingers.

  • Double brush heads with moderately soft hair
  • 8.5-inch non-slip handle
  • Made from high-quality, pet-safe materials
  • Will be completely replaced for 60 days or refund guaranteed
  • The bristles may be too soft

2. Prosense Dental Solutions For Dogs

Prosense Dental Solutions For DogsView On AmazonIf you need a toothbrush that reduces plaque and tartar formation, ProSense Dental Solutions are perfect for you. The ProSense brand offers you a handful of variations of proactive and sensible dental solutions for your dog’s general health and welfare needs.

In particular, it contains a new, improved ingredient that offers far-reaching benefits for your dogs. The ProSense dental solution has a 3-part kit that eliminates plaque and regulates the formation of tartar. It is a two-headed toothbrush suitable for all dog breeds and sizes.

The ProSense has a 3-part set that you can use to make your dog’s teeth part of his wellness routine. A package of ProSense solutions includes a ProSense toothpaste, a two-headed ProSense toothbrush, and a Dingo tooth baptism. Reaching and cleaning those hard-to-reach places is quick with the ProSense toothbrush. In addition, the toothpaste and chewable tablet are made with an enzymatic formula that gives your dog extra vitamins.

  • Suitable for all dog breeds and sizes
  • Proven to remove plaque and tartar
  • Comes in a 3-part set consisting of a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a chewing tooth
  • Some dogs don’t like the taste of the ProSense toothpaste

3. KissAble Finger Brush for Dogs

KissAble Finger Brush for DogsView On AmazonIf you have a small breed, you should consider a finger toothbrush for dogs instead of a traditional toothbrush. You can also use finger toothbrushes with medium and large breeds, but they are usually recommended for dogs with small mouths, dogs that cannot brush, and dogs with overfilled teeth. The KissAble Finger Brush for dogs is an excellent choice.

You can get a package of 5 brushes for around $ 7 on Amazon, and they can be reused or thrown away after each use. These best toothbrushes for dogs are antibacterial and antimicrobial. They are designed to fit over your finger, allowing the soft hair to gently clean your dog’s teeth while removing plaque and tartar.

Many pet owners prefer finger brushes because they say they are easier to use than a standard toothbrush. I personally do not agree with that, but if you are not sure to talk to your vet. Sometimes they have free samples to hand out, and you can see which type you and your pet prefer. If your dog’s mouth is very small or his teeth are very busy, a finger brush maybe your best option for oral care, but your vet can tell you if that is the case.

Tartar actually starts as a plaque, which, if not removed, hardens on teeth causing tartar. The accumulation of tartar over time will irritate your dog’s gums and cause gingivitis. Taking care of your dog’s gums is just as important as taking care of his teeth. With a finger brush, such as this one from KissAble, you gently massage your pet’s gums together with his teeth. He would rather accept a soft, rubbery finger brush than scratchy hair. According to their reviews on Amazon, many dog owners found that this was true with their pets.

Key Features
  • CLEANS AND REMOVES TARTAR – Designed to fit over your finger and let the soft bristles gently clean your dog’s teeth and remove tartar
  • AN ALTERNATIVE BRUSH METHOD – Provides an alternative method to brush your dog’s teeth instead of the standard toothbrush
  • EASY TO USE – Place a small amount of Kissable Tartar Control Toothpaste on the hair of the finger toothbrush and gently brush your dog’s teeth
  • FOR ALL DOGS – Suitable for all dogs and puppies that do not use a toothbrush
  • 5 FINGER BRUSHES – Value pack for finger toothbrush contains five antibacterial and antimicrobial finger brushes

4. H H Pets Professional Dog Toothbrush

H H Pets Professional Dog ToothbrushView On AmazonBecause it resembles that of Pet Republique’s finger toothbrush, the only difference with the HandH product is that it is actually a bit cheaper. It is made with the use of materials approved by the FDA, not to mention that the bristles are moderately soft to ensure that it can efficiently remove all food particles and plaque in your dog’s teeth.

H H Pets Professional Dog Toothbrush 1Some owners believe that a standard toothbrush can be a challenge to move in the mouth of their dog and to be more successful with a brush head that can be placed on the end of a finger. The HandH Pets dog toothbrush makes it easy to sit in every corner and hole that sits on your fingertip as you move it over your pet’s teeth.

The curved profile of the brush head helps to clean hard-to-reach areas and adapts to different gum shapes. The bristles are soft but effective, and the brand even sells a smaller version for people with a ring size of seven or smaller.

Sold in packs of four and eight, customers write that the HandH Pets Dog toothbrush makes a big difference to their dog’s dental health (not to mention their breathing).

The finger brush is easy to work with, and most dogs get used to the fact that their owner’s finger is in their mouths. It also cleans easily under a tap and strong enough to last a few brushes.

  • Comes in a user-friendly design
  • Can effectively remove food particles, dental plaque, and tartar in your dog’s teeth
  • The hairs are slightly harder than those of Pet Republique’s

5. RosyLife Pet Dog Soft Toothbrush

RosyLife Pet Dog Soft ToothbrushView On AmazonRosyLife’s Pet Dog Soft toothbrush is a set of two types of dog toothbrushes with 4 of each type. It is the perfect gift for households with multiple pets, as it comes with four long double toothbrushes and four colorful finger toothbrushes.

The finger brushes are made of silicone and are available in 4 different colors. It is surprising that RosyLife did not do the same with the double heads with long handles.

Anyway, the fairly slim handle of the 8.5-inch long-headed two-tooth brush has a texture on one side, supposedly for control while brushing. Our only complaint is that the structured styling could have been more pronounced to enable a real toothbrush without grip.

Nevertheless, the slanting heads must help remove stubborn plaque and tartar. And if you prefer to use the toothbrush, you will find the RosyLife fairly soft on the fingers.

Key Features
  • Four pieces doggie toothbrush with a long handle and double head
  • Four pieces super soft finger toothbrush made of food-grade silicone
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

6. Cet Pet Toothbrush

Cet Pet ToothbrushView On AmazonThe CET toothbrush for pets is specially designed for smaller dogs and cats. The toothbrush comes with a single head and soft hairs that are soft for your dog. However, the 6-inch handle may be too short for people with larger hands. Although the CET toothbrush has a very simple design, you can really rely on its effectiveness when it comes to cleaning your dog’s teeth.

This toothbrush has a slanted end with a small head. The soft hairs make this comfortable even for sensitive dogs. Some reviewers report that the bristles were worn out quickly, but since you are supposed to use the softest bristles you can find for dogs, we suspect this is because people make the same classic mistake when brushing their own teeth and also wearing it hard.

  • Very simple but functional design
  • Comes with very soft hair
  • Very affordable
  • The bristles are not very durable and last a long time

7. YOMERTO Dog Toothbrush

YOMERTO Dog ToothbrushView On AmazonIt may look like a cactus, but there is nothing tangible about this unique toothbrush for dogs from YOMERTO. The unusual design is a great option for dogs that are recalcitrant in the brushing department because it allows them to brush their own teeth. To use the brush, simply fill the central groove with dog toothpaste before offering it to your dog.

Dogs like to chew on the brush, thanks to the pleasant knobby texture, and after only three to five minutes, it is ready. Made from molded natural rubber, the (brush ‘) is sturdy enough to remove plaque and excess food, but soft enough to be soft on sensitive gums. Rubber also has the advantage of durability, so you can use it again without worry. Every YOMERTO chewer also comes with its own handy cleaning brush for easy cleaning operation. Available in two handy sizes, it is the perfect solution for small and large brushes.

Key Features
  • Chew toy style (brush)
  • Great for restrained toothbrushes
  • Soft natural rubber
  • Removes plaque and surplus food
  • Built-in toothpaste groove for extra cleaning power
  • Available in 2 sizes

8. EZDOG Triple Pet Toothbrush

EZDOG Triple Pet ToothbrushView On AmazonThe EZDOG Triple Pet toothbrush has a unique design that ensures that every centimeter and angle of your dog’s teeth, gums, and the tongue is properly cleaned.

The design looks like you pull your dog’s teeth through the cleaning drums that you can find in a car wash.

Aside from that, it also has a built-in tongue cleaner that is located at the base of the handle. If you look at it, the overall design of the EZDOG toothbrush looks much thicker than the rest of the dog toothbrushes we have on this list.

While this allows you to keep it comfortable, it has the problem that it is too short of reaching the entire area of your dog’s teeth.

Key Features
  • Includes a tongue cleaner and scraper
  • The handle has an ergonomic design and is comfortable to hold
  • Features a unique but fully functional triple toothbrush design

9. BOSHEL Dog Toothbrush Pack

BOSHEL Dog Toothbrush PackView On AmazonBoshel is a well-known name in the world of animal care, and they have set their sights on the modest toothbrush with great success. This dental care set contains two long brushes and a finger brush, which guarantees excellent versatility and value for money.

Each long brush has a two-sided design, with a small and large side that can hold both large and small mouths. One brush measures one centimeter, while the other measures half a centimeter.

Each brush is equipped with premium, extra-soft bristles, allowing owners to remove plaque and dirt from their dog’s gums without accidentally damaging sensitive mouths.

The finger brush is of an equally high-quality standard, allowing owners to easily remove caught food and plaque close to the gums. All brushes are perfectly bent to provide the best possible access to your pet’s teeth. Thanks to an ergonomic design, these tools are just as comfortable for owners as pets.

Key Features
  • Dental tooth set for dogs
  • Contains two brushes with two ends and one finger brush
  • Different brush sizes suitable for each dog
  • Extra soft brush hairs effectively remove plaque and trapped food

10. Mascota Pets Dog Toothbrush

Mascota Pets Dog ToothbrushView On AmazonMascota Pet’s toothbrush package is almost the same as that of RosyLife, except that it contains only two toothbrushes with two heads, but six toothbrushes that are also made with food-grade silicone. Just like RosyLife’s two-headed toothbrushes, Mascota also has super slim handles that may not be ideal for people with larger hands.

That aside, the fact that all toothbrushes have very soft hair makes this package really worth it for your pets.

However, there have been problems with the condition of the finger brush. Some pet parents complain that it is far too large for their fingers that the toothbrush simply rotates around their number. Although this can be easily solved by wrapping your finger with a mesh or other mechanism, most people find the size annoying.

Key Features
  • Comes with six finger toothbrushes made of silicone
  • Dual-head toothbrushes for both large and small dogs
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Brushing Dog’s Teeth

When you first start, you must familiarize your dog with the idea. Here are the steps to brush your dog’s teeth for the first time:

  • Work with your dog
  • until he feels comfortable when you bite his mouth. You can do this by regularly checking for ulcers or damage and rewarding them with treats until they find the experience pleasant.
  • After selecting a dog-friendly toothpaste, give it a treat for a few days. This also saves you the trouble if they don’t like the taste.
    The first time rubs the toothpaste over the gums.
  • Introduce the toothbrush by letting your dog communicate with it while you are in your hand. Add some toothpaste that they can lick so that they consider it a treat.
  • Try to brush some front teeth. Go slowly, just because they feel comfortable with you, and the brush does not guarantee that they will love the feeling of brushing themselves.
  • Brush the outside of the teeth. Once you’ve brushed all the outside a few times, your dog should be well on its way to feel comfortable throughout the process.
  • Brush all surfaces of the teeth.
  • Consider an oral spray and a water additive.

It is true that you can use a normal toothbrush with soft hair for this purpose, but they make a number of dog-specific toothbrushes for work. They take a few different forms so that you can choose what works best for your puppy. Dog noses can be on the long side, so you can want one with a longer handle. Conversely, for small dogs, a human toothbrush can be too large. You may want to choose one that is made for dogs only to visually distinguish it from the others in your home.

FAQs About Best Toothbrushes For Dogs

How often do I have to replace a dog toothbrush?

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the frequency of replacing a dog toothbrush. Some say every two months, while others say every 4 or 6 months. It actually depends on various factors. First, the quality of the toothbrush that you have purchased. If it’s badly made, you really can’t expect it to last that long unless you start brushing your pet’s teeth only once a year. Secondly, the frequency of brushing also determines the lifespan of your dog’s toothbrush. If you brush your dog’s teeth every day, it may not really take two months. If you brush your pet’s teeth once a week, you can extend the life of your dog’s toothbrush to 4 or 6 months.

Third, the behavior of your dog during brushing also affects the life of the toothbrush. If it is known to chew on everything that is put in his mouth, including the toothbrush, then the brush will certainly not last long. However, there is a simple way to determine if it is time to replace a toothbrush. Look at the toothbrush head with the hair away from you. If you can see (peeping) hair on the sides of the brush head, it is time for a new brush.

Can I use a human toothbrush?

As mentioned several times in this article, you should NEVER use a toothbrush made for dogs. Toothbrushes designed for people who have hard and stiff hairs that can damage your dog’s gums. Please note that toothbrushes for dogs have very soft hair that prevents such injuries.

Toothbrushes designed for dogs are also made with the dog’s teeth in mind.

Can the best dog toothbrush improve my dog’s health?

What is the best toothbrush for dogs? Now that I have explained the importance of the dental health of dogs, it should be pretty clear that the right toothbrush can definitely improve the overall health and well-being of your pet? Your dog’s dental health can be affected by many things, even by the food he eats.

You must be sure that he receives proper oral care, so that plaque and tartar do not start to build up, and others cause problems in his body.

Keeping his mouth healthy is also a start to keep your dog’s heart, liver, and kidneys healthy. Not only will it help some of its most important organs, but it will also make your dog more comfortable and have a better quality of life. Sore teeth and gums can make a dog’s life miserable. It causes discomfort while eating, chewing toys, and playing or struggling with other dogs.

How do I clean my dog toothbrush?

Cleaning your dog’s toothbrush after every use is the responsibility of every pet parent. This is actually no different than the way you clean your toothbrush. Make sure you first rinse in warm water and remove visible material or dirt from the hair. Now save it in the correct holder.

To clean your dog’s toothbrush, combine equal parts of distilled white vinegar and water. Immerse your dog toothbrush in the solution for 30 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly with warm water. You can perform this disinfection every 4 to 6 weeks, more often if necessary.


When brushing your dog’s teeth, make sure that you choose only the best toothbrushes for dogs on the market, similar to how you would choose the nail clipper for his nails.

Just like toothbrushes made for people, all toothbrushes for dogs are not the same. Remember that you should NEVER use a toothbrush designed for people on your dog. They can damage his gums, and they can hurt him because they are not designed for the shape of his mouth.

You must keep an eye on your dog’s oral health. Poor oral hygiene can cause a laundry list with other problems for some of your dog’s most important organs and body systems. I know it’s not fun. Nobody likes to brush his dog’s teeth, but it’s the best for everyone.

Ask your veterinarian, and she will tell you that regularly brushing your dog’s teeth not only contributes to his quality of life, but also to its lifespan.

With those we have on the list, searching for the perfect brush that can help you maintain your dog’s oral health can be reasonably quick and easy.

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